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Need help pushing Windows 7 upgrade to Windows 10 through

Q: Need help pushing Windows 7 upgrade to Windows 10 through

I was helping an out-of-state friend do his Windows 7 --> Windows 10 upgrade via the Media Creation Tool. He got stuck early on with:

Windows Update Error: 0x800x80005

The first suggestion I found was disabling his anti-virus (Panda) which he did. We ran the MCT again and the same error came up. So I had him check the anti-virus and he said it showed Windows Defender and that it was needing an update. I told him to run the update and he said it wouldn't go through.

I Googled around and there are some super complicated suggestions out there that I was thoroughly intimidated by and doubted I could pull off, especially over the phone. My friend's computer is an eight-year-old laptop. 64 bit 500 GB hard drive. It meets all the Windows 10 requirements.

Anybody have experience overcoming this 0x800x80005 error ?


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Preferred Solution: Need help pushing Windows 7 upgrade to Windows 10 through

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


When Microsoft made its major push in the marketplace to get everyone to upgrade to Windows 10 for free, I declined. I didn't want it. I'd seen a few people run into problems. I do not want to destabilize my system. Everything was running fine.

But Microsoft was relentless. About 3 different "recommended" updates were deployed as part of the software push to get users to upgrade. You had to figure out which ones were part of the "Windows 10 subversive install", uninstall them, then when Windows wanted to give them to you again, you'd have to hide the updates.

I went through all of that. TWICE. Yes, twice, because somewhere along the lines Microsoft figured out what people were doing and pulled them out of hiding. I had to do it again.

Well... surprise, surprise, surprise... those updates are not back, but now I'm seeing "Upgrade to Windows 10" AGAIN!!!

I'm going out of my mind. I DO NOT WANT WINDOWS 10! They have 13 FAQ entries, NONE of them say "What if I don't want Windows 10"? This is completely UNACCEPTABLE. Microsoft is being asinine about this Windows 10 upgrade push.
Does anyone know how to get rid of this new upgrade push? What are the update installs that are in the system forcing this again? Please... please post if you do. Thank you.

A:Microsoft pushing Windows 10 upgrade AGAIN??

Upgrade to Windows 10 Update - Enable or Disable in Windows 7 or 8.1 - Windows 10 Forums

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Hello, i recently build a computer for my uncle, it has worked perfectly for months. But one day when he should write a mail he used the letter W and it opens Internet Explorer, iTunes and Windows help window.

This unusual phenomenon occurs everywhere not only in Windows Live Mail, but also at the desktop.

Anyone that has experience from this?

OS: Windows 7 x64
CPU: Intel Core i5
RAM: 8gb
MOBO: Asus

A:When pushing W windows opens IE, iTunes and windows help.

Hello and welcome to this forum. Check to see if maybe there's another key that's stuck and is causing this problem. Also go to Control Panel click on Region and Language select the Keyboards and Languages tab click on Change Keyboards and see what Keyboard is selected. If it's US keyboard try to add another one such as a UK one restart the computer and see if that helps and if it does try to go back to the US keyboard and if that then goes back to normal you can remove the UK entry

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Whats with the push on Windows 10? I can't even set my update option correctly due to them changing it from an "Optional"update to a" Important" update. Tried it before when they said it was ready but it wasn't, then played hell removing it. The programs weren't compatible at all.

A:Pushing Windows 10

NOW-WHAT MS is obsessed with reaching the one BILLION mark with Windows 10 -- really!! When making it available for free didn't do that, MS resorted to tricking folks into upgrading to Win10 -- by hiding the option to refuse the upgrade in Windows Update. When that didn't work, MS resorted to pushing Win10 even harder so that now, it's really hard to avoid the Upgrade. Fortunately, not EVERYONE wants Win10 forced on them, so enterprising folks have come up with ways to avoid being forced into the Upgrade. Suggest using this utility:  GRC | Never10   Good Luck========================================================================I am a volunteer and I do not work for, nor do I represent, HP.---------------------------------------------------------------If my posts helped you, please click the Thumbs-Up symbol on the left of the Reply button to say thanks.If my posts solved your problem please click "Accept As Solution" -- to help others find the solution.========================================================================

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I received an email from HP yesterday highlighting Desktops available with Windows 7. Evidently they believe there is an XP user market ready to buy new pc's with Windows 7. They probably are right. Interesting!

A:HP Pushing Desktops with Windows 7

Nothing new about that, they all have surpluses to unload.

