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Adding a new ISP+wanting to delete the current one

Q: Adding a new ISP+wanting to delete the current one

I am switching ISP's, hopefully sometime this coming Monday.
Where do I look in my system to uninstall/delete the current one?
I am assuming I should perform that action before I connect to the new service?
I will be dropping a cable provider + going to a high speed (DSL) one.
I was advised at the Mozilla forum to first contact the new provider to know if it will still be a POP type,whatever that is,what port I need to use,etc.

I am using Thunderbird to view all of my email accounts+want to make sure the new account will carry over also. I realize there is a "wizard" of sorts in Thunderbird for this, but I don't know.
Previously I had a friend via remote assistance set it all up for me,so I am nervous about trying this without understanding what I'm doing.

Thank you

Preferred Solution: Adding a new ISP+wanting to delete the current one

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Adding a new ISP+wanting to delete the current one

Well, I finally was reconnected to the internet-whew!
My new ISP is AT+T but my emails have to be sent thru Yahoo. I can not send any emails using Thunderbird any more since I switched from Comcast to AT+T.

I have touched base with the Mozilla forum, but do not have the issue resolved. The only way I can send email is to go thru Yahoo. I more than likely have some setting(s) wrong, but I sure can figure it out. Before I switched my ISP I was able to send+receive all of my email accounts thru Thunderbird.

Please help me sort this out.
Thank you

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A few friends have PlayStation 2's so I'm trying to hook mine up for interent play through my wireless network.

First problem: My wireless network consists of 2 computers connected wirelessly through a NetGear MR814 Router. I have never had a problem with this network. However, the only wireless device that I could find for PS2 was a Linksys WGA11B Game Adapter. I have since reconfigured the WGA11B to communicate with my network. When I plug it into my router I receive both an Ethernet connection and Internet connection but when I hook it up to my PS2 I get neither.

Second problem: I believe the first problem and overall problem has something to do with port forwarding. I have gone to the EASports MVP 2004 site to find out the ports used by the game and received the following information:

Ports 10500-10519 TCP outgoing for MVP 2004 server
Port 13505 TCP outgoing EA Messenger
Port 10002 UDP incoming/outgoing for connecting to another user to play game
port 6000 UDP incoming/outgoing for connecting to another user for headset during game.

The MR814 allows all outgoing port actions however I need to open up ports for incoming traffic. Would I only have to open Port 10002? I don't have headset so the 6000 Port isn't an issue at this time.

Thanks for taking time out a reading my problem.

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yes, i want to delete this file located in the C:\Program Files\WindowsSidebar\en-US\sbdrop.dll.mui

but i cannot delete it, it say i dont have rights. So i tried using "cmd, run as admin" but when command prompt loads up it shows"c:\Windows\System32", how can i get it to load as "C:\Program Files" since the folder i want to delete is in there.
Suggestions are more than welcome. thanks...

A:wanting to delete .mui file in Program directory

You will need to take ownership of the file, see the following link for instructions:- Take Ownership of file

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Greetings everyone...again! I have been reading information on some various security-related items, such as, Spywareblaster, Hphosts, and MVPS...trying to grasp an understanding of each. I must admit...I'm not the most adept at understanding all the technical jargon and just what it is these things do.My sole question is: Would downloading/installing Spywareblaster be of any real benefit, given the security features I already have (shown in my signature line for your reference)?Thank you for your time, indulgence, and any enlightenment!

A:Would adding Spywareblaster to my current security be of benefit?

My sole question is: Would downloading/installing Spywareblaster be of any real benefit, given the security features I already have (shown in my signature line for your reference)?It's one more layer of protection that doesn't use any resources other than a little drive space, so yes it would be beneficial. My security is similar to yours, I've had SpywareBlaster installed and up to date for years without any problems. Just remember to check for updates every 10 days or so.

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Hi guys,
I've been fooling around with audio editing lately, and I'm just curious if Audacity's a good addition to a computer that has Sound Forge 10 Audio Studio installed. Will the difference in features between the two take care of different things? Or is it just kind of a repeat? Many thanks.


