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Precision 5510, Dell WD15 docking station and Dual Montiors

Q: Precision 5510, Dell WD15 docking station and Dual Montiors

So I am to receive a precision 5510 in the next couple days. I've already bought monitors and a wd15 dell dock. I am a bit confused as to how to hook up dual monitors given that there aren't two of the same port on the WD15 like there was on the E-dock I am currently using for my precision m4700.

At any rate my monitors have HDMI (2), and VGA (1) inputs. The WD 15 has one HDMI, One mini display port, and one VGA.

To run dual monitors I am assuming I need to run one from the dock's HDMI port to one monitor's HDMI and one either from the dock's Mini display port (with an adapter to HDMI) tot he HDMI port on the other monitor? I supposed I could go VGA to VGA as well, but prefer HDMI.
IS this correct?

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Preferred Solution: Precision 5510, Dell WD15 docking station and Dual Montiors

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I updated my working station coming from another laptop and had 2 monitors connected (in hdmi and usb->vga adapter). Autodesk 3d applications Revit, 3dsmax all worked fine in all monitors, the usb dongle was using laptop's CPU/GPU to show image.
With new laptop I got D3100 docking station (as usb->vga adapter has some flickering on 5510) to connect my monitors. But mentioned applications do not work at all on that, anything considering 3d runs awfully slow. Using the usb->vga dongle it works well beside flickering.
Is it how it supposed to be with D3100? Can it be forced to use laptop's GPU for showing image (like the cheap usb->vga/hdmi adapters)? This docking station doesn't make any sense now.

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I have recently purchased a 5510 and a D3100 docking station. Used primarily for solidworks and rhino. My issue is that besides 4k and older applications being terrible bedmates is that the docking station stops the quadro so everything is running software open gl. I understand the new thunderbolt dock DB16 has some additional graphics capabilities but they are by no means a quadro solution, nor it is recognized by solidworks. 
This is hugely problematic. Is there a method to remedy this? Attempting to access the quadro settings while plugged into the docking station results in windows stating that the hardware is not available. 

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After much troubleshooting, I discovered an issue when using the WD15 docking station with a Dell Precision 5510 laptop if the Cisco Systems VPN Client 64-bit software is installed and especially if Symantec Endpoint Protection exists on the laptop together with Cisco VPN (Symantec Endpoint Protection can manage the enabling and disabling of a wired ethernet connection).
To give some background, I provide I.T. support for a company that has deployed Dell laptops to its staff for many years.  In our environment, our Dell laptops run Windows 7 Pro 64-bit.  In this environment in the past, we've never had any issues using the Cisco Systems VPN Client with any Dell laptop that either has a built-in ethernet port or a USB ethernet dongle (including the Dell Precision 5510 when used with its included USB-C ethernet dongle).  But I've discovered ethernet connectivity problems from the WD15's wired ethernet connection when used with a Dell 5510 when Cisco VPN is installed (regardless of whether or not a VPN connection is active).
With the WD15 connected to the 5510 and with a wired network connection attached to the WD15, if Cisco VPN is installed and if Symantec Endpoint Protection is not installed, when after starting up Windows 7 and then logging into Windows, sometimes within the first few minutes, the wired ethernet connection will then drop connection (an exclamation mark will appear over the wired network icon on the taskbar of Windows). ... Read more

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Hi everyone,
I got a WD15 dock and made sure all the drivers and bios were updated. plugged it in and started having issues. First it wasn't working with my keyboard and mouse when plugged into the Docking station (with the lid closed). No biggy plugged the into the laptop and continued working. Now it acts like the Ethernet Cable is being unplugged and plugged in constantly (lid still closed). Sometimes everything will work with the lid open, other times if acts like I unplugged the dock making the monitors flash on and off. Please help!

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I have just bought a Dell XPS 15 (9560) and a Dell WD15 docking station with 130W power brick (same wattage as the laptop's AC-adapter). When I only use the docking station to power the laptop the discrete graphics card (GTX 1050) does not seem to work. When I am in a game (eg. Starcraft 2), I get like 15 fps with the NVIDIA recommended settings. Then when I plug in the laptops's own power brick (while still in the game) I get an immediate four-fold increase in framerate. When I unplug the laptop's own power brick the framerate drops down to 15 fps again in a heartbeat. Furthermore, when I only power the laptop through the docking station, I cannot even find the discrete GPU in the list when I'm trying to run the Geekbench 4 compute benchmark (OpenCL). Only the integrated graphics shows up. When I plug in laptop's power brick I find GTX 1050 in the list.
I have run the Dell Command Update application and all my drivers and firmware are up to date. 
Does anyone have any idea to what the problem could be?

