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How do I get my preferred and latest HP Spectre in the Nethe...

Q: How do I get my preferred and latest HP Spectre in the Nethe...

I see that HP Netherlands in trying to push out the old HP Spectre x360 to the dutch market - http://store.hp.com/NetherlandsStore/Merch/List.aspx?sel=NTB&ctrl=f&fc_sb_spectre=1 I can hardly see any of the new HP Spectre x360, even the ones that are available comes with preconfigurred spects. For example in the UK market I see a 13 inch 4k model , where as in the Dutch market there is only 1080p models with FHD and only one 4K that's sold for almost 2k euros. Wonder why HP treats the dutch market in this way? Is there anyway that I could order the product in UK without too many hassels?

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Preferred Solution: How do I get my preferred and latest HP Spectre in the Nethe...

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


hello I called the helpdesk a few weeks ago and they confirmed what I was afraid of:stylus are not working on the latest spectres There was supposed to be a collaboration with microsoft in order to build correct drivers. Is there something working available now please? (sorry if this question was already raised. But, to be honest, it's quite hard to find what you're looking for here) regards

A:latest spectre - stylus not working

Hi,     The HP Active Pen and the HP Active Stylus input devices do not work with HP Spectre 13-w000 x360 Convertible PCs. The computer is not designed for use with these devices. Will inform if there is any update related to this in futur.

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I Just want to let you guys all know that the new x360 Envy's and Spectre's have no pen support whatsoever. Previous models had a active digitizer. The latest line does not nor does it support any fine tip pen. Deceptive advertising from HP considering they had Ads up of the laptops next to their active pen. Infact as of now the Envy and Spectre webpage still recommend this uncompatible pen. The HP support on this forum and through calling in actually have little product knowledge and just regergitate what they see searching google and on the forums.


Hi!, @Nike1: Welcome, to HP Forum !.  For X360 Envy and Spectre table, you can see ... http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c05166879   For X360 Spectre, you can see ... http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Notebook-Software-and-How-To-Questions/Spectre-x360-Active-Pen-Stylus-C... 

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Is there a patch available yet?Meltdown and SpectreBugs in modern computers leak passwords and sensitive data. Meltdown and Spectre exploit critical vulnerabilities in modern processors. These hardware bugs allow programs to steal data which is currently processed on the computer. While programs are typically not permitted to read data from other programs, a malicious program can exploit Meltdown and Spectre to get hold of secrets stored in the memory of other running programs. This might include your passwords stored in a password manager or browser, your personal photos, emails, instant messages and even business-critical documents.Meltdown and Spectre work on personal computers, mobile devices, and in the cloud. Depending on the cloud provider's infrastructure, it might be possible to steal data from other customers.

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Hi, I have a mixture of Windows 7 and Windows 10 machines on my work network all Intel. Today they started to install the Microsoft Spectre Patch for Windows 7 KB4056894 and
Windows 10 KB4056892. All the computers the have installed on sart to display that the copy of Windows is not Genuine Windows, I reboot them and then it goes to the Windows Startup repair and t can repair the computer at all. Also the Reset feature in Windows
10 won't even reset. I've had to disable Microsoft Updates via GPO, but even when I did that it still installed! I've had to disable the Microsoft Update Service using GPO also to counteract this. It's turning in to nightmare, does any one have experience
with this as I need to advice so I don't has to go to all machines around my sites and re-image them. All help would be most appreciated.

