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Keyboard and Mouse Doesn't Work

Q: Keyboard and Mouse Doesn't Work

Hello everyone!

Yesterday I was working on my desktop, and Windows Update decided to pop up and install some automatic updates. I put it off by a few hours, so I could finish up my work and go to sleep. When I next tried to use the computer, I realized that somehow Windows Vista could not start. Once it got past the initial screen where I could access BIOS and everything, the computer would just automatically restart.

So I pulled out my installation disk, popped it into the drive, and did a repair on my computer. It supposedly worked, and I tried to access Vista again.

Now here's the problem that I'm currently having:
The keyboard works fine while the computer is booting up. In other words, I can access BIOS and all that. However, once the computer reaches the Vista logon screen, the keyboard and mouse don't receive any power from the computer at all. I can't turn on NumLock or anything like that. Therefore, I can't access my computer at all to try and repair it.

I tried a System Restore to right before it updated (or at least that's what I think the date stamp pointed to), but the problem persists.

I use a USB Keyboard and Mouse, and my computer does not have PS/2 keyboard or mouse ports. I'm running Windows Vista 64 bit, and my computer (and hardware inside) is maybe a year old at most, so I doubt any hardware has failed.

So basically I'm asking: Is there any way to fix my computer? Or will I have to get a Linux Live CD, back up my files, and do a clean install of Windows?

If you need anymore information, please ask, and thank you for helping!

Edit: Any New Information
-Safe mode does not work, as the keyboard and mouse don't respond, so I can't get past the log in screen.
-It is likely not a problem with my mouse and keyboard, as they work with a Linux Live CD and in BIOS.
-Newest observation: While loading up the drivers for Windows Safe Mode, I noticed that crcdisk.sys takes longer to load up than any other driver. COuld this be contributing to the problem, or is this normal?

Preferred Solution: Keyboard and Mouse Doesn't Work

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Keyboard and Mouse Doesn't Work

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Hello. I've recently bought a PS/2 to USB adapter.
But it doesn't work.
I've been searching on internet and i found that i need something else.
The questions that i want to ask:

Why this cheap piece of garbage doesn't work? - Solved.
How do i manage to get it to work (Windows 8.1/Windows 7/ Windows XP) (1 PC, 1 laptop and another PC) - Solved.
That piece of garbage ..... what it used for? (You insert the PS/2 to the converter and then the USB end port to the computer)

Please help me!

A:PS/2 to USB keyboard/mouse doesn't work.

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Good morning. I did a recovery on my computer yesterday , win 10 os. It seemed to have gone fine but once it finished my mouse and keyboard doesn't work. The light on my mouse comes on but there is no pointer , the keyboard doesn't light up at all. I did some googling and found some similar questions as mine . I tried turning computer off, unplugging everything, replugging only necessary items to make the computer functional ( monitar, power cord, keyboard, and mouse) . Still nothing , the computer boots up to the screen before you sign in( time and date is present with background picture). Any suggestion or help would be appreciated so much .I can't get to safe mode as the keyboard doesn't work. Thank you in advance.

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Hi all,

I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop and while recently doing some computer maintenance to get rid of some malware, I most likely screwed up my computer. At the Windows 7 user login screen, my mouse and keyboard are non-responsive. I don't think this is a problem with the actual hardware because I can access the boot menu with F12 when I boot it up. Appreciate any help.

A:Keyboard/Mouse doesn't work on my laptop

Do you have access to your windows installation cd?

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Good morning. I did a recovery on my computer yesterday , win 10 os. It seemed to have gone fine but once it finished my mouse and keyboard doesn't work. The light on my mouse comes on but there is no pointer , the keyboard doesn't light up at all. I did some googling and found some similar questions as mine . I tried turning computer off, unplugging everything, replugging only necessary items to make the computer functional ( monitar, power cord, keyboard, and mouse) . Still nothing , the computer boots up to the screen before you sign in( time and date is present with background picture). Any suggestion or help would be appreciated so much .I can't get to safe mode as the keyboard doesn't work. Thank you in advance.

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Hello everybody, I recently have gotten computer parts and put together a PC, after a delay in the mail I have received the graphics card and installed it into the tower, before I got the card I was using the computer perfectly fine with the CPU graphics that are integrated so I know that all of my hardware works, or did. When I put in the graphics card there was an issue with it showing up on the monitor, so I took out the motherboard battery with guidance from a friend and reset the CMOS and I have it displaying now with a HDMI to DVI-D.

