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Lenovo B560 Linux - Ubuntu Drivers Update. CPU ove...

Q: Lenovo B560 Linux - Ubuntu Drivers Update. CPU ove...

I just Install Ubuntu 16.04 On my B560 after a total crash upgrading to W10. Fantastic OS, superfast load and everything working smooth but a single small issue. It seems the CPU gets overheated. Not sure if cause the 4.4 version of the new Kernel or any other reason as power management in the mother board. I cant find Direct dowloads to Linux drivers. Have tried some searchs on the knowledge base but didnt found anything really helpfull. Any idea?, any links around? any information about where to find them.I know by the Ubuntu site that they partner with Lenovo and all Lenovo's shipping in India comes with Ubuntu Preinstalled instead of Windows ( a much better option i will say ). Any helps , post found, links etc will be much appreciated.

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Preferred Solution: Lenovo B560 Linux - Ubuntu Drivers Update. CPU ove...

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


Hello! I cant find ANYWHERE the page with drivers for my laptop. On support page, searching with serial number, search form return to me error "Sorry, no products.... blah, blah, blah"But... you know... I found with no problem the page where my Laptop exist )))))https://support.lenovo.com/us/en/solutions/pd022762On this page, I cant found drivers too....So.. **bleep**????

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I have Lenovo laptops B560 Notebooki sent it to be clean of dust but after cleaning it didn't work it had a problem in the mother board biosafter charging the bios it work but new problem showed upit is not shuting downwhen i prss shut down the windos dobut the laptop hang on like in the third photoand i won't power of no matter how much i let it to doi have to power it off by force by press power for 5 sec.what is the problem herewhy it don't power off

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Hello ,I have hp probook 440 g3 , and i am running windows 10 , i hav found all the drivers easily and works great, now i want to change my os and install linux ubuntu , but i could not find the valid drivers for my product, can anyone guide me, either can i use linux ubuntu with full specs on my hp probook 440 g3 , if yes then where can i find the valid drivers for all the components .  Thanks.

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Dear All - I have an HP X2 Detachable Laptop - P010NR. Its (sadly) pre-loaded with Windows 10 64bit, with an inbuild memory of 32GB. Windows and their updates have already eaten 25GB of laptop space and gave me reason enough to switchover OS itself. Now, I have tried - Ubuntu (16.04), Ubuntu Mate (17.10), ElementaryOS, Remix OS (Android), Chrome OS & Linux Mint. They all can be installed on this Laptop but, none of them has working sound/audio. I do not use camera, bluetooth etc. on laptop so they do not hold any relevance. But I have to have working audio.  It will be a great help if someone kindly suggest workaroud for installing audio drivers for any of the above OS OR an alternate OS with working audio over this PC. I don't care about warranty etc. as its an overseas purchase, not covered in any of the way in my Country. Kindly also suggest if an USB external sound card can do the trick as they are readily and cheaply available. Thanks for reading the issue.

A:Ubuntu/Linux/Android Audio Drivers for HP X2 Detachable P010...

http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c04947806 found this dont know if this helps you or not or is what your looking for?  ?Please click ?Accept as Solution ? if you feel my post solved your issue, it will help others find the solution.Click the ?Click the ?Kudos, Thumbs Up" on the bottom right to say ?Thanks? for helping!

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Hello,I am able to see/download Z510 BIOS files for Windods 7, 8 and 10 operating systems from Lenovo support site. I formated my drive and installed Ubuntu(16.4), any idea where I can find Z510 BIOS for Ubuntu/Linux operating system? thank you,EPanosian 

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Hi Everyone,is there any option to install nvidia quadro linux drivers ? I install fedora and the graphics are not work fine.

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Dear Sir/Madam i have Lenovo B560-20068. i sent it to IBM service because of it  was not openning Service said they need to flash bios to repair. i said ok and paid my bill . but after my control they flashed Lenovo 3000 bios and because of that my wireless card is not working . i need originial bios for B560-200668 ?? 