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After applying KB4056894 to my windows 7 laptop, visual studio 2010 stopped working, manifesting all sorts of subtle bugs which did not go away even after fully repairing Visual Studio 2010.  In addition, the import settings operation returns fourteen
errors consistently, also new with KB4056894.  I just restored from a Nov 2017 system image and now everything is stable and functional again.
I have now blocked all future windows 7 updates, which is fine with me.  These updates always consumed a lot of time and I'll be happy to go without them starting now.
I also have windows 10 installed on the same laptop which I stopped using several months ago, in favor of Windows 7 due to the latest Windows 10 being such a horrible operating system.  It's even worse than Windows 8.  Sorry to say this, but it's
At least in windows 7 all control panel settings reside in one control panel! I believe that Microsoft has been working on the new metro/universal app for settings since 2011 starting in windows 8!  It's now 2018 and these settings are still split between
the UWP settings app and the desktop control panel.  I thought I took a lot of time to get things done, however Microsoft takes the cake when it comes to taking time to get things done.
If my tone seems to be a bit snotty, it is, but it is upsetting to hear talk of AI and Neural Networks when the CPU architecture and windows OS seems to have been neglected to such a great ext... Read more

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Hi, I have a mixture of Windows 7 and Windows 10 machines on my work network all Intel. Today they started to install the Microsoft Spectre/Meltdown Patch for Windows 7 KB4056894
and Windows 10 KB4056892. All the computers the have installed it on startup they display that 'This copy of Windows is not a Genuine Copy of Windows', I rebooted that had the issue and then it goes to the Windows Startup repair and wont repair
the computer at all. Also the Reset feature in Windows 10 won't even reset. I've had to disable Microsoft Updates via GPO, but even when I did that it still installed! I've had to disable the Microsoft Update Service using GPO also to counteract this. It's
turning in to nightmare, does any one have experience with this as I need to advice so I don't has to go to all machines around my sites and re-image them. All help would be most appreciated.

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I have the Spectre model X7V20UA#ABA and based on this answer bought an HP Active Pen.  I cannot get teh machine to acknowledge the pen in any way. I've followed what instructions I could find (basically have the pen near the computer when you turn the computer off and then back on) and it will nto use it in One Note.  Is this an incompatible device?

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Which stylus devices are known to work with this model (HP Spectre x360 X7V20UA#ABA ) and BIOS Level  Thank you.[System Summary] Item Value OS Name Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Version 10.0.10586 Build 10586 Other OS Description Not Available OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation System Name xxxx System Manufacturer HP System Model HP Spectre x360 Convertible 13-w0XX System Type x64-based PC System SKU X7V20UA#ABA Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7500U CPU @ 2.70GHz, 2904 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s) BIOS Version/Date American Megatrends Inc. F.10, 10/26/2016 SMBIOS Version 2.8 Embedded Controller Version 94.45 BIOS Mode UEFI BaseBoard Manufacturer HP BaseBoard Model Not Available BaseBoard Name Base Board Platform Role Mobile Secure Boot State On PCR7 Configuration Elevation Required to View Windows Directory C:\windows System Directory C:\windows\system32 Boot Device \Device\HarddiskVolume1 Locale United States Hardware Abstraction Layer Version = "10.0.10586.589" User Name SHORTER\arw Time Zone Eastern Standard Time Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 16.0 GB Total Physical Memory 15.9 GB Available Physical Memory 5.26 GB Total Virtual Memory 18.8 GB Available Virtual Memory 7.30 GB Page File Space 2.88 GB Page File C:\pagefile.sys Hyper-V - VM Monitor Mode Extensions Yes Hyper-V - Second Level Address Translation Extensions Yes Hyper-V - Virtualization Enabled in Firmware Yes Hyper-V - Data Execution Protection Yes 

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I have Acer Aspire 5750G. My current BIOS version is 1.07. The latest version is 1.12.

There are a few versions in between. Should I do incremental updates and reach 1.12 or should I just go direct to 1.12?

Many Thanks!

A:BIOS - Incremental updates to latest vrsn or direct update to latest?

Bios updates are cumulative, so you only need the latest.

You also don't need to update the bios unless there is a fix in it/them that fixes an issue you may be having. For the most part updating the bios is as easy as updating a driver, only if a bios update goes wrong you can't roll back to the old and you basically end up with a nice paperweight.

