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[SOLVED] Properties Question

Q: [SOLVED] Properties Question

Hi, when I right-click the folder with my music to see how many files (MP3) there are, i always get an incorrecnt amount (higher than the real number).
For example, if i manually count it all, i get 1,546 files, but in the Properties it shows 1,784 files. Can anyone explain why is that?

P.S. When I open my Music Organiser, it shows the correct number of music files...

Cheers ;)

Preferred Solution: [SOLVED] Properties Question

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: [SOLVED] Properties Question

Hi Karpaty !

Could be some hidden files : go to tools => folder options => view, check "show hidden files and folders" and uncheck "hide protected operating system files". See if some new files appear now.

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I just have a quick question. When you right-click My Computer and retrieve the properties, it displays all your computer's speed information such as CPU and RAM.

I was just wondering why these properties display two CPU speeds. For example, mine says word for word: Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz 1.50 GHz on the CPU information line.

Can anyone explain why there are two speeds? Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: Question about "My Computer" Properties

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what does this mean

A:properties window question

Please create one thread per problem to avoid confusion.
Closing thread duplicate.


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when i right click on a photo. and click on properties. and when the window pops up i noticed that where it says created, modified and accessed. the dates all the same. shouldn't they be different. i thought where its says created should say the date i put it in the pc?

A:Right click/properties question

The only thing that I've seen, if you copy the file, the copy will get a new created date. The same when downloading from your camera. Move the files(not a good idea) and the date the photo was taken is the Created Date. Copy them and you get today's date.

Have you copied or edited the photos?

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If I go to system properties and click on the general tab it gives me info about the comp[uter system. Everything is correct except that under Computer it says that the CPU is an unknown type. Everything is working great but this bugs me. I would swear that I read somewhere about this and possibly how to correct it.

I have looked every where and no luck on finding any info.

Hope someone knows about it.


A:XP System Properties Question

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Hi. I'm on Windows XP Home.

I would like to prevent an installer from deleting files that it puts in a particular folder. Is this possible? The installer encounters an error at the end of the process and deletes everything. It was suggested to me that if I could find a way to "keep" the files, I would be able to get things working.

Any ideas?


A:Folder Properties question.

If the installer choses to delete all the files after the error then there is no way to keep them. Unless you know how to re-write the installer exe file but i wouldnt suggest that.

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So I was going to dive into tagging my images on my HDD so I can find what I what when I want and specifically what I want. But there is a problem. I can't tag PNG images.
In fact PNG images differ in the properties panel:
JPEG Properties:
PNG Propertie:
What is this crap? Is there anyway to enable or force this via RegEdit?

A:Question about JPEG and PNG properties 8.1

Majorgeeks.com download repository has programs for what you want to do.

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On discord, its not uncommon for me to come across "Cursed MP4 Files" with strange properties.

I'm incredibly interested how the creators of these files were able to get their results and mostly I want to make my own "cursed files". Some of the properties I've seen are video lengths upwards of 13,000 hours long, yet still being 1 MB. I've also seen videos that have negative video lengths and videos that display the video length as 0, yet still plays a video.

How were some of these made? I can file share the specific MP4 files in question

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After copying folders, containing files and documents, from W98 or W2000 to XP, via Windows Explorer, I sometimes find these files have picked up the "Read-Only" attribute.

This causes editing problems. So in Windows Explorer I right click and select "Properties" on a folder (some of these folders have sub-folders, and hundreds of files, documents with various extensions in them). The box next to "Read-Only" is usually grayed with a check mark in it (meaning some files are not read-only).

I uncheck the "Read-Only" box and hit apply. I'm then given a choice between un-Read-Onlying just this folder or Un-Read-Onlying the folder and sub-folders. I always select the sub-folder option. A progress bar appears and it looks like the attribute is being changed to uncheck "Read-Only" from all the files in the folder and sub-folders.

But not so. I go to edit a file or document and too many times I get the "Read-Only" message. Why doesn't XP deliver on unchecking "Read-Only"?

