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How can I play Real Media content without real Player?!!

Q: How can I play Real Media content without real Player?!!

Does anyone know how I could play real media files (.ram) and avoiding Real sotfware? I uninstalled it I want to avoid it like the plague

I'd like to listen some radio stations like the Beeb and it's all about Real files.

Thanks for your help

Preferred Solution: How can I play Real Media content without real Player?!!

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: How can I play Real Media content without real Player?!!

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Does anyone know if there's a stable plugin or codec for Windows Media Player 10, to play Real Player files streamed from the web? Thx for any help.

A:Need a stable plugin or codec for Windows Media Player 10 for Real Player web content

Not sure of a plugin for WMP but I use a program called Real Alternative, it plays RMV files faultlessly.


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I captured an AVI file from my DVD player using my video card. My Real Player and Windows Media Player won't place this DVD clip. Someone said I need codecs.
1. what are they?
2. where to get them?
3. how to use that to convert the file to some other format?
4. what formats do Real Player and Windows Media Player support?
4a. Is there another downloadable DVD player that will play the AVI file as is?
5. I also tried to burn this AVI file using Nero but when I tried to drag the file to the proper place, I encountered problems. What could be the issue here?
6. I have been told in another forum that my CD burner can burn a DVD file on DVD media if the format is proper. What format is needed? Is this another codec issue? (Nero says it needs AVI and that is what my file is).

A:how to play AVI file on Real Player/Windows Media Player?

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Good Morning,

I'm helping a friend set up their new hard drive on the laptop. They want to play music and dvd's so I loaded Real Player and Quick Time. Can't get either to play. What am I missing?

Thank you

A:Can't get media to play in Quick Time or Real Player

You need a player that will open the MPEG-2 file type:



You can also play commercial movie DVDs with Windows Media Player as long as you download the proper codecs. The K-Lite Codec Pack includes MPEG-2 and many more. However, it's easier and safer to use the above players instead. They will play just about everything.

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I'm running Windows XP.

When I'm looking at cd's on Amazon and I try to play a sample of a cd it doesn't work no matter if I choose Media Player or Real Player.
Both tell me they can't play the file.

But they work if I put in a cd in the drive.

Anyone know why they wouldn't play from internet ?

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I was trying to play one of my DVDs on my laptop yesterday and I got this pop up that said
"Windows Media has encountered a problem and need to close. We are sorry for the inconveniences"
I was like WTF ?? !! So I tried opening it with Real Player and got the same answer. I removed and re-installed Windows Media player but that didn't help either.

Following is the error signature after the error message:

AppName: realplay.exe AppVer: ModName: quartz.dll
ModVer: 6.5.2600.2749 Offset: 0003fa8eproblem and we need to close.

The only thing I can think of that may have contributed to this is that couple days ago, I was removing some programs via "Add or Remove programs" to clean up some disk space. I may have deleted some software/programs that have to do with being able to play movies using either Windows or Real player.

I am able to play my MP3s on Real Player and Windows Media so it definitely has to do with DVD part and that's why I'm pretty sure that I deleted something that I shouldn't have that day.

I called Dell and they ran a hardware check on my laptop just so they could say that "there was nothing wrong with your computer - it's your software and we can't help you." They kindly offered $129/hour or $239(or something like that) per year for call-service with Dell's paid technitian support ppl. I told them to get out of here and that I couldn't afford that as a grad student. (ri... Read more

A:I can't play Windows Media or Real Player to watch DVDs...

is it poss u deleted the codecs needed 2 play dvd? might try dl'ing same & see if it works. try k-lite from filehippo.com

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Can anyone help me please? I'm using Windows Media Player ver.10 with XP Pro. Is there any way I can get it to play Real Audio Files with .ra and .rm extensions. I have uninstalled Real Player and now cannot play some 300 music files. Alternatively does anyone know of a player, other than Real Player, that will play them?
My thanks in advance.

A:Can Windows Media Player play Real Audio Files?

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I just downloaded real player & signed up for the 14 day trial of their super pass and I'm having trouble figuring out where I can get a list of content for it. It seems to be alot of clips mostly, other than radio.

Is there a comprehensive guide out there somewhere?

An alternative for content?

What I'm thinking to do is disconnect my satellite tv service, but I want to still be able to get some things - hoping to find a source on the net for limited stuff. It's annoying - I see internet tv sites, but when I look closer at them they're trailers, video clips, international stuff, etc. Nothing that comes close to satellite tv or cable tv.

