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My HP laptop i.e HP PAVILION G6 is doing a sound from the to...

Q: My HP laptop i.e HP PAVILION G6 is doing a sound from the to...

My HP laptop i.e HP PAVILION G6 is doing a sound from the top right corner near the hinge on opening the screen.on opening the screen, the right corner (over charging port ) body is getting separated with the base plastic.what should i do and what led my laptop to this problem?

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Preferred Solution: My HP laptop i.e HP PAVILION G6 is doing a sound from the to...

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I have tried everything to fix my sound on my laptop. It stopped working last year and have not had time to troubleshoot til now. Here is my system info and what I have done so far:

HP Pavilion zx5040us
Mobile P4 2.80ghz
768MB Ram
Win XP SP2
Soundmax Integrated Digital Audio

I have done the following:
Updated Bios version
Updated Soundmax drivers (uninstalled, reinstalled)
Replaced the onboard speakers
Replaced the Upper Logic Audio Board

When the sound first started to go last year, I was able to hook up external speakers to the audio out line on the audio board and the sound worked intermittently. Now, I have no sound from speakers (onboard or external) or headphones. Device manager says the audio is working fine. All indicators on the system say the audio is working but i hear nothing. I did go to HP's online diagnostic tools' HP Instant Support Pro Edition. They did a diagnostic test on hardware components and came up with this error:

Test Failed. The system appears to have a problem in the sound output. (Audio diagnostic (SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio) (Code=4629).

I don't know what the code means.

This is my question, though, I can't seem to find the actual soundcard on the laptop. Is it a motherboard chip integrated into the motherboard and is it fixable or do I need a new motherboard? Please help. Any more info you need about my system, let me know. Thanks,

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I have a hp pavilion laptop running vista. I do not have any sound. I have the speaker icon on my laptop and it is orange. this means that the sound is turned off. when the sound is turned on, the light is white. when you tap on the light it is suppose to change but it is not changing. I have tried several things in the control anel and I cannot get it to play sound.

can some body help me correct this?

thanks in advance

A:Solved: no sound on HP pavilion laptop

Try updating your sound card...

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Sound problems decreased while playing songs even in full sound

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ok guys my computers motherboard and hard drive had to be replaced and so i was pretty much starting from scratch. Had everything installed by a 'techie' and so everything was fine. I found out my sound drivers were out of date and so i updated them.

Yesterday my sound players ie. Itunes, Windows Media Player suddenly stopped playing sound, games etc ie. World of Warcraft and website such as youtube still play sound though. When i try playing sound in WMP i get the error that my sound device isn't working, but my hardware manager says it is and WoW and websites say otherwise.

Any ideas?

A:Broken Sound System on HP Pavilion Laptop


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I was using my laptop last night watching a live stream online I went to bed, woke up and packed my stuff up to leave campus, by the time I got home, around an hour or so, I start my laptop up and my audio is no longer working. when i clic on the sound icon at right siude of the task bar, it shows it isnt muted, and the green bar showing how much sound the audio should be keeps going up, but no sound. NOTHING is muted at all, i tried doing control panel trouble dhooting for playback devices and it didnt find anything wrong. I've looked at multiple posts about this. was there some OS update that caused my driver to be outdated? any help would be GREATLY appreciated! Thank you, my laptop information is below. I'd also like to say that I have yet to have anything wrong with my laptop until this. Product name: HP Pavilion m7 Notebook PCProduct number: B4T70UA#ABAWindows 7 Home Premium 64-bit Service Pack 1

A:I have an HP Pavilion Laptop and my sound isnt working now

No help in about 4 hours? well crud...

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Hi. I have an HP Pavilion laptop about 18 months old running Windows 10.
The screen failed to work so I took it to a local repair shop and they said that the graphics chip had failed but they may be able to recover it if they 're-flow' the chip. They did warn that this may cause other issues if not successful.
I had them do the re-flow which cured the graphics fault but as a result the sound chip on the mother board blew and it would mean a new motherboard etc. to resolve.
I now have a laptop which works perfectly except for no sound. A quick diagnostic says there is no sound system connected even though everything is plugged in. Guess this is due to the blown chip.
Plugging in headphones or external speakers doesn't work.
My question is...anybody know a way around this so that I can get audio output? Can I add a separate or external sound system?
Any advice would be appreciated.

