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Solved: SCSI Ultra II to Ultra III Adapter

Q: Solved: SCSI Ultra II to Ultra III Adapter

I have a SCSI PCI controller that is ultra 2 and I have found a 36.4GB SCSI hd from HP that is ultra 3. Will the adapter slow the transfer rate of the ultra 3. If so to what degree the controller I have has a sdram slot on it with a 16 MB stick in it . Will it still work If I put a 128MB stick in it?

Preferred Solution: Solved: SCSI Ultra II to Ultra III Adapter

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Solved: SCSI Ultra II to Ultra III Adapter

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hi alli'm looking for driver about LSI adapter ultra 320 scsi 2000 serie in windows server 2012 R2 i can't upgrade from windows server 2008 R2 be for upgrading this driverthank

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Hi all =). I'm getting a computer made with a 450w power supply. I'm getting a Geforce 6800 Ultra at least, but the company recommends a 480w supply for this card. I've heard of people having problems with their power supply not being able to cope with this card, but I don't know exactly at what power their power supplies ran. Will I run into any problems with the power supply I'm getting, or should I upgrade to 480w or more?

Don't know if you need this information also, but I think this may also effect my power supply:

Asus K8V SE Deluxe Motherboard
Athlon 64 3400+
1.5 GB pc3200 DDR Ram
120 GB HDD

Also heard that AMD uses less power than Intel or something...sooo I was thinking that perhaps my graphics card will not be affected as much because of this...but dunno. Help would be greatly appreciated =D.

A:Regarding Geforce 6800 Ultra, Ultra Extreme, or Asus v9999 Ultra Deluxe

One, Use a title once.

Two, nope nVIDIA GeForce 6800 families or newer REQUIRES 480w of psu minimum, PERIOD. it is not matter how much watts amd or intel uses, what you means that you must have 480w or higher to have GF 6800 working properly.

Recommendation, get ATI Radeon 9600XT or 9800XT, they merely used up less than 350w.


You will get better games or things out of ATI instead of nVIDIA due to power usages

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I have 3 SCSI Ultra 2 drives laying around and I have decided I want to get a external case and try and create a raid array with these drives to run on my P-4 running Windows XP. I have an Adaptec 2940U2W controller but I am not sure it works or not. I am new to SCSI technology so any help getting started with this would be great. Thanks. I would rather go with SATA but these 3 drives are FREE.

A:SCSI 68 Pin Ultra 2 drives

Nothing too complicated with it. You just have to take care when setting the jumpers (if any) on the dirves to make sure the IDs are right and the terminations OK. Reading the manual of the SCSI controller wouldn't hurt either.

Have a read about almost everything a sane person would want to know about SCSI (look in the end for useful info on cabling and configuration): http://www.pcguide.com/ref/hdd/if/scsi/index.htm

I looked at the product specs and seems that your controller doesn't have RAID so you have to do it by software (bad news for you, esp. with Windows).

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Hi guys, back after a few months away from this great site/forum.

I have a question regarding the CHAINTECH VNF4/Ultra Socket 939 NVIDIA nForce4 Ultra ATX AMD Motherboard I was searching all over the web but can't seem to find out if this motherboard will support the new AMD 64 X2(dual core) 939 CPU? It says it supports the AMD 64 & 64 FX CPUs, but what about AMD 64 X2(dual core) 939 CPU?

If anyone here can help me out, I'd be grateful. Thanks.

A:CHAINTECH VNF4/Ultra Socket 939 NVIDIA nForce4 Ultra ATX AMD Motherboard

Most nForce4 based motherboards support such CPUs but not all of them do so out-of-the-box. Make sure to have a motherboard from the latest production batch. If not, it might be handy to have a single-core to flash the BIOS in case it doesn't want to power up with the dual-core one.

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Promise Ultra 133 dual IDE card has the win2kpro device manager seeing IDE's as SCSI. Ihave it hooked to an IDE 2gig hard drive and a zip100 IDE. The hd will read ok...though it makes some whining noises. The zip won't hit a lick (See my post outlining zip100 struggles in the win2k forum.) Is it normal for device manager 2c the IDE'S as SCSI's?

A:Promise Ultra 133 dual IDE card has device mgr seeing IDE's as SCSI

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Prior to changing my OS from Windows 2000 Server to Windows ME (software incapibility issues), I had 2 internal HDD. Now, only one is visible.

