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Enable one-finger scroll on Precision M4800 (ALPS touchpad)

Q: Enable one-finger scroll on Precision M4800 (ALPS touchpad)

I got my Precision M4800 and I'm really about it.
But! I dislike the touchpad for one reason : No option to enable one-finger scroll. I'm kinda "old school" with touchpad and I don't like using my the two-fingers scroll and all the "fancy " features and the touchpad software don't have this specific feature.I tried the old driver version (7.0), but it's not compatible with Windows 8.1.
I can see a lot of values in the regedit ( HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Alps and HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Alps ) but I don't know which one it can be,
Do you know if a generic ALPS drivers exist? Do you have a solution for this issue?

Preferred Solution: Enable one-finger scroll on Precision M4800 (ALPS touchpad)

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Enable one-finger scroll on Precision M4800 (ALPS touchpad)

Run the DellTPad.exe file in C:\Program Files\DellTPad. This will give you an older interface which includes the one-finger scroll.

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On a Dell Latitude E5530 with the Alps touchpad, I find that the two-finger scroll gesture works very poorly in one direction. (I have the "reverse direction" option selected, and I can easily scroll webpages down, but up sometimes works okay, but often scrolls very very little at a time, or I have to press down quite hard on the touchpad to get it to scroll correctly).
I also notice that when I two-finger-tap to get the right-click menu, it often misses it, and I have to do it again, harder. But it doesn't seem that just "harder" is the issue, because two-finger scrolling webpages down always works well; it's just up that works poorly/ requires me to press much harder.
This is under Windows 10 Pro 64-bit; has happened under all Windows 10 versions (Anniversary, Creators Update, and Fall Creators Update), and has the Microsoft-signed, Alps-labelled, version 10.1207.101.103 date 6/23/2015 driver.
I have tried reducing the TouchGuard sensitivity; that didn't help. I've turned off all other gestures just to make sure that the touchpad wasn't misinterpreting my gestures - that also did not help.
Any suggestions?

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Just thought I'd share this here since I had no luck setting this up with the built in GUI for the Alps touchpad settings on my new Y50-70. Here are some registry settings I found that worked for adding right and middle click functionality to the 2 and 3 finger taps. I'm just posting since I had to dig around for awhile to find something that works, and I hope this helps save other people some time.
HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Alps >Apoint > Guesture
Same for 3 tap except
3TapFunc uses 0d
As always, be careful with your registry.
Mod's Edit: System model added to front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

A:Y50-70 - Alps Touchpad - Add 2 and 3 finger taps f...

Hey can you show me how exactly you typed this in your registry?
I am trying to enable 3 finger tap to perform a middle click for my alps touchpad.
Here are the registry settings that I have added so far:
Click here to view image
Mod's Edit: Image(s) converted to link(s) due to size.  Photos are limited to 100k size per forum guidelines.                     Please refer to About Posting Pictures for more information.

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When my computer restarts the touchpad (that I keep turned off as I use a mouse) keeps turning itself back on. This is a recent problem in the past 4 months. Previously I could use the Fn F5 key and keep the touch pad off. Now the Fn F5 key no longer seems to control the touch pad and I have to go into the control panel every time my computer restarts. This is becoming a problem.
I am still on Windows 7- is this the cause?
Something else?
Please advise.

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Hello, the EliteBook Folio G1 (2016) allows the choice between MS Precision and GlidePoint. The problem described below occurs on both driver versions. (Please also note that I have configured *all* settings (on all 3 locations where mouse settings can be configured), and I did so in a way that rules out that the problem is a result of misconfiguration. Bios, Windows and Touchpad drivers are up-to-date.) Problem: When I try to move the cursor just a little bit (which is a very frequent action in everyday computer usage in general (e.g. cursor positiong, checkboxes), and with certain applications (imaging) in particular), there is no response until I have moved my finger over the touchoad a few millimeters (!). This is very annoyng -- it is impossible to do precise operations. In particular, no such issues exist on my other notebooks. I guess it's some kind of protection so no movements are done when accidental touching the touchpad. However, unlike the "prevent-movement after typing"- option, there is no user-visible setting that would allow the user to disable this annoyance. I am actually considering sending the computer back. It is ironic because this is anything but "Precision". (All the other features and behavior of the touchpad are quite good, btw).  Request: Please forward this problem to your developlemt/software team so they can check whether this can be changed, and then please provide new drivers/etc. They should check wheth... Read more

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Is there any patch, hack, ect that can enable 2 finger scrolling on my synaptics touchpad?

A:Enable 2 finger scroll?

Have you tried downloading the latest drivers from Synaptics?

Make sure to make a system restore point and test it before installing these drivers.