A:Windows Exploerer Properties, Attributes Question

OOPS: Windows Explorer, not "Windows Exploerer"

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I am not new to Windows at all, but I am trying hard to get this view back in my Windows 8 File Explorer from Windows 7.
(I need to link to a pic, as I do not know the correct terms for it.)

I think it is possible, just do not know how to get the disk size and space used properties to show.

A:Windows 8 File Explorer properties view question

Have you tried this?

Attachment 24387

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I have a folder of home videos that I back up to a USB key with Syncback. The key is nearly full and I'm trying to reduce the size of that folder. But here's the thing; If I right-click on my 'Home videos' folder and select 'Properties', it tells me I have 564 files in 85 folders, taking 2.67Gb.

However, if I open the folder and search for *.* to show all the files, then select all, right-click, 'Properties', it tells me I have 2224 files in 249 folders taking 6.41Gb. Still, at the bottom of the Windows Explorer window it says 649 items selected.

This is the case on both the folder in My Documents on the PC and also the matching folder on the USB key.

Treesize also shows 2.67Gb for both folders.

In fact as far as I can figure, what with everything else on the same USB key, there wouldn't even be room for a 6Gb folder.

I've tried showing both hidden and system files and folders but there's nothing extra to see.

Can anyone please explain this anomaly? I must be doing something wrong but I can't figure it out!

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Winxp OS. When I right click on my desktop to go to properties, "NOTHING" happens. Why is this happeningandcanI fix this ?

Thank you

A:Solved: Properties not available

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What does it mean to have this unchecked?

A:[SOLVED] Drive Properties

It depends a lot on the power of your system. If you'd completed My System I could have given you an idea. Seriously, the Indexing Service can make searching easier, but on a slow machine, because the indexing goes a bit overboard, it can slow things down. On a reasonably powerful machine it is worth having it on and programs shouldn't be affected by it much. If you notice a reduction in performance, it's time to think about upgrading.

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I need to know everywhere in windows where you can adjust the volume of a microphone. I just got a new one but it barely picks anything while I've heard recordings of the same mic picking everything up. I've looked around and moved some sliders but none of them make any difference.

A:Solved: Microphone properties

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I replaced a wireless Logitech keyboard I had connected to my XP desktop pc with a regular basic wired keyboard with manufactured by Ziotek.

When I go to Device Manager under Keyboards I still see only the Logitech "Easy Internet Keyboard"listed there even though I replaced it with the Ziotek one mentioned above. When I look at the keyboard properties it still says the manufacturer is Logitech and of course has the options to Update Driver, Roll Back the Driver, Uninstall the Driver etc.

Why hasn't the Logitech keyboard info been replaced with that of the Ziotek? I've rebooted a couple of times but made no difference.

A:Solved: keyboard properties

Did it eventually appear where it should?

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In my computer propeties i see 3.5 version . what is that

A:[SOLVED] properties of my computer

Hi jasimkhan and Welcome to TSF,

What is listed as "3.5" in that view?
If you could please take a screenshot of the view and highlight the things you're unsure of and I'll gladly tell you what it means.

Open up the Computer Properties-view.
Press the "Print Screen"-button on your keyboard.
Open paint > Edit > Paste.
Save as ".png".
Attach to your next post.

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I recently had a blue screen of death nightmare and managed to get the system running again by running chkdsk in Windows recovery console. Everything seems to be fine except for the links to My Documents and My Pictures in the start menu. The links are still there on the top right but neither of them have the folder icon and when I right click to open properties I get a desktop error saying "The properties for this item are not available." I can still access the contents of the folders but want to get my system running properly again.

Any ideas greatly appreciated.

A:Solved: No properties for My Documents available.

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Hey everyone,

I've got a Dell 17" LCD monitor (model: E173FP) and a question.

I need to fix the driver since I just reformatted; however, I can't edit a particular setting.

Follow me on this part: [right-click desktop] and select "Properties" => "Settings" => "Advanced" => "Monitor".

I need to get to the "Properties" screen, which is where the "Drivers" options are. Unfortunately, the entire "Properties" screen is grayed out, so I can't click "Properties" or change the Monitor Settings like the Hertz rate.