I have Adaptec Ultra 160 SCSI controllers

I have used the SCSISelect software (option on bootup), and found the following:
There are Channels A & B. When I run the utility on Channel A, these are my findings:
AIC-7899 at Bus: 01h; Device: 02h; Channel A
SCSI ID #7: Adaptec AIC-7899
Host Adapter SCSI ID 7
SCSI Parity Checking enabled
Host Adapter SCSI Termination enabled
BIOS Info:

IRQ Channel 05
I/O Port DC00h
SCSI Termination level 0

When I run the utility on Channel B, these are my findings:
AIC-7899 at Bus: 01h; Device: 02h; Channel B
SCSI ID #6: Adaptec AIC-7899
Host Adapter SCSI ID 6
SCSI Parity Checking enabled
Host Adapter SCSI Termination enabled
BIOS Info:

IRQ Channel 11
I/O Port D800h
SCSI Termination level 0

Can anyone help me configure these settings to utilize the send HDD?

A:Ultra 160 SCSI Controller; Dual drives but 1 not reported after OS change

So which channel are the SCSI drives hooked to?? You probably had one of the drives set up under windows 2000 server as a NTFS file system which windows ME doesn't understand. Probably fdisking a drive to FAT32 and reformatting the second disk will fix it.

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I fitted ADAPTEC SCSI CARD 29160 NMS 64 BIT PCI 160Mb BIOS v.3 .
10 . 0
all boots up just fine but when partitioning by any method Win98
creates an extra drive duplicating the first partition the duplicate being
listed in Device Manager but not the actual first partition. Also both
partitions can be made accessible eventually but the actual first partition
is shown to be working in "Dos Compatability Mode" in System
Properties. I have tested almost everything and the disk works well.
CPU AMD-K6-500Mhz
RAM 128Mb
More Windows magic ?

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hi people. it's been a while since i first asked a question.
I come here again to ask this question

should I try to buy a gefroce fx 5600 ultra(256 mb), or geforce fx 5700 ultra(128 mb)?
I've heard smth about fx 5700 being unstable, or just simply it sux.

so just to make sure, which one shd I buy?

A:geforce fx 5600 ultra? or 5700 ultra?

the 5600 ultra should be the best value. i would go with it

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I just purchased 128MB or RAM and wow, I like the difference, and I was wondering if I should invest in a Ultra DMA or ATA 66 PCI adapter card I have a hard Drive that supports UDMA 66 but my board does not support it, I was told that installing one of these Cards would dramatically increase the performance of my computer,I use the CD writer I have alot, and sometimes I recieve errors would this help when copying something to the hard drive then burning it to the CD, thanks for the help and heres the rundown on my system

FIC VA 503+ Motherboard with VIA Chipset
AMD K6 200 CPU
128MB of RAM, MAXTOR 13.6 GIG HD 7200 RPM
that is all the specs that matter.
Operating System, Win98/Win2k Dual boot.

A:will I see a difference with a Ultra DMA adapter Card.........

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Is there any way to connect the T480' Ultra Dock with my T470?

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My work laptop is a T460 Ultrabook Thinkpad. I have the compatible docking station. It's a pain in the backside just to get the silly thing to connect to another display while the lid is open ... but this thing WILL NOT do something that countless laptops have been able to do for over a decade: Connect to two monitors at the same time while on a docking station with the laptop lid closed -- ThinkPad Pro docking station in case it matters.. I'm successfully connecting to one monitor via the DiplayPort on the docking station. No matter what I try, I can't get another monitor to connect.  Here's what I've already tried: 1. Updated Chipset.2. Updated Bios.3. Updated Graphics Card Driver. 4. I've connected the second monitor to the DVI port on the docking station. 5. I've connected the second monitor to the laptop HDMI port. 6. I've tried multiple cables.7. Verified that the same setup works just fine on an older Lenovo laptop and older docking station.  And my amazing not-so-ultra laptop still gives me no option to connect to another monitor. When I go into the Intel Control Panel, there is nothing there even suggesting that Multiple Diplays are possible. I'm just not believing that Lenovo built a high end laptop that can't connect to two monitors at the same time while on a compatible docking station with the laptop lid closed. There's got to be a solution for this. 

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Hello fellow Thinkpad users, It appears that the 170W power adapter of my lenovo ultra dock just died. I can not charge my computer, neither directly neither via the dock. However, if I use my other 170W adapter supplied with my W541, both the dock and the laptop work. I have my dock serial number sucessfully recognized by the warranty check tool on lenovo's website, however, when I try to file a case, the system can no longer recognize my serial number. The dock was bought from the UK, do you know any Lenovo representative which I should contact. Very much appreciated for any input. Cheers,Deyan

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I'm trying to install Windows 2000 on a 20GB hard drive that is connected to a Maxtor Ultra ATA/100 PCI Adapter Card in a Compaq DeskPro 2000 6233MMX.