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Hi folks,
When windows 10 was first released I downloaded it and burned to DVD using the media creation tool from Microsoft.
As windows 10 has now had a major update, and I want to create a DVD with that update on it, without having to reinstall it later, as I have other partitions on my computer to update to 10 as well.
So my query is, does anyone know if I was to download windows 10 32 bit from Microsoft again (using the media creation tool from Microsoft) will it include the latest major update to 10?
Thanks for any help

A:Is windows 10 latest big update included in latest media creation tool

Microsoft has made available a download able iso for win 10 1511. If you don't see download link on win pc then try on some other device.. like an android phone or tablet. That's how I got it downloaded and had clean installed. Hope this helps.

EDIT link: Windows 10 ISO

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when I try to connect my printer to the chrome book it keeps asking me for a preferred name and next to it is the ip address, what is preferred name? nothing i put in works.....

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Hey guys,

I am looking at adding a SSD to my rig as my OS drive, although i have many to choose from. I am going threw a local dealer in the city I live in, they have pretty much everything you could possibly need and will order anything you want to buy.

Here is the link: Canada Computers | Computers, Computer Parts, Laptops, Hard Drives, PC Hardware & Accessories Sales

I am thinking on going with one of the following SSD, Tell me what you think and if you could get a better deal. It doesn't need to be very large in size, maybe just 60-80GB would be enough to run OS.

Kingston Hyper X:
Canada Computers | Solid State Drives | Kingston HyperX 3K 90GB 2.5" SATA 6Gb/s Solid State Drive (SSD), Read: 555Mb/s Write: 510MB/s (SH103S3/90G)

Adata SX900:
Canada Computers | Solid State Drives | Adata SX900 64GB 2.5" 6Gb/s Solid State Drive (SSD), Read: 550MB/s Write: 510MB/s (ASX900S3-64GM-C)

Kingston SSDNow:
Canada Computers | Solid State Drives | Kingston SSDNow V+200 60GB 2.5" SATA 6Gb/s Solid State Drive (SSD) (SVP200S3/60G)

Those are the 3 drives I am looking at picking up, I am aware that I will need to pick up an adapter to take the drive from a 2.5inch up to a 3.5inch drive allowing me to mount it within my case. Let me know what you think and if there is a better deal out there as well.


A:Preferred SSD for OS Drive

I'd get an Intel or a Samsung.

2 or 3 months ago, I would have also added Crucial to the list, but they seem to be having issues recently.

You don't need a mounting bracket in most cases. The SSDs have no moving parts. You can just use strong tape to immobilize the drive at the bottom of the case, along a side panel, in a drive bay, or wherever it will fit. No harm in using an adapter if you prefer.

I don't see Samsung at your supplier, but I do see Intel, in the 80 GB size, which is plenty big enough for your purposes. I have 55 applications installed on an SSD, along with Windows 7. Total space occupied is 28 GB.

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I'm looking to get a CD-RW to add to my system (PIV 1.2 GHz, 512+MB RAM) as a prerequisite to doing a ME - XP upgrade. Are there particular brands I shoudl avoid? I've been looking at pricewatch, and I have a Lite-On DVD player I bought. Any good sites that compare brands for ratings?


A:preferred CD_RW?

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Ok so it took 2 days and now i have finished downloading windows 7 build 7600.16384(yes my internet sucks).
So is there a Preferred method of upgrading it?
I m currently running 7600.16384 and now i want to upgrade it to 7600.16385(RTM). I know a clean install is always recommended but i just did a clean install with 7600.16384 a week ago, So i dont want to bear that pain to reinstall it again.

Help appreciated,

A:Preferred way to upgrade??

i assume you know about the cversion.ini editing?

you can extract the iso files onto a different partition and run them from there - you can even run the setup.exe from your current os. that will be quicker than booting off dvd or usb.

the installer is smart enough to take it from there.

the upgrade process is a bit slow compared to clean install, as it has to analyse your current programs, then put them all back - but it probably won't be as slow as your internet!

happy upgrading and enjoy your new OS!

