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Which PC settings from your Microsoft account do you want to sync with your domain account?

Q: Which PC settings from your Microsoft account do you want to sync with your domain account?


Apologies in advance if this is not the right area. I was directed here by a Support Engineer in the

Microsoft Community forum. If this is not the right place, please let me know the best place to post this question.

The question presented on domain PCs after clicking 'Settings > Change PC Settings > Accounts > Connect to a Microsoft account' is:

Which PC settings from your Microsoft account do you want to sync with your domain account?

The options are:

Start Screen
Desktop personalization
Apps (list of apps you've installed)
Passwords (apps, websites, and networks)
App Data
Language Preferences
Ease of Access
Other Windows Settings
Web browser (open tabs, history, and favorites)

What I'm looking for is more information about all these options. For example, what is synced with a domain account when the 'App Data' or 'Other Windows Settings' boxes are checked? Those are very vague descriptions, and I'm trying to figure out
what exactly is synced when these options are selected.


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Preferred Solution: Which PC settings from your Microsoft account do you want to sync with your domain account?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Is it possible to prevent a user from being able to use "Connect to a Microsoft account" from the OneDrive Settings under File Storage?
We are deploying Windows 8.1 Enterprise in a Corporate Environment and do not want to be able to connect Domain Accounts with Microsoft accounts.
I have applied the GPO Setting 
Computer Configuration > Windows Settings > Security Options > Accounts: Block Microsoft accounts = Users cant add or log on with Microsoft accounts
However this has not disabled the option to join a Microsoft Account from the OneDrive Settings. It has disabled the option from the Accounts settings however.
Any advise appreciated


A:Prevent connecting Microsoft account to Domain account from OneDrive settings

Hello Lee Bowman,
Based on my test, I use the following steps to block the Microsoft account:
1. Open Group Policy Management Editor
2. Go to Computer Configuration > Policies > Windows Settings > Security Settings > Local Policies > Security Options> Accounts: Block Microsoft accounts.
3. In the drop-down menu, select Users can?t add or log in with Microsoft accounts
After applying the Group policy , I still can?t use the OneDrive to add Microsoft account.
When I try to add the Microsoft account, I will get the following message.

Best regards,
Fangzhou CHENFangzhou CHEN
TechNet Community Support

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I am a system administrator in a large enterprise environment and we are doing a rollout of Windows 8.1. In our image capture we somehow captured a setting that is disabling users from setting up a connected account with their domain account. I am relatively sure that it is in my unattend and I can fix it for machines going forward but I really don't want to have to reimage the machines I've already deployed.

When I go to connect an account, the "connect to a Microsoft account" option is grayed out and the "some settings are managed by your administrator" message is displayed at the top. This is NOT a group policy object that is applying. The machines are in a test OU and there is absolutely no policy applied. I have searched all through local policy and even did a search through the registry for "account" (that took forever) but have been unable to find any registry key or local policy that would be causing this issue.

Does anyone have any idea what setting might be causing this?
Any help is greatly appreciated as I have 30+ machines already out in the environment and the user experience is going to be terrible if I have to reimage them all.

A:Unable to connect microsoft account to domain account

This is a copy from a technet forums...I haven't seen this issue myself...but it may point you in the right direction.

There is a policy for this:
It's Administrative Templates\Windows Components\App Runtime > Allow Microsoft Accounts to be optional
In 2012, 2012 R2 there is an option in CompConfig\Windows Settings\Security Settings\Local Policies\Security Options that reads "Accounts: Block Microsoft accounts"
If you don't have 2012 or 2012R2 then you can RSAT from a Windows 8 box and change the settings that way

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Hi there,

I am new to Windows 10 and hope you can help me. I am trying to set up my OneDrive account to sync across two (soon to be three) PCs and am having trouble.