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Windows Vista x86 and Windows 7 x86 users in Catch 22 situation trying to restore systems!
During Factory Restore of Vista x86, upgrade of Vista x86 to Windows 7 Ultimate x86 SP1, or install of Windows 7 Ultimate x86 SP1 and validating install online, Windows Update fails after mandated update.
Unable to manually download requisite updates due to "Browser our of date" error from Microsoft Support website!
Downloads only available from Support.Microsoft.com website

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I've been just running windows 8, due to errors I can't upgrade to windows 8.1, so I want to ask that can I directly upgrade to windows 10 (from windows 8) ?

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Microsoft announced recently that Windows 7 SP1 & Windows 8.1 users have until July 29, 2016 to exercise their option to upgrade their systems to Windows 10 for free  Effective July 29, 2016, Windows 7 SP1 & Windows 8.1 users will have to purchase the Windows 10 upgrade from Microsoft  Microsoft's goal is to help our customers get the most secure and best version of Windows before the promotional offer expires on July 29  Effective immediately, customers on Windows 7 SP1, and Windows 8.1 whose Windows Update settings are configured to accept 'Recommended' updates may start seeing the below notification even if they have not previously reserved the Windows 10 upgrade  If the customer does not cancel or reschedule, by default the upgrade will install at the scheduled time. 

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Microsoft announced recently that Windows 7 SP1 & Windows 8.1 users have until July 29, 2016 to exercise their option to upgrade their systems to Windows 10 for free  Effective July 29, 2016, Windows 7 SP1 & Windows 8.1 users will have to purchase the Windows 10 upgrade from Microsoft  Microsoft's goal is to help our customers get the most secure and best version of Windows before the promotional offer expires on July 29  Effective immediately, customers on Windows 7 SP1, and Windows 8.1 whose Windows Update settings are configured to accept 'Recommended' updates may start seeing the below notification even if they have not previously reserved the Windows 10 upgrade  If the customer does not cancel or reschedule, by default the upgrade will install at the scheduled time 

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Microsoft announced recently that Windows 7 SP1 & Windows 8.1 users have until July 29, 2016 to exercise their option to upgrade their systems to Windows 10 for free

Effective July 29, 2016, Windows 7 SP1 & Windows 8.1 users will have to purchase the Windows 10 upgrade from Microsoft

Microsoft's goal is to help our customers get the most secure and best version of Windows before the promotional offer expires on July 29

Effective immediately, customers on Windows 7 SP1, and Windows 8.1 whose Windows Update settings are configured to accept 'Recommended' updates may start seeing the below notification even if they have not previously reserved the Windows 10 upgrade

If the customer does not cancel or reschedule, by default the upgrade will install at the scheduled time


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Hi,I have been looking for a solution to upgrade my Inspiron 1525 laptop, preinstalled with Vista Home Premium 32 bits when I bought it.The target is to prepare path to upgrade to Windows 10.I need Windows 7 or 8 to start with.I could not find a way on Dell website.
Many thanks in advance !Isabelle

A:Upgrade for my Inspiron 1525 Laptop from Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bits to Windows 7 or 8 and then to Windows 10

Thank you for writing to us!
We would like to inform you that the Inspiron 1525 is not tested for windows 10 and we would not suggest that you upgrade the version of windows 
Kindly private message the service tag and email address.

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Title basically says it all. I used to be using Windows 8.1, and I upgraded for free. After using windows 10 for a week i got a blue screen that said "bad_system_config_info" and restarting does not fix it. It is stuck on the blue screen after restarting. So, i was thinking I could use the option on the blue screen that it gives me to downgrade to previous version, but I would still like to use windows 10. So, if I downgrade, could I then upgrade again for free? (I am still within my 30 days to downgrade) Any help would be greatly appreciated!

If you have any other solution to this blue screen that would allow me to stay on windows 10 and keep all of my files and apps, that would be even better. Thank you!

The initial error that came up while I was using my PC like normal:

Options ("Continue" and "turn off PC" just take me back to this)

Options Under "troubleshoot" option that was shown above. (I've tried a system restore, but it does not work. I have no "system image recovery", so doesn't work. Start up repair doesn't work. So, "go back to previous build" is my last resort, which is the reason for my question in the first place. I would like to downgrade then upgrade back to windows 10, but not sure if i can.


A:Can you upgrade for free to windows 10, downgrade back to windows 8.1, and then upgrade again?

Yes, I believe you can. Windows 10 is free for at least the first year from release.
You can still get the Windows 10 ISO downloade and be able to upgrade using that instead of the downloaded installation files too.

