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Dell XPS 13 Black Screen - cause for OS reinstall - happened again after reinstall during driver updates

Q: Dell XPS 13 Black Screen - cause for OS reinstall - happened again after reinstall during driver updates

My son's laptop 'died' earlier this week. Screen just went blank. In the end, I decided to rebuild the drive.
After much difficulty, I managed to reinstall the OS (Windows 10) and all seemed well.
Oh, except the reinstall does not provide even WiFi drivers at a minumum - so after figuring that out I had to dig that up too on another computer and transfer/install. Problems over... I thought.
As the XPS went on its way to update drivers - the screen suddenly went blank (hello! haven't we met before?)... made some melodious beeps and chirps as though trying to communicate (it wasn't morse code) and now the computer continues to hum away (the fans?) with that.... black screen.
Before I wipe everything and re-install, again, and perhaps let the machine run with old drivers at the risk of malicious attacks etc (small price to pay for a 'working' computer I suppose), might anyone know of solutions to this problem?
With thanks in advance.
Frustrated but Hopeful

Preferred Solution: Dell XPS 13 Black Screen - cause for OS reinstall - happened again after reinstall during driver updates

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Dell XPS 13 Black Screen - cause for OS reinstall - happened again after reinstall during driver updates

What is the exact system model?
Is there any damage / liquid spillage on the system?
For the beeps, first we need to check if the HW is functional:
Restart the system and press f12 key on startup - choose diagnostics. Let it run the diags and if you encounter any errors - make a note of the complete error and report the same to us. These are onboard diagnostics and they might possible pick some error if the hardware is not functional. Also, run an extended / thorough tests on the HDD and memory to check for any possible errors.
Drivers: If you are using a retail image of Win 10 OS, it will contain only the OS installation files, since the OS is generic. The hardware on each system would differ and hence, the drivers need to be reinstalled. If you are using a recovery image for your system, then it would contain the required drivers with the OS image.
Also, please click my DELL-username and write me a private message with the service tag and your Name for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.

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I am getting the exact same issue mentioned in the previous thread http://forums.techguy.org/windows-xp/921783-black-screen-after-reinstalling-nforce.html which is closed. I don't see a solution but am curious if anyone has found one.

A:XP/NForce driver reinstall black screen

Did you recently update the driver? If so, rollback.

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A week ago my wife used an external drive from my sons preschool to load some educational program and the screen wacked out with weird colors and then went black and the words "input not supported" came on the screen. since then the computer screen just goes black when it begins to start up. Started in safe mode and tried to revert to a old configuration a few days b4 with no luck. I tried to remove the installed software in safemode but couldn't software installer was not accessible I guess. I tried to reinstall xp and it spends a few minutes on the installing page and then the screen goes black but comp is still on. Any ideas? Sorry for my incorrect terminology usage! And thanks ahead of time.

A:not able to reinstall xp black screen

Normally a message like that on your monitor indicates that the program was trying to force either an unsupported resolution or an unsupported refresh rate on the monitor.

You need to go back into safe mode, go to your display properties and make sure a resolution is selected that you know normally works. Then you need to go to your advanced button from that menu, head over to monitor and make sure a refresh rate is selected that you know your monitor supports. Check the "hide modes not supported" so you can't mess that up.

If that doesn't work, then you need to tell us what program you installed, make and model of the monitor and post a DxDiag in your next post, which you can easily google to find out how to do. (It's simple) With that information we can give you more possibilities.

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A few weeks back I downloaded some stuff, after that my system kept
messing up as in the full window wouldn't load, half would appear in blocks
the other half was missing, you could see the desktop.

I wiped out the hard drive thinking some kind of virus. Tried to reinstall
from recovery discs that I had to get from HP but that is not working,
desktop won't load. I was able to get it up in safe mode one time,
tried updating drivers through device manager, can't get the bios
update from disc loaded.

I have tried everything I have found about the black screen issue: removed memory, reset cmosbattery/jumpers, checked the registry, unplugged/reseated all.


dev/sda1 Compaq 223.55GB 12.79GB used 210.77GB unused Boot
dev/sda2 Factory Image 9.34Gb 8.03GB used 1.30GB unused
unallocated 2.49 MB

Information shows sda1 and 2 not mounted.

3x ran:
chkdsk /f c:

Windows has checked the filesystem and found no problems.
0 KB in bad sectors.

3x ran:

Startup repair with windows disc (not regular recovery disc) shows windows booted succesfully.
Startup repair on its own in pc shows windows booted succesfully.
At one point startup repair showed no OS installed a few days back.
I can accessfiles through the windows disc though.

Memtest shows no errors.

Still not getting desktop up and running.
Can anyone help?

Thank you

A:Black screen after reinstall, no cursor, need help please.

The hard drive may be faulty -- all hard drives will fail sooner or later.
You can test the hard drive with the drive manufacturer's own diagnostic software which doesn't need Windows. You download the DOS version on a working PC & make a bootable CD from it. Then boot the faulty PC from that CD and run the test.

