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Order of Address List

Q: Order of Address List

I can easily alphabetize the names in my address book in Outlook
Express but when I create a "group", I cannot seem to get the list in the order I need. It seems to pick up the first name or other name and I don't see a function to change this. Initially the group is added in correct order. Any suggestions?
Thanks much!

Preferred Solution: Order of Address List

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

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A: Order of Address List

I posted this back in January and don't think I saw an answer.
I just tried it again and when I added the names to a new "group" in last name order and when I looked at them after I accepted the group list they were in first name order and I don't see how to reorder them.
Mail items sent to this group, of course, are sent out by first name, which confuses people. I guess I could send blind copies and no one would see anything but this particular list, the people like to have the other email address.
Thanks much!

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My sister told me that her Windows Mail is really strange. I can't help her because I don't use Windows Mail so I am asking on her behalf.

a) When she opens her Contact list , the names are in alphabetical order (which is expected) .However when she composes an email and clicks on the "To" button , the name list displayed is not in alphabetical order by name but strangely ordered by email addresses. Is there a way to rearrange to resort by names?

b) When she types a name in the Address area ie in the box next to "To" , another page opens for search. Is this normal ? With Outlook ( which she used to use until she changed to a new computer running Vista) when you type the name a list of potential email addresses appear. IS there a way to fix this?


A:Windows Mail Contact list and email address order

I'm piggybacking on here because I have a similar problem. I imported my address book from Outlook Express and now when I begin to type in the name on "To" line it doesn't find the contact. For example if my contact is Joe Smith, I use to be able to type in Jo (and the auto fill would kick in) Now I need to remember Joe Smith's email which might not be anything like his name ([email protected]) How do I organize my address book like it was on O.E.? I want them alphebetically by first name, not by their email address.

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OK. This is driving me crazy. Using Active Directory I created a Global Security group. I also tried Global Distribution group. Neither of them are showing in my Global Address book. What am I missing?

OS: Windows 2003 Server
Mail: Exchange Server 2003

Please help.


A:Solved: Distribution List in Global Address List

It has to be set up as a Global Distribution group and you have to ensure it has an email address. I am not sure it will show up until you restart Outlook.

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How do I save FOLDERS so that they'll be in the order in which I put them on the CD/RW?
I want to save the original file Folder (they're all Word 2000 .doc, or .txt files) then every two weeks or so save a new folder with the revised/updated info, {i}yet keep the preceding ones from being written over.[/i} For example, would something like this be feasible?
Folder_00_042103 (this would be the "root folder")

and so forth..... I was thinking of putting a Read_Me file on the CD, but presume it'd be stored as last file on the CD after the Folders. Could I put a Read_me file in a folder named, say, Folder_Read_Me? Would it be listed before Folder_00?
A problem would be saving a month with a 1 in it (October, Nov., or December), OR a date with only a single digit.
OR would they be sorted/saved to the CD by the Folder 00 ... 01 ... 02 listing?

A:How would I list FOLDERS in ORDER on a CD?

I use dates in reverse format at the start of folders or files when I want to do something like you're describing. A new folder or file made yesterday would be:

20030420 Folder Name

while today's would be:

20030421 Folder Name

The folder/file names can be anything I need and they will always be sorted in the folder in the order I first created them. This applies also wehn backed up to a CD.

I use this approach because it often takes me several weeks to get some document completed and I will often remember the rough date when a file was topical, but it would be out of sync after multiple edits, saves, etc.

It also helps in keeping all files of different types related to the same project/topic in a useful order. I know there are many different ways of using the filter options in Windows, but this simple naming approach seems to work fairly well for me.

Hope this helps.

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Is there a utility that shows what programs/applications are loaded at boot up showing the order they boot and at what time in the boot up they load. Heck, just a list of the order would be useful.

A:boot order - list

I think this will work. Startup Delayer

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I'm looking for a way to sort out a list of stuff
into alphabetical order.

The list is in notepad,
but i could put it in RTF if that would help.
Or into wordpad.