Following Maxtor's directions, I downloaded atadrvr.exe from their website and created a floppy disk with drivers that will be needed during installation.

I booted to the Windows 2000 Professional CD. As directed by Maxtor, during setup I hit F6 to specify additional drivers. One of the drivers available was for the Maxtor ATA/100 Windows 2000 driver. I selected this and got the following response:

"File \Windows2000\Ultra.sys caused an unexpected error (1038) at line 1211 in D:\nt\private\ntos\boot\setup\oemdisk.c"

I tried another manufacturer's IDE controller (SIIG) and got the same message.

If I continue, it fails.

I was unable to find any incompatibilities at Microsoft's HCL.

Any ideas?

A:Maxtor Ultra ATA/100 PCI Adapter Card - Windows 2000 installation (1038 error)

Have you tried hooking the HDD up to the MB ,installing Win 2000 then install the Controller Card ???? Might be worth a try...

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Gigabyte nf4 Ultra or DFI nf4 Ultra of MSI NEO4 PLatinum?

I will be running a system:

AMD 64 3200+ or 3500+
2 x 1Gb Corsair Value ram
2 x 250Gb Seagate NCQ
LEadtek 6600GT Extreme
Tagan 480W

Now my question is, which board is faster, more stable, has better equipment ... ?

I will NOT overlock my system, so in the first place I need a motherboard that is stable and doesn't couse too much problems ...

Which of these two do you reccomend?


A:Gigabyte nf4 Ultra or DFI nf4 Ultra

I'm pretty much building the same PC you are. I still need to decide on the videocard, either the 6600Gt or x700pro.

For the motherboard, I've decided to go with DFI. I haven't seen reviews comparing both, but they seem pretty much to deliver the same performances. I like the design of the DFI better, but the main thing that made me choose the DFI was the number of PCI-e slots. The gigabyte model has only 2 PCI-e 1x slots and 1 16x slot, DFI offers 1 1x slot, 1 4x slot and 2 16x slots. So I should be able to use PCI-e parts more easily in the next few years.

Feature wise, gigabyte offers 8 SATA ports(4 on 3.0Gb/s) while DFI has 4 on 3.0Gb/s only. Both seem to offer 10 USB ports and 2 lan connector.

There's not much difference specs wise, it pretty much comes down to who you trust more and price wise.

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Hello,before I updated the firmware utility, my thinkpad A485 was recharging witht he 65 watt adapter attached to the docking station.However, now I need the 135 watt adapter attached to the docking station?Why is this happening?is there a way to uninstall the driver update? I cannot find anything related to dockign station in the contorl panel-->uninstall programs. Please help me, this is very frustrating. I am using the docking station for just one 1080p  display, it was able to work smoothly with the 65 watt adapter plugged to the docking station.My laptop was charged and the ports and the 1 1080p display was functional. Please help me, I do not want to use the 135 watt adapter as I need it for another lenovo dock.

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I haven't been on here in a while and haven't been keeping up with the Latest and greatest for about two years now. I'm sure so much has changed. I want to upgrade my harddrive and need to know if an Ultra ATA HD will be compatible with my board:

Board: SiS-760

A:Solved: Ultra ATA

Yes, your board supports ATA 100/133 which is Ultra ATA=UDMA. But you would be better off with the much faster SATA drives that your board supports.

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An Ultra ATA drive will work with a regular IDE/ADA controller, right?


A:Solved: Ultra ATA vs. IDE

Yes. ATA and EIDE (Enhanced IDE) are, for all practical purposes, the same thing.

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In Nero Ultra 6, there is a place after you drag & drop the songs you want to burn that asks to be check marked: "Normalize all audio files" AND "No pause between tracks". I ALWAYS check these 2 boxes but is there a way to set them permanently? I'm getting old and I forget 'stuff' LOL Thanks Dave

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Hey all! I wanted to get this Hard Drive: https://www.zipzoomfly.com/jsp/ProductDetail.jsp?ProductCode=101572 and this Enclosure: https://www.zipzoomfly.com/jsp/ProductDetail.jsp?ProductCode=370870

But I have a few questions. What is the difference between Ultra ATA/100 and regular ATA/100?? Is it something big I should know about? Would it affect whether or not the HDD worked with the enclosure?


