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Iomega vs. LaCie

Q: Iomega vs. LaCie

I am looking for an external HD. i have found 2 that are at very reasonable prices i just don't know which one is better, or for that matter if either of them are any good at all

the iomega HD is here

and the LaCie

so if you could give me your opinions on the 2 drives or any other drives in a similar price range that would be great


Preferred Solution: Iomega vs. LaCie

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Iomega vs. LaCie

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Hi guys at work i have 4 lacie HD, last night i head power failure at my work place and drives are not being recognized, i have used a program diskwarrior to recover my files but it only erases the old partition and creates new 1, it does not do recovery. So my question is what program can use to recover my data most of the data is media related files since i am editor and i need them back i am using apple computers . Can you recommend any good recovery programs for mac software.


A:Lacie Crash

There are not a lot of MAC data recovery programs out there, and the ones that are available are generally not very good.

If you are running external Lacie hard drives attached to a MAC then they are most probably formatted in Fat32? For this reason, it may be better, if possible, that you connect the Lacie to a Windows PC and use a Windows based data recovery tool. There are many more options to choose from and they will recover FAT32 file system without any problems.

If you choose to go down this path then I would suggest you try a program like Recover My Files from www.recovermyfiles.com - it is not free but the download version will give you the ability to run the search and actually preview the data recovery results - proof that it is actually finding your files before for you purchase the activation key to save them. Your drives sound like they have file system problems, so if you use this program, start with the "Format Recovery" options first and you should get it all back.

Good luck.

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I have a LACIE mini 250GB and after some techs were xferring files from C to J (lacie), it has now disappeared, and I can't get "my computer" to recognize it. The connection is 1394 firewire, with USB connector also to power auxilliary hub. Since the drive is plug-play, is there anything I can do to try to get it recognized again. I have very important files on it, and I don't know whether they are still there. THank you.

A:Lacie Mini250 at LUN O

My plug-play Lacie Firewire is recognized on the Devise Mgr. profile, but does not have a letter assigned to it. The profile shows the following:

"lacie Group SA Lacie mni Hub FW IEEE 1394 SBP2"
Location 0
Everything was working fine until tech from Iyogi were attempting (?) to copy my C drive onto my Lacie so that I could do a clean install of VISTA on C. Something happened during the xfer and thereafter my Lacie drive is not recognized.
thanks for any suggestions.

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System is OS X 10.4

I've made a backup into this LaCie HD through the USB 2.0, but some months later when I was trying to do the same... it won't mount!! I cannot see where it is, although I followed the same procedure as before...

Similarly, the mac does not see my USB Sony Handycam...

The USB is working fine with the speakers!\

Thanks for any help.

A:Mac won't read LaCie Ext. HD. It did before!!

What HD are you running inside the enclosure? Seagate? Jazz

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Hi all I got a lacie drive a few months ago and now has come the time to extract something from it....see screenshot.

The drive clearly has stuff on it, but will not display in the folder despite nothing being hidden! Does anyone have any ideas?

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I am trying to set up a Lacie quad4 4TB to work on XP. I have tried everything I can think of, any insight would be appreciated.

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I have a Dell XPS M1730 w/ Vista Ult.

A Lacie NAS Big Disk Ethernet Storage Device.

And A D-Link DIR-615 router.

I have a few issues..

First, is the big disk just random decides it does not want to be recognized at any given moment. (Issue is usually fixed by resetting it)

Second, I have a DynDNS account and want to host my NAS here on my local network. I had a friend set it up for me the first time and It worked wonderfully. However, that friend is no longer here and I am not the networking genius that he was.

Here is what I have.

The NAS is connected via Ethernet to the Router which is connected to my computer. I have the router set to assign it the ip address of

I can connect to the NAS (at the moment) but cannont access it through the DynDNS account I have setup for it. I have the network storage ports forwarded (at least I think so. Ports 20-21 and 80)

And I have the DynDNS set to find it..im just not sure why I cannont.

I know. Not alot of info. If you guys can help me, I would be greatly appreciative.


A:Lacie NAS w/ DNS Problems

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Ok, I bought a 500gb Lacie Big Disk and I'm starting to think it was a mistake. It's feature set is great. 500gb, gigabit ethernet, usb 2.0, and firewire. It has file sharing obviously, an ftp server, and a media server. All I wanted.