A:HP Pavilion Laptop - Sound failed during graphics reflow

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I'm having problems with the sound with Skype only - all other software requiring sound work fine.  I cannot hear my correspondant.  My skype settings seem to be okay and I don't get any error message. I operate Window 7 x64.  I have a HP Pavilion G7 laptop. Any help?

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A:Sound problem with Skype only - HP Pavilion Laptop Windows ...

Hi, Sorry you're having problems. For Windows 7, try this:Log in to Skype. Click Tools near the top of the window, and select Options from the drop-down. Click Audio settings in the left pane. Under Speakers, you can:Use the Volume slider to adjust the volume.Click the down arrow in the drop-down to select the proper speakers.Test the speakers by clicking the little green arrow next to the Speakers drop-down.Click the Make a free test call link to make a test call.It may be a good idea to plug in a headset as a test to see if that works. You don't need a headset with a microphone; just use whatever headset you use to listen to your music on your iPod. The nice thing about using stereo headphones is that you can still speak through your computer's integrated microphone, but only you will hear your correspondent's responses, and there won't be as much feedback. Skype has a handy support document that might help you: I can't hear my friend... (Windows desktop) . And now for the awkward question: Is it possible that your friend has accidentally muted his/her microphone? Or is this happening with all of your calls?

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I have a 15 month-old HP Pavilion I bought for my mother but she isn't interested. It's been rarely used, the last time was when I upgraded to WIN-10 in June 2016.  Upon start, I am successful in logging in using the keyboard.But after that, the keyboard only makes a tapping sound.  I must open the Touch Keypad screen to type in anything. What's up? -db2262

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I already tried contacting technical support, but I didn't get much help there, so maybe someone here can help. I have a brand new HP Pavilion g7-2270us laptop, and it makes an annoying click sound inside of it.  On average, I would say it makes this sound every 20 -30 seconds, but some times it does it more often or more spaced out.  It's just one click at a time, but it's irritating nonetheless.  I can't tell where it's coming from (sounds like the left side possibly), but I know it's not coming from the speakers and it's not from the disc drive (that makes a different sound). This is the second laptop of this model that I've had because the first one made this same noise.  I thought that returning it and getting a replacement would solve the problem, but this laptop is doing the same thing. Any ideas what this could be and what I could do to fix it?  Or is this a normal sound that I just need to get used to?

A:Brand new Pavilion g7 laptop making annoying click sound

So can anyone help me or not?  I am already disappointed that when I contacted HP's "Technical Assistance", it was basically useless and was no help at all.  This is my first experience using HP, and after 2 HP laptops in a row making this noise and not getting any help to help me figure out what this noise is or how to stop it, I'm about ready to send this laptop back too and try another brand.

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For some reason my HP Pavilion p6755a Sound stop working. I am currently running Windows 10.  When I click the Sound from Hardware and Sound page, it is telling me that AMD HDMI Output Not plugged in. Can anyone help me resolving these issue. RegardsAlex

A:No sound on my HP Pavilion p6755a. Error in Sound AMD HDMI O...

Hi there @Alex1965,Welcome to the HP Support Forums! It is a great place to find the help you need, from other users, HP experts, and other support personnel. I understand you are having an issue with the sound. I will be glad to help you. Here are some documents to help with sound.No Sound from Speakers (Windows 10, 8)Troubleshooting HDMI Display and Sound Issues Please keep me informed of how things went. If you require further assistance, let me know and I will gladly do all I can to help you.Please let me know if this resolves the issue by marking this post as "Accept as Solution".To simply say thanks, click the Thumbs up below! Thanks.

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I would like to connect my HP Pav 23-1010t All in One Desktop to my HP Pav dm4 laptop.  For the purpose of switching between the two, using the HP Pav 23 video/monitor, keyboard and mouse to control what is on the laptop.  Will a KVM switch work?  Or some other swtich or cables?   

