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speed and control panel

Q: speed and control panel

1) lately noticing pc very slow. trying to type something takes forever whelther on internet or not.15min. goes by before see 1 letter on screen.
2)also, i can open control panel and but i can't open anything inside. Things like "Add/remove programs", "Display" etc... things inside control panel will open when clicked on but close right away. can't get them to open and stay open.
3)can't empty trash or cookies
4) i have Mcafee virus scan , i try to scan for virus, but it stops in middle and kicks me off. Try to re-download, but that to stops and kicks me off.

could i have spyware or virus? or both/

should i reformat harddrive? and reinstall eveything? I'd rather not if i don't have to.

Preferred Solution: speed and control panel

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: speed and control panel

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Please help. Either a virus or malware has removed my access to the Control Panel & Task Manager, and also within the last day or so, I have this Internet Speed Monitor which pops up and is not blocked by my Defender Firewall/Spyware/Virus program (it is not worth purchasing)
Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 10:12:46 PM, on 9/24/2007
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\EvtEng.exe
C:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\S24EvMon.exe
C:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\WLKeeper.exe
C:\Program Files\WIDCOMM\Bluetooth Software\bin\btwdins.exe
C:\Program Files\Defender Pro\Defender Pro Defrag\bin\defenderProDefragService.exe
C:\Program Files\Google\Common\Google Updater\GoogleUpdaterService.exe
C:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\RegSrvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\bin\ZCfgSvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\ifrmewrk.exe
C:\Program Files\CyberLink\PowerDVD\DVDLauncher.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\InstallShield\UpdateService\issch.exe
C:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunesHelper.exe
C:\Program Files\DefenderPro AntiSpy\DPA... Read more

A:2 probs- no Control Panel/Task Manager, and Internet Speed Monitor

NOTE: If you have downloaded ComboFix previously please delete that version and download it again!

Download this file :

Double click combofix.exe & follow the prompts.
When finished, it shall produce a log for you. Post that log

Do not mouseclick combofix's window while its running. That may cause it to stall

Download Superantispyware (SAS) free home version


Install it and double-click the icon on your desktop to run it.
It will ask if you want to update the program definitions, click Yes.
Under Configuration and Preferences, click the Preferences button.
Click the Scanning Control tab.
Under Scanner Options make sure the following are checked:
o Close browsers before scanning
o Scan for tracking cookies
o Terminate memory threats before quarantining.
o Please leave the others as they were.
o Click the Close button to leave the control center screen.
On the main screen, under Scan for Harmful Software click Scan your computer.
On the left check C:\Fixed Drive.
On the right, under Complete Scan, choose Perform Complete Scan.
Click Next to start the scan. Please be patient while it scans your computer.
After the scan is complete a summary box will appear. Click OK.
Make sure everything in the white box has a check next to it, then click Next.
It will quarantine what it found a... Read more

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How to open "All Control Panel Items" from the command line? thanks...

A:Command Line Open Control Panel\All Control Panel Items

Is this what you are referring to?

List of Control Panel Command Line Commands

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Good evening,

I've noticed a difference in Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Personalization between editions of Windows 10.

My wife's laptop is running Windows 10 Home, and her personalization screen looks like this:

I'm running Windows 10 Enterprise, and my personalization screen looks like this:

Notice that the menu options on the left, and quick access to change the theme settings on the bottom are missing from the enterprise screenshot.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Is it simply a difference between editions? Or is there a setting that is not turned on in my installation?

Thanks in advance!

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Hello i need some help my control panel in the start menu dissapear, first of all i had a virus that didn't allow me to launch the antivirus, so i download AVG and i unninstall my old program and i think that an infected file that have, something to do with the control panel was removed with the antivirus, and i do not know what to do, please help me

A:control panel missing, my control panel dissapeared and i can't use mi adm. rigths

Welcome to TSG....

To download HJTsetup.exe from TrendSecure To Download HijackThis go to the following at the File Repository
Click on the link below to Download HijackThis Self Installer:


Save the file to your desktop.
Double click on the HJTsetup.exe icon on your desktop.
By default it will install to C:\Program Files\HijackThis.
Continue to click Next in the setup dialog boxes until you get to the Select Additional Tasks dialog.
Put a check by Create a desktop icon then click Next again.
Continue to follow the rest of the prompts from there.
At the final dialog box click Finish and it will launch Hijack This.
Click on the Do a system scan and save a log file button. It will scan and then ask you to save the log.
Click Save to save the log file and then the log will open in notepad.
At the top of the Notepad HJT log screen, hit Edit then Select All then click Edit and then click Copy doing that copies the text to the clipboard, you won't see it yet....
Come back here to this thread and Paste the log in your next reply.
DO NOT have Hijack This fix anything yet. Most of what it finds will be harmless or even required.
A security expert with a gold shield to the right of their name should take a look at your log - please be patient.

