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Release Preview - Nothing but problem after problem after problem.

Q: Release Preview - Nothing but problem after problem after problem.

I had no problems with Customer Preview, everything worked, but, I must say that this Release Preview is another story all together. My PC hardware configuration is unchanged since installing Windows 7 when it came on to the market.

1. Doing a clean install did not install a clean installation of Windows 8. It took three attempts. Previous wallpaper, user login avatars, etc. kept showing up in the new supposedly clean install, even when installing with a local account.

2. At shut down I am constantly getting a winlog.exe error stating that I need to insert a disk in to various empty drives. This stops the computer from shutting down. The error message appears 18 times and has to be clicked away every time it appears. The OS shuts down but my computer hardware keeps running [fans, disks, etc.] I fear I may have to get rid of Windows 8 RP before it ruins my entire PC.

3. After the OS has shut down the computer itself will not switch the power of. The computer light showing disk activity is constantly on, even though the OS has been shut down.

I'm going to have to give up on this OS. This release candidate is not working at all well on my setup. Highly peculiar, especially as I had no issues with the Customer Preview and nothing has been changed in my PC hardware setup.

Preferred Solution: Release Preview - Nothing but problem after problem after problem.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Release Preview - Nothing but problem after problem after problem.

Hello Rich,

I know you said clean install, but just to check, did you delete the old Windows 8 CP drive/partition so it will be "Unallocated Space", then reinstalled Windows 8 RP?

Did you use a local user account or a Microsoft account? If Microsoft account, then that would be why you got your user picture back since it synced with your Windows Live ID and used the same one.

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Hello, I recently bought a 2nd hand laptop with win8 release preview evaluation copy installed which expired yesterday. Since then the computer threatens to shut down every hour unless I buy win 8 upgrader then win 8.Im not that keen on win 8 and would prefer to go back to win 7 which was the original os. There is a sticker underneath the computer with a win 7 prod key number so is there some way to make it work again. I wasn't given a disc with the computer when I bought it but can you help.
Thanks Dave Lancaster
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 8 Release Preview, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2630QM CPU @ 2.00GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 3947 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000, 1845 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 715051 MB, Free - 634565 MB;
Motherboard: Acer, SM81_HR
Antivirus: AVG Internet Security 2013, Updated and Enabled

A:Win 8 release preview problem

they have probably removed the factory reset partition.

on the CoA label, should tell you the windows 7 version - if you can borrow a CD of the same version - you can re-install and use the Key on the CoA label

otherwise, you should be able to obtain recovery CDs from the manufacturer for a small fee

whats the make and model of the PC

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My sound used to work in the consumer preview fine but since I upgraded to the Release Preview I need the volume max and headphones in to hear anything. Any help appreciated. If more info is needed just ask.

A:Sound Worked in Consumer Preview but not Release Preview

Check in your Device Manager whether you have this driver,

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When I updated to the release preview, Metro stopped working on my computer. The tiles said Microsoft.ZuneMusic/AppexNews and when I clicked them they did not open. If I tried to open the store, it would open the splash screen and then crash. So then I tried to re-install windows 8 but it would not install and said it was experiencing problems with my hardware (which makes no sense since the Developer Preview worked perfectly fine). Now whenever I start up my computer I have to choose between Windows 8 on disk 2, another option for Windows 8 on disk two, or Windows Setup. And metro still does not work. What is happening? Can someone please help me? Thank you!

A:Release Preview does not work, developer preview did?

Hello Ishpan, and welcome to Eight Forums.

What happens when you select "Windows Setup" with your installation disc still there?

You might see if the issue and solution in the link below may the same as what you are having.

What to do if Windows 8 Release Preview won't install

If not, then double check to make sure that you do a clean install of Windows 8 instead.

