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Faxes sent to a central mailbox?

Q: Faxes sent to a central mailbox?

Hi Tech Guys and Gals,

My friends company is using Microsoft Fax to send and receive faxes. They have just implemented MS Exchange and would like to get faxes sent to a central mailbox and be able to send through exchange. Does anyone know this process or know of a good guide on how to do this?

Google is not giving me much love on this one, unless I pay for a 3rd party application.

Thanks for any advice!

Preferred Solution: Faxes sent to a central mailbox?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Faxes sent to a central mailbox?

We us GFI FaxMaker they have a web site. It integrates well with exchange. I think its about $1500 but very robust. We used Brooktrout cards to hook up phone lines to servers they were around $3000 I'm sure there are other solutions but we were looking for the best.

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Hello everyibe,
We have a hydride infrastructure, with E2016 onpremise and O365 (Exchange, teams...). On both sites we have the same users and separate created mailboxes.
We are migrating mailboxes from Ex2016 to O365 in phases to remove E2016.
Users on both sites have the same mailbox name. Example: E2016 [email protected] and O365 mailbox [email protected]
When we migrate a user's mailbox to O365 and from ExchangeOnline we send an email to a non-migrated user, the email reaches the existing mailbox in O365, not the onpremise mailbox.
An alias has been created for non-migrated users in O365, marking themselves as main and we have tried to delete the default email address given by the username. But even if the latter is deleted, the deleted email address always appears, so the email always
reaches O365 and not E2016.

Is there any way that when a user with a migrated O365 mailbox sends an email to a user with a mailbox in E2016 onpremise, the email does not go to the O365 mailbox and to the onpremise mailbox?
What would be the solution to keep the default username (for teams solutions, etc) and to be able to modify the email in O365?
Thank you

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I have a PCISOFTV92 modem and when i try to send a fax from my PC it always returns "Line Busy" I have tried to manually dial the number from the phone and it always answers, can anyone suggest a fix?

A:Send faxes from PC

Look at this:

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Under Printer and Faxes I accidentally deleted the Fax. Can anyone tell me how to get it back. Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit

A:Printers and Faxes

If you have system restore turned on, you could just go to the latest restore point from before you did this and restore it. To run system restore, assuming it was activated, Start, search type "system restore" hit enter, and choose an appropriate restore point and hit OK and let it do its thing. Otherwise:

If this is regarding the native windows fax service, you could try the following:

Start, search, type "windows features" and hit enter. Then in the list that appears look for "print and document services" and expand that folder and put a check mark in "Window fax and scan." Hit Ok and hopefully it will be back. Might require a reboot.

If that doesn't do it, you could try repairing system files by running the system file checker. To do that open an administrative command prompt, type "sfc /scannow" with the space and w/o the quotes and hit enter and let it complete. And then if it fixes anything, try repeating the first procedure.

If that doesn't do it, a repair install may be necessary. It takes a while to complete but it leaves your files, apps, data and most settings in place.

If it is an external fax machine you are talking about, just unplug it and plug it back in and windows should automatically find the driver and install it.

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I want to move my sent faxes from the WIN XP fax console to the WIN 7 sent fax folder. I know the locations but having copied all the tif files they do not show up when I open WIN 7 Fax and Scan as items in the sent folder. Only new faxes that I send directly from WIN 7 show up. Is there a solution to this or some conversion I need to do?

A:Faxes - Transfer from XP to WIN 7

Any help appreciated with this one.

Thank you

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I have a separate line for DSL/Internet. My fax machine is also connected to this line, and I just added a fax modem to the same line so I can send faxes directly from my computer. Do I need to unplug the fax machine or can they work together? I'd like to keep receiving on my machine, and send through the computer, but do I have to choose one or the other?

I've tried sending a fax using the Fax Console and also from MS Word; all the little confirmation popups say the fax went through and show the correct number, but the fax ends up printing out on my machine and the intended recipient only gets a "communication error" page.

I've uninstalled the modem and started over. I feel like I just may have something connected wrong......

Any ideas ? (Not too technical, please.)

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I've posted this here in the hope that someone with tech knowledge of XP can help....We've sent a few faxes from the pc before we changed to adsl and it was no problem. When we changed to adsl, it meant unplugging the adsl model from the phone socket etc to get a fax sent. Now today I want to send a fax and there is no dial tone. The old modem is still plugged in, I've tried unplugging the adsl splitter plug, just had the old modem and phone line plugged in and nothing. Apparently our modem is connected to COM 3 but when checking the device manager, COM 3 isn't listed. What can I do to sort it out? The error message in the fax console says no dial tone.