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My university requires Cisco Clean Access Agent, and today the program decided I needed to update Real Player and Quicktime.

The thing is I started this computer from a clean install (DBAN, the whole nine yards), and never installed either program. I did, however install Real and Quicktime Alternative.

The tech support people here looked at my registry (which is scary in and of itself), and said there were traces of the programs there.

A:Does Real alternative create Real Player registry entries?

For the codecs and file associations.

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When I try to play a video in RealPlayer, I get a message that says "Software Update Required" but then RealPlayer searches and tells me no update is available. How can I watch my video? videos have .flv extention at end.

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Hi members.My hard drive just died along with a lot of data,programs,etc.I had a new one installed with Windows XP.I reinstalled Real Player and updated it.I can download videos without any problems.When i go to play a Hi-Def video Real Player opens a window prompting me to upgrade to their paid version.When i say no thanks nothing happens.If i try to play a flash video,no window and nothing happens.I can play any audio tracks without a hitch but that`s it.I`m thinking i must need some kind of plug-in or codec that i don`t have,otherwise i am at a loss.Can anyone help me out?I would be very grateful.Thanks.


A:Real Player won`t play videos

Did you install the FREE version of Real Player? What are the file types that you are trying to play? Use a different media player (unless they are RM/RMVB files). KMPlayer, MPCHD, VLC are all free.

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I got this rmvb file and i was trying to play in on real player but it when i play it it says that real player needs to download some software..then i click ok and it says that it failed and when i looked at the details, it said .rmv file. so after that i tried to download real alternative which is the same as media player classic i suppose and when i tried to play it there, it gave me an error and said it couldn't read it. What should i do?

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When I tried to play a video stream earlier, I got an error message about a missing file in my Temp Internet files. An attempt at playing an audio stream got the same response. I tried to uninstall Real Player, but for some reason that didn't work, as I got an error message about missing an uninstaller component. When I tried to reinstall it, that wouldn't work either, as when it had to uninstall Real Player, the aforemention uninstaller component error occured. I tried redownloading the latest version of Real Player, but the same error occured, and when it did install, my attempts to play streams cause AOL to crash, and it won't play regular RP files at all.

What has happened, and what can I do to fix this ?

A:Real Player problems; won't play, freezes

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Hi there! I am running Window 2000 and am having trouble with real one media player. It seems when I try to view a video clip, the picture and sound become broken up. Can you help me? Thank You. PS: I am far from a computer genius!

A:real one media player

Hello and Welcome to TSG! Are you trying to run video clips from the web? Or, are you viewing from a saved filed on your hard drive? What type of internet connection do you have? Dialup/Cable/DSL If you can, what kind of video card and video memory is installed? How much RAM? Processor. We'll go from there.

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Hi,When ever i try and watch a video clip from aol media player it comes up 'There is no software update avilable from real to support this content

Content type (s):
Does any one no how i can fix this as it is driving me mad

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Hi: I was trying to record from a radio station a recording of someone I know who has written a music piece and by mistake I saw urge and downloaded the program. When I realized I did not want this program, I deleted it. There was a message not to do it--that it would block other users from logging onto the computer (Which is a violation of the anti-trust laws) however, I did not listen and deleted the entire program from the program files. Now I cannot get any music from the radio site and it has blocked real player. MSN should be sued again.HELP!!!

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Dear all,

I have some RMVB videos can't play with real player. How can I do without reinstalling real player, converting?

A:Basic real player some RMVB format cannot play

Erm, what's so difficult about reinstalling a program? It would take less than 5 minutes, no?
But I guess you could convert them (but trust me, that would take a while). Have you tried installing the Real Player codec without Real Player itself?

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Hi all, new here! I've seen similar problems but not any solution that has worked for me.

So here's my problem.

A few weeks ago I got a free Upgrade to VISTA CD which said it would upgrade my dell computer from XP to VISTA. During the set up wizard it said it had to remove various things (I'm not computer literate so have no idea what these were!) but that when Vista was set up it would work. Anyway, there were major issues and my computer couldn't be upgraded despite Dell saying it could.

So midway through the upgrade I had to stop and my computer was left in a state with lots of things (drives etc I guess) now deleted.

I had no choice but to do System Restore and back to how it was 2 days earlier.

