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Lenovo Yoga 3 14 (80JH) start-up delay (not boot-up delay)

Q: Lenovo Yoga 3 14 (80JH) start-up delay (not boot-up delay)

After the Windows 10 April 2018 update, my Lenovo Yoga 3 14 laptop is not starting immediately. It's not boot-up delay, it's a device start-up delay like after pressing the power button, just keyboard back light blinks once and nothing will happen and it's taking 35 to 40 seconds (earlier it's 1 to 3 seconds) after pressing the power button to show Lenovo UEFI screen along with Windows loading animation (this boot-up is quick like earlier versions about 5 to 7 seconds). Re-installed the complete OS (clean install) and re-installed the BIOS (Version BACNA0WW and BIOS date 07/15/2016). But nothing helps. Changed to earlier version of windows with clean install (the one with creators update, but issue not resolved.) Formatted complete drive and cleared all partitions (including OEM) and installed on a fresh partition, re-flashed BIOS, but nothing helps. Later I thought about hardware issue. Opened laptop, removed display connector, cleaned and attached, but issue not resolved. So, it's not a new Windows issue and It might be a problem with BIOS and it needs to be updated. Since my laptop is mote than 3 years old, Lenovo probably don't bother about updating this BIOS. Any solution that I missed?Thanks in advance.

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Preferred Solution: Lenovo Yoga 3 14 (80JH) start-up delay (not boot-up delay)

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Title I wanted to use: Windows XP SP3: Slow Startup / Boot: Black Screen Delay & Delay after logging in

For some reason I can't preview my post when I use this title: I have tried removing all the punctuation, including the &, which doesn't work and have tried other titles with the same character length, which does work.

Problem Begins Here:

When I turn on or restart my computer, the boot up time from the time I press the power button to the time the final icon on my desktop loads is slow. I am not too concerned about the time after my desktop is shown since I have several items to run at startup.

The two areas of concern are:

1) After the XP logo is shown, my screen goes black. This lasts for about 17 to 19 seconds. I don't know when this started as I rarely restart my computer. The problem is worse if I startup in Safe Mode. It's about 1 minute and 10 seconds before I see anything on the screen, and another 40 seconds before something else is shown on screen. Note: In order to not to have to waste time pressing F8 and choosing Safe Mode, I enter safe mode by specifying so in msconfig. The options I chose were /SAFEBOOT and Minimal.

2) After I login, there is a delay of about 30 to 45 seconds before the desktop is shown. Windows stays at the login confirmation screen during that time. This I feel has happened recently.

Boot Time Results tested using a stopwatch:

Normal Boot (i.e. Not Safe Mode):
Time shown next to event is for when ... Read more

A:Windows XP SP3: Slow Startup / Boot: Black Screen Delay & Delay after logging in

Hi and welcome to TSF I have changed the title for you hope it is now ok.
Did you try running any diagnostics like seatools for dos on the HDD SeaTools for DOS tutorial

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everything is so laggy , when i right-click the desktop or try to open the chrome or open a folder , it delayed like 5-10s to open and sometimes it's not responding my sister has bought this laptop for like 1 year , and she keep telling me that it always been lag since she buy it... can someone help me ?  sorry in advance for my english  

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I ordered 2 Lenovo Yoga 920s on Cyber Monday.  Advertised standard 2-3 day shipping. Now they say it will be 30 days!!! They even provide a firm ETA. 

A:Shipping Delay for Lenovo Yoga!!!

All computer makers are at the mercy of their suppliers.  The makers get disks, LCD panels, memory, etc. from suppliers.  In most cases, they have multiple suppliers for an item to ledden the chances of problems, but occasionally, parts availability is delayed.  It is always frustrating when you're the one at the bottom of the chain.  

