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Thinkcenter M910s take 5 min for Start with Dongle USB Logitech mouse connected

Q: Thinkcenter M910s take 5 min for Start with Dongle USB Logitech mouse connected

Hello dear user Lenovo ( on Space Station international, or not :-) When connected it on new M910S -> one Dongle USB Logitech Mouse and one Keyboard USB Stock lenovo, the thinkcenter make 5 min to start .And I try this on BIOS : use Boot only on M2 and delete all on list ( all another boot USB ETH etc etc) Always USB DONGLE LOGITECH connected ( i TRY Two Model of mouse and dongle) Computer Start with logo LENOVO (circle turn) 5 min Thank to help me if you have already problme show on PC : one M2 (Systeme) and SSD samsung 1To , i try disable SSD 1TO also

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Preferred Solution: Thinkcenter M910s take 5 min for Start with Dongle USB Logitech mouse connected

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hey all.

I'm here to post a new problem that I am experiencing since my move to windows 7. Ok, basically my mouse will disconnect completely when I boot into windows and I can use my keyboard no problem (Logitech Wireless too) and that is my only option to log on and also use windows itself.

I will move my mouse but the cursor stays still and nothing happens. I will then switch the mouse off, leave it for 30 secs, switch it back on, click the connect button on the Logitech Bluetooth usb stick and then the connect button on the mouse itself.

Nothing happens so I'm basically stuck with my keyboard. Unplugging the usb Logitech receiver and then re plugging it in starts the windows found new hardware procedure.


This mouse is installing again and after about 3-5 mins it then comes to life. Very strange and this is the third time it has happened.

I even manually restarted and booted into XP (slave drive) and the mouse was even stuck on that. I repeated the steps above and the only way to get the mouse working was to unplug the receiver and then plug it back in, thus windows takes over and says it is "installing" new drivers and then "found new hardware" pops up and hey presto I can use my mouse.

Why windows needs to keep reinstalling it I have no idea. Shouldn't the mouse just fire up like it used to? I mean I could use it from the logon screen and it is here that it fails so I know I have a problem right away if it doesn?t move or respond.

I don'... Read more

A:Logitech MX1000 Bluetooth mouse disconnecting on cold start

I am a user of Logitech mouses for the last 10 years and I recommend them to everyone for their reliability.

Right now I am using two wireless mouses with small nano receivers. These mouses are excellent and one I am using on Win XP Professional, and the other I am using on Win 7 Ultimate x64.

Logitech has recommended that I use setpoint software on my old wireless mouse on Window XP, and I have installed the latest setpoint software. I always update the setpoint software whenever an update is available. This mouse is in use for the last two years and I never had any problem.

Coming to the Second Logitech wireless mouse (M215) Logitech suggested that no setpoint software is necessary for using this mouse. So I am using this mouse with Windows 7's native mouse drivers for the last three months and never had any problem.

So what I suggest is that if Logitech suggests setpoint software for your particular model of mouse, then you better download and install it. This will improve the performance and also give you some additional customizations to your mouse.

I hear the bluetooth mouses sometimes gives problems, but I do not have any experience with them.

Hopefully once you install the Setpoint drivers your mouse should work properly.

Another aspect is check your power saving features. If your system has wakeup features for the mouse, I suggest you switch off this feature.

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I probably should have thought to post here first. I've already wasted a day on this. When I insert an SD card, the system recognizes it, beeps and I can read the initial directory. But then as soon as I start to work with the drive (copying or viewing pictures), the drive looses it's connection and resets. What does that mean? If I'm in the Windows File Manager, as soon as the drive looses it's connection it closes down. Then the connection is immediately re-established. There's the familiar beep, and Kaspersky asks me whether I want to scan the disk again. (This always happens when any SD card is first inserted.) Other than this... the machine is fine. I've run the Lenovo System Update. Got two critical updates taken care of, and downloaded the latest RealTek driver for the SD card. I don't know what else to do. Hopefully it's just a software issue that can easily be resolved. Otherwise, I'm include to think it's a hardware problem and the machine needs to be returned to bestBuy. Anyway... if anybody can help... that would be greatly appreciated.

