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Import Outlook Emails Into Yahoo Web Interface

Q: Import Outlook Emails Into Yahoo Web Interface


I have a friend who uses Yahoo Business Email. He has it setup on Outlook at his office using the setting and everything but when he did send/receive, it downloaded all the emails from yahoo and deleted from the server. Their were other emails in his outlook that weren't on Yahoo Business email. Is their a way to import or transfer all the emails from Outlook back to yahoo web interface so he can view his emails from home.

I know this happened because of POP but since yahoo doesn't offer IMAP, I can't find any other way to transfer his emails back to yahoo. Any help?

Preferred Solution: Import Outlook Emails Into Yahoo Web Interface

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Import Outlook Emails Into Yahoo Web Interface

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I just installed Microsoft Outlook on my new 64 bit Laptop running Windows 7.

I am trying to import my previous emails from Outlook Express6 which is installed on another computer running Windows XP

I copied all account settings from my old computer to my new Laptop

When I start import/export wizard it gives me the following error.

No Internet Accounts were found to Import

I want to transfer all Email account settings, messages, emails and contacts from Outlook Express 6 to Microsoft Outlook.

Can anyone tell me how can I do it?


A:How to import Emails Accounts Settings from Outlook Express 6 to Microsoft Outlook?

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Dear All,
Is there any way that i can import Outlook Express Emails (.dbx) in MS Outlook 2007 directly, rather than through Windows Mail.

A:Solved: Import Outlook Ex[ress Emails in MS Outlook 2007



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I am using Outlook Express6 on my Windows XP based computer and now I want to transfer/import all my emails, account settings, email folders etc to Microsoft Outlook 2007 on a New Windows 7 based System.

Can anyone tell me please how can I import all my emails from Outlook Express 6 to Microsoft Outlook 2007?

Any help will be highly appreciated.


A:How to Import/Transfer Emails from Outlook Express6 to Microsoft Outlook?


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I'm transitioning away from using Gmail as my primary account, and have t set to forward everything to my outlook.com account. But is there a way I can bring my archived emails over so I don't hav to go to gmail to look for them? thanks.

A:Can I import my old gmail emails to outlook.com?

If you move everything to the inbox, and choose to retrieve all in the pop settings it will retrieve all of it. Then setup your outlook like you want it

I was just thinking, use windows live mail, set up IMAP and add your gmail account. Then you can move all the email to your live email, and it will show in outlook.com too

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Regain EML to PST Converter Software is a complete email conversion solution to extract Windows Live Mail email messages to Outlook PST file.EML files are supported by various email clients like Windows Mail, Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, etc. but not in MS Outlook which is one of the most popular desktop email clients for Windows platform.                           with this software you can sort your emails according to different properties, such as recipient, sender, subject, but also by date of sending, receiving and size in KB. An option is also available and you allows you to split PST file into several smaller parts like the ability to generate a preview attachments corresponding EML file. Key features- Convert EML email format to view in Outlook- The ability to batch conversion- Support for multiple versions of Outlook- Fast Conversions- Help for archiving and managing email easier Supported Versions--> Windows OS: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 98, NT and 95--> MS Outlook: 2016, 2013 (both 32 bit and 64 bit), 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, 2000, 98 and 97--> Windows Server: 2012, 2008 R2, 2008, 2003 R2, and 2003--> EML email clients: Mozilla Thunderbird (EML), Microsoft Outlook Express (EML), Apple Mail (EMLX), and Windows Live Mail (EML) Go to Official Website :- http://www.emltopstsoftware.com/

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I have converted all my Mac Thunderbird emails to .pst format using thunderbird to pst converter application which I got from here http://thunderbirdtopst.com/. I am completely confused with the import function as I am new to the windows platform. Please help me out here.

A:How to Import emails in Outlook 2010

Actually this is quite easy. Here is the Microsoft Support article that shows the step-by-step tutorial on how to import your PSTs into Outlook:

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I noticed this morning that Outlook is not receiving the latest emails where as Yahoo does receive. Suggestions please.

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Greetings, I am having problems importing a .csv file from my Outlook schedule into Yahoo calendars. I've never had difficulty before- now it only imports some of the files not all of them and I cant see any kind of pattern in what it takes and what it doesn't. . . Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I have thousands of emails saved in the Mac Postbox mail client. 
Con anyone guide me where Postbox saves its emails or where is the email database of Postbox and how to Import that database to Outlook 2010??