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I've been having a couple issues with my pen in Adobe Animate CC and several other apps. Basically I was getting a common issue where when I go to draw something the cursor is delayed and after a short moment it jumps back to the pen leaving a straight line behind it. The fix for this would usually be to disable flicks and the press and hold feature. On my Yoga book however when I would do that the pen would only leave a dot on the screen when I went to draw, and I wouldnt be able to move it from that spot until i went back into the halo keyboard and moved/clicked the mouse. I almost forgot to mention that I've installed MULTIPLE different versions of the wacom feel drivers however none of them fix it. Actually the newest wacom feel drivers make it so I cant use my pen AT ALL and it just gets stuck in the top left corner of my screen. So what I've done is installed some older drivers but all that did was fix my pressure sensitivity issue. Now the issue I'm having is when I go to draw something it just drags the canvas. I've tried many different things, nothing works. If no one knows how to fix this I was thinking of buying wacoms "Bamboo Ink Smart Stylus". Could that possibly fix it? The apps I've tried on the yoga book that work are Sketchbook pro and Clip Studio Paint. The ones that don't work are Adobe Animate CC, Macromedia flash 8, and the free flash alternative vectorian giotto.

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However it will start when I unblug the battery. (Just bourght a brand new battery no change)

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When I do a windows shortcut (Ctrl+C) for example then immediately try to move the mouse the mouse will remain stuck in place and after about one second it will then move. This same problem occurs for Ctrl+A and even using the volume keys in Windows 10. I cannot for the life of me figure it out but it is very annoying as I use shortcuts all the time.

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Trying to locate the CMOS. Laptop died. No charge light, no power with battery or with battery disconnected and just a/c. Assuming it's something with the motherboard, would like to try disconnecting CMOS to see if that helps. 

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Hello guys, well recently I upgrade my ram computer from 4GB to 8GB but there's a little issue the ram it's not running at the correct DRAM frequency, the RAM comes with 1600 MHz but only works at 800 MHz, I try to fix that in BIOS but there's nothing I can change, like frequency, voltages, etc.

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Hi all,
Very strange problem with my IE7 on Win XP system (Fujitsu Siemens laptop Xi1546 btw).

Basically, so far ive only noticed it on those 2 sites but essentially the problem is, certain links on the site, when clicked, do nothing.
Youtube for e.g. the videos always have a 10 minute delay before they load. Regardless of time of day, whether im using GB youtube servers, or the kind of video, OR even if i change go home and use my home internet, same problem: 10 minute delay before the video loads. This must mean a setting which has gone awry? Metacafe works fine and it also uses Shockwave so why does my laptop hate youtube?
Also if i click to change servers on youtube, e.g. choose youtube UK, IE just 'loads' the page but stays stuck. Other websites work fine so its not a temporary lack of internet thats causing this.

Facebook is really bad and has the same 'loading but stuck problem.' I post messages on walls and it stays stuck but if i click profile, that loads instantly and it says ive posted..? I cant goto the groups page, or events, it just stays stuck and wont load. ive had this problem for about a couple of months..

overall i think its a setting for my IE, but what do you think? really appreciate help, really fed up.

A:IE7: youtube delay, facebook delay.. why?

Hello and welcome to TSF

Do you have these problems in any other browsers? Please try one of the below (both are free):


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Hello, i've the same problem and i don't find any solution
I've already searched on google but i've just find this website so if anyone have a solution, it's welcome

A:IE7: youtube delay, facebook delay.. why?

Hello and welcome to the forums

Please read this:


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Hi guys, I am opening this post because I think that it could be useful to everyone who would like to solve several issues related to this laptop. I think that it is a really good notebook but it needs a lot of work to have it working in a proper way.So first of all I am posting here a link of a doc in which I am monitoring several issues I encountered and how I solved them. I know that it is not very easy to read it because its style is personal notes-like but I am sharing it anyone...probably someone can find the information it needs.Lenovo Yoga 3 1470 80JH monitoring doc

A:Lenovo Yoga 3 - 1470 (80JH) - General issues to so...