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I had some nasty problems with restarting my PC (Windows boot time doubled without any good reason). Suddenly Logitech's mouse was not working wirelessly. I still don't know what has gone wrong but after BIOS update computer did freeze in the Asus logo. I semi-accidentally removed mouse dongle from USB and BIOS suddenly launched normally. Weird! Now everything seems to be working correctly except the G700s dongle. Luckily BIOS is now safely updated to latest version(1802) from Asus site.

Have anyone else had any similar issues?
-BIOS lag
-dongle not working
-boot time doubling
-Hard drive scanning and repairing... <- not sure if it's the same problem

Sorry for my first messy forum post. I guess I did some BIOS updating few weeks ago also but nothing occured instantly. Still not sure about the source of the problem. Any ideas?

btw. Two years ago someone had similar problems with Asus Sabertooth mobo when I search through Google.

A:Asus z87 PRO motherboard AND Logitech G700s dongle problem

Well first off, I personally wouldn't attempt a BIOS update with a wireless keyboard. It's just one more chance for something to go wrong. I've been using wireless Logitech keyboards and trackballs for years with no issues. All of mine use the Unifying receiver. They all work with the stock Windows 8.0/8.1 drivers. I have had to link the odd device to get it to work when I didn't use the dongle that came with it. I bought a new keyboard mouse combo and only wanted the keyboard. To get it to work with my trackball I had to run the Unifying software and par a new device. Maybe your mouse has become unpaired for some reason. It couldn't hurt to try repairing them. Also have a look in Device Manager under Human Interface Devices and see if Logitech Unifying USB receiver is listed. There should be a bunch of other Logitech entries there also.

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I have this issue for a  long time.
I have a 3g dongle which is working fine in my brother laptop and have access to the internet.
but when I connect to the my laptop it get connected to the internet but still on laptop showing no internet


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My new laptop is a Toshiba L500 Satellite with Windows 7. I tried using my Three dongle (which I have had for 3 months now and works perfectly fine on my old laptop with Windows XP) - it managed to install and connect as normal. But it wouldn't display any websites other than the Three home page, supposedly because it is an internal website.

I then spent hours on the phone with Three and Toshiba technical team, trying to change some advanced internet options, turn off firewalls etc but nothing changed. Three then sent me a new dongle apparently with compatible driver. But it's still the same.

The weird thing is when I check the network and sharing centre - connections are fine. And when I ping websites like google on CMD, no packets are lost. The connection is there but something isn't right.

Can anyone help???

A:3 USB dongle connected but cannot display websites

Can you list the model number of your dongle?

Another option that i see the company offers, would be one of their "Mifi" devices. That would allow your laptop to see it as a normal wireless signal. But that would be a matter of last resort, I'm pretty sure we can get this working for you.

Can you please open a command prompt, and type "ipconfig /all" and send a screenshot of the results. Do the above command with the dongle connected, be sure you can get to that internal site.

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I was trying to fix a problem with an old Thinkcenter M58 PC that makes the fan either working an full or at the lowest speed (depending on the occupied ram slot) I have tried to remove nearly every caple from the mother board , make CLR_CMOS and CLR_CMOSHW reset at the motherboard , changing some bois options , Put i have failed and give-up . Now i have a new more serious problem and dont know what made it appear , When I try to start the PC after a shutdown or make a system restart , after about 1 second and before the bios screen appear i hear 16 fast beeps (4-4-4-4 beeps) then the screen turn off , i can hear the Fan , the Harddisk is still running but noting happen . After i press the turn off button for 5 seconds the computer shutdown , then pressing the turnon button again the computer starts normally after a short delay (about 3 secs ) and so on !! So I think the hardware is functioning normally , but having to do this every time i turn on the PC is so irritating and noisy , and it wasn't like that when i started fixing the fan problem ! I have tried to flash the Bios again from inside the Windows , i have disabled all the checks so i can flash the same version again , but nothing change , also used the Flash BIOS update (CD ISO image version) iso 3.13 MB found here support.lenovo.com/us/en/downloads/ds013586 by booting into a USB then flashing it but the problem didn't fix , but now there is no Machine ... Read more

A:16 beeps when the Lenovo Thinkcenter M58 PC Start

Is the problem is so hard ? no one knew the solution ?!

