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Lenovo Edge 2 Screen goes black randomly

Q: Lenovo Edge 2 Screen goes black randomly

Hi, Since the day i have bought the Lenovo Edge 2 Notebook, it has had this persistent problem of the screen randomly going black during usage. Nothing brings it back unless I reboot the system, although i know that the laptop is ON because the keyboard is lit. Is there any solution to this? Because it is really frustrating. Some times it even happens 8-10 times in a day.

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Preferred Solution: Lenovo Edge 2 Screen goes black randomly

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


What will happen is that I will will be using the laptop with or without the charger cable plugged in and the screen will randomly go black. The keyboard will stay lit up but none of the buttons pressed with change this black scrren state. I even have tried turning off the keybaord blacklights but the whole keybaord becomes unresponsive. It doesn't atter if I close and reopen the laptop or leave it there for minutes or hours I have tested it out. It will just stay in that state until the battery runs out. What I have to do in these situations is hold the power button for it to completely shut off and then turn it back on, only for it to do the same thing. I have timed it. It's very random. Sometimes it does it after a few hours of using it, sometimes after a few minutes.  A few months ago I live chatted with someone who suggested some edits, such as completely turning off sleep and the screensaver but that didn't help. They also suggested that I follow their instruction and download an install certain drivers but that didn't stop the problem either.  I do believe this started right after a windows update a few days after purchase. I've had this laptop for a year and the random black screens happen very frequently now; everyday, multiple times a day.  I'm attending graduate school and you can imagine how annoying it is to be in the middle of class or writing a paper eat home and for this to happen. I'd appreciate any help you can give me. I l... Read more

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My computer has been crashing a lot, which i think is a hardware issue, that is not for this post, but i right now, need assistance, after using my pc in the morning, turning it off, then when i come back, i turn it on, shows the logo, then a dark screen, forever, atleast how long i have waited. I have tried resetting bios, moving ram sticks, messing with BIOS, running hardware checks and software, startup repair says that the laptop boots up, and find no problems, but it doesnt let me do a windows memory diagnostic, i may provide extra information if needed, and i do not know if any more is required, and please do help me, i cannot do anything on my pc until it is fixed 

A:Lenovo thinkpad Edge E540, stays in a black screen...

Also, when its in that state, all of the computer is on, too is the display, the laptop isnt just giving it anything to display, its just black. 

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I have a Lenovo Desktop Edge 72 which not able to start up. When I press the power on button, it have 2 beeps sound and after several second, it was power down. The monitor screen is black. From the internet, it might be following issue:1. RAM not working correctly.2. CMOS setting issue. Need to flash BIOS. However, I had tried the following ways but it was not working.1. Exchange the RAM with another same model desktop. Another desktop is working fine with both of the RAM.2. Exchange the power supply. Another desktop is working fine with both of the power supply.3. Exchange the harddisk. Another desktop is working fine with both of the harddisk.4. Press F1 to get into the Setup Utility page but not able to do so as the screen is empty (Black)5. Press F12 to get into the BIOS setting page but not able to do so as the screen is empty (Black) Kindly please assist. Venus

A:Lenovo Desktop Edge 72 not able to start up with 2 beeps sound and black screen on the monitor

This just fixed it for me 10 minutes ago:https://support.lenovo.com/de/de/solutions/ht077504    1 Remove all media from the drives and turn off all attached devices and the system.  Then, disconnect all power cords from electrical outlets and disconnect all cables that are connected to the system.    2 Remove the system cover.    3 Locate the Clear CMOS/Recovery jumper on the system board.  See ?Locating parts on the system board?.    4 Remove any parts and disconnect any cables that might prevent access to the Clear CMOS/Recovery jumper.    5 Move the jumper from the standard position (pin 1 and pin 2) to the maintenance position (pin 2 and pin 3).    6 Reinstall any parts and reconnect any cables that have been removed or disconnected.    7 Reinstall the system cover and reconnect the power cords for the system and monitor.    8 Turn on the system and then insert the original POST and BIOS update (flash update) disc into the optical drive.  The recovery session will take two to three minutes to begin.  During this time, a warning message will be displayed and no action is needed from the user.    9After the recovery session is completed, there will be no video, and the system will automatically turn off.    10 Repeat Step 1 through Step 4.    11 Move the jumper back to the standard positi... Read more