The problem is that it runs some version of Linux as it's firmware for the configuration and such. Well, the filesystem is XFS. Any files I copy to it from my Vista machine lose their NTFS attributes. All system and hidden files and everything else. Usually the timestamps get messed up too!

So, does anyone know if I can format this drive to NTFS or will it not work since I'm assuming that the onboard Linux won't read or write to it at that point. I have never plugged this into my desktop via USB, so I don't know if I would even have that option in the Disk Manager, but I am tired of the attributes not being stored.

Any ideas?

A:Lacie Big Disk Help!

I didn't find much encouraging. It looks like, as you know, that none of the supported file systems will save NTFS metadata, and the time problem results from the better precision of NTFS in saving times, a precision not supported by Ext3FS or other file systems. One guy who tried NTFS on a Linksys that supposedly supported read/write said it didn't work. Some support read-only, which is useless. I guess they just don't work with a truly good file system .

If you want NTFS, you may need to look for NAS that supports it explicitly.

One possible solution is to use an archiver that saves metadata and then store all your NTFS files in that archive type. Not a very satisfactory solution, I know.

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I just found a real old looking LaCie external HD that my school was throwing
away, all I have is the HD, and cords for power and parallel port. Even though
it is super oldskool, and only hold like 10MB (lol) :haha: is there any way to make it work?

THX for help. If I get any.

A:VERY old LaCie external HD

It doesn't work? Just plug it in and see if it works. If it doesn't then you may need some extra drivers.

Also, the hard drive inside the enclosure may be dead. Take it out and try connecting it directly to your computer.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Phenom(tm) II X6 1055T Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 10 Stepping 0
Processor Count: 6
RAM: 16380 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 7800 Series, -2048 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 429 GB (304 GB Free); F: 5588 GB (1403 GB Free); K: 1862 GB (777 GB Free); L: 1863 GB (213 GB Free); M: 1863 GB (628 GB Free); N: 1863 GB (269 GB Free); O: 3726 GB (1339 GB Free); P: 1397 GB (859 GB Free); Q: 5588 GB (2829 GB Free); R: 3726 GB (1293 GB Free); S: 465 GB (309 GB Free); T: 4657 GB (2960 GB Free); U: 3725 GB (3725 GB Free);
Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd., GA-870A-UD3
Antivirus: BullGuard Antivirus, Enabled and Updated

I currently have several LaCie USB hard drives and have been using them and their Desktop Manager successfully. This software has been very useful as each drive has Eco power management, switching off after 10 minutes non-use. However, I purchased a LaCie Portable Drive a few days ago and when I installed the software the Desktop Manager stopped working saying it couldn't find ANY drives.
I contacted LaCie Support and don't seem to be making much progress. They sent a link for me to download but I got the same results. I've unplugged the new drive and tried to install the software again but it still has the same result - I can install the software but it comes up with the same answer.
My concern is that the drives that... Read more

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I have an external Lacie HDD which does not seem to function.
When I plug it into a USB port I can see the HDD in the Computer Management snap in. I have formated it with exFAT. When I try to move something to the HDD it will start off right then will get to a certain %, after a while it will come up with a message saying that it cannot find the hdd.
I have monitored the activity of the flashing blue light & at the start of the transfer it would flash constantly, then slows down till eventually it will go off.

What can I do to get the HDD to function right?

A:Lacie external hdd

It sounds like a hardware issue. If it's in warranty period I'd return it.

Edit: if you have another open USB port try that. If you know someone with a computer try it plugged into their machine. That should tell you if it's the drive or something on your system.

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Hello all, I just got an early XMAS present and the family needs this also. I just pluged it in and connected the USB cable, rebooted and presto, I have another drive. Now it does tell how to format HD but I'm just lost. I think I right click "My Computer" then click "Manage" then when window opens click on "Disk Management" which opens a window showing all my Hard Drives and I believe I right click the new drive and "Format" it. I would like to Partition it and add a folder or two, but HOW??? Any help with a good place to read up on this. Here is the website of the External 500GB HD.

Many thanks for any help,,

A:How to Partition Ext Lacie 500GB HD

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Hi There.. this explanation could be a bit long winded, but here goes.