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I have a T570 laptop and a Thinkpad Pro Dock-90W docking station.  I have two monitors connected to the docking station.  When I turn the computer on it takes several minutes for the display to appear on the external monitors.  It seems to make it go quicker if I open the lid and close it but it seems random.  Is there a way to speed up the process?

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I joined Dell Communities very recently after buying myself the Dell Precision 7510 laptop. It's a great product so far, but I want better. I want more ports. A docking station to go with it is the obvious solution.
What is the best docking station compatible with the Dell Precision 7510 laptop??? My specific needs/setup:
- 2 external screens (D-sub / HDMI connection, or for £50 more I can get display-port), possibly more screens in the future
- high-speed internet cable
- headphones/microphone
- USB sockets for mouse, keyboard, printer, scanner, external hard drives, etc.
I presume that the Advance E-port Replicator is the best/most suitable. I just want to be sure of this, because my laptop model (Precision 7510) is still very new, and not all information everywhere has been updated about compatibility. I don't want to make an expensive mistake. I'll be travelling and won't have the opportunity to "return" the products I buy. 

A:Docking Station for Dell Precision 7510

Yes. I contacted Dell sales... and they told me that the Dell E-Port Plus II, is compatible with my Precision 7510. After written confirmation I went ahead and bought it from a UK supplier on Amazon for £100... but it came in dodgy packaging and wasn't quite working, and the adapter was the size of a brick (literaly). I returned that back to Amazon... and tried my luck with Amazon Germany. You can get the original product from them for about 140 euros, and it works perfectly. The link to the product:
(that's actually UK now that I check it... that's the one I bought and it's good)
Basically Dell hasn't updated it's information about compatability yet. The docking station is listed in the check-out for the Precision 7510, but doesn't specifically say it is compatible with that model. I've had other similar problems elsewhere too, like I want to instal LoJack on my laptop, but can't find any information on whether my laptop model supports something called "persistence technology" in the BIOS (which makes it impossible to uninstall LoJack even if you change hard drives).

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Hi Terry
Because the thread was closed
Once more about my configuration
I have two “WD15”
I have also two Dell U 2713HM Screens
In both case are connected thru the Hdmi
The setting of the monitors are 2560 * 1440 29p hz
I the wd15 is connected to lan
I have also one cd rom connected to wd15
There is also some external speakers connected
I execute the next updates
Dell Precision 5510 for Win8.1/Win10 64-bit
Please install the latest BIOS & drivers follow the below steps
Step 1 – Download and Install Dell Precision 5510 System BIOS. Restart required.
Version: 01.02.00 ,01.02.00 Last Updated: 12 Apr 2016
Step 2 – Download and Install Intel(R) Thunderbolt Controller Driver. Restart required.
Version: ,A01 Last Updated: 22 Feb 2016
Step 3 – Download and Install Intel(R) Thunderbolt(TM) 3 Firmware Update. Restart required.
Version: 02.11.06 ,A02 Last Updated: 16 Feb 2016
Step 4 – Download and Install Realtek USB GBE Ethernet Controller Driver for Dell Thunderbolt Dock and Dell Dock. Restart required.
Version: 2.43.2015.1225 ,A01 Last Updated: 19 Feb 2016
http://downloads.dell.com/FOLDER03520011M/2/Chipset_Driver_9YCY0_WN64_2.43.2015... Read more

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Hello so my laptop (Precision 1350 Workstation) with windows 7 which i bought in September 2016 stopped charging after I used it with my docking station . It worked for a week or two prior to this and then I started getting a notification every time I put the laptop on the docking station that said "ac power adapter not recognized , use adapter of 65 watts or above" but the adapter was 130 watts. Even when the laptop was taken off the docking station and the ac adapter was just plugged into the wall it still won't charge at all. I made sure the bios was updated 1.11.4 and even checked for driver to update and ran the online diagnostics there was no problems but it still won't charge. A tech came out last Wednesday and replaced the motherboard and this fixed the problem for about a day but then when I put it back on the docking station the same problem occurred and it still won't charge. I even tried it on a different docking station but the same make and model as mine and the problem persists. Does anyone know what is wrong? The phone tecnicians and the technicians don't seem to know what to do 

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Hi guys.
I have a Precision 5510 work station laptop, where I have struggeled with getting my two 4k monitors running on 4k / 60 Hz. The HDMI port does only support 4k / 30 Hz, which is unbearable.
I now have a Plugable thunderbolt 3 hub, which gives me one DP port so I can run 4k / 60 Hz.