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There is a weird thing in my control panel called Akami Netsession interface control panel, how can I remove it?
It says Application not found when I click it.

Screenshots: Screenshot by Lightshot
Screenshot by Lightshot

A:Control Panel, 'Akami Netsession control panel'

Hello Josh,

Here's some more information about the Akamai Netsession Interface Control Panel that may help.


If you like, you should be able to hide that Control Panel icon using an option in the tutorial below.

Control Panel - Hide Icon

Hope this helps,

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I have lost the mouse control panel in the control panel of XP PRO SP2. Any help would be appreaciated.

A:restore mouse control panel in control panel

Here: http://www.computerhope.com/issues/ch000136.htm

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I'm running windows XP on an old Dell Inspiron 1501 and I'm trying to get my microphone to play directly through my speakers so I can record them both simultaneously. The only answer I've been finding is to tick the 'microphone' checkbox in the volume control playback properties panel, but I don't have a microphone checkbox.There should be a 'microphone' box under SW Synth and CD player but I don't get one apparently.I've downloaded the latest SigmaTel Audio drivers from Dell and despite not having a problem with them before this, I'm inclined to believe that they're the problem. Any ideas?

A:No microphone control in playback Volume Control panel

Okay well of course I find an answer right after posting the topic:

Those two pages detail how to get an Input Monitor checkbox which functions just like the microphone one I wanted (although you can only mute it, not alter the volume). I used Instructional Set 3 from the second page, having to add the 'RecMonitorMute' entry as detailed in the first page and I can now hear my microphone input directly through my speakers.

HOWEVER, I'm still unable to record both the microphone and speaker sound at the same time. I thought recording the 'Stereo Mix' channel with the microphone coming through the speakers would work but it isn't and I don't know why. Any ideas?

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I got myself an Audio-Technica AT2020USB+ condenser microphone a few weeks ago, and I haven't really found out how I can change the gain, which I hear is important to do.
There is only one slider where the gain slider also should have been. The mic doesn't have a gain know like some other microphones have.

As you can see there is one slider. It only changes volume as far as I know.

How can I change the gain, is it needed, or can I maybe control gain using the volume slider?
If I can't change it directly through the mic or through the control panel, how can I change it? D:

Thanks in advance!

A:Can't control gain! No slider in control panel!

I have a recording studio (Sonar X3) and use several AT mics but they are not USB mics (such as the AT2035 and AT2050).

"Volume level" is the same as "gain". You can adjust the "Volume Level" or you can adjust the "gain" - both are the same thing. On mixers, amplifiers, etc, some will call the volume control "level" and others "gain".

A USB mic should have its own listing in the Sound/Recording Panel. Whatever slider that is has, such as what you show, should adjust the volume level. Many recording programs also have volume level adjustments.

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Hey, hopefully this is the right place. I can't open control panel from the button on the start menu ( problem with associated files or something ) and once ive opened it, some things wont work.
I can't open themes/screensavers etc, it comes up with an error saying it cannot find control.exe

here's the hijack this log, not sure what else i need to do - any help would be great

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 17:21:54, on 13/11/2008
Platform: Windows Vista SP1 (WinNT 6.00.1905)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6001.18000)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MSASCui.exe
C:\Program Files\TOSHIBA\Power Saver\TPwrMain.exe
C:\Program Files\TOSHIBA\SmoothView\SmoothView.exe
C:\Program Files\TOSHIBA\FlashCards\TCrdMain.exe
C:\Program Files\TOSHIBA\ConfigFree\NDSTray.exe
C:\Program Files\PowerISO\PWRISOVM.EXE
C:\Program Files\AVG\AVG8\avgtray.exe
C:\Program Files\Synaptics\SynTP\SynTPEnh.exe
C:\Program Files\BillP Studios\WinPatrol\WinPatrol.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\Windows Sidebar\sidebar.exe
C:\Program Files\Spybot - Search & Destroy\TeaTimer.... Read more