A:How can I Import Mac Postbox Emails into Windows Outlook ?

there's a mob of different solutions here....

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A:how to import outlook 2007 emails to Gmail?

I've not tried but I would of thought it would just be as easy as set your gmail up as imap in your outlook client and then just move the emails over between the folders.

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just curious as to if this is possible, im not sure windows 8.1 can import such things, or will i need another app such as essentials live mail to import the older emails and such

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I have several giga of emails on my local OutLook and I need to export it to Gmail ​ What is the best and none tech way to do it ? ​

A:What is the easiest way to import emails from Outlook(also express) to Gmail

Hi and Welcome,
I found this, hope it's some help?

"...... looking for a trick to archive all Outlook email messages (and folders) to his online Gmail account for two reasons – one is secure backup and two, he will be able to access his old emails from any computer."

Here: http://www.labnol.org/internet/email/export-outlook-email-to-gmail-pst-backup/1938/


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I'm fed up with web mail and want to move to Outlook as my only mail source. The problem is, if I use Outlook, I won't be able to get all of the emails that I've organized into folders in Yahoo mail without taking every single one out of the folders and letting it sync. Outlook is able to sync the folders just fine with "Outlook Online." Is there a way that I can make Yahoo Mail do this?

A:Import existing yahoo folders into Outlook 2010?

Actually isn't too complex but depending on the number of Webmail folders you have it may take time - but only once!

I would:
In Outlook create identical folders you have in Webmail.
Set Outlook to REMOVE FROM IMAP SERVER otherwise you must manually DELETE the emails after Download (steps 6 & 7 below).
In Webmail, make sure your Inbox is empty.
Open a Webmail folder and SELECT ALL emails in the folder.
Under Actions, select Move Inbox then click Apply - the emails move to your Inbox.
In Outlook, initiate Send/Receive.
Once received, select all and move to the desired folder.


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I am having trouble trying to find the best way to do this.

On one laptop I am using Outlook 2007 on Windows XP Professional and need to get the emails and contacts from here to my new laptop which is Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit, which uses Windows Live Mail.

What would be the best way to do this?

Thanks very much


A:How do I import/export emails from Outlook 2007 to Windows Live Mail?

Hi sophi, welcome to 7F!

Have you already tried, what did you run into?

Found this link that offers two solutions: https://social.technet.microsoft.com...ve-mail-client

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Hi everyone

I was wondering how can I view my emails from gmail and yahoo in outlook(not the emails from my ISP mail box)? how do I configure outlook to do that?
The outlook version is outlook 2003.


A:How can I get emails from gmail and yahoo to outlook?

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My fiance has a Dell Inspiron running XP. Two days ago she told me that when ever she checks her yahoo email account from her dell all of her emails dump into Outlook. When she checks it from any other computer they stay put.. Any ideas
Thank you

A:Outlook Moving Yahoo Emails

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I don't know if I've got the right section... if not sorry.

I have Vista and am using Microsoft Outlook for my emails (send/ receive). I have been using my yahoo account through M O and it has been ok up to a couple of weeks ago. I can received ok, but can't send anymore. I get the message 0x800cc61.

Once in a blue moon it does send.... but that is rarely. When that paricular one did send it had taken ages.

Any suggestions? Thanks you.

A:Microsoft Outlook/ Yahoo emails-can't send

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On the 30th of Dec. my "received" column in Outlook 2002 changed to the 2003. Now it says 2004. The date in the actual email is correct when I open it.

It only does this with messages that I receive thru Yahoo. The ones I get thru another server have the right date.

All other programs and even the calendar in Outlook 2002 are all correct. It seems that Yahoo is somehow sending the wrong code to my browser.

This has not happened to me before and is doing it on both my computers.

I can't find a tech support address at Yahoo. Anyone have one for them?

Please help. I am frustrated!

A:wrong date on Yahoo emails with outlook

I'm having similar problems, some of these emails I've been getting are from "Beyond next month"

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Hi everyone, Not able to read any of my emails in Outlook Express. At bottom right of screen, says downloading emails, but not evident. Have checked my account to see if all the right boxes are ticked in OE and BT Yahoo, all is correct. I had 3 long conversations with BT over weekend and everything was fine he said and his suggestion was to Google my problem and perhaps download OE but not really sure what that means! Would be grateful for your help. Have always had great help previously.