The links for each drive manufacturer's testing software are here;
Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities (Storage) - TACKtech Corp.

If you don't know what make the hard drive is, you can use Seagate SeaTools for DOS which can be used to test any make of hard drive.
Get it from here: | Seagate
Make sure you download the DOS version, not the Windows version.

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Today I did a repair/reinstall of Windows XP - had been having all sorts of little glitches etc - all good except for playing mpeg files on Cyberlink Power DVD. All my collected clips used to play properly before the repair - all were set to play using power DVD in properties. Now they start up, flicker the image and then the window turns black - audio is fine. I suppose it's a codec related issue - but which one is now missing that I had before? Last time I had a codec issue I downloaded and installed K-Lite but that was a disaster - nearly nothing played until I removed K-Lite. I have DivX installed and Xvid, I have Adobe Premiere Elelments which comes with a swag of codecs.
I have just upgraded Windows Media Player to version 11 (after it reverted to 10 after reinstall) but did not make it the default for mpegs.

Windows Media Player plays the clips properly btw

Any ideas folks?

A:black screen videos after XP reinstall

solved for now - removed and re installed Power DVD which then seemed to lead to all my mpegs becoming Nero Showtime files then removed and re installed Nero. Went into properties box for an mpeg file, set it to open with Power DVD - they now all will open properly but still show with the Nero Showtime icon - ah well at least they play now

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Hi Everyone,
So I have been trying to fix a friends Toshiba laptop.  It was loading windows then bringing up a screen that said check media fail.. no bootable device.  Toshiba sent a USB drive to re-install windows (I believe it was 8) and I have it set to boot from the usb, etc and it loads the windows screen then just goes to a dark gray/black screen.  I have tried a couple different things in the BIOS setup, but no luck.  Any suggestions?

A:Windows black screen during reinstall

Have you tried resetting the UEFI/BIOS to default values?
Have you tried loading it from another USB port (one on the other side of the computer).  I had problems with a Toshiba laptop at work and the "fix" was to try it on the other side.
Have you tested the hard drive?

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I wonder if any can help. My girlfriend has had Vista 32-bit SP2 on her HP Pavilion DV6000 for many years and a couple of weeks ago it crashed after an AVG Update or HP Sound Driver Update. From then on a black screen with cursor would come up after the Windows Logo Flash.
Over the course of the last weeks I have tried many solutions and done lots of research with nothing solving the problem. I have tried memory scans, chkdsk, automatic repair, trying to find a system restore point and reconfiguring the bootloader to name just a few.
In the end I have obtained a Vista CD and resorted to an installing a fresh version on the hardrive which has retained the Windows.old folder with all the files within it. This version now works and I using the laptop to type this.
My question is whether it is possible to copy the files from the windows.old folder to the new installation of windows so as to maintain the old structure i.e. desktop icons, browsers with bookmarks etc? Also, is it possible to reverse the installation process so as to maybe fix the initial problem?
Any help would be appreciated.
Many thanks.



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Hello,   I am somewhat ignorant when it comes to anything beyond computer basics.
I have a Lenovo H420 Desktop, with Windows 7 home version - 64 bit, 1 Tb HD, 8 GB Ram.
Last week I found out from my ISP that my e-mail account had been hacked and was being used to send out spam e-mails.  I ran my AVG security program and it found nothing.  I restarted my computer and now all I get is a blank black screen with an active curser.  The numlock and caplock keys still work, I have left the computer on overnight in case it was a slow start up but that did nothing.
I have tried using my recover disks that came with my computer ...they run through the recovery but it changes nothing.  I tried running malwarebytes from the dvd drive...it found nothing. 
I have all my important data backed up to an external storage drive so at this point I think I want to re-format the HD and reinstall Windows 7.
I have no idea how to do that.  Windows 7 came installed on my computer and I cannot find a product key anywhere on the tower or with the paperwork that came with the computer.
What would be my best avenue to format and re-install windows under these circumstances?   Or is there a chance that I could fix the problem with out formatting?
I am able to bring up the command prompt in safe mode.
Thank you very much to anyone who has the time and expertise to help...it would be greatly appreciated... Read more

A:Black screen w/ curser...Format and reinstall Win 7 ???

See Using the Rescue System .

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My fairly new computer has been acting up lately.
It doesn't have great anti virus or malware protection (only running a McAfee LiveSafe subscription).  Startup and general running has always been somewhat slow.
Today a few issues started that I cannot solve on my own.  This laptop is running Windows 10.
1)  Start menu icon wouldn't open
2)  Wifi connection was connected, but I couldn't toggle between different connections (click the icon, nothing happens).
3)  Google Chrome stopped working, displaying a black screen for all websites
4)  I uninstalled Chrome and now it won't reinstall - I'm getting an error code 0xa0430721
Probably a good time to run some logs to see if there is anything malicious on this system.
Thanks for your help!  You guys helped me clean up a laptop with a nasty virus a few years back.  Hope it's not as serious this time.