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My laptop is around 4yrs old and hasn?t had any problems until a couple of weeks ago when my screen randomly went black while in use. The laptop remained working, I could still hear the video I was playing etc but nothing I pressed would turn the screen back on.The only solution seems to be closing the lid, removing the battery then putting it back in and switching on again. 10-20mins later screen goes black again. This problem is also intermittent - it went away for about a week and now has come back. Any light on this (pardon the pun) would be greatly appreciated. K

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Im not native english speaker, sry if u cant understand some parts. Ill try my best to make my message clear so eventual will come easier.

This problem occurs for quite some time, its rather calm since few weeks when I downloaded shitload of new drivers and some other lenovo stuff but might be just coincedence. Since this issue doesnt want to go away itself I have to do something about it. I can send it to Lenovo for free service anymore so Id like to ask some experts if theres something I can do to fix this issue.

Some info:
- occurs usually while typing or other stuff, but few times my laptop literally went nuts and flashed black screens few times a sec, no matter if i touched it or not

- its not overheating, i bought cooling pad and it didnt help much

- can happen just after turning laptop on and not happen during 10h+ session

Thank you in advance.

A:Screen randomly flashing black on Lenovo G580

Work through these Troubleshooting Steps for Windows 7 which will uncover most problems. Report back results as there may be other steps indicated.

Why did you install all of these other drivers? Did you already have performance problems or just create them?

Do you have a System Restore point still available before this problem began?

What else have you installed? Please post back as screenshot of Control Panel's Programs and Features after maximizing the page, using the Snipping Tool from Start Menu: Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums - Windows 7 Forums

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Greetings, I have a Lenovo Yoga 730 15 with 4K and NVIDIA GTX 1050, which has a screen that blacks out at random. Based on what I read in other threads, it could be an issue connected with the auto-brightness and auto-dimmining settings. So, I turned those features off. Though it has been happening less, it's still happenning. Could anyone tell me what other settings I should check to resolve this issue? Thank you for your help.

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Dear Tenforums users,

I have recently encountered problems or rather peculiarities with my relatively new Lenovo laptop;
whenever I'm working on it and switch to another tab, there is a chance of random black stripes and dots occuring in the screen. Not (yet) to the extend that I cannot work on it and when I switch tabs again they are gone from the previous tab.

Screenshots of the problem:

I am just wondering what might be the cause and if I should be worrying myself about future defects. (especially since my warranty is till february 2017)

Thank you all for your time!



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I have the ThinkCentre Edge 91z for quite a while now but the monitor isn't displaying anything anymore.It all started about 2 weeks ago, the monitor would randomly turn black and display weird pixels over the screen but the screen would still go back to normal after a short time (about 10 seconds).After that i decided to restard the pc but the monitor wasn't displaying anything, It would only show me the "power saving mode" message and goes to sleeping mode after that.Sometimes i manage to get out of sleeping mode, the monitor starts displaying the same weird pixels for about 5 seconds and goes back to sleeping modeI even tried to connect my computer to a laptop with a HDMI cable but it won't display anythingThese are the 2 things the monitor displays when the computer gets out of sleeping mode 

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Hello everyone, I have a Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E430 and it was working fine until today. Today I worked on the laptop as usual and just turned off the Fast Startup setting in the Windows 8 and then restarted the computer. Now it only shows a black screen (LCD backlights are on but there is nothing on the screen). I hear the usual BIOS beep sound but I can't see the BIOS screen or the Windows. I've tried to connect to a an external monitor via HDMI. Amazingly, both my laptop's screen and external monitor works fine when the laptop is connected to the external screen. But when I disconnect them, again I can only see the black screen. I turned on the Fast Startup settings in Windows 8, but it didn't work. Then I loaded the default settings from the BIOS and it didn't worked too. Finally I've installed Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS to test if it is because of the operating system but it didn't help too. I've tried all of this using the laptop's screen while it was connected to the external screen. It is very confusing for me. It seems like the screen is only working when an external screen is also connected to the laptop. I would be very happy if anyone can help me about this problem.