When I turn the computer on it turns on and then turns off instantly after the fans and such start to go, it does this once, then fully turns on and I press the delete key to load the bios, after that I load windows and when I get out of the bios all usb ports stop working, mouse and keyboard stop and im stuck looking at the windows 8 screen showing date and time and internet connection, I've been looking online and still am yet to find a solution because everybody else that has this issue can somehow access their desktop. I can't. When I load from the windows CD i get into the starting menu for loading the operating system, but again, no mouse or keyboard so I can't keep going from there.

I removed the graphics card which initially caused the problem, upon start up it restarted 3 times and then turned on, in the windows loading screen where i was stuck before the keyboard LED's are lit up but the mouse is not. the ke... Read more

A:Keyboard/Mouse doesn't work outside of Bios

Have you tried both the USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports for the keyboard and mouse? Maybe the USB 3.0 isn't working correctly due to drivers or compatibility with the Razer gear or drivers. Or can you borrow a basic USB keyboard and mouse?

I also see a BIOS update on the Asus website that addresses "USB Compatibility" and "System Stability" in another. If you do not already have the 1603 BIOS update you may wish to update it that one. You can update the BIOS through the BIOS itself, go into the Advanced section and use EZ Flash and load it from a USB stick; it must be extracted first though.

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Good morning. I did a recovery on my computer yesterday , win 10 os. It seemed to have gone fine but once it finished my mouse and keyboard doesn't work. The light on my mouse comes on but there is no pointer , the keyboard doesn't light up at all. I did some googling and found some similar questions as mine . I tried turning computer off, unplugging everything, replugging only necessary items to make the computer functional ( monitar, power cord, keyboard, and mouse) . Still nothing , the computer boots up to the screen before you sign in( time and date is present with background picture). Any suggestion or help would be appreciated so much .I can't get to safe mode as the keyboard doesn't work. Thank you in advance.

A:Help, mouse and keyboard doesn't work after doing recovery

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Hi. My laptop has 2 USB slots, 1 working perfectly fine, but another one has a problem. When I plugged a USB mouse or keyboard, nothing on screen happen. For the mouse, it light up but the cursor can't move. For the key board it doesn't light up and nothing happen. I tired flash drive, nothing happen too. BUT when I plugged an external hard drive, it work perfectly fine.

This problem just happen today, before both USB slots are working just fine. So now I can't use both mouse and keyboard at the same time

I've tried restart my computer, uninstall and reinstall all USB list in USB Controllers in Device Manager, nothing work so far

Please help
Thanks in advance

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My boss bought a new HP tower after our old one ran out of space. I plugged it in and everything worked until I realised the scanner didn't work. I downloaded a driver but it still didnt activate the scanner. So I looked at the driver repair discs that came with the tower. I installed that thinking it would repair the scanner driver and when I logged back in, the keyboard or mouse USB didnt work. I hope I didn't screw up anything. The keyboard works in BIOS. My boss doesn't know and I would like to get this repaired without bringing anyone in. HELP! Im on Windows 7.

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I have a fairly new laptop (Lenovo) and for some reason, sometimes when I turn on my computer after it was hibernating or sleeping, the mouse (touchpad) doesn't work until I put it to sleep and turn it on again. This sometimes happens with the keyboard too, but not as often. I'm not quite sure even how to start checking what the problem is.

Any help is appreciated.


A:Mouse and/or Keyboard Doesn't Work After Sleeping/Hibernating (Sometimes)

Hey, does anyone have any solutions to this?

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Recently I've come across a situation where my computer will boot with no keyboard function. I cannot enter bios, boot in safe mode, etc. However, upon Windows 7 loading I have full function of the mouse. That is until I hit any key on the keyboard, then I lose left click function only. I can still move the mouse, I can still right click with the mouse. I also noticed that caps lock and number lock did not work either.

I figured that maybe the keyboard was bad and so I plugged in a different brand new keyboard and booted up the computer. Everything worked fine. The keyboard worked flawlessly, the mouse had no problems at all.

Restarted the computer to install windows updates, and upon the next boot I once again was left with no keyboard function and then once again no left click function.

These problems only began after a program was uninstalled due to it freezing up during use. (The program was a puzzle game that was purchased and installed from a reputable game website)

I am at a complete loss, and I cannot tell if this is a hardware problem or a software problem or even a virus problem.

