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Solved: Reinstalling Windows XP. How can I Reboot?

Q: Solved: Reinstalling Windows XP. How can I Reboot?

I'm trying to Reinstall Windows XP on a hard drive that has been completely wiped clean. I have a 5 yr old CD from Dell called "Reinstallation CD MS Windows XP home ed." I also have a CD called "Digital Life Tools." Neither will boot up the computer and the error message is: "load needed DLLS for Kernal." What are some things I sould do to relaod windows?

Suggestions and comments appreciated. Thanks, Robt

Preferred Solution: Solved: Reinstalling Windows XP. How can I Reboot?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Solved: Reinstalling Windows XP. How can I Reboot?

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I just got a new motherboard, the p5n-e sli motherboard with the e6400 coreduo processor. Im trying to reinstall windows but everytime i try, it keeps asking me to setup windows again threw the blue screens. everytime it reboots, it goes back to the same screen no matter what i do.

currently, i have setup two 250 western digital harddrives as raid-0 (stripped) and enabled raid through bios. I also install the raid controllers (not sure if the correct one since it came with 5 different raid controllers, jmb36X controllers.

any help with this would be appreciated.

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Hi all, using:
Logitech G930
Asus G73JW-A1

Every time I reboot the computer with the headset transmitter plugged in Windows installs a new copy of the Logitech G930 Wireless Headset. Sometimes I have 20 copies of the headset in Control Panel / Devices, with each device decremented numerically. Also, this seems to mean that Windows resets the default sound device to the internal speakers, as the previously selected headset device has changed. I then have to reselect the headset as default otherwise Windows does not use the headset even though it's turned on.

Can someone please advise how to stop the OS reinstalling, apart from rebooting without the dongle plugged in?


A:W7 reinstalling headset on each reboot

Hi winaje,

Can you check you Device Manager for the headset
Right click on 'My Computer' and select 'Manage'. In the Computer Management window, select 'Device Manager' on the left and look for the headset in question. Right click on it and select properties. Under the Driver tab, check to see who the Digital Signer is. It could be that it's an unsigned driver.

Also, you could try to remove the headset and reboot. When the system has rebooted, go in to Device Manager and uninstall the driver for the headset then reboot again. Then when rebooted, plug the headset in and re-install the driver. Reboot and see if that helps.

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I work for a college and we have a number of network printers shared, when we connect to a network printer it installs the driver and everything is fine but after we reboot and try to print again to the same printer it asks to install the drivers again, this happend repeatedly.  This is only happening on vista and windows 7 machines.I have heard that this is a known problem for vista machines and that there is a fix available but i can't find it anywhere.Any help would be appreciated

A:Printer drivers need reinstalling after every reboot

Hi Chris,
if it works on 75 percent of the clients I would do the following thing. Your clients are probably in a domain environment. I would copy the security descriptor (SID) from a properly working client with subinacl.exe (A command line tool which you can download
from MS download) and push it to a not working client and test if it solves the problem.
I thing this is the easiest method.
Subinacl is a the most powerfull tool ever !
With kind regards,
Cengiz Kuskaya

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Got an old computer the other day that the owner requested the hard drive reformatted before giving it to me. I did reformat the drive using the OEM Operating System cd. Says that the os was installed successfully and begins reboot but only pulls up the Gateway logo and loops over and over. Tried to boot into safe mode and last good configuration with no success. Will not boot from the OS disk and have no way to create the floppy disks for startup.

Does have two hard drives and for some reason loaded the os on both drives separately, one with NTFS and the other FAT32. Tried going to repair and formatted each again and installed the os only on the C drive. Didn't work either. Was running slow before this process started.

Any ideas on what to do? This has been the computer from hell as I have never had this problem before. Oh, the disc is in good condition with very light and minimal scratches. Does not give any error messages.


A:Endless Reboot after formating and reinstalling XP from OEM Disk

Sounds like the CD is damaged, no matter what the light scratches....Try cleaning it with a glass cleaner and paper towel carefully and then see if it will work..

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I have had my pc for about 4 years now. Its a rather out-dated office pc from my Dad's work and its getting slow. Over the 4 years I have used the pc I have installed, uninstalled and reinstalled what is likely hundreds of programs, themes and mods, as well as viruses I have had to deal with. This has led to a very messy possibly unstable setup.

