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Residual Outlook 2000 files after upgrade to Outlook 2003

Q: Residual Outlook 2000 files after upgrade to Outlook 2003

It is a small but annoying problem. I upgrade my Office 2000 program suite to Office 2003 professional. I selected the upgrade option on the installation CD. I first selected to upgrade the regular Office software (Words, Excel, Outlook, Access,etc). After this first installation, I noticed that I had 2 Outlook icons in my start programs: the Outlook 2000 icon and the Outlook 2003 icon. I then installed Frontpage 2003 and the Outlook 2000 Icon was replaced by an anonymous .exe program icon. When I clicked on this icon, I got a message saying that this icon only works with an installed application. So I thought it was only a residual icon and I deleted it. Where is the bug?
Well, next to my user logon on Window XP, I get a message that I have 1 unread e-mail. When I open Outlook 2003, there are no unread e-mails. I tried to import e-mails from other applications and I got an e-mail that had been received on Outlook 2000 (A welcome to Outlook 2000 Version 6 message). The problem is that this message keeps reappearing from time to time and I always get this message saying that I have 1 unread e-mail which I cannot see on Outlook 2003. I know I still have some Outlook 2000 files on my C drive but I cannot delete them because the system then tells me that the files cannot be deleted because they are used by an application.

1-How can I remove completely the Outlook 2000 Version 6 from my system (It is not listed in the Control Panel add/remove program list)?
2-If not removing the Outlook 2000 files, is there a way to make them inactive or to set Outlook 2003 such that it receives automatically all e-mails from the other unused e-mail systems? (I also have Outlook Express but I do not use it, and it does not seem to cause any problem so far)

Preferred Solution: Residual Outlook 2000 files after upgrade to Outlook 2003

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Residual Outlook 2000 files after upgrade to Outlook 2003

not a complete answer for you, but to get rid of that annoying "Unread message" at the logon screen see this to turn out via the registry: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/304148/

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I'm hoping someone with long term experience with Outlook can help me answer a question about a web scripting feature that was apparently accessible through Outlook 2000.

I have a part time job in a small bookstore, and to help a coworker fix a problem with his e-mails in a corrupted Outlook 2000 installation, I used an Office 2003 Standard disc licensed to the store to upgrade his Outlook and this quickly fixed his e-mail problem.

However, later he came to me and described a feature within Outlook 2000 that was apparently missing in the upgrade. In Outlook 2000 he was able to select under "Favorites"
a website announcing sales and events at the bookstore and by entering a password access a simple web scripting program from within Outlook that allowed him to make changes to this website.

The "Favorites" toolbar no longer appears in Outlook 2003.

Since I have never used Outlook, I only had a vague idea of what he was describing and no idea how to recommend a solution.

Is anyone familiar with this feature? Can you tell me if it still exists within Outlook 2003 and how to find it or has that function been assigned to another program entirely?

Please let me know.

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I am upgrading from Outlook 2000 to 2003 and am experiencing problems in keeping the automatic formatting of my PST files, I have not yet imported the Rules... is this the reason? What should I do to ensure that alla te formatting of the "old" PST are kept in the "new" ones?



A:Importing automatic formatting from Outlook 2000 to Outlook 2003

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Does anybody know how or if it's possible to get my contacts from Outlook 2000 on my PC to Outlook 2003 on my laptop? I can't seem to figure it out.

A:Outlook 2000 Contacts to Outlook 2003

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I need to save my MS Outlook Contacts from my PC at work (using Outlook 2003) to my PC at home (using Outlook 2000). I know how to use File> New> Outlook Data File> Outlook 97-2002 Personal Folders File (.pst)> OK to start, but that doesn't populate the new directory (or file or whatever it is) with the contacts.

How do I copy/paste, translate, whatever the contacts into that new directory?
Please reply to [email protected].

Thanks and Merry Christmas!

A:Outlook 2003 contacts to Outlook 2000

Go to you current Contacts.

Hightlight them all - Ctrl-A

Copy them to the buffer - Ctrl-C

Go to the Contacts location in the new pst file

Paste them back in again - Ctrl-V

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I know this is probably easy but I was curious what the instructions are to convert 2000 .pst to 2003 to take advantage of the available space. I have a user who is working on the 2000 limit and need to upgrade.

Thanks in advance

A:Convert Outlook 2000 pst to Outlook 2003 pst

If you, or your user, are/is now using Outlook 2003, I would assume you could just copy the 2000 .PST file over to where your 2003 Outlook is running and then import it.

