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Dazzle Dilemma

Q: Dazzle Dilemma

I use an 800mhz iMac with OS 10.3

My Dazzle Hollywood Bridge is connected to an Allegro DVD/VHS player that reads every format. When I first got the Allegro, the Bridge worked fine on both the DVD side and the VHS side and I could view and clip anything on iMovie. I haven't changed any settings (other than OS upgrades, including Panther), or wiring and now both the DVD and VHS has extreme static with large dark patches and the audio is nothing but screeching. I can barely make out the images. I've checked and double checked the wiring, rebooted several times, tried an S-Video cable and it's the same thing.

I've plugged a TV into the DVD/VHS player and it worked fine. Replaced the Firewire cable, and replaced the Audio/Video cable from the player to the Bridge with brand new wires.

Has anyone using the Hollywood Bridge had similiar problems? Does it sound like something fried inside the Bridge?

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Preferred Solution: Dazzle Dilemma

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


ok i wanna make a vid with my dazzle but it only captures the screen of my ps3 and not there sound what ells do i need a wire or somthin?

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My friend told me about this site I use adobe flash live encoder to stream and AmaRecTV The problem I have is the quialty of the video its terrible it took me a few hours just to figure out to get audio.

A:Dazzle help.

I'm not sure exactly what you are doing.

Dazzle (unless I'm mistaken) is a hardware capturing device. AmaRecTV is capturing software, which you would use to record a video stream. Typical use would be a video device input to the Dazzle (connected to the PC), and use AmaRecTV to record the video input.

Having said all of that, you state you are using Adobe Flash live encoder to "stream". Streaming video to the LAN/WAN is different than capturing a video input.

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Does anybody know if its possible to use my dazzle 170 as a web cam and if so how? Thanks in advance

A:Dazzle as a web cam?

The Dazzle 170 is a video capture device, intended to move video content from a camera to the hard drive for editing; but it doesn't incorporate a camera or software intended to use an external camera as a webcam. Generally, if you have a camera that can be used as a webcam, it has it's own software to handle the function.

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I'm trying to figure out how to record a TV show with it. I use it to record video games all the time, but I can't get it to record TV. If anyone has used it for this purpose, can you tell me what cords go where and such.

A:Anyone have a Dazzle DVC 80?

I have a Dazzle DVC 80. You need to be specific as to the source of the TV video, since you need video/audio and not RF to record TV.

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I bought a Dazzle DVC 80 a while back, but didn't have time to try it until recently. I just plain need to know what the best balance is for quality compared to size to capture from VHS. I've tried different settings and cannot seem to find an acceptable one. But I've read elsewhere that good results are possible, just the planets need to be in alignment!

My computer specs are:

Compaq Presario 5900
Windows XP Pro
1 Ghz PIII
256 RAM
60 GB HD (35 GB empty)
CD-R/RW Drive
ATI RADEON 7500 64MB PCI w/ TV Out
4 - USB 1.1 ports (2 used, 2 open)
2-port Firewire card

I have Pinnacle Studio 9, the bundled software that came with the DVC 80 (Moviestar, etc.), Premiere Pro, Nero 6, and a bunch of a/v codecs for compression and stuff that I'm not even sure what all the differences are.

I'm not concerned with near-perfect or DVD quality. I just want a decent capture of some old recorded shows to be re-recorded onto tape, commercial-free, and in some kind of chronological order. And with 35GB, space is limited (I may be able to open that up to 45GB soon). If possible, I'd also like to get the file-size down to 150MB or less for a 1/2 hour show, to archive on CD. But I can't afford CDs any time soon, so my main concern is getting the tapes done.

I've done a lot of firewire-based capture/edit/record, but analog capture seems to be a whole nother animal. Any help would be appreciated. Also, getting new stuff (unless it's possible... Read more

A:Dazzle DVC 80 HELP!

