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Running Xp on an external hard drive with Vista installed on internal drive.

Q: Running Xp on an external hard drive with Vista installed on internal drive.

Is it possible to have pre-installed vista on your internal drive then buy a new external drive, install XP on it and then boot that drive to use XP?

Preferred Solution: Running Xp on an external hard drive with Vista installed on internal drive.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Running Xp on an external hard drive with Vista installed on internal drive.

Yes this is possible as long as your BIOS supports booting from USB.

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i have a seagate 7200.8 250 Gbyte internal harddrive pluged into a RocketFish USB 2.0 Hard Drive enclosure. I'm Running Windows Vista Home Premium on my toshiba notebook and when ihook up the enclosure into my laptop it makes the noise that it finds the enclosure but nothing comes up in My Computer to get into the te hard drive. the hard drive was bought new and first put into a desktop with Windows XP, but itook the hard drive to BestBuy and when they pluged it into there computer there running Vista it worked fine. it wont work on mine can anybody tell me what might be the problem???

A:External, internal hard drive wont work on Vista

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I see it can be done from an installed to an external, but can it be done in reverse, taking the external cased hard drive and cloning it to an internal? The old hard drive is from an xp laptop, and I can aquire another xp laptop if I can clone this way. Perhaps if I set the enclosure hard drive as master? All ideas are greatly appreciated. Many thanks

A:Clone a laptop hard drive from an external case to an internal hard drive

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I have a 2TB Western Digital My Book Essentials, it's filled with tons of old photos, movies, docs, games, and I'm scared to think of what else. The SATA to USB connector broke on it, so I took the drive apart and put it inside my computer. I opened up device manager because it wasn't showing up automatically and the 2TB is showing up as unallocated, I'm freaking out now because I'm scared the data was somehow deleted.

What do I do?

edit: I realize also this isn't directly related to Windows 8 (besides the fact it's the OS I'm on), but I don't know where else to post it. I'd also like to say that I had a really deep feeling the drive was going to break continually for about two weeks before it happened, so if you have a similar feeling about something, don't ignore it!

A:External hard drive shell broke, salvaged internal drive

As long as your hard disk is still spinning & recognized by Windows, the data in your hard disk is still there, just the File Allocation Table got corrupted, You'll have a good chance to recover your data. What you need is a data recovery program, I use this program in the past:

Data Recovery Software Products - Runtime Software Products

In the mean time, leave this hard disk alone, do not initialize or format it when Windows offers to do so.

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I recently formatted my c drive and now i am reinstalling all the software. I keep all the setups of software in my external hard drive. For installing the software I coy the setup folder of the required software on my laptop, then install it.

Is straightaway installing the software by accessing the external hard drive okay? Does it make any difference in the installation time or any reduction in life of hard disk performance.

Or should I always install through my laptop hard drive?

I am running windows 8.1 pro

A:installation software from external hard drive or internal hard drive

Your method is as good as any. If it works, keep doing it.

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I earlier posted about the Aspire AST690-UP925A having 250GB hard drive. I since then contacted Aspire chat support. Apparently, not being tech savy we didn't realize 250 gb hard drive only 112 c drive is able to be used, the d data drive holds the programs to run the computer.

I didn't mean can I use the external hard drive internally. I meant, if I hook it up externally would it work in place of the internal hard drive that is nearly full except for around 10 GB?

So, unfortunately the computer isn't as big as you believe. But...I wanted to know if I purchase (I was looking at western digital elements 2TB external hard drive). Can we use it for this computer. It will not run itunes or anything like that, but we can obviously go online.

My brother wants to buy a new computer, but I know that is probably not the way to go. Should we get an internal hard drive installed and other memory or something or can we use the external hard drive?

I would appreciate any informed help on this since we do not no technical info on computers. Can't really afford to buy another computer right now.

Thanks in advance

A:Can external hard drive be used for full internal hard drive?

If you want to take out the drive from external hard drive case and install it in your desktop/laptop, then usually you can. Usually external hard drives are just ordinary hard drives accompanied by some extra controller to make it able to "talk" via general ports (e.g. USB). However I am not familiar with digital elements 2TB , so I can not confirm it. But I do have WD external drive, which I had positively confirm that its real drive is just ordinary hard drive.

