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PCTEL 2304WT v.9x MDC Modem/Does this>Modem supports voice communications?

Q: PCTEL 2304WT v.9x MDC Modem/Does this>Modem supports voice communications?

I am attempting to configure PC-Alarm and Security System. Part of this program allows for notifying me via cell phone if one or more of the residence smoke alarms have gone off, alarms for the doors, or someone is attempting to gain access to our home computer. The test fails because it needs a modem supporting voice communications. I am not sure whether our modem does, or does not support voice communications. I do know that our present modem is>PCTEL 2304WT V.9x MDC Modem.

We operate an Inspiron 8200 w/XP.


The Gillette Family (Ron)

Preferred Solution: PCTEL 2304WT v.9x MDC Modem/Does this>Modem supports voice communications?

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: PCTEL 2304WT v.9x MDC Modem/Does this>Modem supports voice communications?

According to this document on the Dell website their PCTel modem does not have voice capability, unfortunately:


I've being carrying out a search for alternative drivers to provide voice capability for the PCTel modem in my Inspiron 8500 but so far no luck. Some more information on this website:


Brendan Mullan

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I have a PCTel Modem, running Windows XP Home

when it goes to dial, it gives error 692.

I noticed that I had 2 dun connections instead of the normal 1. I removed both and re-added configuration.....

still no go.....
what else could be giving error 692?

A:PCtel Modem

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i have a pctel platinum v.90 modem is this voice capable?

A:pctel platinum v.90 modem

I did a google seach, but it didn't turn up anything...what does your documentation say? Did it come with the PC? What pc do you have?


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compaq softpaq number
worked for me if you cat find it email me ill send it to you (win98)

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This modem is the HIRO Model H50113, which worked well in Windows Vista and Windows7, but as soon as I upgraded to Windows 10, the new operating system deleted the driver that makes my voice capabilities work on the modem, so it FAILS in voice functions. It is not possible to add that driver back, since the OS kills it like a virus. I noticed the driver I'd used is no longer in the drivers list, and I've heard from HIRO that this is happening MORE and MORE, for those whose Windows 10 version is 1511 IOS Build 1058635. Until Microsoft fixes this, my ability to send and receive voicemail with this modem is DEAD. Microsoft should finalize and update another Windows 10 build, to correct this destructive effect.

A:Upgraded to W10 & VOICE part of my voice/fax modem FAILS. Anyone else?

I wouldn't expect Microsoft to update Windows 10 to resolve an error with third-party hardware. Usually, the hardware vendor would update their drivers to be compatible with Windows.

What drivers were you using? I see that Hiro has Windows 10 drivers for the H50113, but they pre-date the November (1511) update.

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I have to develop an application where in a user can call a phone/mobile directly entering the number in a text box fields and he should be able to view the caller number(eg: caller Id) in some form when any user is calling. Similar to call center application.

Plz suggest me any hardware that suits for my requirement.


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I was needing to know what exactly is a voice modem...and do I have to have the voice modem to get online.....

A:Voice Modem

Welcome to the forums.
Read this:
and a little more:

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I tried to install a voice mail program on my laptop the other day, without success. I had assumed my modem could handle voice (actually, I didn't even stop to think about it), but now am not sure. Modem is listed as:

Conexant HSFi V92 MiniPCI Modem

Does anybody know if this modem can handle voice? If so, what software can / should I use for VM?

BTW, it works fine for dial-up and WinXP fax, and I'd rather buy an answering machine than risk screwing *that* up.


A:Can my Conexant modem do voice?

I think that it just a data/fax modem.

What is the make/model of the laptop?

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Thanks for your time, help, and advise!!!

Using Windows98SE with 200Mhz Pentium, 48MB ram, and 2GB free disk.

First, is there any good internal modem with Voice/FAX software that is currently available.

Second, this computer has a very old Motorola 33.6 ModemSurfr internal modem with the SmithMicro System QuickLing Message Center 3.0 voice/fax software installed.
The system and the modem work great but every great once in a while the Modem/QuickLink Message center will answer a call and then leave the line off-hook when the caller has hung up from their end. Stopping and restarting QuickLink or rebooting the system will correct the problem.