I would suggest encoding in xvid or matroska (vector codec best with cartoons and anime) with ogg audio for the smallest size at highest quality.
You can find capture guides at http://www.videohelp.com

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Q: Dazzle

Is there a way to install a dazzle DVC 80 without the software that came with it?


have a dell "p.o.s." dimension 8200 that came with a dazzle mojave capture divice but it never worked. i tried using MGI 4 and vegas video but neither can connect to my sony digital vcr. MGI says it cant find the DV device and vegas says it cant open the dazzle divice. everything is hooked up but no dice. any suggestions?

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I brought a Dazzle DVC 170 and it is set-up right but it doesn't work when I try to capture videos I cant even preview them. I have try it in many programs such as Sony Vegas, Adobe Premier Elements and a few others. I don't have the Pinnacle disks because I brought it second hand but it should still work with the other programs because I have seen other people do it on-line. I have Windows 7 32bit. Please help, thank you.

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I inherited a Dazzle v80 from my father (R.I.P.) along with my DVD burner. My mom found it in with leftover stuff when the house was sold. I have tried everything to get it to work. I don't have the install/driver disk. I can't get the software from Dazzle because they want a serial number which i don't have. SHEL-ESMKAtR-HmHPCBbE-NR01 dosn't work by the way.

Dose anyone have any ideas how I can use it, or know were I can get the drivers for it. Will another program run it?

I don't understand why Dazzle/Panicle won't give out the drivers. That is so stupid, they don't seem to care if you lose your sn. I think that is unethical and selfish, itís HARDWARE, you canít copy hardware. What they want is for me to go buy another one so they can make more money money money. I refuse there has got to be a way to beat the system!


A:Inherited Dazzle v80

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I have this thing called a Dazzle and it puts my video from my camera on my computer for me. I just redid my entire computer, putting Windows XP Media Edition on. Well, I lost the CD for the Dazzle so I don't think it will work.

Can I download the software anywhere?

A:Dazzle-Lost CD

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Ive just got a dazzle video creator platinum DVC 107 but when I try and capture from an xbox 360 (or anything else) I get an error message saying " a valid inpout signal has not been detected please check your cables.

I have all the necessary equipment, my OS is Vista and is 32 bit. I would appreciate help very much

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I recently bought a Dazzle 150 capture device, which came with Pinnacle Studio, and is connected via USB.. problem is, I want to use Windows Movie Maker, not Pinnacle Studio, because Studio crashes all the time, and makes low-quality movies... but WMM doesn't detect Dazzle via USB.. I'm looking for:
1. another way to hook up my Dazzle 150
2. some way to get WMM to detect my Dazzle 150
3. another software (preferrably free) that works well

A:Problem with Dazzle 150

Which version of Movie Maker are you using? For future reference. You do not need to start another thread to move your topic. Click the red triangle on the right and report the thread to a moderator and they will move it.

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I am transferring video from my VCR through Dazzle 100 to my computer. It transfers fine--with video and sound. When I burn it to DVD there is video but no sound..I've burned a VCD with sound and video just not to DVD. Any suggestions? I know it's a software conflict somewhere. I run windows XP.

A:Trouble with Dazzle 100 Help!!!

What prog are you using?

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Sound is un synchronized and gets worse the longer it goes,
Tried switching to the input plug on sound card and it sounds better but Pinn* wont capture the audio from it.

would rather use the Daz 80 for the audio and video if I could only sync them better.

A:Pinnacle 8 with Dazzle 80

I had the same problem using Dazzle's MovieStar software. They had me jump through hoops changing just about every thing on my system. One item that helped but didn't completely fix the problem was to insure that you have DMA activated for IDE channels. You can check this via DEVICE MANAGER and selecting properties on your primary IDE channel. The second thing that actually fixed the problem was a new version of MovieStar 5.1
Don't know about Pinnacle 8

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Ok I have a Pinncale Dazzle Dvd Recorder I tihnk i set it up properly lol.
When I go into the software given with it and go through the steps and then click ''start recording'' nothing happens at all. Not even one bit. how do I fix it, can somebody plese tell me how to set it up and help me with this problem. FYI when I try to use windows movie maker it just say's ''close any programs using this device and try again'' how can I fix this because there is no program using it at the time I am trying to use wmm...
So can someone please help me.

