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Converting File Types

Q: Converting File Types

Hello everyone
I need to convert a file to JPEG
I have CorelDraw X3 & Adobe Illustrator
originally the file is a CDR (CorelDraw) that i need to convert to JPEG
can CorelDraw X3 do that? or do i have to make it an AI file (Adobe Illustrator file)
then make it JPEG using Adobe Illustrator (not quite sure if Adobe Illustrator can do that)

Preferred Solution: Converting File Types

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Converting File Types

I don't use CorelDraw X3, but when you go to save the file, is there not an option to save it as different file types, with jpeg being one of them?If not, XnView should be able to convert it for you.

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Hey I have a question that i just can't find the answer to online. Does anyone know how to quickly convert a large amount of Itunes song files into WMA files or MP3 files. I'd really like to buy an MP3 player for myself and i don't want an ipod really. My brother and sister have an ipod so they have many songs i can use on itunes, which currently can't be downloaded onto an MP3 player because it is the wrong file type. If anyone knows a way to covert files to WMA or MP3 from Itunes files please tell. (other than burning the songs to a cd and reloading them onto my computer) Thanks

A:Converting File Types

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Please tell me how to change a "sig" photo to a "jpeg"

A:converting file types

i use corel paint shop pro 10 and this is how it does it. open the sig in your graphics program and select save as, then from the bottom drop down box, the one under where you type the filename to save and select jpeg. then click save.

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Basically, what I want to do is take video files off my computer and be able to watch them on my digital camera. When I transfer a video file onto my camera, however, I get "file error". I figured the videos needed to be in the format that my camera recorded in (.AVI) and I can convert the files but it still will not work. My guess is that the codec needs to be the same as well but I am having trouble getting the videos into the same codec that my camera records in. I have a Samsung Digimax 430 and the video codec is included on the software cd that came with it. I am just wondering if someone can point me toward a good program (this is important enough that I am willing to buy one) or tell me how to go about doing this.


A:Converting Video File Types

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Hi guys,

Would really appreciate some help!! I need to get a project finished ASAP, that I discovered had gone all pearshaped this morning (techy I know).

I am using Camtasia Studio from TechSmith.com. The projects files save as .camproj

The files will not let me open them. I get an error message saying that the program (Camtasia Studio) does not support that file type. When I look at these not working file properties, it says .camproj~

I need these files!! Any idea on how to convert them to the correct file type? I have tried Opening With - Camtasia Studio, but to no avail.

It has been working fine. The only thing I did differently last night was to backup my files to an external hard drive (ironically, the Camtasia Studio folder is the only empty one that didn't back up for some reason.) I also tried to defrag the harddrive. I left the laptop on all night, and was still apparently defragging 8 hours later... Any way, different issue!

Any ideas much appreciated!! Thank you!

A:Need help converting file types - Camtasia gone crazy

When you save these files, is there a option to save to a different format?

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I dont know if Im on the right section to post this.

I just want to ask to our fellow members and gurus here, I dont know what went wrong but suddenly the unknown file types in my Windows 7 PRO x64bit doesnt display its file extensions anymore..

How can i restore it to default? to display the file extensions on unknow file types in windows 7...

Any tips would be much appreciated. Thank you..

A:Display File Extension on Unknown File Types

Windows Explorer/Organise/Folder & Search Options/View.

You should find it in there. (that's "hide extentions for know file types") Might be what you need.

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When I do a search on how to sort, I get a Tutorial that tells me to open the "View" Menu item.

However, as you can see from the attached, I don't have a VIEW menu on my Folder.

I would like to sort these by file type so that I can save them to a CD.

What am I doing wrong here?

A:I can't sort by File Types. What happened to File Details?

I attached a word doc with two pics in it. I have no idea wht these [IMG] links are.
I hit the paperclip, added my file from my C: drive, hit Upload, and got this.

Essentially, I created a new folder, put in some music files, and wanted to sort them by file type, but I have no option for that. I can only sort by List, Details, Tiles and Content.