Any advise will be great!!!!

A:Modem and Voice/Fax Software

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Hello all,
I have been all over trying to resolve this. Evidently it's a known issue with XP that can be resolved according to some posts I've seen.(forums.modemhelp.ne*/viewtopic.php?t=3888)

By the FCC code I've determined the modem is an Askey. - based on the (LAME) Rockwell/Conexant chipset that we all know and love lol.
The updated driver on their site does not restore the voice functionality.
Does anyone know if there is another driver that I could use or an INF file?
I've tried using the Conexant driver that comes with Win, it's the only one listed that has voice functionality. Also I tried the Rockwell in the post mentioned above...
Any ideas?

A:Voice functionality in XP w/HCF modem

Well I'd use the Askey driver rather then the generic Conexant drivers: http://www.askey.com/eportal/global...&type_name=56K Internal Modem&menuCatOid=-288

What are you trying to do though if I may ask?

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I have installed a voice modem (Generic softk56k Voice fax data) on my windows XP.

Installation has been succesfull but the voice features (hands-free speaker phone) is not being reconised by XP Familial option. We have tryed to use Cheyenne bitware and Classic phone tools (came with modem installation) to call out, after dialing we only hear sound comming out of the computer tower instead of the the computer's speakers.

For more information please post

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Hi I have Voice-Over IP (VOIP) telephone service here at home, I want to be able to send and receive faxes, sooo I went out and bought myslef a Fax/Modem to accomplish this. Problem is, is that I can;t seem to get the thing to work!

Would anyone be able to say whats wrong? I check my hardware list and it shows the fax/modem device as working properly.

Phone adapter: Linksys w/ 2 ports for Voice-overIP
Fax/Modem: Encore Electronics ENF-ESW-MOPR


A:Voice-Over IP + fax/Modem setup HELP?

kbaasit said:

Hi I have Voice-Over IP (VOIP) telephone service here at home, I want to be able to send and receive faxes, sooo I went out and bought myslef a Fax/Modem to accomplish this. Problem is, is that I can;t seem to get the thing to work!

Would anyone be able to say whats wrong? I check my hardware list and it shows the fax/modem device as working properly.

Phone adapter: Linksys w/ 2 ports for Voice-overIP
Fax/Modem: Encore Electronics ENF-ESW-MOPR

ThksClick to expand...

It's your line respectively your VoIP. Fax modems are analogue and work on normal analogue/digital telephone lines. If you had a dial up connection (additionally to what I assume is broadband with yours) your fax modem could dial-up, which is what it wants and needs to do.
Some VoIP providers also offer FoIP but they charge for it since the original VoIP audio compression has to be uncompressed to send the full audio (which is what fax signals are).


will let you send and receive faxes via the internet without either modem or fax machine required. They currently charge US$0.07 (or 0.05) per page and US$ 5.49 monthly subscription.

If you only want to send faxes http://www.pamfax.biz/en/index_2.php
will do it under your Skype credit. They ALSO will give you a personal number to receive but again it costs monthly subscription.

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I have the Comcast Triple Play (TV, Internet, digital voice). Comcast charges $5/mo.=$60/yr. to rent the digital voice modem (DVM), so I thought I'd investigate buying my own (just like my cable modem, which I own). I can't find any vendors selling DVMs for home use (plenty for industrial use), so by inference, I take it that none of the ISPs allows you to use your own DVM.

My question is, if I can install my own modem for Internet access, why can't I do the same for VoIP access? Are the ISPs doing this just to make more profit or is there some other reason?

A:Digital Voice Modem

DKTaber said:

My question is, if I can install my own modem for Internet access, why can't I do the same for VoIP access? Are the ISPs doing this just to make more profit or is there some other reason?Click to expand...
VERY few ISP's will recognise the MAC address of your own modem. That's the way they like to work their racket.

I have heard of a tiny amount of cases where, if you scream loud enough, and get the right person on the other end of the support line, this has been done.

