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how to disable the fade in and fade out feature when minimize, maximize, and create a new window? I missed the instant prompt feature in xp.

Q: how to disable the fade in and fade out feature when minimize, maximize, and create a new window? I missed the instant prompt feature in xp.

how to disable the fade in and fade out feature when minimize, maximize, and create a new window? I missed the instant prompt feature in xp. Although the hardwares that are qualified to run windows 7 provide enough power, it's still helpful to make the window changes instant without the special effects. can any one tell me a way to disable those special colorful features in windows 7? this also might interest the UMPC users due to the limited hardware resources.

Preferred Solution: how to disable the fade in and fade out feature when minimize, maximize, and create a new window? I missed the instant prompt feature in xp.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: how to disable the fade in and fade out feature when minimize, maximize, and create a new window? I missed the instant prompt feature in xp.

Control Panel > System > Advanced System Settings [sidebar] > Advanced [tab]Go to town and disable anything you'd like.

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The fade effect in the start menu and other places annoys me because it makes the computer feel slower than it is (the comp doesn't have any problems displaying the effects though) but when I disable the fade effects, I also lose the window animations, which I like.

Is there any way to only turn off the fade effects but keep the window animations?


A:Disable the fade effects but not the window animations?

Right click my computer/ properties/ adcanced tab/perfomance settings/

there you go man have fun

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I have one clip in the timeline.

I would like it to fade in from black and fade out from black.

I know I can split the clip and fade in the first half and fade out the second half but there is always a little 'skip' in audio where the split was made.

Any ideas?

A:Windows Live Movie Maker - Can I fade in AND fade out a single clip?

Perhaps you have to fade the audio clip separately?

Adjusting audio in Windows Movie Maker: frequently asked questions

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Where can I find FADE IN and FADE OUT functionality in Windows Media Player 10 and newer? Crossfade is easy to use, but that's something else than fade-in... Eny answers?

A:Fade in, fade out in Windows Media Player 11?

Fade in in music is when burning audio CD you give an option that songs do not start with their original volume but Player burns them so every song starts silentliy increasing volume and ends decreasing it. Enybody knows if Windows Media Player 11 enables it?

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Hey Guys,

I love Firefox and am now used to the new menus. However, what I hate is when you open up the Bookmarks Menu there is menu fade in, which consumes unnecessary resources. In Windows 7, I have the Menu Fade turned off. However, Firefox 29+ over-rides this setting.

Mozilla has had support tickets opened and closed on this issue. A tech has reopened this issue as of this writing. If you want the ability to turn off the Menu Fade, in future releases of Firefox, send Feedback by enabling the Help Menu. (Right-Click on Tab button. check Help Menu.) Than, "Submit Feedback." Fill out the form that says, "Firefox Made me Sad" and talk about the lack of the ability to turn the Menu Fade off.

Please note that although there are extensions and codes that can turn the menu fade on/off now, Mozilla does NOT recommend them because they say they may break other menus in the future. We should wait for an official software update version that allows Menu Fade to be turned off in Firefox.

I can't believe that people like having menus fade into view. Here is a link to the Support Ticket. Mozilla needs feedback, and needs to provide a setting that either turns off Menu Fade, or respects the current Windows Menu Fade Settings.

Support Ticket:



A:Firefox Needs A Way to Disable Menu Fade!

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It fades out on words, images and windows its so annoying

A:Is there a way to get rid of this window fade out for windows 7

i fixed it it was my connection to computer but thanks anyways

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I have recently installed winXP PRO on my computer and when I was installing it winXP asked me if I wanted to fade in and fade out, well I thought this would be cool and how I dont like it but I dont know how to turn it off. Can anybody help with with this.

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OS is actually Win7 starter on a netbook.

When an icon in the notification area wants to tell me something, it makes a pale yellow speech bubble thing.
The fade-in and fade-out effect is very distracting.

Can I disable it somehow?

Can I change the duration of these notifications?


A:Notification area pop up bubbles - disable fade effect?

Hello Silmeria,

I don't like the fade effect either. You can uncheck all fade options in the Visual Effects in the tutorial below, and click on OK to stop that.Visual Effects Settings - Change
The tutorial below can help show you how to set how long you want notifications to stay open for.Notifications - Change How Long to Stay Open
Hope this helps,

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 Hi, I am sure that the auto-maximize is useful but there are occasions when I want to push a window out of the way to the top of the screen. I use this so I can either keep it open and work on other windows or when I have a large spreadsheet and every pixel is needed. It would be useful to over-ride it by holding down a key(s) for those occasions. Narfle the Garthok!