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My new desktop bought today has no sound at all...the speakers won't even turn on! It has no Audio Manager program? When clicking on the audio icon B&O an error message shows...this is just out of the box!!! And yes it even says in the manual to connect audio cable to "Black" output on back of PC??? It doesn't have a black audio port...green, blue, orange...never heard of a black connector...unless you have to use headphone port?

A:B&O sound???? No sound at all...on new Pavilion 550 desktop?

My 550 uses the green port for sound, or it did until it died

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I bought a computer from someone else. So, I assume they wipe the system clean.(Reformatted the system). Or whatever it called.

At one point I have no sound. So, I went to Device Manager and this was listed under "Sound, games, video controllers".
-Audio Codecs
-Legacy Audio Drivers
-Legacy Video Capture Devices
-Media Control Devices
-Video Codecs

So, as reading other forums. I download Realtek High Definition Audio Driver, and went to Hp.com site to update driver based on my computer type.

But, my sound is low. I have speaker from another computer which is Hp 533w computer. It shouldn't matter what kind of speakers I have the volume shouldn't be low.

Is it my speaker (*** IT can't be speaker because volume in my headphones is low as well***) or It must be something I download incorrect or missing something to download?

Why does it say under control panel, sound. Now, at the top of Sound configuration box it says "Realtek HD Audio Rear Output"? I don't know what this is. As I had other computers in past it never said this up there.

Please help.

Computer is Window XP Professional. HP Pavilion A1010y

A:Hp Pavilion A1010y No Sound or Low Sound

Ckick Start, Control Panel, Sounds and Aiudio devices - under Volume is the volume slider at maximum? Under Audio, click Volume and check that Wave slider is max.

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Hi, I'm intereted about getting the Pavilion Power laptop 17t. I would like to get more information about the product. What about it's color accuracy? Would you recommend it for video editing? Does it work just like a workstation? And finally, what about it's cons? Thanks!

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So my laptop isn't playing sound. I've tried to use headphones and speakers and nothing is working. This happened after i updated the BIOS firmware. Can anyone help me?

A:HP Pavilion Dv6, NO SOUND!!!!

To help us help you,please use the TSG System Info tool to let Tech's know the specs of your computer: http://static.techguy.org/download/SysInfo.exe Copy and paste the results here in your thread. You can then update your Computer Specs with this info.
Also, if its a brand name system like an Acer,Dell or HP, please post the exact model of the system.

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Still no solutions. When I hit Resolved a few days ago it was because I thought that HP had got the info and was going to resolve the problem.  Simple me.  Resolved means that HP doesn't have a problem anymore, not that the customer problem is resolved. The sound has gone on my laptop and a local computer shop has found that the audio output has a fault.Then HP says that the computer is out of warranty because the date of purchase is shown as 08/03/16, but the computer was bought in the States, so the date id August 3rd 2016. They asked a lot of questions and got the answers, but have not done anything to solve the warranty or the sound problem. Please get this sorted.

A:the sound has gone on my pavilion

Here at the Forum we have no direct access to warranty resources and can't honor a claim or put the warranty in force.  I am confused about the date of purchase. Isn't 08/03/16 August 3, 2016 in the U.S. and March 8, 2016 in Europe? So HP is reading it as a European date?  We are happy to assist with self-help ideas but cannot fix your laptop under warranty. That you have to resolve through Warranty Support channels. 

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First, I am a novice user. I have a Hp Pavilion 9680C desktop (Win98SE).

The speakers are not working-in fact there is no sound at all coming from the computer (with or without speakers). The computer came with Polk audio speakers that mount on the side of the monitor. At first I thought they were not working but I removed them and plugged in a set of CREATIVE speakers but still no sound.

Any idea what the problem could be?

I checked for a conflict in the Device Manager and from everything I can tell there should be sound.

A:HP Pavilion -help- no sound

Try installing this updated for the Sound/modem combo card from HP: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/...ng=en&lc=en&cc=us&dlc=en&softwareitem=pv492en

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Hi i am a newbie so hello everyone i hope you can help. I have no sound on my hp laptop i have checked the other no sound threads but when i tried to do the fix by going to the control panel/hardware and sound/sound it seems i have no devices. what can i do? help!!!!!!