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Based on some advice to delete devices to clean up my computer, everything was detected and reinstalled EXCEPT:

Got a message that the driver for "Wave device for voice modem" was not found. I have W95 and tried inserting the Legacy Install Disk for W95 drivers but it was not on it. My modem is Diamond Supra Express 336i PnP.

Any suggestions?

A:Need driver for voice modem

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i have lost the driver for my conexant 56k voice/fax/data modem. i was able to download it about a month ago -- but now i've lost it again and i can't find it anywhere! i'm running windows 98se.

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I have installed a PCI Internal fax/voice modem and when I am logged in as administrator, I get dialling sounds when connecting.
If I am logged in as my Internet ( standard ) User, I get no dialling sound although it connects OK.
Since the sound works for administrator, this would appear to be a rights config problem, but what ??? - any suggestions ???

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I had Win98 installed on 1 of my 2 HDD's. That HDD died on me, so I installed Win98 on my second drive and had some trouble finding the driver for my U.S. Robotics 56k Voice Win Modem. So i decided since I had nothing else to lose, I'd upgrade to Win2000.


Win2000 found a driver for my modem, the only problem, win2000 thinks it's a 3COM Windows Modem ISA ADI (33Kbps). I found the driver for my modem and tried to install it, but it said that there was a problem while installing the driver so it didn't install. I was wondering if anyone knows what to do or where to get the "right" driver and how I can get it fixed. At the present time, I only connect at 31.2Kbps. I'd like that to change if possible. thank you in advance for anyone that may have any information that will help me.

A:U.S. Robotics 56k Voice Win Modem Driver

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I have a dual boot system running 2000 and XP Pro. I just installed a 56K Voice Modem via a PCI slot on my computer. The driver installation went problem free while using 2000, but when I try to get the drivers going on XP I keep getting an error message. This message comes up as I go through the Add New Device wizard.

There was a problem installing this hardware:

56K PCI Voice Modem SF-1156IV R9A

An error occurred during the installation of this device.

The required section was not found in the INF.

I made sure to download the specific drivers for each operating system, also I made sure that I downloaded the proper versions for the modem that I have. I did some research and found that the "The required section was not found in the INF", is an error message that people encounter with various devices such as webcams and printers, mine happens to be with a modem.

Does anybody have any suggestions? Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks.

A:Problems with VOICE MODEM drivers.

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Every time I do anything with a modem, I get the 'Windows wants to find (again) Wave Device for Voice Modem. ' Weird.
Havng seen this on almost every comp now that has either
a 56k winmodem and/or a cost effective sound card , I'm guessing Others,
many others, have seen this only to try everything to get it
to go away. What is it? What does it want? When I send it to modem 9x folder on CD where modem drivers came from the message says, ' nothing was installed '. Does it want something
from my sound card drivers???

When I remove in device mgr, it comes right back up on next boot.
Is this one for CMOS adjustment and if so, tell me how........

Wishing windows 98se would let him be,
- M

A:Wave Device for Voice Modem

This should be included with the MODEM software and installed as you install the modem. Are you using the modem disk when you install? This is only true with modems with voice functions and should be part of the install.


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I have just installed an internal voice/fax modem logged in as administrator under Win2k pro. I get modem dialling sounds when logged in as administrator.
When logged in as a ( standard ) user "internet" for Internet use, I get no dialling sounds, but the connection is successful.
I would appear to be a rights problem - any suggestions ???

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I need to record phone conversations so I need a good voice modem. I'm amazed at how unfruitful my initial hunting has been! First choice was USR because of the name, but they only have one and that's their 5695 which is just the Internet Call modem repackaged. User reviews say it's slow at times but maybe speed reviews are subjective.

Then tried Creative. User and editorial reviews consistenly say it's lousy, it's slow, software had major bugs, and it conflicts with, of all things, the SoundBlaster Live Value sound card (can't play a wave file while modem is operating)!!!

Found user reviews saying the 3Com 56K ISA internal voice modem is fast and very solid, and I have an old USR ISA internal now, so that would be fine for my needs... but I can't seem to find anyplace to buy one on the Web!!!

