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Q: editing

A document with editing marks was e-mailed to me. I used the track changes to accept or delete, then the save. When I reopened the same document the editing marks that I previously deleted where there again.

Please anyone help! I have a deadline.

Thanks, Ely

Preferred Solution: editing

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Some searching through google, "alternativeto", YouTube, for video and audio editing or recording software, FREEWARE, showed BandiCam, Screencast-o-matic, Audacity, and I've been aware of Windows Movie Maker.
I would like to be able to make audio adjustments and audio changes to a few screencast videos.  I do not really undestand Audacity; but tried learning it many years ago.  I am absolutely not confident nor comfortable with learning Movie Maker; I am not sure how to handle Bandicam, having tried it briefly many many months ago.  I am comfortable with and have used Screencast-o-matic, the free downloadable version, a few times, and it was fairly easy to learn and to use.  I would just like to learn and use something a little bit more clever than Screen-cast-o-matic, and to edit or make changes to some video recordings.  FREE/FREEWARE wanted.

A:Video editing or including audio editing or recording

Hey, cafejose! I have used Movie Maker before. It is not that difficult in fact. And for freewares, then you can see some recommendations of ShowMore. This is a newly-built website that I am very fond of and I get quite a lot help from its application. I always take it to record Skype calls but I think it can also solve your problem here. For more alternatives, I advice you to take these free recording tools introductions for your reference.

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I do some light video editng for vimeo and social networking..looking for someone who has some experience
with video editing on xps 13 or 15 to get some info before buying..
Personally I will prefer 13" because I travel a lot and 15" only if editing on 13" is not possible..
I will really appreciate info from someone with experience on this matter..tnx

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I have already burned a playlist of 8 songs onto a CD. I have been trying now to burn only parts of each song onto another CD to be use as a soundtrack for a DVD of picutres and video I am creating. How does one burn/copy a part of a song? Please give specific directions and/or referral to a specific program or website where I can do this task. Thanks for the time and attention you have given this matter. I can use either Windows 2000 or Windows XP operating systems.
Jim Baillie
[email protected]

A:Editing a CD

Audacity will allow you to edit audio, and it should do the trick for you.

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Appreciate some assistance.

When Microsoft Office Professional was installed on this PC, the incorrecrt spelling of my name was entered for the program. Now, every time something like MS Word is used, the initial screen when the program starts shows my name incorrectly spelled.

Presume the name needs changed in the Registry, but do not know where to go to change it.

Any suggestion as to which Registry key to check out?

Thanks for your help.

A:Editing Name

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Is there an in-built tool in Windows 7 home premium to edit [very basic, shorten it!] a .wav file?


A:WAV editing

I don't think so. Download the free (and popular) Audacity program and you can do it with that.

Audacity: Free Audio Editor and Recorder

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i have an mp3 song that has about 30 seconds of silence at the end. is there any free or cheap software that will allow me edit it out. i need something that would be easy work with. thank, franco

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Hi everybody
My friend has several DVD clips, and he would like to be able to edit them, i.e. do some basic functions only, like copy/cut/paste & add titles. (He has a DVD writer)
Does anybody know of a simple software that will allow him to edit these DVDs
Thanking you in advance

A:DVD editing

What format are the DVD clips in?

If they are in MPEG2, he can try using TMPGEnc to cut and paste the MPEG2 files together.

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what is a program i can edit a .mkv file?

I have some videos that have japanese and english as a audio..plus english subtitles. but i want to delete the japanese audio.

reason why i want to do this is to see if that will help with the video skipping. unless theres something else i can do. When i play videos that have several languages in the file the video lags.

any program that will work on mac os x.

A:.mkv editing help

With MKVExtract you can extract the streams of an MKV file, as for example the subtitles.

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I need to edit a DVD... but I have no idea how, I have an editing program but It says that the DVD has a copyright on it, so it won't let me.
How can I uncopyright the DVD, or is there some other way.

A:Editing a DVD

if it has copyright on it, i doubt its meant to be edited. removing copyright in most circumstances is illegal so we cant help you. just out of curiosity what is the DVD you want to edit?

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Hi, are there any ways of using windows movie maker to open a DVD for editing? I have a DVD from holiday, and I want to post parts of it on facebook. Do I need to invest in another software? If I do, which one?