Hope this helps,

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Hi, I need help involving this type of problem. I had difficulty connecting to a game I'm playing so I searched some solutions and one of them suggests that I need to reset my TCP/IP settings then do ipconfig /release, and ipconfig /renew, but something's wrong with what I do. Check the pictures that I will include:

If someone could help me about it, it would be a pleasure.
P.S. I don't have much knowledge on troubleshooting this.

A:Problem with ipconfig/release

Hi, well the first thing you need to do is run an elevated cmd prompt:-

Go to start, search and type:- cmd right click on the returned cmd.exe and select "run as administrator" at the command prompt type:-(in red)

ipconfig/all > 0 & notepad 0 (press enter) please copy paste the notepad outcome here.

After this we can advise you further.

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So I've been sitting here for about three hours, not able to get this too work.

When I open my cmd(yes as admin) and type ipconfig /release or /renew nothing happens, it just pretends it is doing something for a long period of time.

I reset my winstock so that is not the problem.

I tried editing the DCHP **** in regedit.

All plugs are in and working, I have three other computers in here (mac's) that are having no trouble getting internet connection. Must be something with Vista.

This is my Ipconfig /all


Host Name .... : User-Pc
Primary Dns Suffix :
Node Type : Hyrbid
Ip Routing Enabled : No
WINS proxy enabled: No

Connection-Specific DNS Suffix :
Description : NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller
Physical Adress : 00-1b-fc-f7-95-xx
DCHP enabled : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled : Yes
Link-Local Ipv6 Adress : fe80::15f6:d475:bef1:xxxx(preferred)
Autoconfiguration IPv4 Address : 169.254.80.xxx (Preferred)
Subnet Mask :
Default Gateway:
DNS servers: fec0:0:0:ffff : : 1%1
" " 2%1
" " 3%1
NetBIOS over Tcpop : enabled

Tunnel Adapter Local Area Connection* 7:
Media State : Media Disconnected
Connection-Specific DNS suffix :
Description : Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface
Physical Adress : 02-00-54-55-4e-01
DHCP Enabled : no
Autoconfiguration Enabled : yes

Tunnel Adapter Local Area Connection* 11:
Media State : Media Disconnected
Connection-Specific DNS Suffix :
Description : Isatap. {xxxxxxxx-xxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxx... Read more

A:Ipconfig Release/Renew Problem.

Are you sure that you've got a physical connection and that there is a DHCP server available? Have you tested with a different patch cable?

Windows only defaults to a "169.254.xxx.xxx" address when it cannot find a DHCP server.

Have you tried using a static IP just to see if you can get connected?

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Hi there,

Need some help about DEBUG and RELEASE builds for VC++ 6.0 DLL project.

I am developing a C++ DLL for unit conversion functionality. It is having around 29 exported functions in it. I developed it in DEBUG build and used from EXCEL-VBA programs. It is working fine. Then I thought of making the RELEASE build . I successfully compiled and built the RELEASE version of the DLL. I tried to use it same as DEBUG build but the DLL functions are not returning correct values.

To give you more info about it here is a DLL function code. I used Windows MessageBox to know what is going in side the DLL function. I used string library class object rather than char[] or char*.

string dt = "08-26-2003";

char* _stdcall getCreationDate()
char* ret = '\0';
ret = getReturnString(dt); // dt is string object.

//if(msgFlag) // commented for debugging purpose
return ret;

char* getReturnString(string str)
int len;
string s = str;
len = s.size();

char* ret = new char[len+1];

int j;
for (j=0; j<len; j++)
ret[j] = s.at(j);

ret[j] = '\0';
return ret;

DEBUG build: When getCreationDate() is called from the EXCEL-VBA program, the DLL function successfully return the char* [null terminated]. The NULL char is trimmed in VBA. It is working fine as designed.
Eg. VBA gets value = "08-27-2003" [after trimming NULL char]

RELEASE build: When getCreationDate() is called from the EXCEL-V... Read more

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I'm using Word 2002 + Windows 7 and can't preview Word documents in the preview pane (although pdf's and webpages work fine). Is there anything I can do?