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I have a lenovo edge 2 and my touch screen has stopped letting me scroll. It lets me click things and what not but it will not let me scroll. It's brand new so I know it shouldn't be doing this. Also my computer just updated to windows 10 and that's around when it stopped working. Can anyone help me on this?

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So I recently got my Edge 15 back from service after the power button quit working, and now my touch screen doesn't work and doesn't seem to exist on the laptop anymore. It's not listed in device manager and settings say my screen is now not compatible with touch. Anyone have a solution?

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I've had my Lenovo Y50 for a while now. Today when I turned it on, the outer edges of the screen are rapidly flashing  and some lines are going down the edges of the screen. The middle part of the screen is fine. I dont know what could of caused this since it just randomly started happening. 

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Screen got cracked. Touch screen was obviously affected. Where the impact occured on the screen is where the laptop thinks someone is touching. Sent it into Best Buy and they quoted $720 to fix. Was hoping to find a compatable screen on Amazon that I could purchase and have Best Buy replace for $50. Any ideas? It's a Edge 15 Laptop model 80H1

A:Lenovo Edge 15 Cracked Screen

I also have the same problem and would appreciate any instructions that could be provided on how to replace the cracked digitizer/screen.

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The screen on my Lenovo edge, 215, will go blank just about any time.  Its not a blank screen, but a dark blue.  I have to do a "hard" restart to get it going again.  I bought this up before my warranty ran out, and got some help, but it did not work and I still have the problem.   The display driver appreas up to date.  So whats my Problem

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I was using my laptop last night and it was working perfectly fine. I went to sleep, woke up today, and now the the screen is black despite it being on. At first I thought it was th F9 key, but that wasnt it. I plugged it into my tv as a make-shift monitor and I can see everything which means it is a screen issue? I dont know if it would also be good to note that my entire desktop shows up on my tv make-shift monitor rather than it only being, say, half of the desktop (if that makes any sense). Any help is appreciated.

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Hello, My Lenovo Edge 2 laptop goes to a dark blue/black screen with no warning.  There is nothing I can do then except for press the on/off button for several seconds to make the screen go black completely and shut off.  Then I restart by pushing the on/off button.  Then it will work for a few minutes or a few hours. Any help wil be appreciated! Keith

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I have a Latitude E5500 series with a matte screen.  It is almost 3 years old. The pixels along the top and side edges of the screen have slowly been going black.  The top edge had lost up to 1/2 inch of display in some places.  (see picture 1 from two weeks ago)  Today there is a large black half circle at the top that is six inches wide and an inch thick (see picture 2).  Strangely, some of the top edge that was black before now works again..
I assume it is related to the slight pressure it receives when in my computer backpack.  It was not dropped or crushed or anything unusual.  Are these laptops too fragile to transport?
Do you think that replacing the screen will fix this?  Or is this a different problem?  It is not under warranty any more so I may try to replace it myself.  I see a video on YouTube about that.  Any suggestions?
Picture 1 (two weeks ago)

Picture 2 (today - below)

A:screen has black blotches patches spots along edge

It definitely looks like a display issue.
Run the LCD bist - Turn off the system and press and hold the "D" key + power button to turn on the system and it should run the LCD built in self test - see this link for more info - http://dell.to/1SkXNrG 
Connect an external monitor and check if the display is fine.
If yes, which I presume it would be, replace the LCD on the system. 
I am not sure if Dell would still have parts for an obsolete model. However, you could contact our team to get a quote - http://dell.to/1vnT6CQ
You could also order the parts here - http://bit.ly/2ifwGGM - however, I am not sure if there is a matte display available.
Also, please click my DELL-username and write me a private conversation with the service tag and your contact details(Name and Email) for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.