A:Solved: Ultra ATA? Regular ATA? Help!

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I'm getting this error when I try to burn a mpeg file to DVD with Nero Ultra 7
It only seems to happen with this one particular file.
... The instruction at "ox0052eed4" referenced memory at "0x00000004" The memory could not be "read" Click OK to close the program.
Anyone have any ideas what might be causing this? Thanks Dave

A:Solved: Nero Ultra 7 ??

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I have nero ultra 6. on my computer but when I did the updates it say that it is not a legit version of nero and wants me to buy a new number from them. The nero disk I have is legal and not a copy I bought it when I bought a dvd burner an some other disks a while back and have been updateing it with no problem. The only think I have done a few weeks ago is reload my xp and all the programs back that I had on it. It worked fine until I went to update it now it says it maybe a pirated copy which it is not. I have the oem cd and the correct key code on the cd sleeve everthing is legit. I uninstalled nero and reinstalled it works good as long as I don't install the updates. Has anyone run into this before and is there a way to fix this. Thanks for the help.

A:Solved: Nero ultra 6

There is no need to install your CD version of Nero. Uninstall it first. Use the nero clean tool to make sure it's gone completely
Then get the latest version of 6 from their website
Install that and enter your serial number into that version instead. If the serial number is valid then it will unlock it.

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Dell Latitude D820 laptop Windows XP Professional w/SP3
Originally I thought I had bad sectors on the HDD. After posting on the HDD thread I found the hard dive is fine. I cannot run the DDS as it stalls in the middle then freezes the computer when I try to close it. So I think Ultra Defragger got into the HDD but I can't run the "First Steps" to send a log. Even if I could run the log I don't know how I would save it as all programs are gone like notepad, wordpad, paint etc.

The following is the info I posted to the HDD forum they sugessted I post here.
I have a friends laptop he wanted me to look at it. Seems his son was using it playing online
games one night the next night he powered it up and all his files were gone. Everything,
documents, downloads, even the control panel add/remove programs is empty. The only icons on
the desktop are IE, google chrome and real player. The internet does work.

He kept getting popups saying he needed to run chkdsk which he did and didn't help. (Think this
was a virus or malware). He ran System Restore now the only thing on the C; drive is the System restore icon. If you open it there is one restore date of april 11, which is after the crash. I downloaded the dds scanner and ran it but it just stops about 75% of the way and stalls for more than 10 mins. if I try to close it the computer freezes

Using windows restore diagnostics I found 5 problems:
Real Time of hard drive clusters less than 500ms. Critic... Read more

A:[SOLVED] Might be Ultra Defragger

I have found out that the virus is XP Security 2011. ????

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Hey guys sorry im quite new to the whole technical side of computers.

My computer used to be really fast but for some reason recently it has been going really... and i mean really slow, I havent changed anything or done anything with it really apart from play a few games...

Also everything i do it keeps doing the whole (NOT RESPONDING)...
Any ideas what it could be guys and girls any advise on how to solve this issue would be great help.


A:Solved: Ultra Slow!

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I just burned some CDs using Nero Ultra 6, how do I make multiple copies of the same data? I couldn't seem to just put blanks and run multiple copies.

A:Solved: Nero Ultra 6

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hi been trying to install a game for my 7 year old daughter but when it starts installing it comes up with a pop up saying my graphics card is out of date and directs me to the amd site to download new drivers but when i try to install them it says they are not compatable please anybody help thanks

A:Solved: rage 128 pro ultra gl agp

It is about 8 years old. You need an ATI Radeon card or Nvidea Geforce card to play latest games.

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I purchased Nero Ultra 7 'enhanced' in Dec of 06, it was a bit 'buggy' but I was able to tolerate it.
On Nov 5th/07 I installed in on my wife's laptop and the very next day, the option to burn a DVD was not available from the menu on my PC. It's available on her laptop though.
I immediately sent an email to Nero to ask why, it's been 5 business days with no reply as to why this happened.
I'm thinking that Nero thinks that I've pirated this software, but you'd think you could install it on at least 2 computers?
I've tried to uninstall and reinstall with no success.
Has anyone else had any experience with this? Thanks Dave

A:Solved: Nero Ultra 7

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Has anyone set up 3 gpu's, I have posted in games as well because I can't remember if it's a software or hardware issue ?,

I'm launching games and getting a green vertical bar with x3 sli on the left side of the screen. This happend about a year ago when I played Crysis in 2x sli, but can't remember what I did to rectify this , any ideas ?.