Under Windows XP, I COULD sort using View/Details.

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I'm sure there's a way to do this, but it's out of my realm of digging in windows.

What I need essentially is a Symbolic Folder that will scan a set directory and only return specific file types.

For example, I have five folders with .jpgs, .psds, and .txt.

What I would like is to create a folder that when opened will only show me .txt files from those directories.

Is there a program, or service that will allow me to do this?

A:Symbolic File Folder with Specified File Types?

This is quite easy to do with Windows Search.

This example is how to create a shortcut to all images on chosen folder (location), inclusive all its subfolders:Open the location you want to use as root. In this example I'll use Libraries
Type to search field kind:image, click Save Search:

Name the search as you want to, click Save:

Now when you open the folder %USERPROFILE%\Searches, you'll find shortcuts to all your predefined searches:
Using the same method you can create shortcuts to almost anything. Some search criteria examples:ext:pdf = all PDF-files (extension .pdf)
ext:jpg = all JPG-files (extension .jpg)
datemodified:‎01/‎09/‎2010 .. ‎31/‎10/‎2010 = all files modified between 1st of September 2010 and 31st of October 2010 (notice the date should be in default format used by the current Windows user account)
kind:music = all music files

More about Windows Search:Windows Search - Configure and Use
Windows Search Advanced Query Syntax


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When I tried changing the icon of 'File Folder' in 'Folder Options' --> 'File
Types' , by mistake I made 'find' in 'Action' list ('Advanced' button) the
default. Now I am unable to remove it. So whenever I try double clicking a
folder, a search window appears.

Now I don't want anything in the list to be made default. System does not
allow me to do so.

What I tried to do and how it failed?
1. I tried adding a new action item with the application as 'explorer.exe'
and made it the default. After this whenever I double click a folder it opens
in a new window. Note that the Browse folder settings in General tab of
'Folder Options' is still 'Open folders in the same window'

2. There is a checkbox in 'Advanced' settings for 'File Folder' with label
'Browse in same window'. This option is unchecked and the best part is, this
is disabled.

3. Even file folder is not present in file types..
How do I go back to my old settings where in no item in Action list is set
as default?

A:file folder disappeared from file types

don111, Click Start>Run then copy & paste or type in:
regsvr32 /i shell32
Click OK

Restart your computer.

If that doesn't correct the problem try the "Folder Association Fix" at the link below. Instructions are on the page.

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Hi All,

I am having a problem with mounting an NRG flie on Daemon tools lite. I normally use ISO files but the program CD I have is a NRG file. Is there anyway to mount this image on daemonn tools lite or convert it into an ISO file. Also is there an alternative free program I can use to mount this image n a virtual drive?



A:Mounting an NRG file on Daemon tools lite or possibly converting it to an ISO file

Duplicate post. You have the same one here - http://forums.techguy.org/all-other-software/816942-mounting-nrg-file-daemon-tools.html

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Hi All,

I am having a problem with mounting an NRG flie on Daemon tools lite. I normally use ISO files but the program CD I have is a NRG file. Is there anyway to mount this image on daemonn tools lite or convert it into an ISO file. Also is there an alternative free program I can use to mount this image n a virtual drive?



A:mounting an NRG file on Daemon tools lite, or possibly converting it into a ISO file.

Daemon Tools Lite should be able to mount NRG files. Make sure you are using the latest version:
Daemon Tools Official Website:

You might also want to try these other virtual drive, image mounting software (both freeware):

Alcohol 52%
Alcohol 52% Official Website


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What are some common file types that i dont need?

A:here! FiLe TyPeS**

This is a very broad question - it rather depends upon what you have on your PC and why you need to make room more space on you drive (I'm assuming that is what you need to do).

All .tmp (Tempory) files can usually be deleted safely, and some files for unused sound schemes, desktop themes and some font files may be deleted, but, and this is a very big BUT, you have to be sure the files, particularly text files, are not being used by an application or file you want to use. For instance deleting the basic Windows fonts would prove disastrous in the short term.

