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Q: overheating

hello, i have a overheating problem with my hp pavilion 15-n026sa,i downloaded 2 programmes to read the temp of my cpu not originally for the hp but another computer i fixed which overheated and blew the cpu,but since i had the software i tryied it on the hp and its 90c when in use and 83 when idle it seems way to high to me, so first i opened it cleaned the dust replaced the thermal paste to know effect so then i bought another heatsink and fan and installed yet again no change,i also went about updating the bios which it didnt need to b updated, so i am at aloss, wondering has anyone else had the same problem

Preferred Solution: overheating

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: overheating

Hi,Can you perform a stress test with this program AIDA64 extreme (trial) and see temps of cores and also include the GPU in the stress test.https://www.aida64.com/downloads Also go to device manager and try to see if you can update drivers for chipset and processor. Let me know,David

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Okay i am a total noob here. So please keep your replies simple.

I have GeForece 9300M GS on my Acer asppire 4930G Laptop. The GPU is overheating with my idle tempratures at 65 C. When i start a game/HD movie the tempratures rise within minutes and my computer crashes (turns off) .

I got the laptop fans cleaned and got it serviced but the issue is still there. Also the cleaning got my warranty void. I have heard about underclocking and undervolting but dont know crap about them. Also are there any moded drivers that kick start the fan from the beginning as that might help.

Any other help/tips would be greatly appreciated (but please provide links to tutorials and details.)

A:Overheating GeForce 9300M GS, Overheating issues with 9300M GS on Acer Aspire 4930G

BUMP!!!!! anyone help!!!

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I have a friend who has been getting an IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL error for a year or so...typically when his computer has been on for long times and such. He finally came to me for help...and his CPU was idling at 58 degrees Celcius with only AIM running. It crashes every now and again, semingly for no reason, and after a crash it'll be at 70 degrees celcius or so.

He's had it for three to three and a half years...could it be he needs new thermal grease? A new fan/heatsink? I know next to nothing about this, so if somebody could help, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Please recommend any products if that happens to be the problem...I know heis processor is an AMD Athlon 2400 and that he has a Socket A motherboard...that's about it. And is running Windows XP/

A:CPU Overheating...

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i know i'm supposed to listen for a beep if my computer is gonna overheat, but is the beep supposed to come from the speakers or the tower?

i was playing fear and i got two beeps from the tower about 3mins apart from each other does that mean it was starting to overheat?

if it makes a difference i'm running amd 64bit 3000+/nvidia 128 gt/2gbs of ram/windows xp pro

oh and i also have the standard fans/heat sink taht goes onto the videocard/cpu but none on my ram and no case fan


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Hi there recently built a pc,sempron 2800 on a compatible motherboard with correct ram, the problem i have is when i plug a usb device into the pc mainly a broadband modem, what happens is the mouse freezes up and the back panel of pc heats up quickly, the cpu power supply etc are at there normal tempreature, Anyone got any ideas

A:pc overheating


What MoBo?
Does this cable modem have nic too?
Does it do this with all usb devices?
Do you have any front panel usb ports?

Try a different usb cable to start with.
Check to see if any additional usb connectors are
plugged in correctly to the MoBo.
Check bios for all settings on usb.
Possibly clear cmos.


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My computer is a Dell, Inspiron XPS, P4 3.4 GHz with 1.00g ram. Radon 9700.
My mainboard is heating up and my fans seem to hardly be running although they are both moving. I cant figure out how to get them to work right. I installed Speedfan and Hardware sensor monitor and they show no fans. Is thewre anyway i can make them run with more rpm's? I dont know what to do i have tried everything. I read posts saying what there far rpm is and what way they are blowing but i have no clue how to tell. The fan blowing out hot air seems to be fluctuating in how hard its working but the intake is barley running.

A:MB overheating!!

Some motherboard dont support hardware monitoring - especially the ones in DELL, HP machines etc. But you should check the BIOS - maybe its just switched off (had that in an old HP).