Do any of you have any tips on which Thunderbolt 3 hub that can pull off 2 x 4k / 60 Hz monitors?
My colleague is looking on the 5520 laptop, but if it can run what we mean is the future standard (2x4k 60Hz monitors), we might go for another brand.
I would prefer a hub, so we only need to unplug the carger and TB3 cable.
I have found this adapter, which may be plugged in the TB3 port of a TB3 hub, but that will be pretty messy.

Any other tips?

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My XPS 13 9350 can sometimes feel a bit warm (through the keyboard) when it's been connected to the WD15 for a length of time. CPU temps aren't out of control but it did make me wonder if it could be harmful having my laptop connected as often as it can be to the docking station. Because it uses the WD15 to connect to a number of peripherals (the ports that work of course - I still have no USB 3.0 use), I have it connected more often then I would if only to charge the battery. So... could this lead to harm or diminished capacity for my battery?

A:Continuous connection to a WD15 docking station.

Hi benefit5,
If you are feeling the the system is overheating. I would suggest you to update the BIOS to the latest on the system. Please enter your service tag # on the link below, select the operating system, and then download the BIOS from the BIOS section onto the system and install it.


Also, please run the diagnostics on the computer by following the steps mentioned in the video below and check if there is any issue with the hardware on your system.

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I am on my 3rd docking station.
The first two reported that my power supply was suppose to be 180w but apparently only 130w was being passed.
My current one only shows 60W.
I have all the BIOS updates for my 7510 and I have followed the procedure for WD15 and it too has the latest updates/drivers and yet, it still will not charge my laptop and I need to also connect my external power supply for it to charge.
Does anyone have this working?  Is it suppose to actually charge?  Should I return and try yet a 4th docking station?

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I'm looking for docking stations compatible with the Dell Precision 5510 laptop. So far I've been able to find the TB15 and 16. 15 is out of the question and I believe Dell recalled it. Is the TB16 any good? Hands on experience?
Are there any other possibilities?

A:Precision 5510 docking stations

The 5510 has the Thunderbolt 3/USB Type-C port. So you could connect it to the TB16, WD15. Or the D3100 through the 5510 USB 3.0 port. As for reviews, google is a fair source.

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Our Service Desk environment is rolling out new devices.
Dell Latitude 7480 Laptop
i5-6300U @ 2.4GHz
HD Graphics 520
Dell WD15/K17A Docking Station
VGA port x1
HDMI port x1
Mini DisplayPort x1
These are the two options we have for monitors. Not everyone has option 2 so we need to know how to make all three monitors work on both setup options.
Dell P2210 Monitors x3 max resolution 1680 x 1050 **(OPTION 1)
VGA port x1
DVI port x1
Displayport (not mini) x1
Dell P2417H Monitors x3 max resolution 1920 x 1080 **(OPTION 2)
VGA port x1
HDMI port x1
Displayport (not mini) x1
Our drivers are fully up to date.
We are using Windows 7 Enterprise 64bit.
We have tried several adapter combos and are in need of guidance.
On my device I have a VGA connected to my main display, an HDMI>VGA adapter connected to HDMI port of dock and can run 2 monitors. That said as soon as I connect a mini display port to display port cable for my third monitor it will ONLY display in 680x450 resolution. The other 2 stay at 1680x1050. The third monitor does this 680x450 with just a VGA connected to main display, Display port to mini display port on the third monitor with the second monitor on HDMI>VGA adapter removed.
Can anyone please advise which cables we would need for a three monitor setup.
We are losing a lot of productivity with the lessened visual real-estate.

