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32gb of 200gb

Q: 32gb of 200gb

I've recently purchesed a DiamondMax 21 200gb Maxtor drive and I tried installing it and the bios detected the drive, but only 32gb of the 200. I cant seem to figure out what the deal is. I've got a secondary Western Digtal 120gb already in. I've tried it without that drive as well. Any suggestions?

Preferred Solution: 32gb of 200gb

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: 32gb of 200gb

Is the WD detected properly? Maybe your BIOS has problems with hard drives bigger than 130GB? Look for a BIOS update for your motherboard.

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Im a noobie" so i'll say sorry in advance if this seems stupid.. but I recently brought a new secondary HDD, WD 200GB. When i installed it, it only read 127.99 GB of free space. In my BIOS it said i had 200GB in that drive so that wouldnt be a BIOS problem would it?
i've already installed SP2 and currently trying to install SP1
*if i installed SP2 than there is no need to install SP1?????*

how do i fix this problem to make my HDD go to 200GB?
do i just have to fomat the new HDD??

thankz in advance for the help

A:200GB but it says 127.99 GB

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Help!! WD 2000GB Hdd's problem???

First thankx for reading,
I have got a Spacewalker / Shuttle AK35GTR Mainboard and have just invested in two beautiful Western digital 200GB hard drives Model numbers:

They have an 8 MB cash and when attached to the onboard raid (strip mode) should show a lovely 400GB of available partitioning/formatting space : )

For some dam reason I think it must be my BIOS the drives only show 137GB of available space each.

Can anyone please help me!!!????

I would hate to think that i just spent 320 on two drives that are going to be wasting nearly 140GB of space : (

I appreciate your help thankx a lot.



A:Help!! WD 200GB Hdd's problem???

2000 GB Hard drives?

Well I've heard about this problem, and read about it too...cant find the article though

Though I can tell you theres a way to fix this

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My son has a laptop, compaq, that has a 215GB hard drive. Not counting the partitions for the OS and the recovery, it is choc o block full. I managed to free up 10 gigs through the downloads folder and such but I cannot find the mystery 150 gigs of data and I have searched that thing. I am tempted to copy all his data to an external drive and reinstall the OS. BUT, since I am still a learnin, I thought it would be interesting to solve the mystery. Any thoughts on where else to search? 
When I say I searched through everything, I mean file by file even through the sys32. I never found anything above a few hundred megs. I figured it was either a log file gone amuck or the boy downloading large game files but I cant find a smoking gun file or collection of files that come remotely close to 5 gigs let alone 150.
It will be interesting to see whats up.

A:200GB hd full, but with what?

Hello and welcome to Bleeping Computer.Have you searched the drive for the following file formats? .MP4, .VOB, .WMV, .AVI, .MKV, .FLV or 3GP? Using the windows search tool, you can use wild cards such as *.*.MP4. That is star dot star then the extension .MP4 and allow the search to take place. Those files are video files and take up a lot of space. MP3s are another file teenagers have a habit of downloading a lot of.Laptop's are often loaded down with programs that are automatically installed on the computer during factory reset or when the laptop was assembled at the warehouse and the operating system was added. Some programs are useful and some are basically stripped down versions that require upgrades (requiring a registration fee) to be fully functional.Let me know what you find when searching out those video files.Bruce.

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I just finished installing windows on a new comp and the hard disk space reads 125gb but i have a 200gb Maxtor drive installed, only windows is installed on this system and 75gb is alot to have missing. Anyone know what the problem could be?


link to hd:

A:125gb out of 200gb..what gives?

hello TKJay15 welcome to techspot

what OS do you have instalded with what service packs

also please post all of your specs

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I have a self-built (3 years ago) P4 CPU 1.80 Ghz processor on a MSI Intel 865PE Neo 2 Series mobo (AMI), (I also got the latest BIOS version as it had issues with the CPU temp and was not able to read larger hdd's over 137GB. Flashing went well, no problems.
I got 1GB + 512MB RAM. WIN XP Pro with all the updates (incl. SP2). I installed all the MSI drivers and got updates from their website as well.
No other hdd present as old one died and has been removed.

First attempt to install new hdd (200GB Maxtor 6L200PO):
BIOS showed 203.9GB capacity, yet when partioning with fdisk, etc. it would only use about 63 GB, the rest just vanished.
Tried again, and managed now to get 137GB. BIOS still showing 203.9GB.