What is the work around for this?

Oh yeah, Dell said I have to pay them $50 if I want them to fix it. Noooooo!


-- Annoyed Dell User

A:[SOLVED] Display Properties

Hello Annoyed,

Have you reinstalled all drivers (Chipset,Graphics,Audio,etc) after reinstalling Windows?
Look in Device Manager and make sure that there is no yellow ?'s or !'s listed.

If you have all drivers installed you can download the driver for your monitor from the Dell site.


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When checking the properties of a file and it states
the following ( example )will be shown in the
dialog box.
Size 1.20GB
Size on Disk 1.04GB
What do each represent and why the difference between the two ?
OS XP Home SP2



A:Solved: XP Home--- Properties

here ya go:


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Ive messed up the settings on my Display Properties.
Now i dont see how to put it back.

Can anyone help?
Its a Dell Lattitude.


A:[SOLVED AT LAST!] Display Properties

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How do I set Gadgets to always one top?

Seen several sites say open Windows Sidebar Properties.
The properties program seems to be missing on my system.

Is this only available on Vista system and removed from W7?

START Search "Sidebar"
View list of running gadgets
Restore desktop gadgets installed with Windows
Add the clock gadget to Desktop
Add gadgets to Desktop
Get more Gadgets Online
Uninstall a gadget

Using Window 7 Professional 32-bit

A:Solved: Sidebar Properties

Have you tried right clicking the installed Gadgets, and selecting "Always on top"?

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Windows Vista JPEG- jpg Photograph.
When looking at Properties of a Photograph, on the bottom at Attributes: there is also Read Only and Hidden.
What happens if the read only is selected?
What happens if Hidden is selected?

A:Solved: Photo-Properties

All photos in Pictures disappeared. I found them on the hard drive "C" and were marked "Hidden"
Could not burn them because they could not be "Read" Now I know why.
I greatly appreciate your help. Thank you very much.
note: I will try to clear "Hidden" hope it solves my problem.

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I have Windows 7 32bit. This problem just showed up about one month ago. I have been running Win7 for two and a half months. When I start the computer and the computer finishes booting, the desktop has a small error window open with a message in the box saying: The properties for this item are not available. I don't know where to start to find the problem. In the upper left corner of the box it does say Desktop. I tried booting to safe mode and the error message is not there. I have a picture of the box captured by using the snipping tool. I can't get any information on the box by right or left clicking it. What should I try next to to stop this box from appearing? If I click ok the box goes away and as far as I can tell everything is fine. Also, I did a sfc /scannow and the report was all file accounted for. I have been reviewing logs but so far I have not found the error message listed. This message appears evertime I start or reboot the computer. No other times.
Here is a picture of the message box:


Any suggestions to get rid of this message would be wonderful.

A:Solved: The Properties for this item are not available

I actually have the same exact problem. I've had it for probably two months now, and I haven't been able to find anything on it. The laptop works perfectly fine after I dismiss the window, but it's just an annoyance to have the window pop up everytime I boot the pc.

Were you able to resolve the problem?

Please let me know.


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I have tried to follow instructions on loading my drivers for the Dell E153FP flat panal monitor.I did it once before and it worked.When I did a clean install od WinXP,when I get to the properties tab in the Monitor section,the tab is disabled and the monitor is not listed in the system devices.In the display section of monitor it is labeled as (Default Monitor),and will not let me in properties section.Help??

A:Solved: Monitor/properties tab disabled

Fixed.Really had to play around in this (New to me) program (XP).

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I try to see the device manager, click "My Computer" in the desktop and click properties the responde said:
Windows can't not access the specific path, device or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item".. how is possible is my own computer at home and I don't have network or something like that and I am the only one, who uses???
Can somebody tell me what happening.....?


A:Solved: I can't access properties of my computer..

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Hei friends,

Please adv how to change the file name in the SS as attached below.
My tag editor or the player wont recognize it.
Wish to change-
Type Of File from TMP File
Winamp Media file
for example
I tried going via Properties>advanced, no luck.
Thanks for any help you can offer.

