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touchpad pointer frozen on screen

Q: touchpad pointer frozen on screen

My wife's Dell Insprion 1200 (laptop) has a frozen touchpad pointer. I know this isn't the most desirable computer but she only uses for e-bay and e-mails. It was in the shop a couple of weeks ago to have the AC plug in the back of the computer changed. It seemed to work fine for a couple of days before the pointer froze. I've turned it off and unplugged the battery and AC cord, reinstalled both and turned on, pointer still frozen. I tried Fn + F9; still didn't work. I also tried system restore to a month ago, and it still doesn't work. Can anyone help me? Thanks

Preferred Solution: touchpad pointer frozen on screen

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: touchpad pointer frozen on screen

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Lat night I turned on my Acer comp. At first a green screen came up with someting I never saw before/ "Acer was trying to fix a startup error." It did in fact fix it and then it went on to my screen saver login. I could log in and detect my wireless connection and MSN came up. But my mouse is frozen in the middle of the screen I tried to do a sys restore but it only allows me to restore it to 73opm last nite. That is when the Acer fix went in. I have heard about the pointer being frozen before,,Any ideas? Please

A:Pointer frozen in middle of screen

Originally Posted by Mista Vista

Lat night I turned on my Acer comp. At first a green screen came up with someting I never saw before/ "Acer was trying to fix a startup error." It did in fact fix it and then it went on to my screen saver login. I could log in and detect my wireless connection and MSN came up. But my mouse is frozen in the middle of the screen I tried to do a sys restore but it only allows me to restore it to 73opm last nite. That is when the Acer fix went in. I have heard about the pointer being frozen before,,Any ideas? Please

Could there be a hardware issue, you think? You may want to run the memory diagnostics tool (search for it in windows Help and Support) as well as a hard disk test. Do you get any errors in the reliability monitor or event log that could point in some particular direction?

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Every few minutes my monitor screen freezes for 20 to 60 seconds. The mouse pointer still moves, but neither mouse nor keyboard commands have any effect. I have installed all updates for both XP and for Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 900.

My system has:
Pentium 4 630 (3.0GHz)
2 GB PC-3200 DDR RAM
XP Media Center, SP 2 with all updates.
I use one monitor for two computers via a Belkin "Flip" A/B switch.

A:frozen screen, but mouse pointer moves

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I am running Normal XP and the mouse pointer (serial Mouse) will not move. In fact, when the pointer is seen on the black monitor screen just before the startup list of names, (immediately after the Microsoft logo and blue dot loading indicator against the black background) the pointer is solid. I exchanged the mouse with one from another computer which I knew works, and it appears it is not the mouse's fault. Tried safe mode to do a system restore and no luck. How can I ascertain the problem without a mouse to navigate the menus?

A:Mouse Pointer Frozen at XP Startup Screen

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My laptop is having spells of the cursor being frozen and the while screen going blank sometimes and starting up again. This happens while I'm working and then when it starts up again, all the windows are not available. I tried switch in it on and off and even taking the battery out, and starting again. What else should I do?

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Hello...My laptop's pointer arrow is frozen in the center of the screen. All of the keys are working (tab, enter, etc). I did a Google search with no luck for a fix. Looked through the manual hoping to find a "shut off" button but didnt fnd that either.

It is an IBM ThinkPad T30
Windows XP

Thanks in Advance

A:Frozen Pointer

hello have you tried

Plugging the mouse into a different USB port?
Replacing the mouse?

Checking the manufacturer's site for software for the mouse and installing it?

If you remove the mouse from the USB port, does the touchpad work correctly? If so, the mouse or the port are probably faulty.

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Any suggestions on how to regain mouse control?

I have dual boot Win7-Win10 and until recently I could still boot to a usable Win7, even though the lic registration was canceled presumably due to installing Win10 over the same lic on a different partition. When you do the free upgrade it transfer's the lic from 7 to 10. I only use 7 or trouble shooting problems where I want to make sure it's not a Win10 issue.

Now, when I boot to 7, I have no mouse. The cursor just sits there. Also the up/down/left/right arrows don't work, so can't select the MS key or any key. Pretty hard to do anything when you lose all navigation ability. Reinserting the USB connection and using different ports did nothing, nor did plugging it into the main ps/2 port with an adapter. Also booting to safe mode does not change anything. The USB mouse works just fine with Win10.