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I own several computers. Some PC's and a mid-2010 iMac 27 inch. Windows 10 upgrade worked fine on my PC's. After I signed up for the upgrade on my iMac Bootcamp running Windows 7 Ultimate, Apple announced it will not support my particular iMac version. I
have tried to no avail to stop the Windows 10 upgrade, which has failed several times. I have uninstalled Windows updates associated with the upgrade: KB 3035583, KB 3033929, and KB2952664, and hidden them in Windows Update. Any suggestions as to how to stop
Windows 10 upgrade? Any work around to install the upgrade on my iMac?

Thanks, Jeff

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When I upgraded I lost use of the bluetooth service on my HP Pavillion DV7 notebook with
Intel Centrino Wireless-N o + WiMAX 6150 chip. The bluetooth driver was not working and identified as the Atheros driver. I went to the Intel site and downloaded and updated the latest Wimax 6150 driver for Windows 10 64 bit and
also updated the laptop chipset. The bluetooth driver was unchanged.
Upon further reading on the Intel site, I read that when the Wimax 6150 is using Windows 7, the bluetooth driver is Atheros, but when using Windows 8.1, or 10, it requires a Wimax 6150 bluetooth driver. Fair enough, except that Intel
does not offer this particular driver!
I tried first to update the Atheros driver, but it said it was the latest one, and up to date. I then deleted the Atheros driver hoping that its replacement would be installed with the Wimax 6150 update, but nothing happened. Now,
in Device Manager, I no longer have a line for bluetooth since I deleted the Atheros driver. Can someone point me to a site that has a Wimax 6150 bluetooth driver for Windows 10- I'd like to use my bluetooth service on this laptop!

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guys i have windows 8 pro. i want windows 10 . i cant upgrade to windows 8.1 and then get the upgrde for windows 10. please help me. when i go to the store i dont see the windows 8.1 update nor the windows 10 update

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As in, keep all of my files and programs? Or will Windows 7 Ultimate clean my computer of everything? Because I hear that in order to save anything, I need to move it to an external hard drive. And if that's what I have to do, what's the difference between the Upgrade version of Windows and the System Builder of Windows if they both wipe my computer clean? If the only way to save anything is to move it to another storage space?

A:I've got Windows 7 Ultimate, the upgrade edition. Can I upgrade from Windows XP?

Yes there is no direct upgrade from XP to 7.  You need to do a clean install.  You can use WIndows Easy Transfer to simplify moving your documents and settings across.  Programs need to be re-installed in 7 (the upgrade advisor will tell you of any known compatibility problems).  It's quickest and easiest using an external HDD.  Guide here.  The installer is the same for all - the difference between the different versions is in the license.  The Upgrade version will not accept your product key if you try to install it on a computer that doesn't already have an OS.  The System Builder (OEM) version is tied to the machine it's installed on - the license does not allow for it to be transferred to a new PC.  The "full" retail version can be used for upgrades or installation on a new PC.

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My company has about 10 windows 7 pro laptop that has to be upgrade to windows 10 by the end of the year. I have been reading articles about trying to use a Windows E5/E6 user license to upgrade a computer from one OS to another. The problem I seem
to be running into is that, the articles that I have been reading are saying that if the computer is windows 7 Pro then it can be upgraded to windows 10 ent with some work being configured. They are not stating however, the process in which to do it completely
so I can start that process.

My company has already assigned the licenses to users to be able to complete the process but there's no instructions provided. Some of the computers that required upgrading are in different states but connect to the corporate office via VPN. With
that being said, do those remote locations have to return the laptop to be upgraded or could it be done over the internet by just having the user login credentials into the computer to upgrade to windows 10 ent from windows 7 pro?

Are there instructions on the web on how to achieve this goal of upgrading? Can this be done through AD on the network to push upgrades to the specific computers to be upgraded to windows 10 ent?

Thanks for any help in advance.

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I recently upgraded my PC from Windows 7 Pro with Windows Virtual XP Mode to Windows 10 Pro. Now, I cannot get the Virtual XP Mode to open. I get the message "There was a problem starting C:\WINDOWS\system32\VMCPropertyHandler.dll  The specified
module could not be found". I originally purchased Windows 7 Pro and Windows Virtual XP Mode, when I bought my current PC that had Windows 7. Since I already purchased Windows Virtual XP Mode, do I have to purchase it again, or is there a way to open
it, without losing my XP apps and data?

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I have a laptop that is running Windows XP and have confirmed with the laptop manufacturer that I can upgrade it to Windows 7 Home Premium. I searched online for purchasing Windows 7 Home Premium and found some sites that offer a Product Key, Download Link,
and License key. Is this an option I can use? If so, can it just simply be downloaded onto the laptop that has Windows XP running? 
Thank you.