Download License Agreement | Synaptics

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Hi there, How do i enable two finger scrolling in my Lenovo G505 laptop? I do not see any available options in the mouse settings. Thanks

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Hi, The two finger scroll function on the touchpad is not working. The driver is updated as well. Overall the touchpad seems unresponsive as well. It gets stuck and cursor stops moving. It is the only thing that I am not happy with regarding the spectre x360. Can you please help. Thanks

A:Two finger scroll down not working on touchpad

Hello @ukx360 ,Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forums and Welcome. I have read about your HP Spectre x360 Notebook and mouse freezing. Here is a document on how to troubleshoot the mouse and Touchpad sensitivities.If you will go to the section on Adjusting TouchPad, you will see a restore defaults button. If you select that it will restore the original settings.Hope this fixes things up.Thanks.

Please click ?Accept as Solution ? if you feel my post solved your issue, it will help others find the solution.Click the ?Kudos, Thumbs Up" on the bottom left to say ?Thanks? for helping.I work on behalf of HP

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Alps driver does not show up in the device manager even though the hardware is installed.
Two error messages appear during OS bootup:
"Alps setmouse monitor error" X 2 error message boxes.
External mouse is the only way to access mouse control.

Use of Dell update system does find drivers, I install the drivers and still no touch pad after installation and reboot. Same error after installation and reboot.
Anyone know the problem or how to repair?

A:Dell Precision M4700 Mobile Workstation Alps Touchpad Not Working After Windows 10 Update

Hi Magisterludiv,
Please check and confirm if the system BIOS is updated to latest, if not please update from support.dell.com under drivers and downloads BIOS section. As you have already updated the drivers and it didn't make any different, try booting to safe mode with networking and check if the touchpad works.
For me to better assist in troubleshooting, please click my DELL-username and send me a Private Message with the Dell Service Tag number and your email address.

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I updated my computer about 1/2 weeks ago and the 2 touch scroll feature doesn't work. I went to advanced touchpad settings to see if I could fix it there but the results were that it is on. I went to check if maybe I did it wrong and sure enough it still
didn't work at all. Can you please either give me a step by step guide on fixing this or a link to a bit of software that fixes this?
And yes the touchpad is up to date, the system won't even let me click it.

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Hey there,

i recently got a harddrive replacment for my Qosmio f60 laptop and windows had to be reloaded.
When my laptop was previously working i could two-finger scroll on pages and such,
Now i cant, and i cannot find a setting for it anywhere.

ive downloaded a driver called 'scrybe' which allows me to do this,
but i would much prefer not running an extra processor and just using the laptops default function.

Can anyone explain why my laptop previously let me do this and now cant? and how i could fix it?

thanks heaps!

A:Qosmio F60 - Cannot use touchpad Two-Finger scroll function

> can anyone explain why my laptop previously let me do this and now cant?

Maybe the Synaptics touchpad driver is not installed?
The Synaptics driver provides additional touchpad features.
Therefore I recommend installing this driver.

The settings can be found in control panel -> mouse -> Advanced tab -> advanced settings

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Hi. I bought a brand new Thinkpad T470s with Win10pro preinstalled. I have installed all latest win10 updates and lenovo updates and also BIOS is updated. I have the following problems that are most likely caused by Touchpad and the fact that it is a Microsoft Precision Touchpad. - I had to set "Choose how many lines to scroll" to value 8 in Settings/Mouse to get adequate scrolling speed in Google Chrome and most of other apps that I use - 2-finger scrolling freezes and delays now and then in SimpleNote- there is no way to adjust 2-finger scrolling speed in File Explorer and MS Edge Explorer. "Choose how many lines to scroll each time" setting in "Settings" and "Control Panel/Mouse" has no effect on touchpad 2-finger scrolling speed. I dont really use Edge as I prefer Chrome but this slow scrolling in File Explorer is unacceptable. Even my old Thinkpad X201 is better.- 2-finger scrolling in Device Manager is too jumpy and slow to use comfortably- 2-finger scrolling in MS Word 2010 was also jumpy couple of times, but most of the time it works OK- I use Gmail in a separate window which I created from Chrome with "Add to desktop" option and "Open as window" checked. When Gmail is used from this separate window, 2-finger scrolling is jumpy and delayed, also very unacceptable.  I suspect that these problems must be somehow caused by that Touchpad is Microsoft Precision Touchpad. Is there any solution to these problems?   When these problems are s... Read more

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I just loaded the new windows 10 operating system on my Pro Book 6440b and I am having a problem with the Synaptics Touchpad driver. Most of the functions work properly with the touch pad but there is one issue that I cannot resolve with the Window 7 driver for the touchpad. The finger scroll function will not work in any of the newly formatted Windows 10 OS windows. I wonder if their has been a patch made for this driver problem or if it is an ongoing issue. I know the mouse pad works fine all functions since I reloaded all of the drivers after a complete system restore in the windows 7 OS.????? 