In this second post I am sharing the configuration to use with Notebook Fan Control software (probably some of you already know about this software if you hate the noise which fans of this laptop are able to do!). I added of course some considerations I noticed in preparing this config.Here we are... Yoga 3 1470 80JH using Windows 10 and NBFC 1.4.2.I appreciated a lot the work done by Mr. Cheeze but I found it incomplete, so I basically investigated the issue a bit more.I did not open the notebook but I found online that it is equipped with 2 fans. So, first step was adding the 2nd fan. Then I started to investigate if we can effectively control the fans and the answer is NO, but we can play a bit to force them to have a behavior. My target was only one: REDUCE the FANS NOISE and consequently their speed, because I think that this laptop is almost able to work in fanless mode (and believe me I stress it a lot, especially in terms of multitasking). Before showing my personal code to be used in NBFC I am giving you some information I retrieved by the Read&Write software (32bit version works well).?When Fans starts HEX values show up at position 6 and 254. These are the 2 actual speed values of the fans.?The target values (so where you have to write the desired fans speed) are in position 86 and 176. I am not totally sure if they are the effective position to write but they seem the only position which considerably vary according to the change of... Read more

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Sound was working when I went to bed, in the morning it wasn't.  Popup on speaker icon in system tray says "no audio output device is installed." Updated all drivers using iObit Driver scanner.  When that didn't find an audio adapter I rand the driver scanner on the Lenovo support site and it said no new drivers were needed.  Ran recovery from the startup and chose option to completely wipe the hard drive, files, progrmas etc. and install Windows 10 to factory settings - still no sound adapter. Saw a similar forum post with a link to a Reatek driver so installed it - no change.  Also followed instructions to uninstall sound in device manager but it wasn't there to uninstall. Ran Lenovo diagnostics from support site and it says there are no hardware problems and it sees sound adapter. I'm stumped. Any suggestions? 

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Hello , I bought my Yoga 3 14 80JH one year ago .. it was working fine until I upgraded it from 8.1 to 10 then the bugs started to appeared .. Then I formated my lap with windows 10 original one .. The problem is that there are no drivers for my lap >>!! every time I tried to search the same page is shown says " sorry this product is no longer available " ..!! or  the page below shown  https://support.lenovo.com/error.html?code=5b6c4585fb4b195473fb1feae0eff3b7&cb=%2fsa%2far%2fproducts... MY laptop still under the warrnty !! how they stopped the support ? How can I download the drivers ? one more thing, unfortunatly during the format I deleted all the partitions and all the recovery removed .. so I lost my original windows and the key .. now I'm using another key for windows 10 .. is there any way to restore the original one ? Regards,        

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Hello, I have turned my Synaptics settings to "No delay" for the trackpad to function after typing. But, there is always about 1 second between when I stop typing and when the trackpad responds to my inputs. Is there a remedy for this that I am missing out?  I thought I'd wait to see if an update would be released, but it has been a couple of month, so I thought I would make a post and hopefully have someone from Lenovo see it. 

A:Yoga 900 trackpad delay

Dear Sir  Welcome to Lenovo Community At the begining am not from Lenovo but you can say i have my own simple experience, anyway let me ask you first, did u upgrade your windows lately ( from 8 to 10 ) ?did you try to enter device manager & remove the driver & reinstall again? Best Of Luck

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Hello, I have set my trackpad to have no delay in response after typing through Windows Settings. However, I still have to wait about one second before the trackpad responds to my inputs. Is there an additional setting I am missing out on?

A:Yoga 900 no delay trackpad

Also on my Yoga 3 11. I think it's due to the drivers elan (if you are disabled you have no delay). 

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Hello, Is there a way to reduce the delay between the last keystroke and when the trackpad registers an input? It currently takes about 2 or 3 seconds for my clicks and swipes to register and it slows things down quite a lot. I was not able to find any settings to alter this, so any help would be appreciated. This has been an issue since I bought my laptop and it's a minor but significant nuisance.