A:DVD editing

If you'd like to edit a DVD, you'll have to encode the DVD into a more readable format. Try .avi. You'll be able to edit it from there. Ahead DVD ripper is best for me and my fiance's computer. You'll need to buy it, though. There's no free software to do this, since it's effectively backing up the DVD.

Good riddance.

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I'm trying to learn here. I SSH'd into my iPhone and found a file I want to edit for a game called Dungeon Hunter. The thing is this file is based in Hex. I don't know how to edit it. I went and got the program HxD. And I have looked up how to do this stuff. I've asked many other websites but TSG is loyal and everyone is helpful.

My biggest thing is I wanna learn how to control and edit my character stats. Change how much strength or dexterity my character has and so on and so forth. If maybe I hosted the file or answer any questions could someone help me in any way?

I think it would be great for me to learn so I can just learn something new but I don't understand the whole binary thing and no website has been helpful enough.

Anyone able to help me out?

Thanks guys


A:Hex Editing?

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Hi I am having major Difficulty with a pdf. I have scanned a document, it was saved as a pdf. I convereted it to a word focus to edit it. Now I cannot transfer my edited text to the original pdf. Please can anymore help???

A:Pdf help with editing?!!

please do not duplicate threads here

you have a post in general security forum for a PDF issue

if you would like to move that to the windows 10 forum - click on the report button and request the thread be moved to a different forum , rather than start a new thread

closing this one

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Is there a way to edit a DVD plus RW?

A:Editing DVD RW

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Is it possible to edit an mp3? im looking to put a song om my phone via bluetooth to use as a ringtone, but dont want the whole song on phone, just the chorus. Is this possible?? if so, how? what program would i use? thanks for any help.

A:editing mp3's

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Q: Editing

How do I edit my posts thank you.


Hi i have Audacity, and what i want to do is get a song (mp3) and cut everything out and just have the bass line. So what i wanna do is just have the bass line on mp3. Does anyone know if it is possible to do it with the program? do i need another program?

thanks for the help.

A:Help on mp3 editing


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Hi - I want to do some simple edits [adding text, deleting text, making notes about text] on pdf docs - what is the software you recommend?

A:pdf editing

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I've recently downloaded Audacity, however when I try to open an mp3 file it reads: "This is not a Win32 file"

Does anyone know how to change the file to allow me to edit it??

Any help appreciated. Thanks.

A:Editing help


Originally Posted by ib14

I've recently downloaded Audacity, however when I try to open an mp3 file it reads: "This is not a Win32 file"

Does anyone know how to change the file to allow me to edit it??

Any help appreciated. Thanks.

Not sure if i understand what you are asking but have you checked this out.

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I am trying to edit a movie on Windows Movie Maker. I am trying to copy from a dvd-r onto Movie maker but it comes up: The file D:\Video_TS|VTS_01_01.VOB is not a supported file type. and it cannot be imported into windows movie maker
How do I convert the file so that I can edit it on windows movie maker???

Cheers and thanks in advance to anyone who can help
Saul Marron

A:Dvd-r Editing HELP!!!

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I have a Panasonic video camera that records onto 3" dvds. When I put the dvd in the computer drive to edit the video, only about half of the recorded video shows up in the editor (I've tried WMM, Cyberlink Power DVD, and a few others). The weird part is that when I play it in media player or quickplay the entire recorded video shows up. I contacted Panasonic and they said it had to do with the computer. Any help would be great!

A:DVD Editing Help!!!


Try this software to see if it allows you access to the full files: -

MagicISO - Convert BIN to ISO, Create, Edit, Burn, Extract ISO file, ISO/BIN converter/extractor/editor

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I am getting all invoices in pdf format and before i forward these invoices to clients i need to put the company logo and other information in header and some in footer. On the daily basis there are 25-30 invoices so how can i easily do that. Is there any software for that or any easy pdf editor. Kindly reply for the same. I have used adobe acrobat. But i find it difficult to insert the full header and then settings gets changed. Kindly help.

A:Pdf editing

Acrobat is likely the easiest tool for the job at this point. I haven't used Acrobat for several years but I assume its clunky as you mention. I would look for another way to produce an invoice, like a template with logo, header, footer already in place.