A:question about adding Audacity to my current configuration

I don't have Sound Forge 10 Audio Studio. (looks like a really cool program). Should have good Sony support. I use Audacity for editing and making mp3's and mp4's it is simple and works.The Audacity support is a forumI think I would use the Sony if I had it.

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I'm currently running Windows Vista and Windows Xp in a 64 bit environment. I would like to add Windows 7. Is it as simple as installing Windows 7 in a separate partition? If not can someone give me some ideas or point me in right direction. I have not used Virtual Machine 2007 but would consider if this makes sense. Thanks for your help.

A:Adding Windows 7 to current XP Pro and Vista multiboot environment

Yes, a new partition would do it. Vista & W7 must be retail copies.

I had tri-boot 10 months ago, but ditched it because of space constraints. If you go virtual, be vigilant as BSODs may develop, especially with an x86/ x64 mixture.

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I have hundreds of videos I captured and I need to clean them up.
Is there a player that allow me to delete the video permanently while playback without going to the folder and delete it? Like when you browse images and delete while browsing.

Thanks in advance.

A:Delete Current Media

Hello did you pin the videos to your broswer or do you have them on your computer...

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Does anybody know if a repair of xp using the xp cd will delete the current installation?

A:Reparing XP will delete the current installation?

No, it won't delete it, nor will it delete any files on your system.

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I know this topic was addressed already but I believe incorrectly.

If you are in the "now playing" screen after selecting "play all" and do a right click, the 3 options that come up do not include "delete" not on my system anyways.

I know that I can go back to the library and find the song and delete it but is there a way to delete it directly from the "now playing" screen??



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How to delete current network profile? I want to create a new network profile after restarting Windows 7.

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Is there a mechanism in Word 2010 (and also Excel, perhaps) which allows me to DELETE the document I'm currently viewing?

I'd imagine it would be under the "File" menu if it existed, but I've not found it so far.

An example of its use: I prepared a document of things to take to a reunion. My PC was still on when I got home, displaying the list (which I'd saved, as I went along). I didn't know what I'd called the document, and I wasn't certain where I'd filed it, but I know I wanted to delete it.

A:How to delete the current document in Word 2010?

Of course you can't delete open files!
But you can hover over file->open to see the last files you opened. Open the one you want. Do a fake "save as" to see the folder it's in.

Now you know the file name and location, so delete it in windows file explorer

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I Had Windows 7 32-Bit .. i need 64-bit and i heard OS boots faster on SSD .. i have only one SSD so i created a partition on this SSD and installed 64-bit on the created partition .. now i want to delete/format partition 1 but i can't .. i tried DISKPART , formatting like normal

the partition i am trying to format/delete has status as : System , Primary Partition


A:delete/system is not allowed on the current boot

The System flag means it's the partition booting the present OS. Is there another OS in Partition 1? Either way, the installer will place the boot files on the first-in-order Primary partition, especially if it's already marked Active.

Let us see a screenshot of Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image then we can give you the steps to correctly move the boot files. Once moved you can delete partition 1 or absorb its space into Win7 partition which runs best on the left side of the hard drive.

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Assume I have an external hard disk with one (backup) partition which is currently mounted as drive Q:\

Now I right-click on the Recycle Bin icon on my desktop, then select Properties--->Drive Q: and enable

"Don't move files to the recycleBin. Remoive files immediately when deleted"

Much to my surprise this switch does NOT delete currently existing stuff in RecycleBin of drive Q:\
The toggeling applies only to future deletes.

Can someone confirm this strange behaviour?

How can I tell Win 7 to delete ALL currently existing files in RecycleBin of drive Q: ?

Can I simply unhide "protected folders" in WinExplorer and delete all the files manually?

Or is there a smarter way?

How do I delete all files+folders fom all RECYCLEBINs from all partitions currently mounted?


A:Disabling Recycle Bin does NOT delete current existing content?

Review this post:

Virus on C:\$Recycle.Bin

Before going ahead right click Recycle Bin (shown on desktop) - choose "Properties" and make a note of all drive letters shown,

Repeat the command in the above link for all drive letters substituting each drive letter in turn.

