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Ctrlz's Security Config

Q: Ctrlz's Security Config

I'm looking for a safe, quick, free and easy-to-mantain security configuration.
Actually I'm using CIS, it seems a good balance between easy-to-use and all-in-one product, even if I find it very different from what I remember (version 5 or so).
Whitelisting and sandboxing make hips, imho the main suite power, almost useless:

if an app is trusted, can do almost everything -> no alert
if an app is untrusted, it is sandboxed -> no alert
Open to any suggestion or alternative configuration

Preferred Solution: Ctrlz's Security Config

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Ctrlz's Security Config

I would consider some type of system/data backup solution.
Both Macrium Reflect & AOMEI backupper offer good free solutions.
Consider an additional on demand scanner(s).
You might consider enabling Smartscreen.
Other than the lack of a backup solution your config looks good.
Thanks for sharing it with us

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Not looking back.

A:above Security Config

Config is ok maybe try adding an on demand scanner and anti-virus. You should also edit your title. For example to follow the rules you should change the name to, Above's Security Config.

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Any suggestion please

A:A.S.K's Security Config

Upgrade to windows 10 maybe? is more secure than 8.1 for pop up blocker use Popup Blocker (strict) and for adblock use ublock

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Hi !

My current box:

HP netbook Atom N450, 2GB RAM, 1 TB HD.

Running a customized Windows NT 5.1 (XPSP3) patched with POSReady updates until EOL in mai 2019.

I only run my OS in stateless ramdisk mode for performance, security and privacy reasons.

Just started using security and antimalware software.

I used an unpatched XP with NO Firewall and NO antivirus for several months and I never got infected as far as I know. (The C drive gets flushed after reboot so it's hard to tell)
For a long time I exclusively used brain + ramdisk to stay out of trouble and I has worked like a charm.

At the moment I am busy hardening my OS to stay safe in the future.

Using my "obsolete" Windows XP daily for online payments and banking without any fear...

A:NT Five's Security Config

Best config I have seen in a long time = anti-executable + light virtualization + outbound network notifications ... I would not change a thing.

How do you have your RAM Disk configured ? Net cache only or have you added apps to RAM Disk image ?

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This is my security config I just improved cuz i had an infection recently. Damn Usb flash drives.

A:Security Config

If you have a particular issue with USB malware, consider MCSHIELD. Have you considered installing Windows 10? If not, why? Thanks for sharing your config.

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No system image backups: fresh system installation on worst case scenario.

A:Gone Security config

I would add ZAM Free, Disconnect, HTTPS Everywhere. Add a good backup solution, such as Macrium Reflect Free or AOMEI Backupper.

Thanks for sharing.

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What do you Think?

A:Sia Security Config

Real-time Malware Protection: Nothing !Click to expand...

I hope you have Windows Defender enabled ? If not it is strongly recommended

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This is my security config. At current time I am operating with one core so tHE PERFORMANCE IS POOR

A:My security config

Maybe you could use a anti-executable like NVT exeRadarPro , it uses low resources and then complement it with an On-Demand scanner like Hitman Pro ; so you will be protected without having a real-time AV eating up your resource usage.

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Sandboxie and AppGuard are the best of their kind, what else I could say? lol

A:Mr.X Security Config

Minimal yet effective approach, however just for safety measures, perhaps consider adding either a RT AV or an On Demand scanner.

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Hi guys,

these are my specs.
Core i7, RAM 6GB, HP Elitebook Pro Laptop

I also run Virtual Machines, using Virtual Box.
Here I run Server 2008 and Server 2012.
I also run Win 7 in Virtual Box, which is my testing environ.
I utilize CentOS for LAMP in Virtual Box too.


A:Ty's security config

Why have you disabled updates, not a good idea.

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now I am thinking to make new security config on one machine. What better Emisoft AM + Shadow Defender or SSFW + Shadow Defender ?

what is better for the both above ?

Windows 10 Pro


A:New security config

With Shadow Defender for everyday use, you have little to zero chance of persistent infection in your Pc. But an infostealer can communicate in your current session, then your real need is a good outbound firewall and a good backup plan.

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What do you Think?

A:Sia-Dst Security Config

Real-time Malware Protection: Nothing !Click to expand...

I hope you have Windows Defender enabled ? If not it is strongly recommended

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Thanks for taking a look!