Note that if you decide to do this, I suggest to find experience people to work on extracting the drive. If you do it yourself you will risk to damage it, and you don't want that since usually opening the closure means voiding the warranty.

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Hi, for nearly a year now I've been using a Buffalo 500GB external hard drive.
Just yesterday though, after unplugging it from my PC, using it on another Windows 7 machine and then attempting to reconnect it the my PC, it began to show up on My Computer as a Local Disk rather than an external. In addition, when I try to access it, it gives me this message: E:\ is not accessible. The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable. My question is, is there any way to return the drive to it's original state or recover the data inside? The data is of extreme importance.
Thanks for any help.

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Hi guys,

I'm new on any sort of forums so go easy if it's a stupid question..but here goes.

Me and my brother built me a new computer from scratch (he did the building - i did the watching).

To cut a long story short - I purchased an internal hard drive from Overclockers UK. It's a Samsung 1TB drive. I also have a 64 Solid-state drive in there as my primary hard drive that Windows was installed on and a couple of programs are installed on. My storage disk (the 1TB disk) is for all my music/films etc. Whenever I drag and drop a file into the Samsung hard-drive - it copies it rather than moves it instantly.

When I had a laptop, I had 3 external hard drives and this is the way it copied files onto them.

Does anyone know how I can get the internal drive to stop acting like an external drive?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Internal Hard Drive acting like an External Hard Drive

This is the way it works. I have an 80GB SSD and an internal HDD and the same happens if the file/folder is large enough. If you just copy a few MBs, you will not see the window with the green stripe running. But if e.g. you copy 500MBs, you will see it. It physically moves the data. That is different if you copy on the same volume from one folder to another. Then it only makes an entry in the MFT.

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I had been using my Hitachi 320g external HD for 2yrs.It had not problem until yesterday I transfering some files from my Drive C to Hitachi HD when the computer hang.I unpluged the external HD and restart PC.When I pluged in the external HD again it was recognised as interrnal HD.I've problem accessing the files.The PC detected it was FAT32 since my system was NTFS and asked me to reformat my external HD.I tried connect to other PC but no different.

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I have an internal hard disk not in use ,and I would like to make it as external disk !
I looked on the net and I found I should have the " encelsure " butt I think I wont find it here in my city .
So is there another way ? like usb -esata cable ?

A:how to make your internal hard drive into and external hard drive ?

Firstly, where are you based (Which country)? I would get the part of the internet, I trust we are talking about a 3.5" drive? Do you have an esata port on your pc? I would get something similar to this, I think: Play.com - Buy CiT 35M17SEF 3.5 inch SATA / USB / Firewire / eSATA External Hard Drive Enclosure online at Play.com and read reviews. Free delivery to UK and Europe!

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I am unsure about what happens after you convert your internal hard drive to an external hard drive... Let's say the internal HDD was your only laptop HDD and you replaced it with a SSD. If you convert your old internal HDD to an external HDD, what would happen when you open it up on your newly installed OS (on the SSD)?

I am trying to download a new OS but us my old internal HDD as an external drive just to access specific files. However, I don't want any other data/programs/settings/etc. downloaded onto my new SSD. Do I need to delete my old OS when I convert my old internal HDD into an external HDD or does the OS simply get "reduced" to a bunch of files that I will see on my newly installed OS?

If anyone is able to clarify these questions that would be fantastic!

A:What happens after you convert your internal hard drive to an external hard drive?

does the OS simply get "reduced" to a bunch of files that I will see on my newly installed OS?Click to expand...

it will just be seen as a data drive and you would need to goto the directory for your data
it wont run as an OS at all

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I have a kaser 500GB external hard drive, i belive the enclosure is messed up because the transfer speed is only usb 1.1 speed and i've tried everything possable to change it. I was wondering if i could remove the case and just use the IDE drive as an internal drive? I want to try this first and if its not possible than i'll buy an enclosure.

