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WindowsXP side won't connect to internet, Linux will

Q: WindowsXP side won't connect to internet, Linux will

Started having this trouble this morning. Unsure of what happened but when I try to open up a browser (in Windows XP), I get an initial message that the browser is in offline mode and removing offline mode brings about a can't connect message. Now on the same computer that's dual booted with Ubuntu Linux, I have no problems. Neither does the other two PCs wirelessly connected (the one in question is wired) nor the wired Xbox 360 so it's obviously something in the Windows XP settings but I'm unsure what. Please help!

Preferred Solution: WindowsXP side won't connect to internet, Linux will

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: WindowsXP side won't connect to internet, Linux will

Start, Run, CMD, OK to open a command prompt:
(For Vista or 7 type CMD in the Search box after Start)

Type the following command:


[Note that there is no space between the slash and ALL.]

Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter.
Paste the results in a message here.

If necessary use a text file and removable media to copy the results to a computer with internet access.

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I downloaded and installed Ubuntu and sectioned off a part of my hard drive for it. I intended to have it set up to run both windows 7 and linux together and let me choose which boot disk I wanted to use at start up. Ubuntu took over and so I read through some forums online. I can now get to the Windows 7 loading screen but it freezes there. I have my install disc and was hoping someone could assist me with getting windows 7 back. I do not care if I loose Ubuntu. I am currently sitting with the Administrator: X:\windows\system32\cmd.exe from the System Recovery Options Menu with my Windows 7 Disc in the tray. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated (if i can save my HD great if not I can live with that).


A:Unable to boot Windows after installing linux to run side by side

You'll need to boot System Recovery Options to run Startup Repair repeatedly.

Make sure the Win7 partition or its 100mb System Reserved partition (preferred) is marked Active first: Partition - Mark as Active (Method Two)

If this fails after three separate repair attempts with reboots using DVD or Repair CD, boot free Partition Wizard bootable CD to doublecheck which partition is set Active, then click on Win7 HD to highlight it, from Disk tab select Rebuild MBR, OK, Apply, reboot.

If Win7 doesn't start, boot DVD/Repair CD to run Startup Repair 3 times again.

If these fail, change the Active flag to Win7 partition if it is on SysReserved. Try Rebuild MBR and if necessary Startup Repairs again.

Linux can corrupt Win7 beyond repair so you may need to copy out your files using Win7 disk or Paragon Rescue CD: Copy & Paste - in Windows Recovery Console

Then run full Factory Recovery from its partition at boot, or using disks you've made or order, or use the Win7 Install DVD to clean reinstall following these steps: Reinstalling Windows 7

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I have a new router connected to my internet from FIOS. I was sick of the ActionTec router requiring a reboot every few days in order to get it to hand out ip addresses again, so I purchased a Ubiquiti edgmax router. After changing the MAC address of the
router to match the MAC address of the actiontec router, I was able to get it functioning. Sadly, that's when the weirdness began. I am able to connect to the internet fine on almost all my devices. I have two Roku streaming media players and an Ooma Ip phone
box that connect to the internet fine with the new router. All my iOS devices connect fine to the internet. I have a dual boot desktop connected via Ethernet and when I boot to Linux, it connects to the internet fine. If I reboot to Win7 (same exact hardware!),
there is no internet connection. I can see the other devices in the network map (I see the Brother printer and the Roku boxes) that are on this side of the firewall, but Internet access past the firewall is not available (red X between router and Internet).
I have done a virus scan using both MalwareBytes and AVG (in safe mode), and there are no virus found by either. I can reconnect the crappy Actiontec router and everything is fine. I also tried bringing the router, wifi access point and Win7 laptop (that
was NOT connecting to the internet at my home) to my office and connected it all here, and it works fine!
To say that I am frustrated would be an understatement.
I tried contacting Ubiquiti ... Read more

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Hi all anyone know what is the WindowsXP home vc WindowsXP office and WindowsXP businesses. And what about WindowsXP professional.