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Well as some of you surely know a vcd is kinda like a cd dvd(you know what i mean) Well i purchased vcd's in china and they don't have menus and other dvd luxerys. it does have subtitles though, the kind that is just part of the movie like in foreign films except unlike a dvd u can't turn them off. i put the files onto my computer and turned them into avi files. i was just wondering if there is a edidting program that you can use to "color over" the subtitles. or just get rid of them.

A:VCD editing

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Hi I'm editing an avi file, basically cutting 3minutes from the end so that I can convert to VCD to put on CD for use in DVD player.

I'm struggling though!!! I'm trying to use Blaze Media Pro, however it takes hours to complete and only saves video (i.e NOT audio). Surely it is only a simple process of cutting then saving as a smaller file!!! The original file in question is 82.5 mins and I can discard 2.5 mins to make it fit.

Anyone help with this? It is becoming urgent as it's a Christmas present for my mother-in-law!!!!



A:AVI editing - please help!!!

i got avi editing suite from torrentspy may be worth a look as urgent type avs into its search engine

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I have a PDF file (read-only). I want to do some changes to the file. How do I do it ? I have installed free version of professional DVD writer thinking that I could edit that reader. But this didn't work out. The one I have downloaded installed as a virtual print driver. I guess this is basically to convert the documents into a PDF file. Now my question is what is the way for me to edit the existing PDF file. Can someone help ?

A:Editing PDF

If the PDF file is "read only" thats quite normal. Its designed to NOT be able to be edited.
If its "protected" as well to prevent diassembly (quite common) then you can not edit it usually, even with the software that exists for conversion. Some are created as an "image" which is also non-convertable.

If its not protected, you can copy and paste the text to Word, but formatting is lost usually.

You need the full Adobe Acrobat (not a printer or the free reader program) to allow editing of the PDF, or a similar program. I use a commercially available (not free) SolidPDF converter to convert PDF to Word, but it will only work for non-protected documents.

There may be free ones, but I never found one that worked for me.

But please be careful, if the document is a form or any other quasi-legal or contractual document, conversion, editing and reconverting will invalidate it in most cases. Thats why many documents are sent in PDF, so their integrity is assured.

I work with, and issue such documents.
If anyone ever edited and sent one back it would go straight in the trash.
If its a non-commercial issue, it should not be a problem, and I recommend SolidPDF Converter.

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I have a Panasonic digital camera with a movie mode with sound. It records in .mov format. I can play the files using Quicktime, of course, but I need to be able to edit them.
Remember, I want freeware!
I've searched all over the net for a freeware video editor that will perform similar functions to Windows Movie Maker, but on .mov files, but I haven't had any luck.
I've also looked for a freeware program to convert .mov to .wmv files so I can simply use Movie Maker. But I haven't found anything that can convert .mov to .wmv with little or no loss in quality.

Is there anything out there that can do what I want in a free, convenient package?

P.S. I'd like to hear your thoughts on the one program I've found and actually considered: SUPER. I want to know how the quality of the conversion is, and how usable the interface is (one site that reviewed it said it was difficult to use).

A:.mov editing OR .mov to .wmv

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Our IT department as messed up. I had a multipage scanner and a flat bed connected to my pc. A colleague was having problems with their multipage, so he took mine. I don't know how (neither does he), but the link between my flatbed, and Adobe has gone. My pc knows the scanner is there, but Adobe Acrobat doesn't. I only have Acrobat 5.0, and although he re-installed it, it still won't work. He got it to scan into Word, but that doesn't help me edit pdfs. He then tried Foxit reader to scan, but the result is pixelated, and something we couldn't send on to customers. I also had WinPDF, which I got from Giveaway of the day, to allow me to edit/erase text on a pdf, which was useful if someone had written on a printed document, and you wanted to remove it. Basically, what I'm asking is, is there software out there for scanning/editing pdfs, that is either free, or reasonably cheap, as we are not in a position to spend large amounts of money.

A:PDF Editing

See if the scanner manufacturer has a newer version of the full driver package; also check this resource and see if it would help: https://helpx.adobe.com/acrobat/kb/troubleshoot-scanner-issues-acrobat.html

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i am trying to figure out what i need to buy to transfer my (vhs-c) tapes to dvd. My husband uses macs, but we have a pc also. He wants to edit the vhs-c tapes (which can be made into regular vhs with the ADAPTER), and put them to dvd.

any recommendations...