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Good day everyone,
Experiencing an issue with the Dell M3800 with the Dell D3000 Docking station.
My PC has two graphic cards:Intel HD Graphics 4600NVIDIA Quadro  K1100M
Running Windows 10 64 BitMy docking station is connected to two U2412M 24" Monitors 
When running on the external monitors I suspect I am not running with the Nvidia card despite selecting it as a default.
With the monitors connected (via the docking station) when opening the NVIDIA control panel gets me the message "you are not currently using display attached nvidia gpu"
When I disconnect the docking station the control panel comes up fine and I experience no issues.
All NVIDIA and Intel graphic drivers have been upgraded as has Displaylink, all the latest versions.
Help? Thanks!

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I tried to install the newly released Dell Precision Optimizer v3.5.5 (A00) August 18, 2016 on my Precision 5510, running Windows 7 64bit.
During the installation, an error panel pops up with this text:

> SetupNew\setup.cpp (140)PAPP:PVENDOR:PGUID:[email protected] Vista Service Pack 1 (7601)IE Version: 9.11.9600.18426
The installation then fails and the installer log shows the following:
[08/25/16 13:16:06]    Open file: C:\ProgramData\Dell\UpdatePackage\Log\Application_KKJH9_WN32_3.5.5_A00_2016-08-25.txt[08/25/16 13:19:12]    User Command: attended[08/25/16 13:19:12]    DUP Capabilities Value: 2097151 (0x1FFFFF)[08/25/16 13:19:12]    DUP Vendor Software Version: 3.5.5[08/25/16 13:19:12]    Local System/Model Compatible with this Package? Yes[08/25/16 13:19:12]    Local System OS Version:[08/25/16 13:19:12]    OS Compatible with this Package? Yes[08/25/16 13:19:12]    Local System OS Language: DE[08/25/16 13:19:12]    Language Compatible with this Package? Unknown[08/25/16 13:19:12]    User Parameter: logfile[08/25/16 13:19:12]    User Parameter: logfile changed to: C:\ProgramData\Dell\UpdatePackage\Log\Application_KKJH9_WN32_3.5.5_A00_2016-08-25.txt[08/25/16 13:19:12]    Extraction-miniunz path: C:\PROGRA~3\dell\drivers\APPLIC~1.5_A\miniunz.exe[08/25/16 13:19:12]    Extra... Read more

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I currently have a Latitude 6410 with a PR03X docking station. I have a Precision 7510 on order. Will it work with the docking station?

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I have two displays connected to the laptop (one to the native HDMI and one to the docking station). In effect, I am able to drive three displays (Laptop display, native HDMI, and DP from WD15). I wanted to connect one more display to drive four display? 

When I connect the fourth display it's not showing up in the detected displays list. 
How can I do this? Is it possible? 

A:How to drive four displays from DELL Precision 5520 with Dell Dock WD15 and native ports??

It's not going to be possible without some other type of hardware purchase - no.  The internal GPU cannot drive four displays at a time.

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I have the same problem.  Running a Precision m6500 with docking station and two Monitors. One connected with the display port and the other digital cable.  
Randomly the monitors will go blank but the computer remains on.

A:Precision m6500, docking station, monitors go blank

Hi BRAD954,
What is the docking station model? What digital cable are you using? And the monitor models? What is the OS installed on the system?
Update the BIOS - http://dell.to/1Mzks6r and reinstall the chipset drivers from the same site.
Download and reinstall the display link drivers for your OS - http://bit.ly/1T8FdoX
If the issue is not resolved, then provide us the event log in your response, for us to review.
If there is a specific docking station, we can provide few other drivers for them.
For faster communication, contact us via Twitter - @dellcarespro
Keep us updated.

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Hey everyone,

I have a Precision M6800 Mobile Workstation with a PRO3X K07A E-Port Docking Station (https://www.amazon.com/Dell-Latitude-PR03X-Docking-Station/dp/B002LK2F2I/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1503170114&sr=1-1&keywords=k07a).
From what I see, this is compatible with my laptop (http://www.dell.com/support/article/us/en/19/sln286158/a-guide-to-docking-stations-and-port-replicators-on-dell-latitude-and-precision-notebooks?lang=en#Add_Info).
I use the docking station with two additional monitors and other devices. If I connect the already powered off laptop, that was previously powered on without the docking station, the eject button does not power on, the connected devices do not work, and the laptop is extremely slow. If I then power off the laptop while connected, disconnect it from the docking station, reconnect it to the docking station, then the eject light illuminates, and it works perfectly.

