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Macrium Clone & drive letters?

Q: Macrium Clone & drive letters?

I successfully made a clone using Macrium from Windows desktop - latest version.
Did not use the Macrium PE approach.
I did this using an external HDrive with USB connection. Drive same size as computer drive.
I use HP Pavilion win 7 home edition...64 bit.

The clone still has the same drive letters it had previously. The clone process did not did not change the 3 partitions as the system HDrive in the computer. I assumed the drive letter would be changed during the process.

The computer drive letters are
*. System

The Macrium clone did not change the drive letters...I have
T: System

I have no experience with drive letters, changing them, and how to do this correctly.
Especially this one, *.System

I learned from my HP computer that at bootup, while pressing ESC, I will get a boot Menu choice.
I thought to test this new clone using this approach, so I don't have to connect it inside the computer to test it out.

I could use some advice here. I'd hate to mess it all up since it took me 4 hours to make this clone.
Should I have created this clone from DOS? Maybe that would have been better.. I have no idea...not much experience here.

I'd really appreciate some help here.
With much appreciation...sincerely

Preferred Solution: Macrium Clone & drive letters?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Macrium Clone & drive letters?

I assume you are looking at the drive letters on the cloned disk, while booted up from your primary HDD. If that is the case, then Windows will show the drive letters on your primary HDD as normal and will assign new letters to the cloned partitions on your external disk. You can't change the drive letters on both drives to be the same, as long as you have both drives connected while your system is booted up.

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Sorry to sound dense but want to do this right.

I use Windows 7 Pro with a WD 1 tb hard drive

I have Macrium Reflect Pro installed

I have created a recovery disk (need to test but expect it to allow me to boot from my optial drive D.)

I have attached an image of what I can select to be cloned; a system partition and a C: partition on my hard drive.

IF I elect to CLONE the two partitions that are shown as disk 1 to my new Sunsung 850pro SS drive, can I 'reasonably' expect', if no errors are introduced during the cloning process, that I can then replace my current C: hard drive with the new SS drive, reboot and use my computer as before? I shouldn't have to worry over setting the trim? or other tasks that make me nervous? :0(

The new drive doesn't appear here as I've not yet received it. If I understand, I will need to connect it to my computer as a new drive, have windows recognize it and then select it to use as the drive to clone to. Will Windows or Macrium Reflect offer to format it to NTFS prior to the cloning or should that be done ahead of time. I hope my cloning software will allow me to use verify on the cloned image or is that to be expected on this type of process?

I do own a retail copy of Windows 7 Pro plus retail copies of my software and can always install everything from scratch but would prefer to do this the quick and easy way, if possible.

My thanks for taking the time to read and advise proper steps. You guys make this forum a wonderful resource.

ME... Read more

A:clone hdrive to SS drive - same size drv - using Macrium Reflect Pro ?

partitioning and formatting will be done automatically on clone.
Just do the clone but be sure to let the 100MB partition same size! And make it active. type=primary
The new C on SSD should use all the remaining blocks. type=primary

It just a copy of 2 partitions as explained here: Partition Alignment
Be sure to have alignment=win7.

All stuff I told you are in the dialog!
Don't attach old drive to system on first succesfull boot!
Startup Repair can be used to modify to bootmenu to reflect the changes.

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For starters, the Macrium Reflect Pro cloned my drive flawlessly...couldn't be happier (and to a larger correct partition on my new SSD Samsung 830, 128GB drive). However, in some aspects, I can see in Win7 where the original Disk name 'CDM_Recovery' still pops up. I can't figure out a way through Device Manager or Manage my Computer to remedy this. I have a feeling that this is why my 'Samsung Magician' software never finds the drive. I've updated to the latest firmware for the drive and I'm using the latest 3.1 flavor of the Magician but it stubbornly refuses to acknowledge it's present (I think it's the naming and/or drivers currently loaded)...even though I've now located it as the primary drive in my laptop (original LITEON SSD which came with my Dell 6420 is now my external drive/clone copy). I also noticed that the drivers are all 'Intel' and of the 'generic' flavor for the drive; my concern is that I'm not getting full functionality with it set this way. I do see where the name is in the Registry, but it is held in many locations...don't want to screw that up...unless there is a excellent mapping strategy to accomplish it. There was one Windows support article that describes changing partition names, but it only shows altering one item in the Registry...doesn't seem near enough complete. Thoughts anyone? Do others have this issue when they clone? By the way, many thanks for the Macrium advise, great product and tutorial...!

A:Macrium Reflect SSD drive clone; disk naming convention/issue...

Correction to my last...the 7.9 Win7 performance rating was with the Samsung 830 SSD in the internal drive location, I have the original Dell 'Lite-On' SSD connected externally with eSATAp>SATA cable and use it for backup (I think it had a 7.2 Win7 performance rating when resident in the laptop)...nice improvement.

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I have created an image of my desktop W8.1 and the small partition before it with Macrium Reflect Free Edition. I have decided that instead of using the current 2.5" older SATA II SSD that I was going to use an mSATA (SATA III) as my boot drive. After the creation of the desktop image I noticed the image file is ~33gb which would work perfect on the 120gb mSATA. I am not sure if it would be possible to use an image vs cloning on a new mSATA? I am also sure the cloning would not work as the mSATA is a 128gb vs the 160 of the current SSD.