I have an account with OneDrive for business through my university. I installed OneDrive on my Windows 7 laptop to sync my main bulk storage files. I logged in with my university username and began the sync no problem. Now, on my Windows 10 desktop, when I try to link OneDrive with my university account, I am told that this Microsoft account does not exist. What am I doing wrong?

Also, I want to log into my computer using a local account, but sync to my university one drive account. Is it possible to do this?

Thanks for your help!

A:How to Sync OneDrive Account not Associated with Microsoft Account?

Welcome to the forum

onedrive for Business it a separate app to the Onedrive included with Windows 10

I remember reading about a similar issue during the week, hopefully this link will help
Solved One Drive login - Windows 10 Forums

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so i upgraded to windows 8.1 quite a while back,the problem i have is that once signed in with my microsoft account
apps start crashing especially 3rd party,this is resolved by switching to local account however is very tiresome when using onedrive or skype
from what i gather it is my account which syncrinises settings which are incorrect causing these bugs
is there anyway to remove synced settings from a microsoft account or just resseting it all

A:windows account sync settings and resetting

Hello bkr,

Yes, you could turn off syncing your settings for a Microsoft account, but you'll still need to manually set back what was changed by the sync though.

Sync Your Settings - Turn On or Off in Windows 8

Hope this helps,

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Hello, my Microsoft account is taking over the computer. I have two administrator accounts, both set with equal priorities, but on two different domains, one is a Microsoft Account and the other is the AD (local)domain. The problem is that when I am logged in under my AD account, whenever I do anything that requires administrator approval, the system does not accept the AD account approval, even though I am logged in with it at the time...it only accepts the Microsoft account login and password as approval for any action.

This is very inconvenient as I need both admin accounts. Is there any fix to this issue, is there any way to approve actions with the account that is logged in at the time of use, not necessarily the microsoft account?

Please help.

A:Microsoft Account over Local Domain

sounds like the AD account is not really setup as local admin
Make sure to add the AD account to the local pc

It is easier to do it from Manage Computer
Right Click Explorer and click Manage
Then Local Users and Groups
Create new user with same name and password as the AD Account
Double click the new user to open it
Click Member of tab
Select Users and remove it
Click Add, Advanced, Find Now
Double click Adminstrators and add it and ok all the way out
Shutdown, not reboot
wait 30sec and start up again and try it

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I tried to dig up some info on this online, but couldn't really find anything.

Right now I am not using a Microsoft account to login to Windows 8. But I do like the idea of being able to login with one, and have settings like my browser bookmarks and history, along with other settings synced.

My question is - does anyone know how secure the Windows 8 technology is when transferring all these settings back and forth over the internet to Microsoft servers? Is it using an SSL encrypted connection? Any information about this would be good to know.

I like the idea of being able to access some of this common info from computer to computer, but not unless there is really tight security in place.

A:Security and privacy when using Microsoft account to login and sync

For anyone else interested, I found the following:
Keeping Your Microsoft Account Secure

For more reading, see this blog from Microsoft:
Keeping your Microsoft account more secure

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I'm attempting to set up a Microsoft Business Essentials account for a client. I've done this many times before but this time I have come to a road bump.

The business name is taken. But this is at the 1st step where it is trying to set it up as [email protected] (see screenshot attached)

I need to ultimately set up [email protected]

I'm stuck and Microsoft are near impossible to get someone on the phone. Can anyone help me please?

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We have laptop computers that normally log into the AD domain, but also need to be able to allow users to log into the computer when the domain is not available  for authentication.
My issue is, I would like to harden the laptops against brute force login in the event the laptop were stolen.  Even though we have a domain-level policy that locks an account after three invalid login attempts, I am not finding a way to do that with
cached credentials when the computer is not on the domain.  The user does not have a locally defined account on the laptop, only cached domain credentials.
Limiting the number of cached logins does not address this particular situation that I have been able to find -- the computer still allows an unlimited number of incorrect guesses at the password, and once the correct password is entered, the account is
logged in.
This is Windows 7 Professional.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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I'm simplifying my home computing environment (lab's in Azure now), and so I need to migrate my 8.1 clients being domain joined to just MS accounts and a home group. I'm very familiar with the server side, but for continuity I'd like to migrate
the domain profiles of the clients to MS accounts / home groups.