My hard drive is only 20gb, I use this for programs I use the most and need speed such as my favorite games, web browsers, ms office, etc. The rest is on external hard drives. The problem is there is a 15gb chuck of that I just cant clear, I'm really not sure what it is, but I believe its all those windows updates and such which I have since disabled. It also seems I have lost many things, ms calculator and word pad for example, although not important, literally disappeared one day.

Anyway, to the point. I want to reinstall windows to try and solve these problems, and so I can familiarize myself with what is part of windows, and what is junk for future reference. Im broke though and don't want to screw up my pc due to lost drivers or a botched install of windows. To counter this I have decided to do this:

1) Partition 20gb space on smaller external hard drive to imitate PC HD.
2) Install windows and drivers on external HD partition, noting everything I do and how.
3) Change boot drive to the partition.
4) Test windows and make sure it all works.
5) Clear PC HD and run a clean install of windows using notes from test install.

... Read more

A:[SOLVED] Help with reinstalling windows

Installing Windows on an external drive is a bad idea. First, it is way to slow, USB is going to be way slower then an internal IDE or if your computer was newer SATA. Windows will not operate properly. 20 GB is fine for a standard Windows, drivers, updates and even with Office. For your computer to work properly, you need at least 15% of your drive capacity to be Free Space (i.e. 2.5- 3.0 GB free in your case) What you can do is keep all of your Documents, Pictures, Music, Saved Games etc on the External drive. A standard XP installation should not take up more then 6 GB at the most, including Office. If your going to reinstall, it would be a good time to just buy a bigger drive. It's cheaper then buying a new computer. To reinstall put the Restore CD in and boot off of that and follow the prompts. If you have a driver disc put that in after the restore. If not, XP has most drivers, but if need be, just go to the Compaq Support site, type in your make and model and it will take you to the Download Drivers page for your computer. As for old programs you no longer have serial keys to, if you bought a new drive, you can attach your old drive as a Slave drive to the new, and then still have access to all the programs on that drive.

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My old laptop I have left for my parents and brother to use, whilst I use my new one. Yesterday, they showed me the laptop responding extremely slow. There was no mention of any viruses or trojans but thought that this had strangely happened, even though it was fine the day before.

I decided that I will just reinstall Windows XP and just have it all cleaned. The laptop didn't come with a disc and has windows built in. I have wiped it 2 times in the past, by pressing a key on the keyboard to start the installation up. Unfortunately, I can't remember what I need to press on the keyboard to bring it up. Anyone able to help?

A:[SOLVED] Reinstalling Windows XP

What Brand and Model is the laptop?

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I bought a laptop several years ago and want to reinstall windows XP. However when I bought it, it didn't come with the original Windows installation discs, just a sticker on the bottom with the product key on.

I want to reinstall Windows preferably with a CD-Rom as it doesn't have a floppy disc drive (the download I found on microsoft's website seems to require a floppy disc drive).

I've just installed XP SP3 (it was originally SP1) but that doesn't seemed to have solved my problems. I did create a system restore point though and can go back prior to installing SP3.

Does anyone know where I can download a re-installation disc?

A:Solved: Reinstalling Windows

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To do a fresh install of Windows XP Pro (i currently have Home), do I really need to delete my partitions and make a new one?
Is there a good tutorial other than windowsreinstall.com?
And is there anything I should do to my computer before I install XP Pro?

A:Solved: Reinstalling Windows XP Pro

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After doing a fresh install of windows xp, I could not activate windows. It says it is not connected to the internet. Well I've done this before on another computer & there was no problem. It seems to be missing "ethernet controller", "mutimedia audio controller","sm bus controller",usb controller", & "video controller(vga compatible). My computer is an IBM Thinkcentre S50 8183.Any ideas what to do? Thanks.

A:Solved: reinstalling windows xp...

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Hi, when I signed in on my welcome page, my screen went black. It won't do anything at all. I tried to reinstall windows with my CD, but when it tells me to follow the prompt, there isn't any prompt. I'm not computer literate but I'd sure be able to try any suggestions. Thanks

A:Solved: Reinstalling windows 7

The post isn't clear how you've tried, if you haven't already, start your computer, tap F2 continuously to enter the bios, then click boot order and set it to load from CD first. Save changes and it'll restart. This should boot you into the install software.

