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Irfanview Won't Display Thumbnail Preview Images

Q: Irfanview Won't Display Thumbnail Preview Images

After installing Irfanview to XP Pro I lost this functionality.


Preferred Solution: Irfanview Won't Display Thumbnail Preview Images

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Irfanview Won't Display Thumbnail Preview Images

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I have trouble with a particular position with the display windows,
When I'm putting the mouse over the thumbnail window I see it correctly but the original windows is "transparent" I don't see the information to say that I do not see its contents as I have not clicked on the thumbnail, on other items just drag the pointer over the thumbnail for the full window visible.

I hope I have made ​​clear, if anyone can help me?


Already search in registry with no help,

A:Cannot the windows preview if I don't click on the preview thumbnail

Hello and welcome GUI mate is this a recent phenomena? and any chance of a screen shot if you know how to use snip then that would be good if not How to Use the Snipping Tool in Vista - Vista Forums it says Vista but it applies to 7 and I keep the icon on my taskbar for quick use > Start > type snip and then > right click on the small window Snipping tool > pin to taskbar.

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How do I string together multiple scanned images into one document with Irfanview?

A:Solved: Multiple Irfanview Images

Probably not what you're looking for but...

with Irfanview open I think it's either under file or edit... create panorama...

the lappy I'm on at the moment does'nt have Ifan installed

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not sure if thumbnail preview is the right term .....
hi all - wanted to ask about why or how i might be able to fix .......
when i open a folder ....
1. if its full of pdf files (ex.: e-books) i dont see the preview / covers of the e-books any more as before - just the foxit icon
2. if the folder is full of videos (ex: movies) i dont see a small clip of a scene as before now i only see my VLC Player icon. (the big orange cone)
was there some setting that i might changed, not realizing?
new things that ive done lately:
.....have tried like crazy to better boot time by following the guide at Black Viper
.....at this moment im using the Vista Basic Theme (no aero)
really dont care much for the thumbnail previews on taskbar

have checked:

.. when i open a folder and click on organize & select folder and search options.....
under view tab - the option "always show icons, never thumbnails" is NOT checked. ????
.. have also tried clearing the thumbnail cache by deleting thumbnails under disk cleanup????

SORRY for the long post but i HAVE been trying to resolve on my own.
hang'n by a thread here

(OS: Windows Vista Service Pack 2)

A:please help: thumbnail preview gone.

I was hoping one of you super-smart guys and gals would respond, cause I'm having the same problem and can't figure out why I can see thumbnail previews of MS Word files, but can't see thumbnail previews of any downloaded videos or movies.

I've gone to Windows Explorer, Organize, Layout, and checked: Preview Pane; and I've gone into Tools, Folder Options, View, Files and Folders: and UNchecked: "always show icons, never thumbnails," and "display file icons on thumbnails," and checked "remember each folder's view setting." And I've gone into IE8 Tools, Internet Options, Advanced, Multimedia, and checked: Show Pictures.

What else should I be doing? Please help! Thanks all.

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I'm running on Windows 7 Ultimate x64 and have Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Extended installed.

Everything is updated but thumbnail preview for PDF files in Windows Explorer is not working.

Someone please give me some advise how I can get the thumbnail preview working like it should.

Thanks in advance,

A:No PDF Thumbnail Preview

Hello tommygun

Have a look here - Fixes for 64-bit Adobe Reader preview handler and thumbnails download and run the installer .zip from half way down the page and reboot.

You may also have to clear your thumbnail cache after applying the fix - Thumbnail Cache - Clear and Reset


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Is der a way dat i cn change de thumbnail preview of the images formats like jpeg an all other pictures.. i tried setting de defaults to picasa an so on.. bt de problem s dat t shows de pictures as filmstrip thumbnails.. since i do alot of movie editing an stuff i hav been used to using de thumbnail preview since de windows xp.. bt since t shows all de movies an even de pictures along with t as filmstrip thumbnails by default it sure causes me alot of confusion as to which one s which..







A:Problem with the thumbnail preview.. help!!!

Hi pramodm.
Can you write correctly please? It's very hard to understand what you write...

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I have lost my windows preview thumbnails and have tried everything in this forum to get them back. In my taskbar properties, it is unchecked and NOT hilighted to recheck it. Can someone help me out here.