I hope this is possible as I am a student and going through a reinstall of W8.1, windows updates, and the programs I use will just do me in! Any suggestions? TIA.

A:Image or Clone with Macrium?

you will restore the old image to the new SSD

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tried to clone disk from Macrium reflect free, and window stuck.
unable to see bottom of window.

any fix?

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Running Macrium/reflect trying to clone (not image) the C: drive. The c: drive has a system reserved partition (no drive letter assigned) with a normal C: partition. When a clone is attempted, Macrium assigns a drive letter to the system reserved partition? Not sure why. Anybody?? Tx

P.s. (Top photo is original C:, middle was after with sr assigned a drive letter and bottom after I "fixed" it)

A:Macrium Clone behaviour

A known problem just remove the drive letter and grow c into the empty space

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Hello, is there someone who is confident using Macrium Reflect?  I just spent time getting my machine optimized and it's performing well now.  Based on what's described below, I'd like some help on whether to do a system "image" or a system "clone".  
Here is a good Intro to what Macrium can do:
The following part from the page at the above link makes the distinction between Disk Imaging and Disk Cloning:
"Disk Cloning
With Macrium Reflect, you can clone your system disks to enable you to swap failed disks out of your system and get things back up and running again in minutes.
Cloning is often confused with imaging. The process is identical but instead of storing data to a file, it replicates volume contents and disk structures to an alternative device. When the cloning process is complete, the target disk is identical to the original and contains a duplicate of all volumes, files, operating systems and applications.

Note: Any data on the target disk prior to the cloning process will be erased."

1)  If I am not backing up Word doc files/folders on any of the pc's actual disks (I save that to external media), and want to only be able to reset the machine back to the current exact state, since no subtle malware is slowing performance down, and then to routinely restore to THIS (current) image say weekly, it looks like a Cl... Read more

A:Win 7: Clone or Image? - Macrium

I use Macrium.
The way that it is explained...is exactly the way that it works.  I don't understand your confusion.
Essentially...if you want to be safe, do not try cloning, make a backup of everything instead.  Store it on some other media, be it external hard drive, another hard drive, whatever.
Then...try to clone the disk.
If you don't want to copy the entire hard drive...exactly as it is at any moment...then you need to backup, using Macrium or some other backup program.

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I am attempting to use Macrium Reflect to clone my harddrive running win 8. When it starts the clone, it immediately creates a vss shadow copy on the c drive. Later when it is actually copying the drive, it fails when trying to read the shadow copy.

Is there a way in Win 8 to change the location of the shadow copy to another drive not being cloned?

A:macrium reflect clone error

I use Acronis, and as far as I know, you cannot Clone your drive to the same drive. The whole purpose of Cloning the drive is to have a separate drive, either internal or external ready to go in the case of a HD failure. So, if your trying to Clone onto your same drive I would think this is the problem.

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Working with an Acer Aspire Laptop, I was notified by Windows 7 that hard drive failure is imminent. Using Macrium Reflect I clicked on Image option and was able to image my disk to an external drive connected to USB, but choosing the Clone option produced message that no disk was attached. Obviously a disk was recognized with the Image option. Since I will be installing new drive, I would like to have a clone. What's my next best step?

A:Macrium Reflect allows me to Image but not Clone

Hi SyncopatedEd, welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

Your best option is an image as cloning is normally done directly from the old Hard Drive to a new Hard Drive & not via a USB or external drive.

It would be best to use an external USB Hard Drive for your image as USB sticks are unreliable, particularly for something as important as all your data. If you buy a USB Hard Drive you can use it to make back up images of your system regularly, which is good insurance.

Read through this tutorial to make sure you have covered everything for a successful image.

Imaging with free Macrium

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Working with an Acer Aspire Laptop, I was notified by Windows 7 that hard drive failure is imminent. Using Macrium Reflect I clicked on Image option and was able to image my disk to an external drive connected to USB, but choosing the Clone option produced message that no disk was attached. Obviously a disk was recognized with the Image option. Since I will be installing new drive, I would like to have a clone. What's my next best step?

A:Macrium Reflect allows me to Image but not Clone

Hi SyncopatedEd, welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

Your best option is an image as cloning is normally done directly from the old Hard Drive to a new Hard Drive & not via a USB or external drive.

It would be best to use an external USB Hard Drive for your image as USB sticks are unreliable, particularly for something as important as all your data. If you buy a USB Hard Drive you can use it to make back up images of your system regularly, which is good insurance.

Read through this tutorial to make sure you have covered everything for a successful image.

Imaging with free Macrium

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Not sure if I can do this or not but hopefully someone will know.

At the moment I have two Sony Vaio laptops. My old one has an 80 GB hard drive partitioned as a C and D drive and has Windows XP. My new one has a 320 GB hard drive in one partition C running Windows 7 64 bit. I have several backups on a Freecom 320 GB external hard drive created with Macrium Reflect free edition.

The latest back-up I have on the Freecom is the complete contents of my new computer ammounting to about 72 GB.

Would it be possible for me to copy what is on the Freecom to my old computer in order to create a clone of my new computer? I basically want to have this as a backup in case the new laptop croaks. If this is possible would I have to prepare the old drive in any way such as wiping it clean or re-partitioning it or would the stuff on the Freecom do that as it copied? Thanks for any advice.