A:Preview Problem

I assume you mean Print Preview. Print Preview works only when your system has atleast one printer configured. Even Adobe Acrobat printer will do.

When there are no printers configured for your system usually the print preview does not work.

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I am running XP 2005 Media Center Edition with SP 2 installed. When I try to preview a fax, the windows intaller window pops up and locks up. I have to end process to remove it. What do I need to do to enable preview of faxes? Thanks in advance for help

A:Fax Preview problem in XP

gsxith3, Try the "TIF/TIFF File Association Fix" at the link below.


Edited to add: You could also use the Imgeditor utility at the link below to fix the TIF/TIFF file association back to the default Windows Picture & Fax Viewer. It's Free and works well



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So, I have tried out the Windows 8.1 Test Release.

I have a 1TB Hard Drive, which I made a 20GB partition for the Windows 8.1.

Installed, and it boots up to Windows 8.1-only. It doesn't give me an option to select to boot over to my Windows 7 Partition.

Now, I know that the Windows 7 data is still there, as Windows 8.1 under "This PC" says the Hard drive is listed as 20GB.

I do not think the Windows 7 data is missing or corrupted, its just not allowing me to boot over to that partition.

So, I need to know how to fix my system so I can boot to both Operating Systems. Hence the term Dual Boot

A:Dual Booting Windows 7 and 8.1 Test Release -Problem


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When I save a picture to a folder I have always been able to click on it and to the left of the screen a preview will be generated. Now when I do it nothing happens except with .jpeg and .eml. It won't work with .jpg or .gif or .bmp anymore. Can this be fixed?? Thanks for the help!

A:Generating Preview Problem

Hi sibby,

It sounds to me as though your folder is set to display files as list or details, rather than thumbnails. When you have the folder in front of you where the pictures are stored, choose view and select thumbnails.

That should display previews of your pix.

Good Luck!!!

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Is der a way dat i cn change de thumbnail preview of the images formats like jpeg an all other pictures.. i tried setting de defaults to picasa an so on.. bt de problem s dat t shows de pictures as filmstrip thumbnails.. since i do alot of movie editing an stuff i hav been used to using de thumbnail preview since de windows xp.. bt since t shows all de movies an even de pictures along with t as filmstrip thumbnails by default it sure causes me alot of confusion as to which one s which..







A:Problem with the thumbnail preview.. help!!!

Hi pramodm.
Can you write correctly please? It's very hard to understand what you write...

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Hello everyone.

Im having trouble with my thumbnail previews.

I have tried everything mentioned on this forum (clearing/rebuilding thumbnail cache, turned on thumbnail preview, checked/unchecked what I needed to)

Ive done this numerous times and yet i still cannot preview thumbnails. Whether it be jpegs, gifs, avis, wmvs etc.

I also noticed that my files do not end in .jpg, .gif, .avi when trying to view as thumbnails.

Can anyone help?


A:Problem with thumbnail preview, please help!

I have no system restore point

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Hi Everyone,

I'm new here and not sure if this is the appropriate forum to post this question, so please let me know if it needs to be moved.

I am using XP Home and am having a problem with some of my JPEGS.

In the "My Pictures" folder, I have a number of sub-folders, all of which display 4 thumbnail previews of the pictures contained within. When I open a couple of my folders, however, the JPEG thumbnails within show up as the generic JPEG sunset icon. When I click on them and try to open them with Windows Fax and Picture Viewer, I get a message that says "No Preview Available" and I can't access the pictures. I've tried using both XNView and Irfanview, but neither will open them, either.

All the pictures show an appropriate size in the folder view and all say they were modified on 2/1/2009, which worries me because that was Superbowl Sunday and I did not touch my computer or pictures that day.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.



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I disabled preview pane from VIEW (IE 5.5 SP2,OE 5,WinME) for more security but it gets reenabled spontaneously .
I know well that you can get a virus like KLEZ this way.
Does anybody knows a solution for this?
Is there better and safer e-mail clients that you use?
I would like to see some suggestions!