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Well, i have a dazzle and im trying to film but my computer dont reconise and cant use it.

I think that i dont have the drivers but im not really good in informatic.

Please anyone can help me?

My computer is a new Hp with windows 7 home prem OA HP.

A:Dazzle DVC 100 Problems

check here for the correct driver for your operating system:
Pinnacle - Dazzle* Hardware Installer for Studio 10

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I recently bought a Dazzle 150 capture device, which came with Pinnacle Studio, and is connected via USB... I am running windows XP service pack 2, problem is, I want to use Windows Movie Maker (I'm using WMM version 5.1), not Pinnacle Studio, but when I click on capture from video device, I get this message:

A video capture device was not detected. Verify that a device is turned on and connected properly, and then try again.

I'm looking for:
1. A cable other than USB that I can use to hook up the capture card
2. Some way to make WMM look through USB and find the card
3. When I capture using Pinnacle Studio, the captured footage is saved as a .mpg, but WMM cannot import these files. Is there a plugin for WMM so it can import the raw footage, before Pinnacle Studios gets a chance to mess with it?

A:Problem with Dazzle 150 DC

Closing duplicate, please reply here:



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I recently purchased a Dazzle DVC 80 Capture Device to edit my analog camcorder tapes, when i pluged it into the USB port i gota found new hardware message (I run Win XP Home) and it istalled the hardware just fine. I then went into Windows Movie Maker and clicked the capture button, The capture wizard for the Dazzle came up and i selected the file name and quality, then i click next which is supposed to take me to the screen with the preview of what you capturing and the "Capture" button. But i get a notification saying "Device not responding close all programs using the device and try again" There are no programs running that im aware of and i tried restarting several times , no luck please help ASAP this is URGENT!

A:Dazzle DVC 80 - URGENT

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Not sure if this should be here or hardware it kind of falls into both categories. I have a Dazzle DVC100 for PC and I now own a MacBook.

I have a few questions regarding this product and hope someone on the forums can help.

Are there any drivers available that I can download to use my Dazzle with my Mac?
Is there anyway I can use my dazzle at the same time as watching in HD?
If it is not possible to use my dazzle with Mac OS then what would be the minimum recommended specs for a PC to run the device efficiently.

Thanks for any advice

A:Dazzle DVC100

Never used or had heard of the product till this post. But a quick google for some information for myself turned up a few posts about this product on a Mac. Most were youtube videos on setup. I can't vouch for the content on youtube as I neither have the product or a Mac. But I think some googling might get you pointed in the right direction. There are support forums on the vendor site as well, that might be some help too.

Sorry I couldn't be more help, this is new to me.

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ok i know were to put this post now :P i want to have sound when im recording my games or making stuff but idk what softwere i need can anyone tell me any good softwere that has good quality thanks

A:dazzle sound

can anyone help me with this problem!!!????

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I'm trying to install the software and the drivers for Dazzle DVC 80 and for some reason I can't seem to get through the entire install process without problems. There are two files that aren't found. Here are the two:

1. vfwwdm32.dll
2. vfwwdm.drv

As a result, I get the error show in the attached pic when trying to capture some video.

Any idea where I can get those two files or how I can complete the installation?

Thanks in advance.


A:Dazzle Digital Vid Creator

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Greetings all.

Been awhile since I have posted here. I have run into a problem with an old DVC150 that has me completely stumped.

I was away from my main PC for a week to attend a conference out of state. While I was away, apparantly my USB hub died on which the DVC150 was plugged into. I tried several devices - they got power, but would not send data. The other devices plugged into the back of my computer and ran just fine. These devices include a Logitech G5 mouse and a Logitech G15 keyboard. I attempted to plug the DVC150 straight into the back of my PC and I am given a message that says Windows does not recognize it. I downloaded the drivers for the DVC150 and it did nothing. The device receives power from the PC, but it isnt recognized by anything I can find.