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I ordered a Thinkpad OLED Yoga, 16GB ram and 1TB SSD, on 6/17/2016. This order has been delayed many times due to parts back order, first the drive, then the screen, at least that's what I'm told, but frankly I've lost respect for customer support as they cannot provide any concrete details about my order. The latest estimate indicates that it will ship 9/12/2016, almost 3 months after the order.  I do want this machine and I see others on this forum have recieved a similar configuration. So, what is the deal here? Is Lenovo the most incompetent company on earth? Why offer a configuration they cannot fullfill? The current shipping window for this configuration is 3 weeks.  Can anyone shed any light here? Thanks,Kevin

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So bit of a curious problem, and also one that I can replicate rather consistently: When going between pen and touchscreen use, there is a period of time during which touches are not registered. In laptop mode this is approximately half a second. In tablet mode it's anywhere between 5 and 15 seconds. Anyone see this issue before? Anyone know any good diagnostic techniques (and please don't just tell me to update the drivers. Theyre all updated.) This has been an issue for nearly half a year now, however I've only recently found real use for the machine in tablet mode, hence why I am taking action now rather than half a year ago.

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Hello,  I have problem with battery / power supply here. I never used my laptop for playing before. Yesterday i try it, and there is a problem. The battery drops while I'm playing, and i have plugged it to AC. i start playing at 60% and after 30-40 minutes it drop to 10%. I only open Steam and Dota 2.The adapter model is ADL40WCD (20v or 5.2V , 2A) Please help

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Hi everyone,  I've had my Yoga 720 for a few months and I have really enjoyed this laptop. I've had a few issues and wanted to reach out to see if it was fixable in setting or something I should reach out to Lenovo directly. Before this, I was using a Mac so this platform is new to me. Any suggestions are appreciated. 1. Power Button: I've noticed that when my screen goes to sleep I've had to push the power button in order for it to 'wake up'. This has not only been slightly irritating but also very slow. I've noticed that it takes a really long time for it to wake up. I was wondering if there was a way for this to be turned off? This way if I open my laptop it goes to the lock screen or if it falls asleep while open I can press a key instead of having to wait for the button to work. I've also noticed it turns the keyboard light on before the screen. not sure if this happens to anyone else too? 2. Key Board: I'm in college so writing papers and forums is an everyday thing for me. Something that has been happening recently is when I'm in the middle of typing, all of a sudden a 'ping' noise sounds and my keyboard stops typing. At first, i thought maybe it was my palm touching the touchpad causing the courser to move to a different area of the screen so I turned the sensitivity down. But this still happens, at times I'm not even touching the pad and the noise sounds and not only am I no longer typing but the course is somewhere different, at ti... Read more

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Lenovo y50-70 model:20378Display have a strange colours and print previous screen on current screen such as desktop while I open computer .... after change led panel I have same problem ... 

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Lenovo Y700 15ISK with 1TB WDC WD10SPCX HDD and Samsung 500GB 850 EVO M2 that I added. This is a tricky situation but happens too often and is annoying. It sounds to be a motor of some sort in my computer that turns on when I interact with the system and freezes the interaction. I suspect it can be the HDD because my OS and all programs are installed on the SSD. But why would the HDD turn itself on/off so often? Here is what I know:In my Advanced Power Settings the hard disk is set to NOT turn off.It is not the main fan, I can hear it spinning all the time, it's something more high pitch.The delay is something like half a second to one second.It happens irregularly but I experience it once or twice every 10 minutes.It can happen for a variety of interactions but most of the time it's when I click on something like the notification icon in taskbar, saving a bookmark in chrome and sometimes even searching for something.There is no unusual blinking of the hard disk LEDs when the sound goes on or off.I am using the Samsung Magician software that came with SSD though it explicitly says that it doesn't have any settings for non-Samsung hardware (the HDD is Western Digital). Here is what I don't know:Even though I can hear the sound when it starts, I haven't been able to identify when it goes off.I haven't been able to reproduce this when openning Windows Explorer.I haven't been able to acurately locate it but it seems to come from bottom righ... Read more

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I have tried to fix this but to no avail. This is a list of what I have tried (I probably forgot a few things):

- run IE9 with no add-ons
- run IE9 in 64bit mode
- tried the above 2 in safe mode
- deleted the registry keys corresponding to Spybot, even though it's not installed
- uninstalled and reinstalled IE9
- "regsvr32 actxprxy.dll" in an admin cmd
- reset to default settings in the advanced tab
- tried with GPU rendering on and off
- ran Malwarebytes and found nothing

I have a Q9400, 8GB RAM, Radeon 6850, and a SSD for my W7x64 Ultimate; so my computer is blistering fast. Any more ideas? Thanks

A:IE9 - 2sec startup delay; 0-2sec delay when opening tabs

Doubt you want to hear this, but my honest solution to the problem is to use either firefox or chrome instead.
I have friends who put your system to shame and I.E. just never seems to 'pop' for them.