A:OE Preview Pane problem

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When using Movie Maker, the preview screen is distorted. Please help. I have down loaded videos from this camera (Handycam mini DV) without a problem many times. Past tapes that have been loaded and worked at one time, no longer work without a distorted preview screen. I have tried loading on different computers with the same problem. What went wrong?

A:Preview screen Problem

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I usually open jpegs in Image Preview but I seem to have lost the program. When I click on a jpeg file a dialogue box comes up saying that another program can't find a system file or that I may have typed the file name wrongly ( I've actually clicked on the file).
I can see the file displayed as a thumbnail (while looking at the folder containing the jpegs in My Computer but they will only display full size if I choose to display them in Internet Explorer. If I try to display them in Imaging it says that the image format is not supported.

Where does Image Preview come from, is it part of Windows and how might I re-install it? I'm running Windows Me on a Gateway 200 Mhz with 64Mb ram.

Anybody got any ideas whats going on.


A:Image Preview problem

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hey Gang

what happened here ??

1 of my email accounts received Preview
the other 2 did not(again i am not complaining)
just trying to figure out how that happened
anybody have any hints
One more thing is there any ideas on using Preview
not really the same as Older Outlook
Thanks in Advance

A:Outlook(Preview) why such a problem

They are merging Outlook.com to a new Office 365-based infrastructure. It's not something you can volunteer to manually self-opt in to, but eventually everyone will be on the new version.

There are a couple of FAQ's here:



For people using Office Outlook, they may also receive an email from Microsoft telling them that they need to remove and re-add their outlook.com account as an Exchange Account.


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I want to see the preview of the video... but for some reason it wont let me

Anyone help?

I have tried enabling thumbnail preview etc...

A:Video Thumbnail Preview Problem


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Im using Sony Vegas 6 on Windows XP and this problem immerged out of nowhere.
When I press the play button to preview a movie I'm working on, it gives me the following error:
An Error occurred while starting playback
An Invalid Device was specified

When I click the detail button, this is added:
The playback device does not support the output format.
The playback device does not exist
I tried going in Options>Preferences>Preview Device
and they are all unavailable for some reason.

Please help.

A:Sony Vegas 6.0 problem with Preview. Please Help

nobody knows?

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My Microsoft Word 2000 program developed a recent problem. Whenever I tried to do a Print Preview it takes a long time (even if the page is blank) and then when responding it says not enough system resources and asks to close the application. I have recently deleted two viruses (BugBear and Sofer.F?) but can't see the connection of why it's happening. (It started happening before the virus's extraction.) Otherwise Microsoft Word 2000 operates normally.

Thanks for your time and interest!

A:Word. Print Preview Problem

Have you scanned for spyware, and for virus's again?

If you haven't scanned for Spyware download adaware and Spybot Search and Destroy and run them both, they may be sucking system resoures, or you may have run into another virus.

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I find some problems with windows 10...........
like sound
or start menu
and about contana also..........

A:Problem with windows 10 technical preview

For sound, if you are using a sound card, go to the manufacturers website and try to find supported drivers.
You will need to elaborate on your start menu and cortana problem.
But personally, I am not liking the native start menu on b9926. I replaced it with Classic Shell.
As for Cortana, I have it fully disabled including the Cortana/Bing search bar on the taskbar.

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when i right click the task bar and bring this setting box then the option "use aero key to preview desktop is fade colored of blurred where i can not put the check mark or remove the check mark ,,,,so what is the cause and solution please help pic is included..

A:''use aero key to preview desktop'' problem

Are you running the Windows (Aero) theme ???