Went to Maxtor site (btw. jumper was set where it was when I got it. I believe on CS, it shows up as Master in BIOS), got large disk enabler, got Max Blast 4 boot disk, and whatever else they had.
Booted comp. with MaxBlast boot disk, partitioned it (gave me warning if I do more than 137GB, it may not work properly, etc.). I was able to partition 189GB (I tried to let Windows partition it, just to be sure and it would either get the 189, or only 63GB).
I ran the enabler too, could not boot to it though, even though I created the boot disk...It will just give me a long continuous loud beep.
Oh, and did the diagn. tests that came with Maxtor boot disk, all passed.

Anyway, where I stand now is that I have a BASIC NTFS partition, 189.92 GB capacity, after installing some ... Read more

A:Solved: New 200GB hdd... got some ??'s

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I just bought a new maxtor 200gb SATA HD, This is the HD i plan on running my OS from, Got it all hooked up and primary HD in boot order and ran the windows install CD.

When I get to the Please format part it shows the available space as being 131,069. With windows installed
looking at properties the total size appears to be 127.76gbs
now as far as i know 1024 MBs=1GB so there should be 204,800. I understand that they short you a little bit but 73,731 is a big freakin difference 70 gigs.
Am I doing something wrong? SATA not properly installed or did i just get ripped off bad?

A:new 200gb HD not acting right

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I recently built a new pc, everything is going fine with it but I cant seem to find a way to use my hdd from 130gb to 200gb which is really it's maximun capacity. Any ideas anyone if I need a converter of some sort, can someone help me please find an answer

A:I have a 200gb hdd, which I can only use 130gb, need help please

48-bit LBA.

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I have bought new 200gb maxtor and i want to partition it.
My system is amd 3600+ with abit motherboard.

The problem is that i can't boot with normal 98 boot diskette.
Diskette boot hangs with message something like:
"Scanning pci buc with method #2".

So i tried to use windows xp boot diskette created with format dialog box.
I prepared the disk and downloaded fdisk from:
I could boot and i ran fdisk.it reached to first screen asking about large disk support. i hit enter and then error: "Division error".

Finaly i tried to put standart fdisk from windows 98 boot diskette on to windows xp made boot diskette but this also failed with message:
"Wrong MS-dos version"

So now i'm scraching my head

Could anyone please tell me how can i partition my 200gb hd?
Thank you

A:Partitioning 200gb hd

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Hi, I'm looking for a good deal on a nice HD, Please help me find one, or what specs I need to look for.

Thank You
Raffi B.

A:Need 200gb+ sata hdd

Try ebay!!!!!

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So i think my seagate drive is broken. i have a seagate st3200822a internal drive in an external enclosure case and yesterday it was making this sound like if the power kept disconnecting or something but it was working fine, so i turned it off for a min and turned it back on and since then when i try to turn it on it spins for like 5 seconds and resets itself and makes this beeping sound and it keeps doing that no matter how long i leave it. i am using it on a powerbook, and my powerbook doesn't see the drive at all. so i tried connecting it to my windows xp machine and i can see it on there as hardware but i can't do anything to it, even macdrive can't see the drive or the files. and i think it makes the same sound in the windows machine but i just can't hear it because it has some loud fans. so i looked on the seagate site and they have this tool called seatools which is a diag tool that runs on dos, and it is running right not on my windows machine and its doing a surface test, its been running for about an hour an no errors so far. what the hell is going on im confused! im thinking of calling seagate, but they wil probably just replace the drive and i was hoping there was a way i could fix this because i had about 200gb of data on it.
any ideas?


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I've just installed a new Seagate 200gb hard drive but my system is only seeing 130gb of it.

I am running xp sp2.
In disk management it does actually show the other 70gb of the drive as "unallocated".

How do i make the "unallocated" become allocated?
How do i get to utilise the rest of the drive?

A:Seagate 200gb hdd probs

Create a partition and then format it.

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So I go me a 200 GB WD... Nice, I partitoned it to the full size and it worked, then I wanted to format it. That didn't work so well...

It's been going for like three hours now and have reaced 1%

I do have an old KR7A-RAID as mobo, however I got the "larger than 137GB support" for both the mobo and my WinXP

I have no clue what so ever what to do. I don't really feel like waiting for some 300 hours.