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Ok, my computer has been running really slow recently and whenever I insert a cd, it shuts down. I read on one of these forums that it could be to do with CPU heating so I download the program Everest, which told me that my CPU right now, when all i'm running is google Chrome and Everest, is 60oC. I don't know what to do about this. I'm a complete novice so I don't know how to open up the computer, clean hardware etc so please keep it simple
Additional Info: it tells me that my cooling fans for the CPU are running at 3590 RPM if thats any help. The computer is running XP, and the CPU Type is Intel Pentium 4 640, 3200 MHz (16 x 200).
Thanks for your help in advance.

A:CPU overheating!

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I've been getting a swiggly shadow line appearing behind things on my screen, like my cursor and the navigation bar on vBulletin boards.

I upgraded my GPU fan to the Arctic Cooling Rev. 2 for the 6800GT and added 3 Cooler Master 80MM fans to my PC. And, I cleaned the other 3 existing case fans & CPU fan/heatsink, but it still happens.

Right now, I'm using a big home fan to cool my PC w/ the side panel off. The swiggly shadows seem to be gone at this point.

My temperatures according to EVERST Home Edition 2.2:

Mobo: 21C
CPU: 20C
GPU: 37C
GPU Ambient: 30C

Without the big fan, my Ambient level would rise by 8 - 9, my CPU goes up to 25, 26, and GPU is at about 40 - 45.

Can someone please help me?
And if any more upgrades are necessary, I'd like to spend as less as possible. With those 4 fan upgrades recently, I've already spent 50 bucks.

Thanks for all the help in advanced.

A:PC Overheating I think

those temps are fine... even without your house fan. so i believe your problem lies elsewhere.... have you updated your graphics card drivers and windows updates?

BTW... for 50 bucks those fans should be cooking you breakfast every morning.. lol

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I recently replaced my power supply and now my cpu keeps overheating and shutting down.

A little history:
Built it in 2002 with a K7T Turbo2 motherboard and AMD Duron 1300 MHz. A little while back the temperature warning started popping up saying temperature was getting high, but the temp held pretty steady. And the warning would go away. I noticed the fan was not spinning at a constant rate and had a bit of a skip to it. I replaced the fan and had no problems for a little while. Then the temperature warning would come on occasionally, usually overnight when I wasn't using the machine. I cleaned the case out and tried to give the tower space for better airflow. The other day I had a BSD waiting for me when I got home. After rebooting and running for a day or so, the computer crashed. When rebooted it went to a very strange screen... hard to explain...not a BSD and no clear error message...lots of text, but not much sense to it. I figured my power supply was bad. Replaced the 250W with 350W. My old power supply did not have the 4 pin power plug for the mobo (ATX), but the new one does. I plugged it in (and all the other power connections) and booted up. The fan didn't come on at first, but after unplugging and replugging its Molex, it came on. The fan now spins at a constant rate. However, after a little while my computer crashed. Now whenever I boot it up, the temperature warning comes on and the temp steadily increases to 200F before crashing (about 5 minutes). I... Read more

A:CPU overheating

where is the power wire for the CPU fan going?? To a motherboard header? or a molex connecter??
You need to get the CPU fan running 100% 100% of the time.

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I have 1GB Ram
AMD Athlon xp 2700+
Radeon x800 pro 256

Since I installed the radeon and started playing some graphically intensive games, like F.E.A.R the pc has started shutting down due to the cpu overheating.

I have a feeling that the graphics card is making the cpu work too hard. Could this be the case? Or could it be something else?

I was intending on upgrading my cpu anyway, can anyone give me any suggestions for what I should get?


A:CPU overheating.

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  Every time the secondary r5 230m GPU kicks in, meaning, every time I run ANY kind of game, or 3d graphic program, the card jumps from 40C to 85 in a couple of seconds and after a minute or so the whole laptop shuts down, indicating overheating.   Before you suggest the general steps, I've done them. I've extensively cleaned the fan and the heatsink. I've checked the power supply. I don't have a cooling pad, I've installed the latest drivers,etc. The laptop is only 2 years old,and barely used.Its illogical to start overheating from nothing out of the blue when it hasn't even been used extencively for gaming or otherwise.