IMG_20160620_074337.jpg ?1849 KB

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Hi, I have a Lenovo B560 laptop, and I've had it for almost 2 years now. I remember I didn't have wireless when I baught it, it just didn't detect any wireless ever, and then after months, it just did. I don't know how it happened, but for a while I could detect wireless. Now I formated my hard drive and reinstalled windows (7 , 64-bit)  ..and I again don't have any wireless connection, no matter where I go. Can you please help me figure this out? Thanks a lot!

A:Lenovo B560 - No wireless!!

Hi tezebe,
Welcome to Lenovo community Forums!
Since you just did a reformat you might need to check the Device driver for the Wireless adapter.
You can check under device manager, try opening network adapter ans check if you will see intel, broadcom or atheros that says wireless.
like this:
If there are none then you should download one from here. try checking the drivers or you can call Technical support about what wireless came with your computer by providing the computer serial number.
After installation, Check your wifi switch if it is On by pressing FN+F5 on your Keyboard to switch the wifi on/off.
Then try reconnecting..
Please let me know what happened.....
Hope this helps,

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I have a lenovo b560 CPU intel p6100,1x 2gb ram at 532Mhz, intel hd graphics. I want to upgrade RAM to 4gb with only one 4gb ram memory stick. Can you help me to chose a compatible memory with my system?I have alreday tried kingstone KVR16LS11/4 4gb 1600Mhz 1.35V and I got a blue screen or "bad pool header"error

A:Lenovo b560 ram upgrade

Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!
You can check the system's Maintenance Manual Page 73 where it list the Memory that normally come with this model

or you can visit this link which they test their RAM compatibility with OEM Machines 
Hope this helps

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hi everyone just install new hard drive in the laptop and installed all the drivers fine but only nvidia driver is giving me nuts and doest want to install on 32bit win7 system any clue to solve this problem.thanks   

A:Cant install nvidia drivers B560

hi xtream,
If you have installed this NVIDIAŽ GeForceŽ 310M  driver:
NVIDIA Display Driver (v8.16.11.8969)
Windows 7 32bitIN3VDO35WW5.exe74.0MB 
Have you tried to::
1. Install the  Intel Onboard Graphics Driver without any problems? (this unit comes with dual video card - Intel + NVIDIA)2. Install the latest NVIDIA drivers via NVIDIA website ?
Please check the source of the error inside of Windows (click start > type eventvwr.msc > click Custom Views > Administrative Tools) if the NVIDIA graphics driver installation still fails.

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Hello everyone! I have Ubuntu 18.04 installed on my Lenovo Ideapad 320 15-ABR as a single system. Since I made the change from Windows 10,  when i return to open the computer after "close" it and suspend it for a few minutes or hours, I find the screen completely stuck and glitched in colors without anything i can do but turn off and then on again the computer whit the power button. I've read in Ubuntu forums that could be because the drivers I'm using for the graphics card are generic and "free" of linux. The problem is that I can not install proprietary drivers (AMD Radeon) because the amd drivers website doesnt allow these be downloaded individually, but ask to "identify" your hardware using an app for windows that you are asked to download. The problem is that this app can not be installed or run on Linux systems. Any idea how to find the correct drivers for my equipment, available for download? And some idea of ??how to install them correctly in Ubuntu? Thanks in advice  

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Hello, welcome everybody!I have a Lenovo B560 notebook and i decided to install  MSATA Kingston MS200 120gb SSD.I placed it into my laptop and it doesnt want to recognize it. So if i want to install Windows for it, the installer can not see the SSD drive. Please help me, bios is in AHCI mode..

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Please help me find the bios for lenovo b560.-Bios Revision : 39CN16WWOr have to wait for the official update? 

Go to Solution.