A:Trying to put a list into aphabetical order...

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Hello gifted computer people... today's question is:

In xp the default manner in which items are listed in a folder is alphabetically, right? Well, I have a number of folders containing files which all have a date in the name but which are otherwise named identically, ie., exercise log august 2011, exercise log sept 2011, etc... My question is, can I request the system to list the items in the correct order by the dates in the document names? Being listed alphabetically, obviously, they are out of order chronologically...

Thanks for any help...

A:Solved: Folder list order

No you can't....Your best option would be to rename them like so:

exercise log August 2001 > 08-11 exercise log.

that will do them in numerical order

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I've got 25 separate files of cartoons in a directory that are listed alphabetically, naturally. I want to place them in another temp directory in my preferred order. I suppose a DVD burning program will let me do that before I burn the files to DVD. However, I'd like to have them in my preferred order on my HD. Previously, I would have to laboriously put the numbers 1. 2. 3. in front of each title to have them listed in my preferred order.

Is there a way to force Explorer not to list them in alphabetical order in that temp directory that I want to move them to, without putting the numbers 1.(filename) 2.(filename) 3.(filename) etc. before each file name to have them in my preferred order and not listed alphabetically by file name?

A:List files not in alphabetical order?

File systems are essentially built on a database and as such Windows can arrange based on multiple properties such as name, date, or file type but you can't just specify a display order without adding a prefix. To my knowledge Windows can only arrange based upon information that it can pull from the database.

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This is embarrassing! Somehow, my list of "Favorites/Bookmarks" (Vista/Explorer 8)went to listed in order by when it was entered to an alphabetized order- don't know how it changed, but I just want to get the list back to original based on WHEN the item was listed alpha, not A, B, C order- I have looked everywhere and can't find a way to get the list back to the way it was- PLEASE! Any suggestions would be appreciated!

A:Favorites List order control...

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I saw a post by Noel where he told the OP to install by Date, not KB# which reminded me of a question I've had for quite some time. Are updates generally listed in order of 'Importance' or 'Date' or what?

Right now I'm down to 6 updates left to do. They're all .NET Framework from the 7/9/13 list of updates & in clicking on the "More info button" they're all 7/9 & there are 4 listed for 3.5.1, then 2 listed for 4. I've read something about it's best to install these type one at a time, is that true? If so, that's 6 re-boots in a row if I were to do them all now which I kinda thought about since it's already 2 weeks past Patch Tuesday. I'm also assuming that all the Framework 3.5.1 should be done before the Framework 4.


A:Installation order of list of updates

The KB Number is generated at the start of a project - and as a results bears only some resemblance to the order in which patches are released, since some patches take longer to develop, test and approve, than others.

I generally do .NET update in increasing order by version, then date
e.g for XP, do all v1.1 then v2/3.5 - for Win7, all 3.5, then 4.5 (I've uninstalled 4.0, as it seemed always to create more problems than any other version)

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Hi guys,
I have a problem with the group or user name list order from security tab of file or folder properties. It is a random order in that list and that makes hard job to give/verify users permission. How can we correct this problem?

A:Group or user name list order

No one was up against this problem?
It's really hard to find someone in that list if the list is not ordered and if is long enought.

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I had to import a contact address list to current list and there not in alpha order. I tried the setup and view but neither works. Is there a method /setup that would put them in proper order? thanks

A:contact list not in alpha order

Hi wilfj,

What file format is the contact list in?


Windows Outreach Team

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Hi, this is my first post to these forums. I have been trying to fix my desktop computer for quite a while now and thought I'd ask you guys for some help. I am no sure if something is wrong with my hard drive or not. Anyways here is where I am at, I first went into my bios to change the boot order to boot from my cdrom, an when i did, the only thing listed in the order is the Hard Drive and the floppy drive. This seemed odd to me because my cdrw drive works perfectly fine. It burns cd's and dvds fine, and it runs any cd i put into it.