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Hello, I have seen various posts about similar problems, though not on Edge E130. Tried their solutions, to no avail. The screen is black. No faint image. Machine powers up (LEDs glow, noise of fan and hard disk). I have no external video connection. Have tried taking battery out, pressing on button for 1 minute, plugging machine to power (no battery) and restart. No success. Did not initiate any kind of update (certainly not BIOS!), upgrade or new software install (though the machine has been asking to upgrade to Windows 10, which I have not done yet). Running Windows 8.1 (as far as I can remember, as I cannot actually check - the screen is black).  AVG antivirus, updated and fully run about one week ago. Help? Please?

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I have a Lenovo Edge 2, fairly new, few months old. Problem I am currently having: Screen goes randomly black, but the LED light still is on, no mouse pointer, sound turns off too (similar to hibernate maybe?). I get a message at start up that there is an issue with one of the drivers. But when I check the drivers, everything looks updated (its set to upate automatically anyway). I had a similar issue before, another driver message. The problem was that my laptop wouldnt connect to wifi unless the power mode was totally amped. Something about the laptop thinking its in low battery mode and wifi connection dropping, I connected it via hardwire and updated the wifi driver i think, and the issue resolved. Could it be a similar issue? There seems to be a problem with this laptop and the sleep mode / low battery mode status driver maybe. How should I fix this?

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My lenovo edge 15's screen is tinted red and a little bit of green. It began with flashes of red, but not the tint will not go away. The display seems to be malfunctioning. Can anyone tell me how to return my screen to a normal color? Thanks!

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Okay so like the title says I recently cracked my laptop screen and since I don't have any warranty I'm going to do the repair myself. My first question would simply be what parts do I need to buy? Looking at my laptop it appears that only the glass panel that goes over the digitizer is what got messed up. The LCD panel is fine and the touchscreen still works so I believe all I have to do is replace the front bezel? Is that possible or do I need to buy a whole new LCD panel to repair my laptop?  Besides two thin cracks going through the screen, most of what shatted was the top right bezel portion.  Please help me ! 

A:Lenovo Edge 2 -1580 Cracked Screen. What do I do?

The thing you call the front glass is the digitizer. There is a matrix of VERY fine wires running through the glass.  The whole screen is bonded together so you need to replace the whole panel.

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Hello, I recently updated my Lenovo Edge 2 15 with i5 and after the update, I turned off the laptop. Then when turning it back on, the screen will not start up. The laptop itself turns on becasue the power button is on and the fans are turning and I can turn the keyboard lights on and off, but the screen just stays black. Its not even the kind of black that you see when the screen is black but on, it's as if the laptop isnt on whatsoever (no light in the screen at all). I also hooked up the laptop to an external monitor and the monitor doesn't recognize that the laptop is on either. Please let me know if anyone knows how to solve this.

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I've had the Lenovo Edge 15 for three months and the display/screen is starting to flicker and turns pink, particularly after sleep mode. I'd like to know what type of issue this is and if Best Buy and/or Lenovo are aware of this issue and how they propose to fix it. Video: https://youtu.be/wEmCi1z1B2Q

A:Lenovo Edge 15 - PROBLEM - Screen flickers and tur...

I am having a similar issue with my Flex 2-15. Elsewhere a similar issue has been fixed with driver updates? I will give it a try.