A:CK7's Security Config

CK7 said:

Thanks for taking a look!Click to expand...

Very good config.

A few notes and additions:
You might want to add a firewall application, since Avast Free Antivirus does not include any network firewall or HIPS (behavior blocker) components. These components are an essential extra layer of security.
For these tasks, I would personally recommend COMODO Firewall (free) which contains three powerful security modules:
1. Network Firewall (allows you to control connections coming in or going out of your computer).
2. HIPS ("Host Intrusion Prevention System" checks any file for suspicious behavior and allows you to create rules for how that file should run and what it can do on your computer).
3. Sandbox (virtual environment for isolating unrecognized or potentially malicious applications, so that they cannot harm your actual system or files).
COMODO Firewall is an extremely powerful application, and with a little bit of configuration it can become a very effective security layer. In case you run into any trouble configuring COMODO Firewall, there are many COMODO users here on MalwareTips who are all eager to help.
If you see that you do not like COMODO Firewall, you may use Sandboxie as a virtual sandbox application for isolating suspicious files and running applications (e.g. browsers) securely in an isolated and protected environment, without having to worry that any malicious files may harm your computer. (note that Sandboxie ... Read more

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This is my security configuration on my 3yr old Laptop.

A:xYz's Security Config

Nice Configuration,but maybe you want to add a second opinion scanner like Hitman Pro to your config.And https everywhere in your browser

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A:My security config

Nice configuration
I don't know if EaseUS can also be used to create system images, in this case it would be a good idea, otherwise you can use Macrium free for the purpose.

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Hi Guys, this is my second thread about my security config. Hope this time it is according to what is expected .
All the best.

A:Paf's Security Config

Triple boot?

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Malware Analysis Set-up

Virtual Machine:
Windows 8.1
Ubuntu Server 16.04.2

VM Windows (analyse malware):
Process Monitor

VM Ubuntu Server (simulate fake network):
Above are my environment set up to start up my malware / ransomware analysis.
I m a beginner in malware analysis. Is there anything that I need to improve or fix in the set up?


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I keep a casual security config. I don't keep a bullet proof security setup because it is cumbersome.
Also my device is slow and weak which further discourages anything elaborate.
After reading other configs, I decided to get a strong AV ie Kaspersky, changed my dns to Norton, maxed my Adguard settings and do monthly scans.

A:RVS Security Config

If you have a slow device than kaspersky should not be your security program of choice. It runs heavy! Especially if you have a laptop ; it sucks the lifeblood out of your battery. You would be better of with win defender , emsisoft anti malware or eset. Ad kb ssl enforcer to your browser as an extra security meassure. Also think about getting a backup program like aomei backupper standard , better safe than sorry Thanks for sharing your config!

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Hello guys,

At the moment, i am running, KIS 2017, Antilogger, and AdGuard. I am having a look at HitManPro.Alarm. Can i use that too? Or its too much?

A:gmaister22 Security Config


Honestly I do not think it is necessary to use all of those security software at once (I am excluding Adguard from that opinion - I recommend you keep it regardless of which main security software you have).

I would stick to using Kaspersky Internet Security and Zemana Anti-Logger OR Kaspersky Internet Security and HitmanPro.Alert; if I had to choose between ZAL or HMP.A I would most likely choose HMP.A since it has a wider feature-set (e.g. exploit mitigation (it even supports BadUSB protection), ransomware mitigation, browser compromise protection (e.g. scans for unwanted hooks which may be from malware to steal passwords), etc).

Regarding compatibility issues, there may be on the keylogger protection side, but it is best for you to test it out yourself; make sure you have a backup say on case there is a problem which causes data corruption/loss.

That being said, regardless of which one you decide to use alongside Kaspersky Internet Security, you will be well-protected; please remember that no security can make you invincible and that it'll be down to you just as much as the protection installed and running on your system to keep yourself safe. That being said, as I said earlier, I do not think it is necessary to use both ZAL and HMP.A alongside KIS.

Stay safe and good luck.

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Hi all ,

It's Anupam here. Thought of posting my security configuration ( Actually Suggested by @MrExplorer ).

Here is link for my Computer Configuration.


*updated my os from Windows 7 ultimate to windows 8.1.

A:Anupam's Security Config

Great Config.
Try WOT, its too good.

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**WARNING: Emulate this config with caution. If you practice unsafe or risky browsing or click habits this config may not suit your needs.