I've not seen much documentation on how to move away from domain joined to work/homegroups and any gotchas involved - just the opposite direction. Can anyone suggest best practices for this?

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I am trying to look for the most clean and painless way to basically tie a user's local machine account to a newly created domain account. I found that I can change the registry setting for ProfileImagePath in order to point it to the old profile. One thing that this doesn't seem to do is to reference the outlook profile that is on their local account. Is there a way to move this profile without having to just recreate it on the new domain account? Is there an easier way of moving everything in general?


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hi. a blind it student, and using windows 10 64 bit pro 1607 on a toshiba satellite pro c-50-a and i use a screen reader jaws for windows from Freedom Scientific Home Page. and now i have a local account, no password. auto login, but when i try to then fix my microsoft account issue, i get this message. can any one help. my internet is so slow not funny, and the advice i got from microsoft disability answerdesk, which is a bit extreme, reinstall windows. so will paste the message, and cannot reset my pin, want to go from a local account to a microsoft account, can do this on the web, but not within windows 10 64 bit pro. any help. marvin from adelaide, australia. ps: pasting the settings message below. Making sure it?s you For security, an application needs to verify your identity. The dictionary attack mitigation is triggered and the provided authorization was ignored by the provider.
I forgot my PIN Link

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I just have a question. I log into my windows 8.1 using a microsoft account. if I formatted my computer and I want to restore all my apps and settings.
how can I do that please?

A:How can I restore my settings via my microsoft account?

If you format and reinstalled windows you will have to reinstall all your 3rd party apps and settings with the exception of the Windows Store apps.

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Recently, a User Account Settings Popup appears frequently. Keeps asking me to set user account passwords.  I set the notifications to a low level.  Still happens.   T-520. Windows 10. I have no problems accessing user accounts the way I always have.  Don't know why this pop up keeps appearing.   

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With Windows 8.1 Update 1, when I switch a local account to a Microsoft account or vice versa, some dialog and confirmation/verification screen are displayed.

It is possbile to save the inserted data in this dialog screens and eliminate confirmation/verification screen in order to automate these procedures?



A:Automatic switch a local account to a Microsoft account or vice versa


I installed Windows 8.1 Update 1 Enterprise 64-bit.

I created a local account and I changed the name displayed in the Start screen.

Then, by this account, I performed the procedure to switch to a Microsoft account.

I noticed that when, by this Microsoft account, I perform the procedure to switch back to the local account, the name displayed on the logon screen, it is to be returned to the original one (ie, the one of the directory of the local user profile). How come?

So, how do I make sure that, at the end of these procedures, the account name back to being what had been changed by me?



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I bought a new laptop and it arrived yesterday. It runs Windows 8.1
I tried to log into my microsoft account, but it kept coming up with the error code 0xd0000072 and said it wasn;t able to switch from my local account to my microsoft account.
After googling it, I tried different options, such as flushing out the proxy even though I don't run on proxy, I disabled McAfee to make sure it wasn't the firewall, I signed into live and removed all trusted devices, I tried downloading the troubleshooter,which
told me my problem was that I didn't have a Microsoft account - super helpful.
Nothing seems to be working.
I then went on to trying to make a new microsoft account, but the error code still came up after all that hassle too.  
I eventually called it a night and decided I could probably just get by without it, however, when I tried to download software to install my printer, it wouldn't let me because I cannot seem to log in to my Microsoft account. 
Can anyone help?