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Due to some incompatability with 2003, I am thinking of installing an older version of outlook.

Will there be any problems with just installing it "on top" of office 2003?

Or should I uninstall office and then install Outlook 2000 1st, then custom install office 2003 without outlook? What about a different directory for each version? Kind of like what is required to install Access 97 and Access 200 on the same PC?


A:Can Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2000 be installed on the same pc?

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Can someone tell me how to import mail from Outlook 2000 to Outlook 2003, please?

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I have been using the beta version of Office 2007 til it expired last month and during that time exported a back up of Outlook (contacts, calendar etc) to My Docs.
Not all that fussed with the '07 Office suite, I uninstalled it and then reinstalled Office 2002 but when I try to import the pst file to this earlier version of Outlook, it tellss me that it is not compatible and to contact the Administrator (me!).

If I cannot work around this somehow I intend laying on the railway tracks quite shortly as life without my files will no longer have any meaning to me!

I guess as a last resort I can download the latest trial of 2007 Office and see if that will let me re-import the backed up pst file but what a drama!

A:Cannot import Outlook Beta 2007 pst files to Outlook 2003

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I have been wondering if there is enough difference between Outlook 2000 and Outlook 2003 to make it worth upgrading?

A:Outlook 2000 vs Outlook 2003

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Hi TechGuys,

My difficulty is in the above Outlook 2003 software. I have kept a copy of the pst files as a backup, but unfortunately overwrote the good files with the backup files dated September 2012. The current files and folder structure of my e-mails have now reverted to the September's. Any help in retrieving those files and folders would be much appreciated.

A:MS Outlook 2003: overwritten my pst files (archive.pst and Outlook.pst)

I believe they are gone to "Bit Heaven", sorry.

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I just upgraded to outlook 2007 and having trouble copying my nickname file overfrom outlook 2003. I am using the same profile name and have copied the 2003 NK2 file over and pasted it in the right place but hen I try to access the nickname function - nothing happens. The file is there and is the same size as it was before - what am I doing wrong?

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I'm running Outlook 2000 with SP3 applied:
I'm having no luck importing an outlook PST, which I created as a new data file in Outlook 2003. I created it as a 97-2000 compatible file.

when I go through the import process, it imports nothing at all... No error message, just empty folders.

This happens when I import from the local machine OR the server.

Is it possible the file is corrupt? Is there a way of checking?

I've successfully imported the 2003 version into another PC running Outlook 2003 - No problems there.. Just when trying to import the 97-2000 compatible file in to Outlook 2000

A:Outlook 2000: Problem importing a 2003 PST saved as 97 to 2000 format

try connecting to it as a datafile ( personal folders)

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I think I know that this can't be done but just in case.......

In my previous company we used Office 2003 and before I left I saved my personal emails as a pst file.

In my new company we use Office 2000 and now I find it won't read Office 2003 pst files.

This is very annoying and there are emails I need.

Obviously I will need to find somebody with 2003 but why don't Microsoft provide a solution? They know about this issue but won't solve it.

Maybe there is a way and that's why I'm asking here.

It's so tempting to use a pirate copy just to get my emails back and then dump it.

A:Outlook 2003 pst to 2000 pst

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I have been using my laptop with Outlook 2003 installed. I need to somehow import the Inbox & Sent Items messages into Outlook 2000, which I use on my usual PC.

Is this possible? I've tried it by copying the .pst file to my PC and then File => Import and Export (in Outlook 2000), but I get an error message.

One way is to forward all the 2003 messages to myself, but they'll all show up as coming from me. The other is to install Office 2003 on my PC. But I would just find it more convenient to import the messages if I can. Any ideas?

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I do apologize in advance, as I did not see a post on here concerning this although there may have been one.

I was wondering if it is possible to use Word 2000 for the default text editor with Outlook 2003. I saw that the boxes were there for Word 2003, however they were "greyed" out.


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My boss has Windows 2000 O/S. When he is in MS Outlook 2003 and tries to open an MS Word 2000 or MS Excel 2000 attachment, either word or excel start to come up but then simply disappear and he's back to his original email. I've had him turn his PC off and back on (cold boot) and this fixing the problem for a day or two but then it begins again. He can open other word documents and excel spreadsheets without any problems, only has this issue when opening email attachments? Please advise...