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Hi everyone,

This is a strange question but after spending an hour trying to find an answer on the web, I figure I would try here. The snap feature that maximizes folders when you drag them off screen produces a really neat graphical effect that I would love to reproduce. The portion that is inside the black box (where the folder will be maximized to) has a transparent diagonal line effect that I would love to use for myself. An example is shown here http://www.home-pc-help.com/images/windows7desktop2.jpg. The random array of diagonal lines is what I am talking about.

Is there any way I can extract this from somewhere in the windows 7 files and apply it to my own background? Or maybe there is a place on the web where I can find something similar?

Thanks for reading!

A:Odd question - regarding the snap auto maximize feature

1. Clear your desktop of pesky icons (you can bring them back later)

2. Set your image that you want the effect to be on as your background

3. Move a window to auto snap

4. Hit the handy little keyboard button that says prtscrn

5. Paste into image editing software and save.

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hello folks - i have been coming to sevenforums for a long time now and appreciate all the help from people in the know (as in not me). well two hours or searching google and this site has yet to yield what i'm looking for - either that or i'm too tired from studying to realize.

when i used to press my MS mouse programmed to "instant viewer", it was like an expose feature. i broke that mouse and then got a logitech corded M500 and it had the same function in its options. i didn't like the scroll button so switched to logitech's LX8 wireless: it has a document flip option but that's the same as the winkey + alt feature (which i just don't like).

sooo, can anyone tell me how to get the same feature as instant viewer (or expose) without having to download a bunch of random programs? i can't remember the feature that was available with the M500 and not the LX8, so i apologize for that. i read about uberoptions but the website says its not quite compatible with setpoint 6.0 yet and i don't want to install something like switcher. i know i am being specific here but i just wanted to be able to see all windows and then chose one at the click of my mouse. its frustrating cause i had it perfect before i broke my mouse and then again with a mouse i didn't like.

i apologize if this is in the wrong forum - first time posting. i was going to post in the logitech forum but i think this community is much smarter and resourceful based on the hours of reading i have done.
... Read more

A:instant viewer feature for logitech

Hi, in order to enable instant viewer for non-Microsoft mice. You need to change your mouse driver. After installing the latest version of Intellipoint software: http://www.microsoft.com/hardware/downloads/default.mspx . Go to Start > All Programs > Microsoft Mouse > Hardware Tab > Properties > Change Settings > Driver > Update Driver > Browse My Computer...> Let Me Pick...> Uncheck show compatible hardware > Scroll down to Microsoft and select any driver that has Intellipoint in parentheses. Install the driver, then you may be prompted to reboot. As far as your computer is concerned you now have a Microsoft mouse.
*You may have two drivers installed, if so change them both.

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hi,i am not able to maximize or minimize several programs such as Google chrome , Firefox or my computer window,also can't close them using close button on top right corner rather i can close them by right click on task bar and choosing close window option.it is annoying as i can't properly use my pc, please help me as i don't have any great knowledge about computer.my pc details are below.

OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU 540 @ 3.07GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 37 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 1911 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics, 731 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 99990 MB, Free - 52525 MB; D: Total - 48801 MB, Free - 10342 MB; E: Total - 105242 MB, Free - 62078 MB; G: Total - 51099 MB, Free - 32656 MB;
Motherboard: MSI, H55M-P33(MS-7636)
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled

A:can't maximize or minimize window

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I wanted to disable the zoom out and zoom-in option in windows 10.
Is there anyone has an idea how to disable it. Is there any registry setting which helps to disable this feature?
I have tried below but didn't work:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Classes\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\AppContainer\Storage\microsoft.microsoftedge_8wekyb3d8bbwe\MicrosoftEdge\Zoom
and set the value to "1".
It would be great if someone helps me out.


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I'm running the HP My Display utility on Windows 10 x64 with multipl  27" HP 27VC monitors and am very pleased with the software and the hardware.  However, the My Display mini partitioning icon that appears on the titlebar of the active window and allows the window to be quickly moved to one of the diplays often covers the windows sizing controls on the upper right hand corner of the window.  See attached image showing the icon covering the controls which makes it difficult to access the window minimze and maximize buttons. Is there a way to control where the My Display icon appears on the window title bar?  I'd like to move it a bit to the left of it's current position. Thanks for your help.  