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Since I bought this computer, I've had issues. I started by creating a user with my personal email address, but then thought I wanted it for work so I deleted the Microsoft account associated with that email and created another with my work email. However, I've noticed that some of the apps aren't working correctly and needed to use my personal email again. For awhile, Microsoft accounts wouldn't allow deleted accounts from coming back but it appears it's working now.
So, now I have a Microsoft account with my personal email address but the primary user on my PC is still associated with the work Microsoft account. I can't find a way to change this and it's causing problems since that email doesn't exist anymore. Is there any way to change the Microsoft account that's associated with a single user?
The only other thing I could think of would be to create a new user, promote to admin, and swap everything over manually before completely removing the user associated with my old work email. I tried this, but when attempting to log into the new user it says "cannot login, please visit accounts.live.com to fix the issue". However, whenever I go there and log into the new users account, there's no instruction on what to do or any indication that there's something wrong.
So, I need to be able to do one of two things:
1) Switch the Microsoft account associated with the primary user on this PC or,
2) Find out how to log into the new user's account without any i... Read more

A:Windows 8 User Account/Microsoft Account Issues...

As far as the Metro Apps go, I'd try uninstalling them and then reinstalling them.

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I'm curious,

How many use a Microsoft Account to log in or use a local account?

If you use a Microsoft Account on your desktop, do you use the same Microsoft Account on your laptop?
I have upgraded my desktop but have not upgraded my laptop yet. Not sure of the pros and cons of using a Microsoft account vs local account and using the same on both a desktop and laptop.


A:Microsoft Account vs Local Account & Desktop vs Laptop

Originally Posted by jbfoster

If you use a Microsoft Account on your desktop, do you use the same Microsoft Account on your laptop?


yes it will sync few thing. NO problem if you have 2, 3, 10 PCs log with the same account at the same time

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With Windows 8.1 Update 1, when I switch a local account to a Microsoft account or vice versa, some dialog and confirmation/verification screen are displayed.

It is possbile to save the inserted data in this dialog screens and eliminate confirmation/verification screen in order to automate these procedures?



A:Automatic switch a local account to a Microsoft account or

Hello Balubeto,

Sorry, but no.

If I may ask, why do you need to switch your user account on the PC back and forth between being a local and Microsoft account?

A Microsoft account can do everything that a local account can.

If you really need to have or use both accounts, then you might consider have two user accounts on the PC. One your Microsoft account, and the other a local account. This way you could just switch between signing in to your user accounts instead.

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After a normal reboot i have this problem.
I want to switch to local account from Microsoft account, but when i try to switch i receive this alert:

Windows 10 has an error your microsoft account has not been converted to the local account error 0x80004005

Can you help me ?

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hello i'm using windows 8,my pc cant connect to microsoft account even after entering all information till it tells me you are almost done.the last message it gives me is "sorry we could not connect to microsoft services right now.If this problem
persists ,search for network problems on the start screen "...yet i'm connected to the internet and there's no network problem found.please help

A:cant switch my pc from local account to a microsoft account


The error ?sorry we could not connect to Microsoft services right now. If this problem persists ,search for network problems on the start screen " occurs 
because of an issue with Microsoft account or

1.Corrupt Microsoft Account settings

2.Can?t connect to the sync service

3.Problems with Microsoft account Policy

4.Microsoft Account required

5.Connection issues due to proxy or certificate issues

I suggest to download and run the Microsoft account troubleshooter to fix this issuse:

RegardsWade Liu
TechNet Community Support

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How do I merge my Microsoft account with my Nook account? No matter what I try it will not let me on any device or any website and the Barnes and Nobles 'helpers' are not helpful at all.

A:How To Merge NOOK account and Microsoft account?

Please access to the link below and follow its steps to manage your account for test:

Please remember to mark the replies as answers if they help, and unmark the answers if they provide no help. If you have feedback for TechNet Support, contact [email protected]

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I logged into a windows program with my email not knowign it would log into the whole accouint for me i want to remove the email thats connected to ym local account is that possible?

A:How to remove microsoft account from local account

Switch your user account back to local account: Local Account - Switch to in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

Next time when installing apps from Windows Store, see this tutorial: Store - Use when Signing in to Windows 10 with Local Account - Windows 10 Forums


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In order to access my office wi-fi I am tolf I must have a local account--how do I do that?