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I have an AOC 16" lcd monitor. On the edge of it I get these small black wavy lines. After about a week these wavy lines started increasing. The screen was also somewhat scrappy and flashed quite often. I checked the monitor cables and tried replacing them. Still it didn't go away. Then tried it on another computer, but the same thing happened. After that tried connecting a different lcd monitor of the same model to the system unit. The same result. Then I found out in one of these forum threads that it might be a graphics card problem. So tried fixing a graphics card to the AGP slot. But then no screen output came. So think something is wrong with the slot. Unfortunately, it's only the internal VGA which is working now.

After messing up with all these I tried replacing the PSU as the 3.3V was around 2.6V according to my system's BIOS. So it did seem to be a good fix for sometime till the CPU usage got high. The lines got back, but this time not much as before. No flashing either. The 3.3V now is around 3.2V. But now another problems has popped up. The BIOS keeps saying 'press F2 to reset defaults' at bootup. Is it something to do with the CMOS battery or the motherboard?

Wonder whether all of these problems are connected with each other. So that's why gave the best possible explanation I could about the problems I have. Sorry if I'm too formal. I ain't a native speaker, so hope you guys excuse me for that. Hope I'll get s... Read more

A:Solved: Small black lines on edge of the computer screen

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I have a lenovo g530 laptop since 2009.At the time of purchase, the specs were:1 gb ram160 gb hdd2..16 Ghz dual core cpuWindows XP service pack 3 In April 2014, after the hard disk crashed, the system was upgraded to windows 7 service pack 1 and hard disk to 500 gb.Last year, ram was upgraded to 2gb.Since last week, I have been facing a certain problem.At random times, the monitor suddenly goes black and everything else keeps working fine( I can hear audio in case I was playing videos etc). Playing with the function keys brings it back but the problem keeps on happening every day. Any idea why? 

A:Lenovo G530 laptop monitor randomly goes black

Hi Oolee,
Welcome to Lenovo Forums.
Did you try booting from safe mood? There is also a chances, if your cables are intact and not loose (VGA Cable), or the monitor loses power.
Please go through this HMM for hardware assistance.
Method 1:
Any external hardware can cause this (like a keyboard or mouse can cause system to sleep to save the power) 1. To change this go to ?MANAGE? by right clicking on the ?MY COMPUTER ? icon on the desktop . 2. Go to DEVICE MANAGER. 3. Click on the keyboard or mouse or any other USB devices and right click on them and go to PROPERTIES and select POWER MANAGEMENT and untick the appropriate box.
Method 2:
Control panel > Power options >Choose when to turn off the display (look for this in the side bar)  Set ?TURN OFF THE DISPLAY? to NEVER Set ?PUT THE COMPUTER TO SLEEP? to NEVER. And then continue to ?Change advanced power settings? Go to "SLEEP" Set "SLEEP AFTER" to NEVER. Set ?ALLOW HYBRID SLEEP? to OFF. Set ?HIBERNATE AFTER? to NEVER. Go to ?DISPLAY? Set ?TURN OFF DISPLAY AFTER ?to NEVER. Press APPLY and then OK.
Let us know how you get on.
Tap that kudos button if I helped  If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"! 

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Recently my lenovo laptop  z50-70 start blocking on black screen before lenovo logo appears on start up with led light on. It lastes from 15 minutes to even 2 hours before lenovo lego appears and laptop starts and works smoothly with no problems.Now it is blocked on black screen and can t proceed to lenovo logo. I can t acces bios menu.I tried bios reset. no effect.I updated the bios to the last version. no effect.

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Recently on the screen there are black vertical lines, sometimes the image freeze and the screen gets progressively whiter. I can fix it tilting the screen at some angles or pressing on the bottom part of the plastic support.Warranty is over so I tried to open the screen and check the LCD cable, but it looks fine. What could be the problem?In this thread they say the issue was the screen, but they arrived to that solution through a convoluted path so I'm not sure that's the correct answer.Should I check the other end of the LCD cable? Or straight up order a new screen? Thanks for the help.