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I have facing BSOD each time when I connect a mobile phone or a Sierra Wireless dongle. Initially the occurrence of the issue is not so often until recently whenever it is connected blue screen take place.

Please help.

P/s: please find attached of the mini dump.

Thank you.

A:BSOD each time a mobile phone or dongle is connected


Any expert here can help?? Really need a solution for this.

Thanks in advance.

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Hello, this is the problem with internet, as im using a TATA Photon+ connection which i have from nearly 3years it was working perfectly no problems at all but from past a 2weeks im not able to browse anything may it be INTERNET EXPLORER V10 or GOOGLE CHROME....the dongle get connected and im also able to use the yahoo massenger but when it comes to browsing nothing....i even uninstalled Google Chrome and reinstalled it no change.....the thing is that it doesnt even say page cannot be displayed just the a small circle type thing keeps circling as loading thing would do on the top corner of the screen...but nothing displays.....please if anyone can help me on this and let me know what the problem is...is it some sort of virus.....and also in the cmd prompt when i do a ping sort of thing like "ping www.yahoo.com" it say sent 4, rec=4, lost 0(0%).....what does this mean......waitng for anyone to answer and solve my problem....thank you in advance.

A:TATA Photon+ Dongle connected but no internet access

Have you contacted Tata Photon's support? Customer Care Centers
Browse to C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc open the Hosts file with Notepad. Save the text document and attach it in your next post.
You can also Enable the Hidden Administrator account, log out of the user account your in and log in as Administrator and see if that improves.

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With my old computer and mouse, I used to be able to use the middle button for various tasks susch as opening a link in another tab, rotating the camera in games etc and i have got very used to this.

I recently purchased a Dell XPS One and am using the mouse which came with it which, according to Device Manager, is the Logitech HID Compliant Cordless Mouse.
I am running Vista Home Premium x32, and i am unable to use the middle button for this. Instead, in firefox, it is a sort of zoom function. Yesterday it started working - i don't know why - but today it has failed again and is back to the zoom function.

If i hold down the CTRL button and left click, this is the same as middle button should be, so is there any way i can swap these functions around?

I don't know if this is a problem with the mouse or with vista, or with me not finding some setting.

If it helps, my mouse driver is version which i think is up to date.

A:Logitech HID-compliant Cordless Mouse - middle mouse button issue

Have you gone to Mouse in the Vista Control Panel and see what choices you are given there to manage the mouse?

What does it say the mouse is if you look at the bottom of the mouse itself? Is there a model number?

If its a Logitech Mouse you may be able to install the Logitech SetPoint software to add extra functionality or programing options: javascript:downloadSW();

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Hey all,

I just installed Windows 7 earlier today. The install went fine, until right near the end. I had to click 'next' to a question, which I had already done a few times, but this time the tab was not responding. I tried again and again, then finally just hovered over the tab and pressed enter on my keyboard which did the trick.

Now that the OS is up and running, everything is working fine but I just have one problem. My left mouse button is doubling up as a 'back' button. So if I am in a folder and want to double click a new folder, or even if I just left click on empty space, it will take me backwards one folder. A nightmare in internet explorer aswell.

For the time being Ive switched the two buttons around, so I have an action button, but no right click (on the left mouse button now) anymore.

Ive tried installing the original drivers, and in compatibility for Vista, but nothing seems to fix the problem. Anybody have any suggestions? Id be real grateful to hear them


Oh and the mouse is a Logitech LX7 wireless.


A:Logitech wireless mouse - crazy left mouse button

Have you tried the mouse on a different machine?

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Hi I'm really hoping someone here can help me! My logitech corded optical mouse was working pretty well but it was a little slow, so I decided to switch it out with a microsoft comfort 1000 optical mouse.

I have another machine and both mice seem to work perfectly there. But on my main machine they both lock up after a few minutes and the only thing that fixes it is rebooting.

I was highly suspecting it was a conflict between logitech and microsoft software at first. I tried this: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/321122 several times to clear the registry and start fresh. But each time I ended up having to use system restore after. I can clear everything out, and then the USB hub is detected when I reboot but the mouse is not. I check device manager and it says it has an HID compliant mouse, and the mouse lights up like it has power but won't move at all.