A:How do I change between Microsoft account and local account?

You would most likely need a Pro version of Windows 8 if they use a Domain.  Then you would need to talk to your IT person, to allow your machine on the company network.  As for your question, you do it from the Profile in the Metro Screen.  This actual question that you posted is in the FAQ on microsoft.com for the Windows 8 page.

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I currently use a Local Account (no password) on a notebook but would also like to add my existing Microsoft Account. Is this possible without losing an option to sign in with the Local Account if necessary?

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pls i cant change from microsoft account to my user account on the windows 8 preview platform
can somebody help with this solution. Thanks

A:cant change from microsoft account to my user account

What problems are you having when you try to switch from your Micosoft account to a local account?

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I cannot switch from my "local account" to my "Microsoft account". The following is what I have done
Settings>Change PC Settings>Accounts>Cindy(Local Account), I then click "Connect to a Microsoft Account"
Switch to a Microsoft Account on this PC, "confirm your current password", I then put in an old, old password (which is the only password that will work)>
Sign into your Microsoft Account and I enter my email and a "newer password">
Help us protect your information, because you turned on 2 step verification for your account you need to enter a security code. I then have Microsoft text me a new security code>code is then entered>Sky Drive is your cloud storage, etc.>
Switch to a Microsoft Account, you're almost done. Your existing account will now be changed to a Microsoft Account. All of your files on this PC will remain in place. >Then I get this message: "We couldn't change your account because there's already
an account on this PC with this email address. Only 1 account is listed when I go to "other account."
When I am at Account>Other Accounts, I have the choice of "add an account" or "my account", which is the one I click on and I can either edit it, (which the choices are "standard, administrator or child) or remove it. I have chosen both standard and administrator and it hasn't made any difference.
HELP!!! What do I do to fix this? Do I delete the account and start over? Will I lose all my emails, contacts, documents, etc.
... Read more

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How do I use a live.com email account (Microsoft account) - to reset a pasword, as i have no idea?

A:How do I use a live.com email account (Microsoft account)

moving to email as this is not a virus issue.

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Is there a work-around to create a local account without first logging into the Microsoft account?

The only account presently in place is the Microsoft account.

A:Create local account when cannot log into Microsoft account?

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I am the owner of my win10 laptop and want to be able to access and created files on my own computer without having to log into the windows cloud server each time.
How could I set things up that way, without reverting to "factory" settings?

I used to know what to do in windows xp, but have trouble imagining the file system of win10, especially since the print always seems to be of much smaller size these days ... (heeh)



A:Create local account when cannot log into Microsoft account?

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Hi everyone !

Looking at your security config I saw that some /many of you use a local account on Windows .

I open this thread to ask you why ? For security ? Is there any difference regarding security ?
I added a poll so you can select what you use

Looking forward to hearing from you .

A:Microsoft Account vs Local Account - Windows 10

HI !

A good explanations of the differences :
Should you use a local or a Microsoft account in Windows 10?

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When going into my Microsoft account, then under 'Devices', there are 4 devices linked.
The number of devices is correct, but that's it.
All other data is incorrect, or outdated.

I have 2 'real' PC's and 2 VM's using 1 single retail Windows 10 Pro and 3 upgrades from 7/8->10
However, 'devices' show 1 'real' PC (n?t the one with the retail W10 version, but the one running on an upgrade) and 3 VM's.

I assume it isn't but if at all possible..., how do I get that in sync with what I am actually using.


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I have a user with a machine that was setup with Win 8.1 Home. The machine has been upgraded to 8.1 Pro and joined to a domain (WinSrv 2003). I need to get the conten/configuration from their old local machine user profile to their new domain user profile. I tried to copy the contents of their ../users/<name>/.. folder from the local user profile to the new domain user profile (after they had logged in once, and then logged off). This did not work. When I did the copy, I grabbed all files, including hidden...was that my mistake, or is the issue broader?