All seemed ok but not running as smoothly as before. Now when i put DVDs in they won't play altogether on WMP and play with sound but black background on Real Player. I've downloaded VLC and they work on there but obviously this isn't ideal and would like to solve the problem.

Any help would be fantastic. Using WMP 11 I think.

A:DVDs won't play on WMP or Real Player after System Restore

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Our music files are in Real Jukebox. How can we put them into Windows Media Player? We tried drop and drag, but this doesn't change the type.

A:Real Player Files transferred to Windows Media Player

Depending on the file the might not work
unless you talking about converting them

If you can play them on media player

Highlight the File
hold down the shift key
And Right Click

Now use open with
The goto media player
and check the always use box
If you always want to use it to open
this file if it opens this file.

There is another way
In the start menu
Folder options
file types

more here:

TheGorx http://www.geocities.com/thegorx/Windows/index.htm

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I can listen to CD's no problem but when I try to listen to a radio station directly I hit the listen button on the station web page the computer downloads the page so that it appears on the download list. How does this happen and more to the point how can I stop it and get on listening to some radio music?

A:Listening to radio via Real Player or Windows Media Player

this description could help you listen-to-internet-radio-using-windows-media-player

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Is there a freeware player that can play real video files?
i don't like RealOne Player at all...


A:free *.rm [Real media] player?

it's called Real Alternative by Igor Pavlov and uses real media codecs. the players is Media Player Classic which comes bundled with the software. This is freeware and donations are welcome.


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If I insert a CD or DVD in my CD/DVD player on my laptop, using Real Player, I get perfect video and audio.
When I change the option to Windows Media player I only get video - no sound. Can anyone tell me what settings need to be changed to get sound from Media Player?
Does Real Player have anything to do with this problem?

Jeff B

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Ok here's the deal...

Intell Celron at 700mhz
64 MB 133 ram
Windows ME
IE 5.5 Sp1
When Either real player or windows media player is running,
If a link is clicked or any action is taken in IE the computer freezes.

I am completely lost on this one....


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Just updated my Windows Media Player and of course now ALL my MP3 files and movies are defaulted to Win Player.
Before, they were all defaulted to Real Audio which I prefer to use.
How can I change this default?

A:Media Player & Real Audio


Well I use another program, but if I had to choose between real player or WMP. I would choose WMP. To open in the default player open your music folder select a MP3 (click on it once). Then press shift and right click on the track a open with box will appear, select real player and tick the box that says "always use this program to open this type of file".

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I contacted a radio station to get a few audio clips and they allowed me to download them. Unfortunately, they are in *.rm format. My friend said something about decompressing them, but I'm not sure what he meant by that. I have to burn the audio clips onto CD for a few people, but I can only drop them into Nero if I make it a data cd. How can you listen to the *.rm format on a normal cd player?

A:can you listen to real media on a cd player?

I can't answer your question and it's probably because I HATE RealPlayer. Man it's the worst.

Sorry to interupt...just needed to get my 2 cents in.

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I recently upgraded my Real player to the latest version but since then it won't play all my .ram.rm and .rmvb files . It says it needs new software but when it automatically accesses the REAL site that says that there is nothing available . My main player is VLC which I have found to be the best for reading a range of files but that also can't now read the " Real" files. Reading other peoples problems on Tech Support files I have downloaded Real Alternative which includes the Clasic Media Player . This also can't fully read the files BUT it does play the sound track . I run XP on a Dell 550 series and keep my videos on a separate Seagate external hard disc ( 1 trig - nearly full ) .

Does anyone have any thoughts ??

A:Solved: Real Player won't play ram and rmvb video files

So if it played them before then try System Restore to before you upgraded

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I saved songs from a legally owned music CD on to Real Player version

I thought I had saved them in a new play-list I created but they saved instead under the topic Music in Real Player.

I tried then right-clicking on each song and moving it to the new play-list I created but they wouldn't move to that new play-list.

Is there any way to move each song from Music to the new play-list?

Thank you kindly.

A:Real Player - Moving music files to play-list

A play list is simply a list of shortcuts pointing to the actual tracks they represent (same principle as Desktop shortcuts).

You therefore do not (and cannot) put the actual song files in the playlist location.