A:Window Thumbnail preview

Hi Bobby and welcome to Vista Forums

Right click on the desktop and select Personalize. Click on Theme and ensure that the setting is as shown below. Click on Apply and then OK or just click on OK and then close the Personalize appearance and sounds window.

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My thumbnail previews on my superbar in Windows 7 do not move, they are just still images, even if they program is doing things.

E.G. - World of Warcraft is running and I am being attacked but my thumbnail is just a still image of what was going on when I minimized down. The thumbnail will animate/move(?) if the program is up, but when minimized, it does not. I could of sworn my friend's Windows Vista Home Premium had moving thumbnail previews when minimized or maximized.

I don't know if they are supposed to or can move in Windows 7, so any comments and suggestions on this are welcomed.

I am using Windows 7 Ultimate.

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Hello everyone.

Im having trouble with my thumbnail previews.

I have tried everything mentioned on this forum (clearing/rebuilding thumbnail cache, turned on thumbnail preview, checked/unchecked what I needed to)

Ive done this numerous times and yet i still cannot preview thumbnails. Whether it be jpegs, gifs, avis, wmvs etc.

I also noticed that my files do not end in .jpg, .gif, .avi when trying to view as thumbnails.

Can anyone help?


A:Problem with thumbnail preview, please help!

I have no system restore point

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I just bought a new laptop and had it optimized by the Firedog people in Circuit City. They turned off a lot of options to make Vista run faster. One of the things they turned off is the thumbnail preview of images such as jpegs when accessing a folder. Now when I see jpg files in a folder I see only a mountain and ocean scene which is on every file as the icon instead of a small preview of the image

How do I make it so I see a preview of the image when I see the file listed in a folder?

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not sure if thumbnail preview is the right term .....
hi all - wanted to ask about why or how i might be able to fix .......
when i open a folder ....
1. if its full of pdf files (ex.: e-books) i dont see the preview / covers of the e-books any more - just the foxit icon
2. if the folder is full of videos (ex: movies) i dont see a small clip of a scene as before now i only see my VLC Player icon. (the big orange cone)
was there some setting that i might changed, not realizing?
.....i recently disabled Desktop Window Manager Session Manager (ACCIDENTALLY) - of course & i its re enabled now.....
.....have tried like crazy to better boot time by following the guide at Black Viper
.....at this moment im using the Vista Basic Theme (no aero)
.....i really dont care much for the thumbnail previews on taskbar

.. when i open a folder and click on organize & select folder and search options.....
under view tab - the option "always show icons, never thumbnails" is NOT checked. ????
.. have also tried clearing the thumbnail cache by deleting thumbnails under disk cleanup????

SORRY for the long post but i HAVE been trying to resolve on my own.
hang'n by a thread here

(OS: Windows Vista Service Pack 2)

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Im just wondering if anyone knows of a way to make the taskbar preview work by only mousing over the tab on the taskbar, so you dont have to mouse over the thumbnail. I made the thumbnail take forever to appear cause it was anoying me for specific reasons. I want it to be like in this picture I made:

If anyone has an Idea please let me know, as far as I can tell from searching all over the internet is that no one has done this yet. I think most people are content with the combined tabs, I myself am not.
Any help would be appreciated.

A:Taskbar (-thumbnail) Preview

Hello Kookster and welcome to Seven Forums.

Sorry, but I do not believe that it is possible to have taskbar live thumbnail previews done that way instead of from the thumbnail.

You can change the delay time for it tp speed it up though.

Taskbar Thumbnail Live Preview - Change Delay Time

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i can't describe this, please see the screenshot

it happen with camtasia recorder, kmplayer etc

A:Thumbnail Preview Glitch

anyone have this issue?

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I was able to get around the taskbar thumbnail preview by doing regkey with the ExtendedUIHover setting, I've tried gpedit and other settings in the windows but none had shed any light.
However, what bothers me more is the Alt+Tab thumbnail preview which is more of an annoyance to me, please dont tell me to go back to Win7 basic themes otherwise I wouldn't be here asking a way to work around this.
Thank you in advance

A:disable the Alt+Tab thumbnail preview

You can set the "classic" Alt+Tab as default following this registry hack:
Open Regedit and browse to this key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer. Create a DWORD value
AltTabSettings and set it to 1.Microsoft MVP Windows Desktop Experience

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Is it possible to get thumbnail preview, like it was pre xp (I went straight from ME to XP). U used to get a tiny thumbnail preview beside the file name (this isn't the default icon for the type of file) and it was the pic but not big unless you set it that way. This also isn't like thumbnails view or a view pref you set, but rather it was in details view...