Plz help

A:Problems formatting my WD 200GB

Welcome to TechSpot

What OS do you use, with what utility are you trying to format and in which format (FAT32 or NTFS)?.
Fat32 is limited to 32GB using Windows Format.
A utility like Partition Magic would take about 5-10 minutes max. to format a disk like yours.

Unless it is an OEM disk, these HDs quite often have their own format-tools on a floppy or CD. Look also in the "Stickies" at the top op this forum.

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I bought a 200GB WD. I run it with another 60GB hd. Problem is that the 200GB is only recognized if i go to the bios and press autodetect. Then I can access the drive and boot from it. However, the next time I boot it boots from the old HD, and when I go to the bios I see that it didn't save the new hd setting.. (Yes, I saved before exiting ).
Any ideas?

A:200GB WD recognized once but forgotton

More information is needed.
What type of system are you trying to install this on?

Is the drive connected to the mb or through a controller card.

What os do you have and what level of service pack do you have installed?

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I built a complete new system w/200GB HDD. XP setup only allowed 137GB. I installed anyhow. Is there any way to get the rest of the hard drive space back w/o losing everything?

A:Using all 200GB when only 137GB shown


First you have to figure out whether the 137GB limitation is caused by your hardware or software.

You may need a BIOS update and/or enable 48-bit disk addressing in Windows.
After that you can just create another partition after the one you already have.

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i have a 200gb IDE seagate and for some reason it is being picked up 128gb in windows xp. It has worked for many years now, just done a format and the size has gone down to 128gb.

is this a familar problem?

anyone got any ideas to what has gone wrong?


A:200gb picking up as 128gb

The only way to limit HDD's capacity (for some) is a jumper setting. But usually it would limit the HDD alot more than 70+GB.

When you formatted, was there another partition of sorts? Some PC's have a recovery partition or are partitioned in general.

You could run through the WinXP install again and check if your HDD is partitioned.

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I have had an OCZ Revo Drive 3 x2 PCI-e 240GB SSD for a few years now. My PC randomly froze the other week (after doing some Windows 7 updates, could just be a coincidence) and after a hard reboot the PC would not boot into the OS; after a bit of diagnosing I noticed the primary partition somehow showed up as RAW. Long story short; I reformatted the OS and upgraded to Win10. This worked for a few days then it would not boot again but the partition was still NTFS. Further diagnosing looked like it was incorrectly configured UEFI BIOS (changed first boot option to Windows boot loader instead of UEFI HDD, even though it worked for a few days), fixed the problem.

I have noticed today however that the drive is almost full (15.8GB of 223GB). That cannot be right. I point everything towards a mechanical drive and have no paging file and disabled system restore. I ran WinDirStat (included screenshot) and it shows that the drive is 39.8GB, not 223GB. Is this dying or have I effed it up by trying to repair my OS (things like CHKDSK /R etc.)?

Can any one shed any light on my problem?

Kind regards


A:Is my SSD Dying? 200GB missing

In the WinDirStat menu,

In Options select on Show Unknown and see if that makes a difference in what is displayed.
You could also select Show Free Space and see what that does.

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Hello all,
I've recently bought off ebay a 2nd hand 200 gb hdd,because the OE 80gb disk is running low on space. I cloned the 200gb disk,all that was on the 80gb,i.e XP etc .
The 200gb disk is a western digital wd2000. My computer is a HP a235 tower with an AMD Athon xp 2800+ 2.08 GHz.256 MB of RAM
The problem is,when I boot up the tower with just the 200gb disk,it stops,and the blue light at the front flashes

your opinions most appreciated

A:A 200gb hdd not liking my computer

What software are you using to clone the drive? Anytime I've seen this it's been due to not cloning the entire source disc, including the MBR. Some cloning software will allow you to adjust for a larger destination drive. If not, you have to resize the partition manually.

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We;;! It all started with a virus on the WD 200GB hd. In the "ill-fated" process to eliminate the virus the whole drive got DoD Wiped. I partitioned it OK with the WD software diagnostic/install stuff but the BIOS does not recognize the HD now and can't get an OS installed( Win2K Pro)? I had the BIOS (Award) updated in '03 and believe this has nothing physically to do with the HD anyway! BIOS being a flashable chip type thing? Or did the wipe also "Do" the BIOS chip info( Was DoD)? Any help greatly appreciated. Wife says she is going, if I don't get it working? Thanks guys


A:Solved: WD 200GB HD not recognized?

