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Sound comes out of both my Headphones and the Laptop Speaker...

Q: Sound comes out of both my Headphones and the Laptop Speaker...

After updating to Windows 10, my sound didn't work at all so I updated my audio driver to the newest one on HP's website for my specific laptop model. Now, sound comes out of both my headphones and the speakers. Can someone help?

Preferred Solution: Sound comes out of both my Headphones and the Laptop Speaker...

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Sound comes out of both my Headphones and the Laptop Speaker...

I understand there is sound coming from both the speakers and headphones. To resolve the issue, please try these basic steps:-Go into Control Panel by pressing 'Windows key' + 'R' key on the keyboard.-Now on the 'Run' dialogue box, type in 'Control panel' and hit 'Enter'.-Now find 'Sound and Audio device' and open it.-Look for the Recording tab.-Select your microphone/headset as the default device, and press OK. Hope this will help you.

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I recently installed windows XP on my laptop. After the installation I noticed that when I place headphones to listen some music, I get sound from laptop speaker too. earlier I had Vista on my laptop & it was working fine. My laptop details are as below

Model :- Hp Compaq Presario V3700
OS :- Windows XP SP3

Could someone please help me in fixing it.



A:Headphones doesn't stop laptop inbuilt speaker sound

Have you enabled front-panel jack detection?

Using Sound Effect Manager Compaq Presario 5060 Desktop PC - HP Customer Care (United States - English)

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I just upgraded my OS to Win 7, but I realised that when I play any sound, it come out of my speakers fine, but my headphones has no sound at all. How do I solve it? I plugged my headphones into the original jack, I have also tried plugging them into the other jacks, but still there is no sound. How do I fix it so both my speakers and my headphones has sound? If I plug my headphones into the jack I plug my speakers in, there is sound in my headphones though ..

A:Problem with sound - Speaker works but headphones has no sound

try double clicking on volume control and see if headphone is muted.

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Windows Vista.
some time ago we put in a usb webcam with a jack for built in microphone. I accidentally pulled the jack for the speakers and when i replaced the jack a box came up asking what we had plugged in i pressed side speakers and ok but the speakers would not work. We tried headphones in the front green jack and they worked so put the speakers jack in there too clicked the corresponding side speakers and clicked ok and they worked. The wouldn't work at the back. Yesterday I removed the speakers jack to put the headphones in and the same thing has now happened neither speakers or headphone worked.
I have made sure all drivers are up to date, have checked all volume levels etc and plugs. Have turned computer off and on and with jacks in, prior to turning on..
The fact that it was all working one minute and not the next and that it's happened before, is really confusing any ideas?

A:No speaker or headphones sound

Have you tried System Restore? Its basically designed for this type of issue

If that doesn't work I'd suggest uninstalling all your sound driver/program, and restarting, then install the most up to date driver again

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Hi,My soung doesnt work fine.Only the left speaker works. Headphone dont work too.I've tried to reinstall the driver few times and it doesn't work What can i do? It's a lenovo yoga 510 Thanks 1;0

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I do not have any sound on my speakers or headphones.
Not sure what happened.
Tried to go through the steps to troubleshoot and fix....hopefully I didn't make
more of a mess.
please help!

A:speaker and headphones - no sound

Hi Pwi,
Could you give us a little more info about your computer, OS, sound card...
Anyway, the first thing to check (after cables) is the mixer settings. Right click the speaker icon below right. There you can see if anything is muted.

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I just bought a lifechat Lx-2000 and accidentally plugged in the jacks into the back of the computer while unplugging the speaker chord. I realized my mistake and plugged in the chord again and plugged in the 2 jacks for the headset in the front. However, after that, sound no longer came through my speakers or through the headset. I have windows 7 and when i check the sound in the system tray it displays the speakers/headphones as receiving sound (or whatever the bouncing green bar means). How can i fix my speakers so that they receive sound from my computer again.

Note that I've already restarted a few times as well as reinstalled the original sound driver and tried all the troubleshooters. The chord is plugged into the same jack as before. The only thing I can think of is that somehow the wires inside were disconnected when i unplugged it...