And one that has Windows 98 when they want to upgrade the OS should they go with WindowsXP or Linux ?? Has I think Microsoft has being slacking after 1999 and is bing very greedy for money

A:WindowsXP or Linux

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Hi everybody.
I'm afraid I did something stupid. I have 2 HD: the master with Win98 (with 3 units C,E,F FAT32) and the slave with WinXP (unit D, NFTS). I wanted to replace Win98 with Linux, keeping the dual boot possibility.
Before installing linux as second OS, I wanted to merge the three partitions on the master disk with partition magic. It gave me error #2003 (?) and at startup winXP could not find any units on that hard disk. So I decided to delete all the partition on that hard drive (NOT on the one containing the XP and my data) and create a new one.
Result: winXP did not start up. I tried with the XP cd recovery tool and run fixboot.
Result: I have the message that the file windows\sytem32\hal.dll. is missing or corrupt.
I tried to expand it from the xp cd but I got again the same message, so I put back the previous hal.dll file.
The data on the secondary drive are all there but I could not start up.

Anyway I installed mandrake everything went fine, also the bootloader (LILO).
when I choose windows in the boot menu it's giving me the same problem and
if I try to boot from the XP cd to repair the installation it's hanging. This happened after the installation of mankrake.
So now I cannot even reinstall windows!
I wanted to try to modify the boot.ini from linux but the windows disk is accessible only in read-only mode. I tried to chenge the attributed but it keeps telling me that it's not possible to write on that device.

Any help is welcome... Read more

A:multiboot windowsXP - linux

I had almost same senerio ; same OS's ,and I had the linux recovery console ( whatever its called rewrite the netldr or fixmbr....whatever.

I forget the options I had when starting but it during the inital boot that you can choose to load ???? in mandrake.

Then XP booted fine.

Never did convert to linux and I HATE windows. Just not smart enough I guess cuz linux looks as it is a foreign language to me.

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Hello boys and girls,

I have a dual boot configuration on my computer with Debian linux and Windows XP pro. Is it possible to to use linux to scan my windows xp partitions in the event that my computer is so overrun that I can't do anything from within XP?

The event that prompted this question occured a week ago. I got a trojan-fakealert from a site who's ads had been hacked. (as I understand, this sites is routinely hacked). Anywho, the usual happened; the bogus pop-up saying I had multiple infections, I foobar active scan window and.....what a shocker....the "upgrade to full version or; 'we want to steal your credit card number'" window.
After cursing the website for a few seconds, I unplugged my LAN cable and proceeded to the usual steps to clean my machine. I know these trojans block MBAM and spybot, but I have always been able to work around that by renaming the .exe files. No such luck. And to my surprise, not only was MBAM and spybot blocked but EVERY program was blocked. Every time I tried to open a program, I got a "this file has been infected" dialog box. I had to reboot in safemode to clean my PC.

How far are these losers going to go with these malicious programs? I really want to have a backup plan and since I have a whole other OS on a different partition, it seems logical to use that if I can

Side note: If anyone knows of a workaround for blocked programs from within window, please let me know

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I connected a wireless network on my computer, Linux Ubuntu OS but i can't access any webpages for some reason. I have no idea what might be causing this, tho i had Windows with norton protection previously installed on it so i don't know if its still there, cause i didn't remove anything or make backups as i tought it would delete everything automatically lol. If you know what might be causing this, just tell me what to do instead of explaining it so much... Computer-ish cause i don't know shait :monkey:

A:Can't connect to the internet with Linux Ubuntu :O

Hit ALT+F2, type gnome-terminal & hit enter.

Then type (in the new application window) ping www.google.com. What does it say ?

Also type ifconfig & what does that say ?

Are you sure that your computer is properly connected to the wireless network ?

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In my university, each student has to identify himself before using the internet by login into university domain. In WinXP, there is no problem with joining domain. But in FedoraCore2, I don't know how to join domain or find any place that I can input my username and password to join.

Up to now, I can not use internet with FC2. Can anyone help me to solve this problem?
Thank you.

A:Linux Fedora Core2 : how to connect to internet

You can set up Samba to act as a domain member computer and if you add Winbind then you can "log into" the domain. Whether it actually would let you use the internet depends on how exactly the authentication is set up in your university.

You are better off talking to the IT people on site - they know how the system works and will be able to help you more.