A:External hard drive to internal IDE drive

Go ahead and do this... Make sure you pay attention to master/slave settings if IDE or the SATA connections if the drive is Serial ATA

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I have a new Dell XPS420 quad core processor running Windows Vista Premium Home edition. I have my old hard drive in an external case and at times when I try to open files on the external hard drive I am not able to. It says I do not have permission. I have read articles on how to gain permission and at times I am successful, but it is a real pain to do that each time! I tried turning off User Account Control on the new desktop and then tried to access the external hard drive files, but I still received the same message, that I do not have control and it was denied.

Is there any way to gain permanent control over that external hard drive? I was the only user of that that was housed on my Compaq Presario 5430US that ran Windows XP Home edition.

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I want to increase my storage space and I was thinking of going for either an internal or external hard drive. I was thinking of getting 250GB for my desktop, but i've noticed you can get 500GB or 1TB or a few bucks more, so might as well get a bigger one? But then comes the question as to how long these would last? Is it a one time investment or 3 years down the lane it would stop working?

Also, I'm not sure how the Ext HD works. For example, can I install a PC game on the Ext Hard drive and then play it from there? Or that will not work? I know I can download stuff to it, but can I actually use the Ext HD to run programs, like DVDs, music or most importantly video games.

The one i'm interested in transfers data at about 400MBps through the USB @ 7200 RPM. Not sure i that makes a difference....

Would really appreciate your help here!



A:Internal vs External Hard Drive.

Hi there,

Well from my own personal experience I've found my internal hard drive to be much more reliable than the external, although I did carry the external hard drive around a lot so it might have become a bit battered etc. lol.

Anyway, I very much doubt you'll be able to play something like a game although you wouldn't have any problems using video files from the external hard drive. The main problem you'll have with games is that because of the amount of information having to be accessed and because you'll most likely be connecting the external drive to a USB port or at best, a FireWire port, you'll notice performance issues and the hard drive just won't be able to keep up with your computer's requests because of the slow transfer rate.



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Is there anyway to make an internal hard drive an external USB one?

A:External & Internal Hard Drive

Yup just buy an external hard drive enclosure. Drive mounts in the enclosure that provides power and usually has a fan built in. Something like this. Lots to choose from. Just get the ones for USB input. Enclosure has its own power supply and plugs into 115 VAC or whatever the normal power is.


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I recently replaced my internal hard drive on my laptop. Is there any way that I can see what is on my old hard drive or use my old hard drive as an external one instead of an internal one? Can I purchase an external hard drive case and do it that way?

A:Internal to External Hard drive??

Yes, all you need is a 2.5" external USB case.

Quite cheap and very useful.

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My brother has PC with with a couple 2-3 hundred gigs. He is already running out of space on his computer, as he is a gamer, but only has two games. I've tried to delete a bunch of unneeded files, but that didn't work. Our dad then got him an one terabyte external hard drive. At this moment, I'm trying to figure out how to use it to get more space on his computer. This is my first time on this site after I looked through the interwebs to find nothing of use. Is there a way to make an external hard drive look external to the computer (run with male USB) or at least use it for extra space?

A:Using external Hard drive as internal

Not sure what you mean by your question. But when you plug in any external drive, Windows will recognize it as a hard drive and assign a drive letter to it. You can then use it like any normal internal drive.

Where things get dicey is if you intend to install programs or have programs point to this drive for basic execution. You can run into a situation where if you use different external drives that there will be a "pointer" issue. But if this is the only external drive you'll use, then it shouldn't present a problem.

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I just installed a new internal hard drive (SATA). I want to use this drive only for storage (not boot-up).

When I try to access it via "My Computer" the drive is not shown. When I try to find it in "Device Manager" it is not shown. When I try to set it up in the BIOS, that field is "read only"... I cannot highlight it to change it.

I have made sure all cables are secure. I even swapped the power source of my existing hard drive with the new hard drive to ensure power is OK.

How do I set up this hard drive?

My PC is a Dell Inspiron 531S, running Windows Vista Home Edition 32bit.

Ideas? Thanks.

A:Newly Installed Internal Hard Drive Not Visible

Hello Tiz, and welcome to Vista Forums.