A:No sound through speaker/headphones

I've got suddenly, outta da blue exactly the same problem. Think some kind of a virus raging

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Hi, My speakers and headphones are generating sound at a time. how can I fix it and make them to work indivisually?  thanks. 

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Hi everyone,
Sound is only coming out of my left speaker, the secondary speaker (the one without hte volume button, headphone slots etc.) Wiggling the cable used to make it work again but now it just doesn't work at all it seems. Is there anything I can do about it?
My speakers are Logitech Z323

A:Sound only coming out of one speaker, comes out of both headphones

Try making and un-making the connection and even a little blast of compressed air to try cleaning the receptacle. Does the other channel come on when you wiggle the plug?

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At work I have an HP DC7600 which is exactly one year old and it comes with an onboard speaker. I use this computer for CBT (computer based training) and I can hear the lessons through the mono speaker from inside the case and it's not real loud, but loud enough in a quiet room. The problem I have is when other people in he same small room use nearby comuters for their CBT and everybody can hear everybody else's audio from different lessons. Makes it a bit hard to concentrate. So off to the store we went and got a bunch of USB and regular headphones so that we could do CBT without bothering the neighbors. But when we plug in the headphone what happens is both the internal speaker emits sound as well as the headphones. I would have thought that the internal speaker would know that we plugged a headphone in and would automatically shut off. Is this commonplace or is there something I can configure to get the internal speaker to shut down when I plug a headphone in?

A:Sound through speaker and headphones at the same time

Normally pushing the headphones all the way into the headphone jack will stop any other speaker from emitting sound

I suspect your new Headphones are USB

got a bunch of USB and regular headphonesClick to expand...

Do both the regular and USB Headphones do the same thing?

If so, go to Control Panel-->Sounds...-->Audio tab
And confirm your default audio playback, and tick only use preferred devices

You may also have a Sound/Audio start menu (program) group
Just search the list
There can be adjustments made in this too (just to be confusing!)

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Hello, I was wondering if there is a way I can make sound come out of a set of headphones AND my default speakers? The reason I want to do this is so that when I'm working on mixing and mastering music, I can use my studio heaphones and my buddies can still hear the sound while it's playing. Thanks!

A:Dual Headphones AND Speaker Sound?

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I Have a HP Pavilion g7-1355dx Notebook PC

And I Just Upgraded From Windows 7 To Windows 10 And I Cant Hear Anything From My Headphones But Only From
My Internal Speaker. The HeadPhones Work Fine On My DeskTop And They Dont Require A Drive.
have tried updating the sound drivers from the device manager.
I have tried removing the drivers and redownloading the audio drivers from Acers website.
I have tried 'installing' audio driver with the default windows 10 audio driver instead of the realtek one.
I have tried adjusting the sample rate in the advanced properties tab.

What can I do to get sound working in my headphones again and not just the speakers.

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My sound is playing through my laptop speakers and earbuds and I've tried all the solutions posted. 

A:Sound playing through headphones and speaker

Hey @cleverrta,  Thank you for joining in on the HP Support Forums and Welcome! This is a great place to ask questions, find solutions and get help from others in the community! You had mentioned that you hear sound from  your headphones and the speakers of your HP ENVY 17 Notebook PC.  Have you tried to manually update the chipset drivers to the latest version?Have you done anything different with the Notebook lately?Did you make any changes to the Notebook? Please test the device by sending a signal from the sound source (For example: Play a .mp3 file for testing headphones in the Sound Properties window.  Did you run the HP Support Assistant to automatically update the chipset and audio drivers to the latest version?Have you tried to use the Windows Audio Troubleshooter? The troubleshooter may be able to fix the issue.  If that does not work, please try to Uninstall the Audio Driver in the Device Manager using the following steps:   Go to SearchType in Device ManagerClick on Device ManagerGo to Sound, Video and Game ControllersRight Click on the Audio DriverSelect UninstallRestart your Notebook twiceCheck the sound and see if it works now without the popping sound. If not please try to: Go to SearchType in Device ManagerClick on Device ManagerGo to Sound, Video and Game ControllersRight Click on Sound, Video and Game ControllersSelect Update driver softwareThe last thing that you can try is to ... Read more

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Okay I may be posting in the wrong subject but this is sort of a split issue. I'm currently running dual monitors using my monitor and also running my TV via an HDMI. The problem I'm having isn't with dual monitors but with the sound between them.