A:BIOS for LENOVO IdeaPad B560

download the bios update from here.
( at that moment, no bios update available )

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Hello, I have a lenovo B560 laptop. It is fairly new. The display is wacky. You cannot see the display and you can drag the mouse aaaaaaaaaalllllll the way down or to the left or right. It says I have the latese Generic PNP momitor nad the latest Intel Graphics. This happened before and I downloaded the monitor driver and it worked. I turned on the laptop a month or so later (it is a work laptop) and it is the same. I have done 2 full reinstalls and it installs the same way, with the display way off. All I see in the device manager is Gerneric pNp monitor and Thinkpad display 1400 something. I uninstalled both, restarted, reinstalled and it is the same. What is the problem and why can I not install NVIDIA drivers? Why is the set up I used before that worked, not work now. The one that fixed the issue a few months ago was IN2VDO39WW5.

I know it can be fixed, as it was before. The fact that a clean install doesn't work troubles me, please h

A:Lenovo B560 display not showing fully

Have you updated your video driver?

Drivers and software - Lenovo B560 Notebook

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Hello I have Lenovo B560 with intel pentium p6100 with integrated intel graphics.I want to upgrade cpu to i7 or i5 processor according to my searchs my hm55 chipset supports i7 640m but i7 cpu's requires external graphic cards like nvidio or ati. so the question is are there any i5 or i7 cpu that doesnt require graphic card and will work on my b560

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Just got my Lenovo B560 laptop around April 2011 just for school purposes and it just started crashing on me.

Scenerio - While using it, it will randomly start making a ticking/clicking noise. This is then followed by the blue screen crash dump error. Give it a minute or so and it will then go black (slight lit screen) then a new error message pops up basically saying no OS found. Then I power down, let it boot up again and choose to start Windows normally. It takes a long time but it will boot up and then I can use it again until I hear the ticking/clicking sound and the cycle continues.

Windows 7 Home Premium
2.13GHz Intel Pentium P6200
Intel GMA HD
*A Best Buy special

I'm thinking the hard drive is going bad but wanted input. I'd hate to think I broke it so soon.

Many Thanks!!

A:Solved: New Lenovo B560 laptop keeps crashing

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I have used a Lenovo Laptop, Lenovo B560 with Intel (R) HD Graphics. The extended monitor has been connected with laptop by a VGA port. The laptop is turning on (window 10, 32 bit), however, the extended monitor did not work, as no signal. And then I have un/plugged the cable into the VGA port. The extended monitor can be turned on the screen.  Moreover, the monitor will be turned off after several minutes (five to ten). I can turn on screen unless a un/plugged cable again.Are you have a solution for this issue? Thank you so much!?

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Hi Lenovo Community! I'm having some trouble with my Lenovo B560 notebook after upgrading from Windows 7 to Win 10. The problem's with the touchpad and scroll. With the new touchpad driver (Elan smart pad driver dated 2015), the touchpad isn't working properly, it hesitates and stops in the middle of the motion. With an older driver (2010), the touchpad works just fine, but the scroll goes only down. When I scroll down, it goes down normally, but when I scroll up, it also goes down, only faster. I couldn't find any solution to this on the internet although I have seen the same exact problem mentioned regarding Windows 8 on the Microsoft forums, unfortunately with no solution. Can anyone help with this problem? I would very much appreciate it! Thank you,Domat

A:Lenovo B560 notebook Scroll problem with Windows 1...

The touchpad issue has been the bane of Windows 10 since its roll out.   The problem seems to center around Windows 10 wanting to use the Microsoft driver no matter what is installed by the end user.  It also has something to do with "touchscreen" and "guesture control" that interferes or over rides touchpad operation, especially with "scrol pads" that have sensing areas on the edges of the touchpad for scrol up/down options.
The only soulution seems to be using the built in windows driver and two finger guestures for up and down scrolling.  Microsoft seems to be dead set against changing this for some reason.