Very Respectfully,

A:MS Outlook 2003 and Office 2000

What happens if the attachments are dragged to the desktop and opened from there.

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Hey people!

I've got a curly issue that I need some external input with! Any ideas would be great and very much appreciated!

Has only just started happening (the last 2 weeks or so) where if OL2003 is open, PROJ2000 will appear (the window and splash) but then disappear just as quickly. HOWEVER, if PROJ is opened first, then OL, PROJ remains open and works fine. There is no issue with any other Office application.

Uninstalled and reinstalled Office 2003 x 2
Uninstalled and reinstalled Project 2000 x 2
Uninstalled EmailXtender (mail archiving addin for OL) - uninstalled this as it starts caching when OL is open.

Hardware Type: Notebook
PC Manufacturer: TOSHIBA
PC Model: TECRA M5
RAM: 1024 MB
CPU Speed: 1662 MHz
Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Professional
Service Pack: Service Pack 2
SOE Version: RIS 1.3.4

Rebuild the laptop - old SOE image.

It's just bizarre that Project runs fine when opened first, but not after Outlook has been opened. Has anyone heard of this issue before? Or come across it? Any ideas? Anything else to try??

Thanks people!

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Can't sync iPas/iPod with Outlook

I have an iPad 2 and Outlook 2003. Outlook won't sync with my iPad..

However, they will sync on another computer. Then I can clear the iPad calendar and then sync to main computer but the old calendar info syncs.

Outlook/ my computer seem to be holding on to the old calendar info in some kind of cache.

Any ideas?

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HI , I am currently using Outlook 2003 at home, and there is Outlook 2000 at work. Current system is to schedule our jobs on the Outlook 2000 at work.

However, I have to work on these jobs and would like to bring that Outlook 2000 calendar from work (maybe by saving the file into my USB flash drive at the end of each day ) to home, so I can keep record and prepare for jobs the next day.

On my Outlook 2003 a home, I have my own calendar, in which I DO NOT want to add entries of the OL2000 from work into, I want to have them as two separate calendars with no relation to each other, and I want to bring home ONLY the calendar, no emails and all other stuff so it won't mess up with my own stuff at home.

I am quite positive that there is a way to achieve this, please help.

Thank you

A:Portable Outlook calendar between 2000 / 2003 - Help Please

One possible solution:

1. On the work computer with Outlook2000, export your Calendar to a PST file.
2. Copy this to your home computer
3. On the home computer with Outlook2003, create a new data file that points to that PST file. With Outlook 2003, the new data file will show up as "Calendar in Personal Folders"

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here is the scenerio...

When I open office applications having Outlook running then I will get an error message " The Office Assistant could not be started. Repair Office 2000."

It will not pop up the error when out look is not running and I can open office applications fien and get that lilttle Office assistant popped up.

I tried repairing Office 2000 as well as Outlook from add/remove programs.

This did not help me. I have Win Xp and 2GB RAM.
Please help me out.

A:Who Is The Culprit Ms Outlook 2003 Or Ms Office 2000

Ok so yuo tried the repair install, did you attempt a re-install? I have found tht this often fixes issues that the repair install for some reason doesn't. Just an idea.

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I am running XP Professional and Office 2003. Most of my team is running Outlook 2000. When sending an invite for a meeting only one person actually gets an invite that they can accept.

The remainder receive the XML version of the request - which is "junk" to them. Unfortunately this means I send out multiple emails for each invite and have to rely on someone manually putting it in their calendar.

We tried downloading the latest patches for Outlook 2000 and that didn't seem to help.

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Does anyone know the best way to automate a silent uninstall of Outlook 2000 and install Outlook 2003? Would MST files be used in this scenario?


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I have the same problem in both applications (outlook XP/2003 beta).
I have two E-mail accounts.

1. is an exchange account (current set as default)
2. a private email account
when I send internal mails (in the office) outlook use the exchange server...as I set (that is OK!).
but when I will send an external email (for example to [email protected] )
Outlook use also the exchange server to send the email and I get an error message.
The only possibility to send external mails is for me to set the email account by hand for every
outgoing mail.

The proble doesn't exist with outlook 2000.
Outlook 2000 automatically use the second email account when it see that the mail must
be send to an extrenal account.

How can I set Outlook XP / Outlook 2003 beta to do the same as Outlook 2000?