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Hello and thank you in advance.

I'm just starting out with producing videos. What is the preferred extension to convert to so that the DVD will play in the PC and on the television?

Thanks again.

A:preferred extension


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Hi I wonder if anyone can help me.
whenever my mac book pro is woken up from sleep I get this message "None of your preferred networks are available".

I can see the router name "NETGEAR" on the list with a locked icon next to it and when I click on that it asks for a password (even though I have saved this information previously). So I enter the password and click join and it tries to connect but then says "connection timeout".

The only way around this is to turn the router off and on again and it connects -but as you can imagine this is a bit of a pain.

any help gratefully received.

A:None of your preferred networks are available

I don't know MAC, but when similar happens with Windows I advise to make sure of the latest correct wireless driver; make sure of having the latest router firmware; reset the router to factory default settings and reconfigure it.

If that doesn't help the only solution is a different adapter and/or router. My workaround is to disconnect (or switch the integrated adapter off) before Standby/Sleep/Hibernation and then reconnect after the computer awakens.

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My friends and I had a debate last night about which browser is 'better': Google Chrome or Firefox. Personally, the add-ons and features of Firefox are unrivaled, and therefore my preference is with the fiery browser. How about you guys? I'm willing to hear both sides!

A:Your preferred browser?

Personally, my favourite is the Vista Forums web browser! It is obsure, discontinued, never released, never even finished, very dodgy, made by one of our core members, and stored in a private sub forum! It is great! I promise that I have used it twice!

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I cant, for the life of me, get a share on Vista to work... I called MS and they determined that supposedly DHCP is not working well for me b/c my IP Address has the word "(preferred)" after it.

Does this make sense?

What does it mean when (preferred) is stated and how would one go about getting rid of it?

I already shut everything down for 15 minutes (including the router) as advised by MS but of course, that didn't really help anything.


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I have a wireless router that has both a 2.4G and 5G radio.. My notebook works very well with the 5G radio, while the other computers work best with the 2.4G (not sure why that is).. However, when I turn on my computer, it always connects to the 2.4G radio first.. I have to manually connect to the 5G.. How can I set the computer to automatically connect to the 5G and not the 2.4G?

A:Preferred wireless connection

Configure the router so the SSIDs are different (Rtr_24 and Rtr_50 | sample SSID naming convention)

In Control Panel\Network and Internet\Manage Wireless Networks
- configure Rtr_24 to NOT automatically connect when in range
- configure Rtr_50 to automatically connect when in range

If you have to create Rtr_50, it's easy
- click the Add button and then the manually create text field
You'll need to supply the SSID and network key as well as set how ti connects (auto).

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After reading the pinned post about the Win 10 Privacy Statement (abbreviated) ... I didn't have the patience to go through it all myself, and I'm sure that they count on that, I conclude that there is NO privacy ... at all.  This is Big Brother at his best.  Spying applications and a KEY LOGGER.  Are you kidding me?
- Art

A:Windows 10. Hopefully the preferred OS for terrorists.

We already have a 12 pages long discussion thread on this matter. You are free to jump in if you want.http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/584522/by-downloading-windows-10-you-are-allowing-microsoft-to-spy-on-you/To avoid confusion, I reported this thread to a Moderator to get it closed.

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Is Defraggler really any better than Windows 10 built in defragger, or just another program cluttering up the computer that I became used to using in XP days?
The Windows 10 defragger seems to do a good job and I think it maybe time to rethink some of the 3rd party software [Defraggler, Advanced System Care, Driver Booster], that I started using long ago and may just be wasting space and slowing things down now the built in software has improved.

A:Preferred Defragmentation Software?

Me i just use Window's default defrag software it works quite well here.

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Want to find a quicker download if possible... which software or extension have you found manages your downloads well and also fastest?
Look forward to trying one out... Thanks !

A:Preferred Download Manager?