Is this Microsoft's way of saying "tsk, tsk, don't use that OS anymore"?

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I am unable to go beyond the log in page when starting my computer due to a frozen mouse. If I wait for some time the log in page reverts to a screensaver and nothing further happens and I am forced to close down by holding in the On/Off button.
I have changed the batteries in the mouse and keyboard which is Logitech wireless and tried it on another computer and it works ok. I have tried another wireless mouse and a cable mouse and neither work. I am running windows XP and until I installed a new Apple iMac alongside I had no problems. I have moved my Advent computer to a different location and it still doesn't work. I couldn't find any tips in previous threads that quite fitted my circumstances thus I am asking for HELP:

A:Frozen mouse pointer

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Windows XP Professional. Wireless mouse pointer frozen in centre of screen.Wireless keyboard OK. Have tried USB mouse & another wireless. Problems started when I deleted Norton Anti-virus & halfway though loading new Kaspersky, computer froze completely & had to shut down by holding power button. Re started OK and tried to load Kaspersky again but this time from disc. Froze again & had to shut down on the power button. Next restart, mouse pointer frozen centre screen. Driver OK in Control Panel but says cannot find hardware(Code 41) Have re-loaded the original XP disc - no change.

A:Frozen Mouse Pointer

so you have reinstalled windows??, if not try.
Try a ps2 mouse (if you have a port)
try uninstalling and reinstalling your USB controlers (uninstall then restart, they should come up)

usualy you need to use a tool from nortons to remove that stupid program, i havent used kaspersky is it good?

for AV i use AVG free by Grisoft and Antivir Personal by Avira, both are free and somtimes detect diferent threts, i find most full blown Internet Security programs are anoying and expencive.

any way tell us how you go.
thanks for using TSG

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I am using Vista and Office 2007. I signed on after a system restore to an earlier time and now my mouse pointer on my laptop freezes after one pointing. It won't allow me to get to my system restore and so I am using my laptop with Win XP Professional to post this message. Can someone help me with this first time ever problem. Thank you, in advance, for any help you can offer.

A:Mouse pointer frozen

have you tried to do a system restore in safe mode, (tap the f8 key while booting up)

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I am running Win XP Pro on an Abit KA7-100 board with an Athlon 700 CPU. WD-80GB HDD.

A few weeks ago I upped the memory with a 512 stick of Crucial memory to 1 GB of SDRAM. Everything was fine.

A couple of days ago the onboard RAM was reported as being only 512 MB. I reseated the memory modules without any effect.

Overnight, problems appeared. The principal one being that the mouse pointer is frozen in the centre of the screen.

The mouse is a Logitech MX700 cordless optical mouse.

I reinstalled the Logitech software without effect and attempted to reconnect the mouse with the base station. Result : No apparent effect.

The pointer is still frozen, after several reboots.

I propose to take out the memory and reseat it.

Is the order in which the memory banks are populated significant ?

Any ideas or suggestions will be gratefully received !


A:Mouse Pointer Frozen after Boot

Since your only reading 512 instead of 1 gig it maybe that the first stick isn't reading so as well as taking out a stick , make sure the stick is always in the first slot.

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In cleaning up my laptop, I accidentally deleted something I wanted - but I didnt' realize it for a couple weeks.

No problem, system restore.

Started doing system restore operations, trying to find the exact point I wanted to go back to. I probably did 4 or 5 restore operations. A couple times I did a reverse operation, but not everytime. Guess I did one too many...

I am now able to turn the computer on, and it'll get to the user selection screen. Can't get past that point. The computer has a touchpad - with a blue light to indicate it's on. The blue light is off, and the touchpad is not functional, nor can I turn it on. External mouse plugged doesn't work.

The laptop will go into setup mode (F2)... but I don't see any nifty options to help me.

The laptop will start up in safe mode, and I get to the same login screen (with the additional option of logging in as the administrator) - and the mouse still won't move.

When I get to the user selection screen, the only button that works is the OFF button.

What do I do? What're my options?

Laptop is a Compaq Presario 2500
WinXP Home (XP pro on order...)
1gb (512x2) 333 DDR SDRAM
Built in 802.11b/g
80gb hard drive, installed about 6 months ago
DVDRW drive, installed about 6 months ago

A:Completely Frozen - Pointer Won't Move

Please remember that system restore only restores Windows system files (hence the name) and not any file that you create/download/delete unless its directly related to the Windows operating system.