I am thinking of changing to Windows 7 because of no support now for XP, do you think this would be better and solve my problem?

Many thanks.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.80GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 4 Stepping 9
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3318 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) G33/G31 Express Chipset Family, 384 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 476929 MB, Free - 408001 MB;
Motherboard: ASRock, G31M-S.
Antivirus: AVG Internet Security 2014, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

A:Solved: Outlook Express emails from BT Yahoo not showing in OE

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I had a distribution list for a mass email for some of our customers. But when we got Microsoft Exchange everything copied over but this one (the most important list!) did not copy over. But I checked through the sent messages and was able to copy the list from the BCC Field to a text file.

Now, I need to get this list of people back in a distribution list. If anyone knows how I can achieve this, please help me out! I've been google-ing this and cant seem to find something to work for me!

A:Solved: Import list of emails to Outlook Contacts or Distribution list

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i would like to no how to import my emails from incredi mail to thunderbird

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hi, my old PC conked out & I have bought a laptop (windows vista).For a while I used virginmedia webmail, but found it filled up too quickly and people were phoning me to say their emails to me were bouncing back. :-(
So today I opened a Windows Mail account. Got all my emails into my inbox - 99 of them but how can I import my sent messages from virginmedia webmail. Can it be done easily please?
cheers glad of your help

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I want to convert the contents of folders in my msn email program to text on my computer while leaving the folder in msn in tact. I do not want to import/export the msn folders to another program and leave the msn folders empty. How can I convert the contents of msn folders into plain text on my computer?

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I've got a couple of brand new problems- outlook sending but not advising 45-sometimes 66 of same email, cant' delete any previously read out outbox items. Currently working off-line. Is this fixable to a rookie like me?

Thanks to anyone that can save me- Johnny

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The "new improved" Yahoo Mail isn't. In fact, it's vexing, mortifyingly slow, and no longer allows open folders while creating new messages so you can't copy and paste with both items open. Since Yahoo won't permit going back to the old, reliable version. So, I'm seriously considering a switch to Mozilla's Thunderbird v 24.0.1 on my Win7-64 desktop and my wife's Win7-64 laptop. She uses the paid version of Yahoo and I'm on the free version.

Once I get Thunderbird going, does anyone know how I can:
get mail addressed to me at Yahoo forwarded to me in Thunderbird?
import my Yahoo contacts into Thunderbird?
import my Yahoo folders and their contacts into Thunderbird?
I'm not a techie, so I'd greatly appreciate learning how I can go about this. Thanks in advance.

A:Thunderbird 24.0.1 - Import Yahoo Mail Folders, Contacts & Yahoo Mail

See if any of these will help.

Messenger Help | - SLN3286 - Access Yahoo Mail using Mozilla Thunderbird


Get Your Yahoo! Mail in Mozilla Thunderbird for Free


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I really have tried to find the answers to my questions but have found conflicting information all over the place. I am trying to set up a Windows 7 64 bit computer with Outlook 2010. My backups are from a Windows XP machine with Outlook 2007.

In looking around for the best way to transfer my email and browser files, some sites/forums advise using the import function of both Outlook 2010 and IE8. Others say to copy the files from the backup to the new machine.

Based on the advice from one site, I decided not to use Outlook's import function and instead I copied my backed-up .pst files to the Win7 \documents folder into a new folder i created called Outlook Files. Then I set up the account info in Outlook.

Now I have an outlook.pst and an outlook1.pst in the \documents\Outlook files folder AND i have a .pst file called [email protected] in the \nick\appdata\local\microsoft\outlook folder.

When I run outlook, I see in the navigation pane three email locations or folders.I have the inbox and subfolders under "Outlook" and these appear to be the emails i transferred over.
THEN, i have [email protected] which is the same level as the first "outlook" folder. It is here that new mails are being received. However, when it got setup it somehow had about 400 emails in it, the dates of which overlap with the inbox in the first "outlook" folder.
Finally, I have something called Outlook Data, which has nothing in it.
I know this is confusing a... Read more

A:import or copy over emails and favorites?


Typically the simplest way and the best way to make sure you get everything is to boot the host machine (Windows XP in your case) in WinPE or a Live Linux CD etc., and copy then entire \Documents and Settings\Nick directory to a USB Flash drive, in a Directory called NICK BACKUP. (assuming the user account name is Nick).