Thus, I am here asking for assistance. Thank you ahead of time.

System specs:
Intel Xeon Quad 5355
72 gig 10,000 rpm hdd

I crunch a lot of numbers and do mathematical models with this PC, the graphics card was simply a present to myself.

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I've got a DAZZLE TWO Capture card & Movi Star Software which I got with it. but when I capture two clips & edit it (connect it as one ) I get problems with the Audio after burning the CD. I GET AUDIO BREAK POINTS


Pls tell me where I have made the mistake- its a great help guys

A:Dazzle 2 capture problem

Going to move you to the All Other Software forum, since this really isn't a Windows Operating System problem. Just a couple of questions to get you and any others started (I know nothing of this stuff myself):

Have you tried their support?


Is this the same Dazzle?

http://groups.google.com/groups?q="...[email protected]&rnum=3

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I am at a loss here, and maybe someone has an idea or two or many.
I have a dazzle dvc usb device. I had it hooked up to my computer which is only a few months old. I had a sudden hard drive failure, so I got my new hard drive and reloaded everything, but alas I can't get the dazzle dvc usb to work this time around. I don't know why. I even formatted the drive and did a clean install of xp in case I added something not there before that it didn't like. It was no help. Of course there is the flip side that I am missing something that it liked having before.

The device shows in device manager under sound & video controllers. I am not showing any conflicts. When I use the movie star software to detect the device I get two orange lights and it doesn't detect it. If I use the latest version of the software it thinks its a parallel port device and the usb is in conflict. On my former hard drive I had the original software and xp driver and it worked like a charm. I didn't use the latest level.

My only clue to what may be happening is in the dazzle diagnostics, which I found out existed while trying to solve the problem. It is giving me some error messages, but I don't know what it means.

Dazzle Device: Performing VRP I-memory test...
ERROR: Failed to write Block of test data in to IMEM.
Address=0x00000004, WriteData=0x00080000, ReadData=0x009F86E0
Dazzle Device: Performing VRP DRAM test...
ERROR: VRP DRAM Walking Bit test failed:
Address=0x000... Read more

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Problem: I have a Panasonic VHS video player that does both PAL and NTSC.

And then have such a Dazzle USB thing connected to the PC. And using the Pinnacle
Studio 15 to record. From the VCR is connected with a scart
composite plug at the other end of the Dazzle.

With Pal it works fine. But NTSC gets only black / white
even if it displays colors on the TV.
The program is obviously set to NTSC.

Anybody know what makes this, and how to fix it?

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My pc won't detect Dazzle when I plug the hardware into the USB port. The red light comes on, but the setup wizard says it must have a green light. It also says the unit must be powered ON, but there's no ON switch. I should mention that the install CD asked me to restart the pc after trying to install, but when I did, the program didn't finish installing, so I downloaded the drivers from driverguide.com. So now I have the .exe, but I'm left at the setup wizard, which won't detect the USB hardware piece that has the A/V jacks. Not sure what to do...

PS--I use XP, and I downloaded the XP drivers too, but it didn't help...

A:Dazzle DVC80 not detected

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carnt see ant tv stations Fault Module Name: KERNEL32.dll
Fault Module Version: 6.0.6000.16386
Fault Module Timestamp: 4549bd80 this is error message
tv will work through windows media vista but wont work through dazzle soft wear

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For those of you familiar with Dazzle DVC80 Video Creator Hardware... There's the software that comes with it, called MGI Videowave, but there's also the hardware piece, which connects the VCR to the PC (with audio-video ports).

The software installs just fine, but the PC doesn't detect the hardware. I tried this on 2 PCs and neither detects it, but the power light on the device is on. The Add New Hardware Wizard doesn't even come up. When I try to add it manually, it doesn't find it at all. What could be wrong? It used to work just fine, now suddently it doesn't!