A:_CyberGhost_'s Security Config

Consider using MBAM Premium as an on demand scanner only BTS is enough for real time protection.
You could also add an additional on demand scanner such as ESET Online Scanner
CCleaner or Privazer if not already installed
Some type of backup solution
If only for testing and you have another machine then you probably don't need all the above

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This is my config

A:Tramadol250mg Security Config

Consider adding an on demand scanner(s) such as Emsisoft Emergency Kit,Zemana Antimalware,Hitman Pro or Malwarebytes Antimalware.
Config looks good! Thanks for sharing it with us

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This is pretty simple configuration.

A:Supra Security Config

Thanks for sharing your config!

I recommend Ublock Origin and HTTPS Everywhere for chrome.

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Sorry if this doesn't make sense I haven't really made a fourm on here before

A:J Gamez065's Security Config

J Gamez065 said:

Sorry if this doesn't make sense I haven't really made a fourm on here before Click to expand...

Nice configuration, but turn User Account Control to either Default or Always Notify, also state if you have Zemana Anti-Malware Free or Premium, if you have free it is just an on-demand scanner, not real-time protection.

P.S: You wont be able to update your configuration until you're taken off moderation (it is to prevent people breaking the rules).

You could also add other browser extensions like uBlock Origin, Ghostery, HTTPS Everywhere and Web of Trust

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Real-time settings
- 360 TSE Security level(All engine on) instead of balanced, with pua enabled, all files are monitored by qihoo 360 isn't of just executables and documents.
- Malwarebytes rootkit scan enabled, enabled self-protection module, and I'm notified if Malwarebytes is outdated for more than 2 days.

Privacy for windows

- Anti spy bot beacon
- Shutup 10

A:Vanduss's Security config

Not a bad config. Thank you for sharing.

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Hi everyone,

I think that this Config Wizard is clearly favoring Windows over Linux...

I'm using Arch Linux, imo the safest distro, because u can tweak it as you like.

My security configuration consists of:

ufw - great iptables frontend, tweaked settings in order to reduce attack surface
grsecurity - kernel patch for exploit and 0day protection
AppArmor - MAC, very simple rules configuration (I actually had to recompile my own kernel to allow it, default Arch kernel with grsecurity comes only with Tomoyo enabled - I've no idea how to use it and I'd also have to write my own profiles, so no thank you)
firejail - great sandboxing tool, essential for Firefox and vulnerable apps, comes with several predefined profiles
edithosts - interesting tool, blocks ads on HOSTS level, I tweaked it to block malware domains as well, doesn't slow down my browsing experience so far
rkhunter - decent tool, scans for generic rootkit files, reports suspicious files and most importantly stores hashes of essential OS files and then reports any tampering with them
It's a bit overkill for a desktop, but well... at least I feel safe.

A:eth4n's security config

Arch Linux is a good one, using Apparmor is a good move; you linux security setup is quite tight.

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This is my config.

A:SkepT Security Config

Keep those backups up to date.

Thanks for sharing.

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My Security Config

A:Zentox Security Config

Welcome to MalwareTips, @Zentox!

Simple, functional and effective.
You've got everything covered in my opinion - you're good to go!

Thanks for sharing your config with us!

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I don't take good care of my PC lol xD

Koko's Rescue Disk
Credit in making this goes to @BoraMurdar!
Make your own at Bora's Fix Tools!

A bootable USB created with YUMI containing:
Hiren's Boot CD
MiniTool Partition Master
Avast Rescue Disk
Kaspersky Rescue Disk
AOMEI Backupper
Windows Defender Offline
MiniTool Parition Wizard
Lazersoft Recovery
Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 setup ISO's.
A folder containing a extensive list of tools below.
Extensive list of tools
If something ever happens, these tools will be running in Hiren's Boot CD MiniXP

​EDIT 1:

Changed AVG to Avast Premier (Better detection ratio IMO)
Removed AVG Tuneup, added disk defragmentation pro and EaseUS partition master.
Added backup solution (AOMEI Backupper Free, every 3 days = 1 backup!)
Changed Adblocker plus to uBlock,
Added Sandboxie, and Unchecky.
Debating whether or not to replace VirtualBox with VMware.

Changed VirtualBox with VMware station Pro 12
Added f.lux, (Had this forever, it's awesome!)