A:Synaptics touchpad finger scroll Pro Book 6440b Windows 10

Well I just solved my own issue with the Synaptics PS/2 touchpad driver for win 10. It will not auto update, nor can it be found when using device manager but searching the Synaptics site i was able to find some windows 10 PS/2 Driver updates and now it is so Awesome, my fingerscroll works once again. Right here> http://www.synaptics.com/resources

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Has anyone used an Inspiron 13 7000 touchpad two-finger scroll gesture and also compared it to a Surface Pro 3?
I've been using the Inspiron 13 for months but just reformatted Windows on a Surface Pro 3 last night and wow - the 2-finger scroll responsiveness is virtually instant on that device.  On the Inspiron it always seems to take a bit of time to get going. 

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Title says it all really. This stopped working after the last major Windows 10 update (the one that introduced the three-finger horizontal scroll for scrolling through active applications). All other gestures seem to work OK, only the 2-finger scroll gesture has stopped working. I have all the latest updates installed, and all the latest drivers.

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hi guys i need help. i have new laptop hp pavillion dv6t-6b00 notebook. i installed windows 7 ultimate on it. the touch pad has no scrol bar line on it. one of my friend told me that you can enable it from mouse properties. so i tried every thing there is no virtual scrolling button or if i go to personalize> mouse pointer> there is no gestures button .. so how can i enable it plz help thankyou

A:how can i enable virtual scroll on my laptop touchpad

Hello and Welcome to TSG moeenali.

You will need to download the drivers for the touch pad. As well as other drivers such as chipset drivers.

Drivers for Win 7 32 bit

Drivers for Win 7 64 bit

Here's a link on Using and Configuring the TouchPad in Windows 7

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hey guy!

is there any one know how to enable laptop touchpad scroll, tab and drag function? im using the ASUS A52jc, Win 7 HP 64 bit. i only can move the pointer and tab to select. totally can't scroll and double tab to drag & drop. thing just happened about 2 weeks ago. before it worked fine. I've tried to reinstall driver but still cannot solve it....

A:Solved: how to enable touchpad scroll, tab and drag function

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Hi, I'm pretty useless when it comes to figuring things out with computer software, ect. But over the past 2 days, my touchpad has suddenly stopped working properly.The issue is that when I hold any key on the keyboard, I cannot move my mouse, nor can i use 2 fingers to move the mouse, or have any more than 1 finger on the touchpad, it just locks the cursor into place and i cannot move it. I have tried a few suggestions, such as turning off palm-tracking, and going into Regedit and setting the values of "disable when typing" to 0, and after restarting, the issue is still the same, I can't move my mouse whilst using the keyboard, or having more than 1 finger on the touchpad. I went back into regedit, the values were still at 0, I went into the mouse settings, and palmtracking was still turned off. I even tried installing a different driver, but once I installed it and restarted, the computer said there was an error and had to restart - this wasn't fixed until I reset my entire computer, which took hours.Though I am not sure if I went about installing the driver correctly, as I did not uninstall any previous driver. I just don't know what to do now to fix this, I've tried everything! And this is especially infuriating for me as I'm a gamer, and because of this I am unable to properly play any games!

A:IdeaPad 110 Touchpad still disabled when typing/two finger scroll also disabled?!

Forgot to mention: my touchpad's current driver is Elan  , if that makes any difference.   

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Hi Just wanted to share and in the event I need to information later it's nice to be able to find it on the internet if I forget. I bought a Yoga 500 14-IBD (born with Win10 - not upgraded) as is was on sale and I figured why not I need a second machine. It's actually a very nice machine and the Pentium seems much better at everyday tasks than I imagined (though of it as Atom-like performance but actually its more like just below i3)However not everything is rose red. Like the 900 and probably many other of Lenovo's other laptops it got a very annoying problem. NO TWO FINGER TAP FOR RIGHT CLICK ! Argh !!!! Beyond me a reputable manufacturer manage to get two finger tap wrong !!! The Yoga 500 I got is as said the low end version of the 500 (although it got FHD IPS) and probably that's why they put in an ALPS touchpad while my 900 got a Synaptics. I found no information regarding enable two finger tap to right click on ALPS touchpads on the internet so I messed around a little in regedit (I'm pretty confident so wasn't worried, worst case revert values) thought why not share. 1. Open regedit2. Goto - HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Apls\Apoint\Gesture3. Edit 2TapShow set value to 14. Edit 2TapSupport set value to 15. Edit 2TapSetting set value to decimal 13 (hexadecimal d)6. Do the same for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Alps\Apoint\Gesture7. Restart machine Step 5 is optional. You can now in the ALPS control panel under multi finger set what you want two ... Read more

A:Two finger tap right click (ALPS, Yoga 500) - Here...