To recreate this issue:

disconnect the laptop,
power it on,
use it for a while and then power the laptop off,
connect the laptop to the docking station, the ejection light does not illuminate,
power on the laptop while connected,
wait to be able to power it down,
disconnect the laptop from the docking station,
reconnect the laptop to the docking station, the eject light illuminates,
and finally power on the laptop and it works perfectly.
I've updated the laptop with the latest BIOS to no avail. This happens regardless of the OS installed as I... Read more

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I still have an old PR03X docking Station, will this work with the Precision 7520?
What about the new Thunderbolt Docks - I read somewhere that I would still need  to plug in an additional power supply for the Precision models since they use so much power (180W) even when they are connected to the Dock??
If that is true, can't I simply buy some generic USB-C Docking Station, i.e. what does the Precision Laptop do in regards to power supply from USB when I have already the regular power supply plugged in? Hopefully nothing in regard to charging from USB-C? Or how does that work?


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Hello,I have just bought a dell precision 5510 laptop. The laptop is not turning on at all. The charger looks like it is working since the light at the end of the power chord is lit. Having said that there is no visual feedback that the laptop is getting any electricity. I am not sure if there is any light that is supposed to light up if it is getting the required power. I would appreciate any help on the matterThanks a lot Mark

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I have bought Dell Precision 5510 which I paid ~2000 euro. It came with pre installed Ubuntu 14.04. 
However, this laptop uses Nvidia Optimus technology which is does not have stable support for Linux.
When connecting external monitor I get random crashes when switching mouse between integrated and external screen. I have tried to update to latest Bumblebee project but still have sporadic issues. 
Another issue is that sound card random disappears and then I need to turn off the laptop, unplug the charger, wait, plugin the charger and boot the computer, at which point MOST of the time sound works again, or at least partially.
I have contacted Dell technical support which said since I have bought the laptop for the company they are not able to refund my money and take the laptop back, but they can only replace the laptop. 
I have tried to update to latest Ubuntu but the sound issues persist.
Please, I BEG YOU, explain to me why are you selling PREMIUM Linux incompatible laptops at such high prices without telling people it uses incompatible hardware?
What should I do now? I am getting very frustrated, 2000 euro is a lot of money to buy a brick that I can not use? Who can I sue? Where can I get answers? 
Did I just waste a tone of money just so that I need to buy a new laptop from different manufacturer to continue my job?
How can you let this things happen? :/

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I recently purchased a Dell Precision 5510 and I am now planning to install a 500gb SSD (M2), either a Samsung 500GB 850 EVO M.2 or a Crucial CT500MX200SSD4.

Does anyone know if  either of these two SSDs are compatible or have any issues with this laptop?



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My Dell precision 5510 came with 256GB Samsung 950 PRO NVMe M.2 SSD. I want to upgrade it with Samsung SSD 850 EVO SATA M.2 1TB , which is a 1TB SATA SSD drive. The 850 EVO M.2 drive has two notches on it's M.2 port, while my 950 pro has a single notch (see the following images). My laptop has an 84Kwh battery, and not the 56Kwh, hence there is no space for a 2.5" drive. I can only install an M.2 drive, in the given slot.
Will the 850 EVO physically fit in my laptop? 
Will 850 EVO work correctly, considering that it is SATA and not NVMe, and has two notches, instead of one?

A:Can an M.2 SSD be installed in Dell precision 5510?

No -- the system requires a PCIe/NVMe drive.  SATA drives are not supported.

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Can someone direct me to a phone number or email address I can contact Dell to have a technician come out and replace my 6 cell Battery to a 3 Cell Battery and install a second HD caddy?   Cant seem to find a contact number on there web page! 

A:New battery for Dell Precision 5510

Dell does not do parts swaps-upgrades-downgrades after purchase.  Only warranty work is covered on an at-location basis if you have purchased that upgrade when you bought the system.
If you want to install those parts, you'll need to purchase them separately (Dell Spare Parts -- 1-800-357-3355) and either install them yourself or have a local computer shop provide the labor on an as-billed basis.