Take the USB Flash Drive to your Windows 7 machine log on as Administrator or an account that has complete admin rights. If you cannot do what you need you can always boot the WinPE or Live Linux CD.

Then you can copy from the Flash Drive \Nick Backup\Favorites to \Users\Nick\Favorites
Next copy from the Flash Drive \Nick Backup\My Documents to \Users\Nick\Documents

Repeat the same pattern with the information you want to have access to on the new machine.

The Outlook data is a bit different. The simplest way to get it is to EXPORT and IMPORT it.

On the Windows XP machine booted and logged in as NICK. Open Outlook and select export make sure you pick the whole tree of emails so you get Inbox, Sent, etc. Export it on the Flash Drive as NICK.pst.

On the Windows 7 machine logged in as NICK. Open Outlook and unload/close any other PST files you have loaded (Outlook1.pst). {Note you need to make sure the Outlook on the Windows 7 is clean, you may have to boot the WinPE or Live Linux CD to delete the Outlook1.pst or any others you created; do that before you do the import. Outlook has a bad habit of doing something you don’t want if you do... Read more

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I recently had a hard-drive failure, so reinstalled everything on a new HD. Since then I have salvaged all my old files from the old HD using recovery software (Handy).
I was using using Windows Live Mail (WLM) on the old HD with Vista, and I'm still using WLM on the new HD - with Windows 7.
I can see all my emails (of several years) via the hotmail webpage, however when I added this hotmail email account to WLM I can only see the last 9 months via WLM. Weird.

So I have gone back to my salvaged HD and copied over the emails (as eml files) and then tried to import into WLM using the "import messages" function.
The first step in the import function is to select the email format - so select WLM. Next step is to browse to the folder containing the emails, then click "next".

Unfortunately it fails at this point with the following message :-
"Import Messages
No messages can be found in this folder or another application is running that has the required files open. Please select another folder or try closing applications that may have fioles open"

This happens for any folder I select, and I am definitely not accessing the folder with any other application - so I'm stuck, I don't understand the problem.
(I also tried copying and pasting the emails over into the correct new folders in WLM, but of course these are simply ignored by WLM, so that doesn't work).

Please can anyone advise me on what I need to do to import all my old emails into WLM (they ar... Read more

A:Windows Live Mail won't import emails

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

Have a look at this tutorial, which may be of help to you.

Windows Live Mail - Export and Import Email Messages

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I can export and import contacts--no problem, but the messages just have a sender name, title and first line. The content of the email message is lost. This is from Outlook 2000 -- full office version-- to 2003 full office on new Toshiba laptop. I would also like to back up these emails--but looks like the backups would be worthless.

I have tried .csv for dos and windows, excel, pst, tab separated values--nothing works. The import process works--but no message content appears.

What is the trick? it doesn't ask for id, password, etc. I didn't find anything on Microsoft's site.

I didn't try archive--I think that asks for an id # and I don't know how to install that. I have a huge inbox with about 30 folders, including sub-folders. I guess I could try to export a piece at a time? I am a home user, XP pro to XP media edition. Plenty of space, etc. Exporting always worked before....

Any help would be appreciated. I have puzzled over this for several months.


A:Outllook 2000 emails won't import into 2003

Hi libbyinabq

Instead of Importing, just copy the Personal Folders (.pst file) to the other computer and open it with Outlook 2003.
File > Open > Outlook Data File

Let us know if that works for you or not.

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Hello, So hoping I can get this resolved. I've spent days reading on here and haven't had any luck. Here's the problem. I have Windows XP. I guess since I purchased my computer in 03 I have OE3 (I know it's a dinosaur but need to get these emails before I buy my new computer). Out of nowhere all of my emails in my inbox were gone. I finally found them. I put them in a file on my desktop. I have many sub folders...Bill emails, saved emails, etc. They are all dbx files. I can't open any of them. I read stuff about inbox.bak but I don't see that anywhere. Under properties I found the location of each sub file. I then tried to import, but I received a message that OE was open. So, they wouldn't import. I'm not the best at following computer commands but can do okay. So, how can I import and be able to read these messages. I want to save some and delete a lot, but need to read them first. Help!