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Hi, recently I installed latest Windows 8.1 update (Update 1/Spring update), and later latest Beta Nvidia driver. After that, an strange problem showed up, which is annoying and hard to explain (especially with my poor English ). I recorded a video which represents it (look at the thumbnail 'hiding' under the previewed application )

I'm using UxStyle and this theme: Windows 8.1 White Titlebar Dark theme by x0lis on deviantART
I tried:
Uninstalling UxStyle and themeInstalling 'normal' Nvidia driverDoing sfc /scannow but it didn't find anything particular (something about prncacla.inf, but I don't think that this causes this problem)Scanning system with antivirus (KIS 2014)Turning off and on option 'Enable preview' in Advanced setting -> PerformanceChanging theme to otherSearching about this in Google and this forum, but I didn't find anything similar
but nothing worked.
Well I didn't tried uninstalling Update 1, but I would like to avoid that. Does anyone have any idea what is wrong?

A:Windows 8.1 Problem with application preview from taskbar

Aero Peek is what you are talking about. Your problem is with the third party software for the theme.

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Frontpage 2002, Windows XP Pro. Using an AllWebCO template and replacing their stock image with mine.

Not interested in debating the pluses and minuses of Frontpage here. I have used it for years and it works for me. Suddenly, I have an annoying issue, images will not show in Preview using IE7 or IE8. All images show using Firefox or Opera in preview mode. When published to the web all images show, so this is an issue on my local server. I have tried reinstalling FP and IE but this does not help. (Cleared all temp files, etc, and deleted all usage history.) IE is set to show PHOTOS. Anyone any idea what's happened?

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I have a 2 page spreadsheet that I need to print. After I added the new data, I went to "print preview" and I saw that the top 2 names appear on the top of both pages instead of printing to line 55 and then starting at line 56 to 107. I had to change the columns width to get it all on one page and then changed the page breaks. What did I do wrong? TYIA

A:Solved: Excel Print Preview problem

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Hi all.
not much of a problem, but as i'm learning.....
Running XP home on a amd athlon 1.67gig, 512mbddr
and problems are arising with Frontpage 2000 (office 2000 premium). I am working through a course book at home and the web i am making asks for a form to be made. The form has 2 1line text boxes,a drop down menu box, 2 radio buttons,2 check boxes and a scrolling text box. I have made it exactly to the letter, as in the book. I've saved my work and then preview the feedback page in the browser. I get this message "this page contains elements that need to be saved or published to preview correctly", and click ok. The page displays. When i click the submit button i get the following message : "FrontPage Run-Time Component Page You have submitted a form or followed a link to a page that requires a web server and the FrontPage Server Extensions to function properly." The book is no bloody help. If anyone has any idea how i can rectify this, it would be of great help. Thanks BigC.

A:Frontpage 2000 preview form problem

Forms will not process only in a FrontPage environment. To see the results the page must be published.

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I had originally about 200 pictures in a directory on SD-card. When inserting SD-card to card reader Explorer opens automatically and have shown picture previews OK until a couple of weeks ago.

Then adding about 60 picture files to the SD-card directory and one day, after inserting the SD-card, explorer showed 202 first (in alpabetic order) picture files with preview pictures and the rest of files with default icons (mountain view).

Explored - is configured to show Medium Icons
Folder Options - View - "Always show icons, never thumbnails" is unchecked

Thumbnail cache - is cleared
After having read really many problem description about "Vista picture preview not working" i decided to try recomended "Fixit" solution from Microsoft pages "support.microsoft.com/kb/2415237"​.

Fixit did change the situation.
Now when explorer opens - i see a window full of preview pictures abou one seconds and the previews are changed to default icons. When scrolling to "next window" same happens again.
So now I have lost all preview pictures.

Any good ideas what to do ??????????

A:Vista Home Premium - new picture preview problem

If only "some" of the pictures in a folder have a generic icon, whilst most of them have a proper thumbnail, the Microsoft Fix-it is unlikely to have fixed it anyway since your problem is not as described on the Fix-it page. The Fix-it is designed to correct a problem where ALL the pictures are showing a generic icon. That does not apply to you.