A:Control Panel Problems - Cannot find control.exe

Hello, owain182
Welcome to TSF

My name is Billy O'Neal and I will be helping you. (Billy or Bill is fine, if you like.)
Please give me some time to look over your computer's log(s).
Please take note of the following:In the meantime, please refrain from making any changes to your computer.
Also, even if things appear to be running better, there is no guarantee that everything is finished. Please continue to check this forum post in order to ensure we get your system completely clean. We do not want to clean you part-way up, only to have the system re-infect itself. :)
If you do not understand any step(s) provided, please do not hesitate to ask before continuing. I would much rather clarify instructions or explain them differently than have something important broken.
Finally, please reply using the button in the lower left hand corner of your screen.
Old topics are closed after 3 days with no reply, and working topics are closed after 5 days. If for any reason you cannot complete instructions within that time, that's fine, just put a post here so that I know you're still here. We get a lot of people who simply leave, and if there is no contact for that amount of time I will have to assume you have "vanished" .
We need to run a Scan with DDSPlease download DDS, and save it to your desktop, from one of the following mirrors:This is a mirror
This is another mirror

Disable any type of "Script Blockers" or "Script Protection" installed on your... Read more

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The network I maintain at a school has policy restrictions which do not allow users access to the printer controls. However I would like them to have the ability to control their own print jobs and unpause printers etc. But when editing the policy I find that they get access to control panel at the same time and can do lots of possible damage.

Can I do this any way while minimising possible damage? We are running an NT4 network with some 95 and some NT workstations.

many thanks


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Does anybody know what setting I can change so that any user other than administrators can't access or view the control panel?

Sorry, I am running Win2k professional on a network of 4 personal computers at my home. I am interested in making the OS as secure and goof proof as I can. I have family members that like to click on things just to find out what setting they will change. I know that this can be done as it is done on Windows NT at my work.

I found what you were talking about. Unfortunately I am running Win2k Pro. I have found the Gpedit.exe file that allows me to change the settings. I disabled the view of the control panel. Problem is that even the administrator can not view it when logged on. Does anyone know How I can make this possible?

Thanks for your help
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A:Control Panel

you need to put more info like what do you realy want to do and what os are you useing is this a network or a stand a lone more info will help people figure out what you want and help you !!!!!!!!!!

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I am running Win2000 Pro and have done something to my control panel. When I try to access it, a message screen comes up labeled "Restrictions" with the message, "This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator."

How can I reactivate the control panel?

Thanks to anyone who can help.

A:Control Panel

login as administrator and give your user name admin rights and you should get it back

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Oh WOW!!
I have never done a form things or posted any question anywhere. I am a new, so new I am shining, lol. Well basically I started to do this because I just dont understand Computers at all. I need some advice on books I can get. Also my most basic problem now is that I can't locate my Control Panel. And my computer is running slower then my grandma! Someone anyone please help. And so sorry if I post this wrong.

A:Control Panel

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I have windowsXP.. When I went to a site that was for cleaning up viruses, spyware and /or whatever,, it asked to 'extract my files' before doing so , so I clicked on yes.. I had been searching for anything to enable my music in the pc to be heard in a music chatroom in Paltalk.com ..program, which I haven't been able to do. After leaving this PCMightyMax site, I found that my control panel had been extracted or was missing.Now I can't access it no matter what I do. I wanted to get rid of my cookies and temp. files and I'm not sure how to get to it , if I can. With my limited knowlege of the workings of this pc I messed things up. It's been to a repair shop and they did solve a few things and cleaned up problems but still can't get my music played into the paltalk music room or find my control panel, for starters. Hope I've made things clear

A:control panel

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I had a Hijack and the damed thing turned off some of my system resorces like my control pannel
when I try to access the control panel thru run this message comes up.

"This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer, Please contact your system administorator"

OK how do I remove the restrictions, and how do I turn on my control panle again HELP PLEASE need to do some system maintance and can not get to my system management tools also

A:Control Panel

How to reset the registry permissions: http://winonline.blogspot.com/2005/11/rese...issions-to.html

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i cannot access the control panel. always get the error message which reads windows cannot find c\windows\system32\rundll32.exe

A:control panel

IF you are running XP.