A:Help, OE inbox emails are gone, found but can't read or import

How To Backup Outlook Express Email: [The Correct Way]

1. Open Outlook Express
2. click on 'Tools'
3. Goto 'Options'
4. Open 'Maintanance' tab.
5. Goto 'Store Folder' near bottom.
6. Highlight & Right Click & then 'Copy' the Store Folder Location.
7. Close All Open Windows
8. Goto 'Start'
9. Goto 'Run'
10. Right Click & Paste the Store Folder Location you copied in step 6 into 'Run.' Click OK.
11. A new window will open containing the Email Database.
12. Goto 'Edit'
13. Goto 'Select All'
14. Click 'Copy'
15. Close window.
16. Goto 'Desktop' Right Click & Choose 'New Folder'
17. Give the 'new folder' a name such as "OE Email Backup"
18. Open folder "OE Email Backup"
19. Goto 'Edit'
20. Goto 'Paste'
21. Close window.
22. Save Mail folder to a safe location. [suggested temporary location is Desktop]


Restore Outlook Express Email:

1. Open Outlook Express
2. Goto 'File'
3. Goto 'Import Messages'
4. Select Outlook Express Version 6
5. Click 'Next'
7. Select 'Import Mail From OE6 Store Directory'
8. Click 'OK'
9. Browse to the Location of the saved email folder. [See 22 above]
10. Select 'All Folders'
11. Click 'Next.'

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We recently decided to move to Office365. First step was to uninstall Office 2010 and then install Office 2019/365 via portal.office.com and open Outlook in order to migrate the profile. Up to this point everything went great. I also made backups before.
Last weekend we had the MX-Record change and on Monday I removed the old profiles, logged everyone in to the new accounts and simply added the old PST - files below the Office365 mailbox. Initially we had planned to start from scratch and let employees move their emails manually via drag and drop or right click - move/copy.
Later we decided to import at least the most recent PST file (I had them split into years because they became very big over the years).
So, I went to Account settings - Data Files, removed the most recent PST, restarted Outlook and went to open/export and then chose "import from another PST". Clearly most of the emails got imported but dozens are missing. I don't know what to do now. I'm sure if I re-add this particular last default PST everything is still there. Of course I also have a backup and did find the missing emails to forward them to my boss, but I'm quite disappointed of the situation. What are the reasons why this import partially failed? Why do they even offer the import function, then?
I'm afraid I will end up with duplicates now if I select all emails manually and move/drag and drop them, because of the already imported ones. What a mess!

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I just created a new gmail account, and imported all my old email from my yahoo email account to my new gmail account. All my messages imported okay into gmail, but for some random reason, a bunch of the emails disappeared from yahoo, although most remained. I have no idea why they disappeared, but I didn't want them to get deleted from yahoo. I just wanted them imported into gmail while keeping them on yahoo too.

So now I'm trying to figure out how to export the missing emails from gmail back to yahoo again. I have no idea how to do this and I've been trying to find out how on Google for over an hour now. There seems to be no straight forward way to do this. I find this hard to believe. It took just a couple minutes to go from yahoo to gmail, so shouldn't there be a way to get them from gmail back to yahoo again? I just want to import what's currently in my gmail inbox to my yahoo mail.

Don't ask why - for now i just want to keep a copy of these emails on both yahoo and gmail. There's got to be a way to do this. can anybody help?

A:help - can't import email from gmail to yahoo?

hi one way would be just to forward the emails to the yahoo account. could be time consuming.

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For years, I used Outlook Express and Outlook. I preferred to use Outlook Express because as a mail program, it did everything I wanted with ease. The interface was intuitive. But, I was forced to change to Outlook because my AVG Internet Security (virus/spam) program would not work with Outlook Express. Outlook has far too many convoluted options and unnecessary 'mini programs' built into it that I have no use for. It's a mess.

So, I opted to use Yahoo Mail Classic, (NOT THE NEW PAID VERSION).

My problems with Yahoo Mail Classic are these:

1. It does not display attached images (.jpg, .bmp, etc.) within the body of messages that I receive from family and friends automatically. Instead, Yahoo forces me to click on "download images" links to download the images to my hard drive. I have to click several different links in order for me to simply 'Open' the image so that I can view it. That is a waste of time and totally rediculous. Neither Outlook Express nor Outlook required such a procedure. And, it's even worse (even rediculous) when I get an email that has 8 or 10 images attached! I have to go through that silly process for each image!