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Hello,I come to ask for help because I have a bios problem on a B560.I bought this computer that did not turn on at all, so I desoldered the eeprom and the KBC chip.I flashed them with the files: 39CN16WW and 39EC12WWThe computer now works but often I no longer have access to the bios F2 key and when I want to turn off I have to stay pressed 5 seconds on the power button otherwise it remains lit with black screen.I have the files of update 2.03 and 2.15 but when I try to make the update on windows I have an error message and when I put them in .phw with the keys fn + R (azerty) it does not work.Do you have a solution ?

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Dear Lenovo Tech Support, Windows 10 Is the most annoying OS ever. It does havoc in my P40 Yoga, It automatically installs drivers that does not work well with the P40. Whenever I opened Firefox and tried to connect to a website or tried to connect to a different Wifi network, the screen would turn black for a couple of seconds and the mouse cursor would center it self in the screen, like some sort of a reset. I installed the original WiFi driver from Lenovo website and magically the problem stopped. It is unreasonable and even time consuming that I have to write this message and needed to reinstall drivers from Lenovo website because of this new idiotic OS.I demand, that you write a script and add an option to the Lenovo settings app that will prevent windows 10 from automatically updating it's drivers and replacing them with universal ones. Also I had an Impression that Lenovo is a professional company, that make sure their computers work well and error free, without annoying maintenance... well prove me right and kindly if it's not too much to ask, contact Microsoft yourself and make sure they stop auto-updating drivers and replacing them with universal ones. An addition, I would appreciate it, if kindly you will provide all needed drivers for the Linux community for the P40, I'm sick of WINDOWS!!!  

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Hi,I would like to install the BIOS update for my Lenovo G50-45 but I am on Linux Mint 19.1. How can I do that? I already tried it with a bootable USB with FreeDOS but it tells me that it is not possible because the EXE file of the BIOS is a Win32 program.

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Hi sovy666,
I am not able to mark your post as solved as it is the original post, so I created this thread and moved your post to it as a reply so I can mark it as solved.  
Thank you for posting that you solved your problem.

A:Latest BIOS Update for Lenovo IdeaPad G50-45 on Linux Mint 19.1? SOLVED

Hi,I would like to install the BIOS update for my Lenovo G50-45 but I am on Linux Mint 19.1. How can I do that? I already tried it with a bootable USB with FreeDOS but it tells me that it is not possible because the EXE file of the BIOS is a Win32 program. EDIT: I solved the problem by installing Windows and updating the BIOS with the standard procedure, i.e. by running the EXE file and following the on-screen instructions, after which I reinstalled Linux Mint.

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Lenovo Releases BIOS Update to Allow Linux Installation on Windows 10 Devices

Back in September, complaints that reached the web (and even got confirmed by a supposed Lenovo official) claimed that installing Linux on a Yoga 900 was impossible because the operating system was blocked as part of a deal between Microsoft and Lenovo.

Both Microsoft and Lenovo denied that such an agreement existed, explaining that installing Linux was actually impossible because Windows 10 was running on a SSD locked in a proprietary RAID mode that could only be read by Redmond?s operating system.

And yet, following all this controversy Lenovo has released a new BIOS update for Yoga 900 that unlocks this proprietary RAID mode and allows the installation of Linux on the device.

?This BIOS creates an AHCI SATA Controller Mode selection to allow for the installation of the Linux operating system. This BIOS is NOT intended for use with machines running a Windows operation system,? the official changelog of the new BIOS version reads.

Drivers should allow Linux installation on any device
Lenovo confirmed from the very beginning that installation of Linux on its devices was possible with the right drivers, but the company didn?t say a single thing about updates that would be provided for the Yoga 900 Signature Edition.

?To improve system performance, Lenovo is leading an industry trend of adopting RAID on the SSDs in certain product configurations. Lenovo does not intentionally block cus... Read more

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Hi, I'm Erol from Turkey. I have a Lenovo B560 notebook and I need to get a "Windows 7 Home Bacis OA MEA Recovery Media.How can I get the recovery media CD/DVD ?My notebook is not eligible for create a recovery disk with using "Lenovo Digital Download Recovery Service (DDRS)"Therefore I followed the other methods like place a online request for a Recovery Media or contacting the Support Center. But I couldn't the order. Turkey Support Center told me that I couldn't get Recovery Media (free or paid) because my notebook is older than 5 years. Well what sould I do now? Where can I get a Recovery Media. Isn't there any method? I feel very desperate about this. Please help me the find a way out.