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I am using Linux Redhat Fedora Core 2 and I have NAT routing set up on a main server that connects directly to my PPPoE DSL connection...Behind that I have a router that I have converted into a switch, I have tried to use a Lynksys and a D-Link router, Both will not allow it to work. But, Now to the acctual problem, All of my Red Hat Boxes behind the server connect to the internet and function normally, but, When I set up a XP box and tried to connect after configuring it, It wont work....My server box will recognize the IP of the WIndows Machine but the windows machine will not find the server IP. I would be greatful for any help, and Will give more information as needed.


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I just finished installing Linux on to my Dell laptop. For some reason, it doesn't even recognize my wireless card when trying to establish my internet connection.

Could it be that my wireless card is not compatible with Linux?
Perhaps my service provider has something to do with it?

please help!!

A:Can't connect to wireless internet after installing Linux

More information is needed please:
What is the model of your Dell?
What's the tag no?
What linux are you using?
If you know the make and model of your wireless card this would be useful as well.

This information is important as we need to know what wireless card your laptop has, and what linux your running to advise you further.

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So 3 weeks ago I had a power outage. This made my computer not connect to the Internet, but not the one in the living room.
Since the i have been doing a lot of Google'in to try to find a solution - all of which failed. I have tried most of the command prompt inputs including /ipconfigs, /winsock, and a few others. So after a week or so I had the bright idea to boot up Lunix on my pc. The os, which is on my flash drive, could connect to the Internet. I did remember finding a guy who posted the same problem before, but I couldn't find it again. So I'm sorry that this is a other "can't connect to the internet", but add help is much appreciated.

Thing to know,
-ISP Verizon
-OS Windows Vista
-Modem Westell Modell 6100F (F90 6100 15 06)
-Router Linksys NH1005 v2.2

The files myTcp.txt and myTcp2.txt are the results of ipconfig /all. The first one was when the computer was directly hooked upto the modem. The second is when the computer was hooked up to the router.

A:Windows can't connect to internet after power outage, Linux will

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I have been going crazy trying to get access to the internal memory in my Alcatel One Touch, Firce 2 phone using Winxp. I set it up as amass storage device, and Windows picks it up as an MTP device. When I activate the SD Card side (even though I do not have an SD memory card), it then logs it in the computer as a CD-Rom. I can get only access to my Pictures folder, and it will not allow me to "upload to the phone". I am looking to send movie, and music files right from my computer, any ideas...

A:I can't connect to my Alcatel One Touch, Firce 2 with WindowsXP

Hi and welcome to TSF, please see question 6 here ALCATEL ONETOUCH - Support - Faq

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I have forgotten how, but I want to be able to connect to my sisters computer without having to enter her password. I have tried:
*removing the pass and it says blank passwords aren't allowed.
*I have allowed it to autologin with her password into windows, doesn't make a diff through network though.
*Simple sharing is off,
*guest is on,
*I have also added my name to her user list in control panel. :/

Help please

What to do?

A:Connect to network computer without pass. (WindowsXP)

If you establish an account with your name and password that has the proper rights on her computer, you should be able to connect without any passwords. Oh, for XP-Home, disable simple sharing too.

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My desktop's side fan got unplugged when my dad vacuumed the inside of my PC. Now I don't know how to re-connect the side fan and my computer's been overheating because of the loss of the side fan's cooling. I'm totally ignorant of computer parts and stuff, so can anyone please help me?

Here are some pictures I took of the inside of my PC:


As far as I know the fan has two 4-pin Molex connectors. Can anyone make like a red circle so I could visually understand what to do?

Lots of thanks for the help.

A:How to connect a side fan?

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using trace file; why can't the local network connect  to other side of the router

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Ive on my desk 2 pc one with W7 the other with Linux Opensuze
The 2 are on net connected on the same provider box in Ethernet
What I want see W in linux and linux in W- Read and write mails Thunderbird in W or Linux on my mail adress who is in W

(What I do now is not very simple Ex copy something in Linux and send it to my mail box in Win...)

A:Connect 2 PC one with W7 the other with Linux

You could install RealVNC on both of them ... this would allow you to remote into whichever one you want.

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how do u connect to the internet in linux? gnome suse 10

i went to yast bit and manully configed all the same details u usually put in windows netword conections.. isp number username password, but how do u dial?

probably the modem isnt even installed coz its a windows modem, will it work?

it knows there is a usb modem there

what steps do i need to take 1st of all?

any help appriecated


A:linux net connect

Linux has limited support of so-called Winmodems.
Post your hardware specs and I'll see If I can figure something out to help you.
Boot into Suse, open terminal and run:
lspci -v
Copy the output and post it back here.
I don't want you to get your hopes high - you may end up buying hardware modem (I assume you're on dial-up) - the best would be external modem, which is connected to serial port (i.e. COM1 or COM2) of your computer.