In the end....they want their old stuff and configuration under their new credentials/profile.



A:Merge Domain User Account with Local User Account

There are 4 conventional ways of accomplishing this task.

Option 1: Simply copy My Documents, Favorites, Desktop items from one to the other. You will have to setup program options again, may or may not be a big deal

Option 2: Use the Windows Easy Transfer option. Explained here. Vista & Win7 local to domain profile migration

Option 3: Use the Copy To Feature in User Profiles, explained here: Copy a user profile. The steps are outlined for different versions of Windows, but they work the same in Windows 8.

Option 4: Use the User State Migration Tool. User State Migration Tool 4.0 User's Guide. Here is a link to a video on using the USMT. User State Migration Tool in Windows 7 - Install | TechNet

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We are creating a PDF file in login user's local application folder (C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\folder1) through a custom .Net application and displaying the created pdf file in application.

The above functionality is working for users who are part of domain and added to local vista machine as users (both for administrator and standard user accounts).
The same is not working for local users (both administrator and standard user accounts created in vista box).

File is getting created for any user under their local appdata folder and can able to open from that location, but not displaying from app in case of local system users (admin or standard type).

Can anyone help me what security settings differ between domain users vs local users in vista business 32 bit OS?


A:domain account user vs local account user in vista

Policy that is actually causing the problem (or lack thereof) is corresponds to Internet Options control panel, Connections tab, Lan Settings button: Use Automatic Configuration settings.
Having this turned on causes IE to load a configuration file prepared by IT department which makes a whole lot of configuration changes to IE, including remapping the security zones. We can test this by unchecking this option (the default state).
Since the machine is in domain and since we are testing with domain users accounts, I have monitored domain controller pushing down a bunch of policy settings which relax the IE security settings, causing the reports to display.
First, domain settings will resync over time and this checkbox will keep getting turned back on automatically. So you can?t really turn this off, it won?t stay off. I would feel better just testing local accounts, but since the computer is also a member of the domain, machine-specific policies are applied by the domain as well.

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Currently we are in the middle of a migration project. We are migrating users from child domains to the root domain of one organization.
The user accounts are migrated with powershell using Move-ADObject cmdlet. This works as expected. The SIDHistory attribute is updated correctly.
Recently we received complaints from some *migrated* users - they lost their default/custom file associations. This happens only on Windows 8/Windows 8.1.
What happens:

the user is migrated and logs onher profile loads and everything's preserved (as expected)the user clicks on a .jpeg file (previously associated with program XYZ)OS asks the user to choose a program to open the file withthe user chooses a default program XYZ and the file openswhen the user clicks on a .jpeg file again - OS asks to choose a program again
i.e. the settings are not preserved.

Our investigation shows that it is connected with the UserChoice registry key and the HASH value under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\FileExts\.SomeExt

According to this blog 
the HASH is calculated based on user's SID. But after the migration the user has new SID and the HASH becomes invalid and we hit this:
"However In Win 8, the registry changes are verified by a hash (unique per user and app)  that detects tampering by apps. In the absence of a valid hash, we ignore the default in the registry."
Currently deleting the UserChoice key for all a... Read more

A:File associations are lost when user account is migrated from one domain to another domain (SID changes)

Hello Petar K. Georgiev,
Please check the following article to change the registry key to change back to the default file type associations.
Please note: Since the website is not hosted by Microsoft, the link may change without notice. Microsoft does not guarantee the accuracy of this information.
Best regards,
Fangzhou CHENPlease remember to mark the replies as answers if they help, and unmark the answers if they provide no help. If you have feedback for TechNet Support, contact [email protected]

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I have been using Windows 10 for about a week. I set up two accounts - one administrator, the other regular user. When attempting to update Windows 10, I got a message saying because I did not login a Microsoft account, some updates couldn't be downloaded. So, I had to create a Microsoft account. At the end of creating the account, there was a message saying from then on, I would login the Microsoft account. That is not what I want. I want to use the administrator and user accounts on daily basis and only use the Microsoft account when downloading updates.