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I am have a computer with win98se installed on it. The problem is that when I try to play stream Real Video clips, though the video is playing, I cannot hear the sound. Another thing is that I am unable to voice chat over Yahoo Messenger. When I run the Audio Setup wizard, I am getting an error message that the sound card is being used by another sound application. I am getting this message though I am not running any other sound application simultaneously. My understanding is that the Windows Media Player 6.0 which is also installed on my computer has captured the sound card and won't let it go. I have come to this conclusion because Windows Media Player is able to play all the files but not Real Audio.
Could someone help me with my problem? Can someone tell me how to make the sound card available to other programs?



A:Sound won't play in Real Player and Yahoo Voice Chat

Hiya and welcome

Windows Media Player 6.4 won't play Realplayer files, such as ram, rm and ra. You need Realplayer or an alternative for that.

Now,a s you say you're getting a conflict with the sound card, lets have a look at your IRQ's:

Go to Run and type MSINFO32
On the left choose Hardware Resources, then IRQ's. Copy/paste the list here.

Also, lets see what you have running at startup:

Go to Run and type MSINFO32
On the left choose Software Enviroment, then Startup Programs. Copy/paste the list here.

Plus, doubleclick the volume icon near your clock, and choose Options | Properties. Playback. Make sure all boxes are ticked, OK. Now, make sure none are muted, or lowered, and that the balences are all in the middle.



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Any pros on using Real Player and Real Player library?
I've got questions on Real Player and it's library.
1. When I play a video in my library, as soon as the video is over, it starts over, with no time to move to another one or "pause" should I be trying to burn that video.
2. I'm finding problems with the volume control. When the video starts, if I have the volume adjustment all the way to the right, maximum volume, I can move it back to the left maybe 25% of the way toward "minimum" and back to the right to maximum and this increases the volume of the video as it begins to play. If I leave the volume control on maximum then the video will play at a slightly lower volume, then if I quickly move the adjustment to the left a little and back to max. This is an issue both on wanting to listen to the videos and for burning. I do not need to spend the first 1-2 seconds of each video making volume adjustments.
3. How to move videos around on the list. Do they drag to create the desired order?
4. These are flash videos. How would I move these videos to my desktop or where ever so the format can be changed from flash to something else?
5. How to delete a video from the list.
6. Even when I am on a site like www.espn.com and there is a 20 second commercial playing, there is always an option to let Real Player download the video of the commercial. I find this option on all videos regardless of website. Who has given Real Player the right to offer t... Read more

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Real Player SP win32 Scheduler Locks-Up Real Player
Version: 1.0.1
Helix Powered
Distribution: R51X01

I have had to kill, disable and rename realsched.exe in order to keep realplayer from locking up, hanging and requiring me to kill realplayer to be able to restart relaplayer.

With realsched.exe off, real player works flawlessly on Windows 7 Build 7100.

Yes I plan to get the new code, but it will have to wait till after this semester.

A:Real Player SP Scheduler Locks-Up Real Player

I have always known of the Realplayer add to not be that great...

May I reccomend installing the real codecs and use WMP or another great media player app like VLC?

Real Codecs: Free-Codecs.com :: Download Real Alternative 2.0.1 : Real Alternative will allow you to play RealMedia files without having to install RealPlayer/RealOne Player

That package also includes Media Player Classic which is one of the best Media Players out there

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Had a lot of trouble after installing Microsoft's DirectX 7a. Could not use DirectDraw, Direct 3D, or any media players: all would result in a page fault (Kernel32.dll @0137:bff7297c).

After over 30 days of troubleshooting, we isolated the conflict to the Vision 95 which has an option of being or not being installed along with the STB Velocity (Virge VX) 3D drivers.

However, BEWARE OF DIRECTX 7a and especially WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER!~ I shout because ya need to [email protected]

Windows MEdia Player seems to me to be programmed to seek out any and all other media players (ie. Real Player 7), and mess them up big time. I have a 465 Kb .mpg file. It used to play on Real player BEFORE i put Direct X 7a in. Now, it plays 2.4 seconds of the mpg and quits. Also, a .mov, although it plays in entirety, the sound is ABSOLUTELY RAUCIOUS at all volume settings.

INTERESTINGLY ENOUGH, both the mpg and mov play REALLY WELL in Windows Media Player.

I did a Add/Remove on Windows Media Player 6.4, and Real Player started having colored lines appearing in the video.

I did a manual uninstall of WMP (delete msdxm.ocx).