A:Dazzle Video problem

I had to upgrade the software that came with my DVC-80 before it would function. Of course, what you're describing sounds like the DVC-80 may have died...

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Just bought a Dell Insperion 1525, it has 3 gig of ram, it has Vista Home. Went to use Dazzle DVC 100 and it used up all of the cpu. I locks up the program and have to use task manager to shut it down. Used it on a Dell Demension E310 with XP Home with one gig of ram and it worked great. Have no Idea whats wrong, any solutions.

A:Vista SP1 and Dazzle DVC 100 issue

right click on the file "run as Administrator"

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i bought a dazzle video uploader a while ago, its used to upload video from a video camera that isn't digital. hopefully someone else has had my problem and has some advice.

ya know when you download a video clip that is ( for example ) 1 minute long
when you uploat a video clip from a digital camera 1 minute long, it might be around 2-3 megabytes

well when i upload a clip from my camera through my dazzle , a 20 second clip is around 80 megabytes !! and one a minute long can be in the 200+ megabytes,, going through my tapes will literally fill up my 25 gb hard drive...anyone know how to solve my problem?

A:Dazzle video uploader

It sounds like it's trying to copy over an uncompressed AVI file which have gigantic file sizes. Are there any options in the editing program to enable compression?

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Does anyone know if the Dazzle Video Creator 80 is the same as the DVC90? I want to do this with it


And I can't seem to find the 90 anywhere. I just need to know if the configuration will be the same with both the 80 and the 90, and what the differences are between them.

A:About Dazzle video capture

heres a link to the spec comparrison -


basically it looks like the 9.0 only works on newer 2.0 usb, has a better resolution and supports more outputs. None of this hsould matter when it comes ot the actual capture of footage (except for the resolution).

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Hey everyone. I'm sure someone out there has heard of the infamous Dell Movie Studio II hardware. Well, I'm on a mission. You see, this capture card is pretty damn good. It has full capabilities of direct MPEG-2 encoding to my computer for capturing any composite device. What I want to do is capture movies from VCRs and me playing HALO 2! WOO!

Anyway, I've looked around and read everything there is on this subject. Unfortunately, it seems no one has had any luck. I ran the diagnostics test on this thing and it worked - I have my XBox plugged into the Break-Out Box (BOB) and a set of composite cable connected to my TV. I ran the A/V output test and voila! Halo appeared on my TV screen, no problem. That means I KNOW that the computer can handle the signal and control the breakout box/capture card to enable the signal to pass to the output composite cables as well. This is good. Here is my entire diagnostics test. A few things failed, and only hardware issues. Those are the worst, are they not?

I've been reading everywhere that capturing only works with MGI VideoWave 4, which I personally know is horrible and inefficient software. I want to use my Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 to capture and edit. Just wondering if anyone knows how to do this! I read somewhere about a VFW wrapper? ANY info is great! Amazing! Help!


18:43:08 ====== ====== Dell Movie Studio II Diagnostics - Version 1.27 - 02/22/06

18:43:09 S-001 ====== Verify Operating System
... Read more

A:Trying to get my Dazzle Mojave A1 to work

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I have the Dazzle DVD Creation Station 200 which I bought a few years ago. Ive always had trouble getting it to install and the capture program recognizing it. But for some reason its been impossible to get it to work properly this time. I tried reinstalling the software and it popped up in the device list but it wasnt getting anything and I couldnt capture. And then when I installed the updated drivers from the dazzle website it didnt even have the device in the list anymore. Could anyone help me figure out a way to get this to work properly. I got a email from their support saying that its so old of a product their techs dont get trained on it anymore and that I should consider buying a new product however I cannot afford a new one so im trying to make do with what I have now. Any help with this would be very appreciated.