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At work we are wanting to send and receive faxes with our PC , we have no idea where to start or what we need.

we have Vista basic so we have no fax and scan software so we need that too (recommendations)?

we are currently connected to the internet via a broadband modem

i understand we need a fax modem? to connect to the phone line? will that connect along with our current broadband router?

we are buying a printer/scanner/copier , we also want to be able to scan and fax documents using that but im assuming the software will take care of that?

I am very computer savvy so you dont need to be too gentle Just point us in the right direction , ive done some googling but im very short on time today

any help would be VERY much appreciated

cheers ta

A:sending faxes via pc


eFax - Internet Fax to Email Services

Free Fax • Free Internet Faxing

Send a Fax for Free - Try e-Faxing with MyFax.com

Free faxing software for your PC - Impact Color Fax Lite

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I have a ricoh aficio mp c5501 pcl6 printer in my office receiving faxes for many different people. We use windows 7. Is there a way to route an incoming fax to a computer folder and have it print like we do now?

I downloaded the manual from ricoh, is there a little more understandable manual on the web?

Thank You


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Hi, and apologies if this has been answered elsewhere (I have looked, but couldn't see anything - it's probably too basic!).

I need to send a fax, and receive a reply using the modem and fax software on my computer. I have managed to test this, and it worked the first time, but after that,all I can do is send. The replies are not coming through, but worse, when the phone rings because I am getting a normal phone call, and I answer, it rings on my computer, which then tries to receive a fax - answering the phone doesn't stop it, and there is a lot of screeching fax noises (until it gives up) which makes conversation very difficult. I have switched from receiving faxes automatically, to manually, which at least seems to stop the fax noises when I answer the phone, but I don't think receiving faxes is working (it's very difficult to try and find someone who uses faxes who can help me test this.

There seems to be a basic problem that my computer (XP? the modem?) doesn't recognize the difference between incoming fax and phone (but maybe it can't - I don't know enough to say, but in that case I don't see how faxes to computer using my normal landline number could ever work). Help please!!

I don't think it's the modem, because exactly the same thing happened when I tried to use my wife's XP Pro laptop.


A:Receiving Faxes in XP

When using modems, this is normal. This is why, when using a FAX machine (like we have at work), the phone line used is NOT a voice line. You cannot use voice & FAX over the same phone line.

If you have only one phone line, you have take your modem connection offline to use voice.

IF you use a modem for normal networking (dialup), just go offline unless you are using the network. Also (if I remember correctly from the time I used dialup and FAX software) there was an option to set NOT to automatically pickup in the FAX software setup, you had to manually set the FAX to receive.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.00GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 2 Stepping 4
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 1023 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4200, 128 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 57231 MB, Free - 26427 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTeK Computer INC., P4S266VX
Antivirus: AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2013, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

I have a Lexmark All In One Printer
model x5650 which I am using with an answering machine. Fax number is same as home number.
I am able to send, but not receive faxes, I have been able to receive faxes up to about a month or two ago.
I rarely send or receive faxes.
When I attempt to send a fax, the printer does not detect fax signal and my ans.mach comes on instead after fourth ring.
I have ans. mach set to come on after four rings, and the printer set to Pick Up after 6 rings.
Auto Answer is on in Fax Set Up.

One other thing that has changed: When someone calls me, my land phone rings first, followed by printer ringing and following message appears on right side of printer window: Incoming call.
On the left side of printer window the fax icon appears
Next the message on right side of window changes to : Santa Fe NM which is where I live, and where I am making call from my cell phone or when someone local calls me.
I even got one call the other night where the person' name and tel no.appeared in printer window aft... Read more

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So i'm working for this business and they want the faxes to come in and saved on the computer instead of always being printed. they also want these faxes to be converted to text files because it needs to be copied into a place that is text only and cannot accpet pdf's or image files. Is there any program that can make this possible or fax software that can do this? my fax software sorta sucks.

A:Faxes as text

There's likely to be an OCR solution like this one:

Fax technology is nearly dead. The real solution to this problem is email.

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I use a high speed internet service using a DSL modem(Efficient Networks Speed Stream).I would like to set up a "fax service",so I can send faxes using my computer,however most don't seem to work with DSL modems.My computer detects my modem as being a 3Com product and not Efficient Networks(I do have a 3Com NIC card installed though),a search using the Windows database does not show the make and model of the modem either.There is mention of an installation disc for the modem, however there was only one disc that came with the high speed installation kit(Access Manager).If anyone has any ideas on how to set up a fax program using this modem,I would appreciate it. Thanks

A:Faxes and DSL modems

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Hi All,

Is it possible to send a fax using Broadband?