No improvement in Real Player.

Deleted Real Player, defrag/scandisk'ed, rebooted, clean install of RP 7, check out the mpg or mov: NO IMPROVEMENT.

DId a find on anything "mediaplayer2" or Windows Media Player, and deleted.

Real player? No Improvement.

Went onto Mcafee Clinic, and cleaned the hard drive. Eliminated 83 registry files related to "mediaplayer2... Read more

A:DirectX 7.0a, Windows Media Player, Real Player 7

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Recently I re-installed XP(probably didn't have to, but that's another story). I finally got my internet connection back and have re-installed my audio files. When I tried to start Musicmatch, I would be prompted that currently there was no music folder. After I "clicked' yes to that, the MM music would come up for a second or 2, as would the MM logo, then everything just quit and nothing. I finally uninstalled MM and re-downloaded it. Now when I try to start it, I get nothing.

I can run my music on Win Media Player, but can't run an entire song without a prompt that Media Player has experienced a problem(of course, when you click that promt, MMP disappears). It also won't play MS format music files.

I also can't get Real One to come up - after about 5 seconds of booting up, I get a prompt that it's encountered an error.

I also can't get Quick Time to come up...I get an "error 2093 message - make sure it's installed in your system."

Again, everything ran fine before reinstalling WXP(from the D drive?). Is there some common driver or something for all these media programs that I might be missing?

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I have 2 Problems i need to info on...

1. everytime i try and run MWP 10 it gives me a window telling me an internal error and nothing else happens, ive tried to install it agian but i keep getting the same error

2. with real player there are some video files where only a white screen will be up, the audio is fine but its a just a white screen that is up

if u can help me with either of these problems please let me know my aim is PufferFishOfDOom, im on all the time and my email is [email protected] PLEASE HELP


A:Windows Media And Real Player Problem PLEASE


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WMP 11 and Real Player won't play sound with the DVD playback on my friends computer.

I've done tons of troubleshooting and reboots.

I've adjusted the sound drivers, and even redownloaded it direct from the manufacturer.

It only happens when I play DVD's.

CD's play fine. The system sounds play perfectly, so I know its a problem with the two programs.

I'm at my wits end on this...

btw... the computer is a Dell Inspiron 9300, runs Windows XP 2000 Professional, Intel Centrino Processor

any ideas?

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just wondering what the pros and cons of each one is and what you guys prefer...

sorry if this has been discussed before recently

A:real vs quick vs windows media player

Well they're each suited to their own formatsReal = real media ( .rm)Quicktime = apple media (.qt)Windows Media Player = Windows media (.wma/.wmv)However my player of choice is mplayer http://mplayerhq.hu/homepage/design7/news.htmlI find that it plays virtually every file format and even plays corruptedfiles that no other player will.Its geared for Linux but the Windows version has not disappointed me yet.

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Our windows media and real player has a vibrating sound when we play it.
What is causing it?? This is an OEM system..
We have Windows XP and a Compaq Presario

A:Windows Media & Real Player problem

How much RAM do you have and are you running both of them at the same time or are their any other applications opened too?
POst some specs for better help: you can find your specs by downlaoding lavalys everest home detion form this site

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Issue1 : Real player cant play video songs( .flv format and which was download using the

real player from youtube).

Issue 2 : Cant play the streaming audio which requires 2xAVRP plug in. I have installed the

2xAVRP plug in.( Audio streaming websites like www.raaga.com, www.andhravilas.com )

Details of the issue :

First, I have experienced issues with installing real player and 2xAVRP plug in.
I have reinstalled XP SP2.
Now, I have installed both but the issue still persists.

Troubleshooting :
Completely uninstalled the real player using the Windows installer cleanup utility and installed the latest version of real player many times.

Could you please suggest me a fix for this? Is there any alterante for 2xAVRP plug in to stream the audio?

Other Info:

OS : xp sp2
Browser : Firefox 3.0 ( It worked before )
A.V.S : Norton 360 ( It worked before )

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Issue1 : Real player cant play video songs( .flv format and which was download using the

real player from youtube).

Issue 2 : Cant play the streaming audio which requires 2xAVRP plug in. I have installed the

2xAVRP plug in.( Audio streaming websites like www.raaga.com, www.andhravilas.com )

Details of the issue :

First, I have experienced issues with installing real player and 2xAVRP plug in.
I have reinstalled XP SP2.
Now, I have installed both but the issue still persists.