When i put in my windows XP cd to try and format the hard drive and do a fresh install of windows, it just loads windows as normal. It doesn't boot from the cd like it should. Since it won't boot from the cd, I can't delete the partition and install a new one. Any ideas why i the cdrom drive isn't in the bios boot order? Thanks.

Also, my computer is pretty old, but it has worked for a long time and never had one problem with it.
AMD Athlon 3000+ 2.0Ghz
Radeon 9800 Pro 128mb

The hard drive is about 7-8 years old. That's why I am wondering if it is dying and i just need to purchase another one (as cheap as I could find) just to keep the computer running.

A:CD-ROM drive is not in boot order list...?

If the optical drive is reflected in the main BIOS screen...then it shouod be among the boot options.

If iu's not reflected on the main BIOS screen, then I would check all connections.

I would replace the CMOS battery (first step) anytime I had hardware recognition problems.


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I have tried all menu items on View in My Computer to arrange the list (Drive C etc.)
It used to be in the order I wanted, then it changed.
It is now: (Details view -  and in "arrange icons by"  I marked  Comments and Show in Groups)
Local Disk (C:)
DVD-RAM Drive (D:)
(a space)
(another space)
(yellow folder icon) Shared Documents
(yellow folder icon) (My name) Documents
It used to be that the Shared Documents and my own documents were at top with the Local Disk and Drive D listed last.  I tired Invert Selection on Edit--nothing happened.  I CAN get the drives on the bottom, but D is always before C in the list.
A solution to getting it like it used to be will be VERY appreciated.
As stated, I have tried all I can find.

A:Order of List of items in My Computer

Hello, and welcome to Bleeping Computer
Does the following help?
Change from "Details" to "Tiles"
Arrange Icons by "type" check "Show in Groups"

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hello everyone,

i have a sandisk mp3 player (256 mb) and the only problem i have with it is when i sync songs, they do not appear in the order that i have synced them. this is most evident when i am syncing musicals. the songs do not follow their order in the playlist (i use wmp to sync). i checked the file names and they seem to be arranged correctly. the shuffle function is turned off too. any insights? it is quite a bother. thanks!


A:mp3 player song list not in correct order

Are they numbered 01, 02 etc. Some players will play 1, 10, 11, 2, 3 etc so it best to have a zero infront of any single digits.

Also the player may be taking its cue from the tags instead of the filename, so make sure that the files are tagged correctly. I've never used it but I've heard that mp3 tagger


is ok.

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Is there a way to move an e-mail account up or down in the TBird accounts list? See attachment

A:TBird - Adjust order in accounts list?

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I am running 64-Bit Windows 8.1 Pro and this is more of an annoyance than a problem. When I call up the list of Control Panels from the start menu, they are in alphabetical order from left to right and then top to bottom. Short of installing some third party app, is there a way to change the list to be in alphabetical order from top to bottom and then left to right. I would like to be able to see all of the available control panels at the same time, so narrowing the view to one column doesn't work for me.

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Is it possible to re-arrange the "Folder List" in Office XP?

My folder list used to be sorted alphabetically, but now my "Personal Folders" folder has somehow moved itself to the top above everything else.

Re-arranging it again alphabetically would be fine but I don't have a clue how to do it!



A:Office XP Folder List Sort Order

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When I was having problems with KB2975719, and going thru solutions, it drove me nuts trying to find if I had certain updates installed from the Installed List in Windows 8.1 since they are not in numerical order. (Contol Panel >Uninstall A Program > View Installed Updates)

I finally figured out where to find a numerical list which I could check much easier in determining if the updates required in some solutions were installed on my pc.

1. Install Belarc Advisor

2. Run and open Belarc Advisor

3. At the bottom of the opening page of BA, click on "click here to see all installed hotfixes" - a numeric order list.

4. Just to be sure all were there, I printed this list and manually compared it to my Control Panel Installed Updates one time.