A:Sending faxes by Broadband

only by using some internet service which will dial the fax number for you.

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I don't know if I am in the right forum for that one.I need to know if it is possible to use my account with either Skype or Yahoo messenger with voice to send faxes.I know that Net2phone does it but their rates for faxes are totally unacceptable.39.95 us dollars for a fax is highway robbery. If anyone has an idea on how to do that,please let me know.I do not have a phone modem in my pc.I use adsl for internet.
Thank you

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I use the Windows Fax Console to receive faxes, I know you can send faxes with it so how do I go about doing this?

I have a printer/scanner. Does it have to be a faxer too?

I use a Speedtouch ADSL filter and have one spare if I need to use it.

Currently I have my phone line going into the filter and my USB connection from my PC going into the filter. The filter is of course going into the socket on my wall.

I have a fax machine too. If all else fails could I just some how connect my fax machine to the filter (with the spare filter as well I guess) so everything is connected and I do not have to keep unplugging.



A:Solved: Sending Faxes

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I have a problem with a couple of my users who are trying to view faxes presented using a Zetafax form in Outlook (Office XP Pro with SP3). When they recieve a fax, it appears as a grey rectangle, as do the previews on the left of the main page. When a preview page is clicked, this error is displayed, 'Error setting page.' This only seems to affect users who have Office XP Pro service pack 3 installed.

The users this is affecting are running Windows 2000 SP4 and Windows 98.

Anyone got any ideas about this or had similar experiences?

Is it possible (or is it not a good idea to try) to uninstall SP3?

A:Zetafax faxes are greyed-out

In case anyone is interested, Equisys say they know of this bug and are working on it. Only machines running Office XP SP3 seem to be affected.

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I have a SBS 2003 that is setup to receive faxes and then it puts them into a public folder in Exchange so everyone can see them. On all the XP machines it works fine but we just added a Vista machine and they don't display correctly. We can see all the faxes in the public folder but when we open the tiff file it displays in Microsoft Picture Manager landscaped and stretched to fill the page. The page/printer settings are all set to portrait but no mater what we do it displays and prints in landscape. Anyone run into this problem?? Also I cannot fax from the Vista PC, how do I set that up to used the shared fax on the server? With XP it was simple and straightforward.

Thanks for any help.

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I have a question about receiving faxes from my fax machine while I am online.

My husband recently started his own business and receives faxes everyday. I am usually online(dial-up) when the faxes come in(and they have to wait and call back til I get offline). Is there a program I can use that will receive my faxes while I am online and then let me print them once I get off(without using the program like efax, I dont want to receive them in my email and have to use a diffrent phone #)???

We plan on getting DSL in the near future but for now I would really like to find/use something that will work til that day!!!Thanks

BTW: I am using WIN XP

A:Receiving Faxes While Online

Your problem is, that your phone line is unavailable (it's busy) while you are on-line, so the sender's fax machine simply cannot access it.

No program you run on your PC can do much about that, perhaps apart from Modem On Hold V.92 protocol modems if supported by your ISP. That would notify you of a call, and allow you to disconnect to receive the fax, but its not universally supported by all ISPs and may require you to buy a new modem. You need to discuss it with your ISP in the first instance.

Another line for the fax (or the dial-up) would help.

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I am using DSL for my internet, which is on a phone line. Using a fax software, can I send faxes via the DSL?

A:Send faxes thru DSL hookup? Can it be done?

Only if you can find an internet service that will do it for you.

DSL does not access the "dial-up" mode of the phone line that faxes use, the DSL modem is not capable of "dialling" a fax.

But you can fit a dial-up modem and use that to access the fax service in the normal manner. It should use a filtered phone connection though, unlike the DSL modem which needs an unfiltered line.

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How do I set Winfax Pro 8.03 to auto-receive faxes?

(I right-clicked the controller... then, AUTOMATIC RECEIVE. No subsequent selection appeared - dead end).

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All of a sudden I can not view my faxes. I have windows xp and I get this message :

The fax document cannot be displayed because your operating system does not have a default viewer for fax documents ( .tif files ) .

Can anyone help? Thank you.


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Toshiba Satellite L4555 running Windows 7: When sending Emails and faxes through built in app I can only send one attachment (will not send more even though I have scanned more pages)???????????????

A:sending EMails and Faxes

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I have a HP Office Jet K60 (Printer/Fax/Scanner/Copier) that still works, but I have purchased a newer one now. QUESTION: I would like to give the K60 to someone who can use it, but I have read that some machines still have the fax messages stored that have been sent so I DEFINITELY do not want share that info if that is the case with this machine. Can anyone please tell me? If this IS the case, is there any way I can delete those? (Remember I AM NOT TECH SMART!)
Thanks so much!