What would be ideal is that when I'm running a game or whatever on my monitor and then maybe streaming a youtube, movie, ect... on my second monitor (the TV), I'd like the game's sound to come from my computer headphones and the video sound to come from my TV. To this point I haven't found a way to make that happen. All that I know to do is go to control panel and set the default sound device to either my TV or my speakers. There's no option to split the sound between the two. So right now if I'm doing separate tasks on two different monitors, all of the sound is either from my speakers or from the TV. I know most dual monitors set ups are run with two actual monitors side by side so this isn't an issue, because of this I can't imagine this is a common issue. plus i know that some games give me the option to do just that but most do not.

So my goal is to have the sound from any task running on my monitor to come out of my headphones. At the same time, any task that is running off of my TV should have its sound running through my TV. Any ideas?

A:How can I separate my tv speaker and headphones sound?

Ps. i am running windows 10

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I can't get my sound to stop coming out the PC speaker. With XP, when I plugged in my headphones the PC speaker muted, but now I'm running Ubuntu 7.10 and I can't get it to shut up.

This is a problem mostly because nobody likes my music (c'mon, guys, it's just Vince Guaraldi ).

Would it be advisable to try to remove the speaker entirely? That's what my dad did when my alarm clock kept going off at midnight .

Any ideas are appreciated, thanks!

A:Sound plays out the PC speaker instead of my headphones.


I use wondows 2003 os,though i dont have idea on xp i suggest u to
see if there are any settings related to audio in help which helps u to control
sound.......such as minimise and mute or headset or speakers


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I have a Packard bell laptop with a headphone and microphone plugin on the left. For a while now, when I plug in my headphones, sound still comes out of the speaker.
Theres a picture of what my sound looks like with headphones plugged in.

A:Sound still comes out of speaker when headphones are plugged in

Check to see if you have a RealTek "HD Audio Manager" panel (mine is located in the Control Panel/Hardware and Sound). There is an option, in most, to have the speakers mute or not mute when a headset is plugged in.

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Can anyone help please. I have had my HP Pavilion TS 11 Notebook PC for a little while now and from day one there has been no sound fom the internal speakers. If I plug headphones into the headphone socket the sound is there. There is a circular symbol and "dts/Sound+" written on the notebook if that helps. How can I get this rectified? Kind Regards Steve  

A:Sound through headphones, but no sound from internal speaker...

Hi @STEVEisFUBAR, Welcome to HP Forums! I have read your post and wanted to help. I understand that there is no sound from the speaker. Please follow this document for troubleshooting: HP Notebook PCs - No Sound from Speakers (Windows 8) Let me know how it goes. If this helps you to reach a solution, please click the "Accept as Solution" button down below in this message. If you wish to say "thanks" for my effort to help, click the "thumbs up" to give me Kudos.  Regards,

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A couple of days ago, I decided to move my tower from my desk to the floor. Everything was working beautifully up until then. I opened it up and removed some dust. After putting it back together, the monitor wouldn't register anything. I left it for a day, came back, and the monitor magically worked again. The wifi card stopped working, but importantly, the sound was working. After leaving it for a night, I came back, reseated the wifi card, and magically, the card worked again. But now, the sound won't work! It's been several days, and this is the situation:

* The sound is not muted. When I press the speaker icon in the tray, the green volume bar moves up and down, as though sound is playing

* If I troubleshoot the 'playing audio', it says that no peripherals are plugged in. I found that if I went into Realtek HD Audio Manager and disabled 'front panel jack detection' in the connection settings, the computer suddenly apparently realises that I do have speakers connected, and when I troubleshoot audio again, it doesn't find any errors. I have to do this every time I restart, but the sound still doesn't work.

* I've downloaded and reinstalled the Realtek HD Codecs twice.

* In Device Manager, it recognises the integrated sound card:

(the PCI Simple Communications Controller device is Intel Management Engine Interface)
* I've disabled and enabled the devices many times, but no dice.