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My computer, playing WoW (or even Diablo II) will intermittently "freeze" for a second or two, then catch back up. Playing these games with this problem is quite frustrating!

I'm wondering if it's a heating issue. Ambient temperature in my room has risen as of late (due to the tempearature outside doing the same), and I'm wondering once the A/C is turned on, if all my problems will go away. But I want to learn something too, so I thought I'd ask.

Using Speedfan, I get four temperatures: Two hard drive temps (always less than 40C), my video card's core temperature (~50C idle, up to 60C playing WoW), and "Ambient" (which is ALWAYS at 0C).

I have the side off of my minitower with a fan blowing onto it. This is how I can maintain my video card temperature (without it, it can easily get up to 70-80C!)

Now I'm wondering if the CPU is overheating. My first clue is the intermittent freezes; I know that P4s will cycle down once they start to overheat. My box is a Dimension 4700. It's got a little enclosure that fits around the CPU heatsink, with a fan that blows air onto it. The heatsink is hot to the touch. My PSU is a nonstandard one that blows air down into the machine, so no, there's no actual air *leaving* the system, which leads to my question: Should I actually turn the fan pointed at the system *around*, so that it's blowing the air out of the system? I have no other way to attach a fan that'd blow air o... Read more

A:Possible overheating?

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Hi this is my first post here

PC specs at bottom

I have been having this problem for a while and havent been able to completely resolve it but have managed to lessen it.

I built my computer in the early spring. The first game I bought/installed was half-life 2. As soon as I tried to start the opening cinematic, my computer would crash. I fixed this problem by disabling and unnecessary programs from running in the background of my computer. Since then the game has run perfectly. I soon decided to benchmark my rig with 3dmark-05. After about ten seconds of running the actual 3dmark app, the same problem reoccured - my PC would crash, the LEDs and power still on, but a blank [powersave mode] monitor screen.

My first suspiscion is my RAM. I bought Ultra 512mb pc3200 budget memory. Plus the memory does not have a heatspreader attatched.

Next would be my video card which is an XFX Nvidia Geforce 6600GT 128Mb card. Since the problem only occurs during visually demanding apps, I had a feeling something may be wrong with my videocard. I have tried to see if my GPU's fan is operational but am unable to completely see because the fan faces the bottom of my chassis. Also, I have a Vantec PCI dual fan card running right under my GPU which should be adding extra cooling...very confusing indeed.

Finally, could this be a *gulp* proccessor problem?! I am running an Intel P4 3.34 Ghz processor on a Chaintech Summit series motherboard. The CPU has an Aerotech heatsink/fan on it but ... Read more


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my computer has been overheating an the fan is constantly blowing. the computer also shuts off by itself at any given time. what can i do


What make/model is the PC?

Has it been cleaned lately? Dust/debris blown from the fan and heatsink?

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my cpu keeps overheating and then turns off,
i am thinking about tomorrow sending it back as it is only 4 months old.

i dont know why it overheats, i could be just using it normally, with ie open and msn and media player and it will turnoff.
or i could be playing counter strike and it would turn off.

does anyone know of any common problems why they overheat?

i have enoughf resources, like

480wat p/s
1 gig ram
256mg gfx
280gig hdd.
4 case fans
full tower case

or could it be thats whats making my cpu going outa control?

well if i cant find a solution tomorrow i will try and send it back.


A:overheating CPU

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hay i have a dell inspiron 5150 lap top i use it mainley for work and my cooling fan has stoped working it does come on during boot up it goes through a3 stage test but when it boots up all the way it turnes off dell said go to out of warinty repeir center i would rather not due to content on my hard drive can any one help??

A:im overheating

can any one help?

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My laptop shut down suddenly and when it started, a message appeared stating the laptop was shut down to avoid overheating. Are there any ways from which I CAN REMOVE THE DUST from the cooling vents? There aren't proper shops around so I need to do it myself at home. Any simple and effective method will help alot. Thanks


Hi,This will help you: http://support.hp.com/in-en/document/c01657439RegardsVisruth

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I am pretty sure my computer is overheating. I don't know how to figure out what the temps or any of the details about my video card and I was wondering if someone could tell me how? I have windows xp, I am not sure about the video card and I'm not really sure how to find out what type/brand my video card is either. I am really a novice at this so if someone could help me that'd be great.