A:Can I use Macrium Reflect free to clone my laptop?

Even if the image of the new PC could be restored to the old PC despite the differing hardware, I think you would have a license problem. I assume you only have one license?

If the hard drive on the new PC fails, you could restore to a new hard drive in the new PC in less than an hour. That's not fast enough?

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The five minutes it will take me to post this message may save grief to unknown future users who discover it in Google. So, here goes:

I wanted to clone my dual boot SSD, wasted several frustrating hours with Clonezilla, and turned to the free Macrium Reflect. Veteran computer biz writer Lincoln Spector recommends it -- Backing up your entire drive: Cloning vs. imaging | PCWorld -- and some here have sung its praises. It offers professional quality documentation, and looked plenty professional once up and running.

I rigged up the second SSD in a hard drive enclosure, and attached it by USB. Macrium let me clone the dual-OS boot drive onto this SSD with Windows running. Wonderful!

Or so I thought.

After the cloning wrapped up, the Macrium window went translucent, indicating a system freeze, then closed out. I clicked on a couple of icons on the task bar, couldn't make a program start. I rebooted, and whaddyaknow: I now couldn't log back into Windows at all, as either a standard user or administrator.

I booted into Linux Mint; all good. I swapped in the new, freshly cloned SSD. All good there, too: it ran both Linux Mint and Windows 7! The clone had succeeded, but had somehow harmed the Windows install on the source drive. Go figure!

Thankfully, I learned in future experimentation that I could invoke Task Manager on the damaged source OS even without a successful log in. I did this, used Task Manager to run CMD with administrator permission, and typed the mag... Read more

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Is Macrium a reliable programme to clone a system HDD to a much smaller SSD?

A:Is Macrium a good app to clone a system hdd to a much smaller ssd?

Originally Posted by fjk61011

Is Macrium a reliable programme to clone a system HDD to a much smaller SSD?

Jeepers, that was a quick move.

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Hey, I'm trying to upgrade from a 750Gb hard drive to a 500Gb Hybrid drive, and I'm running into a few difficulties. I'm using the free version of Macrium Reflect, every walk through I've read says to select the partition with the windows symbol, however I have two? Is this normal? I've been trying to clone both just in case. Shown below.

Secondly, the first partition clones just fine, but my C: drive won't and I keep getting the below message.

Any help would be muchly appreciated.

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I am new a member and was looking for help with the next steps of how to resolve the following error message 0x8000ffff "Failed to Create Volume Snapshot". I got this whilst trying to clone one disk to another (which have the correct amount of space to make a clone) so far on all other machines i have not got a clone error until now.

Followed the advice on Macrium's Knowledge base:
VSS Error:0x8000ffff - Backup aborted! - Failed To Create Volume Snapshot. (VSS)

All Solutions have been tried but the same error occurs. The service is set to automatic but according to the user it has not started.

However, on my own laptop Macruim clone goes through without my Volume shadow copy being set to automatic.

Anyone got any thoughts how i can get this clone to go through?

A:Macrium Clone error 0x8000ffff "Failed to Create Volume Snapshot"


I got an some more information from my persistant googling to find another piece of the puzzle.

On the affected machine i did the following:
Opened a command prompt (with elevated privileges) and type ?vssadmin list writers? (without quotes).

This command listed all of the VSS writer i had installed on the machine. This came back with no errors.

I then did a search in Event viewer around the time i did my clone last week. I did a find and searched for 'VSS'. This came back with many errors about the following service:

Oracle VSS Writer
Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production Oracle VSS writer version Production Error at line : 4576 Failure on PrepareForBackup event
0x800423f4, The writer experienced a non-transient error. If the backup process is retried, the error is likely to reoccur.
Operation: PrepareForBackup event Context: Execution Context: Writer Writer Class Id: {26d02976-b909-43ad-af7e-62a4f625e372} Writer Name: Oracle VSS Writer - Instance Name: XXXX Writer Instance ID: {ac1b06ab-f083-4bb7-bf62-7f41df8734c0} Command Line: c:\opt\product\11.2.0\dbhome\bin\OraVSSW.exe XXXX Process ID: 2428
2D20436F64653A20575254575254494330303030353239392D2043616C6C3A20575254575254494330303030323630302D20 5049443A202030303030323432382D205449443A202030303030313534382D20434D443A2020633A5C6F70745C70726F6475 63745C31312E322E305C6462686F6D655C62696E5C4F7261565353572E65786520434D5332352020202020202D2055736572 3A204E61... Read more

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I want to have Macrium Rescue and windows backup in one pendrive. If I create two partition in my pendrive, first for rescue and other for keeping backup, is it possible. Because windows only recognize the first primary partition of the pendrive.

Sorry found the answer in my earlier threads. So this is closed now

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well i just got a brand new WD Elements basic storage 1tb external hard drive. my plan was to create a back up image of my laptops hard drive and instead created a clone. my computer no longer recognizes the drive as an external hd but as replicated computer and recovery drives. i just want to wipe the drive but i cant locate it. i did find it on disk management but i cant delete all the parts and it would not let me format it. i can format the cloned drives just not the the external drive as a whole. some help would be amazing

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I recently bought a faster 2TB hard drive to replace my old 1TB 'games' hard drive. Unfortunately, the software that came with the drive (Seagate Disc Wizard) will not clone my 'games' hard drive onto the new hard drive. Every time I try the clone, the software tries to reboot the PC, thinking that I'm trying to clone the OS onto the new drive, and I'm not.