Both the mouse and keyboard are USB. Other USB devices work fine, including a headset, a printer, and a scanner.

Any help is much appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

A:Keyboard doesn't work, then mouse begins losing function

No one can help me?

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I have a Gateway PC, 5 or so years old, running Windows XP Media Edition.

A few days ago, soon after having installed some Windows updates, my wireless Microsoft mouse and keyboard stopped working. I plugged in a spare PS/2 mouse, and in the bluetooth dialog box removed, added, and reconnected both components. The wireless mouse and keyboard worked, but not for long. I then uninstalled and attempted to reinstall the mouse and keyboard software (except that the software apparently had not uninstalled). This did not fix the problem.

From here on I tried so many things, I do not recall in what order. I did a system restore via Advanced System Care, then tried again using a much earlier date. After a very long wait I was informed that my system could not be restored to that date.

I ran Reimage, which reported a moderately severe stability problem with numerous crashes. This program fixed and replaced files, etc, but got stuck while attempting to reinstall Windows updates (during repairs, Reimage removes Windows updates and reinstalls them afterward, but for some reason this last step has never worked with my computer and I've had to reinstall the updates manually). The computer was frozen and I was forced to turn it off using the power button. When I turned the computer back on, I had no working keyboard or mouse, and again had to use the power button to turn off the computer.

I plugged in a PS/2 keyboard and started the computer in bios, resetting bios to default sett... Read more

A:Keyboard has limited function in safe mode, and mouse doesn't work at all

Advanced System Care, which fixed a lot, especially in the registryThe IObit program is just a Registry Cleaner that will repair almost nothing, except your hope - You will never know if it repaired anything -You are better off to remove all Chinese IObit programs and only use proven programs for your computer Malwarebytes and Advanced System Care will not operate correctly on the same system, as both clash with each other Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is a proven and trusted program world wide, while IObit is forced on Chinese users as their options are limited.Do you have a Regular Antivirus program that is active and is scanning at all times ??Thank You -

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For the last month or so, every time I log off my account, the keyboard does not register at the Windows Log In screen. This makes it so I have to restart the computer and then it works fine.
There are three accounts on the computer, the casing has been half removed for the last 3 months, a DVD burner and driver recently installed 3 months ago and I am using a wireless off brand USB keyboard and mouse.
OS: Windows Xp Home Edition 5.1.2600 Service Pack 3
As for the second part, the computer requires several restarts to boot up, sometimes up to twenty minutes of turning on and off to boot up. Only started doing this a week ago.

A:My Keyboard doesn't work, and the computer turns on but doesn't start.

It sounds like something is wrong with your Windows XP drivers. Something like that happened to me while building my computer, and when I boot up the keyboard did not work because my copy of windows XP was bad. You could try reinstalling windows XP, and It might work better, but I dont have a definite answer to your problem.

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My mouse wheel doesn't work in IE 6.0 (on WinXP) unless the mouse cursor is actually over the window. When the mouse is over the window, it scrolls normally, but when it's off (even if IE is still the active application), it doesn't scroll. My mouse wheel scrolls other programs even if the mouse cursor isn't actually over the window (like Word), so why doesn't it work for IE? Any way to turn this on? I don't have anything like X-Active turned on or anything like that. It's not a serious problem, but it is kind of annoying, so if anyone knows the answer, please let me know, thanks.

A:Mouse wheel doesn't work in IE unless mouse is over the window

I don't know the reason why, but I believe it's normal. My mouse wheel also only works when in IE if the cursor is over the window.

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All clicks are inactive. right clicking, left clicking and even when you leave the mouse over the start button or any folder for a description it doesn't work.

I currently am running Windows XP Home Edition. I have to run in system recovery mode (safemode but you are still running the OS). It is very hard to because nothing runs on startup in recovery mode so I am very limited because my spyware protection does not work.

If you can help me please do.

Thank you!

A:Mouse clicking doesn't work only moviong around the mouse

You have told us absolutely nothing about your system so all I can answer with is do XP Repair:
If you do not have a Windows XP cd, then you will need to buy one. Or use system restore disk to wipe out drive and return to clean and new as once was....those are the only options for what you have told us or if you have a ps2 mouse try a usb mouse, but I still think your system must be totally corrupted and need the XP repair bare minimum.