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I have Linux Ubuntu 9.04 installed on my computer. I put in the Installation CD-ROM and cannot get it to open for installing the network connections to the internet. On WindowsXP it opens automatically.

[email protected]

A:Linux-Ubuntu 9.04

Is it wireless or wired?

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Hi Folks, Lets start by saying I am a complete nerd with computers so simple answers would be the best, I can follow instructions. I have just bought an Acer Aspire one aoa150 from a friend, it has Linux Ubuntu installed on it but it looks like it originally had windows xp installed on it has it has windows keycode on the bottom of it, the battery is not charging correctly only lasts for about 15 minutes when fully charged and charges to full power in about 10 minutes I know I might have to buy a new battery, I have read numerous accounts about this problem and it seems that it could be that it needs the a BIOS upgrade but the upgrade looks like it is a windows upgrade, so I would like to change it back to xp, looked all over the internet for answers but there are so many conflicting and convoluted views on how to do this. I am totally lost. Please help if you can. Thanks very much

A:linux ubuntu to xp

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For those who like to play around with Linux Ubuntu, and Kubuntu 14.4 are out in both 32 and 64 bit modes. Loading the 64 bit mode into VMWare 10 Workstation at this time. . .enjoy.

A:Ubuntu 14.4 Linux is on the street

Ubuntu lost me as a user since they started that Unity - yukk. I converted to Mint Mate and am very happy with it. Even the Gnome3 versions of Mint are better.

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For those who like to play around with Linux Ubuntu, and Kubuntu 14.4 are out in both 32 and 64 bit modes. Loading the 64 bit mode into VMWare 10 Workstation at this time. . .enjoy.

A:Linux ubuntu 14.4 is on the street

I like Debian (Gnome) myself but thanks for this

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I'm trying to extract the video from my camcorder via Firewire, in LiVES. When I do, I get this error message, and I don't know what it means.

Is ieee1394, driver, and raw1394 loaded?Click to expand...

A:LiVES on Linux (Ubuntu)

ieee1394 = Firewire so the error message is about missing the software to recognize the firewire connection.

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P1 Gen 2 CTO is up, but there's no Linux listed as the OS selection. There is also the P53, not sold with any Linux option. Was the Linux availability announcement a fluff?

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Greetings ,Iam going to buy " HP proBook 450 G4" but i was wondering if this model can work with linux ubuntu 16.04 LTS operating system without any kind of errors or pugs .Please advise.

A:Linux Ubuntu Compatablilty

Which video chip? Intel or nVidia? I might actually suggest Ubuntu 16.10 to better support the newest hardware. I am actually sending this on a 6th gen HP laptop with Intel video running Kubuntu 16.04 which is Ubuntu with the KDE desktop instead of the default Gnome. You don't ever expect Linux to "just work"; it often requires some tweaks but the support community is second to none and I guarantee you can get all the hardware working as long as you have some basic Linux skills or are willing to acquire them.

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Hi, I am planning to buy a HP notebook and want to run it as a Win10/Ubuntu dual boot. I would like to buy either the HP Spectre x360 13-4116na or HP ENVY x360 15-w101na.I have seen threads in this and other forums that a dual boot is possible and that there are some problems with the sound, but that there are solutions for these problems. But I have seen threads complaining about problems with graphic cards and especially some people saying that they deliberately chose NOT a QHD screens as if Ubuntu would not be able to deal with this higher resolution. Sounds unlikely to me, but could this pose a problem for Ubuntu with those two models I mentioned? Thanks for helping me to choose the right computer.ToruOkada

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Next LTS is coming out Apr 29

A:Ubuntu Linux 10.04 is (coming) out

This is a long term release.