A:My Display partition icon covers minimize or maximize window...

I'm having the same problem.  

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I recently got a laptop that came with Win8.1, but I have upgraded to Win10.

I would like to disable the password protect feature or computer sign in. I would like to not have to sign in with a password (or pin) every time I turn it on. My desktop (Win7) doesn't require me to sign in. It just comes on. I can't seem to find a way to disable the password protect feature on my laptop. How can I do that?

I am on the Admin account for both computers.

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I am looking for a way to disable the CD Ripping feature in WMP. I have found the correct reg keys yet they are in HKCU and do not see a way to disable them without our users being able to enable them on there own.

Any suggestions are appreciated.


A:WMP - Disable CD Ripping Feature

Go into Services and disable 'IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service'. That might do it.

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I'm not sure if this is a Win10 problem or a Lenovo problem, but hoping Lenovo can do something about it:  I often connect my X1 Yoga 3rd gen via TB3 or USB-C dock, leave the lid closed, and wake it by pressing a key on the external keyboard. When I do this I get to a windows logon screen that says something like "to sign in, scan your finger on the fingerprint reader". This is pointless, because the fingerprint reader is not accessible. I think this happens every time the previous logon was via fingerprint. As a result I need to manually click another login option before I can enter e.g. my PIN. First-world problems, I know..  My question: is it possible to have Win10 always ask for PIN when I wake a closed X1 Yoga 3? Or alternatively, is there a way to prevent Win10 from switching to the "fingerprint version" of the login screen automatically, instead always staying on PIN? 

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Would anyone happen to know how to disable the auto complete feature in the windows 8.1 "start screen"(or whatever its called now) search bar preferable the inline auto complete as it is messing up my search results and it does not seem to be tied to the settings in the control panel that i can find. it seems to be creating a history and trying to intelligently fill results which is causing more of a problem then it is solving as many things have similar names. any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:How do i disable the auto complete feature win 8.1.

PC Settings►Search and apps►Search►Search history►Clear.

Search History in "Search Charm" - Delete in Windows 8

Attachment 43645

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I tried going to Control Panel, Human Interfaces; the screen is not listed.  Tried going to the Point and Touch settings , and there is no "disable" function to select.  

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Show Shadows under Windows option exist on Windows 7 but not in Windows Vista...
How can i disable Show Shadows under Windows in Windows Vista?

Please help me.

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I have unchecked the Enable Suggested Sites feature in Tools > Advanced > Browsing.
Yet, IE 10 keeps suggesting web sites to my while I'm typing web addresses into the address bar.
How can I reliably disable this behaviour? I don't want to feed search engine robots.

Vote here for a
Microsoft Connect feedback channel on Windows - and win a better Windows!
Vote here for a consistent
keyboard shortcut support in Visual Studio and other Microsoft products!

A:How can I disable Suggested Sites feature in IE 10?

How can search from the address bar be disabled?

In the Manage Add-ons Search Providers dialog you could disable Search Suggestions for your default search provider and optionally uncheck:  Search from the Address bar.   Related to this from the Options Contents tab you could
navigate to Autocomplete Settings and uncheck Use AutoComplete for Address bar.   I think it is probably Search Suggestions that is bothering you the most but you might not be liking the AutoComplete for Address bar feature too.  Otherwise
I think disabling Search from the Address bar means that you can't use the IE search feature at all, even trying an explicit question mark space (? ) prefix, which I think is more drastic than one might expect.  Disabling Search from the
Address bar also has the quirky effect of forcing the feature of allowing single-word Intranet names to be used without a protocol prefix, which is otherwise needed to bypass the user's default search provider when such connections are slow.

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HelloI was just browsing around this great metropolis of advice, guidelines, how to's & etc, when I came across the topic over at http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/31797/foistware/It was about how to protect yourself from Foistware & the likes.I then followed the instructions to disable the "Automatic Install Feature" in FireFox, but I could not locate a similiar page that was explained. I did notice that this was originally posted in 2005 and then edited in 2006.Could it be that FireFox has since updated and the feature no longer exists. Maybe because it is no longer necessary, or is it located elsewhere now.I don't know if the IE set of instructions are valid, since I don't use that browser.Thanks in advance for any info or reply.