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So I finished a virus scan and had to restart my PC after that. Right when it gets to the desktop I noticed my mouse and keyboard won't respond. I tried both port and USB devices and both failed. So I headed to safe mode and notices that the keyboard responded when selecting type of safe mode to boot (networking, command prompt, etc...) and once I started up safe mode, it stopped responding.

I was suggested this is a BIOS problem, which I had not updated from the first day I bought this PC (about 5-6 years). Yet I can't update BIOS when I can't even use my PC. No I don't have any recovery discs.

What should I do?

A:Keyboard and mouse doesn't respond

I don't think it's a BIOS problem. The basic keyboard driver from the BIOS is enabling the keyboard to function before Windows starts, such as when you are selecting the Windows mode. Once Windows starts whether in safe mode or normal mode, it is Windows' drivers that take over. Since that's when you seem to have the trouble with the keyboard, the problem is in Windows, IMHO.

Try System Restore and see if that brings back keyboard and mouse functionality. Remember that you can always undo the restore if you don't like the results. If that doesn't work, post back.

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Hi all, I recently got a Thinkpad 13 and am noticing that with how I like my "Balanced" power profile setup, I have to use the power button to wake the laptop from sleep. I have the machine set to do nothing on lid close for the "Balanced" profile, with the intention that when I'm done with it, I put it to sleep manually. But it's not being as intuitive to wake as previous laptops I've had. A quick google search reveals that for the laptop to wake on opening, it has to be set to sleep on closing, which is fine, but I'm finding I can't wake it by touching the mouse pad or using the keyboard either, which I find unusual. I know it's not much more effort to just hit the power button to wake, but it's a pet peeve. Does anyone know if there's a setting somewhere to change this? Thanks! 

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Im trying to get my mouse and keyboard to work on my USB ports but windows isn't detecting my mouse or keyboard. The keyboard works duing DOS I can go into the BIOS and move around int here but after windows loads it doesn't work. And the mouse if I use it as USB doesn't work. Do you guys know what I need to do? I tried going 2 microsofts site but I'm not understanding it.

Here are my specs:
SiS k7s5a mobo w/ amd athlon 4 1.3ghz
logitech internet navigator keyboard, microsoft Wheel mouse optical
thanks for any help.

A:MY computer doesn't detect my USB mouse or keyboard

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Dear All, I just buy new one HP desktop - HP ProDesk 400 G3 MT. But when I install windows 7, usb mouse and keyboard not working so that I could not install windows 7. I try install windows 8.1 pro, working very well. I don't know why HP ProDesk G2 install windows 7 ok but G3 can not. How can I install windows 7 on G3? Please help me in this case. Thanks and best regards.

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I am using Windows 7 32-bit on my laptop. I am trying to use a USB mouse that I recently was given through a USB port on my laptop. This doesn't seem to work, however, as my laptop doesn't even recognize that a device is plugged in. The mouse has a built in light which does turn on, though. I tried the other USB ports on my laptop, but there was no result. Other USB mice and devices work fine on my laptop.

So, I thought maybe the mouse was faulty. I tried the mouse in question on another computer with Windows 7 64-bit and it worked fine. It recognized the new device and installed the drivers. I was confused. I then tried using the mouse by plugging it through a USB hub which I plugged into the laptop. For some reason, this seemed to work. The laptop finally recognized the mouse, and installed the drivers.

I tried searching online for some solution, but couldn't really find anything. I did read that there may be a possibility of not enough power in my USB ports. But I'm not sure this is right because other devices work absolutely fine. Also, My USB hub does not have any external power, it just plugs into the laptop. I also tried to find drivers online, but there don't seem to be any.
Here is a link to the mouse in question (mine has a different company's name on it) - Prime Line? Promotional Products Supplier | form. function. fun. asi79530

Anyone know how I can use my mouse without the USB hub plugged in?

Any help is appreciated,


A:USB mouse doesn't work without USB Hub

Does the mouse use the default driver (mouhid.sys) or any other driver is needed to run it?
Uninstall the driver from device manager and a reboot may work if it uses the default driver. In the other situation an updated driver should work.