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I have windows 7 and Linux ubunto (with 2.5 and 2.6 kernal)

how can I choose which OS to start with automatically.

now at the startup a black screen appear where to choose from these OS but ubuntu is started automatically if I choose nothing.

A:windows 7 and linux ubuntu

I tried
sudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst
but it ask for password and after that I can not type anything in the terminal

I put the problem in Linux form since the boot part is from linux

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Win 7/Win XP/Ubuntu Linux Tri-boot

I have a PC that is currently a dual boot between Windows 7 Ultimate and Ubuntu Linux 8.04 (Hardy Heron). The two operating systems are on separate physical drives. Ubunutu is on the PC?s original 250 gig drive (the primary) and Win 7 is on a 1 TB Seagate internal drive that I added later (the slave).

I already discussed dual booting with Ubuntu and Win 7 on a Linux forum. I installed each OS completely independently of the other. I installed Ubuntu first without the other drive installed. I later disconnected the 250 GB primary drive and installed Windows 7 to the 1 TB drive as if Ubuntu were not even present on the PC. Later I reconnected and edited a file known as menu.lst in Ubuntu?s feature known as ?Grub?. Grub looks at the file and gives me the choice of Windows 7 or Ubuntu when I boot up.

Now it?s a long story, but I need to add Windows XP to my choices. I?m told on the Ubuntu forum that I can temporarily disconnect the Ubuntu drive and set up XP on the 1 TB drive as a dual boot with Bootloader handling the choice between Win 7 and XP. The idea is to get it running right and later reconnect the Ubuntu drive. Grub will give me the choice between Ubuntu and Windows; then if I choose Windows, Bootloader will give me the choice between Win 7 and XP. I could live with that.

So the Ubuntu drive is disconnected. We don?t have to worry about that in this thread. If I have any trouble with Grub, I?ll... Read more

A:Win 7/Win XP/Ubuntu Linux Tri-boot

Tom, I think the answer to your question is on the first sentence of the Tutorial how to load the SATA drivers: "When you install Win XP, setup can not find your Hard Drive."

So, if setup can find your HD, you should be good to go.

One remark: installing XP after Windows 7 is a bit more complicated, you will have to repair Windows 7 boot file to add XP. You have mentioned the tutorial, so you shoudl be good to go. I just highlight it since it can be a stumbling block.

Regarding the floppy disk thing, from what I know it is XP's idiosyncrasy, it doesn't allow drivers to be loaded with USB drives. It is from a time there were no USB drives...

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OK guys what should i go with with an old pc i got layin around, windows 2000 or Ubuntu Linux? ANy ideas?

A:Windows 2k? OR Ubuntu LINUX?

According to your last thread, you were going to experiment with Linux

I suppose you could put them both on there.

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Hi, As I said in the title. for example, Lenovo didn't release any update for my r7 m265 drivers since 2015!!!! link: http://pcsupport.lenovo.com/sa/ar/products/LAPTOPS-AND-NETBOOKS/LENOVO-G-SERIES-LAPTOPS/LENOVO-G510-...

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I've got 4 months old Lenovo desktop(Ideacentre 30020ISH), and everything works fine. I'm regularly doing all the updates via Win.10 Update centre and all is up to date. When I open Lenovo's update app., there are 7 recommended driver updates(Windows update doesn't show any). Should I update them or just ignore them("Don't fix something that is not broken")?

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I am going to try and install Ubuntu 6.10 on a spare machine (PC). I downloaded the .ISO file but don't know how to proceed in setting up a bootable CD. I don't think I will need to dual boot so will be Linux only PC. The PC is a PII 700 with 192MB RAM. It is very basic with just a CDROM and floppy. I don't know much about the Linux OS flavors but have Ubuntu in my hand so would like to use that. How do I make a bootable CD from/with the .ISO file

A:Making the move to Ubuntu Linux - help!

The .iso file is already bootable. Just burn it using the "burn image" feature of your favourite CD-burning program.

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