A:Google Chrome Black Screen - Won't Reinstall

Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST) (x64) Version:03-05-2016
Ran by Aaron Obido (administrator) on OBIDO-001 (03-05-2016 23:45:24)
Running from C:\Users\Aaron Obido\Downloads
Loaded Profiles: Aaron Obido (Available Profiles: Aaron Obido)
Platform: Windows 10 Home Version 1511 (X64) Language: English (United States)
Internet Explorer Version 11 (Default browser: Edge)
Boot Mode: Normal
Tutorial for Farbar Recovery Scan Tool: http://www.geekstogo.com/forum/topic/335081-frst-tutorial-how-to-use-farbar-recovery-scan-tool/
==================== Processes (Whitelisted) =================
(If an entry is included in the fixlist, the process will be closed. The file will not be moved.)
(Intel Corporation) C:\Windows\System32\igfxCUIService.exe
(Realtek Semiconductor) C:\Program Files\Realtek\Audio\HDA\RtkAudioService64.exe
(Realtek Semiconductor) C:\Program Files\Realtek\Audio\HDA\RAVBg64.exe
(Realtek Semiconductor) C:\Program Files\Realtek\Audio\HDA\RAVBg64.exe
(Intel® Corporation) C:\Program Files\Intel\iCLS Client\HeciServer.exe
() C:\Program Files (x86)\BOCOM\2010USBKey\HuaDa\BOCOM_2010USBKey_HDE_mon_Srv.exe
(HP) C:\Windows\System32\HPSIsvc.exe
(McAfee, Inc.) C:\Windows\System32\mfevtps.exe
(McAfee, Inc.) C:\Program Files\Common Files\McAfee\SystemCore\mfemms.exe
() C:\Program Files (x86)\Wyse\PocketCloud\PocketCloudService.exe
(McAfee, Inc.) C:\Windows\System32\mfevtps.exe
(McAfee, Inc.) C:\Program Files\Common Files\McAfee\SystemCore\mfefire.exe
(Microsoft Corpora... Read more

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just put a brand new hard drive in the laptop, I have no recovery cd or usb
I used a copy of win 7 from digital river and used my code on the back of computer to activate windows no problems yet. Everything looked and felt fine,
I started doing updates for windows, a total of 170 required, downloaded them all.
downloaded the drivers I needed from sony website
half through the updates the screen went funny and never recovered .

attached is a screen shot of how my screen looks any help would be great

This will sound weird but the jpeg looks fine but that's not the way I see my screen, below my task bar is the top of the screen and I cant see anything on the right portion of the screen and my colours are out but on the screen shot they look fine

A:windows 7 reinstall problem with screen after updates installed

Have you rebooted in normal mode?
Which Windows 7 did you install?

We can't see what you see. We can only see what you post.

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Recently my PC has begun to work painfully slowly (40+mins to get to the desktop from sleep mode). I think it started happening after the power had gone out so i assumed there was some corrupt windows files. Did a sfc scan and it returned no problems. Tried to run startup repair and still no problems so I tried rolling back to a system restore point but then explorer.exe stopped running automatically and i couldnt bring up task manager or anything along those lines. I opened it in safe mode and checked that the shell part had only the value explorer.exe and it was all fine. Gave up and did a fresh reinstall of windows but now it gets just past the Starting Windows screen only to be confronted by a blank black screen with only the mouse. I left it for a couple hours to see if maybe it was still installing but all that happened was a Windows is not genuine tag in the bottom right corner (my copy is genuine). Tried booting in safe mode but i get an error that says that Windows is in the middle of installing and cant be completed in safe mode and that I should restart my computer and allow install to finish. Any suggestions? Could this be a hardware problem? Could the power out have fried something on the inside?

A:reinstall of win7 causes black screen and not genuine warning

Try the repairs including hardware tests for Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot leading up to a perfect Clean Reinstall following the best practices in Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7 .

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Hi Folks
I reformatted my hd (after malware problems) reinstalled a new copy of xp a couple of weeks ago and everything went ok...all drivers, firefox, firewall (Comodo) and antivirus up and running. The generic windows graphics driver works but slows the system down incredibly.

I have nvivia 9600gt agp graphics card but have been unable to install a driver which will allow the system to boot. It worked fine before the xp reinstall. At one point I got a Tweakforce (175 series I think) to install but this crashed after a few days and will not reinstall. I have tried the latest drivers from nvidea and get the blue screen or black screen. Same with installing older drivers. I keep having to go back to system restore, which takes an hour or so to try and fail again with a different driver. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Video card black or blues screen of death after xp reinstall

You may need to install a BIOS upgrade for your graphic card so it is insynch with the newest drivers.

Good luck.