I then had a numerical list to compare to all the KB's required for installation of KB2975719. Much easier for this simple brain than remembering a number and looking for it jumbled list. Hopefully this will help some of you in the future, particularly if MS continues to issue and pull back updates the way they have been.

A:How to Get a List of Installed Updates In Numeric Order

You can also open the Admin Command Prompt and type:
wmic qfe list full /format:htable > "%USERPROFILE%\Desktop\hotfix.html"

The above will create an HTML file in table format on your desktop.

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Is there a way to change the order that contacts appear in Outlook 2000? I have a user that does not want to arrow down to the bottom of the Show list but would rather have his contact list appear at the top of the list. I've searched Help and MSKB with no results found.


A:Outlook 2000: Contact List Order

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I use Nero Burning Rom, not sure what version it's on my computer at home, but I'm fairly certain it's version 6 or 7, I know it's not 5. Anyway, I label the songs I want to burn (mp3 format) by naming them like this 01 - Name of artist - name of song.mp3. However, when I add files to Nero to burn them it will put them like this 01, 010, 0100. I've tried variations of numbering but nothing short of a bizarre list of number and letter combinations will get it into the correct order I want it burned. Is there an easier way to do this? I can't find any kind of function in Nero that lets you burn in the order you add individually or anything. Thanks for anyone help!

A:Solved: Nero song list out of order

Nero can only burn data (mp3's for eg) the ways windows allows you to view a folder's contents. (By name, date modified etc). So you do have to number or letter the files as you are doing. To get what you want you need to add zeros to your numbers.
01, 02 etc will only do for less than 10 files, for more than 10 but less than 1000 you need to go 001, 002, 003 etc. And 0001, 0002, 0003 will keep them in the right order up to 10,000.
You need the same number of digits as the highest number basically and you make up the digits with zeros at the start.

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We use Outlook 2000 and one of our users wants to set the order in which the email addresses appear in the TO line. When she chooses names from her address book, the names appear in reverse order on the TO line.
Can we turn this off?

A:email address order

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I need some help! I'm using Windows XP Pro and when I ping "some" hosts it returns the IP address in reverse order, hence I can't connect.

For example, when I ping news-east.giganews.com it gives me (instead of the actual however when I ping www.yahoo.com it comes out correctly.

Someone please help me fix this. TIA

A:Help! IP Address in Reverse Order

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In Outlook Express 6.0

Open the "New Message" window -
Click icon (open book) just left of "To" -
"Select Recipients" window opens -
"Main Identity's Contacts" is default folder is open -
The remaining folders seem to be in no logical order -

QUESTION: How can I change the default order of these folders?

They do not follow the same alphabetical pattern that the "Address Book - Main Identity" window follows.




A:OE 6 Address Bk Default Order


all my address books/folders sort by the same order (last name)

address book
sort by

then choose how you want to do it

click on list
then close address book

choose 'detail'
then sort by
- and choose your preferences

changing and redoing seems to reset everything

but as far as i can see, the selection is universal, can't have separate 'sort by' for each folder

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Is there a way to make Windows Live Mail list messages strictly by time? To be clear I don't like that "Conversations" thing.

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Hi all, I have Win8.1x64 with Startisback . For some unknown reason the Start/All Programs list lost its alphabetical order sorting. I checked Startisback Options and "Sort items by name" is marked. Is there any registry hack or other means to correct this? Thanks for your feedback.

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Not really a problem, just something annoying that I hope someone can help me (and any others who might want to do the same thing).

When I open up images (photos or artwork) and want to modify, crop, etc, I usually use irfanview. I have it set up as my default choice to modify images. Recently I added a program called GonVisor to read digital comics and magazines and when I right click on an image and use the OPEN WITH option, GonVisor became the top choice on the list because Windows 7 has the list in alphabetical order and Irfanview is second.