Does anyone have any ideas? Is there any more information I could give that would be helpful to troubleshoot?

Thanks so much!!

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Rec a new Acer 620 which alos has a dongel with it, MORFFHL-d but nothing works with it, so what does this dongle work with or for?

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Rec a new Acer 620 which alos has a dongel with it, MORFFHL-d but nothing works with it, so what does this dongle work with or for?

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Rec a new Acer 620 which alos has a dongel with it, MORFFHL-d but nothing works with it, so what does this dongle work with or for?

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Hey guys. I have a Microsoft Wireless Mouse 2.0, and a Microsoft Wireless keyboard 3000 V2.0. The mouse works off of a wireless receiver that looks like a wired mouse kinda, and the keyboard works off of a small, white USB dongle. Can both of them work off of the same receiver?

A:Can the wireless mouse and keyboard use the same USB dongle?

Quote: Originally Posted by spoonard

Hey guys. I have a Microsoft Wireless Mouse 2.0, and a Microsoft Wireless keyboard 3000 V2.0. The mouse works off of a wireless receiver that looks like a wired mouse kinda, and the keyboard works off of a small, white USB dongle. Can both of them work off of the same receiver?

If when you bought them you got ones on the same channel theoretically yes but they are on different channel to prevent interference.


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Anyone know if it's possible to purchase a USB dongle for HP wireless keyboard and mouse? ..mine went missing while moving  to a new home.Thanks.Riko


View Solution.

A:usb dongle for wireless keyboard and mouse

That missing dongle can be found at codemicro.com as part number RG-0638 and the cost is high, $39.95 freight paid. You can also purchasea Mouse/Dongle combo for about $5.00 more. Be sure to check the part number on you mouse if you want the same combo as you had.Good luck. Mine died but, I refuse to pay $40 bucks for a $2 dollar item that HP should have in stock. Their part number is 5188-7334 but HPdoes not stock it. After about 2 years they don't even know how to find one. 

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I have a Microsoft optical wireless mouse using a USB port, but since I started using a USB G3 dongle to access the web it has become very jerky, at times almost impossible to use, I presume there is some interference from the G3 dongle ? .. is there a solution .. ?


A:Wireless mouse, G3 dongle problem.

Panic over, the problem was interference from a nearby power supply unit .. doh

Thanks to all who read ..


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Hi !

Problem is that the white BT mouse is not working with BT usb dongle.
- It is working with laptop where BT is intregrated.

That other mouse (speedlink) is working fine with that BT usb dongle.

Mouse seems to be fine and, usb dongle works too but why it doesn't work together ?
Any ideas?


A:Bluetooth optical mouse / BT usb dongle

Well, it seems I don't get any help from here...

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Hi, I lost my dongle for Wireless Mouse MG-0982. Can I get a new dongle only. I have the mouse and keyboard only dongle is lost. Thanks in advance.

A:Dongle for Wireless Mouse MG-0982

Hello @Muslehuddin, I understand that you lost your dongle for your keyboard and mouse and want to see if you can get  a replacement. Unfortunately, you cannot get a dongle as they are keyed to the hardware they control in the factory. If you are unable to find the dongle you will have to replace the keyboard and mouse. I hope I have answered your question to your satisfaction. Thank you for posting on the HP Forums. Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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hi there,

i have a lenovo G505 laptop running windows 8.1 and i am having issues trying to install my bluetooth USB adapter,
a belkin F8T017,

i have tried installing the drivers but it doesn't recognise the device during the installation, and when i check device manager it shows as a HID compliant Mouse, i have tried everything i can find on google, tried installing the vista drivers in compatibility mode, and repeatedly uninstalled the device in DM, even tried to update the driver software and pointing to the correct drivers but as the drivers are old it keeps saying the drivers installed are the most up to date (even though they are wrong) it does not recognise it as a bluetooth adapter, and it works in my fiancee's laptop and my desktop which both run win7 ultimate.

i am wondering if anyone on here knows of anything i can try to resolve this?