I hope someone can understand what I'm talking about as I've searched with google and only finding how to reenable it back with 98 and reg fixes for 98. I found one saying for some reason ms decided to take this feature out, but I liked this feature cause it allowed me to get an idea of pictures like say when in search *.jpg without clicking on each while also have details and when in thumbnail view you can't tell it's details unless you click on them...

Thank You in advance


A:Solved: thumbnail preview

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Hi. I was hoping someone could give me some advice on how to get my picture thumbnails to show the actual picture versus the default lake. I have Windows Vista Home Basic.

At first, it was just some of the pictures in the folder that were defaulting. It did not appear to be a specific type; however, when I put them in order by date, it did appear that it actually started happening after a particular date. I could never figure out what may have caused it though and system restore didn't fix it.

The weird thing is they tend to flash up when I first open the folder but then go back to that default.

That said, some of the things I have read and tried to do to fix it:

1) I have Always show icons, never thumbnails unchecked

2) Used System Tools to delete and rebuild thumbnail cache (yes Windows Photo Gallery is set as the default).

I don't know, I thought I followed directions, but maybe I did #2 wrong because it actually made it worse and now NONE of the thumbnails show and they are all now the default icons. It said it would rebuild when I opened the folder....it doesn't.

Any other advice?

A:Thumbnail preview not working - please help

Try method 2 here and see if that helps.


Tutorial thanks to Brink

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Hello Community

My question is this...... I am sure im not the first, i have looked around in a few forums regarding this and the
solutions are focussed on not to show the preview, but i would like the preview and not the icon.
My 8.1 desktop pc
does not display CR2 thumbnail preview in windows explorer - i want windows explorer to show the preview
My 8.1 laptop
does display the CR2 thumbnail preview in windows explorer - i am happy that windows explorer is showing the preview
Advanced settings, default program settings are exactly the same on both desktop and laptop
Program i use Photoshop
Please can someone help me out with this problem
thanking you in advance
frustrated from south africa

A:CR2 thumbnail preview nightmare

Have you tried changing the View ?


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I'm looking for a way to enlarge the thumbnail preview in Explorer. A person is scanning in PDF documents in large amounts and then using the thumbnail preview wants to be able to rename them from the default scanner assigned name. The current thumbnail size isn't big enough to see enough detail to rename the file without opening the document.

Ideally I would like to enlarge the thumbnails, but other solutions could work as well. any ideas folks?

A:Thumbnail Preview in Explorer

Taskbar Thumbnail Previews - Change Size
try this..

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After updating FastStone Image Viewer, I'm unable to view most of my images. (I have access to images saved after the problem arose.) In FastStone's thumbnail view, a red cross appears where the photo is/was and when I highlight the thumbnail I see the name of the image and its original size.

The same happens if I try to view the images (via the containing folder) in Picasa or Irfanview, but MS Paint opens the image without problem. I've un installed and updated all the image viewers, and changed the default program for images between various image viewer programs.

However, if I move or copy the images to another file or the desktop I?m able to view them without problem in all of the viewers. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated, thanks.

A:Unable to view images in FastStone, Picasa or Irfanview

Hope you don't mind a slight side road here but I'm curious on what this scanner finds,
Post the scan results,
Review Jacee’s instructions to run Adwcleaner here on post#7,
Ignore the title of the thread,
Or download it from bleepingcomputer.com
Screen shot of the download button to use for Adwcleaner

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Anyone know how to restore the taskbar thumbnail preview that was in IE8? I have the setting for "Show previews for individual tabs in the taskbar" set, but it only shows text when you hover over the IE icon in the taskbar, not the thumbnail view I prefer from IE8.
Is this anything to do with the Windows7 Aero settings?

A:Restore taskbar thumbnail preview that was in IE8?

Hello Andy, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Yes, you would have to be using a Aero theme to have thumbnail previews of the icons for opened windows on the taskbar.

Taskbar Thumbnail Previews - Enable or Disable

In addition, you might also check the tutorial below to see what your list mode threshold limit is set at. If to low, this would display a list instead of thumbnail view as well.

