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drive space is full and file sizes are low

Q: drive space is full and file sizes are low

computer is a HP Pavlion DV 7. Intel core i3. 6 gb ram. have two of the same computers. only difference is, one has a second hard drive (500gb) dedicated for My Documents.
The second hard disc gets full, yet adding up the files sizes, the total actual file size is low (~175 gb). The used space was ~450 gb. I have reformated this second disc and copied back all of My Documents. After this, the used space was ~175 gb. After two months time it is up to 285 gb used. still the actual files on this drive only add up to ~175 gb. The primary (system) disc is 280gb in size and has 113 gb used. this has NOT changed for a year. The primary disc has the system and other software ONLY on it.
The second computer without the second hard drive is full also.
It appears that the operating system bloats My Documents with something like Dark Matter, unseen stuff that fills the hard drive.
This has never happened using Windows XP over the many years and computers.
Any suggestions as to how to fix this issue?

Preferred Solution: drive space is full and file sizes are low

I recommend downloading and running DRP. It's a recovery tool that has been proven to recover files that most other programs have no luck with. I've even recovered files from freshly formatted or partitioned drives.

You can download it direct from this link http://goo.gl/v51TwD. (This link will automatically start a download of DRP that you can save to your computer.)

A: drive space is full and file sizes are low

Perhaps you have your "system restore" option set ON for you data partition. Since you're always updating your data, Windows is retaining what might be considered "silent recovery" versions of previous data, in case you have a problem or decide to restore to a "restore point" in time.

You probably need to adjust your settings for this type of "protection", either to disable it entirely for your data drive or at the very least to reduce its size.

(1) Start -> Control Panel -> System and Security -> System, and then click on the "Advanced System Settings" on the left side.

You'll then get a System Properties window, and you should select the "System Protection" tab. Select the second drive letter, which I'm guessing should say "ON" for its protection.

The "ON" results in data regularly going into the "System Volume Information" folder on the drive, which grows regularly over time and needs to be "constrained".

(2) Your choice is either (a) turn it OFF completely, or (b) limit its size before it starts deleting the oldest/obsolete "system restore point" versions, retaining only the most recent for your use in case you want to restore your data using one of these.

Of course you need to look at the date/time stamps on these when and if you ever do want to restore from these, but at least they're there if you need them, and they've been constrained in total accumulated size so that your second hard disk will not be "eaten up" as you've seen.

(a) to turn it off, just push the "configure" button and set it OFF:

(b) to leave it on but constrain its total size, just push the "configure" button and move the "max usage" slider to the left from where it currently is, to some reasonable smaller size. You will see that max limit expresses as a percentage of your hard disk size, as well as a number of GB. Pick a small enough number so that it is reasonable, but also adequate. Maybe the 2-6% number is reasonable, depending on your disk partition size.

Note that in my own situation, I have disabled this feature entirely on D, and constrained my restore point size to about 1GB on C. I have my own 3rd-party backup software scheme in place to perform my own "private backups" of everything anyway, from which I can recover data if I need to. I prefer this approach to the "restore point" feature of Windows, as a general rule... certainly for my non-C data partitions.

(1) C partition, showing non-zero "constrained" System Volume Information folder:

(2) D partition, showing ZERO size System Volume Information folder:

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Hi guys!

Having a little issue with my 1TB samsung M3 eternal HD.

Windows explorer show that there is only 273 GBs free space, however when looking through the folders on the drive I have one folder which is 208GB and then 3 other folders the biggest being 214mb.

Now my maths isnt the best but im sure I should have more that 270GB free!

Anybody help me out here?

A:External Drive shows full, but only small file sizes visable

Welcome to our forum Squidald.

Trying to add up space of folders and compare to free space is a waste of time.
It will never match.
Their are many reason and most I don't know.

Just look at Disk Management and it will show you % of free space.
Complete this tutorial by Golden so other members can have a look.

Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image

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Have a SSD for my C drive. 256 Gb. Noticed recently that it is almost full ~25 Gb free space. Ran disk clean up which recovered some space. Added up the size of all the folders on the drive and they only add up to ~86 Gb. Looked at the size of the old OS partition before installing the SSD last year- it is only 126 Gb. I purchased the 256 Gb with the expectation it would only be half full. It was when I first installed about 1 year ago?