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The past few months, I was shutting down my PC and it has delay in shutting down. When I press the shutdown button, wait for 5 more seconds then a darkened screen will appear saying "Waiting for the background programs to close" with an option of Cancel and Force Close. It will took almost 3 - 5 seconds before it will shutdown. I tried several steps. I tried ending processes, windows and other stuffs before shutting down. But still, the window will show up. I also tried unticking some unnecessary startup programs in msconfig. But it didn't solve the problem. Please help, Thanks
PS: Sorry for the title. It should be Delay Before Shutting down. I'm really sorry..

A:Delay upon start-up

That error happens ever since Windows 3.1 days when there's an application stubborn or reluctant or slow in closing itselfs after receiving the "kill process" from OS, so Windows just friendily reminding you that it is shutting down but some stubborn application really takes its time to exit. After few seconds, it will right itself and Windows will then be given the "safe to close down now" signal and all be fine.

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I run Win 7 Ultimate. The problem has only appeared today. When I turn the PC on and Win is booting, it first shows the usual screen with "Starting Windows" and the four-colour banner, then it all disappears, remains pitch black for about a minute and only then the usual blue login screen with all the users pops up. There was no delay between the screens until an hour ago and I have not installed anything new or done anything to the system today. I trie to run Win's performance trobleshooting. It says that I have start-up programs that might slow me down (Kaspersky, malware test, etc). I tried disabling them all but it didn't help. By the way, all those programs have been there before.

Any piece of advice on this?

A:Start-up delay

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When starting Xp Home there is an annoying delay before I can do anything. If I click on the Start button and go to my ISP connection, for example, there is no apparent movement. It seems to hang for a lifetime before kicking in.

Any help would be appreciated



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90 second or more delay during startup. Starts to boot then hard drive stops and am at windows background screen w/o any icons. The hard drive then restarts after 90 second delay and continues to load everything and computer works fine. Sometimes delay is only 15 - 20 seconds. But lately its back to 90 or more. Toshiba tech support is clueless.


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It takes 25 seconds for my computer to go from past the XP initial logo and then the welcome screen. During the wait period the screen is all black. I have defragmented but I cannot do check disk because I get the error message saying "do you want to checkdisk later." Can someone help me fix this issue?

Thank you for your reply.

A:25 sec. delay to start up

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Does anyone know why suddenly *.exe's will be delayed 10 to 15 seconds in starting?

A:*.exe start delay.

Only thing that comes to mind is the action of any antivirus software (perhaps following an update its not quite "normal"?)

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During start-up I log in. After logging in the desktop theme, (Da Vinci), shows up but then I have to wait nearly a minute for all my icons to appear on the screen. It's been doing this for several weeks now and I can't figure out what's causing it. It used to work faster than it does now. In the past, the desktop icons showed up quickly.
Does anyone know what's causing it to be so slow?
Any help will be greatly appreciated. TIA!

A:start-up delay in XP

There are a number of things that can cause this. Do you do any basic system maintenance (drive cleanup, defragmenting, etc...)?

How many programs do you have loading at startup?

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I have bought a P40 (20GQ001NMB) 8 weeks ago.After 3 weeks the motherboard died, but they replaced it within 7 days.Now the replacement motherboard is not working anymore.They will replace it again, but they have none in stock and they don't know when new ones will arrive. It's been already 6 days after I contacted them and now I really need it urgent!Is there anywhere else I can claim my "on site next business day" warrantyFrom the 8 weeks I have it, it was already broken for more than 2 weeks...Is this a normal situation? It's also been my first experience with Lenovo...