A:(Solved) Outlook XP / Outlook 2003 beta problems...with Exchange 2003

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iam using Outlook 2003 , when iam sending or receieving mails through outlook 2003 and then iam checking on any browser (Internet Explorer etc)... i cann't find mail there... i want to keep the mails there too ...any option so that after receiving mails from outlook 2003... they will also remain over there...

A:Outlook 2003 mails vanishes from Browsers when downloading in MS Outlook 2003

On the Tools menu, click E-mail accounts.
Select View or change existing e-mail accounts, and then click Next.
Under Name, select the POP3 account you want to change, and then click Change.
Click More Settings.
Click the Advanced tab, and then under Delivery, select the Leave a copy of messages on the server check box.

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Exchanger server 2003
ms outlook 2000


Hello Everyone, we have a user who is experencing something very unusual with her mailbox account.

Apparently, when she sends email to certain people (people outside of our domain), and when the recipent tries sending back a reply message to her, she does not receieve the reply email.

I then asked her to CC me on her email, and have the replier of the email to "REPLAY ALL" when sending his/her reply back to our user, to see if at least I was receiving the reply.

As it stands, I am able to recieve the reply email, however our user (who iniated the email) does not recieve the reply (so for the time being I am forwarding these replies over to our user, which she recieves).

I have checked her mailbox options, she is below her mailbox limit (limit = 200 mb, currently at 128 mb), I have also increased her ability to send and recieve attachments up from 8 mb, to 15 mb.

Even with all of these changes she cannot recieve a reply back for her email.

I will try setting her email up with personal folders, to reduce her mailbox size, as well as deleting her email profile on her computer, and then re-creating it to see if it makes any difference.

I welcome all input/suggestions, any help/advice would be greatly appreciated on this matter, thanx again all!!

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Our office is a small LAN, and we use Microsoft Exchange Server and Outlook 98. We just got new Windows 2000 workstations (file server did not change) and when setting them up tried upgrading to Outlook 2000. We could get our calendars and email to display, but it would not allow us to open the email or add new appointments, etc. We just get a message stating there is an error opening this item. Is there a permission problem somewhere we don't know about? Or does this data somehow need to be converted to Outlook 2000 format?

If we reinstall Outlook 98, everything is OK again. ???

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I have a user here that is receiving some her emails hours late. For example, she may receive emails regularily and then all of the sudden an email will come into her inbox from a time about hour or two before her most current ones (when arranged by time and date).

She is using Windows 2000 SP4 with Outlook 2003 and the problem doesn't seem to discriminate between internal or external emails.

Another weird thing is that I checked teh Exchange Server's Message Tracking Center and it shows the times on some of her emails received differently than her Outlook does. For example, she received a message around 3:00 PM that was coded as 1:43PM in her Outlook, but in the message tracker it says that it actually did come in at 3:02 PM. But on other emails the time stamp is the same on both you local Outlook and the Exchabge Server even though she didn't receive it for hours.

Any ideas what could cause this, as I have not seen it happen on any of the other computers here running Outlook 2003?

Thanks in advance.

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When you send an e-mail or receive one from outlook, by default it looks for the person in your contacts and puts the display name up instead.

But when reading the e-mail it displays

John Doe [mailto:[email protected]]
To: Jane Doe

How do you get rid of the mailto:etc,etc ??? I would prefer a hyperlink instead of the mailto because then it reveals the person's e-mail address.

I know you could just hover over it or click on the hyperlink to find out the e-mail, but I'm just asking for the purpose of printing. I don't want my e-mail address shown in a long stream of E-mail send's and replies between a friend when I print it.

If there is a setting in Outlook to turn this off, please let me know, I fooled around with everything and I cant get it to work.

- Drew

A:PROBLEM: Microsoft Outlook 2000/2002/2003 E-Mail Display

Under "tools/options/prefrences/e-mail options/advanced e-mail options " You can select "automatic name checking" which I think will convert the mailto to a name if it is in the global address or contacts list. I don't know what that does to people you send to I would think it depends on their setting...

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Recently had two large upgrades take place.

Now emails - after using link open my documents folder! To read post in IE11 I have to open browser and relevant url.

What happened? How can I get back to where I was? Pity my period of win10 use has passed. Thank goodness I have win7 on my desktop in UK

A:Outlook 2003 - Problem after Upgrade/s

Just to make sure I understand: If there is an HTTP or HTTPS link in an email, when you click on it, File Explorer opens your Documents folder?