To identify what file extensions belong where you could take a look at this comprehensive site first:


But perhaps before proceeding further you could give a bit more depth to your question. For instance, there may be better ways to free up space on your harddrive that we could advise, if that is what you are trying to do.

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I have a major problem with some of my pixs. Someone that was working with my computer and looking at my pixs somehow changed the file type that opened them to a .pvm file and now I can't open them at all. I have tried changing the programs that open them and sometimes it tells me it is empty, but it still shows that there is something in the file...such as 5.3 kb. Can anyone help me or is it a lost cause and my pixs are gone?


A:File types

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im currently downloading a movie file....i opened the file and saw ..in one file..an IS file...in the other file there was NS file....what type of files or these?

A:file types

a little vague on your file descriptions and possibly a little illegal http://www.ace.net.nz/tech/TechFileFormat.html the ISo could possibly be a disc image file.

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I was recently working on a friends machine setting it up and such. He requested that I use certain icons for all types of things. I was going through doing it by hand when someone else suggested that I use TOOLS>FOLDER OPTIONS>FILE TYPES. So I figured I would give it a try.

I clicked the third item down, (none) FILE FOLDER, and then clicked advanced, I then changed the icon to what I wanted and then click ok. it seemed to work ok but when I tried to open a file it opens search instead of openeing the directory. I tried changing the icon back thinking that was the problem, but no dice. I didn't change anything but the icon so I have no idea what the problem is or how to fix it. Please PLEASE PLEASE someone help me fix this. I am at a complete loss on this one.

A:File types help

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I routinely transfer folder contents (MSWord docs, XL spreadsheets and the like) to a back-up computer. In doing so today, I noticed files being transferred with extensions like .dl (thumbs.dl), .hdl, etc. I've never noticed these before. Are there files hidden in these folder that don't show up when viewing hte contents of the folders via Windows Explorer? I've had a wack-o keyboard lately, have scanned the system with nine (9) different tools and found nothing. What are those files doing hanging out with a bunch of generic stuff?


A:Odd file types - what's up

Thumbs.dll is the database of thumbnail images, created (for preview in Windows Exploere) in any folder that has images.

You will only see them if you have your settings to view all hidden and system files.

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Does anyone know what these file types are?
File Types-.jp2,jpc & jpe?

Can Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, or, Photoshop Elements open these?
Instead of ACDSee 10?, as it is set for this application to open?


A:File Types-.jp2,jpc & jpe?

Use this information source:

FILExt - The File Extension Source

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i need to save pictures in jpeg from my distributor's webster to download on my web catalog, but when i click on save as, i only get bitmap or art file types, how can i expand this file to be able to save these pictures in the jpeg format, i located in file types and saw this format as an extension file, how can i get jpeg when i use the save as option. i'm a beginner, at this stuff, please give specific instructions, i'm easily confused with this technical stuff. Thank you.

A:file types

Are you using AOL?

Sounds like it, so look at the last response in the link below:

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hi. My HP compac, on Vista Basic, seems to have its files mixed up, if i click on a programm to open it, [and most things in controll pannal] i get a dialogue box saying open with. [note pad, media player etc] also the mouse has stopped scrolling, this happened when i deleted adobe reader, as that was doing the same, taking over programms. hope you can help. ray.

A:file types.

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This is a Poll I would like people to answer as it would help me out for a subject I am currently studying.

A:File Types

I prefer AVI, they play straight off my laptop the best. Most MP4's I have to burn, otherwise they play choppy on my computer, and my Winamp Preamp won't turn them up any louder if they are quiet. Although one you forgot, that I also like is MKV.

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Just came across the file type *.ink, anyone have any ideas on what this is. It was supposed to be a folder with drawings in it from a while back, however its these *.ink files. Thanks

A:file types


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can you please tell me if it is possible to change the format of a file. for example ive downloaded from a music site a file. it should be an album and it requires me to unzip it. ive unzipped it but now the file will not play on my media player. it just states that this file format is not supported??