To make matters worse, I have McAfee Security for my virus protection and firewall and that was working great until recently when they updated their virus protection and there was a compatibility problem with one of the recent windows 7 updates and I got knocked offline and the router didn't "recognize" my computer on our home network so I had to uninstall the McAfee Security Program and reinstall it and that solved the internet connection problem...but now I find firefox, my default operating system, is now first on the OPEN WITH list, then GonVisor and Irfanview is third! Also there are other programs on the OPEN WITH list when I want to modify images that don't really belong there....like Opera Operating system, Windows Live movie maker.

So my question is...is there a way to either change the order of the OPEN WITH list or remove programs that I will never use to modify images without going into the re... Read more

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I have a table which has got 2 keys. I want to list the table with the 1st key being DESC and the 2nd key Ascending. If I set the table properties with the "ORDERBY Key1 DESC,Key2" when I open the table with a double click it opens correctly sorted. HOWEVER if I create a Combobox on my main form with the data source being that table, the corresponding drop down table is NOT in the correct order. How can I cause it to be in the same order as the properties of the table specify?

A:Solved: ComboBox List Table sort order

You should not really bother sorting Tables as data should not be viewed in it. Data from the table does not obey the table's sort order, so to overcome this use a query to get the data sorted the way that you want. Access sorts from the left first.
You can sort your combo's data by opening the Row Source SQL and adding the sort to that, do not "save it" close it and when Access asks if you want to save the SQL say yes.

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Excel '03, HELP!
I Need to link my price list to my order sheet via item #'s!!

ok, Here is my problem!

I work for a company that sells over 3000 products.
I have all my product's on a excel pricelist sheet w 'ITEM NUMBERS'
I want to create a second sheet "Order sheet" were by I only have to enter the order number, and the rest of the info pop's up! (like the wgt,unitcost,units per case,price,etc)

Can Anybody PLEASE Help? , I've been trying to figue this out for over a week!

Thank you so much in advance..

A:Excel '03, HELP! I Need to link my price list to my order sheet via item #'s!!

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I gave a Florida address after having my Notebook ( Energy Star) diagnosed with battery failure and needed to be replaced. I am not at said address and it asks for the laptop, hence i can't comply. I would like the address changed to a New York address which i will be at in December. Please can someone help me because HP Support assisstant keeps giving me a number which I can't get through with

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Hey guys, newbie here.

I have a friend that says Apple Fraud Prevention contacted him and claims that an Ipod Order was made over the Internet on the Apple website from his IP address using his name, but that somebody else's credit card was used.

He knows nothing about this. He doesn't even have an Apple account.

He thinks that his wireless internet was hijacked by some neighbor kids and they somehow used his IP to order an Ipod using his name but somebody else's credit card.

Is this possible?

How can he prove that somebody hijacked his IP? I know you have to log into the Apple website to order an Ipod, so is this even possible with a hijacked IP address?

Seems like the data would be returned to his computer (the real IP address) and that the hijackers could never complete the Order.

Thanks in advance!

A:IP Address hijacked/Order on website made

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On my HP laptop, using XP Home/SP1 and IE 6, I am unable to get the Links on the Address Bar to stay in the order I arrange them in. They revert to alphabetical order even when I rearrange them to "Sort by name" as soon as I close down IE and/or reboot the PC. I have modified many of the names so that the ones I use the most will come to the top after doing a "Sort by name".

Yes, I could rename them so that they would pop to the top in an alphabetical order also, but I shouldn't have to.

On my office PC with XP Home/SP1 and IE 6, I can arrange the links in any order I want them and they will stay that way unless I manually change them.

I've checked the settings on both PC's and haven't yet figured out what might be different.

I am aware that to get IE to hold a change you open one window, make the changes, and then close it down. It should hold after reopening IE up.

Any suggestions?


A:IE 6 Address Bar links revert to alphabetical order

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I have a bunch of client email addresses in a word document. Is there a way to import these addresses into outlook express so I can send them one email all at the same time. I would prefer not to add all of them to my address book. I tried just copying and pasting but it didn't work. Thanks.