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To make a long story short, I've been asked to help fix a friends mom's U410 laptop which wasnt activiting Windows 8.1 properly (Was Windows 8 OOB). After struggling with the activation for a few hours, I backed up the data and decided to just run the Lenovo one key recovery. During the recovery process, the installation had failed. When I attemped to reboot, no Lenovo splash screen was loading - just a black screen (although i can hear the cooling fan start, and hear the harddrive spin up. I tried to access the boot menu thru the novo button, and nothing would load; still a black screen. After researching for a few more hours, I had found multiple threads about bios updates required to be able to access bios with windows 8, and other threads about gpus on these units booting to a second screen (which i did test, and the second monitor does indicate a signal). None of the solutions on those threads have given positive results.   Basically, I've run out of options and am looking for some suggestions. The only thing that shows up on the display at anytime is the small blue novo menu when the button is pressed (normal start up, bios setup, boot menu, system recovery - all of which just leave a black screen). Thanks.

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New system. .   ran virus & malware scans. .   cleaned startup . . 1st 10 min after laptop turned on hard disk running at 100 % . .   it then drops to 10% or less . .  but when opening an app or browsing it jumps back up again . .     apps   running slow. . .  ! Thanks

A:Lenovo edge 15 & edge 2 hard disk running at 100 %

Sorry running windows 10 . . .

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Suddenly when I tried to turn on my laptop (yoga 900, 13ISK), I see the Lenovo logo for few seconds then the screen goes black, and it does not load windows, I tried to use the reset button on the side of the tablet to enter bios settings, the menu flashes for a second and then the screen goes black again. I dont hear any fans running in the back ground. When I click the power button it turns off immediately, I tried to disconnect the battery and connect it again but the problem persists, I cannot access anything to try a hard rest. Any help is appreciated.   

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Hello,  I have lenovo g 500 (laptop) and everything was fine until today when start my laptop i see black screen with lenovo logo (white color) link: imgur.com/tzWMuwII have tired to remove the battery with/without power cord but still same.  Lenovo G500Model name: 20236 Thanks for help! 


Go to Solution.

A:Lenovo G500 black screen (lenovo logo)

could you please press f2 to start-up your computer for bios.then set the default settings, save/exit and restart if it helps.

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I just bought this laptop for about 1 month, the laptop work fine before. But after...I don't know maybe after the windows update, the driver make the screen flickering and some dots appear on the screen, sometimes the screen lagging and went black. I'm pretty sure it's because of the driver because if I disable it, everything is fine,but that is just a temporary fix, every games is unplayable when I disable the driver. I tried to reinstall it using driver from Intel, Windows, Lenovo but none of them work(newest)

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Hi. My keyboard stopped working out of the blue, and whenever I open the laptop it goes into tablet mode. Switching to laptop mode does not fix the keyboard issue. Any help?

A:Lenovo Yoga C930: Laptop switches modes randomly, sometimes thinks it's shut and just goes black!

Problem seems to have fixed itself, but I'm still worried.It's like something is making the laptop confused. Sometimes it doesn't know if it's in tablet mode, laptop mode, or closed. There's been times where the screen just shuts off, and I need to close and open the laptop again to get it to work. In fact, it was this that caused the issue in the first place.Is there anything that might be causing this system confusion?

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I am stumped on this one. My HP pavilion dv6 turns on, gets past the BIOS, screen goes black. If I leave it on I can tell it's working in the background, because eventually the wireless icon flips on. After that, I can press the sleep mode key, wake it up, and then after a moment of displaying everything fine it switches off. Also, it appears that when I shake it after the screensaver comes on (at which point the screen flips off) it will again display momentarily before switching the screen off. I dual boot Ubuntu, same issue, still the occasional moment of functionality.

Removing the battery and doing a hard reset doesn't help, can't boot to safe mode, can't change graphics drivers since I can't see anything. Ideas?