Thank you

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I have a Dazzle DVC90 USB2 video capture device. How can I connect this to my Mac running OS 10.5.1? I contacted Pinnacle and they do not supply drivers for it; are there any readily available, reliable 3rd party drivers for this? I would ideally like to use iMovie 08 to import from it.

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Like the other thread I made is there any you know of? I use one but it puts a WATERMARK and lots terrble.

A:dazzle recording software?

Please read the rules and do not double-post.


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Anyone familiar with the Dazzle 80 Digital Videa Creator? It's supposed to capture analog camcorder video and bring it to the computer. Problem is, it's only capturing video, not sound!!!! I've tried everything their website instructs you to do but still no luck. I've also emailed these folks at Dazzle and it literally took about 6 weeks for someone to get back to me but they were useless too. Judging by the amount of posts at there website this is a problem A LOT of people have had.

This is a problem going back nearly a year, but I gave up out of complete frustration after about 3 months of wrestling with this. I know my sound card works because I can input sound from the mic jack and the line in jack.

Anyone have the same problem? I would be in debt for life to anyone that can help me get this thing to capture sound from my camcorder!

I have a Dell Dimension 2300 (not quite a year old).

Thanks. Mike

A:DAZZLE 80 Not capturing Sound....UGH!!!

You may get it to work eventually, but Dazzle and VideoWave are always going to have audio sync probs. A lot of disappointed folks went to other progs and capture cards and haven't looked back. I changed to Sonic Foundry's Video Factory. Canopus make good cards which work very well, but they're not cheap.

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I just bought a Dazzle instant dvd recorder but I am having issues with it. When I try to capture clips onto my hard drive using the Stuido - or when I burn directly to dvd; the end result is video in double time (almost as if it is in fastforward) and the audio in real time.

The support of their website was not the best, I was advised to install driver updates for my Turion 2.0Ghz processer off the AMD website. The result from that was a hal.dll error (that is now fixed thanks to this site.) And it is still doing the same thing. HELP!

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Hi does anybody have Dazzle video editing software?

I cannot work out how to capture video. I go through the procedure but I only seem to be able to play the video through my computer. Am I pressing the wrong buttons? (I have firewire)

A:How to capture video using Dazzle

Hiya and welcome

Which name and version of Dazzle's product do you have?

Also, which version of Windows are you running?



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I originally posted this in the hardware forums, but thought maybe it would be better here. I am basically looking for a driver (Pinnacle doesn't provide one but instead made a separate "Mac-only" version - greedy ********.) Anyhow, is there any way for me to get free, legal, RELIABLE 3rd party drivers for the Dazzle DVC90 for Mac OS 10.5.1, preferably ones that would allow me to import from it using iMovie 08? Thanks!

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Ive set my Dazzle DVC 100 up and is working. The only problem i have is when i play it back on my laptop the sound is playing fine but the picture is going twice as fast (double the speed). Can anyone help with this problem?

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I recently transitioned over from Windows XP to Windows 7. While re-installing all my drivers, I noticed that when trying to re-install my Capture Device Dazzle DVD Recorder Plus (DVC 100), It will not let me choose my audio driver from the device. I went to the dazzle website and applied the Windows Vista/7 32-Bit drivers. Checked the Device Manager, it says:

Any Help or suggestions is most appreciative. Also, if it helps I use Open Video Capture for capturing videos.

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Hello guys, I am getting this crash only when I plug in my Dazzle DVC 100, so it must be related to that or its drivers, or a conflict with something else. It is fine until I go to any capture software or streaming software, then the preview pane is black a few moments, then BSOD. It may not even be drivers, but the Dazzle failing or something...Any help is appreciated guys, thanks again!

Edit: I tried the Dazzle on my older laptop, that is also running Windows 7 x64, works fine there, so thats a thing.