After reboot and desktop refresh - reconfigure Recycle Bin options.

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Hi guyz,
Please provide me a sample code as how to access Current Logged in User profile application data and how to delete a file in application data folder using vb code. I am very new to this technology pls help me.

A:How to access Current User profile application data to delete a file in it in VB

Here's the code in VB .Net 2008:

Public Class RemoveFileFromProfile

Private Sub cmd_DelFile_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles cmd_DelFile.Click
Dim profile As String, fullpath As String
Dim filename As String

' Environment variables
' USERPROFILE = Path to current user profile
' APPDATA = Path to application data in current profile

profile = Environ("APPDATA")
filename = txt_Fname.Text
fullpath = profile & "\" & filename
MsgBox(filename & " deleted.")

End Sub
End Class

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DISKPART> list partition

  Partition ###  Type              Size     Offset
  -------------  ----------------  -------  -------
  Partition 1    System             260 MB  1024 KB
  Partition 2    Reserved           128 MB   261 MB
  Partition 3    Primary             21 GB   389 MB
  Partition 4    Recovery          7720 MB    21 GB

DISKPART> select partition 4

Partition 4 is now the selected partition.

DISKPART> delete partition override

Virtual Disk Service error:
Delete is not allowed on the current boot, system, pagefile,
crashdump or hibernation volume
please help me solve this p 

A:Virtual Disk Service error: Delete is not allowed on the current boot, system, pagefile, crashdump or hibernation volume

Delete files using Disk Cleanup
Uninstall desktop apps and Store apps you don't need anymore in Programs and Features and Windows store.
Move your media file such like photo, music or movie to removable storage device.
Follow the links suggested by britishdhez, contact with your manufacture if you need to delete the recovery partition on your tablet. And after that you might need to send your tablet to manufacture for recover when you have system problem.
D. WuPlease remember to mark the replies as answers if they help, and unmark the answers if they provide no help. If you have feedback for TechNet Support, contact [email protected]

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Windows XP all patches, did not had to the free space after I deleted 13 gigabytes of files. Before and after total, space used in free space were unchanged.

Any thoughts?

Thank you

.Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 6300 @ 1.86GHz, x86 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3581 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA Quadro NVS 285, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 305234 MB, Free - 69847 MB; D: Total - 953867 MB, Free - 172842 MB; E: Total - 305242 MB, Free - 9606 MB; F: Total - 238472 MB, Free - 23393 MB; X: Total - 953865 MB, Free - 50076 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0DN075
Antivirus: Avira Desktop, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

A:Solved: XP is not adding to free space after I delete files

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Can I delete my original ebooks and documents after adding to Calibre Ebook?

I found that after adding books to Calibre, it get copied to Calibre folder in "Document". Therefore I have 2 book [one is original & other one saved in Calibre].

For example, I have book name "Apple" in D drive. Now I am going to add this in Calibre. I found this book in C drive under Document folder named as "Apple". Can I delete this book in D drive, since it is already present in C drive. If I do so, wil it be okay?


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During a TrendMicro virus scan, it found an archive that was infected. A quick check of the archive (Which I'd grabbed months before, but never ran) showed it was actually an application, so I went to shift+del the file (No sense dumping a virus into the recycle bin), and poof it's gone.

Then I went to delete the folder it was in, but... it wouldn't let me. Told me I didn't have the permissions to do so. A quick check of the folder's contents revealed the virus/app was back, as if it had never been deleted.

If I try doing a regular delete, it tells me Destination Folder Access Denied.

So I started poking around the file's security properties.
"Unable to display current owner."

I tried changing the owner, but it wouldn't let me do that.
I downloaded Unlocker, right-clicked on the file and unlocked it, but nothing seemed to happen, and same results when I try to delete it.

I'm running Vista 32-bit, not connected to a local network (Just one computer), and I'd really like to delete this virus/app off my machine. TrendMicro was unable to get rid of it, and I can't seem to get rid of it either.

