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Dell Latitude E7440 Bottom Case Issue

Q: Dell Latitude E7440 Bottom Case Issue

I own a Dell Latitude E7440 and I facing a problem with the laptop where the bottom surface of the laptop seems to creak and seems to move when I press with a finger on one side. The other side seems stable and well fixed. I am wondering a screw has fallen off near the bottom surface of the laptop. Please see video for more details of the issue I am facing. URL - Dell Latitude Issue

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Preferred Solution: Dell Latitude E7440 Bottom Case Issue

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


i own dell latitude e7440. i want to know whether protecting your keypad with rubber protector affects the air flow pr not? is it wise to do it or not??

A:Dell Latitude E7440

Won't affect air flow (which is through the sides and bottom of the system) at all.

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Does Dell Latitude e7440 support 4G mobile sim cards?

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I know there is a way through the BIOS menu but mine looks nothing like everyone else's. There is no advanced tab or Fn Key Behavior button. Also there is no option in the Windows Mobility Center. I've tried little tricks like Fn + Esc or Fn + Caps Lock, I've tried pretty much everything but I can't switch it no matter what I do.

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Hello guys, i've got a huge problem with my Dell Latitude e7440. Battery is not charging. When i took the battery out and put official Dell cable in - nothing, it's not even turning on. The screen is all black
It's interesting, because few days ago I replaced my old not-working keyboard with a new official one. Everything was fine for 3days and then this happened.
Here you have a link to video of the flashing battery icon on top. Link: https://youtu.be/QjWwn1qmOQk
Please help, this is a fatal problem for me. Do I have to buy a new battery? I don't why it worked for 3-4 days and this suddenly happended.

A:Dell Latitude e7440 battery problem!

Unplug the battery and hold the power button for 30 sec.   Verify that the LED on the AC adapter is ON (or the LED on the DC cord side is ON).  If it's not, the adapter is bad.
Once the adapter is verified working, plug in the notebook end and see if the system will power up.  If it will, then try with the battery - if the battery halts the powerup, it's bad and will need to be replaced.
If the system won't power up with a good AC adapter on AC only (no battery connected), the mainboard is bad -- you may have a bad battery as well, but you won't know until you get a working mainboard in the system first.

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Did you encounter situations in which a Latitude E7440 have cracks in palmrest near hinges? I saw many in our company and users said that some notebooks are not moved from the desks.
PS. We still have warranty and don't know if it's a service call case
Thank you!

A:Latitude E7440 Palmrest issue

Thank you for writing to us!
Looking at the picture that you have attached it looks like a crack on the system palmrest.
Kindly private message the service tag and email address so that we can review the issue.

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I installed win 7 64 bit on my laptop and unfortunately I dont have on screen display indicating volume and brightness of the screen. I was googling but all I could find was that I should install Quickset, but I cant find the specified drivers for latitude e7440 on dell site.
Any ideas ?

A:Dell latitude E7440 on screen display problem

Is there update on it?

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Just installed windows 10 in my latitude E7440 but couldn't play the audio. tried reinstalling windows 10 and it seemed to work for couple of days. Just rolled back some changes and reinstalled audio drivers to find it working properly. But after few weeks now I have one of the speakers down. Any solution to fix this up permanently.

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Hi everyone, thanks for any guidance you can give on my BSOD issue.

The system is a Dell Latitude E7440 notebook and I'm using a PR02X docking station connected to two Dell 24" monitors via DVI.

Please see the attached DM Log Collector zip. I've been trying my best to isolate the cause of the different driver errors, but there's not a clear pattern.

Things I've tried:
- Malware scan
- (embedded Win8.1) Windows Defender updates
- Updated RAID, graphics, chipset drivers.

Seems to happen twice daily, usually after coming off of display sleep (not system sleep, that's turned off). The silly Win8.1 bsod screen usually tells me that the driver at fault is "igdkmd64.sys", but further investigating using BlueScreenView shows that it's a mixed bag:

igdkmd64.sys, rdbss.sys, iaStorA.sys, even NETIO.SYS.

Kind-of feels like a hardware issue, but I really don't know. The system is a month old.