* I've reinstalled the chipset drivers from the motherboard manufacturer

* I've gon... Read more

A:No sound from speaker/headphones, can't find any errors.

I see you have both High Definition Audio Device and RealTek listed in the Sound Video and Game Controllers. In most cases the High Definition Audio Device is a Windows installed generic sound driver. Since you have RealTek, you do not need this and it can conflict. Uninstall the HD Audio Device (in the Device Manager), restart the PC and see what happens.

Also, double check the motherboard connection for the front panel audio. Although you have "unplugged and re-plugged" wires, check it again. The other possibility with the front panel. Try disconnecting the front panel headset/mic connection at the motherboard and see what happens (not disable it in the RealTek HD Manager).

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I have a problem with the audio system..when a connect the headphones the speakers doesn't turn off and it s workingsimultaneously with the  headphones..how can i fix the problem?

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Lenovo P50sAt work I am using USB headphones.Returning back home, I am plugging my 3.5" headphones and the sound is coming from the speakers.If I plug my USB headphone they work, but I want to use my headphones.If I reboot , the problem is resolved .. till I use the USB headphones again.I noticed that under "playback devices" no entries are listed when the issue is happening.I have the latest drivers and tried uninstalling realtek drivers and reinstalling.

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Got the XPS 15 a month ago and the first time I plugged my headphones I noticed the problem
The right speaker has significantly lower sound than the left and when I wiggle the audio jack of the headphones, it gets normal for a moment and then bad again. That happens only with headphones. I tried 4 different ones. 
I reinstalled audio drivers - no luck. It seems like loose audio jack connection and not a software issue. Any one having the same problem? 
I guess the only solution would be sending it back for repair which I don't want 

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Hi All, Facing the issue of sound  with headphones on and still sound coming from speaker as well as headphones. Tried restarting to see if there is any update but in no luck. It would be great if any help received.

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     I have bought 7567.But i have that problem bot of them(laptop speaker and headphones) If i shut off the internal subwoofer it solved So its no go for bass sound .I have not problem another sound card for usb.In the act of format my pc and it is solved!!! But after some time , after the setup my updates anew started sizzle.Little sizzles Not probelem in the game but If i listen the music or watching the film,it annoys me. Help please. How can i solved this problem ? It originates for software or hardware ? I hope its for reason software.

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Hi there, I have a strange problem with my laptop. Details are as follows:
HP NX9110 - standard specs, Windows XP SP2

The other day I was watching a vid using media player I think and the speakers were working fine. I then opened Nero 8s Soundtrack and notised that the speaker were not working. Tried media player again and still not working. Numerous reboots, removing Nero 8, reinstalling sound drivers had no effect. Notised that the headphones still work fine.

I also have a linux boot disk and the speakers work fine under linux (this points to something software related in windows).
Turned the laptop off for about a day and started back up.....speakers working fine again.

They have stoped twice since (have used Nero a few times but cant find a pattern). They did stop at one stage for an hour or so then just randomly start back up when I was having a look through processes in task manager......dont think it was due to ending one but it could have been.

The whole time the headphones work fine.

The speakers have now stoped again and I cant seem to get them working again.

Any ideas? This really has me stumped and I dont really want to reinstall windows. Is it possible that some process has picked up the speakers and not released them?

A:Laptop speaker not working, headphones do.

Anyone got any ideas? Or know of somewhere I can ask this question?

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- How do I mute the laptop speakers while still getting sound out of my headphones? So even if I pull my headphones out, still no sound comes out of the speakers.

- As a laptop user, you know that most of the time we work in quite areas such as libraries or night flights. When you accidently pull the headphones jack out, your music blasts causing a lot of unnecessary disturbance.

Dell Inspiron 5150, Windows XP, SigmaTel Audio C-Major.

- YES. It was for the past 3 years until a few days a go. I say this because I used to achieve this by checking the 1 PC spk Mute checkbox under ADVANCED in the Volume Control panel. I recently had to reinstall the SigmaTel driver and now when I check the 1 PC spk Mute checkbox, It mutes EVERYTHING including the headphones.