Will copying everything from the old drive onto the new drive and then renaming the new drive letter (I to the old 'games' drive letter (E (after removing the original 'games' HDD) work the same?

A:Can't clone a new drive; can copy and rename drive letter work?

When cloning software asks you to reboot it's because they notice that some of the stuff you want to clone is used by Windows somehow. Even if you were just copying files or whatever. Maybe Steam was active or some kind of background program.

Anyway, in case that utility is just dumb, you can try with the program I use all day, EaseUs Partition master. Once installed, just clik on Wizard and then on Clone disk wizard, follow the wizard and you're set. Click on Apply when ready.
In case it asks for a reboot, let it do so (it takes a bit of time for so big drives though, so do it when you have something to watch on TV or whatever). If you selected the right drives in the wizard it won't screw with C, maybe it just needs everything to be sleeping while doing its job.

Will copying everything from the old drive onto the new drive and then renaming the new drive letter (I to the old 'games' drive letter (E (after removing the original 'games' HDD) work the same?

Yes it will work fine. FastCopy is an utility that will help you transfer so much data quickly and efficiently (more than copy-paste), and can check that all files were copied successfully (just to be sure), and stop/begin again the transfer without a lot of fuss.

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I have a 300 gig SATA drive on my computer. Stats in my profile.

I bought a 500 gig SATA drive to replace it with.

When I get done, I want the repair/recovery part and the C:\ part to be on the new drive.

I have an external hdd SATA USB holder to hooking it up to start the process isn't a problem.

But I'm not sure of the exact method as the times I've cloned a drive in the past, no recovery partition was there, and the drives were the same size.

I look through the tutorials and didn't see one that fit. I searched for 'clone hard drive' and 'clone boot drive'.

Thanks for your help.

A:clone/copy boot drive to larger replacement drive ?

This free software has a drive cloning component. I've not used it myself. (I am using it for image backup.)

Free Hard Disk Copy/Clone Software for PC & Server Hard Drive. Disk clone, disk backup, disk image and partition copy freeware.

As far as the recovery partition, if you still have the option, I would make the recovery DVD set. I don't know if these are hard wired to expect to be on certain disk sectors. Maybe someone who has Acer can chime in. But according to Easus user manual, the disk clone will copy the entire drive as long as the new one is of equal or larger capacity.

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I need help. I was trying to clone my laptop drive to my new drive using Copy commander but when I had the new drive partitioned, it will not allow me to clone my drive. But if I do not partition it, it works. Any input would be appreciated......!!

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Hi Guys,

I need help with this situation:

I've cloned a 1GB CF with XP embedded and image it onto a 2GB CF, but the new 2GB CF is getting stuck while booting.

The boot process would get stuck somewhere within in "PCI device listing... " .

Obviously, it seems like the system doesn't like the boot disk size change, but I don't know how to fix this.

Can someone help me resolve this?


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Have just installed a new 8.7 Maxtor in a P100. This drive is set as master and partitioned into 5 which assigns drive letters c,d,e,f,g . If I re-install the old 500mb drive unit as a slave ( Quantum Maverick) it assigns itself as drive letter D. I want this drive to show up as drive H . If I go to Device manager, hard drives, double click on generic ide type 47, settings, for this drive the drive letter assignment is there, but I cannot change it. Any ideas please.

A:{SOLVED} Slave drive letter inserts itself within master partition drive letters

I don't think you can change it. Normally the bios will take the primary of the 1st ide drive as c, the primary of the second ide as d, the next partition of the primary ide drive as e, etc.

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I've seen a similar problem in this forum, but I can't find the identical problem or a solution.

Simply stated, I made a copy of my w2k hard drive using ghost and when I try to boot to it, I get an error to the effect that the page file is missing or too small. Safe mode doesn't work either.

Read on for more details. I have also posted this to Western Digital and am awaiting an answer from them.

I want to install my new drive as my master because I believe I am having errors with my existing drive.

I have a master drive (C: ) and a slave (F: ). Most of the data on the slave got there by running the drive to drive copy (not the install new drive) selection from data lifeguard (Western Digital utility).

Because I learned in the past that I cannot successfully boot from the copy made by data lifeguard, I used Norton Ghost (version 10.0) to copy from my old master to the new drive. Ghost has an option that says it can be used to install a new drive.

I'm pretty sure I kept the jumpers and physical drive locations straight through all of this. Here is where I am at. I was careful.

If I try to boot from the new drive as master with no slave, the boot fails. It tells me the paging file is missing or too small. I do not have this problem booting from my old master with no slave. In both cases the slave is physically disconnected. If I attempt safe mode with the new drive, I have the same problem.

If I boot from the new drive with the existing F: (created by... Read more

A:Can't boot to hard drive copy - no pagefile & drive letters confused

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Pretty useful modification if you have long drive names, or are just particular about your layout.

Drive Letters - Show Before or After Name in Computer

A:Windows Explorer: Display Drive Letters Before Drive Names

great thanks for the post easy to do and it looks good on the eye

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I think this is a generic UEFI / Win 8.1 question (not dependent on model).

However, FWIW I have a Satellite P70-A01D (bought localy here in Australia).