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Hello all. I have been annoying with the DIFFERENT key repeating delay and slow repeating rate of the DELETE key on my Yoga 910. I have disabled all the accessibility settings (filter keys, sticky keys, etc.). My keyboard setting is in this picture It seems like, every keystroke except 'DELETE' will have 0.5 sec delay before repeating, while 'DELETE' key will always have 1 sec delay, regardless what the repeat delay is. I wonder why the 'DELETE' key behaves differently from the other keys. How can I make DELETE key consistent with the others? I have uploaded a video. You will find the input key and backspace are fast and the delay is shorter than delete.

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I have been using this laptop for the past three years as a university student. Everything was great and worked fine, but the keyboard start acting up.  The only problem is the physcial keyboard lagging whenever typing. This has happen twice then it stop happening one day and now it is happening again. What i try and work is plugging a wireless keyboard or USB connected keyboard and works fine without any stutter or lag when typing normally (fast). Tried solutions: Turn on/off fitler key.Reset and reinstall OS Windows 10Optimize/Defrag SSD Reinstall and Uninstall PS/2 Keyboard software.

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Windows XP SP3. When I click Start, I have to wait 15-30 seconds for the menu to appear. What sorts of things could be causing this delay?


A:Start button 15-30 second delay

Can you open task manager and watch the CPU usage under performance to see if there is a spike in the usage when you go to start or look at the processes and see what the explorer.exe process is doing when you click the button and see if explorer is using a lot of CPU or RAM. Also you could see if putting in your install disk and running sfc /scannow from the run box to have it check and make sure that all the system files are intact. Have you tried a system restore to before the issue started?

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I am using Rainlendar pro and it has direct sync with google calendar. It auto-stars when I start the pc. The problem is my desktop ethernet connection is not connected yet when the program starts, resulting in an annoying message everytime it starts saying it can't sync. I noticed that if I just closed the program and open it manually it works without the errors.

So, it could be the case of just a delay startup so that the connection is in place for the software to communicate. Any ideas how to delay start the program?


A:Anyway to delay start-up program by 20 sec or more?


Actually and hopefully it will be easy

Delay the Startup of a Service — MAXIMUMpcguides – Windows Vista tips, tricks, help, and how-to guides

same in Windows 7

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My main pc normally runs 24/7 however a week ago I happened to turn it off overnight.
On restart the next morning there was no bios screen. All the usual noises but nothing else.
I changed the monitor, the monitor cables, and even the video card. Still nothing. Left it turned on whilst I went out for 20 minutes.
Minutes after I returned it decided to boot into windows and has been fine since.
I have switched it off overnight several times since, and had no further problems.
What would be a likely cause of this event?

A:Unusual start up delay

What would be a likely cause of this event?

Too many to tell. Loose connection, worn bearings, moisture, gremlins. If it happens again, turn the PSU's master power switch on the back of the PSU off for about 10 seconds, then back on and hit the front power switch. If your PSU does not have a master switch (and many PSU don't), unplug from the wall for 10 seconds.

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I have hard drive setup on my network for backup and sharing purposes. On my laptop, this is setup as a shared drive X. My problem is that the local laptop tries to connect to drive X before the wireless network has a good connection, and therefore it gets an error. My question is twofold: First where, in the startup process, does the system try to make such a connection, and is there any way to delay it until the network connection is up and running?

A:Delay Start Up Tasks

Have yuo mapped your laptop to your network drive, if so un map it this should fix your problem

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hi.. I need a help on my windows 7.. I succesfully installed my windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit, got a the latest update, and anything on it from microsoft...

Heres the Problem, It takes 13mins to start to windows log on page... after I switch it ON... it stay on the page "Starting Windows".... at that page it takes 13mins before going to log on page.. thats the only problem i encounter in my windows 7..

pls help me on this.. what am i gonna do with this... before installing windows 7 ultimate 64-bit, I first installed the 32-bit of the same OS.. same problem occurs (13mins on the page "Starting Windows" before going to "log on" page)..... then i switched on 64-bit.... still same problem occurs, i dont think the installer cause this problem, because I used it on my Friends Desktop and it RUNS SMOOTHLY and normally.... no delay... my DESKTOP SPECS is way better than his..