Is there any way to change this file format to mp3 format, im sure this can be done as i pressume this file has been played on other peoples players i.e from whom ive donloaded it from??

A:file types

What format is the file now? Perhaps you just need a pulgin for your media player.

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Can anyone please help before I go crazy, When I try to display an IMG file on a forum I am unable to do so, I have done it a hundred times before but I must have changed some setting or deleted something, the message I am getting from the forum on which I post after copying the IMG from Photobucket or Mediafire is AN INVALID FILE, probably part of the same problem when I now try to view a PPS file it opens Windows Media window and I have to open it from there by choosing P.P Viewer to open
I am 79 years of age and would really appreciate any advice you can give
Thank You

A:File Types

Hello Fred, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Each site will vary on how you can upload and attach images to them. If you like, here's how it's done here to see if it may help any.

Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums

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Where does Windows store file types?
Is the XP and 2K database the same format?
I'm having Word open doc files but the file name is being passed without quotes so a space in the full file name is killing Word. But it should have quotes...

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I was just sent a couple of files with the extensions .mso and .wmz. When I click to open I get the prompt asking me what program to use to open them.

1. I have no idea what program to use.

2. Is there anyway I can figure that out from info that would be accesible on my computer, or does one just need to check with someone who knows?

A:Opening .mso and .wmz file types

(here's a link for file extensions => http://filext.com/m.htm
looks like the .mso is an ms office xp file an the .wmz is a windows media player skin file.)

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there was a post i found that had almost what i needed.
Hide all of a certain file type in a folder tree
i need to hide certain files types in a folder and a set of subfolders, though there is files in there i want to view
attrib +h *.nfo /s
however there are jpg files in there i want to hide though i dont want them to be hid system wide.

is there a way i can hide certain file types in a folder 'only'

A:hide certain file types

Just highlight all the files you want to hide, right click (with the cursor on one of the selected files), click properties, then check the box "Hidden".

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Windows XP - under c/program files/data

I have 4 files I cannot open

backpage.cci 320KB
dad.ccf 650KB
gertie.ccf 8446KB
Joyce.ccf 85KB

I have no idea about the backpage.cci but Dad, Gertie and Joyce are members of my family.

I have tried every program on my computer to open them - but nothing works. I hope not to delete these files before I find out what they contain.

I have searched the internet to try and identify these file endings to no avail.

Can someone enlighten me - do I dare change the file endings?

Thank you - MissDaizy

A:Unknown file types

Could they be component configuration files for use with a remote control?; http://www.remotecentral.com/cgi-bin/files/rcfiles.cgi?area=pronto

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whenever I start my computer, all file types, specifically video, do not remember what program I set as default.

any help?

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OK my wife and i just started an Itunes subscription. We have been using the free filesharing network service called 360share (for the past 8 years). We love it because its free, but are tired of getting crap music or the risk of viruses, or that the download takes forever.

We want good quality music, that is clean from viruses, and that can be downloaded fast.

We play music mainly on

Windows Media player
Burned CD's
Sansa Clip (music Player) (wife)
Motorola EM 330 (cellphone) (mine)

I notice that the file type for Itunes is not the same as what i have been downloading with 360share.

I really dont know the diffrence. I do know that t here have been some problems with DRM and file compabitlies. I noticed that when we copied a few new songs from Itunes to the Sansa clip, that it (windows 7) asked if we wanted to convert the files. And on the EM330, the music plays, but the Song Id's (Arist, Album, etc) are not being read. This makes finding music on that much harder.

What i want is a music file that i can trade freely among my music devices. I know that Itunes will work just fine on the Ipod, but we didnt get the Ipod because we felt that Apple was overpriced, and the Sansa Music player works just as well as the Ipod Shuffle.

So before i have to make (or buy) a diffrent file for each device, and possible take up memory space, someone please help me here with all of this.

A:Audio File Types

I'm not entirely sure I know exactly what you're asking.