Sorry for a minor error! I was about writing this in my OneNote and discovered an error. The point 5 is 2TapFunc NOT setting(!) However it probably doesn't mean a lot - only that you should open the ALPS control panel to then set the two finger tapping function instead of it working right after regedit and restart. Sorry for inconvinience but forum doesn't allow me to edit a post efter some time!

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To start off, the M4800 looked to be a great workstation. The best in its class in terms of processor, RAM, Graphics et al. I read a lot of reviews and everyone who reviewed it said it was the best in its class. So I decided to order one and the ordering process went mostly well. The guy who confirmed the order failed to mention the Dell Advantage Program to me and so I didn't qualify for the 5% Gift Promotion. This fact I found out on the final page of my order form. After hours of talking and being on hold with Customer Service to somehow let me be eligible for the 5% back promotion, the best solution I was suggested was to return the order and reorder the same thing again. So I decided to do that and called the resolution department who were very understanding about the situation and gave me the 5% back offer instead of me doing the entire ordering process all over again. The entire process of getting the laptop to me was a tad bit slow. The manufacturing process took over 10 days and due to the holiday season, it only arrived on January 4, although I had ordered it on December 18.
But the delivery wasn't in any way the main problem. The first thing I saw on the screen when I turned on the laptop said that the 180W AC adapter was not a compatible power supply for the laptop. It said that it wasn't the optimum adapter for the system although it would still work. Now I couldn't have changed the adapter even if I wanted to while ordering it... Read more

A:Precision M4800 disappointment

serious quality issues with M4800;s in our office.   ours are new in 2014 and obviously they haven't stabilized the problems...  charger issues, motherboards that die, black screen upon close/opening the lid, yada yada yada

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Does the Precision M4800 with AMD Firepro M5100 and Club 3D CAC-1070 DP 1.2 to HDMI 2.0 adapter support [email protected]? Or is there another way to get this system to deliver [email protected] to displays?

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hi ..
Now workstation m4800 not available on the Dell site , but  still some stores selling new m4800 ( ebay , amazon .... ) ,  & after  i use INSPIRON 7520 R15 since 2013 , i plan to get one  new m4800  ... i want help by brief explanation in my 4 point .......
What are the specifications of building and materials ( structure ) ?
What are the specifications of keyboard ? dose it  fluid Resistant ?
Do m4800 have  the bending screen ( flex screen ) ?
How long is the battery used ?

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Hi everyone,
Now I have a Samsung 256GB SSD with Windows 10 and I would like to buy a mSata SSD.
Can I install Windows 7 to mSata SSD?

Thanks a lot!

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Suddenly my Precision M4800 has no sound when any headphones/earbuds are plugged in.  To be clear the headphones all work, sound play correctly through the laptop speakers, and when headphones are plug the computer seems to recognize that something in plugged into the audio jack, there is merely no sound.  I have also tried updating the Realtek Drivers, as well as uninstalling and re-installing them; nothing has changed.

A:Precision M4800: No headphone sound

Okay, I actually managed to fix the problem myself with a system restore to before the last windows update, followed by re-installing the last windows update.

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Sometime last week I tried to use my Bluetooth headset with my Dell M4800, which had been working prior to last week.  For whatever reason the headset would show in the device list, but the headset and laptop would not connect.  I did some digging and found out that the Bluetooth services will no longer start.  This includes Bluetooth Device Monitor, Bluetooth Media Service, and Bluetooth OBEX Service.  The start service eventually reports error 1053 for all of the mentioned services.
I tried to update the driver software thinking this would fix the problem.  I downloaded the latest Intel driver (Network_Driver_G8TGC_WN32_19.0.1601.584_A11) from the Dell driver update page.  When I try to install the Driver, it gets about halfway through and reports an error - "There is a problem with the Windows Installer package.  A program run as part of the setup did not finish as expected.  Contact your support personnel or package vendor."  At this point, the driver install rolls back and ends.  If I try to uninstall the old driver I get the same error.
I suspect that maybe a Windows Update caused this problem, but I cannot say for sure.  I did apply some updates last week, but I don't have a clear timeline when Bluetooth quit working because I don't use it every day.