It sounds like the multitude of system changes have damaged Windows, I would opt for a reinstall but selecting the Repair option.

Assume all critical files you need (documents etc) are backed up?

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When I power on and go to the browser screen all of the Windows except for the recycling bin are invisible. I can see the orange light on the pointer but the cursor itself is frozen and offscreen and I am unable to do anything. I would appreciate any insights. I already attempted a factory reset by taking the battery out. Thanks

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I have just done a fresh install of XP Home on a client's computer (it was SP1 version and I applied the SP2 from a disk from MS).

When I was installing from the XP Home SP1 disk, I noticed there was no mouse pointer available as well, but I thought this was a quirk since the OS disk was supplied by MDG Computers. Once the system restarted the mouse worked fine.

Now, I am still experiencing this problem. Every time I cold boot the computer, windows loads completely and everything is functioning except the mouse. I can use the keyboard to navigate around and restart the system. When it restarts, the mouse is working perfectly. I have done all the updates from MS.

This problem is driving me nuts.... I have not found any posts anywhere to do with this particular problem - it always deals with the system hanging before windows starts.

Has anybody else seen this problem or knows what it could be caused by ? I hate to have to tell my client that they have to start the system and then reboot immediately to get the mouse working.

A:XP loads but Mouse pointer frozen ONLY on Cold Boot

Allo CelticElf

Without the mouse, it'll be a bit 'messy' to get there but, while the mouse is frozen, during 1st boot, work your way to the control panel, then the 'System' - Hardware - Device Manager. You need the 'Mouse and other pointing devices' bit. Is it expanded to show what mouse is connected, and does it have either a yellow triangle or red thingy next to it???

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My computer doesnt load up, doesnt progress any further than the Gigabyte utilities splash screen. I cannot open the CD drive, and pressing the keys on my keyboard does nothing. However, if I press the caps lock before turning my computer on, THEN the green light on the caps lock appears. Pressing the hotkeys, such as TAB for access to the BIOS, or F12 for utility program does nothing.

To give some background, I had been playing a game and had a tv show from the internet running in the background.

My system was running slow, and then seemed to have totally frozen. I waited 5 mins for it to resolve itself. It didn't. I tried task manager, and Ctl+Alt+Del to no avail.

I then, in desperation turned the power off at the mains.

PPS: I have left the computer for approx 4 hours to see if it was just running slowly. Sadly, no such luck.

Since then, I cannot even access Windows or anything.

Please help!

PS: This is a desktop computer I am referring to.

A:Computer is frozen when loading Windows, frozen at the Gigabyte Utilities screen


doesnt progress any further than the Gigabyte utilities splash screen. I cannot open the CD drive

This signifies a hardware problem. When you power up the computer can you press the eject button for the CD drive? Does the tray open? Does the light on the CD drive light or blink? on the Gigabyte screen can you enter Setup (Bios) usually by pressing the Del key?
If not, then shut down the computer and unplug all drives (CD/DVD, HDD's, Floppy etc) and start the computer. Can you get into the Bios? If not, then you may have a failing Power Supply Unit. Try testing with another.

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My new Dell Latitude E7470 is currently having a problem where my mouse cursor moves by itself. This is very annoying as it will move even as I am trying to use it, and it also wakes up my screen and keyboard backlight. It can go for a period of time without happening, and then all of a sudden it starts in 5-10 second intervals. Each time moving an centimetre or so to the right.I've narrowed it down to an issue with touchpad and/or pointer stick as I turned the touchpad off in the BIOS and the issue seemed to go away.At first I thought this was an OS/driver issue as I exclusively use Ubuntu 16.04 on the machine, and Linux is know to be buggy with hardware, but then I realised it also happens while in the actual BIOS. If it is happening in the BIOS menu then surely it can't be an OS issue. My BIOS version is 1.12.3Has anyone else come across this issue? I do have next day on-site warranty, but thought I'd check before going through that process since I don't know if Dell will process my next day warranty while I'm running Linux, even though I don't believe Linux is the issue.

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When using the touchpad in Fedora I am having problem controlling it when doing small movements, I found this very thorough analysis of the problem: libinput and the Lenovo T450 and T460 series touchpads Has this been reported to Lenovo and is anyone investigating?