A:Hp pavilion dv6 no sound

Look at the sticker on the case and advise what the product number is so we can determine the exact model number of your HP dv6 laptop.


Go into Control Panel - Device Manager, then click the + in Sound Video And Game Controllers, then advise what's listed in that heading.

If there's an Other Devices heading, advise what's listed there too.

Are there any entries with a question mark(?) or an exclamation mark(!) next to them?


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I have a HP Pavilion 500-314 that I purchased about a 3 weeks ago. Then suddenly around 1-2am this morning the sound goes out. I tried downloading audio drivers for my computer and re-installed them with no success. I did some googling and it appears a lot of people are having this issue. I came across a post in the forums for laptops talking about it is a windows update that is the cause of this. Problem is, the update that they are listing and saying to uninstall is an update that I never got. So then I checked all the cables going to the desktop speakers and my headphones and they all work. I tried rebooting several times, restarting the windows audio service, and even tried to do a system restore. Nothing seems to be working. I never wanted to switch to windows 8 because all I have been having is problems. But Microsoft knows best right? Just push crap on people that they don't even want and make it difficult for people to get a working OS. I am out of ideas to get the computer working the way it was. I have an online class I have to take to get a certification for my job that ran me $1,550 for. I need my sound back. Any help will be appreciated. 

A:HP Pavilion 500-314 no sound, tried everything...

Hi gottea, Please review the search results for your PC here. There are four chioces. I am linking you to the US model which may be incorrect. Here is an HP troubleshooting document. It may provide some additional tips for solving this problem. Have you tried installing IDT audio using HP's Recovery Manager? As you have done a factory restore this may not help. One thought would be if you are using an HDMI connection to your monitor. Windows may be setting the default audio to HDMI instead of IDT audio. You may have a hardware problem. This is a possibility based on the age of your PC (brand new!) and doing a factory recovery failed to correct the problem. Contact HP Support if the troubleshooting advice per the above document fails. Jaco ****I am not an HP employee**** Please give a" Kudos, Thumbs Up" if advice received is relevant or" Accept as Solution" to assist other forum users having a similar problem. HP Products:810-150se Desktop17t-j000 NotebookH8 1380t CTO Desktop560z Desktop    

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Hi,I used IoBit Driver Installer to update my drivers and now my sound doesn't work. I checked other forums and tried:- soft & hard reboot- tried both Chrome and Firefox- both manually and used HP support to uninstall and reinstall the IDT driver - checked speakers in volume control was on default - undo the update but a warning sign saying a firewall or antivirus is blocking it. Tried to turn it off and didn't help After the 1st Hard Reboot it worked. I put it to sleep that night and then the next day it stopped again and hasn't worked since. None of the other solutions have worked. Can someone help please?  Thanks

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No error messages no symbols or anything. I tried a different set of speakers but nothing. It worked perfectly yeasterday?

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When I attempt to play audio from any source, the sound is distorted and is accompanied by a tin-like sound. Any thougts?

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Help the community help you: provide details such as error messages, recent changes or software installations, and steps to recreate.

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Please Help Me, I have had this issue for a day and have contacted Microsoft But they couldnt fix it,It sais That The Audio service is not running Please Help Thank You

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I have an HP pavilion zt100 laptop, Windows XP Professional SP2 (legit), about 4 years old, and the sound only works intermittently. Sometimes, I turn it on and the sound just doesn't work, everything seems to be fine, but no sound is coming out. I can play an audio file (I just use Windows Media Player) and adjust the volume, but nothing is coming out. The weird thing is that if I click the mute button, there's a little blip of sound, or sometimes it will play for a few seconds before the mute kicks in. Before, I would just restart the computer once or twice until the sound came back, but today I've restarted it like 15 times and still have nothing.

A:HP Pavilion zt100, no sound

check in device manager go Windows Logo key + Pause Break key>>Hardware tab>>Device Manager button......check to see if there are any yellow warnings and click in the sound device to see if it's working properly

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I Have no sound, it was working then one day i just stopped any help?

A:H.P. Pavilion PC a6157c NO SOUND?