A:Bluetooth USB dongle showing as HID compliant mouse

Perhaps there is no win 8.1 driver written for this device? I would search the manufactures website for an updated driver. I know my Asus G75 needed an upgraded Bluetooth driver to work correctly in 8.1

F8T017 Its seems that win 7 win 8 or 8.1 are not listed in the compatibility list

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I have an HP Pavillion DV2-1209AV Windows 7. I just purchased speakers for my laptop. Logitechspeakers, but they are buzzing but not producing sound from my computer. What do I do to make them function properly?

A:I just connected Logitech speakers to my laptop but no sound...

Hi, Please try this first: Right click the speaker icon,Select Playback devicesRight click then Enable the external devices      Hope this helps:

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Even if there aren't any Logitech Unifying Receivers connected to my computer, one always appears in my "Devices & Printers" window. How do I get rid of it?

A:Logitech Unifying Receiver appears when none are connected

Look in the device manager. There's probably a Logitech device you need to disable or uninstall.

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Hi, My wireless mouse and keyboard combo (Model no 5189URF) came along with my desktop which is 3 years back (I guess). Recently the receiver/dongle blue light is on sometimes or totally off/dead. Therefore i need a replacement for that little thing instead of having to get a whole new keyboard and mouse because current receiver is not working. My receiver/dongle part no is 5188-6928. How and where can I order replacement usb receiver in India? Appreciate any help. Regards,Siva

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somehow, the integrated bluetooth isn't detecting the device. help?

the laptop is a 2730p and the os is vista business.

A:How do I install an mx5500 mouse to a laptop without using its bluetooth dongle?

Have you installed rechargeable batteries, charged them up, and made sure the mouse is switched on via the small switch on it's underside?

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I bought ?PCIe 1x Extender Riser Card Hishspeed USB3.0 port for mining? in the hope that I could plug my keyboard/mouse combo dongle into it.
Can I or are the uses incompatible?

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This is going to sound really pathetic folks but having had to clean out a load of dust and dirt from my Logitech optical mouse, I now find there is a small sprung object over......
The wheel is back OK and the mouse even works but there is a "thingy" over.. It is about 3/4 inch long with a small hook at each end and a couple of loops in the middle.

When you use the wheel itself, it just doesn't feel that it has the correct tension and therefore I am assuming that the small object should be attached to it in some way.

It did not spring off when I first opened the mouse and in fact I didn't notice it until I was re-assembling. It just sat there in the bottom of the mouse on the right hand side.

Does anyone know of a diagram of the inside of an optical mouse showing where this object should be used? I know it doesn't cost very much to buy a new one but it is a question of honour now finding out where it should be placed. Know what I mean!!


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I have been using a logitech C920 webcam for months on this laptop. Yesterday, I plugged it in and got an unknown device message. I reloaded the logitech software from their site. No change. I plugged the webcam into another laptop and it was recognized. I have tried a basic "clearing" of the system by powering down, unplugging the power and removing the battery then holding the "power on" button for 2 min.

Still getting a unknown device no matter which usb port I plug the webcam into.

Any suggestions?

A:Code 43 Unknown Device for USB connected Logitech C920 webcam

Did you try it in one of the other USB ports? Does a different device, such as a thumb drive, work in the USB ports?

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Now a question from me.
I have an old Logitech but fully functional mouse (cordless optical).
When I ran Vista x86 Ultimate, I installed a small program that allowed me to double-click with middle mouse button. Now, with Vista x64 Ultimate, it doesn't work anymore.
Do someone know another small program to allow me that?


A:Logitech mouse

Have you tried the 64bit version of setpoint from logitech?
Additionally to add extra functions to set point you can try
uberOptions Wiki | Main / uberOptions However this is a bit of a bulky fix for what you want to do >_<

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Whilst doing some work, my mouse suddenly 'failed', cursor frozen nothing in mouse. After plugging in another mouse, I checked device manager and found that Win 10 had installed it as an Hid complaint mouse. So I went to logitech, downloaded smart installer (win 10), it would not work, refused to complete installation. Went back and selected x64 bit download and it worked perfectly. My logitech mouse now back to full functionality.

A:Logitech Mouse & Win 10

We have a separate Windows 10 forum.