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After a19 bios update, if laptop is powered down and then powered up without disconnecting the power supply, the 4 cores exhibit high use, speed, and temp even in idle and do not reduce over time.  If the power supply is disconnected for at least 45 seconds prior to startup and then connected, laptop powers up to normal idle of 798mhz core speed and 42C-ish cores temp with little core load.  Have repeated this behavior 20 times. 
Precision m4800 I7-4800MQ cpu, 16gigs memory, 64bit Win7 Pro, Mushkin Reactor 1 TB SSD. No overclocking

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Hi, I am a bit frustrating because I install a clear win 10 64bit pro in my precision and now I dont have the maxx audio , the control panel is gone. 
I installed a couple of driver from the driver suppport dell website and nothing happend. In fact I unistall using administrator is the tag  sound, game.. I remove the realtek driver and intalled another one.. always the same.. in fact reboot for a lot of time.. 
Any one have this problems__
thanks in advance

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Hello, I have a Dell Precision M4800, i7-4940MX that came with 8GB of Samsung memory.  I have installed a Samsung 850 Pro 1TB SSD in the SATA, and a Samsung 840 EVO 1TB in the mSATA slot.  I am running BIOS version A13.  I have disabled the Intel HD Graphics in the BIOS so it only uses the Nvidia Quadro K2100M.  Everything was working fine.
I wanted to upgrade to 32GB memory so I bought 2 Patriot Viper 2x8GB kit.  Model: PV316G160LC9SK.  Each SODIMM module is supposed to be 8GB PC3-12800 1600MHz 1.35V 9-9-9-24.
When I remove the Samsung memory and install the Patriot Viper memory in all 4 slots or just 2 slots, the computer doesn't boot and I receive the LED blink code "No memory modules are installed/detected"
However, if I leave the Samsung memory in two of the slots and at the same time install two of the Patriot memory in the other two slots, the computer will boot.  BIOS will show 24GB however it shows the speed of 1333 instead of 1600.  If I remove the Samsung memory, once again it will not boot with the Patriot memory alone. 
Why is the Patriot memory not recognized by itself and why can't I boot from it?
I looked at the Patriot Memory with the program CPU-Z. The timing tables shows JEDEC#3, JEDEC#4, JEDEC#5, XMP-1600.  All voltages say 1.35V
Why is there no memory settings or XMP setting in the BIOS?  Why would Dell offer me an unlocked ... Read more

A:Dell Precision M4800 Memory not detected.

Hi Zak00,
Thanks for posting in the Dell Community Forum.
Just wondered if you've had the chance to read this article?  There is some good information there about how to choose memory for the M4800.

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When I charge my laptop it works very slow, fps in games 10-25. Now I`m doing Dell video tests the temperature of video processor is 40 C, fps when charger plugged in is 32, battery use fps is 100..  
When I use battery energy it works super fast and fps 100 and more.

Please help me!

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Hello reader/support,
I'm a proud user of an M4800, but the constant fan noise bothers me a lot. I ordered it wit win7 but almost directly switched to win 8.1.
What I already discovered:  In the event viewer I experienced a lot of MSI error events (every 11 seconds) .
 Event filter with query "SELECT * FROM __InstanceOperationEvent WITHIN 10 WHERE (TargetInstance ISA 'Msvm_ExternalEthernetPort') OR (TargetInstance ISA 'Msvm_VmLANEndpoint') OR (TargetInstance ISA 'Msvm_SyntheticEthernetPort') OR (TargetInstance ISA 'Msvm_ComputerSystem') OR (TargetInstance ISA 'Msvm_VLANEndpointSettingData')" could not be reactivated in namespace "//./root/virtualization" because of error 0x80041010. Events cannot be delivered through this filter until the problem is corrected.
If I stop the Intel(R) PROSet Monitoring Service these events stop, but I wonder if the performance of network devices is not affected negatively:
The Intel(R) PROSet Monitoring Service actively monitors changes to the system and updates affected network devices to keep them running in optimal condition.  Stopping this service may negatively affect the performance of the network devices on the system.
Nevertheless after this action CPU usage has dropped, but still too much fan noise while the system does nothing ;o(
I contacted support and they adviced me to reinstall with win7, but that is no option for me for the moment.
My p... Read more

A:M4800 Precision - Fan noise without substantial load


I have the same problem. m4800 with win8.1 (needed to support the qhd screen). The fan is always on. Even if I just start the computer, no programs running, energy settings are on "Quiet". CPU load is 1-2 %, CPU temp around 35 degrees C.
I have BIOS vA06.

It is very annoying to work with this constant background noise level, are there any suggestions or should I send this noise-machine straight back to dell ?


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I have a Dell Precision M4800 with Windows 10 operating system.
I got many times, random bleu screen with bcmwl63a.sys problemcode (System_Thread_Exception_Not_handled)
Could you help me what is the solution?


