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Screen Flickers & Cursor Flickers.

Q: Screen Flickers & Cursor Flickers.

Sometimes I have flickers of the screen [turns white then back to normal in a sec] BUT that's only sometimes when it freezes or something.
& Another thing is the cursor flickers with a drop shadow of a ugly color to it. [Not sure how to explain that] BUT i need help to know why this does this.

& How do I know if my computer is good to run a game on it.

PLEASE help me.

thank you.

Preferred Solution: Screen Flickers & Cursor Flickers.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Screen Flickers & Cursor Flickers.

Please provide more information about your system. We'll need, at a minimum, the exact make and model in order to start even trying to figure out if it's capable of which games. Also, please include the version of Vista that you have (Basic, Home Premium, Business, Enterprise, or Ultimate).

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Hello,I have many issues with my Yoga 920 that I purchased less than a month ago (but over 14 days). The machine runs Windows Home Intel(R) Quad(TM) i7 8550U  16GB RAM 526SSDFirst as stated above the screen flickers. However, this is only when I travel to my parents' house and connect to their wifi and sometimes at my school in certain locations.Another issue is when typing my cursor often jumps in the text box so I have to erase and reposition my cursor. This is extremely annoying!Next my event log has a TON of error codes; however, I am not a developer so I have no idea if these errors/warnings are important. When I run Lenovo Companion, Webroot or previously McAfee nothing is reported. Is there anyway someone from lenovo can connect to my laptop remotley to figure out what is going on? 

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Hello, does anybody when clicking the bookmark arrow or a folder with bookmarks in chrome gets a small (i mean very fast!) black flickering???

Also in Windows 7 Jumplist sometimes when opening it will show aero glass before populating with icons (also very fast)

Can someone check this out to see if it behaves the same as my pc??

It's not annoying but just wanted to know if it happens to someone else


A:Windows 7 Jumplist flickers and Chrome menu flickers

No one?

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My mouse pointer (cursor) flickers between the pointer icon and the little blue "waiting" circle icon. When I move the pointer over an active button it becomes the steady hand pointer and stops flickering. It does this with our without the hand mouse plugged in. I have uninstalled mouse drivers. I have tried to change the pointer style and it will not change. I have run virus scan and machine is clean. It seems to have something to do with the "working in background" notification.

A:Cursor flickers

Did you restart your computer yet?

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This Product is less than a week old and this is my second problem already. How Can I Call The HP Pro's for warranty? Thank You Very Much, John H.

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OS Windows 10. All drivers are up to date: problem: Cursor randomly flickers and defaults to the bottom left hand corner over the windows icon. this happens both with mouse and touch pad use.I can touch the cursor and move from it from the bottom, but it returns immediately to bottom RH, rendering the machine unusable. when I restart it goes away for a but the problem returns.

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i have windows xp home . I moved my computer and it is hooked the same and now my screen flickers. it was fine before. I would appreciate any help. Thank You in advance.

A:Screen flickers

Hi Marilyn189,

Welcome to TSG !

I guess you're already tried to disconnect and reconnect your monitor.
I suggest you to try a degauss command via the control buttons of your monitor.

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Hey everyone!
I was searching how to change my background on my lock screen and I downloaded this http://www.howtogeek.com/223875/how-...on-windows-10/
I restarted my surface pro 3 and the screen started flickering on and off. Don't know what to do...
When I downloaded the thing it had a warning saying it was the programmer fault if the computer exploted or whatever, I thought it was a joke... Help

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Recently installed well known financial program -- screen flickers when entering data. Not sure where to post question -- here or in video card section. Have WindowsXP -- video card -- 128mb DDR ATI Radeon 9700 TX graphics with TV out and DVI. Only program that does this. Have tried decreasing hardware acceleration at suggestion of program company -- no better. Am getting a 'flicker' headache when using this program.

A:Screen Flickers

Hi, it is a problem related to the Connection Manager.
The link below applies to 2008 and 2009 versions.