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I have a very strange problem with my T43.  It's an 1872-AU1 with an Intel 2200bg card from the factory. It works immediately with Linux, but not with XP Pro.  I CAN connect to my home network ONLY if I connect to an unsecured network in my neighborhood (no internet..I just connect to a Linksys router).  If I disconnect from this network and then select my own, I can connect.  Very strange indeed.  I have the latest driver installed and it doesn't matter if I use the Intel Wireless Utility or if I let Windows XP control my wireless. It just sits there looking for authentication and then gives up.This is driving me nuts.  Thanks.

Go to Solution.

A:T43 won't connect to wireless...will with Linux

Do you have Service Pack 3 installed on your XP?

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my problem is trying to mount a network drive from fedora 8 to windows 98 shared folder.

my current network setup in the office is three windows 98 desktops connected to a hub, with one acting like a server. the two workstations have mapped network drive to the shared folder of the server. both of these stations connect to the network without any passwords required.

i'm trying to replace one workstation with fedora and tried to execute the command:

mount -t cifs // /home/wesley/share

it would request for a password so I simply press Enter. Then it would display an error:

mount error 2 = no such file or directory

I tried another method:

mount -t smbfs // /home/wesley/share

and it displays unknown filesystem type 'smbfs'

I also tried using smbmount but bash would say no such file or directory.

Please note that I can see the windows 98 shared folder in gnome of fedora.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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I have two PCs, one is a linux suse 10.2 and the other one is windows XP SP2 . Is there a way to share files and printers between the two ?

A:can I connect Linux PC with Windows PC?

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Hey, I recently bought a VPS from the provider 'BinaryLane'. It is an unmanaged Linux server, and I am trying to connect to it via SSH (putty) and this is what happens:
"Network error, connection timed out".
I have entered the ip of my server with port 22, ive also tried port 1 and still I get this error.

This is the status of my server currently:

I have no idea what to do, need help ty

A:Unable to connect to Linux server via SSH

Have you contacted the provider to have them check to see if the Linux server has the SSH service setup and running?

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I have a wifi network set-up (2 windows pc's, a Dlink Dl-514 router) and i was wondering how i can connect to them to surf the web on linux

A:How to connect to a wifi network on linux

Which flavour of Linux you using?

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i am at my brothers house and use wireless with my laptop.the other day he was messing around with the router settings and now i can't connect.he is away and he told me to look at the mac address on the built in card in his laptop and just use a mac spoofer with that mac address.i did this and i still can't connect, so i tried in BackTrack 3(linux distro) by spoofing the mac and it worked right away.i don't want to have to load up BT3 off a flash drive just to use internet and then i can't use have my apps/games.i tried setting the connection up again, the key was correct, but nothing.anyone have some helpful info.

i am on vista home premium and use the Hawking HWU8DD to connect from upstairs,i think it is a linksys router but can't check cause his office is locked.i am currently on his desktop but it is really old. EDIT: just checked by html login promt and it is a Linksys WRT54GS

A:can't connect in vista, but can in backtrack 3 (linux)

You need to access the router and fix the settings. I'd start by removing MAC filtering, encryption, and make sure the SSID is being broadcast. Then, when you get a connection, add the encryption. Surely, he can tell you the login password for the router so you can fix this, right?

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Hello everyone, hopefully someone here has some Linux experience and can help with my networking problems. I have a fileserver running Linux on my home network. It uses openssh for ssh and samba for local file sharing. I just installed Vista Ultimate x64 on a separate computer and cannot connect to it. I can connect to the fileserver through samba from another computer on the same network running XP as well as from OS X. I can connect to the computer with XP from Vista, but can't discover the Linux computer. I can ssh from the computer running OS X to the Linux computer but PuTTY just time-outs when trying to connect from Vista. I can ping every other computer on my network that is running a form on windows, but I cannot even ping the Linux box. I disabled the windows firewall temporarily to remove it as a cause. Since I cannot even ping the Linux computer, I think that is the main issue and ssh and samba should probably work once that is resolved. Oh yeah, I also changed the Network security policy to "LM and NTLM – use NTLMV2 session security if negotiated". I am using Samba >3.0 which has support for ntlmv2, but I changed it anyway.
All of the computers are wired, except for the one running OS X. If I forgot any other detail, let me know.