Hello Nicbee's

Welcome to TSF

Is it all the sound on your PC or just when you play a video or music? If so what type of file will not play with sound? i.e .WMA, MP3 etc

Also have a look at a similar issue posted Here:



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PC InfoOS: Windows 8Product name: HP Pavilion g6 Notebook PCProduct number: C6S45EA#ABUAudio Driver: IDT High Definition Audio CODEC 6.10.6365.0------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Okay so here's the deal: I've had my laptop for over a year now and I've had no problems whatsoever (except when I upgraded to Windows 8.1 - it was terrible so I rebooted it back to Windows 8). So, since about last week, I noticed the sound going at times. I do be on YouTube looking up some videos and they play but without any sound. I thought this was just a glitch so I thought "maybe if I turn it off and on again" (great words from The IT Crowd), it should work again. It did, but only for a short time. A day later this happened again so I do the same thing again and again, turning it off and on, day after day. It was really annoying to open up my laptop and restarting it. This goes on until about 2 days ago; I went onto the forums in search for an answer. I went to these forums for a solution: Pavilion g6 Sound Does Not Work SuddenlyNO SOUND FROM MY HP PAVILION G6 NOTEBOOK PCi have a problem with my pavilion g6 soundI've tried everything that was suggested in these forums. I tried uninstalling/reinstalling the drivers, troubleshooting the audio devices (shows no errors) and using the administrator tools to put audio services right. These worked for like an hour or so, but it kept going ... Read more

A:HP Pavilion g6: Sound not working

Hi Dean, Welcome to the HP Support Forums, I hope you enjoy your experience! To help you get the most out of the HP Forums I would like to direct your attention to the HP Forums Guide First Time Here? Learn How to Post and More. I saw your post regarding the problem with the audio you having. You have been quite thorough in your troubleshooting and there is very little left to try. You can try using the System File Checker tool to see if detects any problems with the operating system that could be causing a problem. Pretty much the only other option would be to use a Restore Point to go back to when the audio was working. If you don't have a restore point or don't want to go back then I recommend calling HP. You can reach HP Total Care at 1-800-474-6836 in North America or start here if you live outside of North America. Thank you,

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Hello i am using My HP pavilion DV6 having sound problem when ever i update my drivers it solved for a week or two. Need help. 


A:My HP pavilion DV6 having sound problem

Hi, What is your dv6 ? Please use the following instructions to find out the model/product of your machine:  http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c00033108Regards.

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Any headphones I plug in to either of the two ports, the right headphone doesnt work.
i tried with different headphones none of them work ( new or old ones.)
when i try plug the headphones on others pc and laptop,both right and left side is working fine
external speakers work well.
sound balance settings is at 100 and when i press test button i hear from two headphones.
But the problem is, the left headphone is the only one I can hear out of when fully plugged in(when playing audio or video)

maybe there is some sound setting problems,
or any updates that caused this problem,
i set it to default but still i got the same problem,
there is no sign that i missing my sound driver in my device manger.

I'm running a 32 bit Win 7

Can anyone tell me what I should do to fix this problem?
(The odd thing is it was just fine with one of my headphones a few minutes ago but now nothing!!!
its not working again.
i'm desperate.)

A:No sound from right headphone-hp pavilion dv6


I have had this happen to me. I know of no software settings that can configure sound to come out of only the right or left side of a headphone, unless you are testing it for sound. Have you tried plugging in regular speakers? My guess is it would have the same result as the headphones. For me, the cause of this was the jack itself. You might have a rear and forward headphone port (green), so try them both to see if one or the other is working/not working. What I mean to say is, perhaps the jack itself is broken.

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I have problems with the driver on my laptop. The Sound Card is not recognized and I have no sound at all. I would like to know if there is any solution to this problem.

A:HP Pavilion dv5000 NO SOUND

I have finally downloaded Win 7 32 bit and eveything now works fine. You have to download the driver fromo hp.com though but thats no problem. It works great and I like the system Im looking forward to it actually. Thanks to everyone for their interest.