2. MAIN ISSUE: The silly "Compose" interface in (sending a new) Yahoo email.

Why did the programmers decide to make the "Compose" window the size of a postage stamp?? It's not even re-sizeable!! Are they crazy, or just sadistic. I can't even see what my messages will lo... Read more

A:Solved: Yahoo Mail Classic-- Several Interface Issues

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My Sent Items and Inbox folders became filled with emails on Tuesday and I was unable to send or receive emails until I removed several thousand old emails from both folders (which I did, then the system was running fine again as of late Tuesday). I discovered this problem when I attempted to send 3 emails with attachments, making the emails around 5 megabytes each in size (I did not realize that the recipient's system could not handle any email more than 2 megabytes - thus, my Outlook Express kept trying to send these emails every 1 minute for 3 hours until I discovered the problem). I had to delete around 100 email notifications that the recipient could not receive emails at that size and that my email boxes were full.

I corrected these problems and relocated the emails from my Outlook Box to Drafts (until the recipient can change his settings).

All day Wednesday (yesterday) I was able to send & receive emails without a problem. This morning I was sending & recieving as well, then all of a sudden, I was unable to receive any emails. When Outlook attempts to receive, I briefly see a box with the number of emails attempting to be received, then I get an Unknown Error message. I am able to send emails without any problem and my Internet connection has been stable all day.

I've rebooted, turned on & off Outlook. I even disconnected my Internet connection, then reconnected it. I've checked my Outlook settings and they are fine. I also turned off my ... Read more

A:Outlook Express Won't Receive Emails - but Sends Emails with good Internet Connection

Hi rherrygers

Welcome to Tech Support Guy Forums!

Have you attempted to logon to your ISP's mail server to see what messages are still on the mail server along with determining the size of the messages?
Outlook Express may be timing out trying to download a message that is larger than normal.
Did you also send yourself a copy of the message with the attachment?

Can you post the exact error message please?
If the Send/Receive window is not appearing, you can make it appear by double clicking the area marked in red here:
When the Send/Receive window appears, click the Errors tab, right click on the error message and select Copy and paste the error message here.

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I've had more than enough of Rogers Yahoo - I'm moving on to Firefox to try it out. So far it's a great Internet Browser, but...

I want to import my many Rogers Yahoo bookmarks to Firefox. Can anyone help me by telling me how to do this, pretty please with a cherry on top?

Also, is there a way to also import Rogers Yahoo cookies to Firefox?

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I need to move my contacts to yahoo groups for sending emails to every one in the group.
I have made a csv file from my outloock contacts and when I was trying to import it in my yahoo group it gives me this error:"Sorry, we can't read this file format. Please try again."
What's the problem ?How should I move my contacts from outloock to my yahoo group?


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Yesterday I found some spare time and I decided to upgrade my Windows 10 1151 TH2 (build 10586) to the new Windows 10 1607 Anniversary Edition. After the upgrade was complete, I loaded IE 11 as usual and browsed to mail.yahoo.gr to read my e-mail. I then saw the "classic" Yahoo interface and a warning message at the top of the page stating that I see that because my browser is not supported and I should download and install another browser! This is exactly what one sees when opening Yahoo mail from a browser such as IE 8, with the important exception I was using IE 11! Immediately I thought I had some compatibility setting for Yahoo screwing the modern interface and resorting to the classic. I opened the Compatibility View, there was nothing on the list, until I noticed a check box in "Use Microsoft Compatibility lists". I tried to uncheck it and reload Yahoo mail, that was it! Now Yahoo Mail appears in the modern interface as it should! So if you experience similar symptoms in a webpage, try unchecking that box, see photo below:

When I have more time and examine the new features or bugs of Windows 10 Anniversary Edition, I'll post again!

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I have been using the beta version of Office 2007 til it expired last month and during that time exported a back up of Outlook (contacts, calendar etc) to My Docs.
Not all that fussed with the '07 Office suite, I uninstalled it and then reinstalled Office 2002 but when I try to import the pst file to this earlier version of Outlook, it tellss me that it is not compatible and to contact the Administrator (me!).

If I cannot work around this somehow I intend laying on the railway tracks quite shortly as life without my files will no longer have any meaning to me!

I guess as a last resort I can download the latest trial of 2007 Office and see if that will let me re-import the backed up pst file but what a drama!