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I am having problems trying to connect to Linux from a Windows 2000 workstation. The two computers are set up on the same network. I want to connect through TCP/IP. Can someone tell me what I am missing?


A:Can't connect to Linux pc w/ Windows 2000

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I just bought this laptop about 10 days ago to use specifically for a writing project separate from my other work laptop. It has Windows 7. It had Google Chrome installed (or maybe my brother installed it upon taking it out of the box.) I have
used IE as my browser on this laptop once or twice, but mostly use Google Chrome. I downloaded some genealogy software I just bought today about an hour or so ago (Family Tree Maker 2012) and noticed that it would not connect to the internet to register- it
kept saying "No internet connection". After trying a few things (allowing the program access through Windows Firewall, checking to make sure that "proxy server" tab was not checked in Internet Settings, disabling some Bing Maps and Windows
Live email accelerators) and finally tried closing Chrome and opening IE to run in background instead. However, IE won't connect - keeps saying "Cant display webpage" although I am definitely connected to internet via wifi. I tried resetting Internet
Explorer...no dice. I've restarted several times. Nothing is working. Any suggestions?
My husband thinks i should uninstall Chrome, which he guesses is causing all the trouble with both IE and the Family Tree software. But I'm afraid that if I uninstall Chrome and it doesnt work, i wont be able to get back on the internet since I can presently
only do so through Chrome.
I dont have a whole lot of experience troubleshooting computers, so please be spec... Read more

A:IE won't connect to internet, but Chrome is working fine. Other software wont connect to internet either.

Uninstalling Chrome should not be nessesary it does have an agressive default install which should not be used but uninstalling will not fix any issues because chromes uninstall will not change
setting back the way they were before you installed it/ or who ever.
Reset ie9 manually,
Click the Start button on the Taskbar,
Click on Control panel,
Click on Internet options,
Go to the Advanced section,
Click on Reset button on the bottom,
Check the box to Delete personal settings,
Use the recommended setup and install options.
Also see this,
New computers come with pre-installed security suites/ Trial versions,
The best thing to do with these trial versions is to Uninstall them,
Use these instead,
Freebie from microsoft,
If money isn't an issue add the full pro version of malwarebytes, less than mcafee or norton,

Then use the free version of this as well for even more ways to clean your machine,

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I purchased the Huawei EC325 modem from BSNL WLL which uses a USB cable to connect to the PC. My inital reaction was since it was a USB connection and was using a custom software to connect to the net, it would not be possible to connect to the net in Linux using this modem.What can i do?

A:how to connect Huawei EC325 usb modem with Linux

Looks like it's possible, guide here:


With my Huawei, in current version Ubuntu though I just plugged it in & it worked with no configuration needed.


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I was considering getting away from using Microsoft Operating Systems little by little. I want to convert a Windows 98 SE laptop to a Linux laptop. The laptop has a Belkin wireless card attached to it. I would have the driver software for the Belkin card, but it's only for Windows OS. Also, I would like to know how I could get the laptop to share a printer with my Windows XP desktop if I converted it to a Linux platform.

A:Solved: Connect Linux Computer to Network

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Cannot Open Xming to connect to Raspberry Pi GUI

I can log into terminal with Putty
but i cannot get Xming to even open when i double click or right click and select "Open"

I have Windows 10 too btw. 

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My machine is dual boot Win 7 x32/ Linux. I'm using a wired Broadcom ethernet card and a cable modem.
Only one computer is connected and I have no router. In the middle of surfing on the Win OS, my connection dropped.
I rebooted to windows and got a red X in the sys tray. No connection, no network connectivity.
I booted again, into Linux this time, and it works fine. So this is a software issue for sure (I would think). At least it's not a problem with the wires or my ISP or anything. I also downloaded and ran the broadcom diagnostic utility for my NIC and all the tests passed.

The "Network and Sharing" screen shows no connection, (just diagram of computer=>X=>Globe) but the properties screen in the device manager shows it's connected with no problem, although it shows 0 packets transferred. It also reports no problem with the driver, but I re-installed it anyway.