A:Do I still need to Disable "Auto Install feature"

The Firefox automatic install feature is still there. Further in the thread the instructions are updated by tg1911 here: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/ind...st&p=663722I just checked and that is still valid for the current version of Firefox.

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I think it might be my solution to a BSOD issue

A:Can I disable the windows 8 mount feature?


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How I can disable new IE 11 Settings Protection feature in Windows 10?

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Show Shadows under Windows option exist on Windows 7 but not in Windows Vista...
How can i disable Show Shadows under Windows in Windows Vista?

Please help me.

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Every time I save a document, video, etc. it automatically places it in the Library.

Does MS think I'm so dumb I need this stuff saved in two different locations? Not to mention the space it eats/wastes.

I can I disable this feature?

A:Library feature....I hate it...how to disable?

It really doesn't store it in two places. The library just catalogs, in one place, files stored in, for example Documents and Public Documents. Or you can create you own
library entrys.

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I love to be able to disable and enable SSD or HDD storage from Bios. Why It is useful? 1) You can  enable one of available storage  as secure backup  target and disable it when backup is done. 2) You have option to disable some extra storage to save battery life and speed up boot time.3) You can disable  main OS storage ( let  say first SSD with Windows)  and install another OS at second  SSD without effecting  main storage. ( let say you can experiment installing  Linux or MacOS at another SSD without being worry about Windows at first SSD)4) You can clone First OS from first SSD into second  SSD. Then you can boot from second  SSD by  disabling first SSD and vise versa 5) You can disable broken SSD if it create issue with boot. I know @Amy response is, Think engineering  happily can add it if there are enough demand for it. So please vote on this feature request  if you think it is cool to be able to disable and enable storage from BIOS! Thanks!  

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I have an HP Notebook, 6500 series. I have looked everywhere to find out how to disable the virtual scrolling feature. It is driving me crazy. Any help would be so appreciated. Thank you !!!

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Drives me nuts when I'm trying to browse the internet...a bit of OCD I suppose. Is there anyway to disable it so the icons on the taskbar aren't lit up?


A:Possible to disable color hot track feature?

me too.

I am confuse which one is the active. If you click the active button it will switch to last windows. You will close the wrong windows.

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Hi and a very Happy New year to all the forum membersAs the subject says, this is a more easier and better way to make a new oem backup of windows 7. This method is very short and consile rather than using third party softwares to add apps and drivers to the windows image. This is also what actually lenovo and all the other laptop/computers manufacturers do before shipping/selling the laptop to the user. In this method, the system preparation tool is used which is found in this directory- C:\windows\system32\sysprep\sysprep.exe. This method is very easy and requires no professional experience. Now you have to follow the following stepsThe first step is optional for users as it is using the one key recovery engineering 7.0 to remove all the partitions and install a new one key reocvery partition. You have to use the option 1. This is optional as i said before.Now, it is time to install windows. After the installtion completes, open the sysprep tool from the directory given above.As you will open the tool, you will get this  Now open the lookup and select Enter system Audit mode.Your computer would reboot after few seconds. Now your laptop would boot to system audit mode. Windows will boot to a kind of master admin account- That administrator which is mentioned on the right click on an appliction or .exe file. Now it is the time to install all the Application, drivers and themes. These appliication would also get installed for the other users. Also, act... Read more

A:How to create new one key recovery feature with new oem like windows image v2

Hello Ishann, Thanks for the instructions. Do you know if these steps will work for Windows 8.1 on the new Y50?  Thanks,Josh 

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Hey all, I've been searching the Internet for some sort of work around for the last few days to Microsoft's removal of the autorun feature from removable media. I understand how this feature is no longer possible on HDDs etc but it still works for CDs, (CDFS format).
I have a flash drive that I have been able to create a CDFS partition on and the autorun feature works exactly how I want it too, which is just starting a batch file from on the drive. Basically now I want to get this feature running on an external HDD because it will save me a lot of headaches and running around when my clients come to use them.
Is anyone able to guide me to some sort of resolution to my issue? I know it's not going to be an easy fix, and I can't really install any 3rd party software or have scripts running on the clients computers.
Basically I just need to get autorun working on this HDD in a similar fashion to the flash drive I have. I have been unable to create a CDFS drive on the HDD like I did the flash drive, and I have tried burning an image of the Flash drive to a HDD but it doesn't copy the CDFS part of the flash drive. I have currently got a UDF partition on the HDD, and am wondering if it is possible to create an autorun to work off this?
If anyone wants to share ideas or have some sort of resolution it would be much apprecatied, I've tried to put in as much information I can about my issue and where I'm currently at with it.
Thanks in advance.