Open Disk Management (diskmgmt.msc), and double check to make sure that the new drive is "initialized" (online) (right click it's Disk # to do so) and formatted with a drive letter. (step two section here)

Hope this helps,

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Hard Drive is not showing up. BIOS says it is not installed. We have checked the cables and plugged it into multiple ports. Hard drive is good.  We can plug it into another computer and it is recognized. We put in a Windows 7 image on a thumbdrive.  Can get to command prompt.  Downloaded the driver for the hard drive and tried to install. Gives an error message.  Ideas?

A:Internal Hard Drive is no longer recognized as installed

Have done these steps On the Main tab, make sure the new drive shows up under its proper location (1st or 2nd drive or First or Second Channel Device). If not, exit BIOS, turn off the computer, open the case and make sure the IDE and power cables are firmly and correctly connected. Once the settings are confirmed, close the case and repeat step 1.If you are installing a hard drive that already contains data you are done with installation. Restart the computer to begin using it.The hard  drive is sitll not showing up

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So here's what happened. I've decided to make my 1TB WD external HDD to an internal one, I connected it internally using SATA, booted up Windows, and found it wasn't displayed in my computer.

I tried to assign a drive letter and initialize it, make it active but it stays at a RAW format.

Tried partition recovery wizard but I'm not sure what to recover. When I double click the first in the list, it doesn't bring up anything. I can only double click with the ones with label - see screenshots.

No, I haven't click format the drive yet.

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I am new to this site so forgive me for not searching for my answer before posing the problem.

A month ago my five year old Dell running ceased Windows XP SP3 ceased booting. I ended up buying a new machine, Dell running Windows 7. Since the old machine will not boot, I have connected the old hard drive to the new machine because I need many of the files saved there. The problem seems to be entering the hard drive with access as if it were the primary source (Windows XP login and administrator PW). The new machine does recognize the drive and all the files however due to "security restrictions" I can not even view a photo from the old drive.

Is there a way I can access the old drive's files? Ideally, I would like to even to be able to access my email accounts from the old drive so I can transfer files which had been "saved to this machine" so I can transfer them to the server and in turn save them to the new machine.

I am not sure if it is possible but if I were able to create a back door remote access (without being able to initiate it from the old computer) I think I may be able to get what I need and want - like my iTunes, photos, etc...

Any help will be much appreciated, thanks

A:Accessing an internal hard drive as if it is external.

You simply need to take ownership of the files, see here: http://www.blogsdna.com/2159/how-to...sions-to-access-files-folder-in-windows-7.htm

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So here's what happened. I've decided to make my 1TB WD external HDD to an internal one, I connected it internally using SATA, booted up Windows, and found it wasn't displayed in my computer.

I tried to assign a drive letter and initialize it, make it active but it stays at a RAW format.

Tried partition recovery wizard but I'm not sure what to recover. When I double click the first in the list, it doesn't bring up anything. I can only double click with the ones with label - see screenshots.

No, I haven't click format the drive yet.

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I have been wanting to get an external hard drive to back up data for both my desktop and my wife's laptop, but they're just so doggone expensive. A friend told me that I can buy an internal hard drive with some sort of a case, get a PCI card with an external SATA hookup, and I'm good. I figure this would be cheaper (and a smaller profile to boot). I've already got Acronis True Image so I don't need any backup software. What do I need to look for when I'm shopping for stuff? I'm looking for at least 300 GB

A:Can I make an INTERNAL hard drive EXTERNAL?

Yeah just buy an external HD enclosure and bingo instant portable HD. Most of them use PATA IDE HDs and USB to connect to a PC.

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Hello. Newb here. I recently took out the hard drive on my old computer and made it into an external hard drive after purchasing an enclosure for it. Plugging it in, I quicky found that I am unable to find files such as pictures, music, and videos.


1. Does anyone know why this would be?
2. If I reconnect HD to old computer, is it safe to assume that files will reappear?

Thank you in advance for any feedback.

A:Internal to external hard drive issue(s)

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So here's what happened. I've decided to make my 1TB WD external HDD to aninternal one, I connected it internally using SATA, booted up Windows, and found it wasn't displayed in my computer.

I tried to assign a drive letter and initialize it, make it active but it stays at a RAW format.

Tried partition recovery wizard but I'm not sure what to recover. When I double click the first in the list, it doesn't bring up anything. I can only double click with the ones with label - see screenshots.

No, I haven't click format the drive yet.