In August I bought a LaCie 250G external hard drive.. I used it with my PC on windows 98 with no problem for a few months. In october I upgraded my PC to XP and suddently the system didnt always recognise the external drive. Dispite numerous attempts to fix it I often had to switch the drive on and off for up to an hour before the system would recognise it, scan it as a new hardware device and allow me to access it.

Last week I decided to completely upgrade my PC. For the breif two days that this system was working, I still had to turn the drive on and off a couple of times to get it to recognise it. Well, yesterday the new PC completely gave up the ghost. I have decided to buy a Mac instead.

To make sure that the drive would work with my new Mac I tried attaching it via the usb to my friends G5. Nothing happened. We tried turning it off and on a few times but nothing happened. I had to come home to work today so I've attached it to the system here running Win 98. I cant get this system to recognise it either. Im taking it in to work tomorrow to try it on a system running XP.

Do I need to format the drive to work with a Mac? if so, how do I do this.. Also.. the drive contains all my degree work.. I cant stress how important the stuff on the drive is so I really cant lose it.

Im a bit confused and at a loss to be honest. If I return the drive to PixMania (where I bought it) will they be able to c... Read more

A:LaCie 250 Gig Hard Drive

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Hi all,

Im new to the forum, however i have been using the Tech support Guy for some time. A very valuable resource for people like myself with limited PC experience. Well i have to drop by here because i cant find the solution to my problem (thats if it is a problem )

I recently replaced my old Maxtor 80gb with the Lacie 300gb ( the one that looks like a piece of Lego ) everthing seems to be going well with the general function of it so far.

The problem is XP Home is listing the Lacie as (my comp, I:, right click, properties, hardware) Maxtor 6L300R0 USB device. Is this possible Shouldnt it say Lacie or some such?
Maybe im just a complete idiot just doesnt look right to me.

Any help greatly appreciated


A:XP home, having probs with my new Lacie

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Hey again guys..

New problem.. Had a LACIE portable 80GB USB 2.0 hard drive.. Yesterday it took a very sligt knock and today it seems to be broken.

Once inserted into the USB port, you can hear the hard drive spinning, but that's pretty much all it does. The OS doesn't recognise it and it is nowhere to be seen in My Computer.

Are there any quick fixes? If anything, can I retreive the data?

Thanks guys.

A:LACIE 80GB Ext. HDD Not Showing..

If it took a "knock", I'm guessing that would be a physical drop or the like.

That's probably going to affect the hard disk, not the enclosure. The only way to really know is to remove the drive and connect it directly to a system as a secondary drive and see if it's recognized. I normally take all the stuff off the second IDE channel and put the drive at the end of the cable for testing.

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When trying to mreove the Lacie External HD and I click on safely remove hardware I get the following error message:

Problem Ejecting USB Mass Storage Device

The device 'Generic volume' cannot be stopped right now. Try stopping the device later.

This happens on 95% of occasions.

I'm using Windows XP Media Edition (going to upgrade OS when Windows 8 is released)

Could anyone please tell me what's happening & how to fix it?

All help much appreciated

A:Lacie External HD problem

Something is accessing the drive.

Try turning off caching in Device Manager if it is on. Try Unlocker to see if it can tell you what process is locking the drive, or search for the drive letter in OpenedFilesView to see what files/folders have handles attached to them and by what process.

Sometimes, defraggers or other programs that perform some disk task monitors the drive at all times. It could even be antivirus. In that case, there really is no solution short of shutting down or removing without Safely Remove when you are positive that no data transfer is taking place.

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Hello. I can't decide on an external hard drive to buy. I have a MacBook Pro.

I would like a firewire/usb drive. I'm thinking




(both 750GB drives. same price)

they're both firewire 400 not 800. I feel like that's not that big of a deal. i'll run some software off of the external hd,

your suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


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I have an old LaCie External Hard Drive that has crashed. It's this goofy thing.

Anyway, is anyone familiar enough with these things and could tell me where the data actually gets stored? I can access the thing using a BartPE disk; however, I cannot find the data.


A:LaCie External Drive

What do you mean crashed? I have a lacie, different one, and it uses xfs as the file system. So windows couldn't access the drive natively. But, I doubt that's the case with this one, since it has XP embedded. If it crashed, how are you accessing it?

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As set up, it comes alive at start up and stays on all the time. I am using it strictly for backups. Can I remove it from the start menu, leave it off and just turn it on to do a backup or do I need to leave it on all the time?