If that is the case, I'm not sure how an update would do that.
You might have a look at your Default App settings, to see what shows there:

Settings>System>Default Apps
Scroll down and select Choose Default Applications by Protocol

Scroll down the list on the left side, until you come to HTTP and HTTPS. On the right, your default app should be your browser (Edge, IE, Firefox, Chrome, or whatever you prefer to use).

Here's a video tutorial on setting default apps:
Solved Windows 10 instructional videos by Ten Forums members - Page 103 - Windows 10 Forums

And here's a written tutorial on it, with a bit more detail:
Default Apps - Choose in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

Hope that helps!

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Our family used Office 2003 for years until a couple of years ago I purchased Home & Student 2010 Family Pak. I installed 2010 on all our computers except my son's PC I kept 2003 on it since he's blind and needed Outlook. He uses Outlook as his email and was trained on it several years ago using JAWs (screen reading software) so that's all he's ever used.

Since Office 2003 is no longer supported I need to uninstall it and install Office 2010 so I need to find him another email program similar to Outlook. I'm not crazy about upgrading to Office 365 Home Premium but would if there were no other choices.

Is the Outlook version that comes with 365 extremely different different from 2003?

It seems to be impossible to find or the price too high to upgrade to Outlook 2010. Would Windows Live Mail or Thunderbird be closer to his Outlook 2003?

A:Upgrade or change from Outlook 2003

I can't tell you whether Outlook 2003 is very different from Outlook 2010 or Outlook 2013, as I have not used Outlook 2003.

As Windows Live Mail is free you could download a copy & try it out to see if it's suitable for your son.

If you go to Office 365 Home Premium you will get Outlook 2013. Does you Office 2010 Home & Student Family Pack have enough users to allow the additional installation on your son's computer, or have you used them all already.

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Okay, here's my issue. Like a dummy, I renamed my workgroup without exporting to a backup file for my outlook 2003 working files. Now that I am in a new environment, I cannot seem to import my old email and contact information to my new profile under the new workgroup. I tried to import, but no option; I tried to copy the old files to my new directory, but no luck. I am hoping someone out there knows a bit about outlook 2003.


A:Import outlook 2003 files w/o backup files, but have original working file

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Years ago, I did that horrible critical update that messed up my MSOutlook 2000. I had a quick look at 2007, but I really do not see any changes for the home user. Is there something that I cannot do without?

(ps Mega Happy New Year!)

A:Solved: Upgrade MS Outlook 2000 to 2007?

from what i have seen no...but i haven't really gone into the in depth stuff with differnt mail boxes.... it does have a lot beter look.. and it is the latest so if you recieve some of the new file types it may be more likely to open something... or direct it to something that can open it. also Microsoft will be giving updates still for the new version and wont for the old version anymore..

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Hi all

I am doing an upgrade from Office 2003 to 2007 but need to keep the users Outlook mail setup.

I just want to upgrade the rest of it without it getting too messy i.e; without me having to setup Outlook all over again for the user.

Any ideas the best possible way to do this cleanly.

A:Need to upgrade to Office 2007 but keep Outlook 2003

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Old pc running windows 2000 OS and outlook 2003. i copied the outlook.nk2 file from its location to another computer running windows 7 professional, and outlook 2007. The .pst files and the archives files copied to the new location working alright but the cached file, outlook.nk2 does not work.
Location on the old computer-c\documents and settings\%user%\local settings\application data\microsoft\outlook.
The location copied to on the computer running windows 7 is c\users\%user%\applcation data\local\microsoft\outlook.
Any suggestion

A:Solved: outlook.nk2 file copied from windows 2000 pc running oulook 2003 not working

I just found the solution for the problem. the outlook.nk2 location in windows 7 is in the roaming folder so the path C\users\%user%\Appdata\roaming\microsoft\outlook and it worked.

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Outlook 2000 can import .pst files witch is composed of personal folders.
Right clicking on each personal folder> advanced tab we can see the path to each .pst file.

Who, witch outlook parameter, or witch registry key informs outlook witch .pst files to loads at it's startup?

A:Outlook 2000 .pst files

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I reinstalled Office 2000 - SP3 from scratch. When I tried to import the Outlook back-up file I had updated daily, I got nothing as a result. I used the Import Facility under File and pointed to the appropriate PST file.

Every day AutoArchive would pop up and ask me to save. I answered yes.