My guess is the memory card has worn out/become corrupted and is ready for the rubbish bin, but it will do no harm to try free file recovery software first: http://pcsupport.about.com/od/filerecovery/tp/free-file-recovery-programs.htm

One thing that can corrupt a memory card is if you constantly delete pictures from it instead of re-formatting it occasionally to refresh it's partition structure which helps to keep it working properly.

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ok big problem, i installed the virutal box just like in your tutorial
I downloaded the windows 8 iso from the site you gave
I picked the 32bit one because that is what i have
I also used the wizard one that microsoft gives you so you can burn it to a dvd
So I followed all the directions and burned it just fine
So i use the disk and get an error msg which i attached

Ok so now i download just the iso and try that and same error msg

I tried disabling the audio all together but i am getting same msg
What am i doing wrong?

A:ok big problem installing Windows 8 Consumer Preview in virutal box

Sorry, I can't help with VBox.

Have you tried VMWare? I have x64 version running fine in VMWare.


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I have a user that can view an image in IE7 but when they try to print it out or view it in Print Preview it does not show the image it just shows a red x in the upper left corner. I tried it on IE6 and another user with IE7 and I did not have this problem. I checked the options and advanced options and they appear to match. Any suggestions?

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Hi all, I`m trying to install W10 Technical Preview on VMware Workstation 10., but in vane. When configure virtual machine and start it up it end with a message: "Your PC/Device needs to be repaired, Digital Signature couldn't be verified (0xc0000428)"
Can you advice me how to get rid of it and istall the OS?
Thanks in advance.

A:Windows 10 technical preview on VMware wworksation 10 problem

Hi achek Did you download the Windows 10 .iso from Microsoft directly? If so, are you sure that the .iso is complete and not incomplete and/or damaged?

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I don't know if this has been covered elsewhere but I'm wondering if I can upgrade my RP to 8 Pro keeping all the settings that I have now. I'm assuming that it will be just like upgrading from 7 or XP?

A:Win 8 Release preview to Win 8 Pro

Yes, you should be OK, I had NO problem.

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Hello All,

I'm new.

For those that have the Release Candidate, does it include the new Metroized menus and font's? I'm psyched and am looking forward to the release.



A:Hello from a new Guy...is the new GUI in the Release Preview?

You can get it yourself and try it out if you want Anyone can download and install it, just use a spare hard drive, don't mess up anything that is currently working for you...

Windows 8 Release Preview

If you meant the RTM that is being released today, no one has it yet

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I have 2 desktops that were running Win8.1 preview.
The one was automatically updated to Win8.1 release.

The 8.1 Realease has destroyed my confidence in Microsoft.
Everything worked in 8.1 Preview.
Now my Canon PIXMA MG 3250 printer is not compatible (it gives a message that it isn't) with IE 11.
It will not work as a network printer. Have to use USB.
Lost about 50% of my apps or tiles (Whatever)
Search now gives me about 100 web choices, no option that works for searching MY computer!
Everything is referred to a the Social networks (which I don't want) & the CLOUD
That I have no use for.

Every time I want to print I have tell it where to send the document to, no defaut

Many other things that I object to that I don't want! I am forced to deal with with out any explanation!

Most of the MS Apps I can not delete The CLOUD FOR ONE!

I have lost control of MY COMPUTER!!

I would go back to Win7 but even that is a NIGHT MARE as MS has taken control of my HD & I can't do a factory format1

Win 8.1 Release has ruined my computer life after a log relationship with MS since MS Dos 1

I will be 85 in Feb.


A:Win 8.1 VS preview VS 8.1 Release.

You would have lost all of your purchased tiles in the upgrade - But if you are using the same Microsoft Account that you used to buy the tiles, you can go into the Store and right click, across the top you'll see "My Apps" and you will see "Not on this machine" - You can then slot em all up for download. I';ll try to find a tutorial for you, I';ll paste it in when I get back.