Thanks Adrian.

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I just picked up a ‘ultra media dashboard” it’s looks like a real nice piece but, the card readers work fine so far but the usb ports don’t work at all . I have them run to the usb ports on the back of the case using the adapters supplied with the kit , I have run them to the MB (microstar ms-6570e) with no luck . has anyone seen this problem before and if they did how was it fixed ? thank you much

A:Solved: ultra media dashboard

I google around on the multi media dashboard and the reviews are about 5-1 bad with most problems related to the usb not working or when it did work the device wouldn't get enough power...return it and try something else!

Here http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=1895097

And here http://reviews.pricegrabber.com/cases/m/2237270/

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I downloaded Mandrake Linux ISO and since I don't often burn an ISO to a disk, I referred to Nero's Help file. You need read no further than step two below to address this question. Here's what it says:
Burning the image file
This is a step-by-step guide to burning a previously created image file using Nero:
1.) Select the command Choose Recorder from the Recorder menu and select the recorder installed (not the image recorder) and confirm the selection using OK.
2.) From the File menu select the Write CD Image command.
3.) A dialog box will open and you can select the image file you would like to burn. Nero currently supports NRG, ISO and CUE-Sheet formats. Select the desired file and click on the Open button. The Write CD dialog box will then open – the procedure is the same as for producing a new compilation but the Burn tab is now in front.
4.) Now check all settings on this and other tabs one more time and amend where necessary.
5.) Confirm your selection by clicking on the Burn button. Nero now carries out all the necessary stages as defined. A status window will appear showing the stages implemented and informing you how the burn process is progressing. As soon as Nero has finished the write process, a window will appear with a result message such as "Burn process 24x (3600 KBs) successful".
6.) Click on the OK button to close the dialog box. The CD is then ejected. The messages shown can either be saved, printed or discarded. Close the w... Read more

A:Solved: Nero 6 Ultra users please please help me with this.

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What is the diff between the two drives and is it possible to use a Ultra drive on a Laptop that says it has an interface of ATA/1oo

Plus I know that someone said in one of the forums to go with the 7200 RPM
but looking at the Warranty and the cost has turned me to look at the Seagate 5400 RPM drives any Pros or Cons
thank you for any suggestions
I will be ordering this evening
Again thank you
Joe B

A:Solved: Hard Drive ATA / 100 or Ultra ATA/100

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I need to buy an ultra ata controller card to install a 160 gb HD in WinMe. What does the following mean, and how do I know if I have it on my system?

UDMA/133 Drive (Matching drives needed for RAID)

Also, I asked a question about this once before, and someone said my motherboard may not support it. How do I determine if it will? I have a Compaq 5108US.

Hope all had a Merry Christmas!

A:Solved: ultra ata controller card

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Here's the story I bought a BD-Rom to replace my dvd drive that stopped working. The BD-Rom came with Powerdvd 7 installed. It played movies great but had issues with choppiness when playing blue rays. So I upgraded to PowerDVD 9 Ultra and I still get the frame slow down issues. When I check the performance the blue ray takes up 100% percent of the CPU usuage whereas the DVD's take up 20% percent (I assume that's because Purevideo is working). I have an Nvidia 9500 GT installed with the latest driver and still the problems. Also when I use the BD-Advisor it has green lights all across the board (CPU, RAM, Graphics Card, Graphics card driver etc) all pass for basic Blue Ray playback except for when it comes to advanced playback it says I don't have Hardware Dual Video Encoding for H.264, Mpeg 2 and VC-1. So is this just the fact that my graphics driver doesn't have that stuff in this driver version. I mean reading on the box and website about the Nvidia 9500 GT it says it supports H.264, Mpeg 2 and VC-1. Also which program do I use to run the PowerDVD? Do I use the Power DVD settings or do I use the Nvidia settings? Here are my system specs.

Compaq Presario Intel Celeron D 3.46GHz
Windows Vista Basic SP2
2GB Ram
120GB Hard Drive
Nvidia BFG GeForce 9500 GT 1GB PCI-E 2.0 Driver, 196.21
BFG 450 Watt Power Supply
Samsung p2250 Monitor digital driver
16X BD-ROM LG Ultra BLue
Alhena 5 Motherboard

A:Solved: PowerDVD 9 Ultra problems.