What gives here???

Zoom seems to have good stuff based on a quick web search but the bells and whistles seem infinitely more than what I need.

I don't need any bells and whistles. I have DSL so I really only have two uses for a modem:

1. The once-in-a-blue moon (almost never... knock on wood) backup in case DSL is down for a short time (love my Earthlink).

2. This one-time and then very rare need to record phone calls.


I prefer not to clutter my desk space too much but will go with an external if I have to... but at this point, I'm not prepared to do anything without some good 'ol reliable "Tech Guy" advice f... Read more

A:Is there a good, basic voice modem???

Well, I got no replies here, but thought I'd share my results for others.

Office Depot told me they stopped carrying Zoom modems because of too many of them being returned with problems. He said to get USR, even though they don't carry it, because it's the most reliable and has the most proven reputation.

Tech support at CDW.com told me to get USR even though they don't carry USR voice modems. He said USR is the most proven by far, and his experience with USR's tech support has always been first rate.

Yep, that's all been my experiene, too.

So, USR it is.

The only voice modem USR currently offers, which is what I ordered, is an internal, USR5695, which is their old Internet Call modem repackaged. They now have drivers for Win2000 and XP. It's a v.90 and has the mini jacks for phones/mic on the modem (it seems there's zero difference between that versus a TAD cable connection to the sound card that uses the sound card's phones/mic plugs, except convenience depending on your setup).

As far as I can tell, the onlyl place this USR modem is available is from the USR website (www.usr.com -- Products -- analog modems or 56K/ISDN -- Home Use).

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I have not used a modem in this Dell desktop before, but have now installed the PCI card and it IS recognized in the Control panel/modems list (Conexant D850 56 K DFVc), and I downloaded a driver that I think is installed OK, but when I try to generate a fax using fax wizard, nothing happens. The modem installed on COM3, could that be the problem? How do I trouble shoot it from here> thanks

A:Trouble installing/ running voice/ fax modem

Hello Renaldo and welcome to TSF. Have you checked the Device Manager for an yellow ! or ? the driver may not be installed. Did you use your XP cd to install the Fax Service? See if this little tidbit will help http://www.andyrathbone.com/tips/faxing.html.

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I am on the ole fashioned dial up with AOL - I know a big mistake, don't have a go at me, it was fine for what I wanted up to about a week ago when AOL decided to do an upgrade on MY computer WITHOUT my permission and subsequently knackered my modem, it wasn't obvious at first, for the first day and a half I was connecting to the internet and then it stopped without warning. I had to dig out of a very old computer a dinosaur modem Diamond, which has been a diamond because it got me back on the internet, as I pay a subscription to AOL I thought I would get the last 2 weeks out of them, so any sign of a download and I end the program abruptly by end tasking to prevent it happening again, if needs be I will cut the telephone wires too!

I have Windows XP SP2 and did a system restore - no joy, sort of reformatted the computer (which I did not need to do after all) this did not work either.

I have an internal Smart Link 56K Voice Modem on Software V4.20.1.0, SL1900PCI Chipset, Si3017 Int-DAA, SL1900 (D) Modem Codec, no audio codec. A query modem shows success and gives a reading. As it is a Smart Link I have used the Modem Helper which when the telephone cable is connected will show a big fat red X for the modem card and green ticks for the line detection and dial tone, the dialling test even allows you to hear the number being called and you can hear the person on the other end, shame for them cos they think they are getting a dodgy call as I can't speak to them,... Read more

A:Smart Link 56k Voice Modem Problem

I should imagine the modem problem could be sorted out ok - you could even go and buy a different one for around 5 in Maplins or somewhere - but I cant bring myself to advise against getting off dialup and onto broadband , to be honest .
Broadband modems are invariably USB so you wont even need an ethernet port on your PC - certainly the SmartLink modem will be of no use . The phone line (assuming you go cable rather than wireless net) will plug into an external modem which in turn plugs into a USB port on your PC . Your broadband provider will usually supply the modem - some providers charge for them , some dont . Factor this in when shopping around .
A wireless router and USB receiver should work fine .
I cant comment on current broadband providers in UK as it's a few years since I lived there - you'll need to shop around and compare packages e.g. when I lived over there I went with NTL because they had a package with fast broadband for myself and digital TV which my wife and kids had been hounding me for . Best value for one person might be a bad option for another . Ask locally what provider other people are using and why .