A:Lacie 500 GB ext HD Porsche-turning off

Many of those drives have a auto-power save mode, have you checked that?

FWIW, I turn my USB drives off whenever I'm not using them, just make sure you use the "safely remove hardware" icon in the system tray to disconnect it, then turn the power off.

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Thanks to the tutorials on setting up Win 8 and VMware Player 5 I tutorials (and the license help) was able to successfully instal a win 8 x64 guest in a win 7 x64 host. I installed chrome amd a few other software working ok and was able to activate it.

I have some USB 3 ports on my win 7 host laptop one is connected to a 2TB LaCie Minimus external USB 3 HDD. It works great on the host. Running the win 8 guest it says I can connect to it and shows an icon for it on the toolbar. I right-click that icon and choose "Connect(disconnect from host)", but it always gives me an error message identifying lack of connection to specifically the LaCie however the reset of the message box only says "Driver Error". I've tried with the LaCie starting out connected to the host and also disconnecting from inside the host first. Same problem/msg either way.

I really need to work with my LaCie in USB 3 from the guest to make using Player worth anything to me because that is where most of my working data lies. Any help solving this would be appreciated.

A:USB 3 LaCie Minimus HDD won't in Win 8 Gust on Win 7 x64.

Does not seem like anybody has any answers. However the drive works on my USB 2 ports. Strange.

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I have a LaCie 2big Network (2-disk RAID). I have attatched this to my Netgear router (cheap one) DHCP assigned it an IP address which i then made static.

My question is, i would like my friends/family to view the info stores on the drive. How would i do this?

I've looked into FTP but that the only thing i can find. I need something with a GUI or something that can be easy to use.

I was thinking abt getting a Westen Digital drive (myBook drive)

Any suggestions?



A:Lacie Network HardDrive

You want your friends/family to be able to view the files? sounds like you want them to be able to access your files over the internet (e.g. not on your local network).

This is going to be pretty involved, so I hope you're pretty saavy

Here's what I would do

1.) Buy a domain name from a cheap vendor (godaddy isn't a bad option here)
2.) Register for a custom DNS service from dyndns.com. This allows your non static public IP to be routable externally to your home network. E.g. when your ISP changes your public IP, dyndns will switch the DNS entries to point to your new IP. This makes it "look" like your dynamic IP is actually static from the outside world
3.) Setup a web server in your home network. This is actually easier than it sounds. If you have a windows xp, windows 2003, windows vista or windows 2008 box- it should be pretty straight forward. You'll want to go to control panel -> programs and features -> installed components and check "Internet information services". This will install the appropriate IIS software on your computer
4.) Setup a new website in IIS and indicate that the content comes from a network share. This network share will point at your LaCie Network Harddrive

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Just needed a Recommendation on LACIE Hard Drive, thinking about getting a 500 Gigs HD from them, Just wanted to know any Personal Horror stories or Not ?? Or should I stay with the 3 Musketeers

1. Maxtor
2. Seagate
3. western Digital

Thanks for your Input.

A:LACIE HD - Personal Experience ?

They make good stuff but not the actual HD. I believe the 500 is a Maxtor. La Cie makes the enclosure and the firmware.

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OK so i brought my LaCie hardrive to my friends place and we put movies and music on it. When i got home i plugged it in and all it does is beep and doesnt appear on my computer. FYI yes we are both using PC (he's a laptop and im a desktop) what should i do?

A:LaCie Hardrive not responding

Is it a 2.5" or 3.5" external lacie? It could be anything from faulty caddy to hard drive internal problem. It's very common for 2.5" to have stiction, this normally happens when you unplug the usb without using windows safe remove; or removed too early. This can cause a faint beeping sound.

Also very common for 3.5" to have motor seizure (specially seagate drives) where the drive doesn't spin thereby producing a beeping sound.

I know few ways to fix this problem. Send it to a local shop but tell them not to open the actual HDD. If the problem is stiction or motor seizure then just send it to data recovery companies.

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I'm having trouble with this device - I'm trying to create folders (shares) that have special permission. No problem creating public shares, but if I create a user with password and create a share for that user I cannot access the share. "Access Denied". I would think that a Log In window would appear. All stations on this network running XP-Pro.