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I am running Windows XP SP2 on my 1.7 GHz tower computer. I have had a USB 2 external drive with a WD800 IDE (80Gb) hard drive connected and working on it for some time. I recently purchased a new WD Caviar SE EIDE Hard Drive to replace the 80 Gb drive. I've replace the 80 with the 200 and all seems to go fine until I open up Windows Explorer to see the drive letter assigned to it and there is not one. I then went into the Device Manager and it indicates that the 200 GB drive was attached. I also did this on my new Dell notebook and the same thing happens. Any ideas on this problem and a possible solution?

A:Can't get new WD 200Gb to work with USB2

can you assign and format the drive from disk manager

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Here's my setup as far as HDD's go in my PC:
2x 36GB WD Raptor's in RAID 0 - Vista Ultimate on them (working perfect)
2x 320GB WD Caviar's in RAID 0 - storage
1x 160GB WD Caviar IDE - backup
1x 200GB WD Caviar SATA II - new backup drive

I first installed this new 200GB drive in my eSATA enclosure, where I had it obviously plugged into my Asus M2N-SLi Deluxe. When I had this plugged in, I could not boot up Vista. When I disabled the J-Micron RAID Driver via BIOS (just updated BIOS btw), I could get into Windows but could not see the drive since apparently eSATA is controlled through the J-Micron driver. When I enabled it again, i could see the drive in BIOS but couldn't get into Windows.

After a bit of playing around I decided to plug the new drive into one of my motherboard's 6 on-board SATA plugs. I chose the first available one, which was SATA 5. By default in my BIOS, SATA 5 + 6 were disabled; I enabled them. Now I cannot see this drive at all. I've tried both SATA 5 and SATA 6 but still get nothing in BIOS or in Windows (can boot up with it plugged into either 5 or 6).

I'm rather stumped...I hope I'm posting in the right place. If not, please direct me cause I'm pretty bugged that my mobo can't use all of these drives. I don't think it's a power issue either, I've got a 680w and tried unplugging everything but the OS disks and the new one, didn't work.


A:Problems with new 200GB SATA II

put it in one of the SATA ports that has worked before.

If it works there, great!

If not, you may want to look at new SATA cables, or maybe another drive.

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I have just bought a maxtor 200GB hdd set as slave to a 40GB Seagate.

Windows would ony see it as a 127GB drive, after following guides on the maxtor site and Windows site I have managed to reduce this further to 31.4GB

The cmos settings did show the drive as the correct size but now it is stuck on the 30GB size

Please help me...

A:maxtor Diamondmax 10 200GB

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P3 600mhz, 1GB ram, win xp pro
BIOS info:
asus p3bf bios revision 1002
award medallion v.6.0

I bought a hitachi 200GB hard drive that is in a sarotech hardbox(external).
The HD did not come w/ a cd.
My pc only recognizes it as 58.2.
the drive is in good working condition and set correctly( i plugged it into a Mac using the firewire and it showed 200GB)

i heard if i buy a controller card my problem will be solved...
i have no idea

A:external 200GB HD shows as 58.2GB

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I just purchased a Seagate 200gb 7,200 8mb cache HDD but Windows XP Pro only sees the HDD as 128gb (in Computer Management under Disk Management). I even tried to boot with the Windows XP installation cd, but it only sees the HHD as 121gb. I looked under a similar thread regarding a Western Digital HDD but I have the all the requirements that was suggested (Windows XP SP1). I have the latest bios for my motherboard and when I boot up my bois detects the HDD as 186gb. I also installed reg_48bit_lba.exe from the Seagate support site, which is supposed to recognize HHD larger than 137gb.

Here is my PC configuration:

Windows XP Pro SP1
Athlon 2400XP cpu
Gigabyte GA-7DXR motherboard with F10 bios
2 x 512mb Kingston DDR
Seagate ST3200822A 200gb HDD
WD 120gb 8mb cache HDD
WD 80gb 2mb cache HDD

A:Seagate 200gb only see 128gb

Jarik said:

I just purchased a Seagate 200gb 7,200 8mb cache HDD but Windows XP Pro only sees the HDD as 128gb (in Computer Management under Disk Management). I even tried to boot with the Windows XP installation cd, but it only sees the HHD as 121gb. I looked under a similar thread regarding a Western Digital HDD but I have the all the requirements that was suggested (Windows XP SP1). I have the latest bios for my motherboard and when I boot up my bois detects the HDD as 186gb. I also installed reg_48bit_lba.exe from the Seagate support site, which is supposed to recognize HHD larger than 137gb.