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As the title suggests,after having this laptop for a week now,i noticed this super annoying red tint on the 4K display,especially on darker backgrounds.After doing a bit of research i found other people complaining about this issue as well.To me this is plain crazy after spending 3K euro for a laptop of this class and with these "outstanding display reviews".
Does anyone else here experienced it?Before noticing never paid attention but now knowing it bugs me a lot.I don't really get it how Dell can produce something like that and this is not a 500eu laptop-it is supposed to be a premium workstation with a great display.Sorry for the rant but whoever experience such a thing for their money will understand.And the worst part is that i am not even in the country where i bought it-can't even return it right now.

A:Dell Precision 5510 4K display red tint

Color perception is an individual thing - no two people will necessarily perceive the same color the same way.
Even more than the return issue, if you've moved out of the country of purchase, you may find you have no warranty - you will want to investigate upgrading to an international warranty, should you have an issue in the future.

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My corporate office has told me that we will be using Dell Precision 5510 laptops in the future and our office uses Windows 7 Enterprise because we need bitlocker on them.  Dell has a fully functional Windows 7 Pro disc which I can download and install
with no issues.  The BIOS is configured for legacy and the drive is configured in AHCI mode when I do the installation.
If I attempt to install directly from our Windows 7 SP1 Enterprise disc from Microsoft as part of our enterprise agreement, I get the error "A required CD/DVD drive device driver is missing.  If you have a driver floppy disc, CD, DVD, or USB flash
drive, please insert it now."  This error happens because I have a Skylake based laptop with only USB3 (no USB2).  When I attempt to inject the proper drivers into the install.wim and boot.wim files that are in the sources folder I no longer
get this error, but the installer cannot see the hard drive unless I change the bios to UEFI and RAID.
Even though the windows installer can now see the hard drive, I cannot install to it.  I get the error "Windows cannot be installed to this disk.  The computer's hardware may not support booting to this disk.  Ensure that the disk's controller
is enabled in the computer's BIOS menu."
I have attempted injecting the MS KB2990941 and KB3087873 into the disc since these are supposed to add NVME support to Windows 7.  I change the BIOS back to legacy and... Read more

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My dell Precision start to throttle cpu from 2.8 Xeon to 0.8 and can not go back to normal

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Hello, I've purchased a precision 5510 about two years ago, the battery has been working perfectly ever since, until today, where it suddenly showed an error, and no longer operating:Your battery no longer operates and needs to be replaced.Note that in the morning, the battery was working perfectly and lasts about 6~7 hours.
I've tried upgrading the BIOS, disconnecting the battery and reconnecting, nothing works.
Please advise.

A:Dell precision 5510 battery error

If the system is under warranty, call Dell and they'll replace the battery.  if it is out of warranty, you'll need to purchase a new battery -- for now, it may work, but it's clear that it has failed.

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Hi, I've purchased a Dell precision M5510 and it was delivered to me on 23/6/2016 and it's been working well since then .. but lately my trackpad got very stiff and hard to cilck .. I opened it up, found out that the battery has 3 kind of inflamed cells out of 6, when I remove the battery the trackpad clicks fine, put the battery back in, becomes stiff!!
Why did the battery do so? the machine is fairly new and I mainly use the wall power and I don't use the battery much!!
so first, what should I do, I don't think there are Dell maintenance centers in Egypt that can handle this particular model (I bought it from amzon US)
second, what's the best practice for maintaining battery health? third, I often play games on this machine, and the temperatures of both cpu and gpu average at about 78 C for most of the gaming session, I believe it's reasonable and safe, or isn't it?
Btw, battery health is still good, does about 6~8 hours, also my warranty is over :(
The swelling in the 3 cells looks like some kind of a fluid or gas, that I am resisting the temptation to pop with a needle or something.

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Hello !
           I have bought a new Dell Precision 5510 and I switched it on, then i heard some noise from its hard disk continuously. I dont have any idea that what is the reason of this sound. I also run the diagnostic but it did not detect the hard disk noise issue or anything. If someone could explain that why there is a noise in its hard disk.

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I have got the Dell Precision 5510. Is this support charging via ThunderBolt port?

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I wan to use the Dell Precision 5510 Mobile Workstation for 3D programs, as well as for gaming. How good is it for playing steam games, and 3D simulation games? 
Will they run well?
Is there a better laptop out there for gaming and 3D work?
Thanks !

A:Dell Precision 5510 Mobile Workstation for Gaming?