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I'm currently deployed to Iraq, and when I got out here, the unit I relieved left behind a LaCie 1TB external hard drive. Well, it recently asked me to install the drivers for it; actually Windows did. I have checked online and I can't find the drivers I need to make it work. If anyone can please tell me a location I can go to get the drivers to make this thing work again, I would be very thankful.

I use Windows Vista, if that helps.

A:1TB LaCie BIG DISK drivers

Hello and a warm welcome to the forum.

You should be able to download a driver and any software from:


I hope this helps?


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I've added an external LaCie 1 Tera HD (USB connection) to my Lenovo M552 desktop, running WinXP Pro (SP3).
The HD started causing problems, (and automatic reboots). My event viewer shows the following error message:

The device, \Device\Harddisk2\D, has a bad block.

I tried to run chkdsk, and it got stuch after repairing two spots. I tried to run Spinrite (Ver. 6.01), and it got stuck with a bunch of technical details (eax: 06F091E4, ebx: 00000027, etc.). (I'm ready to provide the complete report if it helps.

What can I do other than rely on the lousy support of LaCie. (The net is filled with complaints).


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Hi there ,
So it seems It`s the first time when my general knowledge or my good old friend google can`t help me so I hope someone from this website will .
Right so this is what happened today :
I`ve upgraded my laptop`s ram today from 4gb to 8gb and I said hey , why not do a fresh install of windows as dell support center wasn`t loading up anymore .Anyhow I have a lacie 500Gb hard drive which seemed to work fine till now .
Right now , after the reinstall my hard drive just isn`t accesible anymore .
Basically i can see it in the devices and printers section , i can see it on disk management ( i also tried changing the letter etc , the partition is active i can see that it`s 500gb but i can`t acces any data ) and i can also see it on My computer as a partition but not as a storage device .
What does happen is after 2-3 minutes or so , a windows pop`s out to format the disk which i can`t even do , on my girlfriend`s laptop works very well .
Now this is extremely strange as i did nothing and all but reinstall windows , also i`ve updated to date .
Now i`ve also tried uninstalling the usb driver from disk management still no joy .
Anybody please help , this is the first time I can`t really manage something and it`s really buggin me .

A:External Lacie Hdd Isn`t recognized

Update on my post ... I did a format on the external hdd ntfs , same problem , my girlfriend`s laptop can see it , on mine it does appear in the devices and printers etc , but there is no access from my computer or any other means . Also tried fat format , seemed to work for a few minutes then started crashing after i try to create a folder in it or whatever ...

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i have a 500GB USB/FireWire lacie HD (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00...ef=oss_product)

and i have suddenly been getting downward of three MBPS (NOT mbps)
while i normally get appx. 17-20 MBPS with it.

it is also strange that it nor my other Maxtor HD are detected through FireWire.


A:lacie external HD like a snail

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Hello everyone. I recently did an edit on my G5 ppc mac with footage from a Lacie external drive.
It was given to me with the footage already copied on, source OS unknown.
It read and wrote fine to the drive and when i finished the project i gave the drive back to the client.
She has now called me and said her windows machine will not read the drive. her tech guys have tried multiple machines and even software that they say would read a mac formatted drive (not sure which software), but still it keeps telling them the drive has not been 'initialised' and they cannot see any data on the drive.
has anyone ever encountered this problem or know of a workaround for it?

any help would be appreciated

Thanks a lot !!!

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I ran the SysInfo but nothing showed up to copy thus paste. Am sending this on a different computer. My question is for my Dell Inspiron 531S operating with Windows XP. Have been using a LaCie Rugged Mini 2TB drive which still works well after 2 yr. The problem- Have purchased another Lacie 2TB drive just like the above. When plugging in the new one it ran a bit and said connected. The Lacie setup window didn't show up. The new drive shows in the device manager (as does the orig. one) but not in the menu, under My Computer or LaCie Share (H). The device manager lists as operating properly. How can I use the new one? Thanks

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I recently purchased a LaCie USB external drive to back up music files.

I received an ad from Acronis offering version 10 now and 11 when it is released, for a good price.

I have not used Acronis to back up my hard drive and OS (XP) but would like to.

I understand that the LaCie is formatted as FAT and I believe that imposes a 4 GIG limit on an individual file--- how can I use it to backup my OS (XP)?