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After having my HP Pavilion dv7 for slightly over a year (and just out of warranty), my screen has started to randomly go black - and there is no response from ctrl-alt-del, Esc, mouse movement or anything. It doesn't sound like it shuts down (all power, volume, etc. lights stay on), but doesn't respond unless I shut down and reboot. It is happening more and more frequently and most recently, the computer froze and the screen went slightly scrambled (like a digital tv would during a storm). It didn't go black that time, but shortly after it froze, I shut it down.

There is a possibility that this could be related to a time when the laptop was left on a pillow and shut down from overheating, but that could be a coincidence as well.

Any ideas? It operates on Windows Vista.

A:screen randomly goes black

here is a link to where loads of different people had the same problem:


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My Screen goes black, but everything is still on.(fans, monitor... etc)
It happens every time I log on, about 2 minutes later. EVEN when I'm not doing anything!
In one case I hadn't yet logged in, and It went black when I left it for 2 minutes.
It was working perfectly fine yesterday and the Computer isn't that old!
HP Pavilion a847c
Geforce 6500 video card (I think)
HP Pavilion f1703 monitor

PS. I Recently had to reinstall the OS and all of the drivers

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Hello sir, my brand new preinstall 4 months old lenovo laptop getting black screen after lenovo logo. Day before yesterday i treid to factory reset my lenovo laptop, after it almost completed and after loging with microsoft account i got an error that the account is already sign in and create local account. I create local account and when i put password. it struct on Welcome page. and when i try to force restart the laptop , now its getting some black page after lenovo logo. That black will be there for 20-30 minutes and then an error come and it goes to auto repair and then again it getting same problem, getting black screen after lenovo logo. Please sir, i need that laptop, for my work purpose. please give me some better solution , as soon as possible  Thank You,

A:Lenovo G50-30 : getting black screen after lenovo logo

Hi zoheb_syed , 
Welcome to the Community Forums. 
Doing factory reset would delete everything and repartitioned with new Windows on it just like out of the box . 
Lenovo splash screen is a good sign that power goes in the computer and the devices required for a working machine.
For as long as you back up your files , try doing the Lenovo Restore using the Novo key (no.2 page 9).
Just turn off the pc and use the Novo button to turn it on . Novo menu would give the System Recovery 
Soon as done , create a local account and proceed. 
If it goes to a black screen during the process , I recommend you call in tech support for repair.
Most likely there would be a problem with the GPU since rendering on Windows failed.
You can also check the display on any external monitor to see if the display would work externally to isolate LCD or cable issue .  
If the computer finish up with the restoration then run Lenovo diagnostics. 
Tech support can give you repair options or if BIOS update is neccessary . 
Best check on your warranty for the type of repair service you would expect (either sending to depot or Onsite repair)
Considering the turn around time of the repair , which I know that you need it on a daily basis for work  Try above step and let us see how it works.
Hope this helped you get things done on your issue.

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Hello everyone, get ready to have a little bit of reading!

So my problem is actually that my screen (both my screens cuz I got 2) turns black randomly. I am in a CS GO game or playing Eve online and my screens just "stop working". I can close and re-open my main screen and it says "no signal". BUT the computer is still working fine, I was on Discord with friends and they were telling me where to go...didint work out pretty well, but that said, it looks like my GPU crash or something?

Happened twice in 30 min and now it just happened once...
I had another problem 1-2 months ago, well I had that problem for about 6 month or so. Randomly my computer was freezing, image freeze, sound freeze, ALL freeze. (used to happen like 1-2 times a month) Now it seems that it wont freeze (I am gaming less I suppose). But I got this new problem or black screen.

Oh and at the same time I am writing this, I was trying to update my GPU drivers, and it popped an error and close the Nvidia menu...
Well actually I think it might be my GPU that is about to die, but how can I test it? How can I be sure it's the GPU? It could be the power supply getting old and not giving enough power? It could be the motherBoard...maybe?