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I have downloaded Windows 10 Pro,version 1511,10586 but cannot instal.  I am told that Windows Steady State is not compatible and it should be uninstalled.  When I click on Uninstall I am informed that I must do this myself.  However, WSS
is not listed in programs in Control Panel and I am at a loss as to how I can uninstall or where and how to find WSS.  Please help. Papi J.

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I have purchase Licensel Windows 8.1 pro. now this upgrade in windows 10.   now my Cute FTP 8.3 professional properly not working

cute FTP 8.3 professional 

file shows transferring and it shows 100% complete. But it does not it starts again  downloading is fine.

Please solve my this issue

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I have Precision T3500 that came with NVidia Quadro FX580 display adapter.
I had issues installing the latest NVidia driver for this card on Windows 7 (the screen would just go blank) but it was working fine with the three years old driver recommended by Dell, and now I am trying to upgrade to Windows 10 and it would automatically install the latest Windows 10 driver for this card that would freeze the system after reboot...
On Dell's support web site it says that Windows 10 is not supported on my system.
Any suggestions how to make Windows 10 work on Precision T3500 with NVidia Quadro FX580?

A:Precision T3500 with NVidia Quadro FX580 issues on Windows 7 and Windows 10 upgrade

The FX580 is a DX9  WDDM 1.0 card.
I have 2006 and 2005 E510's that have been upgraded with Pentium D 915 and 4 gigs of ram and they work Fine with windows 10 once you get at least a Geforce 610  or Radeon HD 5450 or better DX11 wddm 1.3 card.  
The FX580 is an ancient vacccum tube card that is not suitable for AERO or Windows 7,8,10
It works with the original WDDM 1.0 Vista Drivers but it will not have WDDM 1.1 or 1.3 drivers.

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I purchased a Inspiron 17 7737 directly from dell.com on 12/5/2013.  It was delivered on 12/182013.  It had Windows 8 as the operating system.  I had assumed that it would have the latest version of Windows when it arrived since 8.1 had been issued in October. I opened the Store app and the upgrade to Windows 8.1 was not available to me.  I understood that this was a problem for others and did not pursue it further at that time.  I was out of town for 2 weeks in January and did not use the laptop during that 2 week period.  When I returned, I opened the Store and found prominently placed the invitation to the free upgrade to 8.1. I was signed in using the Administrator account and when I hit the download button for 8.1. I was given the message "You need to use an account with Administrator privileges to install Windows 8.1, try logging in with the user account of an administrator of this PC and try update again".  I verified that my account had Administrator privileges and tried again and got the same message. I created another user account and gave it administrator privileges and tried the download again signed in on that account and got the same message.  I called technical support and for over 5 hours over 2 different days, the technician attempted to resolve the issue by uninstalling and reinstalling Windows updates. When that failed to resolve the problem, he "refreshed" my PC which, I understood put it back to ... Read more

A:Store does not recognize my Administrator User account when attempting to upgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1

You are not alone. Several have had the same problem with no resolution. I think it has something funny to do with the User Accounts. Making a second account with admin privleges doesn't work. I would try to reinstall the OS from the hidden image and try again. A Refresh like Dell tried will not do the trick, as it retains much of the data from before the Refresh; you need a clean start. Don't do anything witht the Admin Account other than let Windows set it up and set your password. All updates need to be installed before the upgrade will show in the Store. I have upgraded five Win 8 installations and have had zero problems.

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I am in a bit of a pickle. I shall start to tell you my tale, and you can see if you can help me. About a month or so ago I dug out an older pc running Windows XP. This computer is loaded with old software that I neither have the time, nor gumption to track down and reinstall. This install works just fine. So I made a ghost image of it, and backed it up. Fast forward to today, I am trying to use a piece of software that requires Vista, and will not run on Windows xp. I thought "I have that ghost image, why not try to see if I can upgrade this pc to Vista (as foolish as that sounds), a weekend project, one might think." Well, I am running into some issues (surprise, surprise), I start the Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit (either 32 or 64 bit, does the same thing), it says checking system, etc, then when I starts the installer it freezes and the installer.exe goes into not responding. (I checked this with Task Manager), and no matter if I load it off of a DVD, a USB thumbdrive, or off a partition on the hard drive (fastest read/write time), it always freezes. Now, on a lark I threw in a blank drive into the computer, and I am able to install a fresh copy of Vista no issues. So it isn't the hardware, isn't the installation media, it isn't the phase of the moon. Something about the Windows xp install isn't letting it continue. Now, since Vista is coming up on twelve years old, certain documentation on the Microsoft website as been phased out, 404d and etc. I am trying to track down a... Read more