I hope I explained myself in an understandable way,

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Hi everyone! So I have an external hard drive thats a Lacie brand.. I have had it for a while and it works great. I use it for movies for my PS3. BUT lol I upgraded to Windows 7 and I connected my drive to load some files on to it and Windows 7 said it need to "fix" my drive in order for it to work on my computer. So I clicked fix and it took about 3 seconds and it said it was fixed. Now my hard drive isnt showing up on my PC or my Mac or my PS3... Is there any way I can recover my files? Your help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks you!!!

A:Lacie Hard Drive help

Welcome to Seven Forums.
Sadly I only have some questions for you.

1.Is it USB powered or AC powered?
2.Is it an IDE or a SATA drive?

The reason I aks is if you can hook it up internally by removing it from the case will it show up then?

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WinXp, Sony Viao.

Free space on Lacie drive is 77.7GB/467GB. When I attempt to access the drive, all folders are empty.
I hope I havent lost all my files.

The disk was not being detected, so I did
# Disconnect all cables connected to the drive.
# Connect the power cable to the drive.
# Connect the USB-cable. First to the drive. Then to the computer.

Big Disk is now detected but all folders empty.

I'm afraid the only advice I'll receive is to bin it

A:Lacie Bigdisk - empty folders

anybody out there familiar with this prob?

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First, thank you for taking the time.

I used my Lacie 500GB for a few months, and it always worked as a charm. It was never bumped nor suffered physical impact. The closest thing was being left on for several hours, although seldom on constant use. I use a laptop running Vista Businss.

A couple of nights ago I woke up to it making a regular scratching sound, of the kind it'd make when trying to write or read something. As it was in the middle of the night I didn't care about checking if anything was wrong, I just assumed whatever it was it could wait until I'd had my sleep, so I turned it off.

In the next day, and ever since, it hasn't worked: whenever it is powered up (even if not connected to a computer), it starts that scratching noise and doesn't stop (it doesn't eventually die out or turn off). I tried it in another laptop running Vista, and finally on my tower running Windows XP, and neither worked. I removed it from the case and plugged the HD by itself to the tower, and it still didn't work.

Now, it is recognized and listed under the Disk Drives in Device Manager, and it does not have that Yellow Problem sign. When it is plugged, the computer recognizes it with a beep. However, the noise doesn't stop, and neither can I access it under My Computer. I read some advice suggesting I change the letter under Disk Management, but it does not show in there.

I am very much at a loss. I am finally inclined towards taking it to a tech... Read more

A:Lacie Hard Drive not accessible

Sometimes this sound is known as the "Click of Death" It is possible that the drive is dead or dying. IS this drive possibly still under warranty? ANd is there anything of critical importance that you don't have backed up elsewhere?

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I have the LaCie Porsche 500Gb external USB hard drive. Always been working fine until I was forced to do a C Drive re-format WinXP SP3 clean install.

If I remember correctly, when first hooked up before the recent XP clean install, the LaCie had found/been given a driver out of WinXP. After this clean install, the best I have gotten is a Device Manager yellow exclamation point. LaCie support says driver error, not their problem!

Anyways, the path of Device Manager is | Universal Serial Bus Controllers | USB Mass Storage Device (yellow exclamation) | Properties | Details. Details comes up with one the following each install attempt:

USB\VID_o59F&PID_0951\Rev_0000 and,
on the 2nd line: USB\VID_059f&PID_0951

Another time Details showed only this individual single line message:


I did several web searches and felt I was close to finding a driver or solution but, reached the end of my expertise as to how to solve this problem based on answers I was reading.

Ideas, suggestions greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


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I've had problems with this drive when I first hooked it up years ago, but then it was fine until now. It just seems to be disconnecting. It's working right now, but sometimes when it would disconnect, I'd turn it off/on and it wouldn't reconnect. I don't know if it's a sign of the drive possibly failing? Any help would be appreciated.

A:Lacie 500GB external USB HDD seems to be faultering

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Hey guys,

I have a Lacie 1TB desktop hard drive connected by USB. The external power pack connector has broken on the board so I have opened the hard drive and to my surprise there were actually two 500GB Samsungs in there making 1TB. What I would like to know is how the hard drives are filled up.