Thread approved. I will add choices to the poll if additional products are named. Please keep it on-topic so I can keep the thread open.

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I have a netwrk I am working off of that a person down the hall set up. He left for a few days and Im not sure if his roommate did anything to it, but I had a connection up until this morning when I woke up. When viewing the advanced section of the available networks, the network doesnt appear at all under available, but under preferred it shows as hot and that I can get a signal (whereas the other preferred have red x's on them). The wireless is directional and is pointed in the right direction. When pointed away, the network goes from the blue circle to the red x, so I know it shows up.

I have no idea whats wrong, or how to fix it. I cant get on the network, and there are no other networks available. Any help would be great.


A:Network appears hot in preferred, not in available

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Is it better to make all partitions on a disk primary partitions, even if they do not contain an operating system, i.e., they are data partitions? (Presuming that you don't need more than 4 partitions on a disk.)

This is the way I'm setup now - all my partitions are primary partitions - and it's based on something I read about two years ago. Of course, technology never stands still, so it may be that the original reason for doing this no longer applies. (Or possibly I misunderstood the advice I read. )

According to what I read: The starting and ending sectors of a primary partition are listed in the partition table, so these partitions are easy to find (and back up). The start and end sectors of a logical partition are stored in the previous and current logical partition. Logical partitions are then strung together in a chain, with the current logical partition pointing to the location of the next logical, etc.

This is not an issue until you have disk problems. Let's say, for example, that you have six logical partitions. Something happens on your disk to corrupt logical partition 3. The result is a corrupted logical 3 partition and an inability to find logical partitions 4, 5, and 6. They are still on the disk, but it may take forensic tools to recover them.

Is the above correct and, therefore, it is better to have primary partitions by default?

A:Are Primary Partitions Preferred?

I have not heard of that issue, but........

I don't see any reason NOT to use primary partitions unless forced to logicals. I'm not aware of any obvious advantage to having logicals for data partitions.

I'd like to hear about advantages to logicals myself, if any.

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My question is: Why is security application development for Biometrics/Tracking/Detection applications normally make use of C++ programming language but not Java?

I would appreciate if you can give me details or maybe even give me good sites for me to reference from to learn.

Thanks a lot!

A:In Security: why is C++ preferred over Java?

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Is there a way in AD using a GPO to make it so wireless clients use ONLY the secure LAN connection we have set up? I have been able to get into set up a GPO and add a Wireless policy, but it seems there is no way to pass the WPA-PSK at login so the users will connect to the preferred Access Point only.

We have a neighbor that just installed a WAP and some of our laptops are selecting this as the default which of course will not let them access the LAN, but it will give them internet access.


A:Preferred Wireless Netowork ONLY


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I was trying to purchase a HP envy dv7t today online and got to the last step to chose the payment method. I want to use the  hpdirect.com Preferred Account since it's "No Payments + No Interest if paid in full in 12 months with hpdirect.com Preferred Account. $899 minimum purchase." Sounds good but you will probably never able to qualified. Why? I put in my info today and it always come back to me that "hpdirect.com Preferred Account was unable to authorize your transaction based on the information you provided."OK, so I thought it was because maybe my income too low to qualify, so I asked my wife, then my parents, then my friend to try. And all four person come back the same message "hpdirect.com Preferred Account was unable to authorize your transaction based on the information you provided." NOw what's happening? SO this option just here for us to look but not functional? Did anyone try to use this Preferred Acount as first timer today and able to go thought?

A:HP's hpdirect.com Preferred Account

I had this account opened a few years ago and when i tried purchasing today..i got the same message...and no one at HP can help me

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I am trying to dedicate a selected ip adress to my pc (winxp)
but I have no idea which DNS-Server adress I have to enter.

My problem: Upon startup WinXP takes about 60 seconds to get an ip-adress from my netgear router. During that, the taskbar freezes, resulting in different programmes (e.g. Antivir) not to load properly to the taskbar.
Therefore I want to select the ip manually. I have reserved that ip-adress in the router's menu and have entered the ip + subnetmask + gateway(router), what is missing is the DNS-Server. - What to enter there?