PS.... Read more

A:Create a autorun type feature on a USB external HDD

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I downloaded the iso image that is to be made in a bootable CD , but i want to burn it to a usb stick (i never got a working bootable CD in the past to work and i'd rather not waste 10+ cd's again).

I've tried every program i could find.

Either i get "disk error" when i boot from usb or just a pulsing _

I will link you to the application page and manual.

SimpleTech Legacy Downloads | Index files

A:How to create a bootable iso usb for Hitachi feature tool

Quote: Originally Posted by Tokennotfound

I've tried every program i could find


Exactly which tools did you try? Have you tried YUMI?


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Seems Windows 7 when I type in file names and it sometimes locks the first letter of a word to lower case and no matter what I do I cannot force it to change from lower case to upper case again. How do I disable this feature or can I?

example file name

Barneys Night out on the town.avi

"town" is lower case and I want it to be upper case and windows 7 prevents me to change it back.

I looked in some of the help files and cant find the right topic on this.

thank you for any help,


A:How do I disable a Windows 7 smart typing feature

Hello Dathry1, and welcome to Seven Forums.

This is because file name text is not case sensitive in Windows 7, so Windows 7 sees town.avi and Town.avi as being the same name capitalized or not. This is why it does not change when you rename it with the same letter.

As a workaround, rename the file to say town1.avi, then rename it again to Town.avi to have it capitalized.

Hope this helps,

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Hi all,

I just have one query in that I was wondering how you disable the very annoying feature of the drag handle that appears whenever you move the cursor to the top of the display whilst on the desktop?

A:How do I disable the 'Drag to Close' feature in Windows 8?

How To Turn off ?Drag To Close? For Modern day Apps Throughout Windows 8 | LazyHacks

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How the hell can I disable the smiley face thing from popping up? I have a user in the office who over-uses the hell out of it. I read the e-mail and it just takes on a totally different tone to me when I read it. I want to turn it off so it willl just show up as a plain text ": )"
That is almost as annoying but at least I won't see this thing!


A:Solved: Disable the smiley face feature?!?!

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I think i'm not that good with using computers, so can anyone show me how i can disable that auto install step by step please? Thanks =).

A:How do i disable the auto install feature on chrome?

Perhaps you mean "Google Updater". That is the program that automatically updates all Google programs.
You can uninstall it using the Add/Remove program in the Control Panel.

If that is not what you are asking help for, post back.

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I need to diagnose a hdd, which I can only hot-plugging in the sata port.

By default, when the hdd is hot-plugging, os will auto attempt recognize the device.

Now I would like to disable this feature, so windows won't perform the pnp when i plugging it in.

this hdd contains 2 partitions, 1 (drive E) should be in good condition, while the other (drive F) is probably gone.

the issue is when the hdd is hot-plugged in, it will hang many process attempt to read it, even shutdown is affected.

I need a way to manually enable the pnp, hopefully there is a fine grain option like to only attempt to read drive E/partition #1, and leave the other partition alone.

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I want to know if is there anyway to disable windows xp drivers autoinstallation (aka drivers resiliency) to let me uninstall all drivers (uninstalling the pci bus in safe mode) and avoid windows reinstall all of them when i reboot in normal mode.

If there an option in windows, or do i need to stop a service to doit?

If you know please tell me


A:Disable Windows Xp Drivers Resiliency Feature

I hope someone has an answer to this. Sometimes it's like Xp's "helpfulness" (plug n play) is maddening. Operating systems shouldn't have attitudes.

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How do you disable the "drag window up for full screen" feature in windows 7? Its more annoying then useful.

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I have access to the synapits and the mouse pad in the control panel. I'm afraid to disable it for fear of losing my mouse pad. I just want to get rid of the synapitic feature. Is there a way?

A:How to disable the synaptic feature without effecting the mouse pad

Hello posea. Welcome to the Forum.

I do not understand what you mean by "Synaptics Feature". Could you please describe the exact behavior/feature?

I bet you are talking about the "tap-to-click" feature which I personally hate with a passion. Is that the one?