- Rolling back SigmaTel driver: not possible since the original was uninstalled.
- Installing the SigmaTel driver from the dell website
- Installing the SigmaTel driver from the drivers CD
- Searching the net. Most results suggested checking the PC spk Mute checkbox, but as mentioned earlier, now it mutes my headphones as well.
Any suggestions are welcome and very much appreciated. Thank you.


A:How to MUTE laptop speaker, but NOT headphones

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My wife informed me that there has never been sound from her notebook speaker but headphones work fine.  Is this possibly problem with the audio driver or maybe a headphone jack problem?  Any suggestions would be appreciated.Latitude D620Default device: SigmaTel AudioSigma Tel version 

A:No sound from Latitude D620 notebook speaker but headphones work fine.

It could be either. On the software side of things, you could reinstall the audio driver or use PC Restore to return her computer to the exact configuration it was in when she received it. Everything that was working then would work again except any hardware problems that have developed since it was shipped (or any it had when shipped for that matter).Or it could be the headphone jack. The Dell laptops with a Sigmatel 92xx audio chip utilize Universal Jacks technology, which is somewhat complicated. In addition to the usual mechanical parts, the jack also uses current & impedance-sensing techniques to trigger software configuration and switching (to send the audio signal to the speakers). So there are three areas of potential failure: mechanical, electronic, and software. Sometimes, a little very gentle wiggle of a plug in the jack will get it to resume normal functioning, at least temporarily. Normally I'd say to run the audio test part of Dell Diagnostics to confirm that there is a hardware problem, but we have seen that these Universal Jacks can cause a false result in Diagnostics. That is because Diagnostics operates in DOS, outside of Windows, so a Windows software misconfiguration is irrelevant to the test even though in this case it is caused by hardware. So the audio test can pass in Diagnostics, correctly signaling that software configuration is the immediate cause of the problem, but missing that a hardware problem, the bad jack, is the root cause. In these inst... Read more

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I have a Acer ASpire V3-572GWhen I unplugged my headphones the audio didn't switch over to my speakers. When I replugged my headphones the sound returned but only through the headphones. Things Ive triedChecked in playback devices to see if speakers were checked as default audioReinstalled and updated my Realtek Audio drivers.   

A:No Sound From Speaker but Sound When headphones ar...

It looks like you resolved the problem in this thread.

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I have a Acer ASpire V3-572GWhen I unplugged my headphones the audio didn't switch over to my speakers. When I replugged my headphones the sound returned but only through the headphones. Things Ive triedChecked in playback devices to see if speakers were checked as default audioReinstalled and updated my Realtek Audio drivers.   

A:No Sound From Speaker but Sound When headphones ar...

It looks like you resolved the problem in this thread.

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HI I am facing audio problem for the last few months. when i install window 7 its automatically install audio driver which plays built in laptop speaker but exteranl headphone/microphone do not play sound. Same like this if i install given audio driver of hp probook 6550b which is sp48147 then headphone play sound but spearkers do not. I have installed windows many times to solve this issue but still this problem is existing. Please help in resolving this issue

A:Laptop speaker play sound but external headphone or speaker ...

Hi, Please try to enable it using the following steps (a) Right click the speaker icon,(b) Click Playback devices.(c) Right click External speakers (or similar) ,              (d) Click Enable,(e) Click Apply/Ok Regards.

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when i plug earphone the sound keeps coming out of speakers not through earphones. my pc has windows 10.i tried every trick on this forum .pls help

A:headphones wont work on brand new laptop.speaker is fine

Hello @tareya, Welcome to the HP Forums, I hope you enjoy your experience! To help you get the most out of the HP Forums, I would like to direct your attention to the HP Forums Guide First Time Here? Learn How to Post and More. I read your post about the issue with the headphones, and wanted to assist you! To start, can you provide me with the Product Number of the notebook?  Here is a link you can use that will help you find your Model and Product Number:HP Customer Support - Products In the meantime, have you tried connecting the headphones into other devices, just to verify that they are working properly?  Are you audio drivers up to date?  Have you tried checking the settings to make sure that the headphones are set as the default device?  You can review the following document for more assistance with that information: HP PCs - Resolving Headphones and Headset Problems (Windows 8) Please post back with the results.  Let me know if this information helps you resolve the issue by marking this post as "Accept as Solution", this will help others easily find the information they may be looking for.  Also, clicking the Thumbs up below is a great way to say thanks! Have a great weekend!