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I am doing up an old computer for someone who has little money to spend. I collect old computers and make them into Linux OS. Depending what they are and how old will depend which linux I install. But the computer I am trying to get together is a sod on the sound front. I ripped out a phillips TV card which had several cables attached to a sound bank with different ports at the front of the comp. Which left me with a sound system on the motherboard. I attached an old pair of speakers, which I have had for years. Still working and its fine for this setup. I attached the speakers to the green out let and no sound. This motherboard has 6 colours orange (c/sub), grey (side), black (rear) and green for the sound and of course pink and blue (in). I searched around my large box of tricks (several boxes really and my wife is screaming about the mess) and didn't find a simple sound card. I have a small pair of speakers I attach on the laptop and they had no sound either. So need a fresh idea on what to do here. I haven't any other smallish computers for this person as space is at a premium. I shall of course ask around as you never know if things crop up. So guys a simple solution please:
32bit comp with 32bit Linux mint
1GB memory
2BG graphics card Gygabyte GV-R4650C-1GI

A:Old HP Pavilion problem with sound

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Hello, I am checking out a notebook computer for a friend...

He sent to a technician because his hard drive had crashed, don't know why he didn't send it to me in the first place.

The tech replaced it and installed Windows 7 32bit, but there was no sound, no webcam and the DVD drive was not visible in the OS. I tried to install the 32bit audio vista drivers from HP's website (tried both Conexant and Realtek, and the older ones also) but it kept giving me the error: "Driver installation failed: Could not find the device for this driver"

Since the computer had 4GB of memory, I reinstalled it with Windows Vista Ultimate SP2 64bit.
The reason for Vista is because I know I had experiences in the past where these machines are sensitive when it comes to drivers, especially the audio.

But I kept getting the same error, you do not even see the devices in the device manager.
I also installed the Microsoft UAA...
I still cannot see the DVD drive (you can eject the drive manually using the hardware button)
Also the webcam is also not recognized...
I even tried a hard reset (removed battery, held the power button for 30 secs.)

Now the the last tech. who checked the machine seemed to have opened it up, for what reason I do not know because the hard disks are accessibly in the back through a small panel.

Anyone has any ideas?

Here is the system details:
HP Pavilion dv9700
Model: dv9925nr


A:No Sound on HP Pavilion dv9700

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My speakers are cracking when producing sounds I think my headset port is damaged and somehow disturbing my PC speakers to function quite perfect.please how do I fix it

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I just installed windows 10 after formating. The speakers are not ok. (distorted sound and low). It's a driver issue for sure. I tried everything but I need the right driver. Can you send me?  

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hellofirst time post so im hopeing i can get this sortedthe issue is no sound ,on the task bar i have the sound icon with a redx on it when highlighted it says no audio output devise is installed ,its been working for the last 6 months then nothing ive tried updates and alls a system reset no joyi would be greatfull for any help its has if the speakers have dissapearedthank you in advance  

A:no sound on hp pavilion x2 10-n106na

  HI neil3110 , Think that you can find solution in this post: http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Notebook-Audio/No-Audio-Output-Device-installed-and-Intel-SST-Audio-Dev... However , I will repeat procedure for you: Press Win+X key , or right click on Start button.Open device manager.Usualy , it must show ?unknown device?.Right click , choose ?manualy update driver? , second (bottom ) optionOn the second screen ,Choose second (bottom ) option , let me pickup driver from PCAgain choose bottom option , pickup the driver from the list.Choose audio controlerOn the list ? left side ? choose Intel corporation (the first one !!! )On the right side choose  Intel SST Audio Device , and instal it.You will be prompt not to do it , but do it hovewer.It should solve emediatly the issue.  All the best!!! Dindin   <<<-------*** **Click the KUDOS star on the left to say 'Thanks'** Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem.

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Hi, i have a hp pavilion 5051ea laptop....i already had some problems with the drivers for the x64 version of the beta rc1...i just installed vista ultimate x64 and many of my drivers are working fine now...but I still have problems with the audio drivers....i check the hp.com site and there are no drivers for the 64 bit edition.....
I have been reading this forum and I see many of u are havign problems with the drivers...I was wondering.. are there any general drivers for the audio card for hp laptops? is there anyway I can fix this issue without having to go back to my 32bit editon???