And do I have to unselect the router as DHCP-server? If I do, what for do I have to reserve the ip-adress of the pc then in the router menu? Makes no sense to me.

And while I am writing, I have another problem with the router: It is too fast.
Router and DSL-Modem are on one power source, when I switch them on, the router tries to send the internet connection data (username+password) before it is ready ( seems like it need some time to start). Result: no internetconnection established. I have to reset the router manually after a minute or so, and then it gets a connection when it started again. Any idea how to solve that?

A:Preferred DNS-Server configuration

For your DNS problem - try using the opendns DNS servers, I've had no problems with them - set your TCP/IP properties to use the IP you want, then use the IP addresses opendns specify on their website: and

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The notebook is currently booting directly to the HP Recovery partition of the HDD, rather than the Windows partition. How do I change this to boot from the Windows partition? I can see where I change the order to disc, HDD etc, but can't see how to change the preferred partition.

A:Need to change preferred partition

@227duke Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums! My presumption is that the Recovery partition has both the Boot and Active flags set -- and neither of these should be true. My suggestion is that you download and install this partitioning tool:  https://www.partitionwizard.com/partition-wizard-bootable-cd.html Then, launch that tool and look at the partitions. You should have a small partiton named System Reserved.  If you do, that is your boot partition and you need to set it to both Boot and Active by right-clicking on that partition and using the menus. You will probably have to reboot for the actions to take, but when you do that, the PC should boot OK.Good Luck

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I've recently been having problems with my internet connection. I have a static IP set, but when I restart my computer, the preferred DNS I gave it is not saved.
What I end up with every boot up is:

o Use the following IP address:
**These settings save**

o Use the following DNS server addresses:

Preferred DNS server: . . .
Alternate DNS server: . . .

(It just blanks itself out.)

I need to re-enter the DNS servers every time to be able to use the internet.

A:Solved: Preferred DNS does not save

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Hello all,

Really hope you guys could give me some advice. Me being an avid gamer I always want to ensure I have the best connection while playing my Xbox 360. Recently I have been playing over the wireless connection with very mediocre results so the other day I went and picked up a 50ft Ethernet cable. Now, it has been working wonderfully when being the sole device connected but just recently, as I was playing, I used my phone which was wirelessly connected and attempted to send a picture to someone. The connection with the Xbox remained intact but fell off dramatically and made it unplayable. The same thing also occurred yesterday with another iPhone that connected, even when the phone was locked and not currently running any programs. I always assumed the Ethernet would have the edge over any wireless device but to me it seems like the router can almost only do one or the other at a higher level. I've heard of port forwarding and other things but not sure if they apply in this situation. Hope someone can help.


A:Preferred Ethernet Connection

what sort of download speed and upload speed do you have
an iphone when connected to wireless and charge (I think above 50% - not 100% of the value)
will be backing up to icloud - if setup - so that will take out a lot of your upload bandwidth

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Hello again,

I am looking for a good firewall program for my laptop. I have Windows XP Pro with SP2, and I know it comes with a firewall on it, but I have heard that is not enough. Any thoughts on that?

Also, I would like one that is pretty simple to use. I am pretty experienced with computers, but one that I have used before seemed to just pop up all the time with messages I didn't understand about.

I have AVG, Spybot, and Adaware on my laptop.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

A:Solved: Preferred Firewall?

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Is there a way to transfer the stored, preferred wireless networks and keys from one XP machine to another?
(Wireless Network Connection properties-->"Wireless Networks" tab-->"Preferred Networks"?)
This isn't an emergency-"needs to be answered now" kind of question, I've been curious for a while now.
I've been working with computers for about 6 years now and have learned all of XP's tricks in regards to transferring files, settings etc from one User Profile on one machine to another or copying one application's App Data folder to another computer to fool the new software install into behaving as it did etc etc.
I don't think Files and Settings transfer wizard does wireless networks. I cant find any registry keys, info thru Google or anything that definitively states it's possible or not.