A:Solved: Cannot delete file / No Permissions - Unable to display current owner of file

Ha, nevermind. Unlocker just took an enormous amount of time in actually starting up, and turns out the virus scanner had a process linked to the file. So, problem solved. Nothing to see here.

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OK, simply put I'm sick and tired of other programs running in the background hijacking my current window.

ie: I start a process in one window that may take awhile, switch to something else to work on... when the background process is done, depending on the program, it will often force itself to the front. VERY frustrating when you're working on something else, then some background task decided "No, I'm going to take you out of that form box your typing in because I'M coming to the front".

Is there a setting anywhere that can stop background program from hijacking the current window you're working in?

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hello everyone my system crash and i had to format my hard drive.

i had window me but i used a xp cd that came with a pre-install dell computer

but when i try to active it ( i could not) so my question is
when i get another xp cd would i lose all my setting that i have now or can i transfer it with the new installtion or is there a way around this.
thank you for your time and patience in advance


So you already installed and are trying to activate it and it knows its being used elsewhere? Well your gonna have to reinstall the new xp when you buy it then

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1,[11/Jun/2006 21:55:06] Rule 'ºÆ': Blocked: Out UDP localhost:137->, Owner: ºÆ
Anyone seen this before?

A:Keeps wanting out

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Recently experienced some application oddities (I know this is vague, I do apologize; I honestly can't recall what issues got me started with this overall issue) For example, as a result of these issues, I downloaded LRC; during it's first scan it ended up hanging and crashed. This added to my concern, so I paniced and did a system restore. I then did a full scan with MSE with no issues found.

I felt better, until this AM; Chrome started doing the "unresonpsive" thing, this has never been an issue for me prior. Shutting chrome down and restarting, it works. Did a google search and got the "redirect/hijack" issue on all results; again, never had this issue before. (Quick research suggested to uncheck "DNS prefetching", I did and it seems to be ok, but?

So, now I'm here, because I'd feel much better knowing I'm actually fixed rather than seemingly ok due to workarounds.

Thanks in advance for any help...

A:Wanting to be sure

Before doing anything if you have not already done so, you should back up all your important documents, personal data files and photos to a CD or DVD drive as some infections may render your computer unbootable during or before the disinfection process. The safest practice is not to backup any files with the following file extensions: exe, .scr, .ini, .htm, .html, .php, .asp, .xml, .zip, .rar, .cab as they may be infected.How and Where to backup your files in XP or VistaHow to Backup and Restore in Windows 7How to use Ubuntu Live CD to Backup Files from your dead Windows ComputerPlease follow these instructions: How to remove Google Redirects or the TDSS, TDL3, Alureon rootkit using TDSSKillerDouble-click on TDSSKiller.exe to run the tool for known TDSS variants.
Vista/Windows 7 users right-click and select Run As Administrator.When the program opens, click the Start Scan button.Any objects found, will show in the Scan results - Select action for found objects and offer three options.If an infected file is detected, the default action will be Cure...do not change it.
Click Continue > Reboot now to finish the cleaning process.<- Important!!
If 'Suspicious' objects are detected, you will be given the option to Skip or Quarantine. Skip will be the default selection. Leave it as such for now.A log file named TDSSKiller_version_date_time_log.txt will be created and saved to the root directory (usually Local Disk C:).Copy and paste the contents of that fil... Read more

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i have heard something about that a computer was truncated or the files were could some one tell me what this is and what the purpose of doing this is and if i so wanted to reverse this can it be do and how

A:wanting to know what this is

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I apologize if this has been covered somewhere, but I couldn't find that it had. I recently purchased a Sony DVD R 22x drive Serial ATA. When I installed it into my computer I had to buy a data cable for it and also a power adapter for it. It was replacing at PATA DVD R and I also at the present time have a factory CD-RW PATA installed. My question is this:

What changes to I have to make to my system to allow for the SATA and PATA to work. I originally had it in combination mode, but keeping it in combination mode will not allow me to turn on the SATA slot on my board. I also have two hard drives that are also SATA. Am I going to have problems since I still have my original CD-R drive as PATA? Do i need to replace that one with a SATA drive as well?