Dos 1.0 eh? I remember PC Dos, Dr. Dos, I used to run AutoCAD r10 on Dos 5.0, Dos 6.2.2 was the last and best DOS, I still use it for some things.

Actually, "The Cloud" is a free area that can store your personal docs, it connects to "My Documents" - If you use a Local Account you won't have access to "Skydrive", which is MS's Cloud. Look, I hear ya, I never had a use for iCloud, but I got it, and then I got an iPhone and I found out I needed it!

You can set up 8.1 to not use Cloud services even if you are using an MS account to log in - Without the MS account, you will never get access to the Tile Apps you paid for.

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I had hoped that the latest offering from MS might be of some interest to desktop users.
No, it is just junk the same as before.
I would think MS are about to have another failure on their hands.

A:Preview Release

I think that Windows 8 on touch, might just prove out to be revolutionary, bringing about the so-called "post-pc" era, if Microsoft ever goes that far. Without touch, however, it'll suck hard and bad. Windows 8 just isn't supposed to be used with a mouse, MS should know that(or maybe they already know?). Use it on a touchscreen(metro), it'll all start making sense.

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Hello everyone,I usually use Microsoft Word XP professional (on my laptop) to do my paper work and when I finish everything I copy my files to my desktop computer (bigger screen) so I can review the paper for the last time and print it. My problem occurred when my printer started printing something completely different from the page that appeared on my screen. It's the same page but the first line would start for example at 2 cm from the top of the page, the footnotes would be in different order like this: 1, 4, 2 , 5, 3. I realized that the Print layout view on Microsoft Word 2007 is showing something while the Full screen reading is showing something completely different. It's what I see in the full screen reading that gets printed!I can off course uninstall office 2007 and install another version but I hate to leave this problem unsolved. Does anyone have an idea about this?Thanks in advance.Take care.

A:Urgent: Print Preview Problem With Microsoft Word 2007

And up we go

A hint, a small clue maybe?


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In Word 2003 when I click on the Print Preview icon it opens and the size is always 51%. How can I set this to 100% or 125% etc. so each time I open Print Preview it will open at the set size, as at 51% it is hard to read words.

A:Solved: word 2003 print preview size problem

Are you aware that if you click on the background it defaults to 100% for the zoom?

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I'm having a problem with this program.
Just recently when I was making a video, somehow the preview area started using a black border around my clips, which have no such border.
I want to disable this. If you need a screenshot I will gladly put one up.


A:Solved: Ulead Videostudio 11 problem - Can't get rid of border in preview area


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I need some help and if anyone can help me I will be very appreciated. My system is Windows 7 Ultimate X64.
1. USB port.
I used to have a Lenovo thinkpad W520, the USB ports can still provide power and the devices connected to the port won't be disconnected after the PC turning into sleep mode even power off, but everytime when I wake up my Precision 7510, the keyboad need a long wait to be reconnected and all of the external hard drives are reconnected too (Auto play also pops out). And I cannot charge my cellphone even if the precision is in sleeping mode with power connected to it.

2. External Monitor,
I get a Dell P2417H monitor. I connect the monitor to my PC through Display port. 
Then I use the Screen Resolution to Identify the monitor. I then use "Identify" to identify the monitor, at first both of the monitors show (1\2), which is correct because windows is set to duplicate the monitors. Then I selected Show desk top only on 1 and then "Identify" the monitors. Both of the monitors show a big 1. Then I selected show desk top only on 2 and then "Identify" the monitors. Both of the monitors show a big 2.(My p2417H is actually 2)
Then I select apply so only p2417H shows the display and close the laptop's lid. (I set the power options, so that the PC won't be turn off when I close the lid or after a long deactivation) 
As long as I close the lid and turn the laptop into sleep mode and wake it up. The monitor setting... Read more

A:Precision 7510 USB port problem, monitor problem and Intel Rapid Storage problem