Just to add some details I didn't immediately go out and buy a ton of blue rays after I bought the BD-Rom. I bought one Blue Ray disc The Dark Knight which is totally choppy. But what is weird is it's special features are also on Blue Ray and they play perfectly fine with no problems. Could all of my problems just be a bad Blue Ray disc?

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After reading a couple of sites could someone direct me to a good site/version of Ultra VNC that works on Windows 7 64 bit?
Thanks in advance


A:Solved: Need Ultra VNC to work on Windows 7 64 bit

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Hey Guys and Gals I’m desperate for some logical assistance and I know the people frequenting this site carry great knowledge. I bow to you and am humbled by your greatness. I have recently installed a new LG GGC-H20L. After fighting with Cyberlink for a week I have removed all Cyberlink S/W please do not go there I already know more about Cyberlink than Cyberlink Tech support and refuse to have in my life.
Tonight I have downloaded a full legal version of Nero 8 Ultra with HD. This app should play in HD (BD & HD) and produce Dolby Digital signal to my audio device. I know the hardware is cool because I can use the WIN-DVD4 with the new hardware to play older non HD DVD and the digital decoding light on my receiver lights up, as it has for years when playing digital audio, regardless of the source. The receiver and the PC have been linked for at least 3 years with no prior issues.
The only current issue is I can not get full audio sound while watching a DVD in Nero ShowTime, I can get a faint audio track on some scene and also I get some back ground audio and music track when they are present but that is all and no digital decoding light from receiver. Below are some specs on my "Black Box” If you could lend a hand I would be grateful and try to find a way to repay you for your expertise.
I have gone back to the audio hardware that come on the MB (DFI 590 SLI) on S/PDIF. Uses Realtech HD.
I also have audiophile card but not useing it while researching this issue.... Read more

A:Solved: Nero 8 Ultra W/HD no Audio

Thread reopened at poster request.

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I have been searching the web, as well as these forums for help connecting Ultra VNC over the net, and can not seem to find the answer to my questions. Actually, I may have found it multiple times, but I am not computer literate enough to have figured it out. If you respond, please give me step by step instructions, not something like: Look in your registry keys and change the appropriate ones to point to the DNS server on the LAN side of China.

I have 3 machines that I have installed both the Ultra VNC server and client, 1 XP desktop, 1 XP laptop and 1 Vista Laptop. I am running a Linksys WRT54G v8 running DD-WRT v24-sp2. As I have comcast high speed internet I have set up an account on dyndns. I have also set up static LAN address for each of the 3 computers hooked to the router. For each of the computers I have set up 3 port forwards example:
5500 ->
5800 ->
5900 ->

5501 ->
5801 ->
5901 ->

5502 ->
5802 ->
5902 ->

I have configured my anti-virus, as well as the windows firewall correctly at least I presume so because.....

Using any client and any server from the 3 computers, I can connect to another computer on the LAN, everything works.

Here is my problem: When I try to use the ultra VNC over the net, I get the following error: Failed to Connect to Server!

W... Read more

A:Solved: Ultra VNC working find on LAN but not WAN

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I currently have Ultra VNC, version installed on my two home PCs. I can not get
file transfer to work. I enabled different settings in services, no change. Did a Google search and found versions 1.04 and 1.05. Will one of these versions enable file transfer?

Thanks in advance


A:Solved: Can not get Ultra VNC to file transfer

XP or Vista? 1.0.5 is stable and for Vista so that might work there. 1.0.4 is more of a RC version, skip it. I use 1.0.2 on XP and file transfer works fine. I connect by local I.P. (all within the same network), I'm using the file transfer icon on the top of the VNC Viewer screen and I have the windows firewall (no other firewalls) open for both the viewer and server.

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Hello and excuse me for my poor english. I just tried to watch in You tube some videos in 4K or 1440p and video runs slowly. In 1080p runs with normal speed. I know that my monitor is not 4K, it`s Philips max resolution 1920x1080p 227E4QHAD and he can`t show 3840x2160p but why runs with slow speed. Because with my another monitor Dell 1504FP with resolution 1024x768 i watch normal 1920x1080 videos so i think the problem is not the monitor My another hardware: VGA Sapphire Radeon HD7950 with max resolution 4096x2160 8gb ram HDMI cable hama version 1.4 with max resolution 4096x2160. May be i need hdmi 2.0 cable or what?
Because we want to bye from Ebay Dell up 2414Q 4K monitor and we want to have no this problem with him.