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hey guys i was wondering if you could help me try and sort out my touchpad on my DELL INSPIRON M5010

the pad itself works but i am meant to be able to scroll down webpages and flick back pages on the internet.

This is very frustrating as i have to coninualy use the up and down buttons on the side of ie

i have checked the drivers and they are all up to date

any help would be greatly appreciated

A:pointer touchpad problem


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I have a gateway windows vista, no external mouse, and it's been running fine until about two days ago, now my cursor is just moving everywhere!! When I start the computer up the cursor is fine for about 5 seconds then it goes on a rampage! When my hand is on the touchpad it starts moving and clicking on everything! Although I kept my finger on the touchpad without moving it and it kept trying to move to the start button and it finally clicked on it, again without me and it seemed like it was trying to go to all programs! So then I restarted it in safemode and the same thing occured! So next I turned off my wireless Internet connection and still same thing! My computer is now off and I'm using my iPhone! Which reminds me, the cursor seemed to be targeting my iTunes icon too and the cursor moved across the screen without my hand on it! Please help I think I am being hacked!!!

A:My touchpad pointer moves uncontrolably!!!!

Your laptop may be infested with malware and spyware and other "nasties". Let's try a few things and then go from there.


Download and save the free version of:

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware


then close all open windows first, then install them both, then restart your laptop.

Next, follow these instructions completely:

Start Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.

Click "Updates(tab) - Check for Updates".

When the definition files have updated, click "OK".

Click "Scanner(tab) - Perform quick scan - Scan".

If infections are found during the scan, the number of infections will be highlighted in red.

When the scan is finished, click "Show Results".

Make sure that everything is selected, then click "Remove Selected".

If you're prompted to restart to finish the removal process, click "Yes".

Start Malwarebytes Anti-Malware again.

Click "Logs"(tab).

Highlight the scan log entry, then click "Open".

When the scan log appears in Notepad, copy-and-paste it here.

Start SUPERAntiSpyware.

Click "Check for Updates".

When the definition files have updated, click "Close".

Click "Scan your Computer - Perform Quick Scan - Next".

If infections or problems are found during the scan, a list will appear.

When the scan is finished and the scan summary window appears, click "OK&qu... Read more

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I have an Acer laptop model 7720, Windows XP Pro ,SP3. I also have an external USB connected mouse.

The pointer locks up sometimes right after boot up and begin to use computer, and sometimes I may use the computer for 30 or so minutes before it starts to lock up. The external mouse works perfectly well. Itís only the touchpad mouse that locks up intermittently. I have run CCleaner register cleaner, cache, cookies, etc, cleaner, Easy Cleaner, Disk Cleaner, and Spybot Search and Destroy. I have Nod 32 antivirus. I tried a System Restore. I did a driver update by going to Control Panel > mouse > etc. I have updated Firefox to 3.6.7 version. Nothing has resolved the problem.

A:Touchpad mouse and pointer locks up

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Satellite ls7008. I have a laggy mouse when moving it with the touch-pad only. Every 4-6 seconds it stops then goes again. This is also happening when using the arrow keys on the keyboard when scrolling in a long web page. Now I am noticing input lag while typing. It does not do this when using a USB mouse(the mouse lag only). I have tried to restore, uninstall drivers, install new drivers(synoptics and Toshiba ones) and it still does it. I tried with and without a battery. I Turned off virus protection. Nothing has changed the input lag yet. Wondering if I need to reinstall windows 7 64bit as this really annoys me.

A:Laggy touchpad pointer and scrolling

Hi . Have, or do you do any maintainence to Windows? With a problem like this, I would do some work on the registry, I use the Freeware program called 'Winmend registry defrag 1.3.4'. You can download it from www.winmend.com. It is a 'light' program, and unlikely to do harm (as some can). Do a backup of your current registry as a safety precaution, before the scan. Also try 'CCleaner', as a general scan of your system to clear up any further 'problems'. I use these programs often, along with 'Auslogics Disc defrag 3.1.'

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Pointer stays in centre of screen, and does not react to Touchpad or wireless mouse.