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I have a real stumper.  The power button does not function.  Will not turn on the laptop. I set the bios to power on with A/C, so I can get it to power on by unplugging and replugging the power cord.    When Window has power switch set  to sleep or to shut down -- it does not.  Holding the power switch down will not shutdown the laptop. 
I installed the latest bios from the support pages.  I replaced the CMOS battery.  I replaced the power switch. While I had it opened up I checked for loose connections, debris, dirt, etc.   At least to the point I had access (I did not open beyond removing the palm rest to get to the power switch).
Everything else on the laptop seems to work just fine.  Not sure what to do next with this.  Sad part is this started about 4 weeks after the Dell service expired. 

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I have a Studio 1535 that originally came with Vista and the IT guys at my university upgraded to Windows 7. I really want to be able to deactiviate the Alps Alps TouchPad, v., A01 as I use a wireless mouse and the touch pad highly annoys me. I tried to d/l the driver for the TouchPad but it wasn't compatible. I was hoping on of you fine people could direct me to a compatible driver.

A:win 7 and Alps Alps TouchPad, v., A01

have you checked to see if the touchpad drivers are in device manager.
also if you type mouse in the start search then click the result, there may be a device settings tab that allows you to disable the touchpad when a mouse is plugged in.

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a question about the second mPCIe slot (half size). The M4800 have 3 mPCIe slots, 1 full size is used by a mSATA SSD or a WWAN device,  1 half size slot is used by the WLAN (BT) device. At this both slots are also the needed antenna devices. But ther is a second half size slot without antennas, and without the posibility to use a mSATA device. Which device can I add there?I have a WWAN and WLAN/BT device and can not add a mSATA.

A:Precision M4800 sec. mPCIe slot half size

I guess post is dead?Maybe my answer will help someone else in future.Well IMHO this slot is for Dell Data Encryption Accelerator Card.For hardware data encryption / decryption.But I don't know for sure and recently posted my own question.Some information can be found here

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My new Precision m4800 runs about 1 tenth the speed of similar notebooks we have.  Novabench gave it a score of 330 but a similar laptop I have scored 1050.  This looks like a bus issue. 
Everything that requires memory transfer is about 10 percent the speed of a similar laptop.
I used NovaBench to test how my new m4800 is 1 tenth the speed of my older Toshiba laptop.  My m4800 is a faster clock and more memory but still really really slow.
I have all the latest drivers form the Dell website installed
I think it is a bus driver memory driver thing.  Files copied to the same hard drive work at about 300 mb a second.  All other CPU, memory, and file transfer operations are 1 tenth the speed as measured by NovaBench   I also have the latest bios installed 

SOLVED The power supply to my docking station was not the right amperage for this laptop. This put the memory in slow mode .
The power supply was from my previous laptop but I kept the same docking station. With a newer power supply 9 AMPS the problem went away immediately.

TRY THIS Run on battery and see if your laptop gets faster all of a sudden. Reboot to see the results.

A:Precision m4800 very slow compared to similar laptop


The power supply to my docking station was not the right amperage for this laptop. This put the memory in slow mode. The power supply was from my previous laptop but I kept the same docking station. With a newer power supply 9 AMPS the problem went away immediately. TRY THIS Run on battery and see if your laptop gets faster all of a sudden. Reboot to see the results.

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About two years ago I purchased a Precision M4800 laptop and up until a week ago its LCD monitor has been fine.  However, since then a small cluster of darkened pixels has appeared at the center of the screen.  They are however, neither dead nor stuck pixels, as they change color depending on the background, appearing grey against white, dark blue against blue etc.  Just to be certain i ran monitor test, sure enough the discoloration remained with each solid color background, appearing as a darkened pixelated smudge.  To be clear this is not a scratch or stain, as when i look at the cluster close up i can clearly see tiny darkened squares.  Also the discoloration is not uniform, some pixels are much darker than others, but all change color depending on the background.  Does anyone have idea what this is?

A:Precision M4800 laptop, Darkened (yet not dead) pixels

I'm bumping your post to the first page, hopefully someone help you with the problem.....

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Hi all Precision M4800 owners,
I'm looking for anyone who can share their experience with hooking this machine up to a TV over HDMI: are you able to transmit audio?
I have an issue with mine where the system does not recognize that it is connected to an audio-capable device over HDMI (screenshot is with a device attached and displaying):

I've gone through the Dell drivers, drivers from Nvidia's site, A13 and A14 BIOSes and everything in the HDMI Audio FAQ that looked remotely relevant, as well as a discussion with Dell email support and got nowhere.  After some time, I got a DisplayPort to HDMI adapter and now I have audio through the DP so the core problem has been worked around.  With the DP adapter, Port 0 shows as connected and lists the TV.  The problem, I believe, lies with the ports being treated as something they aren't:

The laptop has one DisplayPort, HDMI, VGA and the internal display, it doesn't have a second DisplayPort nor DVI output.  The TV on HDMI seems to be treated as DVI, which doesn't support audio, so I guess it never seems to try sending it.
I'd like to get some corroborating evidence for a case to update the BIOS (where I think the problem lies, at least) so that I can use my HDMI port as an HDMI port. The most important data will be from anyone else using one of these machines that was made with the QHD (3840x2160) display, not the FHD (1920x1080) one.  The QHD display uses the Nvidia chip for ever... Read more

A:Precision M4800 HDMI no audio - share your experience

I have exactly the same issue. Did you find a solution apart from using the DP adapter?