Some of what you're experiencing may be due to the different hardware than you had in the older system - however, one BIG possibility:
Windows 7 does not fully support the power management features of the Skylake CPU and chipset in your system.  Even if Windows 7 is correctly installed, there will be missing features (Microsoft never implemented the advanced Skylake power management features in anything older than Windows 8).
You'd likely experience some of the same issues with a Skylake Lenovo system.
The Skylake platform in your system WILL run Windows 7 (it's the last Intel platform that will;  the newly released Kaby Lake won't run it at all), but it won't implement all the Skylake power management features it has no drivers for (and never will have drivers for).  Unless you're completely stuck with Windows 7, most of the issue -- or all of them -- will go away if you move to Windows 10.  If you don't do it now, this is the last hardware you'll be buying -- as above, Windows 7 is history as of the release of the new Kaby Lake platform.

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i have a hp pavilion dv6-6b50sa and I installed windows 8 release preview and I just want windows 7 back! It deleted my finger scanner identity system and my beats audio software. Its driving me mad and I just want it to be back to normal. Please say its not over written my windows 7, someone please help me!

A:Windows 8 release preview how do i get rid of it?

Unfortunately that is the case. When you upgrade Windows it upgrades and replaces the existing components and there is no way to revert it back to the previous release. You will need your Windows installation disc to do a complete reinstall.

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I just wondering if it is possible to upgrade from the release preview to the Pro version (the one you get from windowsupgradeoffer.com)?

A:Upgrade fon Release Preview to Pro?

Yes, I think so.
Windows 8 Release Preview users can upgrade to final edition for $39.99 with prior valid license | The Verge

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So, I have setup an account to use my live account within Windows 8 RP. I decided to check out the mail app from the Start Screen. Its only showing me about 8 emails from my Inbox, even though hotmail.com and outlook.com show me nearly 70 emails. My junk emails are showing 110, and that is the same in both the mail app as well as the browser versions.

Does this mail app not work properly, or if it does, how do I get it to show me all of my email from my inbox from my @hotmail.com account.

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What's the difference between RTM and release preview? is RTM consider as the full version? Am i missing anything by choosing Release Preview?

A:RTM Vs. Release Preview. Windows 8?

Hello Imeem, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Yes, that's correct. RTM (Release To Market) is the final (full/upgrade) retail version. The release preview was the previous build for testing purposes before the RTM.

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Refer to my previous post back when I was on the Consumer Preview.


The only thing that has changed is that I'm now on Release Preview. I tried to post here before but my computer froze before I was finished. If anything, it is freezing more now. Is anyone else noticing these issues?

A:Release Preview still has gremlins

I don't have any issues like, there are a few rendering issues in IE 10 when you switch out of it sometimes and a couple apps have a few issues, but overall, it's fairly solid on my end.

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I am playing with Win 8 in Virtualbox inside Ubuntu. Win 7 works fine in VB and boots in about 30 seconds. Win 8 is taking around 10 minutes.

So far the little bit I have been able to use 8 hasn't excited me much. The first screen has me looking for the desktop and start button, but I'll give it more time if I can get it to boot somewhat properly.


Edit : I just did a restart and it took 15 minutes, over 14 was booting.

A:Windows 8 Release preview.

To get to the desktop click the Desktop Tile, or press the Windows key and D, or even just pressing the Windows may do it. Pressing the Windows key will bring up the metro start screen. There is no Start orb or traditional start menu. Can't help you with the long boot times, I'm running mine directly from my hard drive in a dual boot with Windows 7.

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Hi, so I have this "Gradual Freeze" issue many people have been having.
I couldn't pinpoint the reason for the freeze, though one way to make it happen is to run Speccy.
I guess all the specs should be included in the archive, I have also ran memtest, my RAM is fine, and I'm not using RAID.

A:Freezes on Release Preview

Same problem. Each every ~30-50 mins.

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