A:BSOD - Dell Latitude E7440 (Win8.1 Enterprise)


Could you please post your thread here: BSOD Crashes and Debugging - Windows 8 Forums

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Good Day
I have got a dell lattitude  e7440 that takes a sim card but the problem is that it selects sim cards. some sim cards are accepted but some are not. I m running Windows 10 64 bit and downloaded the drivers from dell support.

Please help

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My Dell Latitude E7440 laptop came with Windows 8.1 at the time I bought it. I did not notice this problem until I upgraded to Windows 10.
Sometimes when I put the laptop to sleep and resuming at a later time, the CPU speed is limited to around 0.78 GHz and switching to High Performance mode won't help. The computer becomes very slow and the only way to fix it is rebooting.
I have the latest BIOS installed (A15) and other drivers are also updated.
I have seen other threads saying that the problem is caused from using Dell Power Companion but I am not using it. I have 2 power adapters that I use with this laptop, one of them is a Dell 90W adapter. I am not sure about the other one as I do not have it right now, but that one originally came with the laptop.
Any temporary/permanent fix for this? Thank you.

A:Dell Latitude E7440 CPU speed capped after sleep

I've solved this problem. Downgrade BIOS to A01 and update step by step every single newer version - A01>A02>A03 ... >A15. Now, I'm on BIOS A15 and there is no problem with CPU after suspend. i7-4600u, W8.1 x64.

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How i said in subject, my display had annoying ghost of closed apps windows or icons when opet other content.
I tried linux and windows 10 and both os go with weird shadow
That frustrate me so much

Please help.

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I have a Dell Latitude E7440, Windows 7
The HDMI-port has been working fine for two years attaching to varius units - projectors, TV etc.Last year it stopped to work with one projector (where it uasually works) so I just used the docking station and an VGA cable instead - did not have time to look for what went wrong. After that, a few months later, the next device stopped to acknowlagde the HDMI signal, now it was my standard Samsung LED-TV. OK, so I guessed that the HDMI-cabel was the problem, but after testing several HDMI cables with no luck, I rather thought that the problem was a physical problemen in the HDMI port at the back of the laptop. To shame, hard to fix that. I now realized that there actually where another digital port on back sida of the laptop, the mini displayport -maybe that one is working? So I bought a converter "mini display port to HDMI" - and whooho - it worked. But just for a few days.. :-(
Now I am back to use the docking station and VGA and as you can understand - that is really anoying.I have been using laptops for + 20 years now so I do think I have some experience. It is not an "Fn + F8" problem or a cable problem. Any suggestions?

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I upgraded 6 months ago my Latitude E7440 with new memory :
- 2 of those =>
And here my problems start ..
Sometimes, my PC won't boot. It just show a blank power led and nothing appear on the screen and then after 10 to 15 seconds the blank power led shut light off.
And the only way to solve this problem is to unplug the battery on the motherboard to clear the BIOS.
Only then, when i plug the power source the laptop boot automatically one time and show nothing on screen, then reboot and show nothing, reboot again and i get access to the bios and everything ...

It's very strange because sometimes it appears randomly and sometimes it appears exactly every seven days (3 times in a row !).

Of course I tested the memory and I got no error.

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i have a weird issue that i lose the Bluetooth after an hibernate or dock de-dock of the laptop..

the bios is the latest A18.
we try to uninstall and reinstall the driver and application same thing.
we are running windows 10 OS


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I have a Dell XPS 13 9350 that I am pleased with overall. But a few weeks ago I started noticing problems when tilting the screen. The top case comes loose at the right hand corner and lifts up when tilting the screen towards me. It lands on top of the power button, pressing down. This makes it almost impossible to close the lid without accidentally starting the computer.
The problem has progressed and today a gap appears even when I am not tilting the screen - presumably due to its weight pulling it down.
Photos below show tilting the screen towards me and what it looks like in normal use respectively.

I have not dropped the computer, the problems just appeared one day. I'm assuming it's a clip or a loose screw. Unfortunately, my XPS is out of warranty. What are my options?

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I have updated my laptop to Windows 10. Here my problem: I used 3 monitors and opened a lot of applications. Everytime I lock my account, or leaving it until it goes to sleep. The whole applications squeeze one side of the screen; it's dis-arrangement. Then I have to re-arrange all my application again. Is there any fixed for that? It's very annyoing for me to do it every time.