Taskbar List or Thumbnail Previews Mode - Change

Hope this helps,

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I have attached a WD "My Passport" hard drive to use as a home server onto my home router. When I try to access the drive contents remotely their are no thumbnail previews. For example a folder full of JPEG pictures and all you see are the generic tiles with no preview.

Things I have tried.

I have tried changing the tile size.
I have tried on both Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 computers.
I have done the whole view settings to show icons not thumbnails etc

Nothing seems to work. Is it even possible ?

Thanks in advance

A:WD FTP Media Server No Thumbnail Preview

Hello Modesty!

Do you mean that the view of the files is only in tile-mode and you cannot change it? Can you post a screenshot? Do you have any other problems: with performance, or access, can you open or transfer your files successfully?

Are the files/shortcuts broken? Are absolutely all files like that?


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Hi All,

Sorry if this is in the wrong place. However,
I am having exactly the same problem as Thumbnail problem. Computer not generating them or something. - I have done all the things list here and I still cannot see any preview icons for any files or folders. Unless I use the list view which doesnt show previews anyway for picture or movie files.

I have done a repair of Vista and that didnt fix the problem. I really dont want to start from scratch.

I also cannot change my desktop image, and any file I try to upload wont change it.

If you can help me I would very much appreciate it. If you need screenshots or anything like that I can do.

Thank you!

A:No Thumbnail preview for any files or folders

Hi, dunkywunky87, and welcome to the forums.

Would you be so kind as to post screen shots? They don't have to be full screen, just small rectangles showing what you mean....

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A little while ago, I noticed a distinct change in the preview thumbnails for my images in window explorer.


I'm not sure what the cause of this is, and after a few google/bing searches I came up empty handed. I'm looking to have them restored to the windows Vista default look, with no movie-style borders.

I've had this problem for little over a year, and haven't taken serious strides in correcting it until now. A system restore is not an option, as I only allow a 2 week period from which to restore.

A:Image Thumbnail Preview Error

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Is there a way to make the folder icons look like the windows XP folder icons, where the folders are flat instead of skewed, and showed 1 to 4 picture thumbnails? Its awfully difficult for someone like me who has a huge amount of categorization to find what he is looking for due to the lack of functionality that the folder thumbnails have in this version of Windows. Yeah, sure they look all pretty, but its difficult to even figure out what the general picture contents of the folder is unless you're already very familiar with it. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Folder pic thumbnail preview (XP style?)

Convert to Windows XP Style
maybe this you means.

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I know this has already asked/posted but it needs to be posted again/dealt with...

I've been trying to find a way to disable/remove the taskbar thumbnail preview in Windows 7. I've google searched to death lookin for a way how but nothing.

I'm aware that there is the option to do so in gpedit.msc and in regedit (hkey_current_user\software\microsoft\Windows\DWM where it says enableaeropeek change value to 0, but i assure u those methods do not work.

any help/info would be greatly appreciated

A:How Can I Disable Taskbar Thumbnail Preview?

I don't think a way has been found yet, I'm assuming you've read this thread already?

Unable to turn off Taskbar Thumbnail

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I have win 7 ultimate(32bit) and I installed acrobat reader 9 and foxit pro ,but I can't preview the pdf first page
in win explorer ( folder option->view> always show icon ,not thumbnail is not checked) .
I used this trick
Enable or Disable Thumbnail Preview in Windows Explorer for PDF files | Tricks-Collections.Com

but it did not work!

help me please...

A:PDF Thumbnail Preview in Windows Explorer

i got the same issue..

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When I hover over a window in the taskbar, I only see words instead of a picture of the window; and I would like to change that. I have changed to an Aero Theme etc, but nothing is happening. I don't think I'm an admin on my computer. Please explain answers in layman's terms, I know nothing about computers.

A:Taskbar Thumbnail Preview Disabled

Oh, nvm, I fixed it.

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I want to see the preview of the video... but for some reason it wont let me

Anyone help?

I have tried enabling thumbnail preview etc...

A:Video Thumbnail Preview Problem


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Must be one of the most often asked question, but I haven't found correct reply yet - how to disable Windows 7 64 bit File manager to display video thumbnail preview on right panel?

regsrv32 /u shmedia.dll doesn't work - file not found.
Preferred is to disable all video extensions with the same option, as there are rare formats which I'm not aware, but the slow PC down or may hang PC for several minutes.