A:vhs to dvd with editing

You'll need two things:
1) A method to capture the video/audio (hardware)
2) Software to edit/change and write to dvd.

Before you begin though, realize many home dvd players will NOT play burned media. They eject burnable media and wont play them as normal dvd's. If you have a dvd recorder or home theatre pc with a dvd drive, these should play them just fine.

Another caveat is protected VHS tapes may have macrovision code on them to prevent copying. If these are home videos, this isn't a problem. If they are recorded TV shows (some send protected macrovision) or store-bought videos, it could be a problem.

Now for what you need.. to address #1; hardware capture.
The cheapest route is a VIVO capable or AIW-style capture card. These have video-inputs and you can use freebie software like AMCap or Movie Maker built into Windows XP as the software to capture. Most VIVO cards or AIW cards have support for S-video or composite (RCA cable) input and you just record to your hard disk the video. You can capture audio at the same time by using an adapter on the line-in/mic-in on your soundcard, or AIW cards have their own audio input jacks already. Either way, no real difference.

This will allow you to capture your vhs recordings to a file on your PC.

Step #2 is the software to edit/author your captures and record to CD. Again, Movie Maker included with windows has some easy methods to do this. You may wish to experiment with this right now... Read more

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Does anyone know anything about editing the windows GUI? Basically what I want to do is change the color of my start menu/bar and possible the icon for the start menu button. I know there are programs out there to do this but I don't feel like paying $50 to it, and most of them are not compatible with my OS( XP x64 edition).

A:GUI Editing

yeah I've done that before, I forgot to say it but I meant XP themes not the classic. I found the code of classic so I could edit other parts of it but the XP style is stored some where else.

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I'm learning how to hex edit, but I can't seem to make it work. Replacing a byte with another seems to make the program unusable. Any tips and tricks or what should I look for in hex editing?

A:Need help in hex editing

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Hi all,

I have a car stereo that plays MP3 from CD, SD and USB, but the problem is that the player misses the beginning of each MP3 track.

So, is there a program to use that is capable of adding silence to the beginning of a track and that can handle multiple MP3 edits?

I have the program "Audacity" but I'm not sure if it can do batch edits.

Any help here would be much appreciated.


A:Help with MP3 editing

First I would check to see if there's something wrong with the Mp3 files themselves. Get MP3 Diags and scan some of your files to see if they're damaged.

The program will also repair most types of damage.

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Q: editing

how do i edit my page or update my page

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I have Adobe Reader v8, I am looking to edit text on a pdf document how can I do this?

Thank you

A:Editing PDF doc

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i downloaded a flv file of gary's numa-numa dance. (which i later converted into avi)
i want to change his face with my kid's face. how can i do this ?

i am not pirating his copyright, i hope. i do this only for my kid's sake. she loves the song. i thought she will enjoy it more with her face on.


A:Editing Flv / Avi


Before I can begin to help you I need to no some simple things about you and your computer

1. Do you have any priour knowladge of editing videos
2. Do you have any programs on your computer capable of editing video (If you don't no then post it anyways I will be able to tell if it can)

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Hey guys, I really need to Edit a PDF. Just a simple Circle or Oval in Red, highlighting something. So I did my usual Google search and found one article here. It was no help so though I would ask the question myself.

1. Is there a free PDF Editor for W7?
I don't think I am interested in a Trial Version.


2. I see this Adobe Link, but don't want to use it in fear of it being a Trial Program. I know Adobe stuff usually an't free. I'm sick and broke, need to Edit this Document for my doctor. I'll leave this link in case someone can tell me their experience. I'm guessing/hoping this is an older version that they are letting folks download for free.

If this don't work, I will re-scan the Document and save as png or something, that way I think I can then Edit it. Either way, I need to learn to edit these things,, so that I can help other computer folks as you guys do. I participate in other forums and try and help others often, mostly with Linux.

Thanks, Nasty7!

A:PDF Editing

I did this with a scanned JPEG and used Paint to Highlight. Still need to learn PDF Editing.

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is there an easy way to delete part of an mp3 file. thanks,franco

A:editing mp3

Well, this is a software, not hardware question, but...

That looks like it might do what you want.

Get free stuff and help out a poor computer tech:
LarryCore begs for money

Vote for the best Tech Support site: VOTE for Helponthe.net!