A:Solved: change file properties in the HD

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Awhile back when my computer was going cuckoo ( i think because my daughter went on that stupid kazaa infectious website!!!) Somehow pictures from a folder that had nothing to do with screensavers or wallpaper suddenly appeared as choices. Well i couldnt figure out how they got into that d.p. tab much less delete them but somehow i stumbled across a way to disable so no one could change it. well needless to say can't figure out how to enable it and was wondering how to fix it. Please help you guys are great!!!!

A:Solved: display properties TABS where did they go?

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FYI: 3 y.o. laptop displays a better resolution then this one just recently purchased. Both are pretty much bottom end systems for the price.
Now my old XP (Intel 915)displays 1280x1024 @ 60Htz and this one (Vista - Intel 965)only 1280x800 @ 60Htz. I want the new one at the same resolution, 1280x1024. What tweaks(or cheats), if any, can I do to this system to get it there.
I've already ran a driver scan utility which indicates a display driver update is available but when I found the driver and install, supposedly for this vid card, it says incompatible with video card.
DGMW, I realize 800 to 1024 is not a significant increase to justify the hassle I'm going through but, when I'm determined, man gotta do what man gotta do! Plus, it's more needed for desktop publishing than anything. And no I don't want to use dual display!
The only thing I attempted to check is if the vid card is integrated, in which, I'd just swap for better card BUT, thanks to Toshiba, the undercarriage is not exactly removable friendly!
Another prob is the hertz is unchangeable, as well! Go figure.
Of course, any help would be appreciated except for nay sayers.

A:Solved: Limited Display Properties

I'm not sure why you'd want the 1024 instead of the 800, because 1280x800 is a widescreen resolution, whereas 1280x1024 is a standard resolution. If you forced your monitor (Which I am assuming is a widescreen model) into 1280x1024 resolution, everything would be distorted.

The alternative is to set it to 1440x900, but it's possible that this resolution is too high for a "bottom end" laptop.

As for the hertz, unless I'm mistaken, they are more or less irrelevant on LCD screens. (Or at least, vastly less improtant than on CRTs)

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I am confused by some of the energy saving setting in XP. The energy-saving choices on the screen saver tab are not well explained.

I've read that an LCD display has a finite lifetime and running a screensaver picture consumes part of that lifetime. So it seems to me turning off the monitor after X-minutes is prudent.

What is the difference between turning the hard drive, option on line 2, after X and am going to Stand by? I thought, the energy savings in standby were accomplished by turning off the hard drive. I'm guessing there must be a difference otherwise there would not be two options. What is that difference?

I don't think the energy savings between standby and hibernate are so significant to prefer one over the other. However, after one hour of inactivity. I would like the computer to reduce energy consumption. Do I choose the option on line 2 or on line 3?

Is activity measured solely by keyboard or mouse, or does it include downloading?

Thank you for your help

A:Solved: power option properties

if you want to deave the monitor set the screen saver to 'None' and this will just give a black screen and turn the monitor to standby

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4800+, x86 Family 15 Model 107 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2046 Mb
Graphics Card:
Hard Drives: C: Total - 305234 MB, Free - 262911 MB;
Antivirus: Bitdefender Antivirus, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

Missing subfolder within My Computer Properties: There is no Tools tab, the only tabs available are General & Shortcut.
Assistance or suggestions needed!

Other XP forums have been no help.

A:Solved: missing My Computer Properties tab

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When received this have right clicked on my desktop but only got refresh/ /rearrange icon/new/proprities/ but no setting ,what am I doing wrong

In Windows, right-click on your desktop
Select "Settings" and then "Advanced"
Now select the tab named "Troubleshoot"
You will see a slider that is labelled as "Hardware acceleration". Make sure that this slider is all the way over to "Full". If you set it to none then the game will think that you don't have a hardware card at a

A:Solved: Desktop Properties Help needed

Select "properties", then Settings.

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Hi all anyone know why my e mail properties keep changing - incoming mail server and account name !!

someone said it could be macafee

anyone know how to cure it ?