Please post Win 10 items there.

Windows 10 Forums

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I think this is actually a driver problem, so does it belong in the Hardware category? I guess so.

My operating system is Win98SE. I have a Logitech mouse, Model M-C48. For the last couple of weeks, for no apparent reason, my mouse has been freezing, and I can get it to work only if I restart the computer with control>alt>delete. The computer is on all day, and that happens with the mouse at least twice a day.

I thought today to check for mouse in the Device Manager. Sure enough, looks like something there is wrong. But I don't know what to do to fix this problem, and I'm sure it must be something simple.

In Device Manager, the listing under Mouse is Microsoft PS/2 Port Mouse. I don't know how a listing for that mouse got there. My mouse is Logitech M-C48, which is a PS/2 mouse, but it's not Microsoft.

I'm guessing (because I forget) that, when my husband set up my computer after we moved to a new house, Windows just searched for a driver for my mouse, and that's what it found. Except we moved here last fall, and my mouse acted fine for nearly 4 months since then. So maybe that listing is okay, and the problem is something else.

I'm tempted to just double click Microsoft PS/2 Port Mouse, go to the Driver tab, and press UPDATE DRIVER. Or should I do something in Add New Hardware?

I'm afraid to experiment because I'm bound to make the problem worse instead of better. Help, please!


A:Logitech Mouse

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I bought a new Logitech Wireless Mouse. But I am having issues locating the Serial Number. The SN that is on the mouse is not working. It's s Logitech m275 mouse. I would like to download the software for it.

Please help! Thanks in advance!

A:New Logitech Mouse

what operating system do you have?

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I'm having a problem with this Logitech V450 wireless mouse that I'm using on my desktop. I have their software installed. The pointer tends to lag and freeze momentarily but sometimes its worse than others. I've adjusted the pointer speed but it doesn't help. I never had this problem when I used a Microsoft p/s2 mouse. The Logitech one has the little usb receiver thing plugged into a port in back of the machine. The batteries are good, according to the level indicator in the SetPoint application. Is there some other setting on the computer side that I need to look at? I also use this mouse occasionally on my netbook and it works fine there.

A:Logitech Mouse

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Hey, I've been having problems with my g9x logitech gaming mouse. 2-3 days ago I plugged it in and the color wouldn't show to show that the mouse is on. I had to wiggle the usb for the mouse to turn on. This usually takes 5 to 10 minutes because I have to get it in the right position, because if I move the laptop or pull the mouse a little to hard the mouse would turn off. Sometimes I would get the mouse to turn on but then when I let go of the usb the mouse just turns off. Sometimes it would pop up on the computer saying usb not recognized. But that's rarely. And you know how when you plug in and plug out an usb out the computer the laptop makes a sound. When I plug in the mouse it doesn't make a sound but when I plug it out it does. So I'm hoping and praying that's something wrong with the mouse driver or something and not the actual usb port. And uhm I tried a different mouse on the same laptop and the mouse worked. So it must be something with the g9x? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

A:Help with my G9x logitech mouse

About the only thing I can think of is to go to the manufacturer's web site, find your particular laptop and download and install the latest Chipset driver. It would be a good time to update all drivers. When I first started reading, I thought your USB drive had gone bad, but if it happened with another mouse or USB drive, I agree it sounds more like a usb problem with your laptop.

You may want to read over this tutorial on USB Driver - General Fix for Problems

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I have a Logitech Mouse and my question is a Logitech mouse a PS/2

A:Logitech Mouse

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I recognise I'm late to the show upgrading to '10' but my logitech M557 wireless mouse no longer works since the upgrade ... have downloaded the updated driver SetPoint 6.67.83 but no success. Mouse still not working. Any suggestions pls

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so my mouse logitech g3 is a few years old but it has never done this before. so recently i had my pc reinstalled and when i got it back everything seemed to be fine except when i am playing counter strike my mouse just randomly restarts ussualy theres the USB connecting/disconnecting sound and then it starts to work again and it is really annoying.
my pc is a DELL DIMENSION e520

A:LOGITECH G3 mouse restarts

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I am interested in the 15 inch Acer Chromebook. Can I use the Logitech wireless mouse with this computer?Also is Skype available? Is there a media player so that you can rent movies from Amazon.com and play them on this computer?