I downloaded Belarc to find all of the specifics of my computer... Operating System System Model
Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 (build 2600) HP Pavilion 061 PU005AV-ABA A850Y 0qq1211RE101GROUP00
System Serial Number: MXP50701G3 NA550
Processor a Main Circuit Board b
3.20 gigahertz Intel Pentium 4
16 kilobyte primary memory cache
1024 kilobyte secondary memory cache Board: ASUSTeK Computer INC. Grouper 1.xx
Bus Clock: 200 megahertz
BIOS: American Megatrends Inc. 3.12 12/03/2004
Drives Memory Modules c,d
160.02 Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity
113.24 Gigabytes Hard Drive Free Space

HP DVD Writer 640b [CD-ROM drive]
TEAC FD-05PUB USB Device [Floppy drive]

Generic USB CF Reader USB Device [Hard drive] -- drive 2
Generic USB MS Reader USB Device [Hard drive] -- drive 4
Generic USB SD Reader USB Device [Hard drive] -- drive 1
Generic USB SM Reader USB Device [Hard drive] -- drive 3
HP PSC 2355 USB Device [Hard drive] -- drive 5
SAMSUNG SP1614C [Hard drive] (160.04 GB) -- drive 0 1024 Megabytes Installed Memory

Slot 'DIMM0' has 512 MB
Slot 'DIMM1' is Empty
Slot 'DIMM2' has 512 MB
Slot 'DIMM3' is Empty
Local Drive Volumes

c: (NTFS on drive 0) 152.16 GB 111.43 GB free
d: (FAT32 on drive 0) 7.86 GB 1.82 GB free

Network Drives
None detected
Users (mouse over user name for details) Printers
local user accounts last logon
Administrator 10/9/2006 1:52:22 AM ... Read more

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I have a pentium 4 3.2 ghz prescott. I'm im idling at about 45 celsius and everytime i try to play a game it will run for a few mins then shut off. When I play games it would go up to 65 Celsius. Is the cpu overheating? I read somewhere that weak power supplys can cause this.

My psu is 400 W and has 10 amps on the +12v rail. I read that you need at least 18 amps for a prescott.

A:Cpu Overheating?

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First off...I am no techie so any replies need to be in plain english..lol

I am having trouble with my PC overheating. My CPU fan is working but I dont think it is working properly. Everything is fine while I have an everyday fan blowing on it.

My PC also reboots all the time and I think that could be video card.

System specs are:
AMD Athlon1.34ghz
512mb ram

Video card:
NVidia Riva
TNT2 Model 64/64pro

GA 75748 K7 Triton
Winfast Delron 12v ac Fan

If I need to buy a new heatsink and fan...what sort do I buy?...I have looked on ebay and all that has done is confuse me..lol. What would be a good, cheap vid card to buy? I have been offered a 64mb GForce 4 MX400 3D card....what are they like?

Any help would be appreciated.


A:[B]Overheating PC[/B]

you choice of video car ddepends on what you plan to sue it for, specifically.

i'd say that yoy have a socket A (462) system and need to purchase a socket A hsf (the y are categorized by socket). if you ar eunsure of yourself i reccomend taking it into a shop or having a technician look at it, as you may accidentally cause serious damage (lots of people do).

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Ok first let me tell you what I have
P4 3.0E Prescott core
Radeon 9600xt
SB Audigy2
Kingston DDR400 1 GIG Ram

Ok with that being said. I have had some trouble with my CPU running hot. 81 C
So I upgraded my cooling to the Thermaltake Silent Tower CL-P0025http://www.thermaltake.com/coolers/cl-p0025/cl-p0025silentTower.htm
and my Video card cooler to the CoolMaster VHC-L61http://www.coolermaster.com/index.php?LT=english&Language_s=2&url_place=product&p_serial=VHC-L61&other_title=0

My CPU still runs 52 C which is to hot. Can anyone tell me what I need to do to fix this problem. Intel says that the Prscott can safely run at 90 C but My Mobo shut my system off when it hits 81 C I just biult this system in Feb. I have 8 case fans in my system as well. Please Help.