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I know it's possible that the speaker itself is just blown, but is there any way that it could be a software/driver issue? Supposedly this laptop uses AC97 drivers from Realtek. I have attempted to install Acer's audio drivers from their website for the 5000 series (they didn't have one specifically for the 5003wlmi) and I've also downloaded generic drivers directly from Realktek. No luck.

Any ideas?

A:Acer Aspire 5003WLMI (Win XP) - No audio from laptop speaker; headphones work fine

Hi have you tried using headphones to test the sound

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I have an issue can't hear sound out of speakers, yet can out my headphones, everything is up to date. What could cause the sound to go from the speakers and no it is not muted.

When I pull out my headphones I can't hear no sound yet when I am using my headphones I can hear sound.
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor 1.73GHz, x86 Family 6 Model 13 Stepping 8
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 2039 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 915GM/GMS,910GML Express Chipset Family, 128 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 305234 MB, Free - 273953 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0GD366
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

A:No sound from Laptop speakers, but can hear sound out headphones

The following may work but it applies to Windows Vista (I don't have XP any more), so it may be a little different for yours:

Control Panel > Sound > Speakers > Properties > Advanced > Restore Defaults

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I have hp dv1738od and have upgraded to Windows 7, previously Windows XP. Everything seem to be working ok except, for the sound. Window 7 automatically installed the driver, and said the sound card was working properly. But there was no sound through speaker.

I removed the driver and reinstall the driver that I got from HP website that work for Window Vista. Installation went through with no problem and Device manager indicated no isssue on sound driver. However there was still no sound coming out from the speaker, only through headphone jack.

I read tons of forums, and some has suggested that it may be the jack connection. I tried plugging in and out numerous time, and that did not solve the issue. Sound could be heard for like a sec, when headphone was being plugged out but it goes away quickly. To determine if it was hardware or software issue, i reinstalled Window XP and there was sound through speaker. So for sure it is not the speaker issue.
If anybody can help me out, I greatly appreciated.

A:HP laptop no sound from speaker but there is sound through headphone

Hi imek and welcome to the forum!

I would assume that you are running the 32-bit version of Windows 7. If you are, you're in luck. Please download the latest BIOS and software for your HP Pavilion dv1738od, here.

I would suggest that you try using the audio driver found in this page to check if that resolves your issue. If it doesn't, it is highly recommended that you update your BIOS, found in the link provided, that might correct the issue you're having.

Let us know how it turns out

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My wife HP Pavilion DV6175ea laptop running windows 7 ultimate 32 bits was fine with the sound until a month ago. Note that upgraded from vista since the windows 7 launch.
From that date till now it as no sound from the speakers but it is ok from the headphones.
Tried different audio drivers but no results.
Tried to insert and remove headphonde jack several times with no results.
Any ideas of what can be the problem?

A:HP laptop no sound from speaker but there is sound through headphone

Laptop speakers are generally very delicate and if played on full volume can be blown very easily. My Dell Vostro's right speaker has gone like that while I was watching a movie on VLC player with volume more than 100%. So people using VLC player, should be careful with the sound controls within the player. This is my experience with laptop speakers. I hope you did not have this problem.

On the system tray right click on the speaker icon, select Playback devices.

On the opened Sound Dialog box, make sure that Speaker icon has a green check mark as shown below. Click on Configure button and test the speakers working or not. Complete the speaker setup and close the dialog box.

Check the properties and make suitable adjustments in available tabs.

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I just bought this hp pavilion dv6-2162nr laptop, and suddenly the speakers stopped working.

I removed the driver and reinstall it, I tried plugging in and out the headphones, I tried different solutions from different forums (including from this forum HP laptop no sound from speaker but there is sound through headphone), and couldn't get it fixed.

I have win 7 home premium 64-bit.