Most mysterious of all is that running ipconfig/all doesn't show the card at all. It's completely missing. The only thing it returns is the Teredo Tunneling Pseudo Interface and a 6to4 adapter. Both are reported "Media Disconnected" and neither has a DNS suffix, IP address or Default Gateway listed.

The property screen that comes up when you right-click the Local Area Connection on the "Network and Sharing" screen and double click the IPV4 line returns the message "Windows couldn't automatically bind the IP protocol stack to the network ada... Read more

A:Win 7 wired - no net connect, no ipconfig, works w/linux only

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I have to make a security tunnel between Linux(server) and Windows(client).


Tunnel will be using to remote administration Linux server.

Is any Windows Client IPsec for Windows ?
I don't want use pptp(unsecure) and l2tp(SLES 10 SP2 hasn't l2tp demon support), only ipsec

Have you any solution ?

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I am using Windows 7 Home and Premium and I am unable to connect to Linux machine. I am getting the pop up for providing the username and password to connect to Linux Machine but it rejects the same. I had the same issue with Windows 7 Professional and I resolved it through chaging the policy as below.

Control panel - administrative tools-Local Security policy-local policies- Security options- network security: "LAN Manager authentication level" Changed to "Send LM & NTLM responses"

I came to know that there is no "Local Security policy " on Windows 7 Home and Premium version. Please help me to solve this issue. Thanks in advance.

A:Unable to connect to Linux from my Windows 7 Home and Premium

Azeeb, how are you trying to connect to your Linux machine? Personally, I am using ssh. A free version is included with the Cygwin distribution. Using this tool, I don't have to worry about the local security policy. Which software do you use to connect?

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I'm trying to setup an FTP server to upload photos and videos to, and tried to setup a program to automatically change the ip on the domain every time it changes, but have been having trouble with it.

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I want to use a small Linux Server to store and syncronize my Calender and Contact data over different clients.
The clients can be Linux, Android, Windows Phone & Windows Desktop Outlook 2010.

The question is what free Server protocoll can I sue to archive this.
As I understand now all except for Outlook support CalDav & CardDav.

How can I get Outlook also to sync?
What protocol Outlook is speaking that can be provided by a Linux Server without extra payment?

A:What protocols to connect Outlook (2010) to a Linux Server

Take a look at Zarafa. I use it. Its the only linux mail server (that I found) that allows Outlook to connect via MAPI. The community edition has some limitations, but for home usage I say its awesome. Good Luck !

Best regards,

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I've got a weird one that I can't seem to solve.

I have a Windows 10 Home desktop with a permanently attached external USB HD.

The internal drives are share from with everyone privileges at a folder level and a drive level (for testing). Homegroup is turned off completely.

From a Windows 10 machine I can access all shares without issue. Read and write files.

From any non Windows machine I can access the internal drive (c including the public folder, but not the external drive. The shares are seen, but trying to connect produces an unknown error.

I've tried replacing permissions on the external drive at the root level and replacing them on all child objects with no change. As far as I can tell the everyone read and write permission essentially removes security, so I don't think it's a username and password issue.

I have no meaningful error messages from android or linux, but have not checked windows.

Anyone have any ideas?

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I have a hosted Linux server running CentOS 5 with Samba 3.4. Everything is setup and it is accessible via Linux machines by typing smb://ip.address/ in a Firefox address bar. I am trying to set up a local network share on a Windows 7 Home Premium x64 SP1 computer.

I am trying to map the shared drive as a network drive and am having issues. Google provided a wide range of solutions, and thus far nothing has worked.

I have tried entering the IP address in 2 locations:
1. Map Network drive. I select a drive letter and type in the ip \\12.345.678.9\
It asks for credentials and I enter the user info for the user I created on the Linux machine. It thinks a moment then pops back up asking for credentials. It doesn't say they are invalid, just never goes through.
2. Connect to a website (under Map Network Drive). I type the IP http://12.345.678.9 and click connect and it pops up a dialog saying "The folder you entered does not appear to be valid. Please choose another".