Put the Windows XP CD ROM disk in the CD ROM drive.
Click Start, and then click Run.
Type expand X:\i386\rundll32.ex_ c:\windows\system32\rundll32.exe in the Open box, where X is the letter of your CD ROM Drive.
Restart the computer

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When I try to open my control panel I get a message telling me that this operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on computer and to contact system administrator. How can I open the control panel?

A:Control panel

You have to log in as an Administrator user. Your currently logged in as a limited user.

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i have a message popping up saying i have been infected from windows now my control panel is gone and ive lost my administrative rights.. Tabitha

A:No Control Panel

You will probably want to have this post moved to the malware removal section.

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When I click on control panel it opens and closes straight away. If I go into Computer and click expand it does show me the contents of the control panel. it wont however do anything if I click explore. Could anyone tell me how to restore my Control panel please

A:Control Panel

If you are using XP or Vista you can try a system restore back to a point where it worked.

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My control panel is missing from my start menu. When I click on "set program access and defaults" I get the error message "This operation has been canceled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator". This is my home computer and I know that I didn't change anything. Any suggestions? A DELL tech told me I would have to reinstall windows. Really don't want to have to do this.

A:No control panel

Good news is you won't have to reinstall Windows. Bad news is that you've most likely got a virus on your PC.

I highly recommend that you head over to the HijackThis forums. Follow this 5 Step Guide to post a log. The analysts over there will help you remove any viruses or nasties from your system.

We can try something to see if we can re-enable control panel. Note that if the virus or spyware program that disabled control panel is still on the computer this fix may only work temporarily or not at all.


1. From the Start menu, choose Run...
2. type regedit
- You can screw things up if you go around changing things with regedit when you don't know what you're doing, so be careful here.
3. From the Edit menu, choose Find...
4. type (or copy and paste) NoControlPanel in the search box and uncheck "Keys" and "Data" (so only "Values" is checked)
5. Choose OK to begin the search. It should find an entry that looks like
NoControlPanel REG_DWORD 0x00000001

6. Double-click this. Change the value to 0 (zero) and choose OK
7. Press F3 to repeat the search. There may be multiple entries you need to change. Keep doing this until it reports it can't find any more

Note that you may need to reboot before the control panel reappears. Also, can you get into control panel if you go to Start > Run and type "control.exe" without the quotes?

There are many ways that the bad guys ca... Read more

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I have not been able to get into my control panel for quite some time now. Every time I try to get in, I get the "Windows has encountered an error and must close the program error" I really need to get into my control panel to remove some programs...thought? I am running windows xp

A:control panel help

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when i go to access things on my control panel i get this alert

windows cannot access the specified device path or file you may not have the appropriate permission to access the item

i am the only user of the pc so im the administra can any one help plz i have tryed avg

A:help with control panel

There is a high likliehood you have a virus - please read and comply with the following then post in the spyware section.


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IS GONE i have no control panel in the start men. if i go to printer's see it on the left but it tells me to see administrator there is no passwords and I'm the admin. and i have this dame box that comes up all the time and saids windows alert you have spy were download this to fix it HELP ME THANK YOU

A:control panel

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Did a clean install and got almost everything re-installed last night, but one program puts an icon on the Windows Control Panel. Win 7 is giving me the new Control Panel category view and I can't find anything. In 7100 RC I am almost certain I had the old traditional Windows Control Panel. Can I get that in Win 7 RTM and if so how? Seems like my rusty memory is telling me there was a way to chose which display you wanted in Vista????

A:Old Control Panel Available?

welcome back to 7!

try this...

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When I go to Add or Remove Programs under Control Panel I can not get the programs to load in the window. I have left it open for hours and the list of programs will not load.

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not all my programs come up on control panel add remove section. im always getting bad gateway messages every time i try to do something . what should i do.

A:control panel

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can any1 help me...i was online playing some games...did not download anything, but when i went to check my mic settings..i cannot get into my control panel on vista..it says windows not responding and it shuts down and restarts ie...can anyone help me

A:control panel

sfc /scannow

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First of all, im running XP Pro SP2. What i did was installed Brico Pack Vista Inspirant and then soem additional Vista Visual Styles and everythnig was going great until i went to uninstall a program and tried to go to the Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel and it wouldn't open, just make the error beep and nothing would happen. Also these 3 things just appeared in the Control Panel as well. And they don't open anything as well. And i even have one more wierd thing, all of a sudden my wireless status indicator thing for windows (The wireless manager build into windows) has a wierd icon. Its labeled wierd on my screencap. I have one more thing, in my System Preferances, i don't have all of the tabs at the top, I have includwed another screencap.