In terms of near universal acceptance among players (hardware and software) you probably want to stick with MP3. Itunes does primarily sell AAC files (with an .m4a extension), which play fine on Ipods. The AAC files may, or may not, come with DRM copy protection. Unprotected songs can be converted to MP3 (at 128 kbps, a "good enough" bitrate) within Itunes pretty easily by right clicking on the song from within the Itunes program and choosing "Create MP3 version" from the options. Unfortunately, I don't use Itunes often enough to know if there's an easy way to tell beforehand whether a file is protected or not.

Probably the best known competitor to Itunes is Amazon. Amazon sells songs as MP3 files, mostly at bitrates that are higher than (better than) 128 kbps. Most songs are priced at $.99 (my experience is based in the US) with albums usually discounted and there are usually some free promotional songs.

There are plenty of netlabels that offer free and legal MP3 downloads, but these are usually going to be in fairly non-commercial genres -- electronic, dance, techno, etc.

There are plenty of live concerts available for legal downloading at Archive.org, in the live music section.

There are also services that sell MP3 files less expensively, like emusic and Amistreet. These are not endorsements -- read any agreements or contracts carefully and make sure the service o... Read more

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How would I go about this? I dislike having thumbnail previews of certain file types like video's. But I want my Jpgs, gifs, png's and such, basicly pictures to have Thumbnail previews still. Thats all. The only option Seven gives me is all or none.

A:I want to have thumbnails for only some file types...

You may use Shark007's FREE Codec solutions - Windows 7 codecs . It provides thumbnail preview turn on\off mechanism for some codecs.

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Recently when I tried to play a song that I downloaded,the message came that "The file you are attempting to play has an extension that does not match the file.Playing the file may result in unexpected behavior".
This came in both Real Player and W.M.Player.The former attempted to find the extension from the net but could not.
I could not determine the file type from the 'properties option'.
How can I find the file type and download the correct extension/plug in/codec and make the player play it?
I have directX 8.1 in my computer which is using w2k professional+sp4 and IE6 though I usually use the Firefox browser.

A:Audio File Types

In Windows Explorer you can go to the tab Tools>Folder Options, then click on the tab View and un-check the box that says "Hide extensions for known file types."By doing that, you'll see the extensions of every file you have.

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It seems that I am having a problem with file extensions.
Is there a place that one can find the Registered File Types:

A:Solved: File Types


One of many, google on file extensions

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Anyone have any suggestions for opening .abm files. Some relative sent some images to me - i know abm stands for album files/ (Image), (PALS) but finding an application/software to open them is somewhat time consuming. Have been trying for a few days now and getting no where.

Anyone know of any free software i can download/use to open thesefiles?

A:what software to use for .abm file types

Found a link here that talks about ABM files.
In the end, the poster indicates that the ABM files WERE in fact an album, but when he opened it with the recommended trial software, it contained thumbnail references to JPG files that were NOT sent to him.

I would email your relative and confirm if the file was in fact an Album, in which case you most likely have the same thing. An album without any pictures.

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How do you access file type in windows 7. I know in windows xp you can access it through folder options

A:File types in windows7

Hi Davonne225 and welcome to SF,

Please go to Start > then type in search file ass

then at top click on "Change the File type associated with a file extension"

Default Programs - Associate a File Type or Protocol

Hope that helps



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Hello everyone. I'm my department's desktop admin. and have spent about a week on this problem, we just switched to W7. This question has been asked many times in this forum but no solution seems to fit my issue.

I need to associate the ".pl" extension to a Perl compiler on the network. Presently, I have to install Perl (perl.org) to associate .pl to Perl but then not able to map to the location on the network.

This is what I used to be able to do in Windows XP:Start Windows Explorer -> Tools -> Folder Options -> File Types
Click New
enter pl
Click Advanced
Click New
Action: Open
Application: "G:\Epic\Epic53\Editor\Perl\bin\perl.exe" "%1" %*
Any ideas as to how I can do this in Windows 7? I've seen some possible solutions by editing the registry but prefer to use an easier/elegant solution that I may have missed.