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Hey guys. I working with a Dell 4300, with a new professionally installed Intel V92 Ham Data Fax Voice and I'm running Windows XP. When I got the PC back, everything was running smoothly. No problems. But then my modem started tripping out. I can't stay connected to the internet for more than a minute. I swear. The data stops transmitting if the connection is idle for a couple of seconds and then it disconnects. Constantly having to disconnect and reconnect twice every 5 minutes is annoying. I've tried updating the driver to the one they say is current (driver version, dated 6th June 2002), but I get the same result. I'll post a log if it necessary. I really need help. As I am typing it has reconnected three times. I have a problem with my NEC DV 5600 DVD drive too, but I'll save that for another post. Here's a recent log of my modem:

04-16-2005 14:25:39.286 - File: C:\WINDOWS\System32\tapisrv.dll, Version 5.1.2600
04-16-2005 14:25:39.286 - File: C:\WINDOWS\System32\unimdm.tsp, Version 5.1.2600
04-16-2005 14:25:39.286 - File: C:\WINDOWS\System32\unimdmat.dll, Version 5.1.2600
04-16-2005 14:25:39.286 - File: C:\WINDOWS\System32\uniplat.dll, Version 5.1.2600
04-16-2005 14:25:39.286 - File: C:\WINDOWS\System32\drivers\modem.sys, Version 5.1.2600
04-16-2005 14:25:39.286 - File: C:\WINDOWS\System32\modemui.dll, Version 5.1.2600
04-16-2005 14:25:39.286 - File: C:\WINDOWS\System32\mdminst.dll, Version 5.1.2600
04-16-2005 14:25:39.286 - ... Read more

A:Intel V92 Ham Data Fax Voice modem is killing me!!!

Try another internal modem. Static, lightning storms, etc. can zap them.

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Hi Guys,
I bought my brother a copy of Windows 7 but he has been unable to install it as he is not able to find drivers for his modem (Smart Link 56K Voice Modem).
Can you recommend the best place for him to look for drivers?
Many thanks


A:Drivers req for Smart Link 56K Voice Modem

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Does anyone here have an Intel HAM Data Voice 56k modem and have managed to set it up under Win2k? All the drivers I've tried refuse to detect the modem.

I did have WinME installed and the modem worked pefectly with the Win98 drivers.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


A:{RESOLVED}Intel HAM Data Voice 56k Modem

try this one, I just found it, says for win2k

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Hello everyone,
I bought a 56k TRENDnet voice modem the other day in an attempt to use my workstation as an answering machine. The problem is, now that I've installed the card, software and drivers, I can't seem to make the audio card work properly. Do you have any suggestions on what is causing this conflict, and if so how to resolve this issue?


A:New Voice Modem Kills Pci Audio Card

Compare the audio settings to see if the DMA, com port, or IRQs are comflicting.

Merry Christmas.

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I have just reformatted my HD, and have the most up to date drivers installed. For some reason, when I try to send a fax throught my computern it works, however, it uses pulse instead of touch-tone. I can't find it anywhere to change it. For those of you who don't know what pulse is, think of your grandparents phones-the ones with the dial on it. Lol

Any help or ideas would be appreciated!

A:fax/voice modem in pulse dial mode

What is the make and model of the modem?

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i recently wiped my comp, and reinstalled the software, i am now getting a wave device for voice modem error, driver not installed, i have the discs, my modem is working ok, but when i go to wave device reinstaller drivers and select disc, the windows message says cannot find correct driver, i was trying to instal my cheyenne bitware fax when i got another error, saying that bitware driver biwared.drv is in use by another program, but as far as i know there are no other programmes running, then i checked the modem and saw the wave device error message. the modem is a conexant v90 HCF P85 data/fax/voice modem, can any one help getting the wave device error straightened out, then i can try the cheyenne bitware fax again.