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My screen flickers (not off and on) from bright - dark - so on... its like this every now and then or is it flickerin all the time e.g. fps. but its so slight its unnoticed and every now and then it 'freaks' out....

its a laptop packard bell m7

A:Screen flickers

how old is the laptop, the screen may be on its last leg

also what resilution and refersher rate do you have it set to

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I've had my computer for a while with no problems, but recently the screen has stared flickering with the white lines. I to move the screen to just the right position for it to stop. If move in the slightest then the flickering starts again.Does anyone know what would cause this?

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Hi I have a via/s3g unichrome igp and it has been flickering badly for months. Its like there is a stable picture and then a copy of that on top which jumps. The driver version is I have seen a driver update, could this help the problem, and if not could it do something bad to my computer if I install this update. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Screen flickers

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G50-70I often leave my laptop on ,so when I open it up its on.....lately when I open it up the screen flickers and when I move the screen back and forth , this seems to stop the flickering.I have tried to restart the computer,upluging the power cord  while it is flickering does not solve the issue.I am assuming its a connection issue in the hinge area? How do i fix it?thanks

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Suddenly, one day my computer screen start to flicker...
I don't have a cellphone near the computer...
I think it has somethink with the monitor?!
It seems that the screen mainly flicker at the lower right corner...
Please help me!
I searched in the forum and found that I need maybe need to check if the monitor is plug in good.
Where is the monitor?

A:Screen Flickers

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First, I would like to identify my OS, CPU, memory, Graphics card and HD and SATA drives to better assist the responders to my thread in helping discover my problem(s).

My Operating System is Windows XP Pro (SP2), and I'm fully aware that this OS is no longer supported by Microsoft. But I do understand someone has come out with an SP3 patch for Windows XP.

My CPU is also rather ancient. It is an AMD Athlon 1.2GHz (socket A) processor. My memory is DD2. Capacity: 2.5Gig. My Graphics card is a Nvidia GeForce 2200. I have one SATA (1)Terabyte drive, partitioned into two (2) drives, and one (1) HDD drive (F:\) as my main bookable drive.

Here is just one of the major issues that I have been experiencing. Each time I boot up my machine, I notice that the right and left sides of the screen, along with the Windows bar at the bottom of the screen flutters or appears to be unstable. This last about 10, maybe 15 minutes or more before stabilizing. I have checked my Graphics card by uninstalling the drivers and reloading them but this does not appear to resolve this issue.

My question: Could my Nvidia GeForce 2200 Graphics card be a bit too much for my system?

There is also other issues ( likely with my .NET Framework files). Several of the programs (i.e Malware and CCleaner do not work. I keep receiving error messages. But I will create another thread message referencing these issues.

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Just wanted to know if the video card drivers are loaded in safe mode? My screen keeps flickering when I bootup and after closing down programs. It also flickers in safe mode. Sometimes it loses all signal but comes on again shortly after. Could this be the sign of my screen going bye bye? It's a 100hz refresh CRT.

A:Screen Flickers

your monitor may not support the 100HZ refresh rate.. i would drop it down to 60-75 HZ..

if it doesn't flicker then your problem is your monitor doesn't support that refresh rate.

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Is it possible for a video card to be to slow? I put a GF4 MX440 64mb pci in my new system and now my screen flickers ( kinda like when you change refresh rates ) when scrolling and opening new windows. I have tried everything I can think of to fix this and the only thing that will work is turning the hardware acceleration off...The card works fine in old system, same OS, updates, patches, software....Here are specs for both.

Athlon XP 3000+ 400mhz 512 cache
512 PC3200 DDR
MB Gigabyte 7VT600P-RZ
GF4 MX440 64mb pci
Maxtor 20 gb 7200rpm ata133
Maxtor 30 gb 7200rpm ata133
DVD player
450 watt ps

Celeron 1000mhz 100mhz 128 cache
256 PC133
MB AOpen Mx3s-t
Seagate 80 gb ata100
Seagate 160 gb ata100
300 watt ps

I would appreciate any help.