Here is my PC configuration:

Windows XP Pro SP1
Athlon 2400XP cpu
Gigabyte GA-7DXR motherboard with F10 bios
2 x 512mb Kingston DDR
Seagate ST3200822A 200gb HDD
WD 120gb 8mb cache HDD
WD 80gb 2mb cache HDDClick to expand...

is it formatted to NTFS?

maybe that the problem!

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hi there i recently purchased a 120gb hdd and windows xp pro only ever saw it as a 111gb so i thought nuthin of it as i thought well that must be what it see's but then todat i bought a 200gb and still it only sees it as a 127gb
bios sees them as a 120 and a 200 and device manager diplays there name as a 120 and a 200 but when i go into the the volume section and populate them they only come up as a 113gb and 131gb what can i do ?
as i really would like to have all that extra space for movies and stuff
please help

A:200gb showing as 127gb

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Changed first HD80gb in HP pentium4 - left second HD80gb (disconnected during new instal of software in new first HD 200).
Bios reports HD200 + HD80 - install WinXPHE from recovery disk supplied by HP .. it only sees 130 GB.
I tried PartitionMagic8.0... no free space. Same with DiskPart.
PTEDIT probably sees some free space in the partition table but I tried to change some and could not get the result and was obliged to change back to use the HD again.
Downloaded RecoveryExpert from Acronis... no help.
The PC even support an external HD via FW of 80GB (the old firs HD) so it seems tha it should be possible to manage 130 + 80 + 80 and why not the first 200 ?
My question is if there is a simpkle way to get use of the deisappeared 70GB and why it appened.

A:200gb Hd In Bios - Only 130 Seen By Xphe

no worries m8, this is a problem with XP not being able to recognise a hard drive over 130GB, all you have to do is make sure you have service pack 1 or greater installed and then download large drive enabler from here


This changes a registry settign to enable lage disk support over 130GB

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I just purchased a 200GB Hitachi Deskstar 7K250 hardrive that I intend to use as an external backup drive for my laptop. After plugging it in, my laptop regognized the hardrive and said that it was ready to use, but it did not show up in Windows Explorer. So, I went to Computer Management thru Properties/ My Computer, and it shows my original drive as Disk O (55.89 GB), and this new drive as DIsk 1 (128.00 GB).

When I try to create a new partition so that I can format and start using the drive, it only allows a maximum of 131.069 GB space!

How do I solve this? Do I need to upgrade the BIOS or something else?

I am running Windows XP Professional SP1 on a Toshiba Satellite P4, 1GB RAM, 2.8Mhz.

Thank you for your help!

A:200GB drive seen as 131GB only!!??

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Hi everyone

I've read all of the threads on here (and theres alot) regarding problems similar to mine but after following all the advice given on those threads still can't find a way to fix my own problem.

I am operating Windows XP SP2 and the drives were both fully formatted when i installed the OS (The OS had SP2 already on so i didn't add it afterwards).

I have a Asus P5B MOBO and both drives are connected via Ultra100 TX2 card via IDE

The bios show both drives as being 200GB as it should and i have even updated my bios so it is the lastest revision.

I've included a screen shot of my computer management and also of HDinfo showing that my drives are mean't to be 200GB. I have had this problem for ages and it's really starting to grate.

Advice and solutions greatly appreciated

A:My 200GB HDD only shows as 127GB

Just to add a little bit more information to this, yesterday i added two 500GB HDD to my computer via sata and they are working fine at full capacity so that rules out the OS and the BIOS. I thought maybe it was the Ultra100 TX2 card but can't find any driver updates for it on the net.

Still a bit stumped here

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I want to take apart my "Maxtor Personal Storage 3200" external USB hard drive, and how would i do this? And would there be a normal hard drive inside that i could stick in my computer? Thanks fro the help

A:Taking apart my 200GB External...

Is a picture of it.