If you're planning on both gaming and 3D, you're better off with an Alienware - the GPU will be better for games, and also 3D capable.  While the GPU in the Precision systems is 3D capable, it's not going to be as satisfactory for gaming.

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Hi all
Have just added latest driver CAB, v.A03,  for teh Precision 5510 to our MDT infrastructure and run a W7 x64.  All okay with the exception of the wireless hotkey functionality (Fn-PrtScr).  It's only disabling/enabling Bluetooth and not wireless as well.  All other Fn key combinations seem to be working okay.  Users could disable wireless via Mobility Center but this isn't ideal.
Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

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Hi, I'm in the market to replace my Z Book 14 G1. I had a really bad experience with HP support during the first year or so of my ownership (replacement LCD panels substandard, repeated follow ups to fix repair scratches to top panel, dead pixels etc etc), even now the LCD bezel isn't quite right. so am minded not to buy another HP/ HP workstation laptop. However, I've been comparing the Z Book Studio G3 model with Dell's Precision 5510 range. The customisation's that I can make to the Dell make it a more attractive proposition particularly with regards specifying no OS. I understand that with the Dell has fewer business features and am able to deal with that compromise. In the US I am able to order a  customised Z Book Studio G3, is this possible in the UK? Best regards,Ben.  

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I am unable to watch any vide through 3rd party software. Example: When trying to watch a movie on iTunes, I can hear the audio, but the video is a blank screen. This happens when using VLC media player, Windows Media Player, etc. I can use browsers to watch things like Netflix and Hulu without issue. I have and keep all my drivers updated to the latest version Thanks

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I have a t480s coupled with basic docking station type 40AG. everything was working perfectly fine until yesterday I updated the Thinkpad docking station utility unsuccessully. this generated an error message any attempt to load the docking station driver (see enclosed file description) proved unsuccessful. Any possibility to restore the situation ex ante or to overwrite these errors> thanksenclosed file description and error message

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I've been using my Dell XPS 15 9550 for a couple of months now and everything was fine, i decided to connect it to an external monitor P2715Q through a Dell WD15 Type-C docking station, which working fine except for having the Monitor at 30Hz versus 60Hz. i've been facing alot of Blue Screen Errors, and one day found there was a firmware update for the Docking Station, the Monitor went blank and found the firmware was updating usually when i startup my laptop and it's connected to the docking station it gives me a warning message about the power being less than 60W so i unplugged the Type C cable connecting the dock to  the Laptop mid installation, it rolled back and i then figured i shouldn't have disconnected it. This morning i connected my dock as usual but it wasn't being recognized it's as if the Type C wasn't reading the Dock, i connected a Type C to Display port cable direct to the monitor to check if it was the port but that worked instantly, please help what should i do? 

A:DELL WD15 Type-C Docking Not working with XPS 15 9550 after failed firmware update

Unplugging mid firmware update is a no no. Try the firmware update once or twice or so again, with nothing else connected to the dock. If that fails, try Dell service. Mine updated the second time but said failed at the end, then third time reported to be updated, and now seems to work just the way it did before.
I've had horrible issues with the WD15 initially, all sorts of devices disconnecting and not working properly, including plain wired USB mouse and keyboard. After tens of driver and BIOS updates, things eventually stabilized (although the screen developed a flicker meanwhile). Now it seems to work stably, as long as the laptop is in airplane mode, otherwise I still get temporary freezes. Many people blame it on some sort of the Dell Wireless 1830 adapter with USB - some say wifi power should be reduced to 75% in driver settings, but that replacement with the Intel 8260 is a better solution. Please report back if the airplane mode helps with stability (wired Ethernet now stable here, if you're on wifi regularly and worried about withdrawal symptoms during a possibly prolonged airplane mode testing period).  
30 Hz is max for a 4K display on the WD15, there's not enough bandwidth for more via the USB protocol. Recently a revised version of the Thunderbolt 3 dock, the TB16, has been released, and perhaps even works finally with a fan built in, supporting even two external 4K displays @60Hz. 3rd-party TB3 docks have started appearing too, but make sure... Read more