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Hi, i really hope someone could help me, because i'm desperate. I tried everything i could find on google and didn't fix it. Here is my problem. I have acer laptop and usb mouse. At once, mouse stopped working, so I took mouse from my other PC, plugged in lap and that mouse worked. When I bought new mouse for my lap, he didn't work too. Then I tried both mices (old one and new one) on my other PC and they WORK! So I thought that usb ports doesn't work on my lap, but then I tried with usb flash, and mouse from other pc, with mouse of my friend, and all that worked on lap. So, I don't understand what is problem with mices, why my mices wont work on my lap, and mices from other computers want? How to fix this ? And one thing more, after few days, when I wanted simply to exchange one my mouse with mouse from other PC, both of my mices didn't work on other PC , but they worked before. I don't understand. Please help me.

A:Mouse doesn't work

I'm taking a wild guess on this, but I think the receptacle is damaged. By plugging in the additional mouse you probably damaged the pins in the mouse also, hence they don't always work in another computer. If this is the case, you're also going to damage the receptacle in the other computer. The symbol on the plug tells you which way to line up the pins. Forcing when not in the correct direction results in problems.

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i got an iHome 5 button optical usb mouse and it doesn't seem to work with my dell inspiron 1545, any ideas?
I've tried all usb ports
i've installed it

A:Usb mouse doesn't work?

Do the USB ports work with other USB devices?

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Hey everyone, thanks in advance for your help! The original problem with this computer was a virus which, after I removed it, corrupted the Lsass.exe file causing the computer to reboot within 3 seconds of entering Windows. I'm going to skip most of the things I tried to fix it because they are irrelevant, but the final way I fixed it most likely caused the problem. I ended up booting off of Hirens and went into Mini-XP. From there, I took a restore point in the system information folder and copied over all the registry items in snapshot (i.e. Sam, Security, Software, etc) into the System32\Config folder. I restarted the computer and finally I had fixed the problem; but, to my dismay, the mouse would only work for the first 2 seconds after it was plugged in, and then after 4 plug in attempts it no longer worked at all. I tried a Windows repair, then a chkdsk /r in recovery console, then uninstalling the drivers, then erasing the registry items, then copying over the drivers from another XP computer, but none of these have helped. This problem has me completely baffled.

A:Mouse Doesn't Work

If someone could please help me soon that would be awesome. Thank you.

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My friend has an eMachine W3050. The mouse quit working. It is a PS/2 mouse. We tried a new mouse and a USB mouse. None will work. USB mouse says "problem with this hardware". He does not have internet so there should be no viruses. I also did the reinstall to original configuration. That worked while the PC was at my house. When he got it home it didn't work.


So what can we do?

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My mouse isn't working...can u please help?


A:Mouse doesn't work

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when I start up my computer the mouse doesn't work... it just is frozen.... I tried restarting and the same thing happened. This has happened a few times before, and basically I just don't use my computer for a few days, and then I start it up again and it works fine. Anyone know what's going on/how I can fix it or something?
BTW I can't really unplug it because it's nearly impossible to access the back of the computer, where the mouse is plugged in. What should I do?

Right now I'm using the keyboard and the numlock thing to move the mouse, which is REALLY frustrating and slow

A:mouse doesn't work

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I have USB keyboard and I installed PS/2 mouse to my PC. Mouse doesn't work and when I check the control panel -> mouse for errors it says this:
"This device cannot start. (Code 10)"

USB Keyboard: Microsoft comfort curve 2000
PS/2 Mouse: Logitech M-SPF90

- Tinke80

A:PS/2 mouse doesn't work

Without any system specs its hard to say... Are you sure about the model of your mouse? I was unable to find it using google.

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My computer starts but it won't recognise my monitor or keyboard or mouse.

I switched out the power supply and that's not the problem. [I know that i have about 7 fans in my computer. (I didn't make it like that, a friend of mine did)]

I keep getting this really LOUD BEEPING noise, as though it's stuck on reset.

I haven't switched out the harddrive or motherboard yet.


Also before all this started, my CD-ROM wasn't wanting to work. It would let me listen to music and insert a CD to play a video game but it wouldn't write anything or let me install anything or watch movies. (But it used to do ALL those things)

I can't do any system restores because my system restore was turned off!

A:Computer doesn't recognise monitor, keyboard or mouse

Are you getting a constant continuous beeping sound? Are they always long or are they long and short?

If they're always long, then I suspect your RAM has come loose or failed. Try reseating the RAM.

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Hi, I have the Microsoft wireless desktop 6000.

When I leave my computer on for a bit and walk away, the screen will turn off by itself (this is not standby!!!) and sometimes, the keyboard or mouse seems to have lost its connection to the computer, and will not respond to anything, I have to hit the reset button.