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I have a P4 3.0GB with 1GB of DDR, ASUS P4P800-E mobo, with W2K Pro with SP4 and all the latest UPDATES, also BIOS up to 1007 from ASUS. This computer has been operating great with a WD 120 GB S-ATA hard drive on S-ATA 0 with 4 partitions since about January of this year. I bought a 200GB S-ATA Western Digital hard drive and installed it on S-ATA 1 with 2 partitions of almost equal size. Upon booting up W2K found the hard drive and made a change to the registry and told me to reboot, which I did. After reboot, I can see the partitions from DISK MANAGEMENT and LOGICAL DRIVES under Computer Management. Both partitions were formatted within disk management and everything appeared to be OK. I created a NEW share for each partition to be seen on my network. Here is the problem(s). I can see both drives, all the partitions, a total of 6, 4 to D1 and 2 to D2, in DISK MANAGEMENT and LOGICAL DRIVES, also with Symantec Systemworks 2005 Disk Doctor, W2K disk defragmenter, in the BIOS on startup, across the network as the "SHARES" I setup and even in "My Network Places" in "Windows Explorer" and "My Computer", but NOT as LOCAL drives and partitions in either of these two environments. I can transfer local and network files to this drive and/or partitions ONLY if I use the designated "SHARES". I am really confused on this one. By the way. the file "atapi.sys" is the correct version for W2K. There are 2 DVD burner/CD burners insta... Read more

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After days of searching, I kinda gave up and came here instead. My external hard drive, about 1 year old, stopped working again... When it is plugged into the computer, explorer.exe will hang until I unplugged it. I need help in taking my files out from my external hard drive.

A:Samsung S1 Mini 200GB not working

Inside the casing of the external is a standard 1.8" hard drive. It has standard SATA Power and SATA Data ports.

The casing has an interface adapter built in. One side plugs into the standard SATA ports, the other side is the USB port you use.s
If this adapter is not making good contact with the standard SATA ports you can get these issues. Sometimes you can slightly push and twist the adapter while connected and get it to make good contact temporarily.

You should also try another USB cable to check that it is not something simple like that. Also try other USB ports from your PC.

If you have to give up on the external drive (and it's not still under warranty) you can remove the actual hard drive from the casing and hook it up to the SATA connectors inside a PC just like any other internal hard disk drive.
Doing this may allow you to access all your files directly, or if necessary use data recovery software.
If the drive does not work connected directly it may be damaged or defective.

Let us know.

EDIT: 1.8" drives actually use a Micro-SATA connector, not a standard connector. To hook the drive up to a PC you may need to use a Micro SATA to SATA adapter like this one:

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Just got a 200gb SATA harddrive from maxtor. I have a a8v asus mobo which you can view here:


ASUS A8V Socket 939 VIA K8T800 Pro ATX AMD Motherboard - Retail
And I just plugged it into the sata port on the mobo, and when I boot up the computer at first it says scanning for devices then gives me the error




PRESS <g> to continue!

Now I already have a exisiting harddrive from maxtor another 200gb but hooked up through IDE. I've been searching google for some answer, but haven't really been lucky. I'm trying to figure out why this is not detecting the hard drive at all. sad Any help would be greatly appr. Also would anyone happen to know a pc board with experts on it? Thanks!

I've been searching on google and i can't seem to find a solution anywhere, the only thing I could think of is returning and trying a new one but I don't think that would be it. i tried installing maxtors software but that really didn't help and I think my BIOS is updated because I flashed it yesterday using the asus update... man i really need to figure this out sad any help would be great! anyone ever have this problem before?

A:need help with maxtor 200gb sata drive....

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I formatted my computer and upgraded it to Windows7 Ultimate a few weeks ago and realised that 200gb+ was deleted from my C: drive. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

A:Lost 200gb of C: Drive After formatting.

The 200 GB is probably unallocated space.

Post a picture of your Disk Management screen.

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Hi - I'm generally not technically capable with computers, but I usually do OK and it's been enough to get by but I'm beyond my own knowledge now and need help. I just bought a Maxtor 6L200P0 200gb internal harddrive. I have a Gateway P4 (bought in 2002) running Windows XP Home Edition, with Service Pack 2 installed.

My computer is only showing this new drive as 137gb of free space. When I enter the BIOS setup, it too shows my new drive as being 137,447MB. I have searched high and low on the internet for solutions, ran them all, to no avail. This is what I have done.

1. I have tried to use partioning software to break the drive into two 100gb spaces, but I can't because the software says there is only 137gb available to partion !