The hard drives are connected to a Lacie PCB with a Sata1 and sata 2 connector on it. As I fill the drive with files does it fill one hard drive first and then the second after? Or are the files "spread" across the two drives. I think they may be RAID or something but i'm not too familiar with that. I have only probably used around 200GB on it. Would it be possible to simply connect it to my PC via Sata and have all the files on the one hard drive? Or would I have to connect both hard drives to my pc in some sort of RAID setup?
Thank you.

A:Solved: Lacie 1TB external HD usb problem

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Ok, so I have an external hard drive that I use for both of my computers. However, neither computer recognizes the hard drive anymore. It is connected through a USB cable and is a LACIE brand. It won't even show up in My Computer. I have tried restarting both computers, unplugging the drive for thirty seconds and plugging it back in, but none of this has worked. If someone can help, it would be greatly appreciated.

A:Problems with a Lacie external drive!!!!

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I formatted the hard drive to change it from fat32 to NTFS so I don't have done size restrictions be now is telling me it only has 260mb capacity and I have no idea why and how to change it.
Any help resolving this would be greatly appreciated.

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shame a friend of mine put all his important data on a 4tb lacie thunderbolt nas drive...
but its just asking to format as soon as usb connection i plugged in
in storage manager it says 0 bytes raw on both drives...
its on safe but then goes to jbod mode,he doesnt remember changing it.

here are a few questions

1) in safe its meant to mirror,if there is corruption on one drive will it throw it over to the other?
2) shouldnt at least one of the drives be readable?
3) could i just recover data off the drives using some usual software recovery?

any advice or help really appreciated,he has a lot of videos he would rather not redo if he can avoid it.

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I've posted this on ASUS forums where there are several similar complaints ranging over various ASUS motherboards including mine (see my system specs) and have even had LaCie replace the eSATA interface on their d2 Quadra 1TB eHDD but I can't use it as an eSATA drive, only as USB or Firewire 400.
The latest drivers are installed and have been uninstalled and reinstalled until I am blue in the face but it appears that LaCie drives do not like ASUS motherboards and their Marvell 61xx RAID/Storage controllers. BIOS settings are correct. This is a non-RAID setup.

What happens when attempting the eSATA connection is the drive is at first detected but that only lasts seconds before it is undetected. It appears in the BIOS yet at reboot everything slows to a crawl, Windows even lingers on the Startup sound for a minute at least, then a BSOD appears. The drive is then invisible even in the BIOS.

I only have the one eSATA port and have tried several cables and (please note) eSATA worked just fine with my previous Iomega drive using exactly the same setup, cable, drivers etc. (Now use that as a cable-TV DVR extender as this drive wouldn't work in that capacity - a strange coincidence or not?).

I know I can use the drive as a USB drive but would have liked the higher transfer speeds one can enjoy using eSATA.

I'm posting here in the hope that someone else has had the same experience and has some ideas.

A:LaCie eSATA HDD Wont Work Unless Via USB

While I haven't tried the LaCie product or the eSata interface, I can tell you that there are issues with the P6T Deluxe boards and Windows 7 (no significant experience with this board and Vista).

Mine has never been right, and has even been worked on by the Win7 team during beta testing (they blamed the RAID card, the Promise people blamed Win7 beta). I cannot hibernate or sleep, the speeds of my RAID 5 array (with Promise controller) are abysmally slow, I've had some RAID issues, and am just generally frustrated over this board.

Also, I've had issues in the past with Hauppage cards - and your mention of the previous use of the eSata as a cable-TV DVR extender makes me wonder if the TV card or it's drivers are causing issues. Maybe try uninstalling the software and removing the card to test that?

EDIT: Maybe disable the Marvell networking stuff and use a cheap PCI NIC to test with? They're about $15 (US) in most stores that sell those parts.

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I'm currently using a 160GB LaCie external hard drive (described as 'P3' model on the invoice) with my present desktop computer running Windows NT. I bought it in 2005 and it's connected via USB.

I'm about to replace this computer with a new Windows 7 laptop, and I just want to reassure myself that Windows 7 should recognise the LaCie drive without needing any particular drivers to be installed. (I didn't need to install any drivers on my present computer.)

Any advice gratefully received. I always get nervous when buying a new computer, trying to think of anything that could be a problem!

A:Will this LaCie external drive be OK with Windows 7?

It should work, if not externals are pretty cheap nowadays, that 160GB is gonna be a flash drive soon.

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I have a lacie f.a. by porsche 500GB fire wire drive which i have partitioned in to 3 parts.