A:wave device for voice modem problem

Hi and welcome. I think you need to pull that off the sound card driver disk or folder.

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I need the right driver for the intel ham data fax voice modem driver for win98. I had recently downloaded a driver for windows 98 and the modem is now giving off parity errors and the modem is not working properly because of the driver. can anyone give me the right driver for the intel ham data fax voice modem?

A:intel ham data fax voice modem driver

This site might help


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I've just installed a new modem and it works fine. The problem arises when i want to conduct voice chat using Msn or Yahoo messengers.

When i try to have a voice conversation using these programs, i get a message that my sound device is being used by another application and i should close it to be able to have voice chat. The thing is when i close the modem connection, the audio setting wizards in these programs start to work, but then there aint any internet connection to have voice chat. I also tried to record and play using the Sound Recorder built in windows and it gives the same error msg when i am connected to the internet using this modem.

Apparently, my modem is creating all this problem. Can somebody please help out?

Thnx in advance

A:Cant have voice chat cos the modem is conflicting with sound device

Very hard to offer advice when you do not supply any details of the computer, the operating system, the modem...

IF its a Windows PC
and IF it's using an internal modem, then "uninstall" the modem from device manager, power down the PC, open the case, shift the modem to another PCI slot and power up.

Reinstall the modem, this time it should be using a different IRQ due to the slot change, and might avoid the conflict.

Make sure you have the modem drivers available before you start.

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This post is just a "heads-up" for anyone who is looking to upgrade this ESS modem driver (see title of this post for exact modem) to run with XP HE.

I recently had to upgrade an ESS Modem driver so that my ESS modem would run with XP HE. I had previously had W98SE on a machine that I installed XP HE on. The modem is an ESS ES56CVH-PI Data Fax Voice Modem. The modem ran fine with 98SE on the machine, but when I installed XP, it wasn't even listed in Device Manager. And the XP CD Driver Library DID NOT have a driver for this particular modem.

I ultimately found the upgrade, XP compatible, driver for this modem at both the ESS web site and also the DriverGuide.com web site. The file is named M2EM_XP_2188h029.ZIP


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Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone could help me find an external (USB) voice modem that would be compatible with Vista. There should be mic in, spkr out jacks on the modem for it to be a true voice modem.

I would like to use my computer as a telephone. I want to be able to plug the telephone landline into the external modem, and use programs (such as MS Outlook) to make telephone calls from my computer.

Can anyone provide insight?

Thank you!!!

A:PLZ HELP ME FIND: External USB Voice Modem Compatible with Vista

Hi, UAV-PHD, and welcome to the forums.

Would any of these work?

vista external voice modem - Google Product Search

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Im using a program called CallClerk to recieve Calls on my Second Phone Line. In XP Home SP3 it works fine with my Modem running in TAPI mode. When i use it in Vista Ultimate SP1 it fails to work corerctly. It will Alert me to incoming calls but thats it. It will not answer nor will it activate the Answering machine. I did some reading online about a problem close to this and it said i wouldnt have this problem If i had upgraded from XP instead of having a clean install because some files are not copied. I tried copying the files but had no Luck. If you all can give me any help at all that would be great!! Thanks Alot in Advance!

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I have an HAMR 56K modem installed in my system (LG 6178BL). Every time a hard drive has to be replaced or for whatever other reason I need to reinstall Windows, I have a terrible time installing the modem drivers, even though I have a driver/utility CD that came with the system. One of the following usually happens:
1. The modem isn't found at all
2. It's found but assigned to the wrong COM Port
3. It's installed properly but my ISP software places it on a different port from the one it's installed on.
Should I try to find a new driver for the modem or seriously consider replacing it?

A:HAMR 5600 Voice Modem Driver Troubles

I'd replace it.. It's probably faulty

p.s Holy crap, you posted this a whole year and a half ago!!!