2. I have followed instructions in Microsoft support article 303013 http://support.microsoft.com/kb/303013/en-us, which is supposed to help you increase the capacity of my hard disk to more than the current 137 gigabyte (GB) limit. It says to first check to see if my ATAPI.sys file is version 5.1.2600.1135. It is not. Mine is version 5.1.2600.2180. So it says if it's not, then I must install the hotfix in Microsoft Knowledge Base article 331958. When I downloaded and ran this hotfix, nothing happened and my drive still sits at 137gb.

3. I have downloaded and run a program from the Maxtor webiste called the Maxtor Big Drive Enabler, but when I run it this message comes up "Support is currently enabled for 48-bit Logic... Read more

A:At wits end - can't get 200gb HD to read over 137gb

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I got a virus a couple of weeks ago and had to reinstall XP back to factory settings. I am running XP SP3 on an Advent T9317, 1.5GB RAM, Dual Core.

I decided i wanted to put only the bare essential programs back on (i had a lot of old rubbish on here originally), so i have put only those programs i really need back on.

I am therefore now at a stage where i want to clone my main Hard Drive (250GB, 56GB used) to a spare hard drive (200GB, connected to IDE inside PC) so that if anything ever goes wrong with the main HD then i will have a bootable backup of the stage i'm at right now, and it will be a straight swap, no installation of OS or any programs etc.

However, my main C drive is a 250GB HD (although only 56GB used), and i want to make an EXACT clone of it onto my (smaller) 200GB HD (spare).

So, just to recap:
Main HD (C) is SATA 250GB, 56GB used
Spare HD (Z) is IDE 200GB, completely clean. Connected to IDE inside PC.

a) Is it possible to clone a 250GB HD (main) to a smaller 200GB HD (spare), if there is only 56GB used on my main HD ???
b) I have Norton Ghost 11, will this do it ?
c) If Norton Ghost isn't the best software to do this with then what is (preferably freeware because i've already paid for Ghost) ?
d) Any forseen problems ?

Best Regards,

A:Cloning 250GB HD (56GB used) to 200GB HD

You can clone to a smaller drive. I don't know if Ghost 11 supports that, but I would think it should. You may have to choose some custom option and specify either a proportiional resizing of partitions, or a manual layout, otherwise it will try to create the same size partitions, which won't work going to a smaller drive of course.

I use Acronis True Image (Version 11 and 2010), it does support that. I believe the free version of Macrum Reflect does as well.

Imaging Software

Macrium Reflect
DriveImage XML
Easeus Todo Backup
If you have a Seagate HD, you can use this, which is based on Acronis:
Seagate DiscWizard
And from Western Digital:
Acronis True Image WD Edition Software

Acronis True Image
DriveImage XML
Macrium Reflect
Norton Ghost

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A week ago 200GB just disappeared on my computer. I found a file that is 188GB on my computer, but not a clue what it is. I found it using WinDirStat .

any ideas that would cause this? no changes have been made in hardware, software.....

A:windows 7 200GB just disappeared on my computer

mastec7 said:

A week ago 200GB just disappeared on my computer. I found a file that is 188GB on my computer, but not a clue what it is. I found it using WinDirStat .

any ideas that would cause this? no changes have been made in hardware, software.....Click to expand...

Be more specific. Do you mean you lost 200GB of data? What type of file is the 188GB? Are you referring to a folder? What's inside the folder?

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hi all. ijust brought a 200gb sasumg ide hhd. iinstalled it n checked the bios setting. it says its a 200gb but after i formatted it it says its only 128gb. i have windows xp pro install.

A:200gb hard only detect 128gb

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ok i have just bought a brand new maxtor 200gb hard drive i have installed it as a slave drive.

The bios has recognised it and it shows up in device manager it is also showing the full 200gb in the bios i am running xp but when i go click my computer to look at my drives there is nothing there for the new hard drive.

I did also run the big drive enabler for this hard drive.

Is there anything i can do to get a drive letter for this device.


A:200gb hard drive not showing

Right click.. My Computer > Manage > Disc Management

Does it show up here ?? ...

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hey . i just poped in a new hard drive and its a western digital 200GB 7200 rpm 8MB cache
now when i get to the desktop and check the size of the disc its maxed @ 137 GB . is there something i can do to use the ful capacity of the hard drive .
cheers for the response ,,.


A:137GB out of a 200GB hard drive ?

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I had experience twice on lost partition for 200GB hardisk, previously was no problem, after restart the computer cannot find the D Drive (which 200GB located). I tried to view in the computer system disk information in Windows XP is writen as 100% free space and is wait to create new logical partition. Is the large capacity hardisk unstable?