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I have an older (!) Dell Latitude CP, its a Pent1 laptop. Its been sitting in a closet due to this hardware error, but I'd like to fix it and make a photo frame player thing out of it.

I can only get it to boot if I have the front-right corner propped up. If it isn't propped, it won't boot, and if I unprop it the screen goes blank and the system stops responding (but doesn't power off).

I have read a lot of forums and this one seems to be the closest:
and one guy said that he had the same issue and fixed it by putting some doohicky inside to make the CPU board stop losing contact with the motherboard. I tried that but no luck although I am not exactly sure how/what he did (I wedged a small plastic thing under the heatsink's plate, to push down on that board, but both with or with out it is the same).

Has anyone seen this? has anyone suggestions?

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I have a DELL Latitude E7440 with a 100 or 128 GB SSD. There is a free position for another hard-drive. I want to add another hard-drive because the 100GB is too small. I have contacted Dell Germany and tried to get clarification of the following questions:
- is it possible to add another hard-drive or do I need to replace the SSD?
- what do I need to order next to the hard-drive? Cables, frame, rubber strips?
- do I need a 5 or a 7 mm HDD?
- how much does it cost?
Current status is a recommendation from Dell Germany to order the spares at Amazon because they cannot order them. I get no further information on what is required. All I got was an offer for the biggest and most expensive SSD possible, without any cables, etc. Which basically means I will have to buy a new laptop with a bigger hard-drive, and it will not be a DELL.
Can anybody provide any information? I was hoping DELL US is able to provide the information, but I have no further contact details.

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Dear experts:
The max resolution I can set on my Latitude E7440 is 1366x768, no greater resolutions appear.
I am using the latest driver Version: ,A17 (Intel HD 4400). I tried uninstalling the driver, switching to VGA and then install again, same problem.
My OS is Windows 7 Professional 64 bits.

Any ideas?

Thank you very much,

A:Max resolution of Latitude E7440 is only 1366x768

Make sure that driver is from Dell and not Intel. Dell customizes drivers for your exact model. Intel drivers will not work right. Go to Dell downloads and get the original driver from them. Laptop drivers are rarely if ever updated and when they are they have to come from Dell.

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I bought a latitude e7440 for a family member a while ago but didn't realize it did not come with a webcam, so my intention is to buy any necessary components to install one. 
I know that I will need to buy the bezel w/ webcam hole (part# 02TN1) and the webcam (part # 7YYT), but I don't know if I need the LCD/webcam ribbon cable (part# D3M6R). 
Do all latitudes 7440 come with the same video ribbon cable, regardless of whether or not the webcam is installed? In other words, if I take the bezel off of the laptop and disconnect the LCD screen, will I find that the ribbon for the webcame is right there, ready to be connected to a webcam? 
Need the expertise of a dell technician. Thanks!

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I attached my laptop to an older docking station and now cannot get it to release. There is space between the laptop and the release box. Any suggestions to unlock it?

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I want to replace my laptop pavilion g6_1375sx body fully ,So please tell me from where I can get ?

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We have around 100x E7440's and on most of them we have the same problem. 
When the machine is operated on battery then the lid is closed it goes to standby/hibernation (this is not the problem).
But when the machine is docked into the port replicator / docking station and switched on, as soon as Windows starts, it goes to Blue Screen.
OS: Windows 7 Enterprise 64 bit. 

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Hi everyone,
I have a Dell Latitude E7440 laptop running Windows 8.1. I have been having issues with no sound coming in through headphones plugged in through the headphone jack (sound will only come through the built-in laptop speakers). I have tried several fixes including:
-Setting headphones as default playback device (my laptop groups speakers and headphones together, so it is not possible to choose one over the other).
- Removing battery, holding down power key for 30 seconds, restarting
-Updating Realtek Audio driver
-Uninstalling Realtek Audio driver (and deleting files), then restarting computer so the native audio driver is used.
I have had the most success with using the native audio driver (after deleting and uninstalling Realtek). However, when I do this, I have sound coming from both the headphones and the laptop speakers. This will work for a day or two, then I will begin having no sound coming from the headphones again (despite running the native audio driver). 
I don't know if this is a hardware or a software issue. I don't think it is a hardware issue since I am able to get headphones to work some times. Does anyone have any new ideas or guidance? I am debating getting a USB adapter for my headphones, but I am not sure that would solve the problem if it is a software issue.
Thanks for the help in advance!