A:Custom file types.

Hi Semperlux and welcome to Seven Forums. You will find what you need in Control Panel->Programs.
Or alternatively if .pl has not been set up before you can right click on the file and select Open With->Chose default Program

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I'm running Firefox

I've never had any problems with Firefox, other than the memory leak, until just recently. For some reason, I can't download .mp3 or .mov files anymore. If I click on a link to one, nothing will happen. If I right-click and choose "Save Link As" the save window will open, but it'll have "redirect.mov" as the file name rather than the actual file name, and when I click save, the download will appear in the download manager, but never start. The main site I've been having trouble with is Revision3.

http://revision3.com/diggnation/2007-09-20travislopes For example. If I click the "Download Now" button, nothing happens. I can download the .wmv version, but not .mov or .mp3. I've tried in Internet Explorer and both those file types will download there.

I've never had this problem before, but I know someone else who at one point wasn't able to download anything with Firefox. I reinstalled Firefox, which worked, but the problem came back the next day.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what is wrong?

A:Can't download certain file types

The Download Now button at Revision3 doesn't actually download the file, it opens a QuickTime window and streams the MP3, so right-clicking the Download Now button and selecting Save won't save the MP3, just the redirect link.

In Firefox, go to Tools > Options > Content tab > Manage button and scroll down to MP3 and MOV. What is listed as their Actions?

If you click the Change Action button for both MP3 and MOV you can choose to 'Save them on my computer'. This should allow you to save the file rather than streaming it through the QuickTime plugin.

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Here is a screenshot of some files I am trying to access but I have no idea how to do it. Apparently there is meant to be a .ISO file located within but I can't find it. Does anybody know what I'm meant to do with these files in order to access the .ISO?

I've no idea what file type they are so I don't know which program to use in order to open them.


A:What Am I Meant To Do With These File Types?

This is an illegal P2P-downloaded file for the game Need For Speed Carbon. Thread closed.

Forum Rules


We believe that the main purpose of P2P programs is to illegally download and use copyrighted material of whatever description. We further understand that there may be legal uses for P2P, but as we are not able to assess a user's intent when he/ she asks for help, we do not support P2P software and we will not assist any user in this regard. This includes but is not limited to Bearshare, Kazaa and many others.

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i was changing the icon for my file folders. i went to folder options, file types, and clicked advanced for the "file folders", then change icon. i have no idea what happened, but now when i double click a file, like "my pictures" for example, instead of the file opening, the search companion comes up. when i right click a file, the options are as follows in this order: Search, Open, Add to winamp's bookmark list, Enqueue in winamp, Play in winamp, and Explore. when i click on the open option, i get an error message - "windows cannot find 'C:\documents and settings\all users\my documents\my pictures'. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again. To search for a file, click the Start button, and then click Search."
Now, i went and looked at the folder options, file types, file folder, advanced, and in the actions window, the follow is listed: Enqueue in winamp, play in winamp, add to winamps bookmark list, find, and open. when i click on these options, i am not allowed to edit or remove them.
How do i get it so when i double click on a folder, it will open, eg - have the original options of open, explore, and search when right clicked on?
Please help, thank you.

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Hi guys, I have Mass Effect 2 installed on my system, however its logo is scattered all over system files. It's very strange, none of these files have anything to do with the game, if I click on them, it brings up Mass Effect 2! What the hell?

A:ME2 Logo all over certain file types

Hello Valen,

What file types (extensions) are these on?

It sounds like they were associated to "Open with" ME2 by mistake. You can use the tutorial below to restore the default associations for the affected file extensions. If this is with shortcuts, then you can download the LNK (lnk) option.

Default File Type Associations - Restore

Hope this helps,

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I was just wondering if it is possible to stop certain file types from appearing in windows explorer?

I'm using Sony Vegas which creates a .sfk file for every clip containing the waveform of any audio. The problem is it's making the folder full of 50+ clips too messy and I can't find the bits I need.
I would just hide the files but then if I add more clips to the folder and then Vegas creates another .sfk it's not hidden.