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How can i use my old internal Pc hard drive as an external usb
storage device

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I successfully installed a new Western Digital hard drive into my Dell Dimension 8100, which is running Win2k. It appeared to install fine, and the WD software detected it, formatted partitioned, etc. all just fine.

But now my sound doesn't work. I find this very strange. I'm no expert; this HD installation was the most significant thing I've done myself inside my PC box. I know the speakers work fine because I ran some music through them just fine.

I went to the BIOS on first startup after installing the HD and changed a setting for what looked like the hd, something like 'Primary drive 1'. I figured if that was wrong I would've had bigger problems with the hd. Could that have messed up the sound card somehow? I'm 99% certain I didn't change anything else there.

I took a quick look inside the box to see if maybe I bumped the sound card, or accidentally disconnected a cable, but all appears fine. I also checked the Device Manager and it says it is working fine. It's a Creative Audio PCI card. The Windows troubleshooter suggested trying it in a different slot. I think I have one available, so I'll try that.

Apart from that, or if that doesn't work, any ideas where to start testing?


A:Installed new internal hard drive, now sound doesn't work?!?!

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I have a hard drive enclosure that was made by Sabrent that is currently not in use. I purchased it earlier this year from Amazon.com (See http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001PHLMAE/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 [Date accessed: 03-14-2015 @ 7:36 PM]). I have a 4TB SATA Internal Hard drive that is currently not in use. I purchased it earlier this year from Amazon.com (See http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00LO3KMK0 [Date accessed: 03-14-2015 @ 7:38 PM]). My question to you is will this SATA Hard Drive, inside the hard drive enclosure, work with my Windows XP Operating system. I also have a 2 TB Hard Driving made by Western Digital somewhere in my house.

Please keep in mind that my motherboard model number is NF4UL-A9. I purchased it from this website earlier this year:

Biostar NF4UL-A9 Socket 939, AMD Motherboard
(Date accessed: 01-27-2015 @ 11:52 AM)
(Search engine used: Ebay.com)

The motherboard above was made on or around 2004. I have 4GB (however, it only shows 3.2 GB because it is 32-bit) of RAM installed on that motherboard.

In general, I have two computers. I have the NF4UL-A9 desktop. In addition, I have a HP Pavillion Laptop (Model Number dv7-6b32us) that I purchased in December 2011. It has Windows 7 Ultimate Operating System.

A:Will a 4 TB Internal/External hard Drive work with Windows XP?

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I don't know if I'm going crazy or something, this is not the first time happened to me. For transferring large amount of data from a desktop to a laptop. (80GB - 100GB). I would usually pulled out the internal 2.5 HDD thru USB to the desktop and transfer the files directly. This is like the third times happening. I created a backup folder on the root of the external HDD and copied the files over. I took about an hour to do it. I didn't get an error messages of any kind for the whole process and safely removed the HDD after. As soon as I connected the HDD back to the laptop internally. All the files just disappeared. It happened twice on a Windows 8 HDD, and today I was a Windows 7 HDD. Anyone has the same experience, or have I gone cuckoo.

A:Missing files from external (internal) Hard Drive

Can you elaborate please? The partition and folder is there but files missing, or no partition either?

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I've got an internal 200gb seagate hard drive that i'm putting into an enclosure and running it via usb. what location do I need to have that little jumper in if this is how you are looking at the drive if I just want to use it as extra storage? :

::::::::::::::::::: :::: ****

it is currently in the second position-> ::::

edit: do i need to format the drive, first?

A:Internal Hard Drive in External Enclosure Problems

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Hi all,

I have a simple question, and first off a disclosure, I haven't done any system imaging before.

If my purpose is to clone an internal HDD (Fujitsu 120 GB with about 80 GB used) on an old Compaq laptop to an external hard drive (WD Scorpio Black 320 GB), so that I can actually SWAP them when the need arises (ie. install the WD in the laptop), should I expect:
a) an exact copy of the internal drive, including OS, programs, data AND boot files?
b) the above to be done with either Acronis, as provided by WD, or Macrium Reflect?

Also, since I have extra space on the WD drive, should I use it as a plain back up of data as well on a separate partition, or restoring an image works best on one simple partition?