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I've recently reinstalled XP, which went fine. However, my complete Windows screen (all applications opened, and including task bar) is now displayed in the size of 2 postcards, cannot be maxmised, centred, all against a black background.

What' that about?! I want my full screen Windows back. Arghh!
Any ideas would be very much appreciated.


A:Solved: Small screen size, Black Background after XP reinstall

What kind of computer do you have a desktop or a laptop?
If desktop what kind of graphics card? On board or pci/agp? Make and model?
If laptop make and model?

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Hi All, 
I'm about to give up on my 7559 laptop purchased earlier this year.  

Repeated BSOD stops w driver_state_power_failures 
Followed by "we're collecting information from your system and we'll restart for you" which never resolves itself (left overnight)

Ridiculously slow File Explorer response
Office, SSMS other apps go into "Not Responding" state quite often
Office apps slow to open/save
Dell auto-detect of drivers wants to download install the same driver (below) over and over again.  Tried install as admin, repeated reboots, no reboots, everything I can think of.

Can someone please help?   

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so I have this brand new Dell Inspiron 7559 with the Intel HD 530 and Nvidia graphics card. I am also using a Dell external display that uses the same full hd resolution and 60 hz frequency.
So I have connected the external display using DVI>HDMI cable to my laptop. Everything works fine. But I have disconnected the cable, used the laptop around with the built in display and later shut it down. After doing this i cant start it with the external display again. No matter what I do, I tried every setting, also hitting the buttons on my keyboard to use only the second display etc. It stays black.
Only thing that helps - I have to reinstall the drivers "7559_Video_Driver_HYWWT_WN32_20.19.15.4352_A03". After doing this, it works again till i dont disconnect it and shut it down. But I cant work like this, always reinstalling the drivers.
Second Issue - after reinstalling the drivers, it restarts the system but the text is slightly blurry in some applications, I have to restart it again to get sharp text.

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Windows version : Windows Build 18362.19h1_release.190318-1202Laptop model number : Lenovo z51-70 80K6 After windows fresh installation, I am not able to install AMD drivers. While installing the screen freezes and after rebooting it is showing a black screen. I tried both the version provided by lenovo for this laptop model - https://support.lenovo.com/in/en/downloads/ds103652and the latest from AMD (Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.5.2) and using their auto-detect tool. I also tried to install from device manager. All results in the same error. Previously it happened 3 months back, I was able to overcome it by installing drivers from device manager and then install the latest from AMD. But this time nothing helps.  

A:Lenovo Z51-70 - Can't install AMD drivers after Windows reinstall - freeze and black screen

Have you tried using DriverBooster? It's a great program for updating your drivers. Try it and see if the issue will be fixed Hope this helps Cheers

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I have just reinstalled W7 after a hard drive failure. Do I now have to download all prior windows updates or can I restrict them to just Security or important ones. The last time I reinstalled W7 it took most of the day to download them all and was a real pain, so I would like to avoid this if poss. Once again I shall rely on your advice.

A:Reinstall w7 and updates

You could use this

Or the older way
Reinstalled twice, but Windows still won't update

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I have just reinstalled W7 after a hard drive failure. Do I now have to download all prior windows updates or can I restrict them to just Security or important ones. The last time I reinstalled W7 it took most of the day to download them all and was a real pain, so I would like to avoid this if poss. Once again I shall rely on your advice.

A:Reinstall w7 and updates

You could use this

Or the older way
Reinstalled twice, but Windows still won't update

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Hello to all,   I recently did a clean reinstall of Windows XP (Home) on my Dell Dimension 2350. All went fine. Now I need to install the correct drivers. I have the Dell Resource disc and this is where the problem starts.    As noted elsewhere, after the reinstall the screen display of the Resource disc is as it would be in "Safe Mode". I was aware of this. As such, the Resource disc Search Criteria screen was a bit larger than the monitor screen. I was able to size it to fit the screen but this is really not the problem it is the following: The Search Criteria options I have from the drop down menus (on screen) are as follows:System Model:   All, Dimension C521, DXC061, Dimension DXP0G1, Dimension E521, DM061, XPS710    (Which, if any, do I pick?)Operating System: (I think I got this one)   All, Windows XPTopic:   (Maybe this one too)   All, Applications, Dell Diagnostics, Diagnostics, Drivers, Utilities   For the life of me I cannot figure out the exact drivers I am to install*. Windows XP only appears in the Operating System menu. I pretty much know the install order but as I said, I'm a bit confused about selecting the correct drivers from the disc. This computer is not connected to the internet at the moment so I can't download and use any sort of driver detection program. Other searches have confused me further and have provided no specific answer to this problem.&nbs... Read more

A:Installing drivers after Windows XP reinstall on Dell Dimension 2350 using Dell Resource disc

You need, in installation order:

Chipset driver
Video driver (depends on which video card)
Audio driver
Network driver (depends on which you have)
Modem driver, if you use a dialup modem

Go to the Support page and put in your Service Tag. It should give you the drivers you need. You can download them on any PC and copy onto a USB stick for installation on the 2350.
You only need the applications, if you actually use them (eg, Roxio, Jasc Paintshop, etc).
Then install your antiviral software and get online to the Microsoft Update site for all the patches and updates.
Keep in mind that XP is no longer supported by Microsoft and they stopped releasing security fixes for XP and IE9, more than 1 year ago. So they're both full of security holes and put your personal data at risk.