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i Bought a  dell precision m4800 it came it windows 8 i updated it and now my wifi switch is not working it does'nt turmn off and now i can't turn the bluetooth on as well, it says that you need to turn on the wireless hardware but it is already on

A:Wifi switch not working Dell Precision M4800

Hi Shayashkar,

Have you checked first of all that the wireless switch is enabled on the right hand side? Also go in to the BIOS (F2 on startup) and check that the Wireless Switch is set to "ALL" and the Wireless Device Enable is set to "ALL"
If it is still not turning on, I'd suggest updating the Wireless Driver. Follow this link [View:] 
and choose Network and download the latest driver for your WLAN card. If you know the Service Tag enter that and it will list the drivers for your particular configuration. Let me know if the issue is resolved or if you are still having issues.

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Hi all,
I'm trying to get the 2  2K monitors working with the precision M4800.
Monitor 1 (M1) is connected via the display port cable & Monitor 2 (M2) is connected via the the dvi-d dual link cable.
Precision 4800  is docked with Dell E-Port replicator.
Precision M4800 has the following Display Adapters - Intel HD 4600 & nVidia Quadro K1100M
M1 shows 2560x1600, but the max resolution on M2 is 1920x1080.
How do I get both monitors to run at 2K resolutions?
This KB article describes the multiple monitor setup options, but it does not list the max resolutions supported for each option.
any help is appreciated.

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I have a Precision M4800 with the FHD screen & nVIDIA Quadrop K1100M GPU. I wanted to find out the definitive answer about how many displays (external + mobile) I can use simultaneously and at what resolution. I'm coming from a Precision M4600 where I was limited to 2 simultaneous displays and I thought I'd read in my research that this M4800 system can handle more.
Specifically, I have a Dell 3007WFP display which as I understand it can handle a max resolution of 2560x1600, but only if using an active DVI-D Dual Link video adapter with a DVI-D Dual Link cable - otherwise it's 1920x1200, which I understand is the native resolution for my laptop display on the M4800. Since the M4800 doesn't have a DVI connector, I'm instead researching getting either an active DVI-D Dual Link to DisplayPort cable or a DVI-D Dual Link to HDMI cable, which I'm hoping would allow me to display to the 3007WFP at its max resolution of 2560x1600. Can anyone confirm or deny this, and whether the HDMI or DisplayPort is advisable for this? An active adapter/cable is a pricier thing than a passive one so I want to make sure I'm barking up the right tree.
Once I get this situation resolved for the 3007WFP connecting to my M4800, I'd like to know if it's possible for me to connect a second external display, the Alienware AW2310, which has a max resolution of 1920x1080, and in order to display it at max resolution, which connector is advisable (given that I... Read more

A:Clarification about multiple displays, resolutions & connectors for Precision M4800

Would really love to know...

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At this moment I live and work in Ukraine.In this country I cant find any official DELL representative.So I decided to ask here.Two weeks ago I've purchased used (but in very good condition) Precision M4800.And now I have 2 questions about upgrade of my laptop.1. Can anyone give me a list of supported WWAN modules? Real experience is appreciated! I know about Sierra MC7355, but I think $250 is too much for official and original but outdated WWAN module.
2. I've discovered that my laptop support hardware data encryption. Can I purchase Dell Data Encryption Accelerator Card to enable this option in my laptop? I need hardware encryption / decryption.Any advice will be appreciated.Thank you!

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Lately, my Precision M4800 laptop (service tag:<Service tag removed>), has been suddenly, and unprompted, been shutting down if I move it, like say picking it up a few inches off the table.  A similar problem happens if the Laptop is bumped or moved slightly, such as if my elbow bumps into it, or a turn or push it a inch or so too quickly, the screen will freeze up, with a bunch of randomly blinking rectangular tears appearing all over the screen, not to mention that it crashes at the same time.  Otherwise the Laptop runs like normal, I notice no performance issues or overheating, just that it has become extremely motion sensitive, so that, unless it is on a perfectly flat and stable surface, there is a good chance, even just on my lap, the a small motion will cause it to crash.  The Laptop is still under Warranty.