A:Email address list

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Hi-- A minor problem. When my "Favorites" list becomes crowded I highlight items and delete them. Simple. Now the dropdown list from my Address Bar has become crowded and I realize I don't know how to delete old items. Can't highlight and delete like the Favorites. Help would be appreciated. Thanks

A:address bar dropdown list

Just clear your History in IE or the browser you are using.
If you want to just delete some, try this method if you are comfortable with using the registry.
Clear your drop down address bar

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I created an outlook.com e-mail account. I exported my address book from Windows live as a .csv file. I imported it from Outlook.com. Everything went OK and said successful. My problem is I can't find it. When I create an e-mail message and click on To, the only address there is mine. When I click on People from the drop down link, the address are there, but you can't do anything with them. Any thoughts?


A:Outlook.com address list

If you go to the People page on Outlook.com, and click on a contact, does it show the email address?

I also had problems getting a csv file to work from Outlook 2003 into Outlook.com.

What I found was that certain phone number fields didn't get imported into outlook.com, even though when I tried an export from outlook.com, those very same fields were there in its own export csv format. The records imported and their names were there, but useful information like phone numbers wasn't (with no error mentioning it).

I think what I did in the end was manually type a test contact into outlook.com, with email/ phone number etc. filled in, and work out how it exported from outlook.com, and moved the data around in my import csv into different columns to match.

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Anybody familiar with exchange 5.5?

i'v got users who dial in to get their email, which is ok cause when they are connected they can see the global address list, so can send emails to people within the company!
how can i tranfer the global address list to these laptops so they can compose their emails offline? (when they arn't connected, they dont see the recipients email addresses!)

any help would be great


A:Global Address List

Open the address book and highlight every adderss, right click and select "add to personal address book"

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W10 up and running very well, the only change is a new email client, recommended by an "expert" In fact it's not so different to "Outlook" I'm using "Thunderbird" as my email client. Took me some time to sort out where/how, to set up a contacts list. I got it up and running and a list of contacts on the left side of the screen. All that was required was to click the mail name and it was entered in the "to" space. However that has disappeared. Now I have to open the addresses from "tools" click on each name, the addresses then vanish so I have to start again entering a new address, ad nauseam - I'd really like to get the list on the left side again

A:Address list for Thunderbird

Perhaps click Write, View, click Contacts Sidebar?

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Someone has stolen my identity and is sending emails from me to my contacts. Any suggestions to stop this thief?

A:address list stolen

Change your password.

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In our organisation, we have 200+ users that use Microsoft outlook 2016 or Office 365 Outlook (clients).

All of them are set to auto for their Global Address List, which unfortunately checked the offline version first before the online version. We want to set the Online Global Address List as default and the only way I think I can do this is via Group Policy. But I have no clue on how to set it up, I've done a few searches and found nothing, apart from older versions of Outlook that it doesn't work for.

Has anyone else done this?



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Hello All,
I have created 3 new Distribution Groups however, cannot see them in the Global Address List. There is currently a Distribution Group in the GAL that was created before I took over, and the account properties on the new DG's I created and the one that was already there are identical. In AD U&C the Group Scope is Universal and the Group Type is Distribution, on the groups I created and the Group that was already there. If I log onto my terminal server that has Outlook installed, I can see the DG's in the GAL, but if I load Outlook on my local machine, they are not in the GAL.
Anyone have any Ideas for me to try?!?
BTW....Exchange 2010 and Server 2008 R2, and Win 7 on the local

A:Global Address List

Refresh the recipient update service. Entries to not show up until that service fires and I think it is every 3 hours.

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I have a friend who has created a mailing list using a feature of WordPro. It created a file with an extension of lwp. She uses it to do mail merges. Does anyone know a way to import such a file into Lotus 1-2-3, or Approach (or any other spreadsheet or database)?

A:WordPro Address List

I think I may be one of the few people who has actually used Word Pro, but unfortunately I don't remember using that feature.

If I'm not mistaken, LWP is just the normal file format for Word Pro. If so, you can at least get the information in a basic form by just saving the file in a format that other programs understand (like Word or even just plain text).