Any suggestions what could be taking up the extra room? Anyway to free up the space.

Thanks for your help in advanced!


A:C drive almost full but folder sizes don't add up to capacit

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Setting up a new box, Vista sadly to say. Installed MS Office XP Pro and get the following error when closing MS Word ONLY. Excel saves without any errors.

The disk is full. Free some space on this drive, or save the document on another disk. Try one of the following:
*Close any unneeded documents, programs, and windows.
*Save the document on another disk.

I've moved the file location and same error. I cleaned up the drive including removing all restore point except the last one.

Now this thing has a 250 gig drive but it is also used for security in a mini mart with 8 cameras. There are about 145 Gigs of video from the security cameras on this box. At this time I am just setting it up, no cameras are connected, and the security program hasn't been set up yet. I just moved the files from the old drive to this one. BTW the old drive crashed.

I've tried the detect and repair in MS Word and no help. I have uninstalled MS Office and reinstalled and no help and even went into Properties and set the user up on quota with no limits and still no help.

So now I am at a loss and have no idea what to try next. Really don't want to delete the security files because it took 6 hours to transfer them to this computer and unless all else fails this isn't a option I want to use.

Now on the old box, which had XP Pro this, was not a problem so on Vista it should not be either but then Vista is a MS Software so this is understandable. Actually, the old box had a 15... Read more

A:disk space is full. Free some space on this drive

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Ok, I'm running on Windows Vista on a Dell Dimension C521 and I keep getting this "Low Memory" pop up when I'm doing normal things like web browsing and such. Or even when I'm not. And I've tried deleting unwanted files or unnecessary ones and no space was freed up. I've ran spyware, malware, and complex virus scans. Some threats were detected and it said they were removed yet the issue remains.

I've changed the amount of space that Shadow Copies use and that also did nothing to help. As well as deleting old restore points and such too. Still no change in the space I have free (which is about 2gb of 151gb) And I only have about 15gb of downloaded content. I don't know why I have so little space remaining when none of the solutions thus far I've tried have seemed to work any.

I've also run Hijackthis but can't seem to figure out how to post the logfile. Can someone please help me figure out what's wrong with my C Drive and it's space issue?

A:C Drive Space full?

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On a Windows 7 machine, have the OneDrive and Dropbox folders on a separate 150GB hard drive, E:.  When I open Computer, it says my E drive only has 500MB available, when I highlight everything on the E drive (i have hidden files and system files visible)
and do a properties it only adds up to 65GB of data. 
I ran a chkdsk on E and it didn't find any issues.  How can I reclaim my 85GB (150-65) of "lost" space back?  Or how can I figure out what Windows thinks is using it.

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Hi, I dont know if this is the right place to post this but here it is:

I have an inspiron 1525 I purchased a couple of yrs ago. Yesterday I was trying to record some music videos on my CD and the dvd drive is acting weird. So I used two different new (blank) CDs and the same happens to both:

I have a number of files and they add up to just 700mb. I put tehm in there and go through the process to record and but the laptop ejects the CD with a little window popping up saying the CD has only 702mb space but this requires 734mb! I keep double checking but the files add up to only 700mb.

I tried a bunch of other files, these ones add up to 699mb. Again rejects it, this time saying it's 714mb!

and today I just tried another bunch of files this times adding up to 697mb and my computer reads that as 704mb and won't let me burn the files. I keep looking for a pattern behind the errors but can't see it.

NOw I've recorded dozens of CDs so I can not be making a simple mathematical mistake. What could be causing this?

I should note that the drive is RELIABLY wrong. In other words, it keeps giving me 714 and 734 for those files, when I try other blanks CDs, so this should not be due to CD quality.

Any ideas? I restarted my computer but no luck.

THanks for all the help.

A:Dell INSPIRON 1525 DVD drive misreading file sizes (need guidance)

Are your hard drive file format NTFS compressed? Which program are you using for burn Cd's? And, what format is the videos (Avi, Mpeg..) ?