This is a 17.3 inch Gen4 i7 4700MQ ? Intel HM86 ? 16GB RAM ? Win 8.0 64-bit.

I have updated the OS to Win 8.1

This P70 comes with an empty HDD bay #2 - so I have purchased a 250GB Samsung 840 EVO SSD which I wish to use as the primary Win 8.1 boot/system drive.

I installed this SSD into #2 bay and from there I had no trouble in using the Samsun Magician cloning software that came with the SSD (V 4.0 DC) to clone my 1TB system over on to the SSD.

There are lots of instructions from Samsun and all over the web as to how to clone and 'substitute' an HDD with an SSD - however there is much less available when it comes to 'adding' the SSD - in bay #2 - whilst still keeping the original HDD fully functioning as an extra drive.

After running the cloning software I tried just going into the UEFI settings on restart and changing the order of the boot drive ? placing the SSD above the HDD.

This worked ? however there were obviously issues still as I hadn't renamed the drives ? so SSD was running as system but it was mounting as D: and HDD was still C: and most system/application paths were still set to access C: !

It led to crash and reboot cycles of the desktop (?? &/or explorer.exe ???) and two consistent... Read more

A:Satellite P70-A01D: changing drive letters after upgrade of 2nd SSD drive


I think you could try to change the drives letter as suggested in the Microsoft article.
In case this will not be possible, try to use a 3rd party software for example like GParted.

You could boot up the unit using the live USB version and could try to change the drive letters.
But it could be possible that your system would not boot up properly after such change.

Therefore you should not forget to mark the partition as bootable.

Feedback would be appreciated

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I've spent several hours doing searches trying to find a reason for the way drive letters have been assigned on a new system I put together today. Every system I have ever configured (starting in the late 80's) with 2 internal drives the first partition on the boot drive is C: and first partition on the second drive is D:. The remaining partitions on the boot drive get the next series of letters, E:, F: and G:, and the remaining partitions on the second drive go from there, H: and I. The Windows 7 Pro system I'm typing this on is exactly like that.

Today I put together a new system and installed Windows 7 Home on it. I was amazed to find the drive letters assigned differently. The first partition on the boot drive is still C: and the first partition on the second drive is D:, but E: is assigned to the second partition on the second drive (it only has 2 partitions). The remaining partitions on the boot drive are F:, G:, H: and I:.

The only thing that is obviously different on the new system is that the boot drive is a Velociraptor SATA3 drive and the second drive is a Seagate SATA2 drive. The boot drive is connected to the SATA3 port and the other drive is conencted to the SATA2 port.

I'm trying to figure out what's up with the drive letters before I install any software in partitions that might get a different letter if I correct whatever has caused this.

Thanks in advance for any ideas on why this has happened.

A:Why would Windows 7 assign drive letters oddly on an internal drive?

Not sure why this happened, but I think if you simply reshuffle the drive letters to match what you're used to (i.e. disk 0 having C: E: F: G: and disk 1 having D: H: I: ) - use Disk Management for this - then you should be safe and not have to worry about unexpected letter changes.
I believe that once you (re)assign drive letters, Windows saves them in the registry such that they become fixed to the respective disks/partitions for good.

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After much persuasion from you guys, and having encountered a real issue/bug with Windows own disk imager I'm giving Macrium Reflect a fair trial.

Quick question hopefully.

I've installed the Macrium 'Add recovery Boot Menu' option so that I can restore under Windows... and everything works OK but I'm surprised to see the recovery screen whenever I do a manual restart and when I boot from cold. Fast boot is enabled by the way.

Question is... is this normal to see this every time as I am doing ? (My fast boot isn't quite as fast with this getting in the way)

It will be tomorrow before I can look in again but if anyone can confirm this is correct and normal then that would be great.

A:Macrium. A quick question on the Macrium recovery splash screen.

Yes it is normal and correct. That's what happens when you select that option to create the boot menu entry. I believe Macrium's Reflect boot.wim file that runs when you select that boot item from the boot menu is contained in the boot\Macrium folder on your hard drive/SSD and that folder is probably hidden.

If you create have a Macrium Relfect rescue USB or DVD and you know the computer will boot from it you don't need that boot menu item because the Rescue USB/DVD will have the exact same boot.wim file on it.

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Hi all

I have installed an optical drive in my computer today and my drive letters were changed. I have changed them back to what they were and after restarting my computer I was unable to log to Windows 8.1 due to the OS being unable to find user profile (my user profile is moved outside of the system drive).

I restored my system to the point from before the new drive installation, but I still would like to change the drive letters around, as some of my software relies on specific directory paths with drive letters.

1. The state from before the installation of the new optical drive.

System (C:)
Virtual Box (D:)
Program Files (E:)
Passport (F:)
Storage (G:)
Program Files 2 (I:)
2. The state after installation of the new optical drive:

System (C:)
Virtual Box (D:)
Program Files (E:)
Optical Drive (F:)
Passport (G:)
Storage (H:)
Program Files 2 (I:)
3. What I'd like to have:

System (C:)
Virtual Box (D:)
Program Files (E:)
Passport (F:)
Storage (G:)
Program Files 2 (I:)
Optical Drive (any letter, preferably X:)

My user profile WAS located in G:\Users

It is now located in H:\Users and I can log in to Windows. After changing the drive letters around to 3. above I can no longer log in, as Windows is unable to find the user profile on H:\Users anymore.