A:Not urgent - Trying to upgrade Windows xp home 32bit to Windows Vista 64bit

I would surmise you need to wipe the existing XP partitions before installing Vista. Replace your XP drive. Boot Vista and at the screen that asks for language press Shift + F10. This will open a command prompt. Type the following commands.
list disk
select disk X     Where X is the number associated with the disk you will be installing Vista to. If you only have one drive it will be 0.
clean                 This will delete all existing partitions and set the drive for a clean install so perhaps you should be sure your ghost image is good. 
exit                    Exits diskpart
exit                    Exits command prompt
continue with the install

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We've been having some problems upgrading some Windows 7 SP1 to Windows 10.  The PCs are joined to a domain on different client networks, and when going through the Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant, the error comes up and says 'Windows 10 will not run
on this PC.'  The reason it says it will not run is because the PC is going to a domain and to contact your system administrator.  Has anyone run into this problem or have any ideas on how to resolve?

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Hi all I have been wanting to upgrade my laptop from win7 home to pro for a while and now final going to get it done,
The product key which I am planning to use is from MSDN Academic Alliance Software Centre see link: AUT SCMS Microsoft Product Key Distribution Centre
Can I use Windows anytime upgrade with this key...I don't want it falling,
It's most likely a volume license and I know enterprise won't work with WAU and they are also volume licenses

Many Thanks


A:[SOLVED] windows anytime upgrade on volume license windows home to pro???

Do you have serial number for WIN 7 Pro also did you download and burn to your cd as an ISO file. I mean is it ready for installation.?

I had XP and i download same website win7 pro and i am using 3 computer very fine.

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I attempted to upgrade my tablet running 8.1 to Windows 10. I couldn't clear enough space for the install without wiping everything I had stored, so, as instructed, I added a media card for the update. Everything installed and went through the update, but
when it began to boot with Windows 10, it failed and immediately attempted to restore 8.1. It could not find a restore point and now will not boot windows at all.  It tells me to use a recovery disc/drive, but I do not have one and cannot make one since
it won't boot up. How can I re-install windows 8.1 (or 8 or 10) without having to acquire a new key for my tablet that is less than 1 year old?  I have an installation USB made for 10, but I don't know if it will work without having to input a key, and
honestly I am not sure if the tablet will boot from usb.

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Starting today, current users of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 will be able to reserve a free upgrade to Windows 10 once the operating system is released in a few months' time. And yes, the free upgrade will give you...

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A:Microsoft lets Windows 7 and 8.1 users reserve free upgrade to Windows 10

DirectX 12 here we come. Oh yeah!

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Hey everyone, just registered ? this is my first posting.

My family just ordered a new computer from Dell recently (through a monthly payment deal with our ISP), and it's still in transit to be delivered. I just recently discovered that the OS is Windows Vista Home Basic, which apparently is non-upgradable to Windows 7. What a rip-off.

I just had some questions. What would be the best path for me to take to get Windows 7 installed on this computer? I would probably need to delete the Home Basic OS and do a clean install, right?

I'm thinking about contacting Dell and having this order canceled or refused and waiting until I can order a model with Windows 7 preinstalled, but I'm quite impatient so I'd be willing to do something that wouldn't create such a delay.

Damn, I didn't think any PCs were still being shipped with Home Basic! This sucks royally!

A:Windows Vista Home Basic → Windows 7 (upgrade ripoff?)

Quote: Originally Posted by CIS

Hey everyone, just registered — this is my first posting.

My family just ordered a new computer from Dell recently (through a monthly payment deal with our ISP), and it's still in transit to be delivered. I just recently discovered that the OS is Windows Vista Home Basic, which apparently is non-upgradable to Windows 7. What a rip-off.

I just had some questions. What would be the best path for me to take to get Windows 7 installed on this computer? I would probably need to delete the Home Basic OS and do a clean install, right?

I'm thinking about contacting Dell and having this order canceled or refused and waiting until I can order a model with Windows 7 preinstalled, but I'm quite impatient so I'd be willing to do something that wouldn't create such a delay.

Damn, I didn't think any PCs were still being shipped with Home Basic! This sucks royally!

Welcome...glad you found us
You could buy an upgrade copy of windows 7 and perform a fresh install with that

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I am attempting to do either an upgrade or clean install of Windows 7.  The HP laptop I have is currently running Windows Vista.  
The error message is:
Windows cannot copy files required for installation.  The files may be corrupt or missing.  Make sure all files required for installation are available, and restart the installation.