I am planning to buy new card but that is in a few weeks when I have extra ($)

A:Help....Screen Flickers on and off

What resolution are you trying to run it at? Also does turning down hard ware exceleration help?


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Hey everyone,I have notice a problem on my computer. The problem have become more noticeable recently and it happens occasionally.
To get to the point,when I was playing youtube video,the screen would flicker and the youtube video would become green.
After refreshing the page,the youtube video become normal again.At first,I thought it was due to multiple taps of youtube
video,but just now,when there was only 1 page of youtube video,the screen flickers again and the video become green.
I am really fustrated and decided to find help on this forum,I am hoping there is some helpful soul here to help me with my problem.

Thank You!

A:Screen flickers

You said the problem clears when you reload the page? Just for the heck of it, does the same thing happen with all browsers? If you haven't tried, please do.

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I am having a problem with my laptop. Whenever I browse the internet my screen flickers. It only does it when I am inside of a browser. The browser that I using is FF 4 beta 7... It has never done this before it just starting happening a couple of days ago.

The flicker happens whenever click something (etc.. a link or if I click the bar at the top of the browser and the browsers will go grey and say that it is not responding, and after like a second it goes back to normal.
 Capture.PNG   220.75KB
  6 downloadsHELP!

The picture is best that I could show you.. but you see the top bar is messed
 Capture3.PNG   185.67KB
  6 downloads shows what it is supposed to look like. When the screen flickers the topbar messes up (it shows NOT RESPONDING at the top but it didn't catch it)

A:screen flickers HELP!

A beta version is a 'test' version and is very likely to have bugs. Unless you actually enjoy problems, I strongly suggest that you avoid 'Beta' software.

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I have noticed recently that my screen flickers too often. My OS is a windows vista

A:My Screen Flickers

Try updating the drivers for the monitor
Drivers for graphics

The most likely cause is the tmm
Transient Multimon Manager (TMM)
If you have an external monitor this may reduce quality

You may even want to give this a try if nothing else works
Screen Refresh Rate

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I got this laptop for christmas, so it is barely a month old. When I play games on it, the screen will flicker on and off, sometimes only a few times an hour, sometimes a dozen times in under a minute, and sometimes it will shut off the display altogether, and I have to put the laptop into sleep and back out to get the display back.  I have been through almost every "fix" I could find on the internet. All my drivers are up to date, and it shouldn't be a heat issue because I have it on a cooling pad at all times, and the fan barely has to blow above it's resting state. These are not graphics-intensive games so I don't see how it could be a heating issue. The laptop barely gets warm.  It also happens when I plug it in to an external display with an hdmi-to-VGA converter, but does not seem to do it when it is plugged into an hdmi external display.  I'm really at my wit's end here. It makes my games practically unplayable. Any help would be much appreciated. 

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I purchased a refurb 15-f162dx from NewEgg. Since purchase the screen has been flickering.  Called NewEgg who said to call HP since it's their product (which I bought from NewEgg!)On 05/19 talked with HP Tech support who said reset the computer to factory settings.  Did so ....The computer screen continues to flicker. Called HP again 06/06/16 the support tech said that they'd pull it in for repair - and I could extend my service agreement for software and hardware for US$49.99 and they would pick up shipping expenses.She then passed me up to another support tech who "looked around" remotely and said to reset the computer to factory settings (again, doing that now).  Not going to consider repair until, apparently, she's satisfied that it's a hardware problem. Since the screen only flickers when it's being "overdriven" (mostly white or very light coloured screen) it indicates to me that it's a hardware problem, not something I'm going to solve by resetting the computer again. To add insult to injury ... apparently NewEgg upgraded the computer to Windows 10, so I purchased a Win 10 unit.  HP is willing to send me a restore set for Win 8.1 (which, if it's a hardware problem isn't going to resolve the problem).  How does one get around the "off shore support<??>" and actually get some help??