I use EaseUS Partition Master 10.0 to change the drive letters.

Is there any way I can change the drive letters and make Windows aware of user profile path change?


A:Drive letters changed after an optical drive installation

right click start flag > disk management >

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I've just got myself a new PC here, and I'm in need of a virtual hard drive or two. My laptop which I still use has been running MagicISO/MagicDisc for a long time now and never had a problem. Since both computers are on win7, I figured it would be the same situation on the desktop, but MagicDisc will not let me assign drive letters to any virtual drives, making them virtually unusable, no pun intended. The drives have question marks, even after I select a new drive letter and hit OK. I've tried many different letters, so that's not the problem. Someone on a different forum said to add more drives and they would work even if the first one didn't, but I've tried 1, 2, 3, and 4 drives, all of them have question marks, none of them will let me change them. Normally I'd write it off as crappy software, but I'm conflicted because the same exact program works so well on my laptop, which again is the exact same OS. My laptop never had the question marks, it just assigned drive letters automatically. In my frustration I tried to go with Daemon Tools Lite instead, but ended up with a completely different problem where the computer freezes during startup.

Can anyone tell me how to get MagicDisc to work like it does on my laptop? Or alternatively, is there a better (preferably free) program for creating virtual drives? I've gotten the impression that MagicDisc is a little outdated. Keep in mind this is a new machine with anti-virus software, and the only thing Windows warned me to be c... Read more

A:MagicDisc won't assign drive letters (virtual drive help)

Quote: Originally Posted by pegpin

... Keep in mind this is a new machine with anti-virus software, and the only thing Windows warned me to be careful with so far was MagicDisc itself. I know that's a huge red flag, but again my laptop has been running it for years without a hitch, so I didn't think much of it. Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me.

Perhaps your AV is blocking the software from running. What AV are you running? There may be an option where you can exclude the AV from blocking the MagicDisk software.

As far as alternatives, I use the freeware: Virtual Clone drive. I've never encountered problems using it. Also, in Win 7 & Win 8, you can simply double-click on the ISO and the OS will automatically mount it and assign it a drive letter. To unmount, simply right-click and select "Eject".

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I'm about to install a 2nd hard drive into my computer. Both the old and new HDs are SATA drives. Gonna use XP Home on new HD (its already on old HD). Physically installing the new HD should be easy. Its the set-up afterwards that I have questions for you experts.

I'm not gonna have several partitions. Just gonna have 1 big one like old HD.

My goal is to hopefully have the new HD be my main HD (since its bigger) with drive letter C:\ and my old HD being the back-up with some other letter.

I will change the bios boot order so it looks for the CD 1st since this is where I'll be installing windows from. I dont have a floppy. I have a reinstallation CD plus many other CDs with drivers and so forth so hopefully that wont be a problem. I printed out the order of installing the OS, drivers, service packs, etc from another thread at this great site so hopefully that wont be a problem either. Its before getting to that point that I have questions.

1. I should disconnect the original HD connecter and just leave the new one hooked up when 1st booting correct?
2. Whats gonna happen with the driver letters? I think the new HD is gonna get assigned the normal C:\ drive letter since the old HD that had that drive letter wont be hooked up. That would mean both end up with C:\ (when old one is hooked up again). I'm sure you cant have two HDs in same system with same drive letter so that wont work right?
I know how to change drive letters in XP BTW.
3. ... Read more

A:Installing new 2nd Hard Drive plus drive letters questions


1. you are correct.
2. yes the new one will be the c:/ drive. the old one when hooked up will be automaticly change to a different letter e.g E:/
3. if the old hd has a windows installation on it you should be able to boot between the two hds. if you were to boot into your new hd the shortcuts on the old one will not work. if you were to boot into the original hd the letter would be changed back to C:/ ; therefor the shortcuts will work.
4. the first idea would be a bit easier (my opinion) but you could install the new hd before anything is put on it and it would be set a drive letter. when you go to install windows you will be able to select a disk (e.g your new one) to install to. and if the drive letters are confusing it should list the size of each disk so you would install to the bigger hd.

I hope this helps.


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What I am attempting to do is clean up my wife's Toshiba L555 laptop. the problem is she can not be without it because of her work requirements. (her life is on that drive) so can I clone the toshiba drive onto another drive that she can work on till I get her laptop cleaned up? I am even willing to give up my computer for a day or two if I need to clone onto it so she can keep working. and how do I go about it. (obviously I am less than an "expert" I know just enough to hurt myself)

A:clone a hard drive to an external drive? or maybe a second pc

I don't think Windows is going to boot from an external drive.

What do you mean by "clean up"? Reinstall Windows?

Even if you "clone" (a loosely used word) her installation to some other location, such as to your PC, you'd have issues because your PC hardware differs from her laptop hardware.

Does she ever sleep? Do it then.

Does she ever have a day off? Do it then.

Is her laptop Windows installation backed up?

Is her laptop data backed up?

Regardless---"cloning" is an imperfect procedure. You'd be nuts to assume it will work if "her life is on that drive" and "she cannot be without it". Cloning is an unnecessary complication to what I assume you want to do----correct some errors/issues on her laptop. I'd find a way to work around her schedule.

What happens if her hard drive fails at sundown today? What's your plan?