And thanks everybody in advance for your help

A:Control Panel

uninstall the app
shell apps are dangerous
the 3 icons are like that cause windows cannot id them and or the program-s they where for are gone
have you right clicked on tray icon to id it
should check around about this (french) website you got the freeware from
if they are on sourceforge probably OK but you never now about spyware

thank you for beta testing our software

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Earlier there used to be a B&O sound manager to provide graphic equaliser and other functions. but after a windows update its gone. i can't change audio settings. 

A:B&O control Panel is gone

Hi, Try the following. Download the Realtek HD Audio installer on the link below and save it to your Downloads folder. http://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp73001-73500/sp73189.exe When done, hold down the Windows key and press R Into the Run window, type devmgmt.msc and hit enter. In Device Manager, expand Sound, Video and Game Controllers.  Right click the Realtek device and select Uninstall - you should also get a prompt to remove the current driver, tick the box to allow this and then proceed with the uninstall. When complete, download and reinstall the Chipset driver on the following link. http://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp72501-73000/sp72862.exe When the Chipset reinstallation has completed, shutdown the notebook. Unplug the AC Adapter and then remove the battery.  Hold down the Power button for 30 seconds.  Re-insert the battery and plug in the AC Adapter. When windows has reloaded, open your Downloads folder, right click on the Realtek installer and select 'Run as Administrator' to start the installation.  When this has completed, restart the notebook and let windows fully load for a few minutes before checking. Regards, DP-K

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How can i delet a shell icon in my control panel, i have a shell looking icon with no name in my control panel i don't know where it came from as no name, i want to take it off delet it from control panel can someone please help. Thank you in advance.

A:Control Panel

Hello computerworld,I would use a tweaking program for this job, http://www.tweaknow.com/WinSecret.html select the control panel group.

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For some reason when I open my control panel and go to add/remove programs it is not giving me the option to remove most of the programs. And it also has alot of weird things in there that were not there before. I did have kodak easyshare on my computer but did go to the program and delete it as I think that was part of the problem. But I have things in there like:

What are these and how can I go about removing these? Help!1

A:Need help w/control panel

Hi, Most of those items are required, parts of drivers for hardware like Sound, your memory card reader for pics...and parts of Windows, other software that is OK.

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Please help - something has happened to my computer. My control panel has disappeared - I cannot access any computer information or Task Manager as it says they have been disabled by administrator. I cannot get online except in Safe Mode and Internet Explorer has been changed from default browser. I also have a 'copying Files' that keeps appearing without warning. I have Comodo Firewall and this has been turned off and will not open. Also have Spybot but this will not open either. I had a similar problem recently and fixed it with Combofix but this has not worked this time. Avast scan does not find anything. Have run Panda scan as requested and log is attached.
Have also downloaded and run Spyware Blaster and IE-Spyad.

A:Control Panel gone


I had a similar problem recently and fixed it with Combofix but this has not worked this time.

Show me ComboFix's log.

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I'm helping my husband with this issue, so I might not have all of the details, however, I'll do my best to describe the problem.
1. It started with a pop-up for Spyware.
2. No Control Panel
3. Disabled Norton
4. Installed Spy Sweeper
5. The pop-up stopped, but Still No Control Panel

I know that this problem has previously been solved for other users, but it appears to require a tech person to check various logs unique to the particular computer to insure that the pc is free of all viruses.

Can you help me?

A:Still no Control Panel

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When I open my Control Panel, I see this folder icon. It's blank, and I don't know what it is. I'm tempted to delete it, but since I have no idea what it is, I don't want to risk damaging my computer because of my hasty decision. Could anyone tell me what exactly it is? Many thanks.Here's what it looks like: http://img441.imageshack.us/img441/237/cpxa6.jpgAlso, sometimes, I get random music/noises whenever I'm on my computer. I have no idea where it's coming from. Some examples are techno music, this buzzing noise, and noises that sounded like someone was taking pictures. Why am I getting these noises and how do I get rid of them? @[email protected]

A:Control Panel

If you right click on the folder and open it, what is inside? Or is there nothing at all (you can check the folder properties)?