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Yikes! installing a second partition with Ubuntu is really hard next to Win7 on a m2 PCIe NVME.If you have been successful, your help would be greatly appreciated.I have encountered numerous problems installing Ubuntu 14.04 on a separate partition on a Precision 5510 with  1TB m2 PCIe NVME memory installed by Dell. 
I started out by creating a USB with the Universal USB Installer and the Ubuntu 14.04 installer.then followed these stepswww.lifewire.com/ultimate-windows-8-1-ubuntu-dual-boot-guide-2200654  encountered two problems. 1.) When booted to try Ubuntu and then selecting the install ubuntu icon, the installer does not recognize the m2 PCIe NVME drive and failing because the installer sees < 6GB of storage. 2.) The system bios configuration SATA operations must be changed from RAID On to ACHI - This corrupts the Factory Win 7 image installed by Dell and fixing it requires reversing the bios configuration change and running windows repair.This is dead simple with on any system with a SATA  hard drive.Has anyone successfully done this?Here is the really crazy thing. I need both Ubuntu for work and windows to communicate with the most of the world.  I chose to have Win7 factory installed believing that installing Ubuntu on a second partition of the m2 PCIe NVME drive would be simple. But that means Dell's support for Ubuntu and access to the Dell factory Ubuntu 14.04 image with drivers includi... Read more

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Last week, I purchased a Dell Precision 5510 with Windows 7 and the audio was working fine, but on Saturday night I was watching a video on Netflix when the right-side speaker started to crackle. I followed the instructions on a number of tutorials including reinstalling the RealTek audio drivers and switching to the windows default drivers, but none of these things have gotten rid of the crackling.
Of note, the crackling only starts when the audio is raised somewhere around the 50% capacity mark or beyond, but it is a constant and persistent annoyance at that point.  I am of the belief that this is a hardware issue at this point, but any insight others could provide before I contact Dell Support would be appreciated.

A:Dell Precision 5510 Crackling Sound from Right-side Speaker

Hi waxenwings,Thanks for posting.Does this exist using external speakers or just the internal ones?  Have you tried headphones?In some cases, this may be caused by a conflict with SRS audio enhancement package and Adobe Flash. This has been escalated.Possible solutions include uninstall the SRS Audio package from Add\Remove Programs-Programs and Features. Reboot and test the system. Update Adobe Flash. Reinstall the SRS Audio package from Drivers and Downloads from support.dell.com and test again.If none of that's working, then contact Tech Support for additional troubleshooting.

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Problem: Audio output is not using the full spectrum. Audio sounds "boomy". Dell Audio missing many controls. Tested the output against a pink noise reference (see image) so you can see that the Dell audio is not outputting a flat signal (or even full audio sound).
Running all the latest Windows 10 Fall Creator's Update and audio drivers as of Dec.10, 2017.Reinstalled audio drivers and rebooted several times. Dell SupportAssist is telling me I'm up to date. 

A:Dell Precision 5510 not outputting full audio spectrum

The latest Realtek driver listed on the Dell downloads is 19 Oct 2017.   I would install that and see what you get.   I have a recording studio and would look for a flat response, however the audio in most PC's and especially laptops is not flat and intentionally compensated.  
PC audio, e.g. Realtek, is not used in serious recording studios for many reasons including latency, levels, etc.  

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Hello, I'm using Dell precision 5510 workstation, when I connect my bluetooth headset .. my wifi connection is very unstable, I've changed my wifi modem settings to 802.11b/g/n to 802.11b/g, also changing the channel and that helped improving stability, however it's not completely stable yet .. when using the wifi bandwidth up to only 4 Mbps, the bluetooth connectivity gets extremely weak, and it's very frustrating ..I've already updated my network and bluetooth drivers to the latest .. still didn't solve this interference issues.
Thanks in advance

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I want to purchase the following memory upgrade:
Vengeance® Series 32GB (2 x 16GB) DDR4 SODIMM 3000MHz CL16 Memory Kit (CMSX32GX4M2A3000C16)

how can i know if it will fit with my dell precision 5510  - intel core i7-6820HQ ?

A:Is a memory card upgrade fits with dell precision 5510?

You'll need to ask Corsair (or your vendor) about compatibility.
You do not need memory at 3 GHz -- if it does work, it'll simply downclock to your system's rated speed.  The added speed is designed for overclocking (which your system can't do).

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I have this issue with a Dell Precision 5510.  Very high spec.  I get this effect through the TB15 and directly from the HDMI port.  It's exactly the same issue.  The video leaves black stripes across my spreadsheet when I scroll.  See video.

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