My questions are:

1. can I get updates without login a Microsoft account?
2. If not, can I login the existing administrator and user accounts on daily basis and only login the Microsoft account to get updates?

Thanks in advance for any help.

A:local account/Microsoft account

You do not need a Microsoft account to get Windows updates.

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I'm just wondering what everyone's take is on the whole thing. For me, I find having everything linked to my Microsoft account to be kind of useful.

A:Do you use a Local account or Microsoft account?

Originally Posted by FuturDreamz

. For me, I find having everything linked to my Microsoft account to be kind of useful.

Specially with Win10 coming and I can sync everything then. Or after a reinstall it speeds setting everything back-up. Plus then I don't have "everything" just at home on my PCs but can access over all.

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Primary user here on this computer...if I set up PC as a Local Account do I need a password?
I use Outlook as my mail server. Will I have to enter my Microsoft Account password to use Outlook if I initially set up PC as a local account. Basically I want to boot up not needing a password since I am the only one accessing the PC

A:Microsoft Account vs. Local Account

Hello bgotswals,

It doesn't matter since you can set Windows 10 to automatically sign in to a local or Microsoft account at startup using OPTION ONE in the tutorial below.

Sign in User Account Automatically at Windows 10 Startup

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I updated to 8.1 yesterday and noticed that it went to a Microsoft Account. I switched it back to a Local Account. I installed a few apps to check out yesterday also. Tonight I went to install an app from the store but it would not let me unless I switched to a Microsoft Account.

What happened? Did I do something to cause this?


A:Microsoft Account / Local Account

If you set up a local account they want your ms info to allow you into the store, it will not change the local account. They set you up originally so all your computers link up to cloud info and their store but it is not required. Yet. :-)

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Hi guys,

Good day!

I have a PC who has a user Administrator password protected. I also have a user that has no password and a Standard user only.

The problem is somebody logged in an Microsoft account in a Standard user. My computer is no longer protected with the Administrator user. Any installation and uninstall of programs in my computer is no longer ask by the Administrator password but I cannot delete that Standard user because there are files there that is managed by other people.

Anybody has an idea on how to configure this without deleting the Standard user account.

Thank you.

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Wanted to ask for upside and downside of changing my local/admin account to a Microsoft account. I don't understand other than being able to go into the Microsoft store.

I am seriously considering dumping 8.1 and installing 7 to match my desktop. This is a recent install on a laptop.
Pain in the butt so far!!

A:Local Account/microsoft account

Hi there Needlenoses and welcome to Eight Forums!

If I understand your question correctly you want to know the difference between a local account and a 'Microsoft account'.

Well... first of all. You will need you Microsoft account to sign in at the App store before you can download any apps. This however does not mean that you must use the Microsoft account to sign in at your computer. You can still do that with a local account.
When signing in with a local account all the information is stored locally on your pc. Just as in the 'old' days. When signing in with a Microsoft Account some information is being stored in the cloud. That way, when you logon onto another Windows 8 device, you get the same experience everywhere. That is the main difference between the two ways to sign in.

I.e. I use the Microsoft account to sign in. So weather or not I am using my Surface or my Desktop....I have the same settings on both devices automaticaly. As well as the same Start etc. I like that :-).

These two tutorials should provide some more interesting information:
Microsoft Account - Switch to in Windows 8

Local Account - Switch to in Windows 8


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I like the security and convenience of having an account with administrative privileges, which I only use for installing and changing critical settings and an account which I use for all other purposes, which does not have administrative privileges.

I would like to abandon Chrome, which allows me to synchronize my bookmarks and all other settings across all users in my Windows 10 boot and even in my logon to Windows 7 in the multi-boot of my desktop computer. Every single change I make in one Chrome browser instantly appears when I open the Chrome browser of any other logon. This is working perfectly across both of my Win 10 users and both of my Win 7 users of my multi-boot desktop.