Now, here's the kicker, I read on this and other forums about perfect Image Creations, but definitely not perfect Image Recoveries! Is there a way to test it? Testing it, as in disabling the internal hard drive (thru BIOS?) and starting Windows from the external drive, is that possible? I think not

Thank you.

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Hello all. I need some more space and I have a extra 1tb external hd. I want to turn my usb 3.0 external into a sata internal. Will this be the same performance as a regular internal drive with same specs(like if both are 7200rpm). Isn't it the same thing? Or external not made to be as good as internal drives?

A:External Usb 3.0 hard drive used as internal affect performance?

A hard drive will only run at a certain speed.

An external drive is used for storage, no reason for it to be super speedy.

If you want to take apart a perfectly good working external drive to gain a millisecond or 2 of speed, that is your choice.

USB 3.0 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Difference between SATA I, SATA II and SATA III

Need more space, just buy another hard drive for the pc.

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My sister's hard drive was going out, so i decided to buy her a new one. I also got an external enclosure to put the old one it. I installed the new one, and got windows to starting up, then I left. Well, she is now saying the 2.5" external enclosure will not fit her hard drive.

The hard drive in the enclosure is a hitachi 60gig, not sure of the model number. The hard drive in the computer is a 250gig that i bought from circuit city, where the enclosure is from also.

Are there special connections for this? It doesn't make sense that it would take a normal drive to replace the old one, but not be able to use a normal enclosure.

A:Toshiba Laptop internal hard drive being used as an external

Did you buy the correct enclosure to fit the drive?
Pata or Sata?

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Hi all,

Basic summary - I put together a home theater PC (HTPC) a few months ago, the internal hard drive started out ok, then started clicking with long load times, now the PC will only turn on (no image to monitor) and loud hard drive clicking. However, when I moved hard drive to external enclosure, hard drive clicked for 15 minutes, and is now silent. What's going on?

Sys Info for Helpful Laptop - (running Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit) (note - this is for the laptop I'm connecting the external hard drive via USB to, NOT the PC that the hard drive was in)
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium , Service Pack 1, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU P8600 @ 2.40GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3002 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3400 Series , 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 141124 MB, Free - 22170 MB; F: Total - 715301 MB, Free - 537492 MB; G: Total - 99 MB, Free - 71 MB; Q: Total - 9999 MB, Free - 3228 MB; S: Total - 1499 MB, Free - 616 MB;
Motherboard: LENOVO, 2764CTO, Not Available, VF29T9693B3
Antivirus: AntiVir Desktop, Updated and Enabled

Sys Info for Problematic Desktop (running Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit)
Antec MicroFusion Remote 350 Micro ATX Media Center / HTPC Case
ASUS M4A78L-M AM3/AM2+/AM2 AMD 760G HDMI Micro ATX AMD Motherboard
Athlon II X2 240 AM3 2.8GHZ 2MB 45NM 65W 4000MHZ Pib
Sapphire Radeon HD 5570 - 1 GB DDR3 HDMI/DVI-I/VGA PCI-Expre... Read more

A:Seagate internal hard drive clicks when in PC, but not when in external enclosure?

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I have been looking for a 2TB portable external hard drive with USB 3.0 or equivalent. I'm now thinking seriously about getting a WD:

I'm hearing on other threads that external drives are not built for continuous use (cooling has been mentioned as an issue) and that one needs to go the more expensive route of an internal hard drive in a separately purchased enclosure.

I would prefer having a secondary hard drive running concurrently with my computer. I know cooling devices are available for the internal HDD + enclosure combinations. Are they available for external hard drives?

I intend to have online backup to supplement hardware backup.

Comments on this dispute?

Present :Windows XP
Home Edition
Version 2002
Service Pack 3

Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.66GHz
x86 Family 15 Model 2 Stepping 9
2.05 GB of RAM
Graphics Card: Intel(R) 82845G/GL/GE/PE/GV
Graphics Controller, 64 Mb
Hard Drive Size 114.4GB
Free Space 37.2 GB
Motherboard: Dell Computer Corp., 0G1548
Antivirus : avast!

Intending to move as soon as I find one to a new laptop with state of the art home user processing, at least 1 TB hard drive, and at least 8 GB RAM.