Any help would be appreciated, and again I apologize if I sound like an idiot trying to explain all of this.

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There are several issues that came up when I upgraded to Windows 10. While it is a celebrated and supposedly eye pleasing application, it seems that they have chosen to disregard users and deleted certain preferences from a user's browser.  This makes
it practically impossible for the user to log into several accounts, since every single site requires different types of passwords, and in order for a person to be able to log on to the several accounts, a person would have to carry around a folder with about
100 different account names, user names, passwords, answers to who, what, or where, phone #s & other pertinent information to be able to log onto or recover a lost or forgotten password.I really do not like what Microsoft has done with the new browser.
It looks chick, but to me it's unworkable and a nuisance to use.  If the Cadillac is not broken, why fix it?

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I am going to want another laptop in the near future. Size about 15-17" is what I would like. The biggest problem that I encounter when looking for one is whether I need a firewire port or not. That is what I would like someone to suggest to me what would be best. I will be using it for general surfing but it will also be used after games where I will want to download a game into the computer to transfer it to another computer for editing or do some editing on it also. Is it necessary to have a firewire port or can I buy an add on card with firewire in it? What is the most feasible? That would greatly increase the choice of computer I could buy.

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...I have no clue what to watch out for and where to start. I'm looking at trying to upgrade my CPU, video card, and buying a 2nd 1TB+ internal hard drive, and wanting a powerful computer without having to spend more than I want to ($800 is my limit). I upgraded my video card not too long ago to a ZOTAC card with GeForce 240 on it (I was a little tight on cash at the time), and now I want to make my computer a little more powerful than it is. I already have a 500+ P/S (I'm not at my computer at the moment, but I'll be able to provide more accurate stats when I do) but everything else, except the video card, is stock from when I bought it. I know that you guys are going to need more detailed info in order to give any suggestions, so is there some kind of tool that I can use to display what my computer's hardware currently is (e.g., motherboard type, CPU socket type, video card processing unit, etc.) so it'll be easier to give recommendations?

A:Wanting to Upgrade, but....

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Hey..i want to see if i can join Cal...im retarted and dont know what to do.I think i have to to check there web site....what is thier web site plz can somone tell me. Thnx...

A:Wanting to join Cal

http://www.caleague.com is the site for Cyberathlete Amateur League, and http://www.thecpl.com is for Cyberathlete Professional League. Good luck.

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Hi to every one in the forum,

My system configuration is :

AMD Sempron™ 3000+ Processor (512KB L2 cache, 2GHz, 333MHz FSB)
Operating System :
Genuine Microsoft® Windows® XP Home SP3
Monitor :
Includes eMachines® 17" eView™ 17F3 Flat CRT Monitor
(16" Viewable, 0.25mm dot pitch)
Chipset :
NVIDIA® nForce™ 2 chipset
Memory :
1024MB DDR (2 × 1024MB) SDRAM (PC3200)
Expandable to 2 GB
Hard Drive :
Optical Drive :
DVD±RW, 16x Multi-Format Double Layer
Media Reader :
8-in-1 digital media manager (Secure Digital™ (SD), Smart Media, Compact Flash, Micro Drive, Memory Stick®, Memory Stick PRO, Multimedia Card, USB 2.0)
Video :
NVIDIA® GeForce®4™ MX graphics
64MB DDR Shared memory
Sound :
nForce™ 6-Channel Audio
Network :
10/100Mbps Ethernet
Modem :
56K ITU v.92-ready Fax/Modem
Peripherals :
Standard multifunction keyboard, 2-button wheel mouse, amplified stereo speakers
Ports/Other :
7 USB 2.0 ports (4 in back, 2 in front, 1 in Media Reader), 1 VGA External Connector, 1 Serial, 1 Parallel, 2 PS/2, Audio-In & Out

System Model # emachine 3052

I would like to know if my system could handle a 1 or 2tb internal HDD ?