A:Disabling video thumbnail preview

Hello Robilong,

If you mean the Preview Pane, then it's a universal setting in all Windows Explorer windows to either be on or off. It cannot be turned on or off for specific file types.

Preview Pane - Turn On or Off

Hope this helps,

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I've recently changed to Windows 8.1 and honestly don't think it's as bad as people make out, clearly not as user friendly as Windows 7, but hey ho.

Anyway, I have a number of folders on my hard-drives and I want to put a preview pic on them so I know exactly what they are, however when I Right Click > Properties > Customise > Choose File > Apply, it completely ignores my selection, and it's the same across all my hard drives.

I've tried clearly the thumbnail cache without any luck. I also went through the lengthy task of running tweaking.com's Windows All In One Repair in case it was a dodgy system file, no bad sectors found and after three hours running, still no use.

I should note it does work in two instances:
When I rename my specific picture as 'folder.jpg'When I create a new folder, put files in there, then I can change the thumbnail pic via the properties (That suggests the folder could be conflicting as it was created in Windows 7?)

Any idea what's causing the issue? Any help appreciated.

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I'm not quite sure how to name this thread, so hopefully my description makes more sense.

I've been using 7 since its official release, and I'm on my third separate installation after reformat. All reformats were as a result of normal toying around. Basically, in each and every installation of 7 x64 I've installed, video/image thumbnail previews consistently behave unreliably.

Specifically, under normal operation thumbnails are generated, and then Windows automatically removes the dead space around the previews. For instance, when a series of 16x9 previews are generated, Windows would remove the empty space around each thumbnail.

My problem is that Windows consistently and randomly stops removing the empty space around the previews. One second all my previews will be nicely grouped together with no large spaces of empty white between them. The next second, literally, Windows stops behaving well.

I've searched high and low for anyone else that has seen this problem, but I've either not used the right search terms, or nobody has seen it but me. (Probably the former.)

I wondered if anyone else has seen this quirk, and if so, has a cause been identified?

A:Thumbnail Preview Automatic Resize

Are you able to produce a screenshot?

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Hi, I've tried google-ing this problem but am no computer whiz and couldn't find a solution:

The issue is that the video files from my camera don't show previews in any of the programs I use (My Pictures or Adobe Bridge) and only playback in VLC. They are .MOV files, but even when converted to AVI I have the same problem.

I tried the media preview prompt (regsvr32 shmedia.dll) but no difference.

Older AVI files from my previous camera work just fine. I don't know if this is a problem with the camera, Adobe, VLC or Windows, so don't know where to look for answers.

Any help would be great.

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I have read through about 4 hours worth of posts out there and tried everything that has been put my way, but nothing is working. About 1 week ago I installed a piece of software called Mystic Thumbs. This was meant to enhance my thumbnails in my system. Being that this was an eval version I looked through, decided it didn't give me enough to warrant $30 and uninstalled. Since then I can't see previews for my jpg files. Even in the preview pane nothing is showing.

Windows 7 Ultimate
2 Gb RAM

250 Gb HD with 9Gb page file. No out of memory/won't display your preview there.

I have used "Disk Cleanup" to clear the thumbs.db and I have manually deleted the thumbs.db from ../users/{profile name}/appdata/local/microsoft/windows/explorer/..

It just rebuilds the same sets as before and refuses to build the sets that it wouldn't display before.

A:Windows 7 jpg thumbnail preview not working...sometimes


Try using revo uninstaller to clean up the remnants - reinstall the program if you need to so it picks it up.

Revo- http://download.cnet.com/Revo-Uninst...-10687648.html



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When I have multiple windows belonging to the same program, mousing over them gives me a preview of each window. If there are too many, they a vertical list of the windows appears.

In Vista, I would only see the preview for the window I put my mouse over. A list would never come up.

Since I need to see the previews as quickly as possible and do not have the time to look at multiple ones or navigate through a list, I need a way to restore the Vista functionality where only one preview comes up - the one for the window I moused over.

A:Just One Aero Thumbnail Preview per Window

Hi mkz. There is probably a better way, but this is the only way I know of.