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Good morning! I wonder if anyone else has either experienced or solved the issue I am currently having with my Yoga 710. I looked for similar postings that may have solved this issue but did not find them so if I missed it, I apologize.  After visiting the IT help desk at my university several times as certain programs such as Spotify desktop, Zoom, Skype, SPSS Amos Graphics (a statistical modeling program) would open but display a black screen, the technicians realized that the Intel 520 Graphics Driver appeared to cause an issue once it advanced past a particular version of the software. They rolled back the graphics driver and everything was working great until last night my computer wanted to update Windows 10 which automatically updated the graphics driver and eliminated the option to roll back to a previous version of the graphics driver. Now I can't use a significant number of the programs on my laptop.  I could rollback the Windows update but that doesn't seem helpful overall. It seems silly to keep having to roll back the graphics driver when the Windows update seems to be forcing it to be more up-to-date. On an Intel forum it seems like Intel is saying that Lenovo has tested it and says everything is OK, but that doesn't seem to be the case.  Any ideas or links to solutions would be most appreciated! Best wishesMandy

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Whats up everyonei just reistalled xp like 2 days ago and now for these 2 days there hasnt been one windows update..yes its turned on but theres no updates and i really want SP2 back ..any ideas why

A:Reinstall XP..No windows updates?

could tell you but you can manualy update it by going here

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My system crashed, so I reinstalled (repaired) Windows XP Home. Previously, I had SP2 (Home) with all the latest updates. My original XP Home disk is 5.1.2600 build 2600 (whatever that means). I'm not sure if it's even SP1. Originally installed July 2002. Now I cannot access the windowsupdate.microsoft.com website. Whenever I try to access that site, either by using the link in IE under Tools, or typing in the link in the address bar, nothing happens. The only way out is to click on the big red X to close the browser and wait a minute for it to happen. I don't have any problems accessing other websites, just Microsoft (so far). Any idea what's wrong? I'm using Zone Alarm (free), and I'm not blocking any Windows access. Thanks for any help.

A:can't access MS updates after XP reinstall

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Hi :)
If we have to reinstall the OS (Dirty or clean), then do we have to download all the updates AGAIN? Is there a way to store all the updates in a folder in a separate partition and reuse them in future.

A:Automatic Updates : What happens on reinstall?

you have to reinstall them again unless you incorporate them into your xp disk before you begin,i think windows has them stored on your disk,but i don't know the location

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I would like to clean-up my wife's desktop computer which is 3 years old.
It will probably reinstall XP SP2.
Rather than letting Windows Updates download and install SP3 and all of the nesessary updates since SP3 was issued is there a way to have all of the updates since SP3 on a cd and ready to install manually? How about IE8?

A:Reinstall Windows XP and SP# and Updates

Don't forget about drivers and programs. They have to be reinstalled too. A clean install of XP is just that, that is to say "Clean". You will lose all your customized settings, address book contacts, documents and files you have created, etc. etc.

There is plenty of information available regarding ways to compensate for these things. Click here for a good one. Click here for a guide on slipstreaming SP3 with your install process. I also suggest you get a backup program for your installed drivers. Click here for a free driver backup utility from Sourceforge. I've not used the program, but Sourceforge has a really good reputation.


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i accidently unstalled some jave files i need 2 find out which ones & reinstall them

A:need 2 reinstall java updates

Click here to download the latest version of Java.

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I have Windows 7 and an Acer computer Recently it installed 14 updates.I had clicked on  "only install important updates." Two failed I guess so everytime I turn off the computer it tries to install these two updates. Does anyone know how to get rid of this action so the computer merely shuts down? It's irritating and I'm afraid it will lead to bigger problems. Otherwise the computer works fine. Thanks in advance to anyone who responds.

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This problem have been lasting for about 1 month.

The update KB3037581, KB3097996, KB3098781, KB3074543, KB2750841 is constantly reinstalling everytime I shut down the computer. I check the updates in the Windows Update history and found that multiples KB3037581, KB3097996, KB3098781 show "succesful", while KB3074543, KB2750841 show "failed". And when I check for the installed updates, KB3097996, KB3074543, KB2750841 is not in the list.

I tried to solve the problem by looking up the internet, some say that my hard disk may be failing, so I ran a hard disk check (the sfc /scannow) and found nothing.

So what is causing this problem? Is there anyway to solve it?