I have tried creating a loopback adapter and trying to setup a connection via SSH using the guide found at http://www.nikhef.nl/~janjust/CifsOverSSH/VistaLoopback.html. After completing the tutorial (substituting my server IP address for the destination address given) I try using the Run dialog as indicated and get a "Windows cannot connect to.." error and the diagnose connection button. One thing that may be causing problems there is that the loopback adapter is labeled as an unidentified net... Read more

A:Can't Connect to Remote Linux Server to Create Network Share

Anyone? I have been searching and can't seem to find anything else to try, hoping someone here has some suggestions.

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G'day everyone - I suspect this issue will be a tough one to get help with!

I've attached a screen-capture of a Microsoft Office Excel 2007 spreadsheet I'm working on at the moment. As you will be able to see on the screen-capture, I've marked the areas of interest and will explain here...

When I enter a name in this column (marked as '1'), I want the spreadsheet to check another column (marked as '2') to see if there is a match. If there is a match, I then want the spreadsheet to check the column marked as '3', and subtract that amount from the column marked as '4'. If there is no match between the column marked as '1' and the column marked as '2', I don't want anything to happen.

I hope that made sense, and if anyone can help me with a solution here, I would greatly appreciate it.

A:Solved: Calculating Side-By-Side Cells Dependant On Text Entries In Excel

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When I'm reading a message I have to scroll right to see the rest of the sentence. Is there a way to show the entire message in one window?


A:Solved: Remove necessity to scroll side to side in order to read text.

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So recently, I received a blue screen of death. The error was something along the lines of:

When it restarted, windows advised me to perform a system file check. So I left my computer for a bit, and when I came back it was already at the logon screen. However, when I logged on and started firefox, first thing I noticed was that all my bookmarks and some extensions had been wiped.
I then tried to start Microsoft Word but I received the following error:

"The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect";

I receive that error for most of my other programs.

When I tried to run event viewer, it says:

"MMC could not create the snap-in"

Please help. Is it possible to restore my applications without reinstalling them all?

Sysinfo Log:
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium , Service Pack 1, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU P8600 @ 2.40GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3066 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3650 , 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 289804 MB, Free - 64740 MB; D: Total - 15359 MB, Free - 9693 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0F237N, A09, .2WZ222S.CN4864395K0725.
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled

EDIT: I ran SCF again. It said it detected corrupted files but when I restarted my computer, I am still unable to run most of my applica... Read more

A:Side-by-side configuration incorrect - application errors after System File Check

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I have a spreadsheet that has nine columns. Once of these columns (the fourth column) is used for a single character as a method of immediately letting the user know that the row in particular is different to the others. So, there's nothing different about that at all.

What I'd like to be able to do, though, is to have the other eight columns (the three columns before the column mentioned above and the five after) all change their background colour when the single character is entered in the fourth column.

So, if the user inputs data in a new row and leaves the fourth column cell blank, nothing happens. If the user enters the symbol (let's say it's a "#"), then the nine columns will all change their background colour to red.

If anyone can help me with this, I'd greatly appreciate it.

A:Solved: Formatting Side-By-Side Cells Dependant On Single Cell Value?

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So, I had the same problem as above. I had developed a dll using Qt that worked fine on my machine but would not register on another. The familiar "This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect..." appears when I ran the depencency walker on the dll.

So this was the solution that worked for me, which may help some others see what's going wrong here:

Within my dll the manifest emedded read:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<assembly xmlns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:asm.v1" manifestVersion="1.0">
<assemblyIdentity type="win32" name="Microsoft.VC80.DebugCRT" version="8.0.50608.0" processorArchitecture="x86" publicKeyToken="1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b"></assemblyIdentity>

It seemed that the assembly definition was not found upon my client computer. So then, from within my original computer's 'Windows\WinSxS' directory, I copied the 'x86_Microsoft.VC80.DebugCRT_1f...' directory and it's associated files within the 'Policies' and 'Manifests' directories onto the client computer. Once copied, the dll registrered fine.

Hope this helps...

A:Solved: application has failed to start as side by side configuration is incorrect

As above where?