I have uninstalled the Mouse, physically disconnected it from the USB port and seen it go from the Device Manager, in order to work first on the TouchPad. I checked the TouchPad driver and it says it is up to date. I uniinstalled it and watched it re-load the driver on a reboot. Still no response to touchpad (or touchpad buttons). There have been no hardware changes or key events in the recent life of the Laptop which would make me suspect any loose connections or damaged components.

So assuming that the TouchPad is dead, I reinstalled the Mouse and tried to get that working. At first, nothing at all, but at one point I was getting some movement... but nowhere near a usable interface for man and machine. The damn pointer seemed to take delight in getting near to where I needed it to be and then refusing to get the last half an inch no matter how far I moved the Mouse. The displayed movement was jerky and intermittent, with stubborn refusal to move followed by warping to the other side of the screen. I tried swapping the USB connector for the wireless mouse to a different port, no change. I checked the driver was up to date, it is. While it was still working, I went to the configuration menus to adjust the speed, tried a trail, adjusted sensitivity, hoping to find that something had been messed up that could be fixed. No change.

I am very tired of seeing the Device Manager saying "This... Read more

A:Pointer not moving, Touchpad or Mouse

Further PC details;
Intel Core 2 Duo CPU T6400 @ 2.00 GHz
Model 23 Stepping 10

Graphics Card: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3430 256Mb

Motherboard: Packard Bell BV, Etna GM

AntiVirus: Virgin Media Security Antivirus, Updated and Enabled.

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Hello all,
I got a Dell Inspiron e1505 -Core Duo 2.0GHZ, 2gb Ram running windows 7 ultimate 32 bit. My question is last week my pointer moves erratically not smoothly, so I thought it could be my touchpad driver. I updated my driver and still no fix. I ran a scan on AVG, used ccleaner to clean out registry and still no fix. My last option was to do a fresh reinstall. Still no fix. I have a portable mouse that i use for usb and it works fine but I hate carrying that thing around really not convenient at all. Does anyone know what the problem can be? Should I get a new palm rest and replace it? Please advise.


A:Touchpad-pointer erratic movements

According to the website, the Synaptics drivers for your touchpad are for Vista. You might try installing them in compatibility mode.

Drivers & Downloads

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My laptop touchpad has been freezing up periodically, seemingly triggered by my use of the scrolling portion of the pad, though using that portion of the pad does not always result in my touchpad freezing up.

Prior to this issue, I had run ComboFix and logged onto the forums to post my log (post located here)--other than that, I haven't been doing anything unusual with my laptop recently.

Any helpful suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.

A:frozen touchpad

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I have a packard bell laptop with windows xp. Sometimes when i switch on, i find my curser is frozen. I don't use a mouse just the touchpad. To get it to start i have to switch it of and then start again, it seems to be allright the second time i power up. Can anyone tell me how to rectify this please. thanks.

A:frozen touchpad

Hi bobbies -
How often is this problem occuring (regular / daily / weekly / once or twice) and have you used a mouse at all to see if this helps.
I find that even on my 12 month old Win7 Toshiba that a mouse cured these problems.

A laptop with XP ?? 8+ years old may have worn sensors or a build up of dust etc under the touchpad at times -

Try to clean under the pad (very carefully) or try a mouse and see if there is any change -

Thank You -

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my touchpad has stopped working. the pointer is displayed in desktop but its not selecting the icons. this problem is since yesterday. plz help me to solve this issue. thanks in advance.

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Just recently began having issues with my built in keyboard on my L540. It was very sudden this weekend, came to my computer after being away, and noticed my keyboard wouldnt work. Couldnt type, arrow keys, side numbers, top numbers. Strangely enough the command F keys up top for sound, screen brightness, etc did work. Then a little while later they too stopped.  I have a new keyboard in the mail now and will have it by the end of the week. However, just today my pointer and touchpad now will no long work either. Currently using usb for each.  I went through to uninstall/update drivers, tests, everything passes and yet the problem remains. I will be checking the internal ribbon connections soon to see if thats any cause. It's just strange how soon after my keyboard goes that my pointer and touchpad goes also. I havent had any drops, or liquid spills. Anyone had any similar issues?   On a side note. One dot im not sure i can connect to this problem, is a recent Windows 10 System update (Version 1511, KB3150513, ) and Cumulative update (KB3210721), along with some misc. security etc updates. If i remember correctly, i think i performed the updates because i was having keyboard issues. But it did not help, and has actually made boots slower.