Thanks in advance

A:hp pavilion sound drivers

From what I can see on the HP site you laptop uses Conexant AC-Link Audio Driver x64, I found the following driver that could work.

Conexant AC97 Audio Driver for Microsoft Windows Vista (64-bit) - HP Business Support Center

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Plzzzzzz help my laptop don't have sound on speakers or headphones, plzzz help me.... The sound playing background but don't hear anything 

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Hi..I have a HP Pavilion Dv 9000 series notebook with Windows Vista (Home Premium) installed.

My laptop is working fine except for no apparent reason, the sound has stopped working - internal as well as external speakers. It shows activities when I try to play any music or go to Control Panel->Sound and click on Test; however, there is no sound.

In Control->sound -> speakers (deafult) shows conexant high definition audio working. SPDIF Interface is not selected.

Can someone kindly help me on this and explain what is wrong and what I need to do to restore sound?


A:HP Pavilion Sound Not Working (Vista)

Not sure if this link apllies to your specific model or not, worth a look.

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I would like to know is the sound card Integrated, or do they use an audio board. (Please Confirm) Thanks in advance.  MIKE


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A:Pavilion DV6 Notebook (Sound Card)

Thanks for the reply but HP has order dispatch service for my laptop.Thanks for your help.MIKE

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I bought this laptop two days ago and the sound was fine on the first day. Yesterday it was crackling when I watched youtube videos or played games. I have Windows 8.1 and all the drivers are up to date.    Thanks for the help.

A:Crackling sound on Pavilion X360

I'm having the same problem...I took laptop back to the shop and they replaced it but the second laptop is also crackling.Is there a bad batch or is this a kown error?

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Hi, My new HP Pavilion Wave speaker doesnt work. There is sound when the headphone is plugged in the desktop though. I've tried several solutions suggested like updating the drivers under Device manager but to no avail.  

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Here is my Windows 10 version information.After upgrading to latest update my laptop sound becomes very lowI've tried to update High Definition Audio Driver, also Enhancements of playback sound but couldn't worked out.Thanks in advance...

A:Windows 10 low sound on HP Pavilion g6-2006tx

Hi: See if this driver works for you...create a restore point first in case the driver doesn't work so you can do a system restore to a point before you installed the below driver. This package contains the driver that enables the IDTHigh-Definition (HD) Audio in supported notebook models that arerunning a supported operating system. File name: sp63555.exe

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Hi, I have an hp pavilion desktop, windows 7.
I constantly lose the sound, I go back to hp website update realtech sound card, all then works well for about 2-3 days then have to go through the same update again.
Any ideas what causes this.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium , Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q8200 @ 2.33GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 4095 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 220, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 594820 MB, Free - 257636 MB; D: Total - 15657 MB, Free - 2173 MB;
Motherboard: PEGATRON CORPORATION, Eureka3, 1.01, MS1C95R61501854
Antivirus: BitDefender Antivirus, Updated and Enabled

A:hp pavilion desktop losing sound

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Hello! After any updating from the hp site I do not have sound and camera in my laptop anymore. It was at 26.07.2016. I tred to find drivers but it is writing that drivers may be in developing. I don't how to fix this problem.

A:no sound in hp pavilion x2 10-n114nf and there is no drivers...

Hi @zhuanna, Welcome to HP Forums! I have read your post and wanted to help. I understand that you need the driver of audio and camera.  The HP driver website is back.Check the link http://support.hp.com/gb-en/drivers/selfservice/HP-Pavilion-10-n100-x2-Detachable-PC/8499312/model/9... If this post helps you to reach a solution, please click the "Accept as Solution" button down below in this message. If you wish to say "thanks" for my effort to help, click the "thumbs up" to give me Kudos.  Let me know if you need further assistance. Regards,   

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I have this computer:


I can NOT find the audio drivers for it. Any of you guys have an idea? The RealTek ones install, but they end up restarting the computer.

I don't feel like redoing the computer, but I will if that will help, though this is a fresh install of Windows XP Professional.

A:Sound Drivers HP Pavilion 540n

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