That's very odd

A:Outlook 2000 - pst files

Hi Gswiss

Open the .pst file instead.
In Outlook 2000
File > Open > Personal Folders File (.pst)

Browse to the .pst file.

Let us know if that works for you.

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My Outlook 2003 is not allowing any new info to be added. It says Outlook.pst has reached its maximum size. Unfortunately, I cannot open the program to delete any information. The error message also suggests using "Personal Folders file", but I don't know what that is or where to find it. As of right now I cannot add appointments, send/receive email (through outlook).

A:Outlook 2003 and .pst files

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I had issues with my comp a few days ago. I was instructed to run the recovery program. After doing so, I can no longer retrieve my outlook files. Help!

A:outlook 2003 files

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I recently installed Vista on my computer. I was able to reload my Office 2000 files and found my Outlook files. However, my wife's outlook messages all disappeared. I have gone through the entire search for .pst files and can't find any of them. Is there any hope for my marriage?

A:Lost my Outlook 2000 .pst files

Did you and your wife have seperate .pst's?

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What is the best way backing up my pst files in a different device than HDD (like CD or DVD) and after that read (only) those pst' s without copy the file again.

A:Backup *.pst files from MS Outlook 2000

Hi atg72,

It's the same for any files to be backed up.

To backup onto CD or DVD you must have a CD or DVD writer. Software wise later versions of Windows have in-built writing capability but I find it's better with other s/w such as Nero which doesn't need to save to temp first and can cram more onto a CD/DVD.

Once on CD or DVD it is Read Only so you won't be able to change the data.

Just burn your .pst file but beware there are problems using it in anything other than the same version of Outlook that created it.


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can someone please help

outlook keeps blocking all *.EXE files, is there a way to stop this ?

the message says "outlook blocked access to the following potentially unsafe attachments: (then the file Name)


A:Outlook 2000 blocking files

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when by boss tried to open outlook this morning it would not open. He went to search, find, outlook and in the meantime, he got a message that said he had new mail, and outlook opened with a message about losing shortcuts etc., and did he want to continue. Well, whatever he did, he no longer has any contacts, all his appointments are gone, etc. Is there a way to undo this? I don't even understand what happened.

Thank you.

A:outlook 2000 missing files

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here's a question for y'all... i'm attaching a file in outlook 2000 sr-1 and sometimes it attaches directly into the message (wherever my cursor happens to be), and sometimes it attaches at the bottom of the message under a line/page break. i want it to attach at the bottom under the line/page break because when it attaches the other way, i find that the recipient doesn't receive the attachment. i can't for the life of me figure out how to get it to behave the way i'd like it to - it seems to be indiscriminate. it's driving me a bit mad. any suggestions?

A:attaching files in outlook 2000 sr-1

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I recently moved some messages (with attachments) from my inbox to the journal folder. I did this by opening the message and going under file --> move to folder... and selecting journal. When I do this a new jouranl entry is created with a shortcut to the email, but when I click on the shortcut an error message appears saying that the file has been moved or deleted. The message is no longer in the Inbox and as far as I can tell the file is deleted. Microsoft acknowledges there is a problem in there knowledge base but simply says not to do it. I need these files is there any way to get them back. Seems like a pretty big Bug

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I know Outlook 2003 is a little dated, but I am having issues with my work computer and desperately need help! My computer crashed big time. I have been restoring Office Small Business Edition 2003, and am running into an issue with Outlook 2003.

We used to have an exchange server, but no longer have it (so all of our email, etc., is now back on good old POP).

When I put the installation CD's in to reinstall the program everything worked fine. Now, when I try to open Outlook 2003, I keep getting this error message:

The File C:\documents and settings\our company name\desktop\backup.pst could not be found. I then click 'ok' and it takes me to an area to select another .pst file...when I click cancel (b/c I don't know what I'm doing at all!) I get a final error message saying Unable to Open your default mail folders, the file C:\documents and settings\our company name\desktop\backup.pst could not be found....and then outlook 2003 closes.

I'm no tech genius but obviously I need to recreate these .pst files to get it working again properly. I just don't know how to do any of this and don't know where to even begin.

Can anyone please help? I would be so grateful! Thank you!!!!

A:trouble with outlook 2003/.pst files - please help!!

Outlook is configured to use a PST file - C:\documents and settings\our company name\desktop\backup.pst - and that file is not there.

Do you know where the PST file is located?
Configure Outlook to use that one instead

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