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Hi,since I updated my HP Laptop to Windows 10 last week, the little light on my touchpad is shining yellow. I has never been on bevore and I dont know what this means, has it anything to do with the update?I read in other articles that the lamp is ligtning if the touchpad is turned off, but my touchpad and my pointer are working completely fine...Thanks for any Help!

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Well, genuinely frustrated now. I've been working this issue for several hours this morning to no avail. A few days ago I noticed my touchpad wasn't working on wake.  Solution had been to restart.  This worked several times.  When I saw it happening with more frequency, I went in and made sure I didn't have any viruses, or unwanted software.  I also ran a sweep of my system (sfc /scannow), and a similar scan in the common files area.  No issues detected anywhere, from there I went to look at my start up options, and basically made sure nothing was running.  I even turned off Garmin Express Tray just in case. --- ISSUE --- On start up I have no mouse pointer, it used to be in the Upper Right hand corner, now it seems to be middle of screen (I can only view via the (CTRL function mouse finder) as there is no visible pointer on my screen.  Touch Pad is not working.   Device Manager shows: 12c HID Driver with the Yellow Explamation point.  Tried updating (all up to date) tried the remove and re-install, reboot. Tried BIOS F9 Load Defaults, F10 Save, RestartTried re-installing Synaptics Pointer software and driversTried Lenovo's support page and reinstalled current driver from there.When I enable via Lenovo Vanatage, it immiediately goes grey and shifts back to disabled Read all of the google searches I could find, and tried most everything I could think ofAll of this failed to correct the problem ... Read more

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Since updating to Windows 10 My INspiron 15R touchpad doesn't always respond and move the pointer and the scroll doesn't work at all. Checked the driver but it says it's up to date.

A:touchpad not scrolling and pointer not responsive on Inspiron 15r


The Inspiron 15r covers around over a dozen models. Please specify the model number. You can get the exact model number by entering the service tag on the support site www.support.dell.com This would show if the system is compatible with windows 10 and the model number as well. Also check if you have the latest BIOS firmware on the system, which will be available in the drivers and downloads section in the support site.

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Touch pad Freezing Review (Updated 30/1/2014)

Millions of "Solutions" out there?!

Hi! I have posted this on several forums in the hope that someone might have a working solution to this problem? I have given a fairly detailed description of things I have tried, but have not found a solution to the issue with.

This is not a new problem! If you search on MS forums/Website (and many others), etc., you find this has been going on for years and the worst part about the problem is so many people have the problem and no solution! The online help techies seem polite but definitely puzzled that Win 7 and 8 computers should be doing this?! They give a typical response (This is, by no means, and exhaustive list of every suggested solution):

1. System Reset: Resets the computer by switching off, removing battery, hold down power button for 10 seconds. Re-install battery, switch on and you should be ready to go...?!?!?! This is actually a good solution to some quirky problems, but does not resolve this particular issue.

2. Drivers: A second suggestion that techies and others suggest is that the problem is due to drivers?! Corrupted drivers, outdated drivers - like update your drivers using Win Update?! I (and a good number of others) have tried this "solution" by updating drivers, uninstalling and re-installing drivers in a number of different ways, deleting drivers and installing older drivers such as using a Vista driver on compatibility mode for video... Read more

A:Touchpad Pointer Freezing Problem - Is there a Solution Out There?

Hi and welcome to TSF one thing comes to mind heat this can have an adverse effect on hardware and cause touchpads to freeze.
also if these are installed you don't need them
Iobit Advanced System Care v7 (Free)
Iobit Smart Defrag v3.0 (Free)
Iobit Driver Booster v1.2 (Free)

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Why? I notice in device mgr, there is 2 - HID complaint mouse, shouldnt thier only be one? Im using targus wireless optical. Also does Targus have any software to download to adjust acceleration etc?