A:Solved: Can`t watch Ultra HD videos

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Okay, so you all know what lag spikes are. And generally they involve online play.
But lately, mine are occurring offline!
It's annoying, and happens about every minute. It will lag like mad for around 7 seconds or so, and then immediately afterwords it will go super fast for about 2 seconds, as if it's trying to catch up.

All my graphic settings are set to high, but it runs 100% beautifully besides the lag spikes, so I don't think graphic settings are the issue.
I haven't tried my other games lately, but it has been happening on Assassin's Creed and LOTR: Conquest.

Also, this only started to occur after I got a new motherboard installed. And it's a billion times better than my old motherboard, so I'm a bit confused.

Like I said, it runs like a god when it's not having that odd lag spike. I have everything on high on all my games and besides the spike, it ALL runs great.

Any ideas? I'm alright with computers but I'm clueless as to where to start with this problem.

A:Solved: Ultra weird lag spikes.

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Hey guys

I am having a problem with a PCI control card which I purchased a few years ago. I had purchased a third hard drive but the PCI control card created problems and I uninstalled it. I was a real newbie then (having using Apple's computers for 20 years) but now I would like to use the card.

Basically, it disables my BIOS and the boot is excessively long.

The box’s description of it is “Cicero Ultra DMA 100 control card” The device manager describes it as “CMD PCI-0649 Ultra DMA IDE Controller”.

The manual states “This Ultra DMA 100 control card is equipped with a sophisticate controller of CMD 0649.” On the net, Cicero appears to have been taken over by CMD.

My motherboard controller is described as an “Intel 82801BA Ultra ATA Controller”, so the two should be compatible as they both use DMA 100 technology.

My method of installation was to first
A) Physically install the card. Then boot and go into the device manager and have it search
A1) “Windows update” and
A2) the cd disk that came with the card.
There wasn’t a better match.
B) Reboot and install a Sony DVD to the primary (Master) IDE port of the card on cable select.

Normally, when I want to access the BIOS, my computer smoothly enters it. With the card, it displays information about the card then states that my primary drive is my Sony DVD and later that it cannot find my two h... Read more

A:Solved: PCI Ultra DMA 100 control card

I should have read the sticky “Please read before posting” and given more details.

1) My power supply is 480 watts by Mutant Mods (StarTech.com)

2) The computer is 8 years old, and was state of the art costing $2,800.00 at the time.

3) It was assembled by a well known Canadian company called MDG, which had received numerous awards for its products at the time I bought it. It came with Windows Me.

4) I have
4a) 40 gig hard drive (Samsung SV4084H) on the primary master from the motherboard.
4b) I/O Magic writable DVD on the primary slave from the motherboard. I don’t have the model but would have to remove it from the computer to get it.
4c) 60 gig hard drive (Western Digital WDC WD600BB-75AA0) on the secondary master from the motherboard.
4d) Sony writable DVD on the primary master from the PCI card. Again, I don’t have the model, but would have to remove it from the computer to get it.

The software on the CD for the PCI does not include software for XP

I have 5 PCI slots:
Slot 1: empty
Slot 2: Ultra DMA 100 control card
Slot 3: NEC USB Hub 2.0. card
Slot 4: Crystal SoundFusion CS4281 WDM Audio card
Slot 5: Modem to my cable company

I tried disconnecting the Sony DVD from the PCI card and found the BIOS was still disabled prior to my entering it.

I know little about PCI’s but I do find it strange that the Ultra DMA 100 control card is clobbering my BIOS.

Would it have something to do with the PCI configuration in the BIOS?

In the BIOS, this is the current con... Read more

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i tries burning 4 .avi films on to a dvd format disc as a data dvd but it did not work, is this the right burning process to use?

A:Solved: nero 7 ultra edition

psychoclown said:

is this the right burning process to use?Click to expand...

That depends on the purpose of the disc. If you are making a backup of the AVI or want to play them on another computer then you have it right. Some newer standalone DVD players may also be able to read and play AVI files ona data DVD.

If you want to make a Video DVD out of the AVI files that will play on most new and older standalone DVD players, then you need to use the Nero Vision CD/DVD component of Nero to author (convert video file formats, add menus) and burn the disc.

EDIT: You will need to wait for someone else here to help you if you have specific questions or problems with Nero 7. I am still using Nero 6.