A:Your view on backup with external hard drive vs. internal HDD in an enclosure?

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Okay I built a new PC and I know The PC hard drive is most likely infected, and I want to get the data from its internal Drive D: moved to my new built PC. I also have a USB 2.0 External Enclosure with a seagate drive in it that has Microsoft XP on it as well I want to use as well. that particular drive. It was being used on old PC as well so it might have bugs.
I have had Malware bytes and Nortons for over 8 years installed on my pcs. (Yes I hold a Lifetime Malware-bytes subscription) and I need to keep the hidden pesky bug where its at. I just need the Data on D and to be able to use the External drive again. I don't want to hook them up and get a virus. Since the D drive is a Western digital Veloci Raptor Drive I wont fit in the Enclosure I got, so it will have to be hooked into the new PC SATA port and powered up for a short time. to move the 200GB of Data to a Brand New 500GB Samsung 850. Just need to make sure no bugs come along for the ride. (Teenage Son has been using it) He gets to keep have it after I'm done pulling data. 
New PC Build 
Asus Sabertooth 990fx R2.0 
8350 FX970 EvGa16GB/ 2 x 500GB SATA 850 SamsungCOSMOS II Cooler Master
 If I need to provide any more information please let me know, and thank you in advance. 

A:Need Help Preventing External and Internal Hard Drive Infecting New Build PC

to the Bleeping Computer Am I Infected? - What Do I Do? Forum. My name is Phil, and if you would permit, since we will be working together, I would like to address you by your first name, if that is alright with you.
I am sorry to hear of the issues you are having with your computer.  Let's see if I understand the issue that you seeking to resolve.  You have a new computer and an old computer.  You old computer has an external D: drive, which is a WD Velociraptor, and which you believe to be infected.  Why do you believe it is infected?
The external drive has 200 GB of data files that you want to transfer to the new computer?
You have some options, if the above is correct:
1. we try to clean up the external (and internal) drives of your old computer before you attempt the data transfer.
2. you could make a backup of your data files on your old computer and simply restore the data files to the new computer using a "clean" external drive, if you are sure that the data files themselves are not infected.
If you want to try option 1, then follow the instructions below, but only if I have understood the problem correctly.  If I am mistaken in my interpretation of your problem, please post back and provide precise details of the problem and where my interpretation is mistaken and wait for further instructions from me.
Assuming I have understood the problem correctly and you want to try option 1... Read more

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My laptop just recently had the mobo fried, and I managed to salvage the hard drive. I bought an external enclosure and plugged it into another laptop to get the information I wanted off of it (music, etc). However, access is restricted to the hard drive. How can I access it?

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I am trying to back up my hard drive to an external hard drive. I have a 4GB file on the internal hard drive which I am trying to move to the external hard drive. I have 227GB free on the external yet everytime i try to copy the file i get a message saying "cannot copy there is not enough free disk space delete one or more files to free disk space, and then try again. " it also gives me the option to do disk clean up. By doing this is shows to checkboxes one for recycle bin one for catalog files for the content indexer both are okb in size.

Can anybody tell me why I cant copy the file over when I have more then enough room?

A:Solved: copying from internal to external hard drive says not enough room when there is

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I have a very straightforward question: I am running WinXP Pro on my computer and I just got an external USB hard-drive to back up my data before I upgrade to VISTA.

My internal hard drive is NTFS file system, and the external drive is FAT32. My data backed-up perfectly.

However, I understand that VISTA is NTFS only (for the drive that it's installed on, which in my case will be the internal drive). I will be installing the VISTA OS on the internal drive, and using the external drive solely for backing up data.

I don't want to back up my data externally, upgrade my PC to VISTA, and then discover that I can't access the data on the external drive.

Here's my only question: will VISTA work with a FAT32 external drive, or do I have to convert that external drive to NTFS *before* I attempt to connect it to VISTA?

awaiting your replies - I'll appreciate all the help I can get!

A:will VISTA read a FAT32 external hard drive,or do I have to format the drive to NTFS?