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Problem #1: Using touchpad my pointer jumps around erratically.  If I try to click on one button on the screen it jumps over and clicks the one next to it.  Etc.  Problem #2: When trying to reinstall driver Hp Install Assistant tells me to uninstall program not there.  I have had nothing but problems with this touchpad and pointer since purchasing this computer.  For my history search this forum on my user name.  I kept updating the driver.  I tried updating many different ways - manually and with HP Install Assistant.  With framework installed and without framework installed.  From device manager and from Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel. I never found a solution, but I found a way to live with it for a year.  I would go into the HP Control Zone and crank the SmartSense all the way to the top.  Everytime my computer rebooted or went to sleep, that setting would reset and and I would have to go back in and crank it up again.  Now even that does not work. So I go to reinstall the driver again (I notice HP has removed all updated forms of the driver from their library and now the only version available is the original sent out with Win10).  HP assistant tells me it can't install the driver because there is a newer version already installed.  That if I want to install the older version I need to go to Add/Remove Programs select "Synaptic Touchpad" and uninstall.  No problem.  I go ... Read more

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My Toshiba Satellite TouchPad is frozen and fn-f5 and f9 won't fix the problem and I am at my wits end.

A:TouchPad cursor frozen

Hp laptops have a small pinhole in one corner of the touchpad. It is actually a toggle that, when double tapped, turns on or turns off the touchpad. I believe it possible your Toshiba may have the same touchpad which may be the source of your problem. Double or single tap the toggle and you may unfreeze it.
Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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I can't use my touchpad. My arrow/cursor is frozen in the middle of the screen.

1) I can still use external mouse

2) I saw in similar post somebody suggested using memory tool scan from microsoft. I did find that but when I clicked on it the owner was not microsoft but some other name. I am tired of downloding stuff on my computer and find out later that they are spyware etc..

3) I purchased Norton 360 which does not help

4) I ran system restore, did not help. First when I ran system restore it gave me error message "unspecified error during system restore" I ran it in safemode and now I could restore. Then I had to do the updates again. Rebooted toshiba laptop agai and the cursor still frozen.

Could you please help? What help could I use from Microsoft Help ? Most diagnostic stuff I downloaded so far wants me to buy their product? What shall I do?

A:frozen arrow on touchpad

Norton and vista usually dont go well together. I would use Avast or AVG antivirus, they are free.

Have you tried finding drivers for the touchpad? You could try to install new drivers or just reinstall current ones. Also have you tried turning the touchpad off and then on again? Is the touchpad on?

Just a thought


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A few weeks a go a bought a new LG netbook. Tonight I turned it on and the cursor is just stuck there in the middle of the screen.

I don't use a mouse, just the touchpad, so I can't even attempt to do anything. Everything else seems to be working fine in the background upon boot up and on the desktop, but the cursor won't budge.

Tried to open control panel but obviously can't do that with the cursor stuck. Any options the DON'T involve me having to buy a new USB mouse?

How can I fix this?


A:My netbook touchpad is frozen. Can't do anything! Now what?

You can go into device manager, delete the touchpad and restart the system and see if that clears it up but it sounds like a hardware issue with either a loose ribbon cable to the touchpad or its just burned out (it happens).

If the netbook is new though perhaps its still under warranty and you can get an RMA for it from the manufacturer?

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For the last month or so my mouse pointer erratically jumps to a specific area of the screen and then continues to jump around in a vertical line in that area (upper half, slightly to the left). Hugely annoying. But happens erratically, one day it may not happen at all or happen rarely, other days it is constantly an issue.  Originally assumed it was a problem with the touchscreen, but disabling the touchscreen didn't help. Disabling the touchpad also didn't help, but this is a little weird since even if I uninstall the touchpad driver it somehow comes back by itself. No problem in safe mode.  If I try installing another driver in Safe Mode it seems to keep it, but when I reboot to normal mode the problem is back Clearly seems to be a software issue since everything is fine in Safe Mode, but not sure where I'm getting the problem. Have tried several other touchpad drivers without improvement Huge pain! Any suggestions?

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Having some issues with the ol' laptop.
Really slow to start and open.
Hangs when opening anything.
Often ignores mouse clicks
Pointer freezes and wont move on the touchpad only - external mouse never an issues.
Thanks soooooo much !
Files attached

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For the last month or so my mouse pointer erratically jumps to a specific area of the screen and then continues to jump around in a vertical line in that area (upper half, slightly to the left). Hugely annoying. But happens erratically, one day it may not happen at all or happen rarely, other days it is constantly an issue.  Originally assumed it was a problem with the touchscreen, but disabling the touchscreen didn't help. Disabling the touchpad also didn't help, but this is a little weird since even if I uninstall the touchpad driver it somehow comes back by itself. No problem in safe mode.  If I try installing another driver in Safe Mode it seems to keep it, but when I reboot to normal mode the problem is back Clearly seems to be a software issue since everything is fine in Safe Mode, but not sure where I'm getting the problem. Have tried several other touchpad drivers without improvement Huge pain! Any suggestions? The laptop is only 4 months old, doesn't run any weird software, mainly just chrome and ms office Cheers, AK