Anyone know of any tricks in regards to this?

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Meaning, what FREE combination of programs do you use to keep your computer safe at all times? Like combining real-time protection, a scanner, something like SpywareBlaster, etc.
I'm currently using the following, is it substantial?
Avast Free Anti-Virus
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (free version)

A:What is your preferred anti-malware setup?

Might be helpful if you let us know what OS and if it's 32 bit or 64 bit? As there are some Windows components in later OS's that are satisfactory.

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I am a layman at pcs. However router maintainence diagnostics show Ping failure to preferred DNS server. I am suffering badly with dropouts and connectivity. Been in touch with server who has not helped much except to say there was a problem at exchange. Anyawy I cant help feel this ping failure needs to be put right. I tried ipconfig /all on Dos but it said command not recognized. Been suffering slow speeds - since yesterday 3977 wireless errors and 3977 drop outs - 64503 RS uncorrectable errors 23012 HEC errors - not sure waht they all mean but may be of help.Woulds appreciate any help you may give. Not even sure if this is aprobelm that can be put right my end. Merry Christmas all

A:Ping failure preferred DNS server

If your ISP have detected problems at the exchange, then it would be unwise to start altering any router or computer configuration until those have been resolved.

I'm not sure why the computer didn't recognize the valid cmd of ipconfig /all - unless you had mistyped it - so perhaps you could have other underlying problems, but have a read through these pre-posting network requirements and supply what you can Pre-posting Requirements - for both Wired and Wireless Connectivity Issues

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I have been having problems on our family computer with a website called idgsearch. It keeps resetting everyones homepage and putting shortcuts on everyones desktop. I have tried deleting the shortcuts but they keep coming back.

Everytime we started up the computer, AVG came up and said there was a trojan. We ran AVG and it got rid of it. But the next time we started up the comp, it happened again and has happened several times.

One of the viruses was winlink and another was winshow. The most recent one was svchost.exe. We got rid of these through AVG, but there is still a svchost.exe in windows32 that we didnt delete as looking on Microsoft, they say you need it to run certain programs.

BUT... idgsearch is still there and we cannot get rid of it.

Now I am a complete no hoper when it comes to people talking in computer language and I tried reading the solution below, but got totally confuzzled... It would be really really appreciated if someone could let me know how to sort this problem out in the most simplest of terms.

Oh... One more thing... I think I read that the svchost.exe has something to do with the system restore on windows XP? Well that would also be a problem as somewhere along the line our marscore.dll got deleated or corrupted because you cannot access the help system or system restore. It comes up with "marscore.dll not found". I don't know how to go about mending this

Many thanks for all the help that you can give me!

Clare -x-... Read more

A:idgsearch help? (lamens terms preferred!)

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One day, out of the blue, when I logged on, the Display Theme had changed and, though that might seem no big deal, it was plenty annoying for its dramatic difference from what I had set up as "My Favorite Theme".

Since changing it back to what it should be only lasts for that session, I did an Explorer Search for all the "My Favorite Theme" files and found 48. Only 3 were listed in the Control Panel Display area, so I changed all 3 and thought I was set.

All was well until 3 days later I logged on and the theme was again changed to Windows XP theme.

When I change it back to what I want, sometimes that sticks for 2 or 3 reboots and then I'm back to zero. Sometimes it doesn't stick at all.

I'm using Firefox, ran 2 different virus and spy detectors, and then noticed that, after I make changes in the Control Panel, the desktop flicks as though changing to a different page just a second before Control panel closes completely. Wouldn't that wipe out any changes I had made in control panel?

Any advice for making permanent changes to the Theme?


A:Solved: Preferred XP Theme Won't Stick

After fussing with changing the Display to My Favorite Theme every time I booted, for about 3 months, magic happened and it stuck. I have NO clue why.