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I am having a problem with unwanted installations to external hard drive when it seems i have no control over where program or microsoft updates install. actually the worst problem was when windows live updates and installations went to external. i did not discover this until recently and this explained why i have had to reinstall vista several times. i can always unplug the external if necessary but i would rather not. i asked western digital why this happens and they told me that since my internal hard drive is smaller than external that vista seems to not have solved this installation glitch yet. i prefer to use my external as storage for files and backups etc. does anyone know how to make my system recognize main drive as the smaller one. i hope this is clear enough to merit an answer. i have already suffered through a 3 day phone help with tech finally telling me to reinstall vista, which i did and it solved several other problems but not the int/ext installation issues.
thank you

A:programs and updates install to external hard drive instead of internal sata

I would recommend backing up your data to the external drive. Shutting down. Unplugging the external drive. Reinstalling Vista on a clean setup. Boot up with the DVD and remove the partitions from your internal drive. Shutting down. Turn on and install starting fresh.

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When I try to install a software from an external hard drive I can't. But when I copy that file onto desktop I can.

How to fix that?

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Hi all,
I am attempting to install Win7 in an Inspiron 1545 with a new SATA hard drive that was purchased. When i insert the drive, I get "Internal Hard Disk Drive Not Found." I have verified the drive is not showing in the BIOS, I've already attempted to reseat the drive several times. In addition, I've attempted to load the chipset drivers, SATA drivers, etc from Dells website, the drive still does not show in the OS install when booting to DVD or in bios.
I dont believe it to be an issue with the new drive, as I plugged the new drive into another model Dell laptop and it recognizes the drive fine in BIOS, also I can still boot to the previous hard drive in this laptop without issue when i plug it back in.
Is there a specific driver, etc that I need to use for the drive to be recognized or other thoughts people have?

A:Inspiron 1545- replacing hard drive, new SATA drive not found "Internal Hard Disk Drive Not Found

This is strange - either the new hard drive has a rare compatibility issue with your onboard controller (I use a 500Gbyte in my 1545 without probs)) or it is a mechanical problem.I would take a close look at the physical dimensions and compare your original hdd with the new one.Watch the video (even though it's about a 1525 (similar to an 1545) and an SSD hdd) -  go to 2:20

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I just bought a 160 GB hard drive for my Dell INspiron 700m, I really need the space for all of my music and multimedia.

THe problem is I did not know DELL did not give me any type of restore disks, Nor did they leave a program on my dell to create such disks.

I know I can get like 1000 different drivers off their website, but I really have no clue how to get this hard drive up and running.

I do have an external hard drive, that has 160 GB capacity.

I really need someone who can explain to me in detail how to fix this. Obvoiusly I am not very computer savvy when it comes to loading drivers and stuff onto a new hard drive. I always had the CD's for it. I really don't understand how im suppose to get windows XP onto that new hard drive, unless there is someway I can just copy my current hard drive onto the new one. Please help, I hope i didn't waste 120 bucks on a hard drive I cannot use.

thanks. My Email is [email protected], if anyone would like to contact me that knows what I should do.


A:New Hard Drive Installed, how do i get it running?

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Can you backup installed applications to an external hard drive, then restore them to another Computer without Reinstalling them? For example, My computer Windows 7 Home Premium has many softwares, applications, programs, utilities, etc.. That i purchased and dont want to Reinstall them on new computer. Is it possible for them to work without Re-entry keys? Any help I will appreciate

A:Can you backup installed applications to an external hard drive, then

No you can not, in most cases. During the install of almost all programs they write files to parts of the User folders and to the Windows system folders along with placing entries into the registry. Without those files in there proper place and the registry entries the program will not run.

There are some programs that you can do that with but not many.

You will have to Reinstall all your programs on a New computer.

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I have a 120gb external HDD, I've connected it to my laptop and it has been used before but it is not showing up in My Computer. It is recognised by the computer and installs correctly and is visible on device manager and disk management, I've tried reformatting and this doesn't come up where it is supposed to. Is there a problem with the HDD or my computer? or is it something ridiculously simple. I'm running 32 bit Windows 7 Ultimate. Any help would be brilliant

A:External Hard Drive installed but not showing up on My Computer

Welcome BmBranch

In Disk Management, does it show that it has been assigned a drive letter. Can you right click on it & open it, & browse the HD to see what is on it ?

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