I would like to be able to switch to MS Edge as my browser and have the same synchronization across both of my Windows 10 logons as I presently have with Chrome but this feature is not available in Edge unless both of my Windows 10 logons (that are on the same installation of Windows 10) are Microsoft User accounts. But Windows 10 won't allow me to have two logons with the same Microsoft account. It has only allowed me to have one of those accounts be a Microsoft account and the other a Local account.

Are any of the following (or anything else you know about) possible in order to get synchronization:
Use the hidden administrator as my second account with administrative privileges and be able to synchronize it with my account without administrative privileges? (Is it automatically a MS account r... Read more

A:Can I have two Microsoft Account Users with the same Microsoft account

I don't think you can have two user accounts on the same computer attached to the same Microsoft account because which one would get logged in at the login screen when you entered the Microsoft account credentials?

What I would do is create a local user account with the administrator privileges and not attach that to a Microsoft account. Then I would create my user account with only standard user privileges and attach that one to my Microsoft account. Whenever administrator privileges are needed to do something, Windows 10 should ask you to just select the account with administrator privileges, enter the password, and then you could complete the action requiring elevated privileges.

Under no circumstances would I use the hidden built in administrator account to do anything unless I had to in safe mode as a last resort.

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I have just installed an Active Directory on Windows Server 2008. Whenever I try to manage a computer that I havae listed on the Active directory is just says errors like access is denied and isn't responding. I am making sure that the computer is turned on as I do this process. Can anybody please help me?

A:Account Sync

Have you verified the machine has all the correct domain accounts on it? Have you verified the DNS resolution is working properly? Also what kind of clients are these? I know windows 2000 had a registry setting you had to enable before you could remote manage. This also bit some XP users if they did upgrade installs instead of fresh installs.

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I can't seem to get my profile to reliably sync to new devices or when I've tried clean installs on my main system. I have all settings checked to sync and the PCs are all trusted devices. Sometimes it will sync the desktop background and my profile picture, others it may sync some of my explorer settings. Sometimes it may not sync anything at all. My homegroup on any other devices also gets renamed to "winliveid_000" instead of the usual "[email protected]" I've yet to figure out why this happens as well. I've tried deleting the data and trying again, all with the same result. This has honestly all been an issue ever since I've installed Windows 8 and I'm starting to dislike the profile sync altogether. If it cannot reliably sync my data and all of it, I don't understand it's usefulness. I've also run the account troubleshooting tool, which gives a cryptic message saying "The following settings are turning sync off: Personalization." It gives no further details that I can see or look into and all settings are on. Any ideas as to what is happening? I've taken a look at Windows 8.1 and it seems that you have no choice but to initially use your Microsoft account to sign in, which is troubling. If it cannot be fixed, I may have to delete my synced profile online every time I try to reinstall my main system

A:Account sync issues

How many systems have you linked to your account, and how many of those are giving you this problem? I originally had three PCs connected to my account, and I've never had any problems at all. Are you starting with a Local account and then adding the MS account? What will happen is, if you add an MS account to a new system, your entire network of computers will take on the characteristics of the newest system.

I found this out, after I installed onto my 3rd PC and I wanted a different Desktop Theme. I went back to my other 8 systems, and THEY were all using that theme.

So, on all computers I share everything except for the theme. So if you set up to a new PC, you whole network of PCs will look exactly like the very last one you installed it on, unless you turn off sync for the existing PCs which is what I had to do until I had all three set up how I wanted.

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Does anyone know if its possible to sync mail accounts from one device to another in W10? Using the mail app, configured 3 mail accounts on one computer. Was expecting the accounts to show up on my other W10 computer with sync on. Logging in with the same M$ account on both devices. Themes, backgrounds, etc sync up no problem.

Thanks in advance.

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