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When I use the scroll in AOL I loose everything on the screen and cannot get it back. Any ideas? Have to sign off and sign back on. Using AOL 9.0 and logitech combination cordless mouse and keyboard.

A:logitech cordless mouse/AOL

Closing duplicate, please reply here:


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I just got a Performance MX mouse to replace my MX1000 that had a strange quirk of doing a double click when only clicking once. It didn't do it on every click, but it started to do it quite often which was a pain when selecting a bunch of files to be moved and when you click on one and it does the double click action, all the selected files will start to open.

I really love the shape and feel of the MX1000 and it is very different in feel to the Performance MX but the shape grows on you after using it for a bit.

Most people won't buy one since it is a bit pricey, $100 locally and around $75 online.

Overall I am impressed with it.
Oh, and it only cost me $22. Did an RMA with Logitech for the MX1000 for an MX1100 and asked if I could pay the $20 difference for the Performance MX, which they agreed to.

A:Logitech Performance MX Mouse

Hi Zepher,
Just couple of ideas, you probably already checked..
Sounds like mouse setting issue and if not it must be the driver

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This isn't a major problem for me but just something I would like to identify the cause of.

I have a Logitech G7 Mouse, for the most part I have no problems with it at all however it does cause a slight annoyance.

When operating on the desktop it random switches into scroll mode (as if you had pressed the middle mouse button / wheel). A quick click of the same button reverts it back and it works fine.

I never have the problem in any games, it will work perfectly all the time I am gaming, it only occurs when using desktop applications.

Anyone got any thoughts on what might cause it?

Specs are in my profile and below:

Core 2 Duo E4600
XFX Geforce 8800GT Alpha Dog
Soundblaster Live 24 bit
2Gb OCZ RAM @ 800Mhz
Asus P5N-E SLI Motherboard
DVD Burner
1x 120Gig SATA HDD
1x 40Gb IDE HDD (Backup)

WinXP Pro SP3 (all up to date)

A:Logitech G7 mouse Iritation

One quick bump incase someone in the know missed it

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I have a wireless Logitech Mouse and Keyboard combo I've had for ~3 years I've had this computer. I recently installed XP SP3 and now my mouse doesn't always work when my computer loads. The laser is on, I can reconnect w/ the base, but the pointer still doesn't move. I have gotten in the habit of using my keyboard to change which mouse drivers are selected, restarting upon the prompt, and getting my mouse back after the restart. However, my computer still frequently starts in the morning with the mouse not working, and even after resetting the drivers, the mouse won't always work upon restart. Any tips? I've looked for new drivers on logitech but have no idea what to use, given that the lable on the bottom of the mouse has completely worn off. Thanks for any help!

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usually windows will know if some sort of update is needed for a wireless mouse if you go -start-all programs- windows update or microsoft update when your on the site click custom instead of the reccomended one and see if there is any updates available download everyone you available to download and tell me if that works.

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I bought a trio pack from costco that includes a wireless keyboard, mouse, and webcam. The mouse didnt work properly, if I didnt touch it for about 5 seconds it would freeze until I clicked the button, and it would unfreeze. Thinking this was the mouses problem I took back the set and exchanged it for the exact same one. STILL does it, I even tried on my moms computer, she even has a logitech optical wireless mouse and it works fine. Anybody know what could be causing this? Thanks!

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Hey, I was thinking about buying a Logitech MX510 mouse for the holidays but I read it uses USB 1.1 and not 2.0. Would this affect the general performance of the mouse, like in games for example?

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Hi I have installed an upgrade from XP to vista on my fathers PC. He has a cordless mouse from logitech and keyboard. The keyboard works fine but I cannot get the mouse to work. I have downloaded the driver from logitech but no joy. Thinking it may be a conflict from changing platforms. Any ideas?

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I'm not a great fan of Logitech software - but use it anyway because I use their Trackball and want to assign the scroll wheel button as the "Back" key.

That being said, the best solution that I've found for their malfunctioning software is to remove their software, then remove the device, then reboot and reinstall the software.

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