A:Hiding certain file types?

Hello Auroraah,

If you like, you could use the command to manually hide all .sfk files in the folder every so often.

ATTRIB +H "Full Path of Folder\*.sfk"

File and Folder - Hide or Unhide

Hope this helps,

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Malware named pepperzip has taken over as A file type that makes it impossible (for me) to use.
Such as video files.Malwarebytes got rid of the program but how can I get VLC media player to
open it.I can't replace these files that I downloaded from XshareX.so, somebody help me please!

A:Changing File Types

Probobly for one file the easiest way to assign the file type to VLC is right click on the video file take "open with "if VLC is in the list choose that and tick the box always use this program.If not use the browse function find c:\program files\VideoLan\vlc and choose the traffic cone icon vlc

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Advance apologies because this may have been asked before.
Window 7 Libraries seem to work by including certain folders rather than file types despite the fact that the default library names are by type (eg Videos)
On my hard disc I have a folder called My Pictures. Several of the folders in that Folder contain video clips. If I click on 'Pictures' in Libraries, it brings up those videos as well as the pictures. But when I select 'Videos' in Libraries it brings up a blank page.
If I create for example a holiday folder (eg Rome 2012) containing photos, videos scanned maps and word documents, is there any way that I can click on a corresponding library category and only show that type of document in the Rome folder without having to do a sub search. If I want to view all items, I can go to the folder called Rome.
Is there any way that I can make the Libraries search ONLY file type (eg for Photos - jpg, tiff etc. and for the Movies library - avi, mov, etc) so when I click on the Videos library it brings all of the videos on my hard disc and nothing but videos without having to go into the particular library and then do a sub search.
Sorry this is long winded but wanted to explain myself.

Thanks for your patience

A:File types in Libraries

You can fix that easily. Right click on the Library (in the left pane), go to Properties. There you can add/delete folders (not files) any way you like.

If there is one you don't want, just highlight it and 'Remove' it. And don't forget APPLY > OK.

Library - Include a Folder

Library - Remove a Included Folder

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Hey everyone. I got a new kodak easyshare CX6230 digi for chrismas. I can transfer all my pics to the software the camera came with, and i can save the pics only on bitmap. I post pics on alot of fourms and stuff and they dont except bitmap. Is there any site or anyway i can change it to like a JPEG or something? i tried opening the pic in paint and saving to jpeg but thats not one of the option its only bitmap

A:changing file types!?

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Having just upgraded from Vista (great move) I find I have a couple of files in
my folders that I cannot now read. It is not a BIG deal if I cannot but I should still like to be able to.
These are ".eml" files which, I believe, were attachments through Windows Mail which,of course, is gone in Windows 7. I only use Google Mail now in any event.
Is there any way these files can be converted to a readable format ? There are a few pay for converters on the web but I do not want these really. I believe there is a way that these can be converted to mht or likewise. Help would be appreciated.
Incidentally, ten days into Windows 7 has been a revelation...speed, no errors, BSODs or any of the Vista plagues. Best move I ever made.

A:Changing file types.

Hello Peter,

To be able to read/open a .eml (email) file, you would need to install a email client program. A good free one would be Windows Live Mail. In it, you coud also setup an email account to read your Google Mail in as well.

Setup Gmail in Windows Live Mail (Gmail Email Account Setup)

Hope this helps,

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Is there any way to change MPEG Layer 3 Audio Files into WAVE Audio Files? If so, what is it?

A:Changing file types

You need to get some software that does audio conversions. A very good freeware program is dBpowerAMP Music Converter which you can get here


There are also several other audio conversion programs at snapfiles.com

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I cant edit the actions for file types ;in particular for "Folder" And "File Folder"
The open option cannot be edited ,nor can explore option be accessed.The drive option has explore as default option and no "open" at all! And when I use start>run command and run something like "d:\books" it says windows cannot find the file specified. Please help

A:File Types Problems

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