A:CPU Overheating

Hello! Welcome to TechSpot!

Is this P4 3.0E Prescott core stock settings or oc?
"My CPU still runs 52c which is to hot." fasle
Is this under load or idle temps?
60c is average for stable system any cpu make.
81c shut down seems a good place too.

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I don't know what to do about my PC overheating and i was looking for some advice. I have an attachment of the temps and voltages of my computer.

A:CPU Overheating

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Okay. My computer has just found another way to annoy me by overheating. It came up suddenly maybe would happen once or twice a week but now it mappends every hour and i have no clue what to do. Another fan may work but i dont want to have to get one yet if there is another solution? My friend says reconfiguring may help because there are viruses that can take control of that kind of stuff... Or so I've read. Can somebody please help me? i've checked my computers thermal tempurature after last overheat and it was 47 Celciuse. I do not know how many watts I'mrunning on sorry.



Download Sensors View and post a screenshot of its readings from when you first switch on, and another after you've run some programs for a while, so we can see any variations in the temperatures and voltage values.

Also, open up your case and copy down the details from the label on the Power Supply Unit. Post back with this info and your full system specs.

Check your system's power requirements here (add 30% to the total to allow for PSU inefficiency)

Do you have a fan at the front of the case pulling cool air in and one at the back blowing warm air out? Check all fans are spinning and unobstructed by cables. Get a can of compressed air and clean any dust out of the case, especially around the fans and heatsink.

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My computer has been overheating a lot lately (at least I think It's overheating)

It overheats on some simple games such as Fire Emblem (GBA EMU game)
Web Based flash games
Ultima Online
and Morrowind

I'm pretty sure it is over heating because I opened the case and had a house fan next to it on high and I have no problems but it leaves me cold.

I currently have 2 case fans and a CPU fan in my computer.

Case Fan 1 = 4800 RPM
Case Fan 2 = 3200 RPM

CPU Fan = ???? RPM


There is a program called Speedfan and it will monitor the temperature sensors that are present on the vast majority of motherboards. Download and install it, run a game for a little bit, then close the game and see what your temps are operating at.

There are usually some fairly cheap fixes to a computer overheating. You can buy a can of compressed air for like $5(US), or you could purchase a new heatsink fan/thermal compound for around $30-40(US).

Another valid (and by far the cheapest) solution, is to simply leave off the side of your case...you may not even need a desktop fan blowing into the side...simply the open side helps significantly (this is how my comp runs )

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I have had my laptop for a good few years now everything is working fine but since i upgraded to windows 10, from windows 7, laptop seems to overheat, my laptop is HP PavilionG6 series, i play games and speak to family on facebook occationaly watch a video from kodi thats about all i do just seems to be overheating at the 1 side left side of machine please help me try and solve it as i dont want to buy a new one at moment.

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I have had my laptop for a good few years now everything is working fine but since i upgraded to windows 10, from windows 7, laptop seems to overheat, my laptop is HP PavilionG6 series, i play games and speak to family on facebook occationaly watch a video from kodi thats about all i do just seems to be overheating at the 1 side left side of machine please help me try and solve it as i dont want to buy a new one at moment.

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i've installed a new box-packed Intel P4 2.66 GHz. on an Intel 915 GAV MBrd.

The average processor temperature remains at 55 degree Centigrade!
while installing the heatsink-fan assembly, despite a lot of manouvering i was unable to get the fan screws to 'click' into the MBrd as the instruction booklet'd specified - though the fan appears to be firmly in place and does not move...on recent examination it was also observed that the thermal grease layer had somewhat depleted! what's going on? please help.

A:my new P4 2.66 is overheating!

Get someone who put your cooler in place as it should, or try it yourself, very carefully. The heatsink must have perfect contact on the entire surface of your CPU to accomplish its job.