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TigerDirect offered a 3.5 inch Seagate 250GB hard drive and an ULTRA USB enclosure at a pretty good price, and I bought them to make an external hard drive. The Seagate drive came with absolutely nothing but the static-resistant envelope. The Ultra enclosure came with a 'User Manual' that added up to 'open the box, put in the drive, close the box'. There were some drawings of the enclosure, but none that showed any connections or cables. The manual said nothing at all about jumper settings or how to connect the cables. I e-mailed the Ultra 'support' and asked for additional information.
The response was "Unforunately thats al the instruction s that we have.- Miguel"(sic).
At Seagate, I was told:
"The use of Third Party Enclosure's with Seagate drives can be problematic. The Seagate Technical Support staff has noted that configuring an internal hard drive for "single-master" results in a better chance of it working in a third party drive enclosure but that there are other issues.
Due to special requirements and characteristics of these enclosures Seagate is not able to assist in troubleshooting issues with these devices, for troubleshooting in this special environment contacting the enclosure manufacturer is recommended."
TigerDirect says technical support is provided by the manufacturer.
The cables are no great problem, because they are sort of obvious, but the drive jumper apparently is configured as 'C... Read more

A:Solved: Seagate HDD in ULTRA enclosure

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Ok, first off the exact products I'm using-



Now here's my problem. I understand how to put the cooling fan with the thermal grease and stuff on the CPU, and I even understand where the clips go. Problem is, the clips on the Ultra X-wind cooling fan are made of a ridiculously strong metal and barely bend. Setting the cooling fan down, it looks as if the clips are about half an inch or .75 inches away from the hooks. If I attach one clip and leave the other one hanging, the cooling fan doesn't sit horizontally, it's tilted.

I JUST got this machine and am wanting to keep it alive without breaking anything before I even turn it on. Do I need a new mounting clip (and if so where do I find them and/or what do you recommend?) OR do I just need to apply serious force to get the metal clips down?
Or a third option, maybe take some pliers (or maybe a wrench due to how friggin strong it is) and bend the clips down a bit.

A:Solved: Ultra X-Wind cooling fan problems.

The clips are very stiff on any cooler, to enable the cooler to have strong contact with the CPU's heat shield. You can bend them beforehand somehow if it takes more than half your weight to bend them to place, otherwise keep them as sturdy as possible to have the best cooling performance.

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I just have recently changed the CPU (Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 2.83GHz) heatsink to Thermalright Ultra-120 Extreme with a Noctua NF-P12 120mm. The memory is 2x2 Patriot Viper 1333 MHz DDR3 with a 7-7-7-20 timing. I have a hightower chassi (Mozart Tx) by Thermaltake.

Now I have monitored the CPU temperature and it has been between 47 C and 52 C. I am definately not satisfied and was expecting the CPU temp. to be well below 40 C. I only applied a size of a rice corn of Arctic Silver 5 thermal compound on the CPU and spreaded evenly.

Althogh, according to the Theemalright Ultra-120 Extreme manual I was supposed to apply thermal compound on the heatsink as well but I only applied Arctic Silver 5 on the CPU and thought that would do it.

Until today....
I took the heatsink off and removed the one week old thermal compound and applied thermal compound both on the heatsink and CPU, this time. I was hoping that the temperature would dropp but it still remains almost the same ranges between 44 C - 52 C. (Comparing with when I only applied thermal compound on the CPU the first time).

Now I do have a big tower with a great airflow inside of the chassi with two 120 mm chassi fans in the front and three 120 mm fans in the back. One of the fans that is in front of the chassi and sucks in air into the chassi is facing towords the heatsink fan but there is about 15 cm (5.9 inch) btween these two fans.

I've placed the Noctua NF-P12 fan so that the air sucks out away from th... Read more

A:Solved: Thermalright Ultra-120 Extreme - CPU Temperature

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Hi there folks, hope someone can help with my little prob.

I installed PowerISO on my PC and rebooted as instructed but I think the BIOS has been zapped somehow as it will not boot past the POST screen, the cursor just sits there blinking in the top LH of the screen.

To make matters worse the PC will not boot from a floppy or a CD Rom despite setting it up corectly in the BIOS. I can access the boot order via the setup screen using the DEL key but cannot access the Boot priority via the ESC key, don't know if this is significant or not.

I have reset the CMOS three times and on restart I get the checksum error message (defaults loaded) and I have tried using the fail safe defaults and optimised defaults but I still cannot from a floppy or CD.

The manual says the checksum error could be caused by a dead battery )mobo is only 3 months old) but this would not stop it from booting would it?

Any advice greatly appreciated.

TIA, Colin

A:Solved: Abit KN9 Ultra Mobo Problem

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