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I have 2 HDs in a Raid0 setup, and 2 more not, Windows is not installed on the raid drives. Is there a way I can keep the info on the raid0 drives and the drive without windows, while I wipe and reinstall windows on the other drive?

A:Solved: Reinstalling windows

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Hope someone can help me. I attempted to reinstall windows 95 on my computer. Neglected to copy the cdrom drivers first. Now I have formatted the C drive and when I try to switch to the d: drive, I get an invalid drive specification message. I've downloaded what should be the proper driver for it but that's not working cause it's saying it can't find the mscdex.exe file which I've tried to provide but it doesn't see or recognize this file. Can anyone please help me out of this mess?
The CDROM is showing when it sets up as Toshiba XM5302TA but I've not had terrific luck with this driver but have downloaded an Atapi.exe that seems like it could be it.

A:(Solved) reinstalling windows 95

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I must format my hard drive and reinstall XP. When this is done, should I install SP1,SP2 ans SP3 in succession or can I skip 1 & 2 and just install SP3?

A:Solved: reinstalling Windows XP

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I have now, for the past month, been troubled with a very annoying problem on my computer. It suddenly started when the explorer.exe file unexpectedly dissapeared (yup). Later i found that most of my drivers were missing or damaged, as well as my computers ability to run soundfiles (i've reinstalled every media program and sound-related software) and my computers brainpower's also less than 1/3 of it's former preformance.

Ok, that was the problem. I somehow managed to get it to run again (transferred an explorer.exe from another machine to this one), but not everything is as it should be. I've tried everything and the only remaining action is now to reinstall Windows 7. That's where I have a question: My computer were originally a Vista Home Premium and i upgraded it using a Windows 7 DVD. My computer's got a recovery partition and, at the moment, I do not know where the Windows 7 DVD are. If I recover the computer using the recovery partition to it's factory settings (back to square one, that is) will it still be Windows 7 or will it revert back to Vista?

I appreciate the help and thank you.

A:[SOLVED] Reinstalling Windows 7

and welcome to the Forum

If you use the factory recovery, it will revert to the state it was shipped . . with Vista

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To Reinstall Windows, you must have a Windows Disc to do it. If you have a name brand computer (HP, Dell) etc you can try contacting the computer manufacturer about getting a Recovery CD. Or you can borrow a retail version of XP from a friend and use the product key that is on the machine.

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I'm in the process of reinstalling windows XP and am at stopping point and need immediate help. Which option do I chose from the options listed below?


To set up windows xp on the selected item, press enter

To create a partition in the unpartitioned space, press C

To delete the selected partition, press D.

76294 MB Disk 0 at Id 0 on bus 0 on atapi [MBR]

-: Partition1 [FAT] 39 mb (39 mb free)
C: Partition2 [NTFS] 72849 mb (55166 mb free)
E: Partition3 [fat32] 3397 mb (526 mb free)
unpartitioned space 8 mb


A:Solved: Need help reinstalling Windows XP

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Hey everyone,

I have a bit of a dilemma, I dropped my laptop the other day and had to replace the hard drive. I already have the new drive in and have inserted the windows disc that came with the laptop, my question/s is what is it I need to do now? Would I have to reinstall all the previous drivers? ( ie the network driver and so on) or should all of that already be there and the only thing I would need to do is reinstall any programs I lost that I want back?

Sorry if this seems like an easy question, I'm not all that experienced lol.

A:Solved: Reinstalling Windows

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i am going to reinstall windows, i need to know what information i will need to write down. i.e. ip adress, gatway... any thing along those lines.

and also how should i do it. i have 2 drives that i want to erase, do i earase before i install windows or does it happen automatically

any other helpful info or hints for reinstalling windows would be appreciated


A:Solved: reinstalling windows

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im having trouble reinstalling my XP. my computer is infested with fragamented files, old programs and some viruses etc. ive decided to start the computer from scratch and reinstalling the Windows disk that came with the computer when i bought it. thing is, is that the disk is in the disc drive and when i reboot it doesnt read the disk and starts XP normally.

please help.

how can i get the compiter to read the disk from start up?