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I bought Office 2016 months ago, but due to windows update failure I had to reinstall win10 thereby losing Office 2016.
Can someone point me to a contact? I bought Office 2010 online from MS. TIA

A:how to reinstall Office 2016 after win10 reinstall?

If you bought online there should be a record of this and you will be able to download Office again. Try this link http://www.office.com/myaccount

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Title says it all. My computer is very sick and I've received an error message today saying windows must be reinstalled, insert the reinstallation dvd. I don't have that disk anymore though I do still have the product key.

What should I do?

A:How do I reinstall windows 7 if I've lost the reinstall disk?

You may need to buy a new one. Do you have a recovery partition on your hard drive?

That is a very strange message, though. Are you sure you're not infected? Where and when did you see such a message?

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ok, this is strange.. I reinstall Windows XP Home because My computer was messed up. It deleted all my files.. so on my desktop screen I don't have any Program Files Icons BUT it still save my Files!!! I have my orginial files in my Documents folders and In my Program Files It has all the Programs and files that go with that program???
How do I zap everything back on my desktop screen so I don't have to go Download each files as new again??? And I how do i get my Internet Favorite Links and my Notepad with my saved information in it??

Thank you!!

ps. Yes I did try the "Start" and then program files and none of the programs are there.. BUT yet it is in my Program Hard drive C: Program files... with the Program and all it's content???

A:Reinstall XP Home How do I reinstall all my Program Files I Have?

You installed a new version of XP in the same folder as your old one instead of repairing the one that was there already. Your programs are there, but not "installed". You need to reinstall all the programs to create their registry entries and shortcuts.

You probably have 2 "Windows" folders, too, with different names. Go to Start > Run, and type:


to see which one you are using now and delete the other one.

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i've decided to go ahead and reinstall w8pro given my extensive messing around with it has finally caused some quirky, unexpected results - it's a relatively new installation, so it shouldn't be too much of a hassle, didn't get a chance to install a lot of third party programs and such. the thing is, i did purchase and install the w8 media center pack - how do i go about getting this back? do i have to contact ms? i'm fairly certain that i don't have an activation number for the pack, if i recall i just paid for it online and then was allowed to download it and install it.

also, i thought i would go ahead and do a clean install all over again as opposed to a reset or refresh given i want to make certain that i'm starting from scratch again... or do you think a reset or refresh might be the better option (i'm not concerned about keeping any personal settings or files intact). any advice would be appreciated.

A:W8 Media Center Pack - Reinstall After W8 Reinstall?

They will have given you a Product Key for it - Just reinstall Windows 8 and then get Media Center again using the same Product Key, it's yours now. After you install it, the Media Center Key will be your new OS key.

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I wanted to convert my Sony Vaio back to Windows 7 after updating to Windows 8 last year. I tried using the recovery disks that I created when I got the laptop. It told me that I couldn't reinstall. So after trying multiple things, I finally decided to wipe out the entire hard drive thinking that it would automatically reinstall Windows 7 64 bit. Now when I try to reinstall, it can't find a drive to install it to and all I have is a black screen now telling me Operating System Not Found....please help so that I can reinstall Windows 7 64 bit on my Sony Vaio VPCCW21FX with a 500 GB SATA Hard drive and 6 GBs of RAM.

I'm thinking I may need to create a partition so that when I put the recovery DVD in to reinstall Windows, it has a drive to install the software onto. I don't know how to create a partition or if that will solve my issue. My laptop is now worthless. Also, I can't access BIOS. I completely erased the entire hard disk.

A:Erased hard drive to reinstall Win 7 but now won't reinstall

Jim depends on how you set the wipe up and how you formated it mate look at this and if you have access to another machine do it.
If the drive is wiped clean then follow this it says for SSD's but will also work on spinners
SSD Alignment

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I am having trouble with a clean reinstall of my Dell Vosotro 1400 Windows Vista SP1 32 bit.
To begin, there were many problems with the computer, and frequent messages indicating corrupt system files. Diagnostics showed no sign of hardware issues. So I did a clean installation from the Dell Reinstallation Disk (reinstall to factory settings). Things went well until, after installing many updates, I began to have problems with some of the ?important? updates. The two that will not install are:
I followed a number of troubleshooting steps, as recommended by Windows, as follows.

First, I downloaded a special tool (hotfix: Windows6.0-KkB947821-v10-x86) which it said might clear things up (did not).
Upon this failure, I then (as directed) ran setup.exe from the reinstallation disk to do a vista upgrade. This downloaded files, then stopped, saying I need to have SP 1 to do the upgrade. (The Reinstallation disk says SP 1, but the Basic Information Screen does not list SP1.)

I then decided to go to Dell support to look for driver updates. There were a number, but only one seemed relevant to the problem at hand, as it provided a system update (and was also rated as ?recommended?), so I downloaded it - System Utilities:Dell Notebook System Software Utility) and installed it. Still no luck installing updates.