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I have a question concerning the v.92 voice modem and call waiting. I'm on dialup and discovered that when I have an incoming call a window will pop up, telling me who's calling and asking if I want to disconect and take the call. I think this is really great, but there's no sound with it. If I'm on the phone and there's an incoming call waiting, I get an annoying beep. So with no sound this feature isn't much help unless I'm right here looking at the screen. Is there any way to add sound to this to get my attention or is there a call log I can check to see if I've had any recent calls? I can't find this "program" on the computer anywhere. I just see the window pop up. I'm on a Gateway with Windows Home XP. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

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I have a Motorola sm56 voice modem installed on my pentium 133 running win 98se. When I try and dialup I get an error message 630. I tried reinstalling the modem and it shows up in the device manager but when I try Diagnostics for the modem and hit More Info... I get another window that says Couldn't open port. The following are my IRQ's if that is of any help to solve the problem:

0 System timer
1 Standard 101/102-Key or Microsoft Natural Keyboard
2 Programmable interrupt controller
3 Communications Port (COM2)
4 Communications Port (COM1)
5 OPTi Plug-N-Play Sound System
6 Standard Floppy Disk Controller
7 ECP Printer Port (LPT1)
8 System CMOS/real time clock
9 Motorola SM56 Voice Modem
10 (free)
11 (free)
12 (free)
13 Numeric data processor
14 Primary IDE controller (dual fifo)
14 Intel 82371SB PCI Bus Master IDE Controller
15 Secondary IDE controller (dual fifo)
15 Intel 82371SB PCI Bus Master IDE Controller

Please help!

A:Motorola sm56 voice modem dialup error 630

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I recently started having issues with my data/fax/voice modem installed in my XPS-600 after an XP SP3 re-install.

The card is recognized in XP and it's listed in Device Manager (Intel(R) 537EP V9x DF PCI Modem) along with its audio driver (Unimodem Half-Duplex Audio Device) with no apparent problems indicated. If I open the properties for the Unimodem Half-Duplex Audio Device it says "This device is working properly." From there I go to the Properties Tab > Audio Devices > Modem Wave Driver > Properties and it says "Driver is enabled and functioning properly".

I've Googled for days to resolve this, with no luck. I can fax with the modem, dial calls and it also interprets caller ID correctly in the app I use (Classic PhoneTools), it's just that the audio features don't work anymore (needed for recording and playing back voicemail messages).

I've downloaded a newer driver and still no luck.

It would be fantastic if someone knows the answer to this one. I'm usually pretty good at sorting this kind of stuff out, but this one has me stumped. Every feature of this modem works but the audio...

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Windows 2000

I know I have the modem hooked up right, I know the dial up is hooked up right, It keeps saying there is no dial tone so I unchecked the dial tone detection and you could hear the modem dial up right away but it would dial once and then nothing. There is a phone dialer hooked up on this computer will that make a difference if it will dial out or not? there is only one place to plug the RJ11 line in. Most have the phone jack and the line jack this one doesn't. This guy had a bunch of spyware and a few trojans etc on his computer and asked it I would help him. I caught a bunch of stuff but I have to be able to dial up so I can update the programs I am running. Need some suggestions, Thanks The modem is a HCF 56K MCI Modem and like I said it is hooked up right you can query it and it gets answers and no dial tone but unchecking the dial tone detection box you can then hear it dial up but does it once and then nothing. I no the line is good.

A:Solved: Windows 2000 SP4- has modem and phone dialer- can't get modem to work- Help

did w2k id it or did you supply the drivers?

2k doesn't like a lot of hardware.

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I have searched high and low for an answer and am at a loss as to how to fix this issue. I have a u300 modem that with smart view or just drivers seems to work fine directly hooked to my computers. However when try to attach to the cradlepoint router it recognizes the modem however it shows it as off line and network miss configured.

Both modem and router have up to date firmware. I have used 3 different ctr500 routers with the same result. And yes it is compatible according to cradlepoint. And yes I have tried to connect another usb device that a friend had and it connected with no problems.