I bought the .ISO file from eKey Market for about $55.  

I've tried resetting the laptop to factory settings, and still get this error. 
I've made 2 different DVDs with the .ISO files on them.
I am using an external USB CD/DVD drive.
What is the problem?

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Unable to download Windows Media Player upgrade on Windows 7 system.

I d/l Overdrive Media Console to read eBooks; it tells me to go to URL


On that site I cannot activate the upgrade button.

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Good day admin.
 I recently upgraded from windows 8 to windows 10 on my dell inspiron 5423 ultrabook. I discovered now that i cannot find the bluetooth device on the system again. Kindly assist please. thanks.

A:Bluetooth device on dell inspiron 5423 after windows upgrade from windows 8 to 10

Click on the icon to the right of the time and date. You will find it under All Settings, Devices, second icon to the right.

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Windows 10: Windows Insider Program participants can upgrade to the RTM build next year


Offering the latest build of Windows 10, Microsoft's upcoming operating system that is set to launch in 2015, via a special Windows Insider Program to eager beta testers is a new move on Microsoft's part, in the hopes of obtaining as much feedback as possible. With a simple click of a button, you can check for a newer build and download/install it for evaluation purposes. This allows you to be on top of the developmental process and give testers the chance to tinker with the latest improvements and features.

Microsoft has already outlined a roadmap for Windows 10's release, which is set to happen sometime between late summer or early fall of next year. But one question has come up regarding these preview builds. Will Microsoft allow testers the ability to upgrade a preview build to the RTM (final) version of Windows 10 once it becomes available? The answer is yes.

Windows 10: Windows Insider Program participants can upgrade to the RTM build next year

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Hello everyone, I've been stuck on trying to upgrade to Windows 10. I am currently using a OEM Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit, HP Pavilion dv6 laptop.

Problem started when I notified Microsoft that I wanted to upgrade to Windows 10. I upgraded with my wife's laptop first. She also has the same laptop, but its a newer version. Windows 10 installed fine, so I decided to do mine. So I repeated the steps I did when I upgraded my wife's laptop. I clicked on the Windows icon in my task bar. It told me Windows upgrade was ready, so I clicked on continue. I let the update take its course. After 8 hours of seeing the words "working on it" I decided to exit out of the program, thinking something is wrong. I restarted my laptop and clicked on the Windows icon again. This time I did this before I went to bed. When I woke up it still had the words "working on it." So I did some research and I came across a thread that stated to use Windows update. I ran the Windows update and to my surprise Windows 10 was there (it was the only update). I clicked on update and it started to download, so I figured life was good. Windows 10 downloaded and installed. It went through the three phases (Baking up files, installing software and drivers, and then validation)<--if those are not the exact three phases I forgot, but there are three phases-->as soon as the third phase finished it states that something goes wrong and reverts back to Windows 7 Home Premium. So I commence my r... Read more

A:Windows 10 upgrade reverts back to Windows 7 Home Premium (previous OS

Did you begin this extravaganza with Windows 7 Home Premium?

Or Windows 7 Home Premium SP 1?

What's an "SUR"?

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Hello everyone! Sadly my first post here is written under pretty bad circumstances. I am one of the many people whose systems (in my case a Precision 15 5510) were "automatically" upgraded to Windows 10 without warning, as Microsoft changed the status of Windows 10 from an 'optional update' to that of a 'reccommended update'. After the installation completed, I was presented with the EULA and selected the 'decline' option and Windows notified me that if I continue with this option it will 'attempt to re-install Windows 7' so I did that. After supposedly re-installing Windows 7, my system restarted and booted with the Windows 7 logo but before the login screen appeared I got a blue screen and the laptop restarted. This subsequently happened every time I attempted to start my laptop, except for when I tried to boot in safe mode (which it did successfully). I restarted the laptop, pressed F8 and selected the Repair option and the Dell Backup and Recovery option after that. I selected the drive I want to backup (C:) from the menu and was notified to insert a Flash Drive or a SD card that has more than 43GB free. I inserted a 64 GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive (SanDisk Extreme, which is meant to be really fast) and clicked 'Next'. Dell Backup and Recovery has since been stuck on the next screen which says "Backing up your data and Dell Backup and Recovery settings" with the progress bar just flashing by rather than actually showin... Read more

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is it possible? will my license key be the same? or my future OS will be fake or pirated?

i bought a new netbook with windows 7 starter OS. but im not satisfied with this OS.

thanks for the help!

A:upgrade my windows 7 starter to windows 7 ultimate/professional/home

Stop making double threads, you already asked and got answered in the other subforum.