Another troubleshooting message said to do a disk error check (did full error checking but no errors whatsoever). Tried the updates again ? still no lu... Read more

A:Can't install updates after a clean reinstall

You should install Vista SP2 instead of installing minor updates for SP1.Windows Vista SP2 standalone : http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/en/details.aspx?FamilyID=a4dd31d5-f907-4406-9012-a5c3199ea2b3&displaylang=en&pf=trueAfter that you can use Belarc Advisor free to see which updates are missing on your system

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Being infected with the sysWOW64 virus, my computer needs a factory reinstall. My question is, will I be able to get the Windows Updates, since MS doesn't support Win 7 any more? Are they stored on the HD somewhere? Does HP supply them?

A:Windows 7 updates after factory reinstall

Windows 7 still has support from M$, so you will still get updates.  Assuming that you have the Recovery Manager still available, it will reinstall Windows 7 and then update.  However, there is what is called a Windows 7 SP1 Convenience Rollup which does install many updates outside of the update channel.  See here on how to guide:https://www.howtogeek.com/255435/how-to-update-windows-7-all-at-once-with-microsofts-convenience-rol... Convenience Rollup for Windows 7 SP1 (basically an otherwise-named Windows 7 SP2) is available which installs all patches between the release of SP1 (February 22, 2011) through April 12, 2016.

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Today's Windows Defender update failed to get installed (with "Unknown Error"). I followed instructions to download and run Microsoft Fixit.
After that, the next instruction was to reopen Windows Update and try to rerun the failed install. But Windows Update provided no facility for downloading the failed update and rerunning it - it said that the updates were up-to-date already!
I tried to delete the failed update from the Update History app. But it is not possible to delete what was not installed.
So how can I find the file or download it again and then reinstall?
I am running Windows 7 x64 Pro SP1.

A:How to reinstall failed Windows Updates?

Try option three in this tutorial...
Windows Update - Reset
...then manually check for updates again.

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I cannot install or download new updates so, after trying a MS tools I decided to do a in-place reinstall.

After this had finished I still cannot install updates and receive the encloed error (please see screenshot) when Windows first boots up???

Any/all help appreciated

A:Updates will not download even after a in-place reinstall!

This appears to be from Kaspersky - you should uninstall it and run their cleanup tool, and then either reinstall it or install MSE (at least temporarily)
You apparently need to make sure that .NET 4 (at least - preferably .NET 4.5.2 now) is installed o

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Hi ! I just want to reinstall my Windows 7 because it became slow since I installed so many apps. But I don't want to waste my time redownloading windows updates because I've downloaded it already and don't know where are those .

A:How to reinstall downloaded updates after WindowsReinstall ?

Hello Lovus,

If you like, the tutorial below can show you how to download the MSU files (if available) for each Windows Update to use to reinstall them with instead of re-downloading the updates each time.

Windows Update - Download Standalone MSU Installer File

Hope this helps,

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I am preparing long-term to have a new computer with both Linux (for internet) and XP (for everything else).

Please help me:
gather installers for drivers, OS and security updates, service packs, office 2003 service packs & security updates, etc.
learn where to go to get updated versions of every driver that I have.

Although I have a lot of research to do before I am ready to buy, I need to know what I have to download NOW before it's no longer available. I just by coincidence managed to grab the Office Compatibility converter before Microsoft takes it down.

I also have no clue where to start on even cataloguing what my computer has that I'll need to reinstall. All I know is, I have SP3. I don't know else I've got that doesn't come with the Windows XP install disk, what updates are cumulative and what aren't, etc.

Any help greatly appreciated.

A:Reinstall Updates, MSRT, Drivers, etc.

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Brand new custom-build, Windows XP Pro. Windows updates install successfully then when I reboot and check again the updates I have just installed are there again. I install them, they install successfully I reboot, and they are there again. etc. etc.

I tried going to safe-mode, didn't work, I also tried everything listed on in MS knowledge base where I read almost the exact error, but not really.

A:Solved: Windows XP Pro Updates reinstall successfully

Fixed, there was a document from Microsoft knowledge base that I followed. I was looking for the URL to post but I don't have my history save. You go in and register a bunch of things, rename folders. Lots of stuff, it's like 9 steps long. But it fixed it.

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My current OS is W7 Pro, which was upgraded from Home Premium using the Anytime Upgrade key. If I want to do a clean reinstall of the OS I understand I need to reinstall Home Premium first, then do the Pro upgrade. The last time I did a clean install of Home Premium, there was a slew of updates that needed to be installed. Do I need to those updates before doing the Pro upgrade this time?

A:Clean OS reinstall - Updates before or after Anytime Pro Upgrade?

I would do the updates after you upgrade.

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Enviroment: HP Vista 32 bit Home Premium

Just did factory reinstall on vista. Then vista updates on a dialup, install and configure.