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I couldn't make up my mind which anti-virus software is a better solution? I want to see your preferred choices... Currently using Norton, but Housecall seemed to detect a trojan on my computer which Norton can't detect?


A:Your preferred Anti-Virus Software?

I use whichever has a free online scan when I feel like checking...
Last time it was Trend's, before that McAfee's...

I used to subscribe to McAfee, but stopped after I realized I mostly turned if off after starting my machine...

So now I'm AV free, until I think I've gotten something contagious, and thus save system resources...

Note: I'm not saying this is a very safe option though...

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New to W10. I've got myself all tied up in knots trying to decide upon a new browser, homepage & email. Have used Yahoo for decades on other OS' but with the hack of Yahoo email and Yahoo's pending sale I think it might be the right time to change. Your input is much wanted and appreciated.

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Hi. I have a HP desktop computer with a HP CDDVDW TS-H653R 0E00 DVD drive. I have been having some issue writing to discs. Does anyone have any recommendations on what is the preferred brand of blamk DVD to use with the HP CDDVDW TS-H653R 0E00 DVD drive. Thanks, Darren

A:What is preferred brand of media for HP DVD drive

@Speediedee Verbatim is a top quality DVD media and has been recommended in the past by software manufacturers.  NOTE: It's not uncommon for CD/DVD drives to fail.  Run some diagnostics and see if your hardware is reliable.

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hello everyone! I recently installed Windows XP Pro. Upon installation completion, I was immediately notified no ATI controller was installed. This, I believe, has led to no ethernet controller among a few other things that are installed but not recognized by my machine. I also have no ip address, subnet mask, preferred or alternate dns addresses. While I have tried many things from different resources, I still can't seem to make any progress. Any help and/or advice ia welcomed and greatly appreciated. Thank you.

A:No IP address, subnet,preferred/alternate dns

Post the make/model of the PC. If this is a custom build then post the specs.


After installing Windows you will need to install the Drivers.

You may have a disc that contains the Drivers or you can download them from

the manufacturers website.

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Hey everyone,

I have a computer that I would like to constantly be showing a slideshow of jpeg images in a loop, at a set time of about 7 seconds between pictures.

I usually prefer not to install secondary apps and programs, and stick with what comes with windows, so I was using the photos app to accomplish the slideshow. However, I cannot change the time to anything other than the 5 second default it is set to. If there are any suggestions on this matter, it would be most helpful.

In addition, I noticed that after a bit, the slideshow would suddenly stop. I changed the power settings to keep the hard drive on, and avoid sleep and screen blank, but is there anything else I should change to avoid a stalled slideshow? I have yet to check if my solution worked, but I'll post back soon enough.


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This is on a windows xp laptop with built in wireless.

Every time I go to set up a preferred network profile, it sets up fine, but when I click ok in the network properties box, the preferred network profile disappears.

Any help on this? I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the wireless network device. It uninstalls and reinstalls just fine, but I can't seem to set up a preferred network profile.

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My problem is with the IPv4 properties; I get connection when DNS is set to 'obtain automatically' but a few minutes after setting this, it changes to a preferred server called, the reroute to nowhere! Now i have to go back there every few minutes and change this setting if I want to connect.

Google was useless, I ran anti-malware, rebooted and reset all connections to both WiFi and Ethernet connection to the modem, tried all the command prompt tricks and nothing works.
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2500K CPU @ 3.30GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 8169 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 122001 MB, Free - 7608 MB; E: Total - 99 MB, Free - 61 MB; F: Total - 953766 MB, Free - 53872 MB;
Motherboard: MSI, Z68A-GD65 (MS-7681)
Antivirus: AVG AntiVirus Free Edition 2014, Updated and Enabled

A:Preferred Dns Server Sets To Automatically

do you have any other firewall/security suites on the PC like zonealarm
any trialware

I have seen this happen in emails because of a security suite

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