My service provider is melinicom who is a reseller for the sprint network and yes the device is a sprint franklin u300 device

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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i have a modem "hsp56 mr"
amd athlon 1800+
if anyones interested this where i got the particular pc
it seemed like a kicka** deal at the time still does regardless
i'm using xp pro service pack 1 2002
it seems to have this deal where it take an hour to log on then just sputters out after home page
earthlink advice to update driver . that's been a bit of a problem
as i went to the manufact. website i couldn't find my modem.
yeah i know i'm "disturbed" but if anyone has any ideas that'd one less facit of technology i 'd no longer be ignorant of

A:hsp56 mr modem need driver xp modem website stupid jerks

Try the link below for your driver for xp.


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Windows 2000 pro

Just put this operation system on and it won't find a driver for the modem. It had windows 98SE on it and put windows 2000 pro reset it to NTFS and got the system going etc. I took the modem out. It isn't in a pci or isa slot it looks like a miniture APG Slot. A little brown slot above the pci slots looks only a couple of inches long. If anyone knows what you call that slot I would like to know. Anyway All it says on the modem is this

AMR 2002/16
MODEL fb pctel AMR
Cyber Solutions Corporation

Any help would be great. Thanks

A:Solved: windows 2000 pro- driver for a modem-never heard of this modem-help

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My Motorola SBG901 Modem/Router combo has stopped connecting to the internet. I have done all the troubleshooting with Comcast and with Motorola and it is out of warranty, so I will have to purchase a new one.

In the mean time, I wanted to use it only as a wireless router connected to my Scientific Atlanta DPC2100R2 modem. Is there any way to do this? Is there a way to disable the modem in the SBG901?

Simply connecting with the ethernet cords has not worked. I connected the DPC2100 to the SBG901 via ethernet cord. My computer was able to pick up a wireless connection but there is no cable connection. I am using Windows 7.


A:(Comcast) Connect Modem To Wireless Router/Modem Combo!

Is there any way to do this? Is there a way to disable the modem in the SBG901?Click to expand...

Perhaps a really skilled electronics engineer or technician could take it apart, separate the modem from the router portion and add an ethernet WAN port.

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Just moved in and brought my ADSL wifi modem Belkin F1PI241EGau with me, but over here there is cable and the provider supplied me with their modem motorola Surfboard SB5101E. I would like to connect these two to use the wifi. Would that be possible?

Thank you

A:Can i connect my adsl2/2+ wifi modem/router to cable modem?

Not really. The ADSL router doesn't have the correct WAN interface. You need a standard router with an Ethernet WAN connection.

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Morning everybody!
Okay... I recently got Cable Connection Internet (lan)..with the external modem...that has (NIC) connection and (USB) in the back....My other computer which sits right next to my dell is down right now, and i don't have a hub or another ethernet cable at this moment, but eventually both computers are gonna be connected one into the other and that one into the internet...I don't really know if I'm supossed to bridge or not, since other one is down and i cannot use wizard to set up on this one...BUT I was reading on the different connection types and there one that says home phoneline network using an internal modem, DSL, or cable modem....can I connect a basic phone line from internal 56K modem into the other (computer thats down) Internal 56K? or use the extra USB connection from external cable modem and connect that way?.I'd like to go into other computer and see whats going on..

A:home phoneline network using an internal modem, DSL, or cable modem.

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I have a Netgear DGN2200 (N300 Wireless ASDL + Modem Router) that I got from Goodwill. There is no WAN port behind the router... only LAN ports I see. How do I setup my Arris Cable modem to this Netgear Modem Router? I need help PLEASE!

Link to Netgear DGN2200: http://www.netgear.com/home/products/wirelessrouters/work-and-play/DGN2200.aspx

Link to Arris Cable Modem (PDF): http://www.arrisi.com/product_catalog/_docs/_specsheet/060510_Touchstone_Telephony_Modem_TM502G.pdf

A:Netgear Modem Router & Arris Cable Modem

if its ADSL you cannot use it as a router on a cable modem, its designed to connect to the telephone line and has a modem within the device

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