1) Now, if I have to do the factory reinstall again and now. Can I avoid redownloading those updates? Guess it must be save somewhere. Googling, saw it is in C:\WINDOWS\SoftwareDistribution\Download. Guess, I will save that folder C:\WINDOWS\SoftwareDistribution\Download to my backup hard drive. Now, I factory reinstall vista. Now, what do I do with the folder in my backup hard drive or where do I place it to be executed for visat update installation?

2) Hp sends ton of crap (trial software, etc) with there installation. Is there a way to do a install without installing that crap like pressing a function key (f8 or f10) while booting up to do a selective install? Just to let you know, it takes forever for hp to install that crap. Then forever to manually uninstall. Then I use Glary Utility to discover about 531 registry need to be clean. Wish if HP provieded a selective menu of what the user want to install.

3)Vista Home Premium does not have that backup feature like the higher version in business, pro, ultimate. LOL, I thought premium meant the works when it just became available. Would like to save my restore check point to an external hard drive for restore check points do get overwritten in home edition and to save disk space. Any ideas without buying the upgrade or pirating microsoft? Saw someone mention that Vista Home version h... Read more

A:Reinstall Updates and No Redownload on Factory Install

Originally Posted by scrtmtl


Enviroment: HP Vista 32 bit Home Premium

Just did factory reinstall on vista. Then vista updates on a dialup, install and configure.

1) Now, if I have to do the factory reinstall again and now. Can I avoid redownloading those updates? Guess it must be save somewhere. Googling, saw it is in C:\WINDOWS\SoftwareDistribution\Download. Guess, I will save that folder C:\WINDOWS\SoftwareDistribution\Download to my backup hard drive. Now, I factory reinstall vista. Now, what do I do with the folder in my backup hard drive or where do I place it to be executed for visat update installation?

2) Hp sends ton of crap (trial software, etc) with there installation. Is there a way to do a install without installing that crap like pressing a function key (f8 or f10) while booting up to do a selective install? Just to let you know, it takes forever for hp to install that crap. Then forever to manually uninstall. Then I use Glary Utility to discover about 531 registry need to be clean. Wish if HP provieded a selective menu of what the user want to install.

3)Vista Home Premium does not have that backup feature like the higher version in business, pro, ultimate. LOL, I thought premium meant the works when it just became available. Would like to save my restore check point to an external hard drive for restore check points do get overwritten in home edition and to save disk space. Any ideas without buying the upgrade or pirating micros... Read more

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I have come to believe the best way to get my Dell working properly again is to resintall all the system software. I have backed up all my important files to DVD RW disks.

How difficult a project is it to reinstall from these system reinstallation CD's? I got a little scared when I got to the screen that showed the different partitions. I backed out before proceeding.

Can anybody help? I want to start with a clean slate, but not screw everything up.


A:Reinstall XP SP 1 on Dell

I'd refer you here.

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I need to reinstall my dell (Inspiron 9300) to factory conditions as my computer is properly mashed after a number of years of reinstalling, installing programs, etc., etc. and I want to start afresh.
I never got any DELL restore disks with but it has a utility partition. However, apparently it is supposed to have a restore partition as well.
CTRL + F11 does not work since Acronis overwrote the MBR so I need to restore it somehow using: http://www.goodells.net/dellrestore/index.htm

However, any ideas why the restore might be missing or is it part of the utility partition

A:reinstall DELL

The Dell REstore option uses files in the smaller FAT partition. When Adcronis overwrote the MBR it rendered the recovery feature useless. Some have been able to recreate it using the Goodells method and others have not.

You can get a reinstallation guide specific to your Dell here

You can request a replacement instalation cd here:

or borrow any Dell Renstalltion disc that matches the sticker on your poc ( Home, Pro or MCE )

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ok, i got a really bad virus so i scrubbed my dell...last time i had to do this i marked my disk 1 & 2 so i could do it again....ha, ha...i can get xp installed but the disk marked 2 that has drivers on it, i guess ,will not install anything...i can't get anything other than16 bit & my dsl will not re-install...the tech said i needed some driver or something!!! i know i am just missing a step on the re-install but can't find any info anywhere....can i get step by step instructions anywhere?? there is no smiley for a little blonde woman on her knees begging so just use your imagination!!

A:reinstall xp on dell

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Is there a possibility /script / cmd commands to reinstall just installed updates / servicepacks ??
Background, defects in component store, not correct installed updates or other faults. Dism is not fully available in windows 7,
system update readiness tool does not help.
IU does not work.

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I cant install the latest monthly security rollups on windows updates.
2019-02 Security and Quality Rollup for .NET Framework 3.5.1, 4.5.2, 4.6, 4.6.1, 4.6.2, 4.7, 4.7.1, 4.7.2 for Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 for x64 (KB4487078)

Installation date: ?3/?12/?2019 5:36 PM

Installation status: Failed

Error details: Code 66A

Update type: Important

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