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I have transferred footage from a camcorder to a dvd +rw via a philips dvd recorder. I would now like to edit the dvd on my pc and am currently using sonic my dvd but it will not allow me to import the footage from the dvd.

Is there a programme that will allow me to do this please?


A:Editing from DVD

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Can anyone get my Sig down to 90 pixels high? I really love it, but it's 8 pixels over...

A:Sig Editing

I am at work so I can't FTP your .gif. If you open it with PAINT>IMAGE>STRETCH/SKEW. Reduce the size from 100% to 90% and save. That should do it.

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Please read the Forum Rules

Thank You.

A:Hex editing n64?

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I've got a very simple program (a click macro) and I was wondering if it's possible to edit the DLL and just change the key that is used to start/stop the clicking?

Thanks in Advance

A:DLL Editing?

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I'm trying to figure out how to edit a pdf file, save it, and then email. I'm new to dealing with pdf. I've been told to buy adobe acrobat pro, but i really don't want to spend that kinda $. Is there any other (cheaper) alternative? All I really need to do is edit a pdf invoice, filling in the blanks. I downloaded a couple of those free pdf programs, but I could not figure out how to use them! Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

A:editing pdf files

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Hi all,

I need to find out if Excel has a way to remove certain text from multiple cells without removing all text. For example: Removing the '- XYZ Company' from a cell that contains 'John Smith- XYZ Company'.

I have huge files, so removing manually is not a great option.

Thanks for your help,

A:Excel editing

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hi dudes.
i'm interested in understanding the HEX code in an .exe file.
i used Hex Workshop software.

i took a sample .exe, generated from Borland C. with just a printf statement.

i know little assembly and know there are header, relocation table and code section in any .exe.
but i dunno how to read it separately.

can u gimme the chart about the address where these sections will be present?
it'll be greatly appreciated if u give further details about understand the content in an .exe.

i googled for 2 days and can't find proper details. pls help

A:Understanding and Editing an .EXE

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I have typed this a few times today so bear with me...smile.gif
I am trying to find a solution to implement a registry edit upon network login to a large number of PCs.

I am trying to either write a simple addition to our login script OR any other easy method.

I have about 150 XP and 2000 PCs and they are logging into a domain with AD running Win2000 server.

I have logged in to individual machines as an admin (my account) and made the registry edit manually,but when a regular user of that machine logs in the edit is not there.

I can make the edit to either the CURRENT_USER or LOCAL_MACHINE keys, but can't get it to work everywhere.

Simple solution? Method? Help? smile.gif

Thanks in advance,


A:registry editing

a vb script maybe or from within the GPO.

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Hey love the new format! My Office XP isn't letting me access any of My Documents. The error message says:
"This Command is not available because the document is locked for edit."

I've checked and the files are not Read Only. I've also deleted the temporary files in the My Documents folder. Not sure what else to try. Any suggestions?

A:Locked For Editing

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I've recently reconfigured my internal HDD on my Inspiron Laptop. I deleted the Dell partitions and repartitioned the drive so I have one for the OS and programs and another for Data. I moved the My Documents folder (using the correct method). I also deleted and old User folder from Documents and Settings which remained after I deleted the user in User Accounts. I looked in the registry and found numerous entries related to the deleted user account. What I did from that point was to run my old dependable registry tool, jv16. I'm sure some the old timers will remember it. Of course, I only use it to identify invalid entries, then use that list to manually edit the registry as I see fit. Everything is backed up with Acronis,so I'm pretty comfortable doing this.

Now to my question... Since I moved the My Documents folder from the C:\ drive to the E:\ drive, jv16 shows all of the folders, files, etc, contained in My Docs as invalid registry entries which contain C:\ in the string. There are identical entries in the registry except they start with E:\. I'm not even sure this is a valid question.

I'm unsure about deleting the identified entries and what effect it may have on accessing the files in My Docs. Obviously, not a big deal just to leave the entries or delete them for that matter, but I'm just playing around and continuing to learn. Thought maybe someone had already been through something like this and wanted to see what they have to say abou... Read more

A:Editing Registry

Most around here don't recommend registry cleaners, I say they are OK if you know what you are doing, me thinks you do.

Yes I like that old JV16 reg cleaner, it keeps a backup of the entries it deletes, if I remember correctly? You can restore them if needed.

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