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I have a sony vaio laptop with a pentium 4 processor and windows xp.

I have been told that I have a "C" drive of course, that is full, but I also have a "D" drive that has little to nothing on it.

The computer runs slow and constantly asks me to remove unused software to free up space. How can I begin using the "D" drive or transfer whats on the "C" drive to the "D" drive?
Thanks for your help,


A:C drive full low memory space

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My computer - Window 8 Pro C Drive Space Full.
Kindly help to re-solve the issue as earliest.


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My system:windows xp pro pack 3
antivirus:Kaspersky internet security 2013
Since last two weeks my C drive mysteriously getting full while I have not down loaded or added anything to the computer.
Once I compressed "documents and settings" in which the bulk of GB.s were and freed around 20 GB,(3 days before) and now without anything added, my free space in C drive became 6 GB.
I made a full scan by my Kaspersky but apparently everything is OK.
Can anybody advise me what is wrong and what should I do.
Many thanks
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A:C drive space getting full with no reason

Use a tool like WinDirStat, http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/download/search/?keyword=WinDirStat , to actually see where your space is being taken up.
FWIW:  Just because an installed AV...fails to note any malware...that's no indication that the system is malware-free.  There is no one app...that can scan for/detect/neutralize...the myriad of malware that can find itself on a system.
Rather than compressing files/folders...why not simply get more drive space via another hard drive, either internal or external?

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I have a 20GB HD that is down to 875MB of unused space. I would like to free up enough to at least defrag the HD( need 15% unused minimum for that). I have gone into the control panel to add/remove and totaled up programs that I have installed. There alone is 5GB. I know this does not include any files associated with each of these, but, just to give an indication of what is there size wise. Windows XP with SP1, SP2, and all updates may be somewhere around 4 to 6GB I think, so that is 10 to 12GB or so total. I delete my cookies. temporary internet file on a regular basis and I had my daughter move most of her music files to CD in an effort to gain space that way.

1. I have read in some previous posts where Rimmer has reccommended CC Cleaner and I have downloaded it and run it. The analysis tells me that I can gain approximately 4.9MB of space. These files appear to be "Temporary Internet Files" so I guess my regular cookie/temporary internet file delete is not getting everyting. My question with CC Cleaner is: Is it safe to do the cleaner function in this utility without major harm?
I used a free version of some thing like this before that did this and cleaned out unneeded registry files. I paid dearly after removing things I wasn't supposed to that wre so called unneed. I can post a copy of the analysis report if someone(RImmer,thad be you) wants to see it to see if it is OK to proceed with the cleaner. This log file is quite lengthy by the way.

2. Ther... Read more

A:Hard drive full, need some space

I have used ccleaner for over a year with no bad results, The issues tab is really helpful, and will remove paths that go nowhere. As for the cab files, I would leave them alone until Someone else responds. Never removed one.

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My solid state drive is half full of with and unknown CAB file (see attached WinDirStat report. I'm running out of space. I've disabled imaging and everything else that I can find to disable and have all data on my D drive which is setup with 2 drives 1 TB each for a total storage space of 1 TB. Your assistance is greatly appreciated! The attached screen shot from yesterday has the file size at 66.3 and today it is at 67.5. Looks like computer cancer.

Thanks so much for considering this.

A:running out of hard drive space. 67.5GB unknown CAB file wasted space

Hello and welcome to the forums, jjvvbb!

Your attachment(s) aren't visible to us.

Please reattach your WinDirStat report properly using this following guide:-

Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums

Alternatively, you could also generate a screenshot of your WinDirStat window and upload it for our perusal using this guide:-


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I'd like to run a batch file to check hard drive space on an XP computer, and if there is enough space available, then run some commands to create a directory to copy the files from remote server.

Read a text file with all the server ips
Run as service account
Verify that there is enough space on C:
Create a Install directory on remote server
Then copy the file from my computer remote server.

Can anybody please help me!!!

A:batch file to check hard drive space on an XP computer, and if there is enough space

I found this code on "SpiceWorks.com'.

I have not tested. I have not test (just to be clear). It's set up to determine % of free space (on a text file listing of servers) but could be modified to do what you want.