Here is my build :

System : Windows 7 Professionnel ?(X64)? Service Pack 1
CPU : Intel Core i5 3570 CadencÚ Ó 3.40 GHz
motherBoard : ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. P8H77-V LE Rev X.0x
RAM : Corsair 4x4 DDR3 Ó 666.54 MHz
GPU : NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660
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My computer is an Acer aspire V5-122p and running Windows 10. Powers is on, screens black, can't hear fans..any help! ?

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So I bought a new laptop but after 20 minutes or so the screen goes black (sometimes with a startup of an app or clicking something). The computer still runs so I can put it to sleep but when I wake it up it immediately goes black. I hooked it up to an external monitor and it worked on that. I thought it was a graphics problem, but now I'm not so sure. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling my Nvidia and my Intel HD Graphics Drivers but that didn't seem to work. I can still hear sound out of the speakers. The problem didn't happen at first, after about a week and a half the problem started occuring. I also tried to boot up from safe mode to no avail. The computer was not overheating according to the CPU temperature. The laptop is always on a charger. Any possible fixes?

Model - ASUS N550JX
CPU - Quad-Core Intel i7-4720HQ Processor(4th generation)- 2.6 GHz
Graphics - Nvidia GeForce GTX 950M(Dedicated Graphics 2GB DDR3 VRAM)
Storage - 500 GB Samsung EVO SSD (the problem still occurred before replacing the 1 TB HDD)
OS - Windows 10 64-bit

A:Laptop Screen Randomly Goes Black During Use

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Hi,T460: win7 pro, cpu i5, 8gb RAM, 256gb SSD, 1920x1080IPS, hd520 graphics, single external battery.Drivers updated from Lenovo site. Latest BIOS.Problem: when runnign on batteries the screen gets black randomly.Once it is black:- esc+fn still toggles green light on FN key- keyboard light works and can be cotrolled- power button green, lid button red- fn+sound off does not work (res led do not show)- nothing else works, the only solution is 20 sec press on power key to force shutdownThe laptop is 6 monhts old.So far the problem was observed on battery only.Sometimes happen when working actively, most of the time when computer goes to sleepor screen switches off.External HDMI is also switched off when it happens.Looking for ideas hot to resolve this issue.thanks a lot for any hints,alistar

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it turns off for seemingly no reason at random points, when I turn off the computer, its fine and it may randomly turn off again at some point (hasn't happend in the past few hours)

A:My Laptops screen randomly goes black

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Hey Tech Support Guy's users,

Yesterday, I got back to my house, and went on the computer for a short while, then while looking on the internet, my Inspiron 1525's screen died on me. Not only my main screen, but also my other monitors as well, saying there was no signal. I was assuming that it is a dying Video Card, but I wanted to have more insight regarding my question. Is my fear correct, or it is the drivers? I haven't updated my drivers since 4 months ago, so I doubt it is my drivers.

Any who, if you need more information from me, please ask away and I will respond as quickly as possible.


P.s. I wasn't do sure if I was suppose to put it on Hardware or Window 7 section. Felt like, it could be a window 7 error.

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so I just bought a laptop (Core i7 6500u 2.60ghz, 8gb ddr4, 1TB, Intel HD 520 4gb total, 15.6? LED, dvdrw, Windows 10 64 bit O.S) , the screen randomly goes black for a second, sometimes this may happen in succession , sometimes just once(several times a day). I returned to the store to have it checked and they told me it may be because windows 10 is still updating. i let them do it then came back. But still the problem is still there. i had to take video everytime i use the unit so i can show them . 2nd time i went back, they said they would reset it. afterwards it was still turning black randomly. 3rd time going back to the store they told me they  would send it to HP to have it looked at. but then after several days they texted me and said the unit is ok now. i was informed before that they will send it to hp support but they actually did not. they just had their technician look at it. i dont know what he did but the unit still has the problem but its not as bad like before. the screen occasionally goes black for a moment atleast once a day. can you please help me . i can also send some video of the screen turning black if it can help. i dont know if the problem is due to windows 10 or the unit itself.....thank you

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