Also, if i could change the graphic card to an NVIDIA® GeForce®8 MX graphics

Please give me some advice, it will be grately appreciated.
Thank you,


A:Wanting to upgrade HDD

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I thinking of upgrading my GPU from the Geforce GTX 650 to the EVGA 750 ti, but I am not sure if this upgrade will help with the FPS that I see in games. I am not totally sure what PSU I have, it is either 450 or 500 WATT, but it does not have a dedicated PCI-E power connector.

I was told that the EVGA 750 ti does not require one. So my question is would this change in GPU increase the FPS?

A:Wanting to upgrade

Maybe, why don`t you want to go to the 900 series ?

Much better then the 700 series.

EVGA - Products - Graphics - GeForce 900 Series Family - GTX 960

EVGA - Products - Graphics - GeForce 900 Series Family - GTX 950


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I have been wanting to try Windows 7 and I know I am a bit late but is the RTM still available from Microsoft or some 3rd party site?

I have a 32 and 64 bit key from when the beta came out, would I be able to use that on the RTM?

A:Wanting to try Windows 7

Hello Neoglyphix, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Sorry, but no you cannot use a beta key on a RTM (retail) version of Windows 7.

The RTM is available at your local retail store. If you have a friend that has a copy of Windows 7, then you can use their Windows 7 installation disc to only install and not activate on your computer for a up to 120 days trial period.

Hope this helps,

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Hi there. i was just thinking that my computer would run faster with a 1Gig ddr stick of ram. But i have been reading peoples posts and there saying that they need to check how how much the Mobo can take. I will post my specs:Computer System
Computer Name ADAM-A22E2F08BF
User Name Adam
OEM Info
Operating System
OS Name Windows XP
OS Version 5.1 Build2600
OS ServicePack 2.0
SystemUp Time 11 Minutes, 44 Seconds.
Internet Explorer Version 7.0.5730.11
Microsoft DirectX Version
OpenGL Version 5.1.2600.2180 (xpsp_sp2_rtm.040803-2158)
Center Processor
CPU Name Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 2.93GHz
Code Name
Manufactory GenuineIntel
Frequency 2920MHz
Voltage 1.4V
Serial Number 0000-0F41-BFEB-FBFF-0000-651D
CPU ID 15-4-1
Level1 Cache 12KB
Level2 Cache 0KB
Level3 Cache 0KB
Model P5S800-VM
Serial Number 048816020173
BIOS Vendor American Megatrends Inc.
SMBIOS Version 2.3
BIOS Date 07/11/05
BIOS Size 512KB
Total Memory 382MB
Used Memory 301MB
Free Memory 80MB
Usage 78%
Memory Slot1 512 MB 50 ns DIMM0
Model ST3160021A
Capacity 149 GB
SerialNumber 5JS73KT7
Video Card
Adapter NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200
Memory Size 0MB
Driver Version
Product Name XER9C10
Resolution 1440X900(32Bit)
Vertical Refresh Rate 75MHz
Visual Area 19.4inch
Device Name Realtek AC97 Audio v5.5
Adapter WAN Miniport (IP) - Packet Scheduler Miniport
WinSock Version 2.2 ... Read more

A:Wanting to Upgrade my RAM.

www.crucial.com amd check your system
it will tell you what ram you can add

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I am very interested in upgrading my desktop, but may find out it is cheaper to just buy a new one.

I bought a eMachines EL1358G - obviously not a workhorse - and all I want it to be able to do at this time is to do a decent job with a not too intensive 3D program for presentation purposes. Right now it is jerky. I don't mind going to 8 gig RAM from the 3 gig I have now, and I don't mind installing a PCI Express video card if I know this will help. I just don't know how to find out how much my performance will improve with these changes. Also, if needed, I can replace the AMD Athlon II X2 dual core chip if I am able to (once again, I don't know where to get this info). If anyone can answer my questions, or point me to a website or supplier that can help, I would greatly appreciate it.


A:Wanting to Upgrade

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I have a compaq 5150wm it has a micro atx board (1.3 thunderbird) in it.
I want to get a A7N8X-VM board to put in the box as well as 2500+ athlon xp (or faster).I also will put pc 2700 ddr ram in it.