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In the past week my computer screen has been flickering and going black a lot, it does not lose power, but it goes black for a few seconds and them comes back and a few seconds later it goes black again. Sometimes it will work for a few hours before it starts the flickeing. I have a Samsung SyncMaster 712N LCD screen and a Nvidia GeForce FX 5700LE. I dont understand why it is doing this all of a sudden, it worked fine the first few months I had it. Also the screen resolution is at its optimum setting 1280X 1024. Can someone please help me?

A:Screen flickers/goes black

You are having a problem with the LCD screen's Flourescent backlight. If the screen is still under warranty send it in for repairs.

If you want to do a little home research....see if a tap on the edges brings it back on. That would indicate a loose connection of some type.

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Whenever I start to play Warcraft III/Frozen Throne, it'll go for about 5 minutes in game with no problems, but then the screen will begin to flicker, not on and off but sort of side to side and distort the picture for a split second. It usually starts off gradually then gets worse and becomes unplayable. It happens in that PKR game as well (www.pkr.com) but not on games like World of Warcraft and Counter Strike/Counter Strike Source. Any suggestions?

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Printer is new out of the box, the installation went smoothly: prints well, wireless connected no problem. Here's what I need a fix for:  LCD screen comes on strong, but within 4 seconds fades out and begins to flicker.  Almost unreadable.Have tried reset and restart several times with no luck.  

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please bear with me if this sounds really silly.

I notice that sometimes the screen flickers as if a snapshot has been
taken. This is just my feeling. In fact I did not know if such software
exists or not, but recently, while looking up some info about
erratic behavior of my mouse, I came across these lines from a user
another site:

"Just FYI, A few of the sites I've worked at recently have "software deployment and auditing software" that periodically "snapshots" the screen to "capture what you're looking at". An unfortunate side effect of this screen cap process is that it moves your mouse pointer to one corner of the screen for each snapshot."

Is there a way to determine what could be happening?
I did not quite understand what the above user is saying. That is,
is he saying that when visiting websites, they take a snapshot of
what I am looking at? Or is it some software on the computer that
takes a snapshot of which website I am looking at? Sorry, I am
a bit confused. BTW, mine is a home machine, so I am not
running any software to my knowledge that is taking any snapshots.
But I wonder if there is some spyware/malware.

I have run AVG Free Edition, AVG Anti-Spyware 7.5, Spybot S&D,
and Spywareblaster. They did not show anything strange other
than a few tracking cookies, which were cleaned by the above softwares.

Could you please tell me if I should include the log from HijackThis here, ... Read more

A:Screen flickers as if a snapshot has been taken

Hi dhammaguest,

Before you start to get too overly concerned, perhaps the 'refresh rate' of your monitor is not set correctly.

To set the monitor properly, we need to know the Make; Model and type (whether it is a CRT "large type" or a LCD "flat screen" type).

Please post back with this information so that we can better advise you.

Kind Regards,

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I have a http://www.toshiba.co.uk/laptops/sat...ite-s50-b-15n/. Windows 10.

The screen flickers every morning and every evening (after i come back from work) for about 1 minute no matter what I do, than it stays normal unless I push it or pull it.

I could book a Pick Up and Return but there is a 60 pounds fee just for the trip if they get to the conclusion that the damage is caused by me. I am afraid they are going to say this because it's got a "hole" on the back of the display. I know it's not relevant but obviously I cannot prove it.

Issue video:

"Hole" photo:

Thank you for reading!

A:Satellite S50-B-15N - screen flickers

Sounds like a loose connection to the LCD.
ASP can fix it. I dont think that little dent would cause the problem, but the ASP would need to open it up to see what is going on.

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Okay this issue is really starting to bother me now. It started happening last week after I realized that my MSN messenger would not pull up (it's running in the background but no window or tray icon). So I restarted my computer and it has begun to flicker at the bootscreen start up and is making me nervous. My computer keeps on freezing as well when trying to load things. Help!

A:Boot screen flickers

tfilax said:


Okay this issue is really starting to bother me now. It started happening last week after I realized that my MSN messenger would not pull up (it's running in the background but no window or tray icon). So I restarted my computer and it has begun to flicker at the bootscreen start up and is making me nervous. My computer keeps on freezing as well when trying to load things. Help!Click to expand...