A:[SOLVED] Reinstalling Windows XP

Get this program to format your drive, windows format utility will
not clean the drive up totally http://www.killdisk.com/downloadfree.htm
If you create a bootable floppy you must set your boot order in bios.
Set it to boot to a: first if creating the floppy. When that is done
which will take some time, then you must reset your boot order to
boot to the cdrom drive first. Then your xp installation should take

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How's it going folks~~~

I've a computer with 8GB of RAM but I found out that only 3.47GB of 'em are usable. And the what causes that limit is my 32-bit Windows 7 Home Basic. And I've tried installing a 64-bit Windows Ultimate inside Windows through a Thumb Drive but an error message like such 'Windows setup couldn't run due to incompatible issues.......'.

Thus, can I actually install Windows of different bit?
How could that be done?
Cuz it's pretty much wasting money if I bought a 8GB of RAM but could only use 3.47GB. Well, you know it's like buying a Ferrari and run it on a freeway with the speed limit of 50km/h.....

Hope you guys would show me a way to get my Ferrari on to a freeway without speed limit......

Thank you guys in advance

A:Solved: PLEASE HELP!!! : Reinstalling different bit of Windows 7

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I decided to format my computer today and reinstall windows. My windows7 disk works fine but right after the "cooying files" process the installation fails. This right after I boot from the win7 disk and do custom install, which is the only option other than "upgrade." I have no clue what to do from here.

Kind of frustrated because I don't think typing an essay on my phone will work, hahaha. Probably shouldn't have formated today, thought it was only going to take a couple hours. Oh well.

Any advise?

A:Solved: Trouble reinstalling windows

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Recently my computer got a virus, after removing it using Malwarebytes/avg antivirus/spybot, my computer refuses to hibernate or go into sleep mode, this is a big problem for me as i always use hibernate mode when i'm not on the computer, regular power off just takes too long to turn back on when I need something important, I tried many things to try to fix this, including installing SP 3 (i am running windows xp media center edition) and installing a hotfix from the dell website (i have an inspiron e1705) with no avail.

As a final try I think I want to try a fresh windows install, since that will most likely fix it, but there is my problem. Long ago after burning a Cd, my dvd/cdr drive stopped reading/writing cd's. My windows disc is a DVD, so my drive will read it fine, but my drivers CD that i need to use after the windows DVD is on a CD, which my laptop won't read. I have an external dvd/cd drive but I was wondering if after a fresh windows install, would my computer be able to use it's USB port so i can use the external drive to install the drivers CD

A:Solved: Reinstalling Windows Question

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I am trying to reinstall Windows Vista, due to a problem I had earlier with it. I'm using the recovery discs sent to me by HP, and I am following the directions they gave me in order to do the reinstallation. After I put the first recovery disc in, Windows says "Windows is loading files ...... " and then the screen appears with the green bar moving back and forth (what the normal startup would be). Then, there is a light blue screen with a mouse pointer. That's it. I can move the mouse, but nothing else will happen. I've been waiting over an hour for the recovery process to start, but nothing is happening.

I pretty much ruled out it being a hardware issue, as Ubuntu works fine on the computer. Does anyone know why the recovery won't start and why the blue screen is there?

Also, I was thinking, is there a difference between a recovery disc and an actual Windows installation disc? Could this be why I am having the problem? Would using a Windows install disc guarantee it will work?

Thanks in advance for your help.

A:Solved: Problems reinstalling Windows

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Hi all
I am selling my PC and as such formatting the HD using DBAN.

When I buy a new PC (with no OS), Will I still be able to use my old Win7 disc and product key?

Thanks in advance

A:Solved: reinstalling windows on new PC, old product key?

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After exhausting all attempts to rid the IRQL not equal..... blue screen of death I decided to reinstall windows so I wouldn't have to reinstall all my programs. I read carefully how to do it and followed all instructions. (I did NOT use the repair console). Everything seemed to reinstall properly but when I boot up, windows installs, it shows my name and default wallpaper but there are NO icons, start button in the lower left or anything else, just the wallpaper picture.

Any suggestions as to how to get access to my programs and icons again?

A:Solved: No Icons after reinstalling Windows

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I've just reinstalled windows XP Home Edition SP1 and can't access the internet. What didn't I do? What other device do I need to install?