A:WORKER_THREAD_RETURNED_AT_BAD_IRQL, ntoskrnl.exe+fdef8, Dazzle DVC 100

Start Menu\Programs\Alcohol 120%
Start Menu\Programs\DAEMON Tools Lite
Daemon Tools (and Alcohol % software) are known to cause BSOD's on some Win7 systems (mostly due to the sptd.sys driver, although we have seen dtsoftbus01.sys blamed on several occasions). Please uninstall Daemon Tools and alcohol software.DuplexSecure - FAQAs an alternative, many people recommend the use of Total Mounter or Magic ISO

Download and install Revo Uninstaller free from here: Download Revo Uninstaller FreewareOpt for "Advanced Mode" and uninstall the software (also delete the leftover registry entries).

Reduce items at start up:Performing a Clean Startup in Windows 7

Add, or Remove Startup Programs in Windows 7
Antivirus software is basically whats just needed there.

Make scans with - TDSSKiller Rootkit Removal Utility Free Download | Kaspersky Lab US

Online Virus Scanner Eset-------------------------------------


These drivers are outdated- please update them to the latest version available. If you do not find updates for them, uninstall them with Revo Uninstaller linked above.

emScan64.sys Fri Jun 22 06:51:28 2007
eMPIA Technology USB 28xx Video Capture Device (branded under many different manufacturers)
Driver Reference Table - emScan64.sys

emFilter64.sys Fri Jun 22 06:51:31 2007
eMPIA Technology USB 28xx Video Capture Device (branded under many different manufacturers)
Driver Refer... Read more

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz, x86 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 11
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 3327 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GS, 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 476937 MB, Free - 395729 MB; E: Total - 476929 MB, Free - 190678 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTeK Computer INC., P5KC
Antivirus: Norton Internet Security, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

Just purchased Dazzle DVD recorder HD model DVC100 REV 1.1 To download from a VCR my old Hi8 Tapes To edit with Pinnacle Studio 15 Through USB
On the Device manager message is 'the drives for this device are not installed Code 28. An error occured during the installation of this device. The data is invalid. THe same message appears in Device manager for my USB.
HOw do I fix this as I have tried some download sights without success. My hardware is 10 years old. Maybe my USB is not version 2?
John Tingey

A:Need drivers for Dazzle DVD recorder DVC100

Have a look in the Device Manager. Expand the "Universal Serial Bus controllers" category.
If you don't see a line which says Enhanced Host Controller, you do not have USB 2.0. It's only USB 1.1

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I am in the process of converting my family's home videos to dvd for a Christmas gift. I don't know alot about computers, but I am able to figure some stuff out. I found the Pinnacle Dazzle DVC100 and I am using that as my capture device connected to a VCR. I downloaded the free trial version of Pinnacle's video capture, but found I like Roxio's video caputre better. I used Roxio for about a month with no issues. I converted several hours of VHS to my external hard drive. Recently, Roxio began to not recognize my Dazzle and an error message came up saying that the capture device "failed". I tried uninstalling the Roxio program and re installing, but was unable to re install (not sure why, p.s. I downloaded a free older version - Roxio EMC 9.1). After a little research on the internet I think I figured that this was because I used a registry cleaner that may have removed a Decoder Pack (CPDP.msi). Now, even when I try to use a different program to capture, such as Debut, an error message pops up saying "The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable, Click OK to try again, or enter an alternate path to a folder containing the installation package 'CPDP.msi' in the box below." I am so confused at this point and have no idea how to fix it and am worried I will not be able to finish this project. Please help!
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A:Dazzle Video Capture Issue

The missing decoder pack (CinePlayer) is part of Roxio Easy Media Creator. The version of Roxio software you installed was probably a free trial which expires after 30 days (I don't think Roxio ever supplied a "no strings attached" free version). Unfortunately, although the missing or expired decoder pack can be downloaded separately, that's not the real problem. The real problem is that your Roxio EMC trial has expired, so you'll need to purchase a full version of the Roxio EMC software which will also re-install the decoder pack.

PS - the trial version of EMC cannot be installed twice unless you perform a full re-install of Windows - hence your problem trying to do so.

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