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I just purchased an HP all-in-one 9130 about a week ago and spent about 6 hours chatting with customer service and still can't figure out why I can receive a 4 page fax from their customer service center, but get an error 223, 244, or 283 page and then only the cover page (from many different facilities). First I want to say the the fax is wired directly to the wall (no extensions, answering machines, credit card machines, etc), which is an analog line that is needed. This 9130 all-in-one replaced my 7130 all-in-one - which I never had a problem with receiving faxes. Customer service had me turn off the error correction mode (ECM), turn on silent detect, lower the baud rate, update and flash the firmware, perform an NV reset, and reseat the telephone cord. They sent a 4 page fax and I recieved it just fine, but when I had another facility try to fax me multiple pages, I get the error page and only the cover sheet. I can fax out just fine and can recieve faxes fine from the HP customer service office, but can't get faxes from ANYONE else. Can anyone help me?

A:HP all-in-one 9130 recieving faxes

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My system was set up and running smoothly then suddenly I am receiving blank faxes. No notice of low ink... these pages are perfectly clean. Sorry to bother you with something so trivial.... but I'm stuck

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Hi, I have a Canon Multipass F80 installed and connected to my PC. The Multipass software is installed. I can print, and scan from my PC.

The problem is when I try to send a fax thru the Multipass software, the SEND button on the application is disabled. I entered all the info on the fields displayed on the SEND FAX window.

If I send a fax directly on the Multipass F80 device, it completes the task successfully.

Any hints...

A:Multipass F80 not sending faxes

I couldn't tell you what's up but would recommend you call the company -Canon - good tech support and as them what's up. Jazz

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I have a stand-alone fax machine that I would like to set up to forward any faxes to my email. I have an Efax account that I can then get rid of if there is any available software to handle this. Please let me know if there is a way of hooking up my fax machine in this way. Thank you!

A:Would Like to Receive Faxes in Email

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hi,client is win7 64 bit, server is sbs2003 R2.problem is the same as in a previously arhived posthttp://www.vistax64.com/sbs-server/276195-fax-not-showing-inbox-windows-7-fax-scan-client.htmllooked at the reg entry on the server and that looks finechecked the same reg entry on a client (win vista) that's working and that compares exactly to the same reg entry on the non working win 7 client.at a loss now.any help appreciated.cheers

A:faxes not showing in inbox

Hello, is it possibly the user account that is affected, can you try another account and see if that one will work ?

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I know how to send but do not know how to receive faxes as emails or within my Windows 10 fax program.
I need to receive fax as well as send fax.

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I am in a world of hurt. I need to provide an 804 prefix that is within my control so the can send me a fax. Any suggestion? Thanks Joe  

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I need to send the same fax to different fax numbers. How can I set up my fax machine to do it?  It is a HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M177. Thanks in advance,

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My computer crashed. Acronis ATI 2014 backup program failed to restore my system. I ended up reinstalling Windows 8. I am able to mount the backup. In the mounted backup I copied the MSFax Inbox files to my new Windows MSFax Inbox, but when I go into the 'Windows Fax and Scan' program, the faxes don't show. What am I doing wrong?

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I have a ricoh aficio mp c5501 pcl6 printer in my office receiving faxes for many different people. How do i route the faxes to each person's scanbox?

Thank you


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I have a lexmark 1250 printer with the all in one program. I can scan and print, but I can't fax. I once I "Send" the fax, the printer just prints out what I'm sending. Which is pointless when I scanned the doc. because then I have doubles. I have the new drivers for the Vista, but it didn't resolve this problem. If you have the answer, please tell me....I'm losing my hair with this one

A:Can't send faxes with Lexmark 1250 All-in-one

I can't find anything that indicates that model is capable of faxing. How are you connecting it to your phone line?

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In Microsoft Exchange...

When I print faxes and/or emails they print out in the same format. What I would like is to find a way to print faxes so they look like a normal fax, the same way the recipient sees it when it comes out of his fax machine. Is this possible??

A:Printing faxes from Windows Messaging

From your inbox,
Highlight the fax that you want to print, DON'T open it.
Just highlight it and go to the tool bar, go to file and
select print.
By the way if you would do me a favor and tell me what program opens your incoming faxes, is it opened as a kodak image?

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Am using Windows XP. Since switching from dial-up to ADSL for Internet connection I have been unable to use my analog connection for faxes (don't get dialling tone). Have checked hardware and software via Control Panel. All seems OK. Anyone else had this problem?