Added Rescue Disk. Thank you to @BoraMurdar!

Added Lazersoft Reco... Read more

A:Koko's Security Config!

For a backup solution might i suggest Macrium Reflect or Aomei Backupper, both have a very good free version.

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Firewall: GlassWire Network Monitor Pro
Backup and restore: Macrium Reflect Free and some complete images.
Speecy: HW monitor
Shadow Defender, Sandboxie.

Hello guys, I decided to dramatically increase my security level by building a PC entirely and exclusively dedicated to Malware Analysis.
This PC does not contain any personal or sensitive information.

Allocated virtual systems for the analysis lab: Windows 10 Home inside VirtualBox 5.1.4

Behavioral and static analysis tools

File system and registry monitoring: Process Monitor
Process monitoring: Process Explorer
Network monitoring: Wireshark
Code-analysis tools, disassembler and debugger: OllyDbg and IDA Pro Freeware, PE Studio, IlSpy

Change detection: Regshot
Memory dumper: OllyDumpEx
Online analysis tools : Anubis, Malwr, Deepviz.
Real-time threat assessment: WebInspector
Historical reputation data: URLVoid and MxToolbox

Other tools
Visual Studio Express : the main Integrated Development Environment (IDE) from Microsoft.
Code::Blocks: a free C++ IDE built to meet the most demanding needs of its users. It is designed to be very extensible and fully configurable and has multiple compiler support (default GCC).
Detect it Easy: another one PE identifier
ProcDump: a command-line utility whose primary purpose is monitoring an application for CPU spikes and generating crash dumps during a spike that an administrator or developer can use to determine the cause of the spike.
Java Decompiler
Spy++: spying tool with point-an... Read more

A:LabZero War PC Security Config

Looks good! Thanks for sharing it

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Edit:REHIPS added as sandbox app.

A:Rishi's Security config

Make sure the backups are up to date.

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This is how I am protected

A:alla bez Security config

1 recomendation: turn UAC on, considering you had an infection recently.
Also, set up a virtual machine for your malware samples tests/phishing sites visits.

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Welcome! This is my new config.

A:Hawkeye11647's Security Config

Nice config. Your security is pretty solid. No need for backups?

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Here is my security config.

Update: 2/12/2015
Real-time Protection:

ESET Smart Security 9 (potentially unwanted applications: ON; potentially unsafe applications: ON; Removable media scanner: OFF)
HitmanPro Alert 3
NVT EXE Radar Pro (lockdown mode) + (block all process exetuted from external devices)
MCShield 3 (1st layer USB infection prevention)
Added F-Secure Freedome VPN

Added Cyberfox and remove Firefox (all browser run inside the Sandboxie)

Other Applications:
Added some "exploitable" applications (reason why I add HMPA)

I do this setup to minimize removable media infection, because my machine works with a lot of removable media file transfer. "Shortcut Viruses" is currently popular malware spreading throgh USB here. The bad thing is, ESET eventually can't detect and remove this virus, MCShield does! So, I disabled ESET's USB scanner and put MCShield to do this job.

One thing, I am a happy clicker on the internet + (Common Sense Internet Security 2016: ON )

May this setup looks overkill? But I dont faced any issues nor system slow down.

A:aseu2k15 Security Config

If u watrch Youtube a LOT then use an extension called MAGIC ACTIONS FOR YOUTUBE

and also use ccenhancer with Ccleaner to increase the capability.

ADD and ANTI-EXPLOIT(although ESS is okay but to be on safer side)

ALSO i feel only 1 REALTIME AV is required but in Ylour case u r using 2 that'll unnecessarily slow ur system



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I know my secureness is horribly low: a new entry is UAC on "non dim" (before was off).
The win updates, even if they're on "manual" are checked often.

A:Hadden Security Config

I highly recommend you uninstalling SpyHunter ASAP. Google it and you'll learn why. You can keep Panda Free if you want as a real-time malware prot, but I would recommend you picking up an anti-executable like NVT Exe Radar Pro, Voodooshield, APPGUARD, ReHIPS, etc. The freebies are the first two options. I'll leave the rest to others. Thanks for sharing your config.

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Adguard for windows for system wide ad blocking.