A:Solved: e mail properties keep changing

Hi cribmad

Yes, it could be McAfee changing the settings.
Try disabling the e-mail scanning for McAfee and then correct your server settings.

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I might just be being lazy here but....

Having created a major upgrade for a client's Access 2003 database. The client is still running release 1 on site while we have been creating release 2 using a replica of release 1.

I will be taking the beta release 2 to site in the next month or so. Part of the upgrade entails editing the properties of certain fields in a table and adding new fields to it as well.

Using a replica of the client database, we manually added the new fields and edited the properties here away from site but on site I think it might be more elegant to have a means to run a VBA script to do it for me. This way I can test it off site and just run it on site for speed and accuracy.

So, is there a way in VBA land to:

- Open a table for editing its field properties
- Add new fields with their associated properties to that table?

Any pointers would be gratefully received!


A:Solved: Edit table properties in VBA?

You can do it with VBA, but I bet it'd be easier to author and implement an ALTER TABLE query. The capability's already there; let Jet SQL do the work for you.

Simply upload the query to the clients and run it.

I don't know what to say beyond that without some more specific information.


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I’ve installed a new graphics card so I can run two monitors in a span mode… WXP - ATI X700 pro.

I like to change my default display - but every time I reboot, I must manually recall “My Favorite Theme” even though it says this is the current theme and change my Screen Saver back to my preferred.

I’ve Poked n Prodded everything I can find.
Any more suggestions will be appreciated.

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All of the sudden when I open the windows xp display properties nothing is there except the Themes. Nothing for changing the desktop, screen savers or any of the other. What happened to them and can I somehow get them back from the XP disk?

A:Solved: Display properties in XP home are gone!!

Sorry for bad answer i have to go. Check:


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When i right click on my desktop and go to properties and desktop, I can't click on any of the Backrounds and the Position of the picture and i can't click on Browse either. The only things i can click on are Color, Customize Desktop,OK,and Cancel.
If you can help in any way please do . Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: Desktop Properties Disabled

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Hey everyone.

Merry Christmas first and foremost

Another problem, I've had it for a while, and it's not huge, but it would be interesting to see if anyone knows a fix for it.

My desktop tab in display properties has gone missing. I've tried various regentries (downloaded off the net mostly) to try and work this back in, but none of them work.

i've also looked at the current user registry settings, and all are in shape :S

i'm running XP Home and so there's no group settings from the run menu, :s i can't imagine what it cuold be :S

any ideas?


A:Solved: Desktop tab in Display Properties Gone

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I saw a thread similar posted by a user, Carri. But the solution posted for her didn't work for me. So here I go:

I built myself my computer which was a risky thing since I'm by no mean a connoisseur. But everything worked until I moved. Something in my SSD was preventing a full boot. So I erased it's content and re-installed windows 7. Everything works great when I go into wifi (via my Iphone) but my internet connexion is only wired. Whenever I plug the wire which I'm using now in my laptop (so the cable isn't the problem) the icon stays red with an X and says [Not Connected - No connections are available] (my laptop automatically detects the ethernet cable and connects without any problem).

I've done as much troubleshooting as I could with my limited knowledge and patience. Now here are some screenshots that will work better than words:

From what I can tell: I need a driver update. But I can't find it because I don't know the provider. Nor the driver's name. It's all unknown, or Not Available. Somebody knows what to do?

A:[SOLVED] Ethernet Controller Properties

Hello and welcome to the forum

You need to download the Chipset driver and the Network Adaptor driver from the manufacturer of the motherboard . .

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I have been creating documents in Word 2010 and then planned to save them as pdf's using the MS Word Save As feature. Our plan was to have relatively non-tamperable documents and we expected the pdf creation process to strip out data such as comments or properties. I was surprised to see the Comments carry through. Can anyone tell me if I need to run the Prepare for Sharing process before making the pdf and if other pdf creators (such as pdf Factory or cute pdf) handle this data differently?


A:Solved: MS Word properties in pdf file

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Can't access Display Properties by right clicking on the Desktop nor in the Control Panel, the Display icon is messed up.