A:Latitude E7440 - Sound not coming through headphones

elizabeth1579 I am debating getting a USB adapter for my headphones, but I am not sure that would solve the problem if it is a software issue.
The usb jacks are very inexpensive and to me would be worth the risk that it might not work. You could test for hardware failure (or fix the software if it is a software issue) by resetting the laptop back to the original factory configuration, but for many people it would be worth a few dollars to try to avoid doing that.
Usually when headphones are not detected by the Realtek driver but are when using the native driver, the solution is to completely remove the Realtek software the way you did it and then install an earlier version of the Realtek driver. However it is hard to figure out your laptop's symptoms. Normally if there is the same symptom with both the vendor's driver and the native driver, that is strongly suggestive of hardware failure because both drivers are not likely to have the same bug at the same time. In your case though I wouldn't bet on it either way.

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Hello Community,
2 days ago I was given a new work laptop - the E7440 (its brand new).
Straight away I noticed some loud buzzing noises which a fellow colleague said was the fan. It's quite annoying. I soon noticed however when my laptop was idle these noises would stop, and when I clicked they would start again. Whenever I ask the Laptop to do anything these noises start up, and considering im active on the machine all day - they are giving me a headache.
There are high pitched, buzzing noises. And as mentioned are aligned to when the laptop is processing something. They also make sounds when I scroll the mouse for example.
Whats the issue here? My internal support team said deal with it. Is there an issue with the hardware though? Its brand new.

A:Latitude E7440 - Loud Processing Noises

i have the same problem

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My E7440 with touch, fresh out of warranty, decided to flicker randomly the screen on/off and with vertical lines.I contacted a Dell service partner in my country, brought a new display assembly and that got installed today.
The problem is that 5 minutes after Windows was actually on, the display was off forever after. The display is active only between boot and Windows start.
Until now, I tested the following:
Windows 10 Pro x64 15063.483 (working previously)- the first startup after display change, Windows used a Compatible driver- the moment that a Microsoft provided "Intel" driver installs, the screen is off forever.- Dell provided drivers (Intel HD 4400) - no longer install - "No Intel GFX HW found".- Windows and Intel applet cannot see the LCD panel.- It works only with "VGA Compatible Controller".
Windows 7 Ult x64 (working before W10, had the SSD)- startup after SSD change - auto restarts before logon screen.- removed the Intel driver from Safe Mode and Windows starts.- the Dell provided drivers (Intel HD 4400) installs. The moment they install, the screen is off forever.- It works only with "VGA Compatible Controller".
I'm using the latest BIOS, A21.
What I'm thinking: either something got broken, or the replacement panel is so "new", the BIOS or video drivers or someone does not recognize it as compatible with E7440.
Any idea what I should try next ?

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I'm experiencing a problem with multiple Latitude E7440 laptops. the issue is as follows
When I undock from a port replicator, the laptop screen goes black. The screen never returns to a usable state. I must turn off the laptop manually and power back on. This is not occurring 100% of the time but is occurring fairly often. I'm running the latest drivers and bios update.

A:Latitude E7440 black screen after undock

Dell has released a new display driver for the e7440 and e7240 that resolves this problem. you can download it here. http://www.dell.com/support/home/us/en/04/Drivers/DriversDetails?driverId=35GXP&fileId=3377993823&osCode=W764&productCode=latitude-e7440-ultrabook&languageCode=EN&categoryId=VI

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Neither power button led nor the power led on the lid blink (breathing light) after sleep mode. The other led lights are just fine but the power LEDs are not blinking at all. Even when I disconnect the charger it stays SOLID white and not blinking.What can be the problem?