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Problem: I'm trying to retrieve a client-side <form> element value into a server-side variable. The code works if I explicitly set strCCLastNameValue = (a data value in the db table column "care_Contact_Last_Name" such as "Jones"). I hope I have explained the situation adequately. Thanks for any suggestions on resolving this issue.
Here's the code in an asp file...
<script language="VBScript">
Sub prepop()
Dim dbConn, oRS, sSQL, strCCLastNameValue
strCCLastNameValue = document.getElementById("careContactLastName").value 'THIS IS THE LINE THAT IS GIVING ME PROBLEMS
Set dbConn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
dbConn.Open "Provider=SQLOLEDB;Server=MYServerurl;Database=wpgXXXXX;NetworkLibrary=DBMSSOCN;UID=XXXXX;PWD=YYYYYYYY"
Set oRS = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
oRS.CursorLocation = 3 'adUseClient
With oRS
.ActiveConnection = dbConn
.Source = "SELECT * FROM CareMinistry WHERE care_Contact_Last_Name= '" & strCCLastNameValue & "'"
.CursorType = 0
.LockType = 3
.CursorLocation = 3
End With
'Then fill the <form> with the selected row.
document.addform.entryStatus.value = "<%= oRS("entry_Status") %>"
document.addform.entryCategory.value = "<%= oRS("entry_Category") %>"
document.addform.entryDate.value ... Read more

A:Solved: problem setting server-side variable from client-side sub

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I have an Inspiron 5545 running win10.
On opening, the right side hinge on the keyboard section pulled three screws and inserts free, cracked the plastic in the corner where the hinge is located, killed the WiFi, and caused an intermittent vertical line to appear on the screen.
The laptop has never been out of  the house, never dropped, and seldom left my lap when I was home.
It runs, but is held together with aa 1.5" black paper clamp and connects to the home network via a USB WiFi dongle from Wal-Mart..
This is my fourth or fifth laptop and the first to have the case fail.  This is a design failure in my opinion.  Boo on you, Dell.  I've bought a lot of your computers over the years because they worked and did not fall apart with normal use.  This one disappoints.
Rev. William J McVay, D.D.

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Model:  HP Pavilion m6 Notebook PC 15".   Laptop used minimally and still in beautiful shape other than these noted issues:  Left hinge is broken away from plastic casing (see pic) and Right hinge is broken away from lid plastic (see pic).   From what I'm reading, it seems the plastic base, chassis, and possibly lid base and hinge need replaced.  Please let me know what HP is offering as far as replacement parts and repair.  This seems to be an ongoing issue with HP notebooks.  I've purchased a total of three HP notebook/laptops over the past four years so I'm very concerned about these issues and why HP has allowed it to continue for so long and across so many different models.  It seems to me the plastic used in making these parts does not have the tensile strength required in notebook/laptop use.  I would think this issue would've been corrected years ago and not have continued.  Please advise.  I do love all my HP laptops other than these issues.   Thank you. 

A:Left Side Hinge Plastic Casing Piece Broken and Right Side L...



I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (serial numbers and case details).

If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works, you can learn about that here.

Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forum.

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i cant open my windows live movie maker due to Side by Side configuration error. Can anyone help me?

A:Windows Live movie Maker Side by Side configuration error

Isn't that a Win 7 app?

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First post...

I am coming to you as a last resort. I built my own PC and installed Vista Ultimate 64 bit OEM edition. Has been working fine for ~2 years.
Now every time I attempt to open a program I get the error "The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect. Please see the application event log for more detail".

The only progam that is barely working is IE 64 bit edition. I cannot download or run any files.

Microsoft wants 59$ to speak to a technical support representative(What a joke, multibillion dollar company wants extra $ for tech support??...).

Doing a ton of research I have tried various things to remedy this with no avail. System restore did not work. Doing a sfc /scannow in command prompt does not work, it does not even run. Wasted 3 hours of my life doing a thorough checkdisk as well.

The error in the event log is as follows...
Error in manifest or policy file "C:\Windows\WinSxS\manifests\x86_microsoft.windows.c..-controls.resources_6595b64144ccf1df_6.0.6001.18000_en-us_72e6f33f34dfabb9.manifest" on line 18. Invalid Xml syntax.

So the problem has to do with this manifest file? I really am clueless as to my next move. I can not download and run anything at all.... Can I do a Vista repair installation with my OEM version?

Should I try and get my hands on a cheap upgrade version of Windows 7?

A:Vista x64: Side by side configuration error, no programs work halp :(

Until our Forum expert in this area, Niemiro, comes on line, maybe this will give you a lead.
side by side configuration

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