A:Cannot import Outlook Beta 2007 pst files to Outlook 2003

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I have tried to import my .WAB file from Microsoft Office Outlook 2002 to Outlook Express. I used File, Import from within Outlook Express. I select the .wab file to import, and I get a message in about 1/2 a second saying it has been done but no addresses are imported.
Do you have to have both programs open? Is there another way to import addresses into OE?

A:Import Outlook 2002 address book to Outlook Express

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Basically, I need to know if it's possible to import data from outlook 2002 (XP) into outlook 2000. I'm creating a file filled with contacts for a person, they have 2000 and I have 2002.

Thanks for your help!

A:Possible to import outlook 2002 contact data into outlook 2000?

Yes. Export the contacts from your Outlook as a .pst file and import it into thier's

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hi guys,

I have import/copy all mail & account setting from OE to outlook 2010 in the same computer. I have many folder in sent items folder, the problem is got an empty folder in sent items folder, which means all the email is not copy/import to from sent items in OE to outlook 2010. how can i get my mail back ? it is possible to import for the second time ? Really need help. Thanks

A:copy/import folder from outlook express to outlook 2010

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Folks I have read the MS tech notes on how to get Outlook 2003 [I have it via Office 2003 Professional, full install] to import from OE6. It fails under either option: import from "another program" or "Import Internet Mail....". Under the former it is pointed to the correct folder, but fails with Error: Cannot open,.. another program in use" but there's not... I tried copying the folder to a nice clean location on the C: and checked all the properties, nothing interfering, still won't open the folder.
Under the latter option it just doesn't do anything after directing it to the correct folder. Seems to accept the command, closes the window, but does not import anything. No error messages.

Umm.... do MS teams communicate with one another??

Closely related: If I could just get the FOLDERS I had setup it would be a great asset, or if i could just get the ADDRESS book it would help. Do you know how to import *.dbx folders into Outlook 2003? Or the old outlook Express address Book?



A:Outlook 2003 Will Not Import Outlook Express folders, mail, anything

They are written in two different formats that are uncompatible. The Oulook Express has a file sytem totally unique to it.

I had the same problem about 6 weeks ago going from XP to Win7.
I had to transfer address book to notepad and put it into Outlook one at a time. The old mail sits in the old PC.
I have heard you can transfer the OE mail files over to Windows mail or gmail etc. Then transfer files from the new mail server to Outlook.
File system is changed over with the mail transfer- I haven't tried it though.

I did a Google and found this. I didn't find this page six weeks ago.


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I need to send many emails from a particular sender to another email..

in GMAIL is it possible to select multiple emails and send them all together??
the filter for sending emails to another email does not work for already received emails

if the above is not possible is it possible to do the same in outlook express 6??
if yes, then how do i download emails from just one particular sender in my gmail account..

if none of the above are possible then what can be don otherwise so that i can forward all the emails i want to at once?

please help

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SO I check my work email on my blackberry and receive messages there and also on my Outlook Web Access. However, the issue is that when I am looking at the email panel on my Blackberry (not opening the unread emails), it shows the the emails are marked as 'read' on Outlook even though I never actually opened them on the BB. I know it is not Outlook causing this because the settings are marked for "Do not automatically mark items as Read" setting.

How do I solve this situation? I am missing important emails since I get dozens every day, and I can't keep track of them if they are all marked as Read

Help please?

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my outlook is no longer sending mail and I want to use gmail instead. I was able to migrate the contacts over, but am unable to pull my inbox into gmail. I have the file of exported inbox messages in a .csv file but gmail will only allow me to import into the contacts section, not the mail section.

Let me know if you have any ideas..thanks!!

A:import from outlook to gmail when outlook won't send mail

Depending on your setup in Outlook, your E-Mails should be in the All Mail folder.

What error are you getting with Outlook and which version?

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I am so confused about where outlook 2013 keeps things.

I have installed Outlook 2013 and would like to import my contacts from my outlook 2007 in another computer. I have already prepared the contacts.pst file from outlook 2007 and made it available in my public folders. I then imported the .pst file into Outlook 2013 via network. However the contacts shows up as a separate contact list rather than integrated into the outlook 2013 address book . How to correct it?

I must have got the process wrong.


A:outlook 2013 import contacts from outlook 2007

OK. I found the imported contacts in a separate list inside the address book. There are 2 lists one is "In This computer" the other is just "contacts" . How do I make the "contacts "list as the default so I get an address book when I click on 'To" ?

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