Will I be able to swich over to the new hardware and then put my compaq cd in and start over with the new hardware in the pc box. Or, after I put in the new mobo, cpu, and ram will the computer automatically reconize the hard drive cd roms and other software. Im having lots of trouble because I do not know if I can keep all my old stuff. Its not like compaq gives you drivers for the cd roms and other hardware.

One last thing is the bios version imbedded in the mobo or is it on the hard drive.

Thanks for any help you can give me

A:Wanting to upgrade need help!

Which OS are you running?

Forget about the compaq CD, have you make sure that you have a graphics card... most branded Pre-built pcs like COmpaq comes with on-board graphics, thus decreasing the cost of production.

I m not sure you compaq case would allow you easily to unfit your old mobo. I must say that some evil pc manufacturers like to design the case in the way that makes upgrading a tedious task. Marketing Strategy i guess. You don't need driver cds for CD-Drives, Windows will automatically install them. Try backing up your HDD contents if you have a CD_RW.

BIOS is most frequently found on the motherboard itself.

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i am thinking about building a new pc from scratch and am about to start saving for what i might need. I have ordered building pcs for dummys and wanted to start looking around for different parts to buy. I am thinking of buying a case from maplings which has dials to tell you the speed, power and temperature.
It will be a home pc mainly used for internet, work and music and maybe some games. Could somebody tell me a list of things i need,
i.e which tools and components.
As i will start looking to find the cheapest ones and which i need and so i will know how much to save and what equipment i need i.ee screwdriver e.t.c.
Many thanks,

A:Wanting to build a PC

Hi, heres a little list!

Power Supply
Heatsink and Fan
Graphics Card
Sound Card (If not included with Motherboard)
120mm & 80mm Fans
Hard Drives
Cd Drives
Floppy Drive
IDE Cables
Power Cables (You may run out if you put more in the system)

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pleas eplease help. I have a serious problem. I have a home built pc running xp. About a week ago I got this message at every start up which says installing windvd then it stops the install cos it cant find a file .msi.then says error 1710 Then it blue screens and crashes. It has done this hundreds of times. I have cleaned the registry.I have installed windvd and uninstalled it. I have tried everything including a restore point but that wont load for me? Any ideas please

A:Keeps wanting to install

I put this in your own thread. When you have a problem please start your own thread rather than hijack someone else's thread.

Thank you.

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This may be in the wrong forum discussion, or even on the wrong website all together but I figured someone would be able to help me here.

I'm not really sure if this is possible so bare with me. I have an old hard drive laying around from my old laptop. I have an IDE adapter and I want to put this hard drive in my desktop as a secondary drive for all of my music and movies. I'm still kind of confused on setting the master and slave drive settings but that is a different topic. I want to install Windows Server on the 2nd hard drive and created a WLAN in my house for my roommates and I. Is this possible to have both Server and 7 running on the same machine? If not, I could fix up my old laptop and just use it strictly as the server. I realize that I can just set up sharing for roommates but I really want to get a server started. Any help/links with this is greatly appreciated.

A:Wanting to set up a server...

It is possible to put two operating systems on the same computer but you can't have them running simitanously... only one at a time.

I cant help you set the computer up... I have no problem with that... but if you are just setting up a simple server.. Windows 7 can do just that... Server is more advance.. like setting up domains.

Like how advance do you want your network to be? permissions... umm do you want homegroups ... how many computers do you have in your house? Can you give us a little more detail on your situation on your setup

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Well i bought a Acer Asipire notebook about 2 1/2 weeks ago. It has 3GB DDR3 Dual-Channel SDRAM. It tells me I am able to upgrade to 8GB, but I am only wanting to upgrade to 6GB at the most. I am having troubles finding the type of RAM i am needing. I could use all the help i can help.

Here is more details about the laptop:


A:Wanting to upgrade my RAM

Go to crucial.com and scan your system. I buy all my memory from them.

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i have recently bought a terrible computer (thinking it was good)
i am taking this pc back and exchanging it for another one, (much better)
i am hoping that someone will be able to help me on the case of "Will it work?" lol
the pc i am thinking of is...

and the Graphics card i am hoping is compatible is...