What's up?

A:Solved: Can't access Display Properties

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I've recently backed up all of my "valuable" files and stuff onto CDs, formatted my computer, and reinstalled everything.

The problem is, when I copied the files from the CDs back to my harddrive, they are all marked with the Read-Only property.

This is causing havoc with everything. Of course, I can go and unmark it on each individual file, or even select all the files in a folder and unmark it, but it won't unmark subfolders. Each and every folder and all of its subfolders have to be unmarked individually. Ugh! Is there a quicker way to do this?

Also, is there another way I can back up my information to CDs and copy them back without having to go through all of this over and over?


[Edit: Btw, I forgot to mention that I'm using Nero 5 - Burning Rom version]

A:(Solved) Read-only file properties

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To be blunt, I downloaded [email protected] to remove a glitched, unremovable folder from my start menu. It was only a 15 day free trial, so I uninstalled it afterward, and I doubt I'll be using the program again, ever.

My problem:

I want to remove the [email protected] tab from my file properties menu. I'll never use it again, and I just.. Don't want it there.

Hopefully there's a simple fix for this? That's all I really require, knowing what I need to do to edit what tabs display on my file properties menu.​

A:Solved: Help removing a tab from file Properties?

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hi i use a windows xp proffesional 32bit, i just bought a new 2gig ram to use with my old 1gig. my board has two slots and a maximum of 4gig. in my bios it shows i hav 3072mb of ram but in my properties it only shows 1gig. whats wrong?

A:Solved: new ram showing in bios but not in properties

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I found an unknown SID(?) in the security properties on some of the folders in my 2nd drive. My 2nd drive is where I install all of my games and standard programs to (all security/drivers go to C:\). I use the TweakXP tools to modify the location of My Documents to point to a folder on the D:\. I've searched the registry for the string and it comes up with nothing. Also, the string doesn't show in admin tools > comp mgmt > local users/groups.

Any idea how I can find out what the crap this is?

HJT looks clear to me, but there are a few entries that keep popping up even when I fix them (they're in bold).

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 12:44:16 AM, on 6/22/2006
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)
Windows folder: C:\WINDOWS
System folder: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32
Hosts file: C:\WINDOWS\System32\drivers\etc\hosts

Running processes:
C:\Security\Windows Defender\MsMpEng.exe
C:\Program Files\Creative\SBAudigy2ZS\Surround Mixer\CTSysVol.exe
C:\WINDO... Read more

A:Solved: Unknown SID(?) in security properties.

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What can be keeping me from accessing Network Properties of my Dial-up?
I open the shortcut icon, then right-click on my dial-up, but nothing happens.
I have a working thread going ( in this forum titled Possible Bug? ) regarding a problem with Generic Host Process errors, and need to get into the properties to enable the simple Windows firewall, in SP1. I've tried in Safe Mode too.
Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you for your time,

A:Solved: Can't Access Network Properties

You will need to delete and recreate your dial-up connection. Make sure you save any phone numbers that it dials and any usernames/passwords.

I used to work tech support for earthlink, and that was the only thing we could do to resolve this issue.

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My problem is that when I copied over fonts to the windows fonts and told it to replace the current font it didn't do what I wanted. For example I copied over a font with the name HS.ttf, and when I now look at the corresponding font it is called HS_1.ttf. I have a certain program that looks in the Windows\Fonts folder for a font called HS.ttf and it currently can't find that file.

I thought no big deal I'll just rename HS_1.ttf to HS.ttf. That's where I have a problem, when I try to do that it gives me the error 'Cannot rename HS_1: A file with the name you specified already exists. Specify a different file name.' When I do a search for a file called HS.ttf it can't be found anywhere. How do I go about finding and removing this HS.ttf and renaming my HS_1.ttf file so that my program can correctly find the font file I want it to?

A:[SOLVED] Changing font name properties

There are 3rd party programs that do what you want. Be careful about renaming since .ttf's can have the same name as psf's and you might come up with something unexpected. Also remember properties of type 1 and type 2 (different).

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