Reboot in safe mode without networking - Tap "F8" while booting, and select that option.

START / RUN, then type TEMP, and press ok.
highlight and deleted all files. ignore files that will not delete. Close that window, then empty recycle bin.
Repeat above, replacing TEMP, with PREFETCH.

Reboot your PC again with safe mode as before. Then wait for the system tray [those little icons next to the clock] to finish loading. Note that some will not load in safe mode. Make sure your HDD light is ether not flashing, or you can not hear the HDD working at something.
Run a full anti-virus to be sure, then if all is considered clean, uninstall MSN, defrag your drive, boot your PC normally and re-install.

If during any of this time the screen still flickers. Please consider the age of your Graphics card, and consider upgrading or replacing it.
If the boot screen is flickering now, when before it wasn't, It seems like the fan on your graphics card may have failed and you are encountering signs of physical heat trauma to the GPU.

Who makes and mau... Read more

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We have about 4,000 G2 laptops that we just purchased and recieved, however about 1/4 of them are having issues with the external screens (one screen of the two) flickering. We build our own images so I decided to check the driver. It was running Version: Rev.A. I checked the patch notes on HP and noticed 4463 fixed some flickering issues so I updated it to the latest version 15.40.4483 Rev.F(1 Nov 2016).  However this didn't fix the flickering second screen. Screen was set to refresh at 75 and I dropped it down to 60. Cables don't seem to matter since it can be caused with vga or dvi (over display). The laptops are connected to a DIB HP Ultraslim Dock. This has also happened on our EliteBook 840 G3 models. However they are running the same driver and Dock. So I'm not really sure what else to try. Any suggestions or info would be appreciated.

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I have attached my log file from Hijackthis. I can't figure out why my computer screen flickers after loading Windows. I have run Adaware, Spybot and ErrorKiller and fixed all errors that they found. I've run all of these in safe mode and regular mode many times. The computer screen will flicker on and off constantly, more often when you try to open a program. Eventually the screen will go black and the screen goes to standby mode. The CPU is still running and the mouse still moves- just not visible on the screen. If you click the mouse a couple of times, it eventually beeps that you did something invalid. You cannot bring the screen back up without having to manually shut down the computer and reboot. Please help me.

A:Computer Screen Flickers

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Has anyone come across an issue where the screen flickers on and off? Mine goes dark to the point where you can't see whats happening and then back to normal.

I have tried a rollback of the drivers but the problem persisted. I also performed full anti-virus check (I realise this was unlikely to be the cause of the problem but decided to be thorough). I am left thinking this is purely a hardware issue as when I use an external monitor connected via HDMI cable I do not have this issue.

I am assuming it must be an issue with the connection between the screen and the motherboard. Perhaps an issue within the hinge where they connection goes through.

Anyone else got any other suggestions before I sent it away for repair (Only got it in March and I have a 2 year warranty, but going back to Uni soon and not wanting to be without it).

I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro C50-A-1k9.

Thanks in advance.

A:Satellite Pro C50-A-1K9 - Screen flickers on and off

I agree with you Fraser and think it could be hardware related issue but I don't see any way that you can fix it alone. Your notebook must be checked by Toshiba service provider.

Contact nearest Toshiba service provider in your country, explain the situation and ask for help.

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I have an HP Pavilion DV5-1159se notebook. The LCD screen flickers and goes into a vertical roll from time to time and I was wondering if this could be the video controller or a loose wire. It's usually worse when the computer is first booted. It will roll before the HP or Windows splashscreens load. Sometimes moving the screen back and forth helps, but sometimes it's just sitting there and will go into a roll. Once it's warmed up for a while, it usually(not always) calms down and I can adjust the screen.

When I hook it up to an external monitor, the external monitor works beautifully while the notebook screen will be rolling.