A:Solved: Can't send/receive faxes

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Windows 7 comes with a Fax tool. Is it as good as the legendary WinFax Pro software that Symantec sold years ago? Thanks for your feedback.

A:Sending&Receiving Faxes in Windows 7

it works fine, but beyond that I can't say because I never used WinFax Pro

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I've just installed Faxing for Win XP and I have a few questions:

Is the Fax number the same as the line I'm sending them using?

How does the PC know that a fax is ringing through and not a phone call? I wouldn't want friends/family ringing yp and getting computer noises.

Do you need the fan console up or does it just print automatically on my assigned printer?


A:Sending/Recieving Faxes with Windows XP

Some good information on configuring the Microsoft Fax service which comes with XP can be found on this Microsoft page.

If you're using some other faxing software, have you read the help files to see if they contain the answers to your questions?

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I was at a friends last night and he has an HP-6100 All In One. He was having problems with it doing about everything. I uninstalled all the drivers and then re-installed everything withOUT the machine being plugged in. Every function came back EXCEPT printing incoming faxes. Copying works fine, Printing worked fine, Scanning worked fine, outgoing faxes worked fine. I tried printing a report showing all the settings but it came out blank also. It seems that the machine is having problems printing from memory. I would think the incoming faxes would go to memory and then be printed, and printing a report would be from memory also.

Any suggestions for this? I did a return to factory settings too. It acts like it is printing, paper moves, ink ctg. carriage moves back and forth but no ink is actually sprayed on the paper.

OS is XP by the way.


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I currently subscribe to efax (this was formerly a free service) my above bill is now $75.00 per month
I would like to know how simple the software like WinFax Pro is to take received faxes and turn them into an email
I currently receive the efaxes as an email and turn them around to employees automatically using message rules in OE
Can anyone give me some insight?
I know that WinFax Pro does not suggest using OE but Outlook do you know why and also are their other email programs that it would not work with
Also is there a memory/disk space issue
I would like to make the one time purchase and stop the excess charges

ALSO looking for suggestions/comments about fax software


A:Send faxes as email via Winfax and others

Win Fax Lite - The original free freeware winfax lite Delrina product which later was bought up by the giant Symantec.
Features: Send, outbox, send log, recieve log, attatch, cover pages, phone book, remove, modify,
view faxes, you can even schedule faxes to be sent at a time that suits you.



eFax - This free fax software allows you to create, annotate, and send faxes and email messages
in addition to viewing faxes and listening to voicemail messages.
Download OS: Windows 95/98/NT/2000 Size: 2.87Mb

FaxMail - This free fax program that makes it easy to turn your fax/phone number into a special
form and using that as an e-mail address. Usage charges are whatever you usually pay to send
Download OS: Windows 95/98

FAXLink - This fax software supports HTTP and SMTP protocols and Outlook's address book.
Hardware is not needed. The only thing you must do is open an account and that's free.
Download OS: Windows 95/98/NT Size: 1.3Mb

FaxLauncher - You can now generate faxes directly from your applications and send them anywhere
in the world without making a long distance call! The key to it all is some freeware called
Download OS: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000, Mac Size: 1.46Mb


Also 1 of these may help .
... Read more

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On a computer I have running Server 2003 the printers and faxes window wont open. It was opening fine earlier. If any one knows how I can fix this with out rebooting it I would appreciate the help. thanks.

A:Printers and Faxes wont open

Nope. I would only suggest rebooting as the ports are probably no longer initialized. You may also want to check your server logs.

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I can see the option of sending emails but not a fax. How does one send a fax from within an Office 2010 program--Word especially.
I have an All-in-one printer/scanner, so I am referring to doing so with it preferably.
Thank you

A:how to send faxes within office 2010

Look under the print menu. Looks like you can set your FAX up as a printer so that printing to it sends a FAX.

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Is there an easy and cheap way to send faxes with a computer with a cable modem???? There is a program on my computer called Phone Tools that is suppose to be able to send and recieve faxes but it doesn't seem to be working.

A:Sending Faxes With Cable Modem

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Windows 7 fax & scan installed properly and faxes were received for 3 months. I no longer can receive faxes. Updated the driver, turned the program off & on in windows features, & numerous reboots did NOT fix the problem.

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I can not get into my printer and faxes from control panel. It says it isnt responding. I have a brother HL-4040CDN laser printer hooked up too it and can not get it to print. This is a network printer. My wife cannot print from her laptop either. It all happened all of a sudden. I've tried to print in word on both computers and it says: printer has not yet responded but you can continue. Then word feezes up and stops responding. I am very confused on this issues and would greatly appreciate any help resolving this issue.


A:Printer and Faxes in Control Panel won't open!


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