A:[SOLVED] Can't get online after reinstalling windows XP

and welcome to the Forum

You likely need to install all the motherboard drivers. Install the Chipset driver first, then the others.

You can look in Device Manager to see what is missing

What Brand and Model is the pc?

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I have followed all the directions for reinstalling Windows XP and have re-booted my computer from the CD. When I get to the EULA it will not accept me pressing F8 to agree to it. The problem I was having is that when I start my computer it keeps trying to start Window Professional Edition, which I do not have.

A:Solved: Windows XP 2000 not reinstalling

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Hello everyone I am new to this forum and have a problem. I recently built a computer with a brand new mobo and a hard drive with windows 7 preinstalled. After reading some posts I now realize I need to do a reinstall of windows with the new mobo because like many others,who here have made my same mistake, I am getting the rebooting at the start screen and can not start my computer. My question is -How can I do a reinstall of windows if my computer will not recognize the disc? It just keeps restarting. I tried a boot disc and then putting in the windows disc but the computer tells me there are corrupt files or errors. Do I need to erase the hard drive and then install with the new mobo because all of my hard drives have some form of windows 7 -64 or 32 bit on them

A:Solved: New mobo reinstalling windows 7

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I tried to run a slip stream version (SP3) of Windows XP home edition. Everything seems to have gone okay, but when I restart the computer, it says that it needs activation from Microsoft before I can log in, and gives me two choices: yes or no. Clicking on either of them keeps me on a blank screen for hours. I have the original XP disk, but hate to go through that process, since that would take some time to update it to SP3. This is spare computer, so I am not really in a hurry to get the problem fixed as soon as possible. Many thanks for any help in solving this.

A:Solved: Windows XP does not start after reinstalling

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I was recently given a dell optiplex gx260 pc, which is practically unusable due to malware and viruses on it.

I am intending to do a clean reinstall of windows xp on it.

However the only keyboard i have is usb, and although it seems to work when it asks me to press f2 to go to setup, it does not work when I get the "press any key to boot from CD..." prompt, so i have no way to go to the windows setup screen.

If i disable the hard disk and let it default to start from cd i can go into the windows setup screen and the keyboard works to set the options on that, but of course it wont work because it cant detect the disk drive.

I have no way to get a regular non usb (ps2?) keyboard other than buying one, which i dont want to do just so i can press one button.

Can anyone advise me?


A:Solved: Reinstalling windows on pc with usb keyboard.

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I got a virus on my computer 2 weeks ago and have been unable to get rid of it. I think it has altered some of my windows32 files and replaced my svchost. The online tech guy I was working with concluded, after 2 weeks of scans and logs, that it's a new variant and it may take a while to figure out a fix.

I would like to reformat my computer, but here's what's happening:

I place the following CD into my drive:

I boot up the computer and the first screen that comes up is:

I press f12 to access the boot menu and the following screen appears:

I select onboard or usb CD-ROM Drive and press enter and it starts reading the disk:

It then asks me what I want to do with the CD and I press enter (to select set up Windows XP now):
Then this screen pops up:
When I press the up or down arrow key or d, I get the following message:
Thanks for the help.

A:Solved: Reformatting and Reinstalling Windows XP

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I've Windows 7, and I used to reinstall it quite often before. But now I've some Windows Live game saves, which wouldn't work after I'd reinstall the Windows. I wonder, what are the benefits or reinstalling Windows? I believe my registry would be cleaned out of unused chunks of information, as well as some unused files on the Windows partition, but other than that, there's really no benefit that couldn't be achieved by hand?

A:[SOLVED] Reinstalling Windows - benefits?

There are really no benefits to reinstall. Yes old files and a new fresh clean is nice but with time you get back to where you are now.

I suggest not reinstalling and just keep what you have.

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Hey guys!

I need your help. I am trying to format (or completely wipe out) my hard-drive on a Dell Dimension 3000 and reinstalling windows XP but somehow I installed a second version of XP and everytime my PC boots it asks me which version of windows to use. Trust me, I have done plenty of research on how this happend but after messing with my PC for over 6hours I finally gave up!