Take care and good luck!

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I think im overheating?
In my bios setup i get the readings

CPU temp 67*c/133*F
System temp 45*c
do you think that would be overheating? because my computer crashes a whole lot when i run full screen games etc. cs, wc3, nba06, madden 06...

A:I think im overheating?

67 is a lot higher than i see.

does the vidoe card have its own fan?

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When i am playing games on my computer after a while my fps keeps going low and there is a noise coming from my computer, i'm pretty sure it's my fan. But this also happens while i am listening to music aswell. I downloaded speed fan to look at the temperatures of my computer and i don't know what these mean but i thought i would mention it anyway. My temp2 goes up to around 75-80C and my core can go up to 90C.

My computer is a Windows Xp

1.50GB of RAM


A:Low fps and overheating.

Hi XRob and welcome to TSF !

Turn the computer off, unplug the power cord and open the computer case. Use a can of compressed air (available at your local computer shop) to clean the dust of all the fans and heatsinks, including the rear fan.

Then replug the power cord, turn the computer on and check that all the fans are spinning properly. Enter the BIOS at startup (repeatedly press del or look for some message telling you to "press xx to enter setup") and search for some hardware monitor or pc health screen. Report your temps, fan speeds and voltages from there, it'll be more accurate than speedfan.

What are your complete system specs ? Check the posting system specs link in my sig and don't forget the brand, model and wattage of the power supply (look on the sticker that's on the power supply block).

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Great site, new member here and first post!

Gericom Overd.2 PIII 800mhz laptop with a GERICOM/KAPOK INTEL 440BX/ZX
Motherboard came to me with a loose power supply pin connector, so no power, battery dead too and doesnt hold charge. De-soldiered motherboard connector then re-soldierd connector back onto mainboard. Laptop powers up fine now, only to develop what seems to be a overheating problem as it freezez and locks up after the first 5 minutes of power-up.

This happens even in the bios/cmos setup screen, it just freezez. Tested memory, fan is working when it freezez up in bios, heatsink cleaned, new thermal pad, tried thermal paste aswell, cleared cmos via disconnecting cmos battery, detached hard drive, re-seated processor, cleaned mainboard with commpresed air but Still no joy. Ive been up every night and now have great big bags under me eyes and the mrs not too pleased either, its all becoming a bit disappointing really!

Respect to all who read and reply and any suggestions tips or pointers would be highly appreciated!


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Hi Peepz,

I've been using my puta fine for weeks, months infact, since I got it last Sep... this morning turned it on and for some reason within about 10 minutes I got a message from my biostart system control utility programme that the CPU was over heating and had reached 65c!!!

I have now idea why, or how to fix it so some help would be greatly appreciated, I've no idea what info you need so please ask and I will give everything I can.

Some basics, if this helps at all....

The PC is a p4 3ghz, 1ghz ram, running win xp, service pack 2, graphics card is an nvidia geforce fx 5500 128mb .. not sure what else you'll need...

Any help is appreciated!



A:CPU overheating...

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I've had my G70 for a couple of years now, and it's a great laptop, but, recently it's starting to get really really hot after being on for about 1.5 hours, it gets so hot that it shuts itself down! Sometimes you can turn it back on within an hour, sometimes, I have to take out the battery and the charging cable and leave it overnight, and then it can be turned on again!

Obviously, this is really annoying, but I also want to know why it is happening because I don't want it to die completely!

Any advice would be appreciated!


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My PC keeps freezing up, sometimes with a constant beep. This has only happened for the last few days, since the weather has got very hot, and seems to happen when the CPU temperature hits 60, but this morning it happened at 54. I have a GeForce 4 (MX440), which I think are known for heat issues, and since I can't see that my Athlon 2400XP could be overheating at 60, I thought maybe the graphics card is? I don't yet have any case fan(s).

I'll post more details when I can but it'll probably crash again in a minute and it takes awhile before it'll boot up again.

CPU: AMD Athlon 2400+
RAM: 512MB DDR @ 333

Any advice at all appreciated.