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I keep reading this messages in the forum about the control panel that disappears. Why is that? I was attacked by a troyan and some malware but it's ok now...I think. My AVG Antivirus deleted the malware, Super antispyware removed the tracking cookies and I have Eusing registry cleanup which has tune up my laptop and is running smoothly. However...my Control Panel is still gone
I was told to go with regedit and change some settings there...it looks easy but...after I read the posts here I think about going the safe way. What would you recommend? My laptop runs fine now and is well protected (Comodo firewall is doing a great job) But I need my Control Panel!!! Any suggestions?

A:Why is my control panel gone?

Download HJTInstall.exe to your Desktop.


* Doubleclick HJTInstall.exe to install it.
* By default it will install to C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\HijackThis .
* Click on Install.
* It will create a HijackThis icon on the desktop.
* Once installed, it will launch Hijackthis.
* Click on the Do a system scan and save a logfile button. It will scan and the log should open in notepad.
* Copy/Paste the log to your next reply please.

Don't use the Analyse This button, its findings are dangerous if misinterpreted.
Don't have Hijackthis fix anything yet. Most of what it finds will be harmless or even required.

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For some reason the control panel no longer lists all the programs on my computer. The all programs on start does list them all.
I therefore can use all programs, but cannot uninstall them using control panel. I have tried restore, but it wont! Help please.

HP Omni 120 120
Win 7

A:Control panel

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I saw another post regarding this but can't reply to them. My control panel/privileges are gone. Actually this is my daughter's computer. I ran the "hijackthis" program posted previously and here is my log. Can anyone please help?

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 1:37:44 AM, on 9/20/2007
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VS7DEBUG\MDM.EXE
C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL$MICROSOFTSMLBIZ\Binn\sqlservr.exe
C:\Program Files\Spyware Doctor\sdhelp.exe
C:\Program Files\Synaptics\SynTP\SynTPEnh.exe
C:\Program Files\Dell\QuickSet\quickset.exe
C:\Program Files\CyberLink\PowerDVD\DVDLauncher.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\InstallShield\UpdateServi... Read more

A:Control panel is gone

You should print out these instructions, or copy them to a NotePad file for reading while in Safe Mode, because you will not be able to connect to the Internet to read from this site.

Please download SmitfraudFix (by S!Ri)
Extract the content (a folder named SmitfraudFix) to your Desktop.

Next, please reboot your computer in Safe Mode by doing the following :
Restart your computer
After hearing your computer beep once during startup, but before the Windows icon appears, tap the F8 key continually;
Instead of Windows loading as normal, a menu with options should appear;
Select the first option, to run Windows in Safe Mode, then press "Enter".
Choose your usual account.
Once in Safe Mode, open the SmitfraudFix folder again and double-click smitfraudfix.cmd
Select option #2 - Clean by typing 2 and press "Enter" to delete infected files.

You will be prompted: "Registry cleaning - Do you want to clean the registry?"; answer "Yes" by typing Y and press "Enter" in order to remove the Desktop background and clean registry keys associated with the infection.

The tool will now check if wininet.dll is infected. You may be prompted to replace the infected file (if found); answer "Yes" by typing Y and press "Enter".

The tool may need to restart your computer to finish the cleaning process; if it doesn't, please restart it into Normal Windows.

A text file will appear onscreen, with results from the cleaning pr... Read more

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Now I did it.. I loaded what I thought would help, "tweakui", I didn't like it, so I unloaded it. Now my control panel won't let me get my icons back. I only get the generic sheets. Can anyone help me out, I've tried all the views, I'm sure thats not it. Thanks. Silverado.....

A:Control Panel XP

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I have an HP Pavilion about I year old. OP is Windows 7 home Premium. I clicked on the "Control Panel" then on "Change backgrounds" I wanted to put on a slide show with some of my photos. Listed in the "Picture Location box" were these:
Windows Desktop Backgrounds.
Picture Library.
Top Rated Photos.
Solid Colors.
Door County' 2013 #6525-6611.
New Folder (2).
Pendelton Reunion.
San Diego Reunion.
I clicked on "Picture Library" which is a collection of my Marine Corps reunions photos for the last 20 years. I selected about of 15, everything was looking great. When I went back to the desktop window all the photos were changing just like I wanted, but suddenly the screen went black, from the top left side this text started to move down from left to right, "There are no pictures in C:/users/Ralph/pictures/door county' 2013 #6526-6611" this just keeps going down when it hits bottom it the starts up. It does not stop till I move the mouse?? I checked several times there are no check marks on any photos in the "Door County Box" in the "Picture Location Box". There are photos in the C:/ location. Is there a fix for this??