I attached my pc specs on this.. Plss help me on this guys.. Thanks in advance..

A:Pls Help me with my Windows7 start up delay..

This is the best place to start, with a problem like the one that you are experiencing. It may also be hardware related.

How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7

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I have googled this problem and can't seem to find an answer anywhere else, though the problem itself seems common enough.

Yesterday I must have accidently deleted some files I shouldnt have via disc cleanup because after that my display was limited to the lowest possible resolution and 4 bit color. Unfortunately, I had to break out the recovery CD ::shudder:: and reinstall my mobo drivers and video card drivers.

That seemed to fix the initial problem but now it takes windows about 4-5 minutes to boot. It stalls out on the "Windows is Starting Up" Screen. I have gone into msconfig-boot.ini and lowered the timeout to 3 seconds. Any other suggestions?

P.S. I also ran a virus scan today and I am clean in that department.

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I see the option but how do I delay the start for 2 minutes?

A:How to delay the start of a service?

I would select "Disabled" for any service named Tweaker-anything. Actually I would Advanced-Revo it if not System Restore just because of the snail trail.

It will cost you to tweak Win7, which is perfectly balanced and only needs normal settings.

I see this app relates to cooling for overclocking. Good luck with that. Please let us know how it works with Win7 (watch your logs and charts), and I hope you get your answer for custom autostartup delays.

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Hi Team, One day my laptop suddenly turned off while i was working. I tried to switch on again by pressing the power button but it didnt start. I tried to check my power connection, power connection was fine. I tried to check charger but it was not showing that laptop is being charged or not either LED lights were also not indicating anything.I went to HP service center and they said its mother board problem as laptop is not turning on. Estimate cost they said was 25,000 INR for new motherboard. I came back from there and tried to switch it on again at home and it started botting after 2 minutes of pressing power button. Now laptop work totally fine except that it takes 2 minutes or more to start booting. Could you explain whats the problem?

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I currently have a problem with a long delay on when installing a new program or updating.Here is what happens.I install anything such as game, program, windows definition update, basically anything.Everything is fine with PC until I start install. Then any running programs say not responding, explorer lags and anything that is on goes unavailable. The install never does take off until about 10+ minutes then start to see install running. Once the install starts running , everything goes back to normal.Here is what I have checked.Antivirus disabled, all programs disabled. Except install.Disabled processesChecked video drivers.Ran Resource monitor (no system drains) all sits idle until is starts installing process.Checked Directxdiag no issuesHere are my specs.Win7 Pro 644gb DDR2Geforce GTS 250Geforce 8600 GTSIntel E8400I have troubleshot all I can think of, this happened around the same time as firefox 4 beta. Not sure if its related to that or not. I totally kill the program and it still happens.Seems to be when the pc is running configuration check from what I can tell.Another thing that is odd I it happens with any install even MS updates.I also did a HIJACKTHIS scan and seen some with missing files , heard it may be overlapping software. Even though I only run Avast! Free and windows defaults besides those.Any help will be greatly appreciated.P.S. I attached a log file of what HIJACKTHIS came up with.I am almost sure that this is not virus or spyware related.The HIJACK... Read more

A:Installing Start Delay


I've moved your HiJack This log which is a log restricted to the Virus, Trojan, Spyware, and Malware Removal Logs forum where we focus on malware removal and I'm moving your topic back to Windows 7.

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I changed my start menu open delay from 10 to 1 by going thru the following Start > regedit>HKCU>Control Panel>Desktop>menu show delay.It does make a difference.But after I restart, the value is back to 10.Iam using XP-Sp2,AVG,Spybot,adaware,HJT,and regseeker-reg cleaner.All are upto-date.I used to do this earlier with sp1 without any problems.What could be changing it back? please help.

A:Start Menu Delay

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