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Hi. My Dell had a hard drive failure and I replaced it on my own and also they replaced it. They wouldn't do it at first so I did and I set up a lot of good programs and settings so I wanted to partition the new hard drive that they installed yesterday so that I can clone mine and then compare things and go with all of the drivers and programs that work best.

Does that make any sense? I don't want to keep all of their bloat but I would like to keep some of it. I also don't want to have to reload all of my programs again. I have Acronis Disk Director 12 and I also have Acronis True Image 2015. I have a SATA cable connected to my hard drive. I also have two additional external backup hard drives. I am using Windows 8.,1 and I have Window 8 currently on the newly installed Hard drive. I also would like to have a partition to try Windows 10. Any help would really be appreciated.

A:How to partition a new drive to clone 2nd hard drive

clone a hard drive will delete all the data on the destination drive. You'd better clone all the partitions on the drive that clone disk.

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Hi there.

I am looking to move my 1TB of data (documents+games+movies+programs) to a 2TB harddrive (brand new harddrive). So what I want to do is to install a fresh Windows 7 onto the 2TB, and then I want to clone and copy over the 1TB harddrive's data to the 2TB harddrive, so that all of my games (with their saves) and programs will work on the 2TB harddrive.

And the obvious reason why I don't want to copy or clone the OLD windows 7 install from the 1TB is because it's full of bugs and errors, and is like 6 years old (I regularly get "rpc server is unavailable" errors and sometimes BSODs). So I want a fresh harddrive with a fresh windows 7 install, but I want all of my old data + games copied over exactly as they are. How would I go about doing this>? I do have a program called "Macrium Reflect" which will do the cloning (or I could use the Windows Transver feature maybe?).

PS. The computer will be the same ie. no new hardware will be added, I'll only be slotting in a bigger harddrive, so there won't be any hardware changes or anything of that sort. I'm an IT-tech of 3years (even though I've never done this), so don't worry about using any IT jargon, I'll understand what you're saying.

Computer setup is: Windows 7 Pro, 64bit, service pack 1.

So, is this achievable?

A:Clone old drive, to new drive that already has Windows 7 installed?

- First of all: disconnect your actual disk from the MB. This is very important to make sure your boot loader will be on the new disk.
Do a fresh install Clean Install Windows 7
When creating a user, select Test.
After installation finish, install all drivers and win 7 updates.
To save time with the updates: MS releases SP2 for Windows 7
Install all your programs (Office, games etc)
Under user = Test create a new user with the same name you have on your old computer (Plank?).
Log off Test and log in as Plank. Windows will create a Plank user.
Shut down.
Attach the old disk. Make sure you boot on the new disk.
Log in as Test

Now the trick.
Under user = Test rename the new \users\Plank to \users\Plank_New
Copy from the old disk your folder \users\Plank to the new \users
Shut down and remove the old drive
Boot and log in as Plank. You should have all your user settings on the new installation.

With this trick, you moved all the old registers for Plank to the new disk

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Hey Guys

I was a poster on the SevenForums, but it appears that usernames and logins don't transfer from there? Anyhow ive registered a new account here to post my (hopefully simple) query:

Ive just followed Brinks amazing Clean Install W10 without having to upgrade guide and it went flawlessly. I'm now in 10 and have been installing drivers, updates and AV/Malware scans and setup. All done - ready to make a post install image using Macrium (which I have also used before on 7)

I was intrigued with this guide though: http://www.tenforums.com/general-dis...sb-hd-ssd.html

I have followed all the steps (I believe successfully) and now have a separate SSD (not my OS SSD) with an Active Primary partition of 512mb. Ive copied the ISO which macrium created for the Rescue disc to it etc.

I then tried to get into the boot menu he shows in the guide and that's where Ive come unstuck. I have literally no idea how to boot from this rescue disc on my other SSD. I'm not even sure copying the ISO to it makes it a rescue environment I can boot from.

Happy to answer any questions or post screen snips of whats going on.

Any help greatly appreciated


A:Macrium - Setup Macrium Rescue to boot from an Internal SSD

It was my post. You have to copy the content of the ISO, not the ISO

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I want to add a SSD Drive SAMSUNG 850 PRO 2.5" 256GB SATA III 3-D Vertical Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) MZ-7KE256BW to my computer. I have done a system image of my WD drive,will I be able to install the image to the SSD drive? The WD drive has a partition on it that is not part of the image,will this be a problem. Not sure how much faster the SSD will be over my WDC WD5003AZEX-00RLFA0 ATA Device. Right now my WD drive only uses 40 gigs,so thinking the SSD 256 will be ok. I can always store fire on the WD if needed. Just trying to get a little more life out of this build.

A:Macrium Reflect and SSD drive

Originally Posted by zplugger

I want to add a SSD Drive SAMSUNG 850 PRO 2.5" 256GB SATA III 3-D Vertical Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) MZ-7KE256BW to my computer. I have done a system image of my WD drive,will I be able to install the image to the SSD drive? The WD drive has a partition on it that is not part of the image,will this be a problem. Not sure how much faster the SSD will be over my WDC WD5003AZEX-00RLFA0 ATA Device. Right now my WD drive only uses 40 gigs,so thinking the SSD 256 will be ok. I can always store fire on the WD if needed. Just trying to get a little more life out of this build.