I was previously running windows 7 pro x86 and every time i switched on my lacie drive all 3 partitions showed up pretty much instantaneously.

however, now i have switched to x64. first i had to go to Disk Management to import the HDD as it was listed as a foreign list. this works fine and i can access my drive fine.

however, now, every time i switch on the drive it take between 5-10 minutes to discover all partitions (however, one always shows up straight away).

any suggestions as to why this could be and how to alleviate the issue?

A:Problems with Lacie Firewire and windows 7 x64

LaCie has a go by on their website which gives detailed instructions on getting your Firewire drive, the example uses a 400Gb LaCie drive but your 500Gb should be no different. LaCie - Hard Drive, Design by F.A. Porsche - FireWire 400

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Hi, I would like to use the lacie max quadra 2tb as an esata media and backup disk
and would like to check some things in advance:

asus 6pt mobo is configured as ide (so not as raid), it detects the lacie in the bios under hard disks. win 7 doesn't recognize the disc (connected via esata connection)
SO how do i make the lacie work as esata disk?
Do i need to configure the mobo as raid and reinstall win 7 for it to work?

A:asus 6pt + esata lacie max quadra 2tb

Does the motherboard have two sata controllers, one in the chipset for 6 sata ports and one seperate Gigabyte controller for two more?

In bios, change the port that you have the esata cable in to ACHI mode. Then in windows delete the sata driver from device manager.
Reboot and it should detect the achi sata port and then it should work.

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Is anyone using a LaCie 4big Quadra 8 TB on Windows 7 64 bit? I have a Dell XPS 8100 and I cant seen to be able to setup the device.

I have configured the device as a RAID 5 plus spare connecting it to my PC via a e-sata port. After setup and partitioning, I only see free space of 1.63 TB.

Ofter several e-mails to and from LaCie, they have said that I may have a bad unit. This I will look into.

I just want to verify that this unit "plays" nicely with my PC. Anyone using this device?



A:Is anyone using a LaCie 4big Quadra 8 TB on Windows 7 64 bit?

RAID 5 works like this:

(Size of Smallest Drive) * (Number of Drives - 1)

One disk is used for parity.

So you SHOULD have

2TB * 4 Drives - 1 Parity Drive = 6TB

You can't create partitions over 2TB in Windows, normally*. You should be able to create 3x2TB partitions.

BUT if one or more of the disks fails, you drop off the usable disks and anything below 3 disks cannot do RAID 5.

If you can only create ONE 2TB partition and have no room for more, I'd send it back. Something is wrong.

* When I say "normally" I mean using regular NTFS methods. You can partition higher but the MBR has to be replaced with a GUID Partition Table (GPT) and only works on 64-bit versions of Windows.

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(Warning: I have had this disk for 2 years now and all it has given me is problems, please avoid all Lacie network products, I have had TWO of these and the second one disallowing login.)
I try to login it disallows me, am not sure why no one has changed it. I never have forgotten its password. I have tried to reset it using the reset method and 3 times I have done it and still nothing.

"Switch the drive OFF. Wait for the drive to power down. If it does not power down within two minutes, unplug the drive from power, then reconnect it.
Switch the drive ON. After about three seconds, flip the power switch to the OFF position, then ON again.
If the light on the front quickly pulses, the drive is now reset to its factory settings. The data is unaffected by this procedure."

(Login is admin). Passwords I have tried. password, admin, 1234, (nothing) and all my own passwords and nothing happens. I also have tried contacting support and they redirect me to the same page I find there "solutions" very vauge and unsupportive.

(LaCie Technical Support

We're happy to help you with your current problem. Before you use our online Technical Support, please be sure you've checked the "Troubleshooting" section - we may already have a solution to your problem!)

Does anyone have any ideas as am stuck trying to login to my own drive, any help appreciated. Do note I can access the normal partition but I cannot login to my drive or its pass worded partition.

A:Cannot login to Lacie network space

I solved it by thinking. I tried changed my password to a usual one which is 17 characters long but its maxium was 15. I thought it reset it to default but it deducts characters from the previous password. (set the password as aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa). It will remove 1 letter and it will set that to your password without warning as the max is 15 characters and the password was 16 letters.

Do realize I thought it never changed the password as it didn't accept the length so I thought it would be the default password.

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