A:Wireless Keyboard/Mouse doesn't respond anymore?


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The n key had been not working properly and now it stopped all together. I took the key off and tried pressing the white piece of soft plastic but nothing shows up. Is it time to get a new keyboard or is there something else to try? It seems like such a waist to throw out a keyboard when 1/100+ keys stopped working.

A:1 key on keyboard doesn't work

Try it on another PC and see.

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Hello, I have a laptop (model HP G4 255) and I've just noticed that the led of the F6 key doesn't light up anymore when I completely  turn down the volume, even if the key is still working. Can you tell me why I don't see the light anymore and how can I solve this problem? The LED is very useful and I'd like to have it back!!! Thank you!!!

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Hi! I have a laptop Acer ES1-P9QU and all of a sudden, the keyboard doesn't work anymore! It was all ok yesterday and not today! I tried to restart my laptop and put an update and it still doesn't working. I type with the "virtual keyboard", but it's really long! I have my laptop since less then 5 months, so I don't understand anything that is happening  Thanks for help!

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As the description states, I think that the keyboard driver was corrupted by one or more viruses back when I got infected with AV Security 2012 and ZeroAccess, among others.
However, my computer has since been declared clean after a great save by SweetTech.

I may be wrong about the virus being the cause of the problem, but I do know it's a software problem, as the keyboard will work while the computer is booting up, (long enough that I can still put it in safe mode) but as soon as Windows boots the physical keyboard becomes totally unresponsive, even in safe mode.

The On-screen keyboard still works.
I don't know whether a USB keyboard would work or not, as I don't have one.

I hve already tried different keyboards, uninstalling and reinstallng the keyboard driver normally, in safemode, and also reinstalling after rebooting the computer, but it didn't work.

The device status for the keyboard is:
This device cannot start (code 10)

A:Keyboard doesn't work, please help

The device status for the keyboard is:This device cannot start (code 10)Hi -This is one of the most common error messages that you will ever get, as it means so many things Please post a snapshot with Speccy - This way we can see a few devices that are connected -How to Publish a snapshot with Speccy <<-- DirectionsThank You -

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HP Pavilion dv4-2160us is the model of my laptop. The keyboard of my laptop doesn't work i can't even type the password of my laptop because of that. I already tried things like removing the battery for 5 minutes and when i always try to click the 'ease of access' at the below left of the screen. Your suggestions will be a big help. Thanks

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So I'm not sure when this started happening but sometimes when I leave my computer unattended for a few hours and it goes to the login screen or when it goes to sleep/hibernate and reawakes on the login screen my keyboard won't work so I have to pop open my onscreen keyboard to type my password in then reboot my computer so that my computer will work

A:Keyboard doesn't work sometimes

What sort of keyboard?? PS2, USB, Wireless ??

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A close relative has the following problem: Keyboard doesn't work. Error message "no driver" with yellow exclamation point. Tried substituting another keyboard, into a different port. Still didn't work. WinXPpro environment (upgraded from ME around Christmas time). Not one button on the keyboard works. Is there a solution?


A:keyboard doesn't work

Try right clicking on the keyboard and clicking Uninstall

Reboot the computer

Hopefully, Windows will find it on reboot,

make sure it is in the correct PS/2 socket

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Hey Guys!! This is my first post, so we'll see how it goes.
So, here's the problem: I used the registry backup program on my computer to reverse some changes I had made to my system. Now, the keyboard doesn't work. It works when Windows boots (when Windows says "Press F8 for advanced startup options) but it doesn't work after that. Because of this, I can't login to Windows. Does anybody know what the problem is? By the way, my computer is a Compaq Armada E500 running Windows 2000 Professional.

A:Keyboard Doesn't Work

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My keyboard doesn't work after upgrading to Windows 10 . I have to press down the key for 3-5 seconds to get it working. Looking for solution. Thanks.

A:Keyboard doesn't work

Hi, Check the following. Open windows Control Panel and in the top right, next to View by: select 'Large Icons'.  From the new layout, select the 'Ease of Access Centre'. Select the option 'Make the keyboard easier to use'. If there is a tick next to 'Turn on Filter Keys' or 'Turn on Sticky Keys', click the box to remove it, then click Apply and Ok to save this change. Regards, DP-K

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The Keyboard doesn't work, but the mouse does,
And i can't log in to windows at all because i need a password
and I can't use the EBCD (If you know what that is) because it is
Windows MCE which doesn't load like XP Pro although it is so it doesn't show a good load of it >.>

Also the keyboard works in Knoppix and in EBCD
but it doesn't work in Windows and i have tried 4 2 P/s2 and 2 USB keyboards

the computer is HP Media Center PC M7640n
AMD 64 Dual Core 5000+
2 Gigs of RAM

A:Keyboard Doesn't Work

thats a right pain in the ****, does it work in post and bios?