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IS this even possbile? i got this with my new build.. im to scared to use it.. and what part is overheating? temp1 temp2 dont help lol. i need real names.. Please HELP!



I have a Biostar board similar to your's. It also says 127C on some of the sensors. I thought that they maight have been corrupt but I guess Speed Fan just has an issue with them.

I would say its safe to use if mine does the same thing and it runs Oblivion on Ultra High.

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I have no idea what?s happening with my computer at this point.

My setup:
GTX 1080 ti Aorus Waterforce
i7 7700k
B8 Gaming MoBo
16GB Trident Z RAM
1200w PSU

Ever since upgrading from a GTX 970, I?ve been losing frames, progressively over the last 3 months to the point I?ve been on 10FPS on low graphics on a game like CSGO and LoL.

I?ve tried installing monitoring programs to see what?s going on but it has gotten worse from there. I upgraded my PSU today and it has gotten even worse again. After about an hour of light gaming my computer now makes a noise similar to that of a boiling kettle.

At this point my computer is screaming, my GPU temperature is at 85 Celsius simply at the desktop and any game I play maxes out at 15FPS.

I?m at my wits end at this point and I?m ready to go back to the 970 and get a refund on my 1080

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Hi I love my HP laptop! I'd say you guys done a great job! Just I'm not sure if my temperatures are harmful  or not: I bought this laptop 30th June 2014.. (1 yr old tomorrow and still loving it) But my temps seem to be a bit high.Using Piriform's "Speccy", I have seen that my temperatures are as follows on idle: CPU: 51 degress CMotherboard: 52 degrees CGPU: 49 degrees CStorage: 40 degrees C When I play games such as FIFA 15, my temperatures are as follows: CPU: 89-94 degrees CMotherboard: 89-96 degrees CGPU: 92-96 degrees CStorage: 48 degrees C (Not worried about that) I am afraid to remove my keyboard to get to the fans to clean it out. What I have tried is: Use a hair dryer(cold air) on the vents (Removed some dust) So what do you suggest I do?Also, are my temperatures high, or am I exaggerting? ThanksRegardsSaahir   

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  Hey @saahir? , Hey np with issues I understand you were upset. Here is a link to your manual page 66 for the keyboard. You might need to replace the heat sink paste on the Notebook page 84. Here is a Youtube video that shows you how to do that. Hope this helps. Thanks.  

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Lately, I have been having some problems with overheating. I have taken the case off, and it still hasn't remedied the problem. The case has 4 fans including the power supply, and they are all working, but still whenever I am downloading, playing music, watching a movie, or playing game (not graphically intensive) it will shut off. I'm pretty sure that's overheating because once it turns off I have to wait a while before I can turn it back on. My system specs are 1 dvd burner, 1 SATA 200GB drive, and 1 ATA 250GB, p4 3.0 Ghz and 1 gig of memory in a koala case. Btw I think it arose when I put in the new ata drive. Any suggestions

A:I'm overheating... but how?

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

What are your system temps?

Download the free Everest programme from HERE

Run the programme, and click on the large computer icon, followed by the sensor icon.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:

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i am having a problem with heat on my 6600gt agp card. i know it is heat as i have monitored my temps. any recommendations on good 6600gt vga coolers?
or cooling tips?


I plan on adding one to be safe,but havn't decided till i get my new ATI.
But i do recommend you do if you can install it.
My ATI 9600 is currently 38 C . What is yours ?

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Sensor Properties
Sensor Type SMSC LPC47M192
Sensor Access SMBus 2Dh

Motherboard 35 C (95 F)
CPU 95 C (203 F)
Aux 29 C (84 F)

Voltage Values
CPU Core 1.72 V
+1.5 V 1.51 V
+1.8 V 1.82 V
+2.5 V 2.38 V
+3.3 V 3.25 V
+5 V 5.10 V
+12 V 11.63 V

can anyone help or suggest anything to stop my computer from switching itself off? i guess its switching itself off when i do things because it gets too hot...so...what can i do?


A:CPU overheating?