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I wanted to upgrade to Windows 10 (free) but thought I might have a virus or malware. Also had 200 failed Windows updates. I am unsure if i should fix these before upgrading to Windows 10, or whether upgrading will effectively 'clean' the OS. If i dont ensure laptop is clean, will the (possible) virus or malware affect the downloading of Windows 10?
In more detail -
Before attempting Windows 10 upgrade, I checked that Windows updates were current and found 200 failed updates. On trying to install these updates it would not install any. My laptop (Lenovo Yoga 2) is fairly new but used infrequently and updates were not set to auto.
At the same time i had some difficulty updating Firefox and running some online scanners. I downloaded and ran Malwarebytes, which found Pup.Optional.WebSearchInfo. I didn't take action on this as i found advice online that suggested performing 4-5 steps in a particular order to remove it.
As I am a novice, i have left things as they are, stopped using the laptop and thought it best to ask for advice. Any help would be much appreciated.

A:Possible virus/malware/failed Windows updates - fix b4 upgrade to Windows 10?

to BleepingComputer.Hi there,my name is Jo and I will help you with your computer problems.Please follow these guidelines:Read and follow the instructions in the sequence they are posted.print or copy & save instructions.back up all your private data / music / important files on another (external) drive before using our tools.Do not install / uninstall any applications, unless otherwise instructed.Use only that tools you have been instructed to use.Copy and Paste the log files inside your post, unless otherwise instructed.Ask for clarification, if you have any questions. Stay with this topic til you get the all clean post.My first language is not english. So please do not use slang or idioms. It could be hard for me to read. Thanks for your understanding.*** Download Security Check by screen317 from here or here.Save it to your Desktop.Double click SecurityCheck.exe and follow the onscreen instructions inside of the black box.Vista / Windows 7/8 users right-click and select Run As Administrator.A Notepad document should open automatically called checkup.txt; please post the contents of that document.*** Please download Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit and save it to your desktop.Be sure to print out and follow the instructions provided on that same page.Caution: This is a beta version so please be sure to read the disclaimer and back up all your data before using.Double click on downloaded file. OK self extracting prompt.MBAR will start. Click in the introduction screen "next"... Read more

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Hi all, 

I have tried a number of times now to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10. It always fails and puts out an error WindowsUpdate_C0000005. 

I did a search on this error which recommended using the Windows Updater Repair which I have done. However at the end of this it states it is unable to fix Windows Updater Error 0x80070057. 
Another search done led me to https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/windows/en-US/53a1f2ab-037b-438e-a690-00a0e745730d/windows-7-update-error-0x80070057?forum=w7itprogeneral which suggests using RegEdit to fix the problem however the keys that
are referenced in this don't exist for me. 
Any thoughts here?

A:Unable to upgrade to Windows 10 - Windows updater error 0x80070057

Hey, this may help you. Change the following for 0x80070057 error on your system:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
?IsConvergedUpdateStackEnabled?=dword: 00000000

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I'm severely stumped here...
I've got an MSDN-install of Windows 7 x64 Ultimate been running fine for a couple of years now. No issues, all's good.
I got my Windows 8 Pro RTM from MSDN this past week and fired it up on my computer last night via USB. Boot in to Windows 7, open USB drive, dbl-click Setup.
Going thru the prelim, where i put in the product key (no issues), and it moves on to tell me I can only keep my Personal Files or "Nothing"
I thought Windows 8 was going to be able to upgrade Windows 7, but this is certainly speaking to the contrary, and I've also seen other threads that talk about already having done this w/o issue... so... what am I doing wrong?
p.s. Yes i did do a search but all the win8 upgrade problems i'm reading are past the point i'm having a problem with....

A:Windows 7x64 Ultimate -> Windows 8x64 Pro RTM not allowing upgrade :(

Did you accidently get 32 bit version of Windows 8?

I upgraded successfully my W7 to W8 (64 bit -> 64 bit)

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I purchased my HP Pavilion a6532f in 2009 and it came preloaded with Windows Vista. It has an AMD Athlon X2 CPU, 3gb RAM, and shows that it supports 64bit OS. I plan on upgrading to 8gb of RAM, I can get this working. Since Microsoft will no longer support Vista soon, I installed Windows 7 64bit (did not upgrade since you can't do an upgrade from 32-64bit). The install completed with no glitches and installed all my drivers. My problem is with Windows Update. It never stops seaching, even after 8 hrs.  I start the "Windows update" as normal, but it never finishes searching. I have already tried the 3 methods listed here - Windows Update Never Stops Looking for Updates. I have installed KB3102810 and KB3135445. All this to no avail.  Any help is appreciated. 