A:Precision M4800 laptop: sudden shutdowns and freezes upon movement.

I'm having the same issue on a Latitude E7450.  Updated all drivers, ran all diagnostics.  No failures.  I'm thinking there has to be a cable not seated properly or something not connected as it should be.

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I have a problem with audio output jack on the E-Port docking station with Precision M4800 using Windows 10.
I have an external speaker connected to E-Port, and when I boot Windows, everything works fine, sound plays through the external speaker. When I disconnect it, sound start to play through the laptop speakers, just as it should. But when I reconnect the external speaker back to E-Port, sound is still playing using the laptop speakers, and the whole Windows Audio system hangs. For example, when I click the Sound icon in system tray, the sound volume popup shows, but I can't change the volume there - the slider just doesn't move. I also can't open the Playback devices window, I can't start any other applications that play sound. If during this time I try to disable the Realtek audio device in Device Manager, the window just hangs and that's it. If I try to reboot the machine, it won't - it just hangs with a black screen (I tried to wait for it for at least 10 minutes).
It also often happens after docking or undocking the laptop.
This problem is reproducible on Windows 10 (build 1511, 1607 or 1703) and the latest Realtek audio driver for M4800 (A12).
I also checked this scenario in Windows 7 - everything works fine there using the same driver version, so the problem is observable only in Windows 10.

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Hi ,
I had just bought a brand new dell precision m4800 laptop with the following specifications:

Smartcard Reader Base (Non FIPS) for HD/FHD/UHD Panel
1 Intel Core i7-4810MQ Processor (Quad Core 2.80GHz, 3.80GHz Turbo, 6MB 47W, w/HD Graphics 4600)
Energy Star, M4800
1 15.6 inch UltraSharp IGZO UHD (3840x2160) 100% Color Gamut LED-backlit with Premium Panel
32GB (4x8GB) 1600MHz DDR3L
1 256GB Solid State Drive Full Mini Card
1 2nd 1TB 2.5 inch SATA (7200 Rpm) Hard Drive, OptiPlex
1 No Extra Internal Hard Drives(Media Bay)
AMD FirePro M5100 w/2GB GDDR5
1 Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260 802.11ac/a/b/g/n 2x2 + Bluetooth 4.0 LE Half Mini Card
1 Intel Wireless 7260 Driver 
Internal English Backlit Dual Pointing Keyboard
1 Windows(R) 8.1 Pro (64Bit) English 
9-cell (97Wh) Lithium Ion battery with ExpressCharge 

Well the problem is that I keep running into random freezes/hangs for a short span of time while doing any process on this machine. This is severely interfering with my productivity and workflow.
Looking forward for all the support that I can get.

A:DELL precision m4800 freezes/hangs randomly for 5secs or so and recovers.

Hi Carrac1234,
Thanks for the post! Sounds like you could be experiencing the IRST/Management issues outlined in this article:
Precision Mobile Workstation M4800 or M6800 may intermittently lockup
I’d suggest running through the troubleshooting outlined in the above article first but if the problem persists, check out the more comprehensive troubleshooting options here: http://www.dell.com/support/article/us/en/19/SLN265689/EN

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I recently bought a Dell Precision M4800 mobile workstation with a Nvidia Quadro K2100 GPU.
I am having issues on video playback - flickering and other lined artefacts towards the top of the display. This occurs during panned shots, rapidly changing images, etc. but this is supposed to be a super graphics card so there should be no problems.
I have tried playout on other monitors/projectors, all with same result. I thought at first there was an issue with the rendering of the video files I had produced from Avid Media Composer but I see the same artefacts on DVD playout and on video from Vimeo/Youtube.
Response from Dell ProSupport has been a little slow (they tell my I "only have basic support") so I'm posting the issue here in case anyone has had similar issues or knows a solution.
My guess is that the GPU is faulty, or perhaps the drivers (though I have checked if these are up to date, and they are).

A:Dell Precision M4800 Quadro K2100 graphics display problem

Ok. I experimented with different resolutions, particularly the native resolution for the laptop monitor of 3200x1800 (I had it a t 1920x1080 so that I am able to read text - Windows hasn't resolved the scaling issue for these new hi res monitors)... Still the same artefacts during playback, although DVD playback on the Laptop monitor was improved.

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Hi Guys,
I needed some help with my Dell TouchPad, after some sort of drivers upgrade, I'm not able to use laptop touchpad.
Everytime when I boots up my laptop, I get this error ALPS_setmousemonitor error
Tried uninstalling and reinstalling drivers and nothing worked.
Under the device manager, the Windows 10 OS doesn't seem to detect the drivers well and always detect HID compliant mouse which is not the correct mouse driver.
Need help. This problem had been there for weeks and tried resolving myself but none work.

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