I don't know if it's a coincidence, but it seems this issue started shortly after I upgraded from Vista home premium 64bit sp1 to Windows 7 64bit. I've uninstalled the graphics drivers and reinstalling them. I don't know how to take the notebook apart to see if it's a loose connection.

Of course all this stuff started happening 2 months after the warranty expired...

Any suggestions?


A:LCD Screen flickers and rolls.

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I hae an Acer Aspire R7 and recently when ever I use it to draw it begins to flicker. I don't know whats wrong with it, but if someone could help that'd be great.

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Ok,i've got a Dell M991 monitor. Whenever i run Call of duty 4 it flickers like a mutha... In the setup screen and the first minute or so ingame. I suspect it has to be a graphic conflict as the screen is old and my Graphic card is a Gainward ATI radeon HD 4850. I've had conflicts with other games as well. My daughter just bought The Sims 3 and after a while ingame or in the setup screen the frames freezes up the screen,and i have to restart the computer manually. I've tested the ram chips and they check out ok. Like i said...could it be a conflict between the Graphic card and the monitor?

A:Screen flickers like a mutha

You may have to lower the refresh rates from the video card to the monitor

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I got a HP laptop. Offlate,my screen has been flickering a lot...to the extent that i cant even see a thing. If i give the screen a small jerk i.e move the lid up and down, the flickering stops for a while and starts again. The flickering has got so severe now that the screen does not stay stable for more than a couple of minutes.

Is it just a loose wiring problem? Could i solve this at home with a proper set of screwdrivers?

If not, could you please let me know what kinda problem this is, and how do i work it out?

A:Laptop screen flickers a lot

It sounds like you have a break in the ribbon cable that runs from the base to the screen. I have the same problem with mine, but it is ok if I don't try to close the lid. These cables get stressed every time the lid is opened and closed.

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 I bought an hp pavilion au003tx laptop in august 2016. After few weeks from purchase my laptop screen flickers.All the drivers in my laptop is updated and the laptop blinks even in bios mode.So what should I do???

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I bought this computer an year ago in Septermber 2014, my device is out of warranty. Since past one month (a month after installing windows 10), my computer went all crazy. First, the fan starter brrrring, a constant noise and I have no idea how to deal with, its not the dust I checked that. And since a week and a half my screen started flickering on battery. At first if battery dropped below 25% the screen flickers and recently the batter percentage got bigger and bigger. Now, screen flickers at 90% battery. If I use chrome to watch youtube, the screen flickers even faster, I loosed up a lot of places online. No result. Please help!

A:Y40-70 screen flickers on battery

did you find a solutionto your problem??

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I have this annoying problem/ Everytime I browse through the Start Menu, the screen flickers. I ried Updating Drivers and apps and Uninstalling uncessary programs. but my screen would still flicker or flash. This has been happening ever since I first got my computer, I need help please. Here's My Information about my PC Acer Aspire TC-780 Amzi5Intel Core i5 6400 2.7 Ghz8GB Ram, 2TB HDDIntel HD Graphics 530 

A:My desktop screen flickers

monitor model?how is connected?HDMI, VGA, DP? Windows OS version installed?

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I bought a Yoga 2 Pro in Dec 2014 - for months now the screen will flicker off and on several times then come back on. Has anyone else had this problem and is there a fix or is this a flaw. Thanks ryoung151


Go to Solution.

A:Yoga 2 Pro - Screen Flickers

Welcome to the forums!
Although uncommon, the ribbon cable which connects to the display can occasionally come loose after opening and closing for years. I have seen this issue with all brands and makes.
Unfortunately, most of the teardown instructions are videos. If you feel comfortable working on the unit, you can check the connection on the motherboard and display side. Optionally, any local computer shop should be willing to check this out for you.
Good luck!

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Screen began to flicker unnecessarily at any slight movement.

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Okay, so here's the deal, yesterday i dl'd Spybot SnD, did a scan. After that i shut down my PC. When i turned on my pc at the morning, boot went on without problems. This flickering started at logon screen.
I removed video drivers and the problem stopped, tried installing different drivers, but the problem goes on then.

A:Screen flickers with squares.