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can anyone help. I had windows 7 32bit installed on PC have upgraded to windows 7 64bit but seem to have lost network adapter driver. Any advice would be apprecited, I have no network or internet access.

A:UPgrade from windows 7 32bit to windows 7 64 bit lost network driver

I had a similar problem when loading XP onto a laptop that had been running Vista. I didn't have the wireless network driver for it. So ...
Open System Properties.
Click on Device Manager
Scroll down to the Network Adapters section
Find the wireless card item
Double-click it
Select the Details tab
In XP, it showed a text like this. It's the unique ID for the network card.PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_4229&SUBSYS_11208086&REV_61\4&6C79FC5&0&00E0
On my Win 7 box, I don't get a tangled description like that. Instead, I get plain, readable text:Intel(R) 82567V-2 Gigabit Network Connection
Either way ... google-search for that text. In my case, I found a web page at Cnet with all the necessary drivers. They had XP 32-bit, XP 64-bit, Vista 32-bit, Vista 64-bit, Win 7 32-bit, and Win 7 64-bit. They had it all. Easy.

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Microsoft Re-Issues Windows 7 Patch Preparing Windows 10 Upgrade

Microsoft has re-published a Windows 7 and 8.1 update that in the past has been associated with the company?s aggressive Windows 10 push, this time trying to focus on providing users with a smooth transition to the new operating system.

KB3150513 is an update shipped to systems running Windows 7, 8.1, and Windows 10 versions prior to 1703, and its purpose is to prepare the computer for the upgrade to Windows 10.

On April 21, Microsoft rolled out the 10th revision to the update, so users who are yet to upgrade to Windows 10 are once again being re-offered the patch.

Smooth upgrade to Windows 10 Creators Update
With the Windows 10 Creators Update now available for download, it more or less makes sense for Microsoft to provide a new compatibility patch to users, especially because a smooth upgrade is needed for those making the move from Windows 7 and 8.1, but also from Windows 10 TH1 or the Anniversary Update.

?This update provides the latest set of definitions for compatibility diagnostics that are performed on the system. The updated definitions will help enable Microsoft and its partners to ensure compatibility for all customers who want to install the latest Windows operating system,? Microsoft explains in the KB page.

?Installing this update also makes sure that the latest Windows operating system version is correctly offered through Windows Update, based on compatibility results.?

The patc... Read more

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Is it possible to set up a dual-boot system with Windows Vista OEM on one hard drive and install Windows 7 Upgrade on another hard drive? Windows 7 would be the primary and Windows Vista would be the secondary.

A:Set Up Dual-Boot System with Windows Vista OEM & Windows 7 Upgrade?

Easiest is to install each with the other HD unplugged, then set preferred as first HD to boot in BIOS setup, trigger other using the one-time BIOS Boot Menu key. This keeps each independent to come and go as you please.

If you don't like that method then you can install EasyBCD to Win7 to add Vista to a Win7 Dual Boot menu which will leave them independent.

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I have a notebook, which has got windows XP Home, i have been using this for a few months now, and have loads of data in it.

Now, I want to upgrade my OS to Windows XP Professional. Can I do this upgrade without loosing the data and installed programs on my notebook, or if I go for the upgrade all will be lost ?

Thanks in Advance -

A:Will I loose data if I upgrade from Windows XP Home to Windows XP Professional

You should be OK with an upgrade, just make sure your computer is clean before doing it. Dump the trash, do a disk cleanup, defrag the HD etc.

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Over the last couple of weeks, Microsoft began advertising Windows 10 to existing Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users. Those who are regularly up to date via Windows Update should now have the option to reserve a copy of Windows 10 via the system tray, which will put you in for pre-downloading Windows 10 before July 29th. Earlier this week, Microsoft released another update for Windows 8.1 users, which puts reserving Windows 10 at the forefront of Windows, literally during the Windows 8.1 setup process and even before reaching the desktop.

This new update allows users to reserve Windows 10 within the OOBE (out of box experience) when first booting a new install or setting up a newly purchased PC. The ability to reserve comes after you setup your account, but before you even reach the desktop. This means that new users who recently purchased a Windows 8.1 device simply can't miss the chance to reserve Windows 10. This also appears if you clean install Windows 8.1 with November Update roll-up and are connected to the internet.

Microsoft now offering Windows 10 upgrade during Windows 8.1 setup process

A:Microsoft now offering Windows 10 upgrade during Windows 8.1 setup process

Microsoft really wants to make sure people are aware of win10. I guess they need something to brag about when win10 is finally released.

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