Basically when I tried reinstalling windows the first time, I was given a choice to delete certain partitions on my HD but when I tried deleting the main partition (with the most data on it - drive C:) setup said there are certain files on that partition that setup needs to continue. So I figuered I have to boot from the CD. I pop in the CD, windows setup doesnt start from it. I change the boot sequence in BIOS and still, setup will not start from the CD. I can get into setup by starting one of the two windows versions however and running the XP CD by double clicking on it but that won't let me delete that one partition I am trying to get rid of.

What should I do? I am helpless :(

One more info: When my computer boots up there are two function keys: F2: Setup and F12 Boot Menu - I did try getting into the boot menu and tried booting from the CD, again - nothing! PLEASE HELP ME!! Thank you so much for your replies!

A:[SOLVED] [Windows xp] Deleting HD and reinstalling Xp, HELP HELP HELP!!

it sounds like you have a system restore cd not the retail one and you pop the cd in boot up the computer and hit a F key or a sequence of keys and it goes into the restore
but you will lose everything on there unless it offers a non destructive restore option

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Hello, I have a Dell Dimension 2400 2.66 ghz desktop computer that I am trying to reinstall windows xp home onto. During the process, it gave me the options to either repair or install a new copy so I chose repair since it already had xp installed. It was going fine but it got to where the computer restarted and continued setup and during this when it said it was installing windows it gets about half way through then stops and says there was a problem and it won't continue. It says : Bad_Pool_Caller. I have tried to do it a few times and it keeps coming up with this message and won't finish installing windows. I tried to start in safe mode but it won't start that way.

Please tell me what I can do to fix this and get windows to re-install all the way.


A:[SOLVED] Help Please! Problem reinstalling windows xp

Hello ,

what you need to do is get this program

follow link


you will want to get the full free suite

install to a working computer & create a bootable cd

then stick into the cd rom / you will want to select the kill option in the toolbar

then wait for the process to compleat

then when done remove the disk & put in your restore cd & reboot

now this will compleatly wipe the drive and write it to zero's like new from the factory

so the restore process will have the added step of formating the drive wich will take a little longer

then you will have to use the cd that came with your restore set to install all your drivers (DO THIS BEFOR YOU DO ANYTHING ELSE TO YOUR SYSTEM )

then do a defrag & start installing all your software /antivirus /firewall ( if you use a 3rd party)/ spyware programs / then connect to the internet and do updates

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im giving this old but still working XP machine to my girlfriends daughter.. i am trying to reinstall windows with the CD's i got with the computer when it was new. up until now i was always able to use the CD's. i have 3 CD's. a blue CD with the Operating system on it. a red CD for drivers. and a yellow one for applications. i have to put the red one in first to start the show. but now i get a message that says CD not recognized. now i have 2 DVD drives. when i put the CD in the second one. it shows up in my computer. but it wont boot from that drive. it ask me to put it in the first drive. but when i do and reboot. it says CD not recognized?

i tried to use the microsoft DVD fix it but it didn't work.

would i have to disconnect the first drive. to get it to boot up on the second?

the first drive is a DVD-RAM and the second is a DVD-ROM. if that helps any.

WOW i never typed so much in my life at one time. LOL

Thanks for any help

A:Solved: reinstalling windows xp cd not regonized

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I've previously installed Windows Live! Messenger and Windows Live! Mail and have uninstalled both incorrectly.
Now I can't reinstall them, because Windows Live Installer thinks that they are already installed, but they are not.

They both don't appear on 'Add/Remove Programs' and Revo Uninstaller, and searching the registry for 'Messenger' or 'Windows Live' yields too many results to mess with.

How can I "tell" Windows Live Installer that they are not installed?

A:Solved: Reinstalling Windows Live! applications

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I recently reinstalled Windows 7 (on my SSD), and everything is working well except for my 1 Terabyte non-SSD HDD.

My HDD is detected in BIOS, so I'm inclined to think it's a driver issue -- however, I installed the correct drivers that came with the motherboard. How can I test whether it's a driver or hardware issue? I imagine I could hook up my HDD to another computer to see if it's still working. Is that the best approach?

A:Solved: After Reinstalling Windows, My Secondary HD Is Not Detected

We should try the more comon things first; have you gone into Device Manager and verified that all the drivers are in fact installed? Also go to Disk Management and see if the drive is listed there and if so what it's status is.