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Hi everyone,
As the title says really. I just want to see if others are having similar problems before I bring this up with Dell directly. 
Some pertinent info: This is my second 'XPS 15 9560' and both laptops have had the exact same problem. All drivers are up to date, windows is up to date so I'm using the latest precision drivers from microsoft. I have tried disabling double tap dragging and enhanced precision to no avail.
I'll be happily moving my pointer around the screen and as I lift my finger to click on something the pointer will jump about 5 - 10mm in a random direction, often causing me to click on the wrong thing.
The fact it's happened on both laptops tells me others must be having this problem too. I can't seem to find anything specific on the issue though.
It's driving me nuts and would like to know if anyone who has had this problem has managed to cure it? I've heard installing synaptics drivers can help with some touchpad issues but then you lose touchpad functionality so seems pointless to me, also this fix was for the 9550, last years model so not sure how relevant it is, although my understanding is it's the same touchpad.
Hopefully someone can help, thanks

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Every spyware and virus detection says this computer is clean but something is eating the Ram such that the pointer stalls and must "rest" for 3-5 seconds before it can be moved again. Keyboard commands seem to work fine. Disc has been cleaned, defraged. Hard drive is only used at 15% capacity. Any ideas on what else we can try?


A:Mouse pointer freezes on Toshiba Laptop touchpad

Slow Computer?, Use this troubleshooting checklisthttp://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/44690/slow-computer/

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Hi, I got my new Yoga 720 13-Ikb (i7, 8Go, 256Go SSD version) today. However, i already have a problem with it :  On Windows (not tryed on linux for now), the mouse pointer isn't displayed and the touchpad isn't responding. I've tryed to look for into windows settings but i'm not used to it at all so i've found nothing about a "only touchscreen mode". It's pretty anoying, it's acting like the touchpad was disable. The keyboard is working great. I've followed the windows installation step as usual, i just disable all the "send my personal, network, localisation... information" options. I will try to make it work on linux, if it does, the post will be deleted so if you read this, please help! Hoping someone response,Jules.

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Please don't respond unless you totally read and understand my problem.
1. HP Pavillion dv9207us (RP282UA#ABA) [laptop]
2. Windows Vista Home Premium edition
3. Keyboard and touchpad have stopped working, but Bluetooth mouse works.
4. 'Software' keyboard pops up on screen to use with mouse, but NO hardware
keys respond and the touchpad is also dead.
5. When attempting to reinstall [or connect an external keyboard] I received
the following message:
Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while
attempting to install it.
Standard 101/102-Key or Microsoft Natural PS/2 Keyboard
This operation requires an interactive window station.
6. The "Keyboards" section of the Device Manager is showing two "Unknown devices" with yellow triangles with exclamation marks and I am unable to locate the keyboard and touchpad drivers using the Recovery Manager.
7. Uninstalling the drivers in Device Manager only starts Step 5 all over
8. I do not have restore point before the problem came about and do not have the Windows Vista Installation disk since the computer was shipped with only the Recovery partition on Drive D:\ which is inaccessable. [See Step 6
regarding Recovery Manager.]
10. Problem st... Read more

A:Laptop keyboard & touchpad frozen

are you able to get into safemode and if so, are you having problems there also?

What game did you uninstall and how did you uninstall it?

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Hi, Can you help me, with regards to my touchpad will not work or frozen everytime I used a LAN cable, but if I am connected to wireless its working great. Using external mouse is working but I want to find out why built in touchpad will not. In our place, wireless is not working properly, connection is very slow, better to used the LAN cable connection is faster.

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Hi, This has happened to me before, a while ago, and am afraid I don't remember how it was fixed before...But recently my mouse pointer disappeared again and the touchpad doesn't do anything. When I click Ctrl, I see where the mouse pointer should be, but it doesn't reapear. Selecting F6 does nothing. I've googled and scanned the forums, but all proposed solutions don't work. Help? Thanks!

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