I don't think it is a hardware problem, because when i play with the headphones volume control (from the taskbar), suddenly i hear sound from the speakers (when i stop playing with it the sound stops).

I also tried hp support, and they couldn't help me.
please have some answers for me


A:hp laptop - sound only from headphones

Guys, you are my last hope before sending it to a lab (again...)
someone have a clue how can i fix this problem?!


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Brand new laptop from pcspecialist.co.uk.

I'm not getting any sound through my headphones.

Have tried different headphones - both of which work on other devices.

Sound works fine through speakers, when headphones are connected sound stops coming from speakers and there is no sound from speakers.

There is a pop noise when i plug headphones into jack

Not muted / volume levels are up.

When plugging in headphones, they are not recognised in control panel>sound>playback but speakers are.

Chassis & Display Apollo Series: 13.3" Glossy HD LED Widescreen (1366x768)
Processor (CPU) IntelŪ PentiumŪ Dual Core Processor 997 (2 x 1.40GHz) 2MB Cache
Graphics Card Integrated IntelŪ HD Graphics
Memory 120GB KINGSTON V300 SSD, SATA 6 Gb (450MB/R, 450MB/W)
Sound Card Intel 2 Channel High Definition Audio + MIC/Headphone Jack
Battery Apollo Series 4 Cell Lithium-Ion Battery
Operating System Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit w/SP1

Really don't want to be sending it back - I have a dissertation to write!

Thank you very much in advance!


A:new laptop - no sound through headphones

Try manually updating/reinstalling the audio drivers. Aside from that, likely a hardware fault.

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Two days ago it was working.Yesterday I turned it on no sound.I found my headphones today and they work.There is a red speaker icon above the key pad that I think means the speaker is muted.When I tap on that icon a volume scale appears on the screen.Tap it ,sound off ,tap it again sound on(I have volume set at 100%)The red speaker icon stays on no matter how many times I tap it.The scale on the screen says it turning on and off,the red icon says its not.It does turn off and on the headphones.I cant remember when was the last time I used headphones on this computer that is almost 3 years old.

A:No sound on laptop speaker

Since this recently happened, two things to try.
1. Use the System Restore and restore the PC back to a date when it worked OK. If that does not work, System Restore has an "undo" option to undo the System Restore.

2. If the System Restore does not work, Uninstall the sound in the Device Manager - RIGHT Click on the entry for the sound device and then LEFT Click "Uninstall". DO NOT check the box to uninstall the drivers. Restart the PC and when Windows starts it will detect and reinstall the sound.

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Hi - new here and hoping someone can give me advice. Have a Dell inspiron laptop and all of a sudden it will only play sound thru the headphones - not the internal speakers (not sure if kids did something or...??) . I am not computer savy - but found where I could run diagnostic at startup and testing the sound - it played just fine with the internal speakers during the test. I have tried all the diagnostic tests that I could find. Is there some type of internal switch that could not be turning on for the internal speakers? Again -don't know much - but can't afford a hefty repair bill. Thanks for any advice I think the computer has sigma tel high def...??


A:Laptop plays sound only thru headphones


i found this on my brothers inspiron 9400, there was a setting in the audio properties that was set, i cant remember it now but i found it by accident, he was running XP by the way.

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I have a HP Pavillion G6 with Windows 7 (64-bit). The issue came randomly one day a couple of months ago, I turned on my laptop and there was no sound. I tried headphones, no sound. When I tried hooking up my laptop to my tv with a hdmi cord, it did work. I've tried re-downloading, uninstallling, updating, rolling back every driver I could find for my audio. I even restored my computer to factory settings. I am really out of ideas here, please help!

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Any help is greatly appreciated. I have a sony vaio VGN-NW310f laptop with Windows 7. Up until 2 days ago everything was perfect, but suddenly I am getting no sound from the speakers. If I plug in headphones I get sound, but if I unplug headphones, nothing! Well, the computer acts like the sound is working, but I hear nothing.
Right now speaker properties shows I have "High Definition Audio Device" by Microsoft. I know that I had realtek speakers before, but in my attempt to "fix" my problem, I clicked "roll back driver" and somehow lost the realtek and now have the microsoft speakers. I guess it doesn't really matter which speakers I have as long as they work!
Any idea how to get sound again!?