Yes you should be able to use your Image of your C-Drive on to your new SSD, BUT....you also said that 1 partition is NOT on your image made by Macrium Reflect? This seems strange to me, because unless you un-checked that missing partition MR ALWAYS copies ALL of your partitions when you do a Complete system image.

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Hi guys, long time no see. I want to clone the hard drive of my windows 10 laptop. It will not recognize the USB hard drive I want to clone to. Hence I plan to remove the hard drive from the laptop, put it in as a secondary drive in my windows 10 desktop that I know recognizes my external drive and clone it that way.
I then hope to do recovery software on the clone from desktop to the external drive. At the moment my external drive has an OS on it which I plan to remove.
Will macrium do this or do I need to format my external drive before using macrium?
This should wor should it not?
Thanks a lot,

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I'm trying to clone my current drive to a new ssd. Current windows 7 install is on a 232gb hard drive and i want to move it to a 220gb ssd.

running into problems though. Seems the hard drive is messed up any any clone i try to do in macrium just fails at 1% with the error read failed 22- broken pipe.

even tried to do a system image restore from within windows 7 itself after installing it to the ssd but it just gives me an error during that process with no information.

any help?

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So I have a storage drive that is pretty much dead and it contains some programs that I still use, like steam. And I was wondering if I could just copy and paste everything to a new drive and change the drive letter of the new drive to match the old drive instead of cloning. I'm curious, would that work?

A:Do I need to clone a drive that does not contain an OS?

Anything that was custom, advanced, default installed will have to be installed likewise again.
Everything that was copied and pasted onto that ol' drive can be copied and pasted onto the new drive.
Using Macrium Reflect free or fee, you can make a full image of the drive. Then restore said full image onto the new drive.

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Hi all. I have a Maxtor external hd and I would like to clone my C drive to have a copy in case of a C drive crash. I have used xxcopy before, but I'm hesitant to use it again because when I tried I got a warning message that says "the source includes the destination-warning make sure the destination (C:\Windows\Desktop\E is correct." I don't want to copy the former cloned C drive copy on the external drive back to C by mistake.
Please help.

Peggy Nielsen

A:How to clone Drive C

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I purchased a new hp laptop. I cloned the new hard drive to my ols hp laptop. When I boot the laptop it si starting up using the new settings and not the clone settings I want.

A:Clone drive

If I understand you cloned the new laptop's drive onto the old laptop's drive and now the old laptop is behaving like the new laptop ? That's to be expected, or have I missed something ?

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I bought a laptop on Ebay and it has a 5400rpm hard drive and I'd like to clone it to a larger, faster drive. Is there a free way to do it. It has a clean install if Windows 7 but no install disk. Thanks

A:I need to clone a drive

This is what I use. I works very well.


Here is the free home addition:

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hi I want to clone my existing hard drive containing the operating system (WinXP Pro sp3) and ALL drivers etc, to a new larger drive. The intention is once cloned I make the new drive the master and I wont have to reinstall everything again. (The current HDD will become a secondary/slave device)
any advice on a free program that will do this for me please? If it will work in windows that would be best Im not familiar with DOS based programs. I have tried Norton Ghost 15 which does have the option to do this but not in the free trial version sadly.
Any advice, particularly from someone with practical experience, would be really appreciated
many thanks

A:Clone OS Drive help!

Try Clonezilla here, simple to use. Just burn the ISO using something like Imgburn here, then boot from the CD.

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Other than acronis, what is a good drive cloner?


A:drive clone

xxClone is one I have had good results from.

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Hello All,

I have just downloaded Visual Studio Professional 2010 onto my PC through Dreamspark.

I have not used clone drive for ages; the download completed and the virtual clone drive application launched; however, I cannot find the image anywhere in my computer.

Running Windos 7.

I seemed to remember from last year that an icon was placed in my computer somewhere. There is 2.2GB about of application somewhere and I cannot find out how to install it properly - please help.


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Hello all,
I have this really weird issue where all drive letter seem to be taken, even though there is nothing calling for their use. First issue was when I call a program from an external HDD and resulted in an incorrect path.
Seemed that the "I:\" Drive, in this case was remapped to a different letter. All subsequent drive partitions on this HDD were also remapped. When opening a program to encode audio it listed just about all drives, a-z, even when there was no content. A bit later, not only one of 3 partitions on the external HDD was available, "Z:\" and all other partitions could not find an available driver letter to map to.

I tried DISK MANAGEMENT to assign a permanent letter to one of the letters, but there were no drive letters available. Malware software found nothing, but running MS Security essentials now.

This is a big issue, one I have ZERO experience in troubleshooting, so looking for some expert help here.

Dell Inspiron B130/2MB RAM/1.7GHz/Windows 7 Home Premium


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I just bought a WD 1 TB to replace 120 GB slave (it was 'c:') I had. I intended to still use it as a slave and keep my 320 GB (it was 'd:') as the master. They're both SATA's so of course that doesn't matter so I just kept the 320 set as the primary in BIOS.

At first boot up the computer started fine but when it started Windows the previous devices hadn't been loaded and I was asked to register again before starting. I re-registered and clearly all the previous settings are gone.

I think this is because the drive letters were changed? Is there a way to check...is it something else? Can drive letters just be changed back and voila everything finds itself again?

Thanks for any help.

A:New Hard Drive/Changed Drive Letters

disk management in computer management access through administrative tools
right click on the drive in question and select from the menu to check

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