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Hi. My son (11yr old) has been given an old Dell Inspiron 1501 (running Windows XP) which was full of lots of miscellaneous, incorrectly removed/deleted stuff that wouldn't uninstall. It was not running well at all.
To try and solve the problem, we searched online and found out about Dell's recovery partition. However, this Dell didn't have a partition of any sort to fall back on - deleted by a past owner (there have been 2)??
As another solution, we thought to try to start again from scratch and reformat the hard drive by reinstalling the OS. We have an original Windows XP setup disk (and reg numbers) and I searched online for guidance on how to do it. I followed (the seemingly basic) instructions but it wouldn't work; the disk loaded to the initial blue menu screen thingy, but then did nothing more.
And this is where it goes badly wrong - I decided to erase the hard drive data to then try to reload the OS. I researched and found DBAN on the net, recommended as perfect for data deletion. I made the DBAN ISO image disk on my own PC, stuck it in the Dell and it worked brilliantly - the Dell loaded up the file from the disk and voila, everything was deleted.
But now the Windows install disk still won't work. ARGH!
I have changed the Dell's BIOS to boot from the CD-ROM and when the computer starts up the CD-ROM ticks over but nothing happens until eventually it stops. There is a black screen with only a blinking cursor (no text) in the top left ... Read more

A:Solved: Reinstalling Windows XP from setup disk

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Hi guys,

since you've been a great support during my last technical problem, i'm back ;].

My desktop running windows 7 and windows vista (dual boot) freezes right after booting up. I thought my installation of windows 7 was corrupted so I tried reinstalling it, but during the installation (formatting/choosing partitions) it froze again. Then I tried booting up the vista installation(clean installation), it also froze right after booting. Since it doesn't matter which OS I try booting (it freezes anyway) I am suspicious about my hardware. Is this problem most likely due a corrupted HDD or a worn out mobo?

I hope you can help me out here, this is real pickle. (It's my game pc and I really would like to play MW3 x], bad timing.)

Greetings from Holland!

A:Solved: Windows 7 freezes right after booting (also during reinstalling W7)

Not so much a corrupted hard drive as a faulty or failed one (possibly). You need to test it with the drive manufacturer's diagnostic software before looking elsewhere for the cause.

As Windows won't run, you''ll need to download the DOS version of the diagnostic software which runs from a bootable CD. It's an ISO CD-image file and the links are here: http://www.tacktech.com/display.cfm?ttid=287

When you've got the ISO file, create a CD from it using "IMGBurn" from here: http://filehippo.com/download_imgburn/
then boot your PC from it. Run the Long or Extended test for a full drive health report.

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I bought an emachine (T2542) desktop at a garage sale, it didnt come with a cd but it did come with a whole bunch of viruses, worms and trojans. I connected to the internet(savemybutt.com) so I can download an antivirus but I couldnt because it will switch to a different sight and all the popups, so I had to reinstall windows from an old cd that I had. everything went well and seems to work fine but I cant connect to the internet. I went to emachines main sight(http://www.emachines.com/support/product_support.html?cat=Desktops&subcat=T Series&model=T2542) I downloaded and installed all the drivers except the Conexant Modem Driver and RealTek Onboard Network Drivers I couldnt install those because there was no set up to those I dont know how to install those! CAN ANYBODY PLEASSSE HELP? I GREATLY APPRECIATE ALL THE ADVICE OR HELP I CAN GET. I downloaded everest heres my report............................................--------[ EVEREST Home Edition (c) 2003-2005 Lavalys, Inc. ]------------------------------------------------------------

Version EVEREST v2.20.405
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Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
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A:Solved: Cant connect to internet after reinstalling windows

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I was reading in another thread here a guy wanted to reinstall his windows xp home edition.
He was told to just put in the system disk and somewhere along the way in would ask him if he wanted to reformat, is that right?

Heres what I want to do, I am helping the next door neighbors daughter which live quite aways away. Anyway she sent me the system disk etc.

It is a Dell Demension 2400. She sent the system disk along with the driver and utility disk.
I want to reformat and reinstall.