Troubleshooting :
Completely uninstalled the real player using the Windows installer cleanup utility and

installed the latest version of real player many times.

Could you please suggest me a fix for this? Is there any alterante for 2xAVRP plug in to stream the audio?

Other Info:

OS : xp sp2
Browser : Firefox 3.0 ( It worked before )
A.V.S : Norton 360 ( It worked before )

A:Real player cant play .flv files and 2xAVRP plug in cant stream audio?

RealPlayer sucks, it has for years. To play FLV streaming, you need Adobe Flash Player. To play non-streaming from hard drive, use VLC instead of Real.


Real is not Flash.

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90% of the music or video sites I go to are RealAudio only and will it (Real Alternative) play any video file that RealPlayer does along with its sound?
Am currently using RealPlayer 8 (Basic) & keep getting notices that it isn't supported anymore & would I like to upgrade to RealPlayer 10?

Will Real Alternative work in the system below? VBrun files 3 thru 6 are installed.

NOTE: WHILE Computer was in the shop having new Hard Drive installed the Audio Drivers were updated and now are:

"Driver Version: built by VIA"
Codec Type: VT1611
DirectX Version: 6.1

A:Real Player or Real Alternative. Which should I get

I won't have RealPlayer on my system.

Personal thing, obviously, but it has a lot of issues.

Real Alternative works, for me.

Why not get it and try it, then you'll know, yourself!

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I am running windows 98se. I dont like having to keep a realplayer window open at all times, and I want to be able to minimise it to a toolbar just like Xp can with WMP. If not sometrhing like that, then is there something like the Kazaa player where it plays while closed down to the icon in the toolbar?


btw, I have objectbar, if i can use an objectbar skin...

A:Solved: Real/Window Media Player In toolbar?

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Can anyone please advise how i convert a real player clip to windows media ??

i recorded a video clip today from an online radio station in real player , and now i need to uplaod it to bebo or youtube , so it needs to be converted

any help much apprecaited


A:how do i convert real player clip to windows media ?

Do a search for converters. There are a lot of them, but not free. Everyone says that "Super" is a great (free) converter, but I haven't tried it and don't know if it handles .ram, .rm, or other Real formats.

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The sound plays but no video,only a black screen.I tried installing codecs that didnt work,DVD's dont show,so must be something else wrong.

A:Cant view videos on DVD,real player,or WINS media

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Is there any software or freeware available that will record onto the hard drive streaming audio from real/media player of at least one hour in length?

A:recording streaming audio from real/media player

There is - but I don't think I can legally tell you about it. Try google.

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ok, one more quickie, sorry, my comps a mess...gomen nasai...anyway, this has happened before...one day i'll be watching my beloved files in a media player and then I try to watch the same file or listen to an mp3, it doesnt matter what media or player, my computer will just crash and reboot. Again, it's done this before. And it will start working again out of the blue. I've done everything i can think of, uninstalling all the media players, defragging, running antivirus and antispywares, and reinstalling. Doesn't work. Then I will get a random popup saying my computer has recovered from a serious error dealing with my video card. So i guess that that might be the problem but I'm clueless on how to fix it. Again, sorry, but this is driving me crazy.

A:Real Player/media Files Cause Crash And Restart

This may be related to your other post - and, as is the case with the other post, it really can't be fixed until you've eliminated the spyware/virus from your system.

See the other post for details.

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Is real player the same thing as windows media player? If they are the same thing which one is better?

A:real player or window media player?

Real Player (aka Real Obnoxious) is not the same as Windows Media Player. There are certain files that will only play on Real Player and certain Files that will only play on Windows Media Player.

If you are going to install Real Player I suggest that you print out the instructions here;

refer to the instructions when installing Real Player. Although these instructions are not for the current Real Player version there is still enough in the instructions as what to disable, to keep Real Player usable, but stop it from bugging you all the time.

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Hi, I listen to music all the time on my computer (its running windows xp professional).

Today, I put in a cd and I get no sound from the speakers. Everything in mediaplayer looks like the disc is playing. Likewaise, when I open a wav or mp3 file, i get no audio. I also tried the real ob eplayer, and that had the same issue. I do get audio from speakers when I test a system sound.

I clicked on the audio icon and everything is unchecked.

any ideas?


A:No sound from media player or real one player

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