Will any of this be able to play new games smoothly?
thanks for any help you may provide.
Joe x

A:I am wanting to game on a PC!


I already replied to you about that same ad

Here's my reply:

kimsland said:

I've had a read up on your "new" system
It comes with AGP Pro50 slot at 8x/4x/2x/1x (1.5V). Slot. Which is not all that great (actually pretty bad for any gamer, or user who wants good graphics


Note: The eBay ad stated: "GAMING PC" It is far from that Click to expand...


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I when I plug in my external hdd into my windows machine I get a message telling me that need to fornat the drive. This is a bit strange since the drive works on other machines and sometimes even works on this one...

Any help much apppreciated...


A:Why does win 7 keep wanting to format hdd

It sounds like either the USB port or drive itself is failing.

Try the drive in another port.

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think i may want something that runs a little cooler. i've got a pentium D 3.2ghz in my desktop. there is also an AMD turion 64 2ghz in my laptop, and it seems to be pretty much kicking the PD's ***.

does a core 2 duo run much cooler than pentium d? i don't really want to have to go big on fans or cooling methods and things

A:Got a Pentium D, maybe wanting something else

Per processor, it does run cooler, less energy and the like. The problem is there are more processors on a chip so overall it can run just as hot or even more so. I would think a core 2 duo M would be cooler and faster than an AMD turion though.

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I've saved the downloaded ZoneAlarm(zlsSetup_61_744_000_en.exe) to my desktop, but when I click to run I get an error " file is not a valid Win32 application"... What to do? Thanks

A:Wanting ZoneAlarm

Try downloading again.It might be corrupted.Are you on dial-up ?

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Hi not sure if this is the sort of site to ask but im looking to buy a TV tuner for my laptop to use with Media centre.

at the moment we dont receive freeview but obviously would like to have the option when it arrives.

Thanks any more information you need please ask

A:Wanting to buy a Tv tuner not sure what to get

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I have a pentium 4
4 CPU 3.00GHz and 512mb of ram
I just have a basic intel graphics card that came with the pci slot (not pci - e) which is at least directx 9 compatible.

Well basic pci slots suck and wont get me anywhere, is there a way I could mod it to pci - E? I doubt that's possible, but I really don't want to buy another dell computer just so I can have one with an pci - e slot. Is there anything I can do?

A:Wanting to know if I can run farcry

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i have a compaq pc, and i'm wanting to make it faster and have more memory. i now have 120 mb ram and on the system properties screen says following: no PC card,( what is this, and will it help improve what i'm looking for. AMD Duran(tm) Processor, is this older than a pentium cause i have no idea what it is (used computer). would like to turn this computer into a rocket ship for under $300.00, is this possible? and dont worry, i know i sound new to the pc, and you are right, thats why i'm having things installed by a professional when i decide what i want to purchase for upgrade. new computer is out of the question for awhile. any insight appreciated.

A:wanting to upgrade

There is no way for anyone to say what you have, without being able to " see" what you have. A Duron is newer than a plain Pentium, but you could have a Pentium 4 chip for all we know. Take the machine to a pro, who should be able to tell you in ten minutes what you might be able to accomplish with it for x amount of $. Some computers are far more upgradeable than others....not usually Compaqs, tho. For one thing, Restore disks, if you got any with the computer, will not work when hardware is changed. You may have to buy a new Operating System- which would add to your total cost. $300 is a pretty good chunk toward a lot newer computer with much better features. Just my opinion! Pc Cards- additional features on removable card media, like memory, modems, etc. New things about every day- pick up a good computing or laptop magazine and you will see lots of ads and articles about the extras you can use, depending on the age of the computer.

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i released just purchased a Sony Wega 42" flatscreen LCD television and need some help on trying to hook my pc up to it....its got the port in the back of the TV labelled PC...but what would i have to do on my computer to make it work and what kind of cable/connector would i have to purchase??

A:Wanting To Connect My Pc To My Tv

What Make computer do you have?

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