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256mb ram

Haven't done any tweaks or changes or overclocking. Recently ran System Health from BIOS as I had a hard drive prob (which I'm just about to replace as it's dying). The info given was that cpu runs at 51-53c and system at 25c, cpu fan speed is 2600rpm and system fan at 3500rpm. Temperature warnings and shutdowns are not activated. I recently read that 40c is the right temp for a cpu. Am I overheating? Read in a forum about "edge temperatures" or something, but I've quoted above all the info that sytem health gives.


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I cant identify the problem..but I have reason to believe my computer is either overheating on my vid card or my pcu..problem is..both fans work..I have 2 fans on the case, one on vid and the pcu fan.

Problem: When I play SOME games I start to hear a beep about 5 mins into it. And if I play too long while it beeps, my comp shuts down. But other games like...World of Warcraft are fine at full settings. At default most games I play pic the best settings and yet I still get this BEEP noise. Ive cleaned out my comp so there is lil to no dust..all the fans run..So im at a loss. Ive run a temp test, and everything is fine


A:Overheating somewhere

What games do cause it to shut down?

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I got a new computer: 111GB hard-drive, 1GB memory, GF 4MX 440 (128MB) XP Home, and other things, anyway it is alot better than my other computer.

The Sims and Sim City 4 are the two main games on the computer and they keep freezing or closing with the speakers squeaking and crackling before doing so. Anyway I have found out that the problem is only overheating, well when i put a fan next to the computer SimCity 4 stayed open longer than it did before.
My old computer could run The Sims without overheating and it wasn't anywhere as near as good as this system.
So why is this brand new computer overheating so quickly?


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I've had my G70 for a couple of years now, and it's a great laptop, but, recently it's starting to get really really hot after being on for about 1.5 hours, it gets so hot that it shuts itself down! Sometimes you can turn it back on within an hour, sometimes, I have to take out the battery and the charging cable and leave it overnight, and then it can be turned on again!

Obviously, this is really annoying, but I also want to know why it is happening because I don't want it to die completely!

Any advice would be appreciated!


A:HP G70 overheating

Could be that there is dust caked around the heatsink........you could get a can of air from your local PC shop and give it a blow out.

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My problem is that my CPU had been overheating ( going above 90c and auto shutting off)when ever doing anything intensive like playing a video game like vanguard or oblivion for about 15 min or even just working on the computer for a long period of time (it maintains above 60c when just browsing internet). When this happens the computer shuts down and the mother board makes the beep code for overheating. I just bought the processor in December and this happened to me a few months ago but only lasted a few days and now it?s started again and has been happening for 2 days now. I have a ventilation fan in the front of the system but it does not seem to have any effect. i even tried taking the side off and pointing a box fan into it and it still raises, although much slower. Do you have any suggestions or know why this just comes up so suddenly?

The processor is a AMD Athlon 64 4000 SanDiego Core Socket 939 CPU
The motherboard is a Mach Speed Viper MK8-939A Socket 939 with Phoenix - Award Workstation BIOS v6.00PG bios
Heat sink is a Masscool AMD K8 Cooler Fan
Power supply is a Ultra 350w V-Series PSU
My OS is windows vista

A:CPU overheating

Are you sure that your heatsink is properly installed? My CPU is/was overheating (although not THAT much), because I needed to use more thermal grease, and was poorly mounted

Is yours installed correctly?

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ok i have a laptop that i replaced the power jack on it myself (yes i did it right i do this alot.) i tested the jack made sure it has a charge gains a charge and can run off the A/C powersupply everything was great until about a day later i was getting symptoms similar to overheating, my computer would just shutdown without warning and the bottom of my laptop would be very warm so i have replaced the thermal paste and cleaned out the heatsink /fans also reseated the memory could this be a bad CPU?, i have a P4 3.2 in my laptop so i know its not an energy efficient laptop made CPU. any advice anyone? im lost.


check your battery to make sure it is not getting excessively hot. If so, it may be failing and may require replacement. Bad batteries can get abnormally hot when charging. It is normal for them to get hot when charging, but not too hot.

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