A:Help! No sound from laptop speakers, headphones yes!

Use the System Restore and restore the PC back to a date when it did work correctly. System Restore can be accessed from Start/Programs/Accessories/System Tools. System Restore will not delete any user data or e-mails. As noted select a restore date that is back when it did work correctly.

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I recently purchased a refurbished HP EliteBook 8440p.  When I plug in my headphones to listen to music, the speakers do not mute.  Anyone have sugestions on how to mute the laptop speakers, but allowing sound to go through headphones?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

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I got my HPg61-429wm laptop back from the computer shop, I had a problem with my fan. Before that, my headphones worked like normal, so I don't know if taking the computer apart to replace the fan might have messed with the headphone jack somehow or what. My headphones worked for my mp3 player, so I know it's not them. When I plug my headphones in, the sound plays from the speakers instead.

I've tried going to sound in control panel -> sound, setting independent headphones as default with the green circle by it, nothing happened, yet this seems to solve most other people's problems.
I tried using Everest and under PCI/ PnP (no idea what this is) I have two "High Definition Audio Controller [NoDB]" listings. I google that, and someone mentions to download Realtek AC 97, so I do that, install - nothing.

I tried uninstalling the sound drivers from device manager. The ones I have are ATI High Definition Audio Device and IDT High Definition Audio Codec. I tried right click -> update, going to HP's audio drivers and installing them. I went to IDT's page, and they just redirect you to the computer brand manufacturer for audio drivers. I have no idea where to find audio drivers from ATI.

I used dxdiag and this is what the sound tab says:
Name:Speakers and Headphones (IDT High Definition
Hardware ID:HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_111D&DEV_7608&SUBS

Don't know if the name is supposed to be that or not, sadly I never... Read more

A:Can't hear sound in headphones on laptop

Or it could be laptops in general lol.

Why don't you call the store and say your headphone jack stopped working after replacing the fan? It's possible they might fix the jack for free.

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The sound from my laptop 1/4" minijack to my headphones at any volume sounds scratchy. I plug these headphones into my stereo at no problem. I am wondering if it is the power output of the sound card. Would one of those mini headphone amps make it sound better?

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I have a HP dv7-1285dx, and I don't really use headphones that often on my laptop so when I recently did use them I discovered that sound only comes out of the left ear piece. The sound on my latop works fine, i have tested it and both speakers display the *bing* sound during windows 7 sound test, however, with the head phones plugged in there is no sound in the right side of the ear. I have tested up to 4 different headphones and the problem is still there.

More than a year ago I sent it in to HP because according to them the motherboard needed to be replaced, maybe they took it out and didn't reinstall it/it's loose or something like that? Any ideas on what I can do to fix it?

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I will try to be as detailed as possible. I am pretty experienced with drivers and sound settings but this problem has me stumped.

I have a Fangbook III made by Cyperpower PC. I am unable to play sound via the on-board speakers for the laptop. I am however able to play sound through the 3.5mm auxiliary jack input. I have speakers set as default device under the playback settings.

This is where is gets strange. Whenever I attempt to delete the Realtek audio driver, whether it is through windows or a 3rd-party driver uninstallation software, Realtek always comes back within a few seconds. Right before it does come back, under playback, it separates speakers and headphones with both having the driver High Definition Audio Device. If I hurry before the Realtek driver comes back the speakers seems to work! But once the Realtek audio speakers comes back, the default speakers and headphones goes away and I continue to have the same problem with the Realtek driver.

I attempted to reformat the computer with windows 10 and erase all drivers but Realtek was already installed. I assume it is required for this specific laptop? Any ideas on how to direct the Reaktek High Definition Audio driver to use the speakers instead of the auxiliary jack?

Thanks for the help and let me know if there is any more information that you guys need.

Some more information:
I have attempted to disable the driver via device manager. The problem with this is that the High Definition Audio Device driver... Read more

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hello again,

I now have a problem that when I download video from you tube,I only hear sound from the left speaker ( laptop )

I can't wait for windows 7 to come out

I'm trying to upload a .flv file.... I guess not allowed

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