With the dell disk can I just put the system disk in and follow along and it will tell me when to reformat and then continue to reinstall the whole system?
and you don't need the product key right? Cause she sent the system disk and the driver and utility disk and thats it. or do I have to get floppy boot disks and go through all of that?

If I can just use the system disk, I would use that for reformating and putting the system on and then when that is all done then I would have to run the driver and utility disk, right? and then put all the windows updates back on.? Can some one let me know the best and easiest way to reformat and reinstall? I need to know about the product key part to cause I don't want to get started and no have that. It is the disk that was with her computer when she bought it.

I made a set of those 6 windows xp setup boot disks if I need them, and if I do I need to no if I just run all 6 of those and they start with the system cd

A:Solved: Reinstalling Windows XP Home--question

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I have a Dell Vostro 1500 laptop with windows xp home edition as the operating system. At this point it is updated to sp3, but it has some problems and I want to reset it to factory settings. It doesn't have the option available to do this, but I ordered an installation disk for windows xp home edition to reset my laptop using the product key for my laptop. My question is will it matter that the original xp that came on the laptop wasn't sp3? Or can I reinstall directly to sp3?

A:Solved: reinstalling windows xp operating system

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I broke the video card slot in my Gigabyte mobo, dont ask how lol, but now I'm ordering a replacement but its going to be the same model exactly.
So im wondering if i could just put it in and everything would work the same or not?
and would i have to reinstall windows?

A:[SOLVED] Installing new mobo, without reinstalling windows 7

Hi 7up3345,

If the motherboard is the exact brand and model then you shouldn't have to do anything.

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A used HP Pavilion dv1000 laptop was given to me and in an attempt to reinstall Windows XP Home Edition, I feel I have made matters worse.

I apologize before hand if this subject has already been exhausted by other users, which I'm sure it has, but all the other threads that pertained to this topic ended up being very confusing to me; and fast. So I thought I'd start fresh.

The laptop was given to me without any installation CDs, so I did some research and found that you can reinstall the OS from a file called winnt32.exe in the I386 folder, so with product registration keys at my disposal, I decided to give it a go.

Before doing this, I installed a program called DriverMax to back up all my drivers, as advised to do so in a blog I read somewhere on the web. Upon installation, the program searched for drivers on my computer and then proceeded to place all of them in one folder. I hate to sound dumb, but I should copy these drivers to an external source before attempting to reinstall the OS, right? I'm not exactly sure how it's gonna work after I install the OS, but I'm assuming I can restore all the drivers with the press of an "import" option within the DriverMax program. Is this a good practice? Has anyone used this program before?

After backing up my documents and other important files, I went ahead with the installation. It seemed to be doing what I expected it to, until I failed to realize that my cooling pad wasn't on, result... Read more

A:Solved: Is Reinstalling Windows XP Supposed To Be A Headache?

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Please have patience with me, while I ask my questions.

I just bought a new Toshiba Satellite L750D which came with windows 7, and we had the option of having either 4gb or 8gb of ram when we bought it. We requested the 8gb so the sales person organised for the extra ram to be installed.

He informed me that they only had the display model left, but I said that was fine. When I got the computer home though I could see that it had 8gb installed, but only 3.5 was usable...

I'm probably wrong, but I assumed this was because the computer had already had it's initial start up done, and the store we bought it from had set it up on 32bit instead of 64...

Anyhoo, my brother helped me to reinstall Windows 7 so I could have 64 bit and everything all worked fine. I've been downloading all of the missing drivers and everything is going fine, except for my resolution.

I've got the Radion M6310 graphics card, and have downloaded the driver for it, but when I go into the screen resolution settings it says I've got the Standard VGA graphics adapter and I still only have 2 resolution options: 1024 X 768 or 800 X 600.

1024x768 makes everything very small, with tiny writing - I can zoom in, but if I do that in IE then all of the words run together.

If I change to 800x600 everything is huge and doesn't fit on the screen.

Also when I try and play a movie it seems really pixelated. Some of them are bearable, but I've included a screen shot of one that's really bad.

W... Read more

A:[SOLVED] Not happy with resolution after reinstalling Windows 7

I guess your aero theme is not activated, it is still basic theme. Go to start and type aero in the search bar and then select "find and fix problems with transparency and other visual effects" hopefully it would solve your problem.

Also see your graphic driver.

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