You could always uncombine the buttons, so that when you open a window, you get a "Vista" type Taskbar button, each with its own button.

To do this:
Right click a blank area of your taskbar and click "Properties"

Change "Taskbar Buttons" to "Never Combine"

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I am using windows vista and I have video files in this folder. Here is my problem: I can't get the files to show as "preview thumbnails" so I can get a preview picture of what the video content has on it. Does that make sense? Anyone have any ideas? All info is greatly appreciated! I have attached a picture.

A:My Videos Preview thumbnail Image

Have you tried this?Open the Start Menu, right-click on 'Computer' and click on 'Properties'.Click on 'Advanced system settings' in the upper left hand corner of the window.Open the 'Advanced' tab and click on the 'Settings' button under the 'Performance' group.Make sure that 'Show thumbnails instead of icons' is ticked.Let me know how things go.

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Hi all,

I run Windows 7 on a old laptop, so enable aero is not possible. I want to know if there is a software to enable the thumbnails on the taskbar with aero basic theme.

I've tried Visual tool tips & Visual task tips but both don't works with Windows 7

thanks for your help

A:Taskbar preview thumbnail with seven basic ?

No software that will enable certain Aero features, but try enabling Aero.


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i love the taskbar thumbnail preview but i have one problem.
It's not real time, I will explain.

I run What's up Gold on my windows 7 computer.
I normally have it minimized so i can work on other things.
Now if i want to check to see if all my server are up and running
i will hover over my WUG icon in the taskbar and the preview window comes up. If i then hover over the little preview window then i get a full screen
view of WUG. One problem It's stuck in time. meaning what i am looking at in the preview and even the full screen preview is not what the program is
displaying right at this moment. What it is showing me is what was going on in WUG the last time it was opened fully and then minimized. So if i minimized it at 8:30am and it's now 4:00pm what i am seeing in the preview is from 8:30am. If i click on the preview and open WUG again it displays what is going on in real time.

I will include some screen shots.

The only thing i can think of is that i am running dual screens.

A:taskbar thumbnail real time preview

You have to occasionally reopen it to get a new preview. I noticed that sometimes when i am download things and i start doing other things, the preview will say like 85% downloaded, but when i go to the actual window it is done. Not sure how to make it be real time all the time, or why it even stops sometimes.

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Hello. First time poster hoping someone can provide me with some insight. I have a 64-bit HP dv6-2155dx, with 4 GB RAM and I am running Windows 7. When I have multiple Internet Explorer tabs open, and I am scrolling over the thumbnail previews of these tabs down in the taskbar area to see what pages are currently open, every few minutes or so my cursor will hang/freeze for a split second and then go skip back to normal movement. It doesn’t matter if I am using my touchpad mouse that is on my laptop or a wireless mouse via USB. It’s becoming kind of annoying. My question - Is this a common issue?
Is it stemming from typical high CPU usage and I should "just live with it"? Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide me.

A:Cursor Hangs When Scrolling Through Thumbnail Preview


I am running a HP ProBook 4320s and am experiencing the exact same problem. It doesn't only happen with IE though, I am now getting it with other applications (itunes etc.).

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I just received my new laptop, a dell inspiron 15z with Windows 7 home premium 64-bit. I have seen and read about thumbnail preview pictures popping up when you hover the mouse over a program on the taskbar like multiple internet windows for example. When i try and hover my cursor over the taskbar, only word listings pop up of the different windows i have for that program. I would like to get it so that i can see a picture preview of the window, as well as when i hover my mouse over one of the previews, that it displays it full screen like ive seen done for other people. Any help?

A:I dont see thumbnail preview pictures on taskbar.

Hello Brad, Welcome!

This means that Aero is not enabled. Right-click on My Computer and hit Properties. You will see Windows Experience Rating. You will need to hit refresh, and troubleshoot problems with Aero.

There are a few possibilities:All you need to do is hit Refresh
You need a new driver for your graphics card
Your graphics card is not powerful enough

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I've recently built my new pc with a Sapphire R9 390 before that i had the HD7750.

With the HD7750 i had a 2 monitor setup (eyefinity) and the taskbar going across 2 screens, when i hover over the taskbar i got a little thumbnail telling me what was in the window.

When i built my new pc, i still had 2 monitors and it done the same, hover over the icon in the taskbar and the thumbnail preview showed me what was in that window.