If there's a way in Word Pro to save the mailing list in a more meaningful universal format, you could try that. It's possible it will allow you to save the data in CSV format (comma separated values - sometimes tabs are used as well), which would at least keep the pieces of data separate and might allow you to import it more easily.

It's not a knock against this forum, but what I might actually recommend is repeating the question on the Lotus SmartSuite forums.


(Filtered for only Word Pro messages: http://www-10.lotus.com/ldd/ssforum...penView&ExpandView&RestricttoCategory=WordPro )

The truth is, not too many people are using Word Pro these days, although it's got some advantages over Word, namely its page layout is a lot more sophisticated.

You might be able to find a PIM (personal information manager) program that will import the data for you. Then you could export it elsewhere. I can't tell you one off the top of my head (or even if one exists), but it's possible. Maybe Word Pro was/is popular in some foreign country, for ins... Read more

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Well, those *******s at Microsoft have done it again. The Address List in Microsoft Outlook Express that docks at the lower left side of the OE window is gone missing on me and I have no idea how to restore it and I have wasted over an hour screwing with it to no avail.

A normally intelligent person would believe that restoring the Address List should be a one click operation but obviously that is too hard for those ***-wipes at Microsoft to accomplish so they made it a hide & seek Address List.

It is times like this that make me think seriously about taking a baseball bat to my Windows computer and then buying an Apple Computer. At least then I would know I have something that works the way it is supposed to.

If anyone can please give me a set of directions (and please keep it to under 50 pages; but that may not be possible the way the morons at Microsoft write their code) on how I can restore my Address List I would really, REALLY appreciate it.

Thanks and Happy Holidays to all.

A:Address List MIA, Need To Get It Back.

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I found the solution on Microsoft but it doesnt work on XP as I cant find the Sevices Tab!
Can anyone help?

The invalid address list is based on entries in a Contacts folder that was removed from the Outlook Folder List.
To remove the old address list from the Address Book view, follow these steps: 1. On the Tools menu, click Services.
2. On the Services tab, click Outlook Address Book and then Properties.
3. Select the invalid address book from the list under Outlook Address Books and then click Remove Address Book.
4. Click Close and then OK. On the File menu click Exit and Log Off.
When you restart Outlook the list of address books will update and the invalid address list will no longer display."

A:Outlook Address List

For OutlookXP / 2003

Close Outlook
Open the Control Panel / Mail icon
Click on the E-Mail Accounts button
Highlight View or change existing directories or address books
Highlight Outlook Address Book (if it isn't already)
Click on the Remove button / Yes
Click on the Add button
Select Additional Address Books
Select Outlook Address Book
Finish and Close
Restart Outlook

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How can i send email on outlook express and not have my entire list seen by everyone i send email to? Is there a way to keep the list private? Thanks

A:email address list

U could put all your email id's in the "Bcc" header instead of "To" or "Cc" header...

Hope you get the Bcc header when u r composing a new mail.. If you dont get Bcc header you would have to do few changes in setting ..

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I have list of IP address how to know hostnames (NSLOOKUP) or ping -a ip address for bulk of IP address 

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Everytime I put something in my address to look something up, this url keeps coming up. It is a sexual picture and I can't get rid of it. Even if I clear my whole list it keeps coming up. I have a 14 year old son that I would prefer not to see this kind of thing. Is this a virus or just something that came with a download and now we are stuck with it. Please help! Thanks!

A:Sexual websites in address list

Hi Teller3, a lot of people seem to having this kind of problem lately. Have you run an updated antivirus scan?

You can do an online one here:


It would also be useful to see what you have running at startup. There are some websites out there that can cause the Windows Search and Homepage entries in the registry to be modified every bootup. There files may show up in the Startuplog.

You can download, unzip and run the Startuplog.com file from the site below. It will place a file, Startuplog.txt, on your desktop. Just copy and paste the entire contents of that (not stubbpaths.txt) to your next reply.


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