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The keyboard doesn't work. I have two keyboards (ps/2 and usb) and after uninstalling my antivirus (avast), none of them work in windows (they work in bios section). All other usb devices like mouse and gamepad work.
Here is the screenahot of device manager:

A:Keyboard doesn't work

Try one at a time- right click each keyboard device listed. Then in new small window that appears left click update driver.

Let us know if this works.

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After a power outage my brothers keyboard quit working. He has a desk top computer only one year old. He uses XP. We have rebooted several times. When booting up before Windows opens DOS says it can not find the keyboard.

We made sure the keyboard is plugged in properly (It is not USB connected). We tried another working keyboard, which also didn't work. In Windows we tried adding new hardware. The keyboard is not showing up in the hardware list.

Everything worked fine until the power outage. The computer was in the sleep mode at the time. The mouse continues to work fine and everything else works like it should.

Thank you!

A:Keyboard doesn't work.

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Using Windows 8, I have discovered that the shift key doesn't work. I have to use cap's lock. Every time I click the cap's lock, an ' appears. I have to delete that before typing my capital word. Without shift, I can't make many important punctuation marks like the exclamation point and the
question mark. Using an on screen keyboard works, but it's so hard to move your mouse to click each letter. Also, the control key doesn't work. Earlier, whenever I typed the space, a space and a zero appeared. And now space works, but zero doesn't. Whenever I type zero, it become an 0. Not to mention that when I type one, 31 comes up, and when I type three, 31 comes up, too. Also, when I search something online, or save a PowerPoint, or anything else, it will bring something else up. For example, I want to search Mario online, before I can type ma, https://mail.go... comes up and I have to delete everything but the m and the a and start typing again. This started today, though I didn't download anything in the past week besides using http://www.youtube..., which is used by many others. I tried describing every problem to the best I could, and painfully typed with all the problems, so I hope someone answers. Please feel free to ask me
questions. Please elaborate with both
questions and answers. I will re-post this tomorrow if nobody answers or solves the problem. And then continue posting this every hour.

A:Keyboard doesn't work right


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If I click on the yellow star with the green plus sign and select "Add to Favorites" in Internet Explorer 7.0, then nothing happens. If I type "CTRL D", then the "Add A Favorite" dialog box comes up. Why won't it work with the mouse? I have Vista also.

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i have a microsoft wireless mouse and it just stopped working. I tried a wired mouse and it works. I tried resetting the wireless mouse and it didn't help. Maybe it's missing a driver? Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this problem?Thanks

A:wireless mouse doesn't work

Hi cgbones, have you tried synchronising the mouse with the wireless receiver (if it comes with one which i imagine it would do)? also if you download and install the latest drivers just by doing a search of the make and model of the wireless mouse in google, or if you said its a microsoft wireless mouse i'm sure if you have a look on the microsoft website they should have the latest drivers on there.

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Disclaimer- I am not very tech savvy so please excuse my non-tech lingo as I try to explain my problem.
Two days ago I noticed that when I used my right mouse button on any file or folder it would start processing and the Windows little progress circle would appear and then it would eventually give me a message of "Not responding" and shut down/
freeze what I was doing. I will then have to do control-Alt-delete to bring up the task manager to close that program out. Sometimes I have to restart my computer to be able to use it again.
I use a wireless mouse. I got a different mouse from another computer that was functioning properly and I had the same problems when using it on my computer. So it isn't a mouse/ equipment problem.
I have Windows 7 Home Premium on my computer.
I use my computer for my home business everyday and I am in such a habit of using my right mouse button function that it is hard to use it.
Hopefully it is a simple fix.

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I just formating my pc to windows 7 when he restaring the keabord and mouse doen't work... i find the setting bios and didnt understand any thing and the bios setting look like this https://www.google.com/search?q=bios+version+8&client=ms-android-samsung&prmd=ivn&source=lnms&tbm=is...

A:My mouse and my keaboard doesn't work

Does the keyboard and mouse work inside the bios?

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