Have you tried to install a older version of the video card driver? or using the microsoft standard one?

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So recently I've been having this problem. The screen on my 2 year old Toshiba Satellite will sometimes start showing this subtle checkerboard print on the screen. My wallpaper shows up, but the checkerboard print is there. When this happens, windows and/or just the screen will blank out in blue or white. There were times when I rebooted that there were blue vertical dotted groups of lines when TOSHIBA comes up.

I've been on safe mode and it seems to work fine. Help and Support said to use process of elimination of the programs that I use in regular mode. I think the programs are fine.

I did install Internet Explorer... which I don't use. I tried uninstalling it, but it wasn't on the list for uninstalling (in control panel). So I thought that was sketchy.
It's weird because sometimes it does it and sometimes it doesn't. Like right now, it's working fine, but maybe 20 minutes ago it had on the checkerboard print for like a minute. I have not rebooted it since that and it's fine right now.

When it comes to computers I don't know much about the guts of it. I know how to move around one, but a problem like this I'm clueless. I've googled "checkerboard screen" etc and maybe it has to do with the video card? I have an Intel Core 2 Duo...
The computer has been running fine (I don't use it heavily - mostly music, web surfing, and tv episode watching).


A:checkerboard/flickers on screen

I think I have the same problem. How did you solve yours?

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After the latest windows 10 update I got an prompt from the Lenovo software, to update my bios, which I did.Since the I do have problems, where the screen randomly flickers for a few seconds.I also have an issue with external monitors, where they randomly go black for half a second sometimes. What can I do to fix this?My machine is not in warranty anymore

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Not sure what the problem is. I am operating on a Panasonic CF-30 toughbook. I know, I know...not the ideal gaming laptop. OS is Windows XP 2002 SP 3. Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo, and Intel 4 Series Express Chipset. I have updated all devices and drivers, cleaned, defragged, and all Windows updates. Nothing is working. Is the problem my drivers cannot handle World of Warcraft graphics?

Thank you for your help in advance!

A:Screen flickers while gaming...

WoW graphics aren't very difficult for a PC to render. Have you tried other programs/games to see if it happens with other things too ?

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This only happens in games, but it happens in ALL games.
When I'm playing games I can see the screen refresh. a near-transparent stripe stripe moves vertically up my screen at a very rapid speed every half second or so. This does not happen when I'm watching movies or when I'm on the desktop.

Vsync doesn't help, as I'm running games under 60 FPS.

I have a BenQ G2420HD set to 60Hz, my refresh rate in games are also manually set to 60 herts.

Graphics card: ASUS GTX 570 Direct CU II with the latest drivers

CPU: i5- 2500K overclocked to 4.0GHz on stock voltages, 62C under load. Stress tested with Prime95 Blend for 4 hours, no errors.
Driver version 280.26

Power Supply: Corsiar TX650
RAM: G.SKILLS Ripjaw X 1600Mhz (stock freq.)
Motheboard: ASUS P8P67
is this a driver problem or a monitor problem? can I fix them without replacing components?

All replies are appreciated.

A:Screen flickers in games

please tell me what is your system spec like cpu , power supply, and nvidia driver version.
did you overclocking your cpu or it is running at stock speed ?

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A week ago, my screen started flicking to a black screen. It was every now and then so I didn't think to much of it. However, lately it's been more frequent. What made me want to act now is that if the screen is flickered off for 3 seconds, it'll go into sleep mode as if I closed the lid. I can turn it back on my rubbing the touchpad to wake it up, but the screen won't turn on. It will turn on however if I close the lid and reopen it as if I'm waking it up that way. The flickering seems to occur if I move the lid foward and back, or if I accidently apply pressure to the area surrounding the trackpad but below the keyboard.I tried looking up reasons as to what this is and signs point towards a failing LCD cable. However, the fact that it turns off if it flickers off for long enough concerns me. Any idea what the problem might be if it isn't an LCD cable? And if it is an LCD cable issue, what would be the name of the part for an HP ac-121dx?

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