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I own a C940 but this could prove useful to owners of other touchscreen devices as well.The screen bezel on my laptop is quite small, so just grabbing the laptop by a corner to move it or adjust the screen can trigger some touch action.I know there is a way to disable the touchscreen completely from Device Manager, but it would be a lot more useful to have a dedicated key (FN+T or similar) for this, that disables or re-enables it.

A:Feature request: hotkey to disable touchscreen

If you like and feel comfortable doing it, you can build a shortcut, yourself. Scroll down a bit on this page for a pretty good set of instructions:
I haven't done this for the touchscreen, but I have for other services. As always, back everything up, first, to be on the safe side. 

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I have an HP dv3 laptop with a synaptics touchpad. Swiping the left edge of the touch pad causes programs which have a zoom capability to zoom in and out. There is no documentation from HP or Synaptics or Microsoft that I have been able to find which even acknowledges that this feature even exists. I would like to turn the feature off because I keep activating it by accident, but I cannot find a setting anywhere. Perhaps there is a registry setting I can change?

A:Want to disable left edge zoom feature

Some additional information: the pointer becomes the crossed lines with arrows that I associate with Move during the swipe and then after the release the shrinking circle occurs as if I had pressed the CTRL key to locate the cursor. The advertised way of doing a zoom with the keypad is to hold the CTRL key and swipe the right edge.

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I like to create a system image on my external 1 TB HDD.
I am confused with all the information in the tutorials.
Should I first partition my HDD as not to fill up my external HDD and equally should I partition the external HDD to leave the extra space for other storage.
My local HDD is 918 GB, OS is 101 GB, recovery disc is 12.7 GB and the external HDD is 931 GB.
Or can I proceed with the system image with either the windows back up or the recommended Macrium program.

A:Use windows back-up feature or Macrium, create partitions first?

Are you going to store the image files on the external hard drive? If so, you do not need to make a separate partition on the external. The image file is just like any other file. You could make a folder called "images" and store your images in it.

Are your personal files (pictures, video, mp3s, Word documents, etc) in your C partition, along with Windows?

If possible, post a screen shot of Windows Disk Management.

If you have a "system reserved" partition, you will have to make an image file of it.

The more occupied space on C, the larger your image file will be. So it may be advantageous to you to try to reduce the occupied space on C, if you have space problems on the external drive. Some people prefer to store personal files on a separate partition because that reduces the size of C.

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Hey every one,

I stumbled across this by accident. I couldn't figure out how to re-create this so I went online to try and find a way to do it. Take a look at this:

Click here.

Is this a new feature in Window's Vista?


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Hello everyone. I just got a new laptop running Vista Home Premium x64, and it's my first experience with both Vista and an x64 OS.

I've changed the security settings in IE7 to a custom level, and now I get the notification bar saying "Your current security settings put your computer at risk. etc." I know this can be disabled via gpedit.mcs but of course Vista Home doesn't include that feature. So, a couple questions.

Nobody here seems to know much about getting GPedit to work in Vista Home, so I won't even touch that. However, I did see mention of the Microsoft speadsheet that lists all the various group policy settings and their corresponding registry entries. I found the "Disable Security Settings Check Feature" entry, but now I'm not sure what to do with it.

HKLM\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Security!DisableSecuritySettingsCheck
HKCU\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Security!DisableSecuritySettingsCheck

I can navigate to the Microsoft folder in regedit, but that's where the trail ends. Do I need to create a key or something? I don't have much experience with the registry, and I really want this notification bar gone. Help please?

cheers everyone!

A:Disable Security Settings Check Feature && GPEdit

Hello mousetopher. You probably allowed something in the security settings that you should have just set to prompt. Scripts, Activex, something that will tolerate nothing beyond prompt. Allowing anything unsigned more permissions then prompt will set off that warning. Reset them to default and then your security warnings should disappear.

Hope it helped. If not I probably read it wrong.

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Hello hopefully someone can help me figure out how to disable the pinch to zoom gesture on my windows 8.1 lenovo touch screen desktop. I haven't been able to find a option to do so with windows 8. In windows 7 i disabled the pinch zoom feature using flicks but there is no such option for windows 8.

A:How do i disable pinch zoom feature on win8 touchscreen PC

For me, on my ASUS laptop, its in the ASUS Smart Gesture Utility settings menu. I only have a touch pad though, no touch screen. Does your Lenovo have a similar utility?

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