I then got my 3rd monitor, re-setup eyefinity and noticed that the taskbar preview disappears!

But whats strange is, if i move the taskbar to the left or the right of the screen, it comes back, if i move it to the top, it disables again, so it seems when the taskbar is long it stops working.

Aero is enabled, and taskbar effects is turned on.

What would fix this so i can get the taskbar thumbnail previews back when the taskbar is on the bottom?

This problem is with windows 8, but no one is answering on 8 forums haha!

This is what i mean by aero peek (i know this screenshot is from a win 7 machine, but same thing on win 8! as im not on my machine atm!)

My PC specs:
CPU: AMD FX8350 Black Edition
GPU: Sapphire R9 390 NITRO
MOBO: MSI 970 Gaming
Screen Setup: 3x 21.5" LG monitors
HDD1: Kingston 128gb SSD
HDD3: Seagate 2TB
Case: NZXT Phantom Full Tower (Orange/Black)

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Although the ability to shut open windows in thumbnail previews by pressing little red X is good. A lot of the time it takes 2-3 tries to hit the little X because of its size. I'd like it to be bigger so is there a quick registry fix to make this possible? thx

A:Thumbnail preview 'close X': Make it bigger?

Not sure if there's a regedit for that... but even better: if you have a middle mouse button (a.k.a. "scroll wheel click") you can click it while hovering the cursor anywhere on the thumbnail!


Windows Outreach Team

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Just switched to Windows 7 Ultimate x64 on a new machine (from Vista x86). I just noticed that I on Windows 7 don't get thumbnail previews for Word (Office 2007) documents (as I have been used to on Vista x86). Powerpoint document thumbnails preview as expected. Is this normal?I also notice that sometimes folder icons don't show preview of folder contents (they seem to take a while before beeing updated to indicate the folder contents). But, this is a separate issue I guess...

A:No thumbnail preview for Word documents (or folders)

JorgenJ,In Word 2007 or 2010, you must check a box "save thumbnail" from the Save As dialog box when saving a document.I opened an old document, selected that box, and saved the document again.I then went to Windows Explorer or the Documents folder. At the top right,  view choices you must select Extra Large, Large, or Medium icons, Tile or Content for the thumbnail to appear for the word document.When I selected those the thumbnail appears.The thumbnail option must be saved when the document is saved or it is not included.That should do it for you.What's the result?  

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I currently run the RTM 7600 Build and had come across a very strange problem.

Whenever I hover my mouse over the "Superbar" to preview the window via "thumbnail preview" (I believe that is AERO function), I get the "Explorer.exe has stopped working" and then it restarts itself, closing all open windows...

This does not happen when I switch to Windows 7 Basic Theme, so I believe it is indeed an AERO problem.

I have browsed for hours without finding a solution.
I was wondering if there is a way to reinstall or repair just the AERO part of Windows.

Any help is much appreciated.

A:Taskbar Thumbnail Preview crashes Explorer.exe

Hello Luke,

You might see if doing a repair install may be able to fix it for you without losing anything.

Hope this helps,

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Is there any way so that previews for Text (.txt) files
are shown too in Thumbnail view in Windows Explorer ?


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i have loaded windows 7 but having a problem of the taskbar thumbnail preview it does not show the live preview instead it shows the title of the window open earlier it showed the preview

can some one solve this problem

A:taskbar thumbnail real time preview

Can you post a screenshot please?

Also, the thumbnail preview only works with aero enabled

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Hello everyone,

I have recently reinstalled my laptop with a windows 7 home version.
When i put my mouse on the different icons in the taskbar to check the windows opened it disapear very very fast and even sometimes when i'm fast enough to click on a thumbnail to change window, it's not taking that click.

I also have the same issue with the Alt+Tab feature, after 3 tabs everything disappear.

I have done some researches :
Editing the RegistryKey : HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced\ThumbnailLivePreviewHoverTime

Nothing changed , i have no idea if it can helps but i have a DELL xps 15z.

Best regards,

A:Thumbnail preview disappear too fast in the task bar and Alt + Tab

1. shut down the laptop
2. remove the power supply and the battery
3. press and hold the power button 2-3 times and keep it pressed for 1-2 seconds --- obviously the laptop will not start!
4. plug in the battery and the power supply, start the laptop and check if the problem is gone

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