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I have a Dell Latitude E7440 ultrabook running Windows 10 x64 version 1607I bought a 3-port mini DisplayPort adapter to allow me to connect up a DVI-D monitor or a VGA device.I find that the adapter only works if I connect a VGA monitor and that its DVI (A or D) and HDMI outputs produce nothing - no device is detected under any scenario - hot-plug/re-boot connected/connected on driver re-installThe support matrix of the Intel HD4400 graphics on this model is unclear - I can't find any support info that describes exactly what type of monitor the mDP port can drive and under what connection scenarios.I presume that it must support DisplayPort monitors without an adapter and that it also supports VGA via an adaptor to meet the requirement to deploy to older projectors.However, it is marketed and badged as having a dual-mode Display Port, so should support single DVI-D and HDMI lanes to be compliant with the DisplayPort spec. - yet it appears not to.I have the latest Dell version of the Intel video driver installed - which, at the time of writing, isVideo_Driver_G7Y13_WN32_20.19.15.4531_A05I tried to install a newer vanilla-Intel version ofwin64_154036.4703but the installer failed with an error message about the manufacturer requiring modified drivers, so I did not pursue the matter further. I don't want to lose functionality by trying a non-Dell version.The separate HDMI port will drive an HDMI monitor (LG W2261V)I have the latest BIOS.

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rubber seal is coming off in my latitude E7440, any glue that I can use, out of warranty. Please help!!

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Hi There,
Having issues with my Latitude E7440. The rubber seal is coming off. 
Looking forward to hearing from you.

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I brought a refurbished E7440 (Core i7-4600U). From the service tag it was intended for Sweden.
I have 2 thermal control problems:- once the CPU reaches 75 deg C, the CPU is throttled to ~1.5Ghz- the fan once it starts, it never stops. I tested in a cooled room (20 C), and the fan stops ONLY when the CPU reaches ~35 deg C.These are thermal values indeed valid for nordic countries.
But I am in Romania. My previous E7440 (EMEA) had CPU throttling at ~90 deg C and fan off at ~50 deg C.
Is there any way to convince the BIOS/EC to use other thermal values ?
Thank you,

A:Refurbished Latitude E7440 - CPU and fan thermal control problem

kmarcel,Unfortunately, you cannot add the thermal values in the bios.

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Hi - my E7440 touch screen went black the other day and I've been unable to get it back. There will be times when the screen turns on, functions normally, but as soon as the PC reboots on reboot its black again. I can connect it to an external monitor and it works, also the touch screen functionality still works while connected to an external monitor. 
Does anyone have a suggestion on how to fix the display? I'd really like to be able to use this as an actual laptop again. 
Initial research came back with Fn F8 which does not work. Suggestions greatly appreciated 
thank you

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Rubber seal around screen coming off - latitude e7440

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The rubber seal around my e7440 laptop screen is coming off, as shown in the pics below. It is also bulging outwards when the laptop is closed. Is there anything I can do to fix it?

A:rubber seal around screen coming off - latitude e7440

Hi AlexRau,
Thank you for writing to Dell Community Forum.
Please private message us the service tag of the system in discussion.
Kindest Regards,DELL-Akshatha MSocial Media and Community Professional#IWork4Dell

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Does anyone know if the Latitude E7440 can support two external displays without a dock? Can you have one plugged in to the mini displayport and one in to HDMI or USB and output just to these displays?
Or is it limited to just the laptop display and one single external display?
Currently I'm using windows 10 operating system.

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I have just upgraded from an E6410 to an E7440. I have two Dell 2007FP monitors connected via DVI on an E-series E-Port Plus dock. The native resolution of these monitors is 1600x1200 @ 60 Hz and my old E6410 was able to run this just fine. The new E7440 however refuses to see that 1600x1200 is available and has an upper limit of 1280x1024 @ either 60 or 75 Hz. The Intel graphics properties app does show that 1600x1200 @ 60 Hz is a supported mode of the monitor in the Information Center section, but it won't let me select it in the Display Options section.
Anyone know if this is a fundamental limitation of the docking connector on the new 7000 series or if I just have something set wrong somewhere? All the drivers are up to date as far as the Dell support site is concerned ... The machine is running Windows 7 64 bit if that makes a difference.
Thanks & regards,

A:Problem with Latitude E7440, E-series dock & external monitors

Sorry - should have come back sooner as my IT guys at work found the "fix". This is a driver update that is for the E7440 but doesn't come up if you search for E7440 updates (???). Anyway, I got the required driver from:
Whilst the link is from the E5540 area, the driver is for the Intel HD4400 GPU that is in the E7440 as well. This has fixed the issue on all the E7440s we have here.