A:Lost partition on 200GB Hardisk please help?

What operating system, service pack level, and mainboard? Does your board support 200 gigs?

How are your drives set up and partitioned? Does the partition appear at all in My Computer? How is it marked in Disk Management?

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I just bought a new computer. A-Bit Motherboard, AMD Athlon 2600, 200gb Western Digital Hard drive. I loaded Windows XP Pro without Service Pack1 and it won't detect the full drive capacity. I have installed a 200gb drive in a computer with Windows XP Pro with SP1 and it detected the full 200gb.
Is there any way to get it to detect without installing SP1?
I tried the promise card and same problem.

A:Western Digital 200gb only see 137gb

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I have an "old" Asus Cusl2-c MB with the latest Bios available from Asus. I put my brand new 200 GB WD drive in as a master on the Primary IDE bus and auto-detect it in the bios & it comes up as 8,455 MB. With my slightly older ABit MB, it at least comes up as 138GB, which I'd expect with the Asus. Is there any way around this - can I manually insert the HD parameters. If I have to get a PCI HD controller as suggested by WD, will the Read/write times be as fast as if directly connected. The board supports DMA mode5. Any Help highly welcome.

A:Asus MB Bios sees New 200GB WD HD as 8.4 GB

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Recently my very new SATA HD died for no known reason. It was the only hd in my new PC, Pentium 4 HT 3Ghz, MSI 865GM2 Mainboard Windows XP etc...it died in a wierd way...I turned of my PC (or so I thought!) and left the room...I come back 2 hours later and find that the PC is still on, navigated to my desktop...strange, but not terrible, right? Wrong...seeing as it was on, I thought what the hell, Ill open up some stuff and watch some anime...and no matter what I clicked, I kept getting a message "Windows cant find the neccessary program to open a .lnk file" Error. I shut down, hoping it would be fine on reboot...but I wasnt able to get past the BIOS screen when I turned it back on. I tried to run a recovery on XP system files, but the windows setup said it couldnt detect any hard drives installed?!

A friend of a friend had a look at it, and he was able to plug it in as an extra hard drive in one of his systems, and he found that he could see all my folders in the drive, but when he tried to open them, it said they were corrupted and unreadable. He also told me that my entire 200GB SATA hard drive was formatted in FAT32, which he said is not good for a large drive...he said it should be NTFS.

Does anyone have any idea as to what is wrong? It seems like a software/formatting problem to me, but it may be hardware...Is there anyone with any suggestions as to how to get my work files back? I would be extremely grateful...

PS YEs I know I should back up more often, b... Read more

A:SATA 200GB HD DIED after 6 months!!

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Just bought online and wondering if anyone has advice and/or hints on using it. Got a good price so found it hard to resist.

My next purchase is to replace my 15" Samsung 753df CRT with a 17" Samsung 713N LCD monitor, again on sale but not until next week.

Also thinking about replacing my LG DVD-R with a Samsung dual-layer DVD-RW (again I've found it at a bargain price) and wondered if the installation would follow the "connect it exactly the same way as the previous drive" rule? (After uninstalling the old drivers of course).

A:Maxtor 1-touch ll 200gb Ext. HD- advice?

Back-up is the main thing to use that har drive for.

As for the opticle drives, as long as you have the jumper settings set correctly, there should be no problem.

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My brand new seagate barracuda 200gb SATA hard drive is making quite a loud clicking sound. i am just wondering if it is my hard drive or weather they all do it. My old (very old) hard drive didnt make any noise compared to this.

A:seagate barracuda 200gb clicking

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i am about to purchase either a 200GB/7200 INTERNAL HARD DRIVE ---or---
a 512mb RAM MEMORY module (which would max my machine to 1024MB).

i can not afford both right now,just one or the other so i am looking to
make the best decision. Both are on sale at a store at about the same
price (200GB maxtor hard drive=$60.....512MB ram+$50.....after rebates)
my computer presently is:
40GB 5200 hard drive
512memory and 128 memory modules installed now
usually quite fast but sometimes it seems programs are
abit slow to start up
So i am asking,which of the two(200gb 7200 hard drive or 512ram)
would be the best choice ? or is it a toss up? i presently use about
75% of my present 40GB

thanks ahead of time

A:Should i buy 200GB HARD DRIVE or 512RAM ?

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