A:_eR_ Security Config

Nice config! You can add ZAM or Malwarebytes Anti-Malware to on demand scanner. You are protected

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Hi, Presently am having MalwareBytes AnitMalware Free and would like to add a secondary AntiMalware . Pls suggest me the Best along with A Full security software free .Read about Emsisoft in your thread . Looks convincing . How is Zemana Anti Malware ? Any Free GiveAways of security softwares with good rating and ease of use . Would like to try it for a few months . How good is K7 total security 2016 .

A:Swathiravi's Security Config

@Swathiravi Mod Edit Notes: Username in title.

You need real-time security protection, pronto.

Please fill in the forms with accurate information, you already use Malwarebytes Anti-Malware as an on-demand scanner.

Find external promotions, discounts and our own Giveaways at: Giveaways and Promotions | MalwareTips.com

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Privacy Tool: Cyber Ghost Premium Plus.
Games Tool: Uplay, Steam.
Downloader : IDM
Browser: GC, FF.
Office Tools: MS- Office 2013 Professional Plus,
PDF : PDF Studio Pro.
Compressor : WinRAR.
Screen Capture : ScreenPresso Pro.
Cloud Storage: DropBox.
ISO Mounter : Power ISO.

A:Home PC Security Config

Seems like you have everything installed. I like this combination. Thanks for sharing it with us!

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Never forget the common sense

A:Geminis3's Security Config

Nice configuration. Do you lack backups because you have no personal files on the laptop?

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intel pentium D @ 2.6GHz
80 gb hardisk
RAM Corsair DDR3 4GB Desktop (CMV4GX3M1A1333C9)
gpu amd radeon hd 545

A:ABHINAV RAO Security Config

It helps us to help you with suggestions if you provide more details, such as what you have for real time security, on demands and privacy, what you use to block ads, trackers, ect.

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Last but not least, i update my windows and download programs from vendor's websites..
That's it i guess..

A:malis's Security Config

Simple but pretty safe with that config.

just wondering why you not use Chrome?

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I have a Core i3 of first generation with 3gb of Ram. It is a bit outdated but satisfies all my needs. I have a Windows 10 Pro. I Use Eset Smart Security Premium 10 with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.

A:aamoos Security Config.

Looks really good! Is ESET heavy at all for you? I usually have trouble with AVs besides Avast. (I have 8gb of ram and some other stuff.) I would add Zemana as an on-demand scanner! If ESET is too heavy for your computer, Avast is a very nice and light alternative.

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Many are showing their settings, here's mine.

A:Jrs30 Security Config

Few suggestions; enable UAC and consider creating a system image as an OS backup. Verify you trust all those browser add-ons.

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Hello everyone

Can someone has more suggestion to secure my PC at extreme level

A:Vishal's Security Config

@Vishal Kumar Singh

Welcome to MT.

You already have decent security configuration.

At the most extreme for Windows you can harden Windows OS, add Software Restriction Policy and Anti-Executable software, and finally, light virtualization software.

The most extreme would be to migrate to Linux - but I don't think that is what you wish from your post.

Hardening the OS involves researching tweaks and disabling features in W7 that are never used.

Software Restriction Policy software include Blue Ridge Network AppGuard, Excubits Bouncer and NoVirusThanks Smart Object Blocker.

Anti-Executable software includes NoVirusThanks Exe Radar Pro, VooDooShield and Faronics Anti-Executable.

Light virtualization software includes Sandboxie and Shadow Defender.

My signature shows a popular configuration amongst some security soft geeks.

Notice I have no AV suite installed - don't need it.

I don't bother hardening the OS except for a few tweaks - such as disable remote assistance.

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Infected with CIS Hips off full virtualization then changed config .-)).

A:Davidov Security config

I really like your conf., but i think you would do better with Online Armor free that is a powerfull firewall with HIPS defense not provided by your antivirus and very easy to use.

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I thank you all for the Giveaways

A:Azure security config

Thanks for sharing your config, but you have an anti-all pc, well is not a good idea, if i were you i would use malwarebytes into passive mode /free mode/ uninstall comodo firewall and xvirus as bitdefender total security cover what those programs does. And i would recommend you to uninstall and leave only the necessary extensions, due to the fact that they consume a lot of ram and make the browser more unstable and some time they may crash. in resume just use what you need. is not true the fact that with many antimalware soft you will be protected, it is the opposite.

Comodo and bitdefender are not good friends... having them on at the same time will cause a hole in your firewall... because none of them will be able to work correctly

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