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Hi..Today I had my control panel become unusable, whenever I clicked on anything...it says I basically lost my Admin on my account. I also kept getting this stupid pop up every 10 minutes..so I ran all my programs...ad-aware, spybot, avast, registry cleaner, etc...it got rid of all the viruses, and all the spy-ware...so no more popups, slow internet, etc..thats all gone. The problem I'm having now, is that my control panel is completely gone...and when I type in "control.exe", the error I was getting before comes up...saying I'm restricted from opening it...however, I can open add/remove programs and the system info...

I was reading other posts in these forums, so I downloaded HiJack This...and here is the Log from that:

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 8:38:01 PM, on 9/20/2007
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16512)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4\aswUpdSv.exe
C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4\ashServ.exe
C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4\ashMaiSv.exe
C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4\ashWebSv.exe
C:\Program F... Read more

A:Control panel gone???...help please

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like a previous poster, downloaded a spyware product and ever since my control panelhas been missing, when trying to invoke a control panel from command prompt told it was an illegal act (contact adin) i have since loaded your hijackthis.exe, ran it, and saved the following results.. any help will be appreciated
thank you

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 8:27:07 PM, on 9/19/2007
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware 2007\aawservice.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\AOL\ACS\AOLAcsd.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\AOL\TopSpeed\2.0\aoltsmon.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\AOL\1157079435\ee\services\safetyCore\ver2_5_4_1\aolavupd.exe
C:\Program Files\Analog Devices\Core\smax4pnp.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\j2re1.4.2_03\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\Dell\Media Experience\DMXLauncher.exe
C:\Program Files\Dynex Wireless G Enhanced Adapter\WLService.exe
C:\Program Files\Musicmatch\Musicmatch Jukebox\mm_tray.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\InstallShield\UpdateService\issch.exe
C:\... Read more

A:control panel gone

Hi, Welcome to TSG!!
Please print these instructions for reference, as you will have to restart your computer during the fix.

Please download FixWareout from Here or Here.

Note: You will need to run this tool while having an Internet Connection. The tool will download other files while running.

Save it to your desktop and run it. Click Next, then Install, make sure "Run fixit" is checked and click Finish.
The fix will begin; follow the prompts.
If your firewall gives an alert, (because this tool will download an additional files from the internet), please don't let your firewall block it, but allow it instead.
You will be asked to reboot your computer; please do so. Your system may take longer than usual to load; this is normal.
Once the desktop loads a text file will open (report.txt).
Please post the C:\fixwareout\report.txt ), along with a new HijackThis log into this topic.


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my control panel is not responding, i have tried to open it through explore and just clicking to open.

A:Control Panel

Hi ale.Press and hold ctrl+alt+del and click the proccesses tab.If you see "Conime.exe' running, end the process and see if control panel opens.Related Article:Control Panel stops responding in Windows XP

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switching from 98 view to xp view is not there any more help please

A:Control Panel

I am at a loose. What is it you wish? I will take a guess and guess that you wish to change the vu in Control Panel from classic view to catagory view. When you first open Control Panel on the left there is a window on the top that shows a statement "Swotch to Catagory View" - just left click once and you are there.

I hope I guessed correctly if I did not please post again with the error message or question that you wish answered.

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hello everyone i am new to this site. i just have one question for now my laptop is running vista i cant get into control panel or change programs help please.Thanks

A:cant get into control panel

Welcome to BC.
What changes before this happen and what programs do you happen wanted to change?

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For some reason I can't access control panel. When I click to open I keep getting
"Windows Explorer stopped working, Windows explorer is restarting" then it goes back to desktop. Please help!!!

A:Control Panel

Quote: Originally Posted by Bowflex

For some reason I can't access control panel. When I click to open I keep getting
"Windows Explorer stopped working, Windows explorer is restarting" then it goes back to desktop. Please help!!!


Have you run a virus scan lately? More than likely it is DEP (in system control panel) but since you cant get there yooou options are limited

Do you have a backup that we can restore?

Do you have the win 7 dvd to do a reapir install?
Ken J+

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