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on my Dell Laptop, runnig Windows 10 on a Latitude E7440, there is an issue with incorrect font sizes displayed. Especially in Visual Studio designer this is a real problem, but it also happens in other applications, such as TortoiseSVN, Notepad++ . I already tried updating to the latest drivers, especially the graphics-related, but the problem remains...
Any ideas how to get rid of this issue?
Thanks beforehand...

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Does anyone know how to replace the rubber strip that surrounds the screen?  It's come loose along the left side and I can't figure out how to get it back into0 the track. Thanks  

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Good day,

I've run into an issue with one of our E7440 units. Whenever I try to enter sleep mode, it fails to fully enter sleep. Just hangs there with a black screen, and the power light is still on (not dimming like it should when it's in sleep mode).
I've narrowed it down to the wireless adapter. I can disable the wireless radio with the switch on the side (also disabling through device manager), and it will enter sleep properly. If I have the wireless adapter enabled, it bluescreens with a 9F code.
I've tried reinstalling the driver, installing an updated driver, and upgrading the BIOS (was on A07, now on A17). I've also tried changing some of the power management settings but nothing appears to resolve this issue.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? And have you found a working solution?

Any advice helps.
Thanks in advance,

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I'm using a Latitude E7440 with a Dock and two monitors connected to it. (Both with DVI)
Sporadically (often already shortly after starting the laptop) one or both of the monitors are going black for about 5 and come back after.
I already tried several things to fix the issue but haven't been able to find a solution yet.

What I've tried so far:

Update to latest BIOS
Use different display driver
Used a different dock
Mainboard replacement
Installed latest MST HUB FIrmware
Disabled Display Port in the monitor settings
At this point I don't know what else to do to fix this issue and I'd really appreciate any help from others.

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The left USB ports on my E-port K09A do not work when docked with my Latitude E7440.  I have not found an update for Windows 10 for the Synaptics VMM2320.  I have read elsewhere that this is a common issue with Latitudes and E-port docks, but I have not found a solution to my issue.  All other ports are working properly.  Any help would be appreciated.

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Hello all, After updating the BIOS to version A16 or A17 doesn't work memory card reader :(
On the aforementioned version of the BIOS, when you want to turn on the computer with a memory card inside the system do not get up! Of course, without a memory card system will get up normally but when you again put the memory card the system still can't see it.
The last working version of BIOS is A15 where you can use a memory card reader.
My OS: Windows 10 Pro (x64)

A:Latitude E7440 - memory card reader doesn't work after bios update

I have exactly the same problem. Last working version is A15.

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Hi all
I've been having an incredibly frustrating issue with my Latitude E7440. I believe that ever since I've upgraded to Windows 10, I have had issues with my Webcam and my microphone. From reading around the forums, I'm under the impression that it may be a motherboard/driver issue. However, I have on numerous occasions tried to install/reinstall drivers for both in order to fix the problem.
Microsoft Camera App says it can't find my camera. The error code is 0xA00F4244(0xC00DABE0)
The webcam no longer appears in Device Manager, there is no imagine devices and as far as I can tell it is not anywhere in device manager at all. In other words, it's not being detected. I have attempted to manually try and install a new camera via control panel, but there is no option to install a webcam. I understand there are no separate Dell or other drivers for the webcam of the E7440 and they were originally microsoft drivers?

I have tried to uninstall/reinstall Realtek audio manager/realtek HD audio manager drivers numerous times and the microphone is not being detected. This used to work fine, but now it's just not appearing at all. In other words, it is not being recognised. I've tried all the tricks on the forums, in terms of "showing disabled/disconnected devices". My issue is nothing like that.
The problem is that when I open the sound devices, the internal/built-in microphone for my laptop is not being recognised. Th... Read more

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I have a dell D630 that wont boot up it turns on power has a green light but no POST or BIOS no blinking lights i also dont here the fan on i do here the HDD run but the screen just white any advise would be helpful

A:Dell Latitude D630 Issue

It could be a power supply problem or the motherboard has gone bad.

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