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I transferred from a HDD to a SSD a few months ago and maybe I messed up at that point.

My Recovery drive has 13 GB of space but it's full. When I use "disk cleanup" option, the only option that clears space says "Compress your OS drive" 64.7 GB.

So I'm unsure how to proceed from here. Compressing the OS drive just makes files have 2 arrows facing each other.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7400 CPU @ 3.00GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 158 Stepping 9
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 8120 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB, -1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 917 GB (658 GB Free); D: 13 GB (0 GB Free);
Motherboard: HP, 82F1
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Enabled and Updated

A:Recovery Drive is full. How to make space? W10

Do not(!) tamper with the 13 GB capacity recovery partition in your HP.

Do not(!) compress the files in the hard drive.


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Hi dear,

I just gotto know yest. that you guys can help me out from the 2 & half year old prob. that i am facing in my laptop.
Initially my folder options went out, after scanning through anti virus, all virus were out. then i made a new user account but after some time, same problem. since the prob persist.

now 2nd problem, i have 7.79 GB C drive, that is almost exhausted, i tried to free some space by removing some programs but still doesnt help, i moved some data from C drive, same it shows full. then i deleted some folder still it shows full.

third problem: my task manager some times gets disabled automatically.

please help me.

A:C drive always show full/ low disk space

HI dear,
please ckeck out my HJT file log, I think my laptop is having trojan,
please help
Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 10:50:21 PM, on 3/2/2009
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16414)
Boot mode: Normal
Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VS7Debug\mdm.exe
C:\Program Files\Launch Manager\LaunchAp.exe
C:\Program Files\Launch Manager\PowerKey.exe
C:\Program Files\Launch Manager\HotkeyApp.exe
C:\Program Files\Launch Manager\OSDCtrl.exe
C:\Program Files\Synaptics\SynTP\SynTPLpr.exe
C:\Program Files\Synaptics\SynTP\SynTPEnh.exe
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\GrooveMonitor.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Real\Update_OB\realsched.exe
D:\Program Files\Zone Labs\ZoneAlarm\zlclient.exe
D:\Program Files\HijackThis.exe
R0 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Start Page = about:blank
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Page_URL = http://in.yahoo.com
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Search_URL = http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=54896
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Interne... Read more

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My 80GB drive is showing as almost full, but I don't understand how. I can't see that what I have on it can be taking up that much space. I have tried moving a lot of stuff to secondary drives but this doesn't seem to make much difference.
I can't find a tool in Computer Management that will show me how the disc is occupied (in a pie chart or similar) except for the basic used / free space chart in My Computer.
Is there anything I can try to analyse the disc content?
(My OS is XP Pro)

A:Making space on a full hard drive

go ahead and download and run windirstat, and then come back here and upload the image please.


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Hi and thanks in advance for any help
I am getting a message that my hard drive is full, when i click on properties for the C drive it confirms that i am using 29.5 GB of my 30 GB hard drive. BUT when i add up the sizes of all the files on the C drive (including hidden files), it only comes to 25 GB.
Any ideas on why I can't find that missing 5 GB?


A:hard drive full BUT i should still have 5 gigs of space

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my recovery is full and my drive c is low

recovery drive information

windows 78.33%
USER 6.41%
OTHER 2.45%

A:FULL disk space in recovery AND drive c is low

Welcome to Seven Forums!

So you want to free up disk space? You did not state much in your post. =)

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Please, MY E: hard drive pie is blue and full need help solving this. Thanks.


Let me google that for you

Im assuming this is a joke , if not that link will help you anyway

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I believe that this is a common problem and indeed one plaguing me! My data D drive is basically full and I wondered if there was any way to free some space and stop these notifications appearing. I have recently bought an external hard drive so can store things if required?

I couldn't put a screen shot directly on here (pc iliterate!) so have hopefully attached one?

Look forward to someones help!



A:Data D drive is nie on full. How can I free some space?

Hi Paul and welcome to the forum
Attache the new one to a usb slot, format it and then copy your data from D then verify that the copied data is working and delete all on D.
Or you can swap the D drive with the new one.
If you are in need for more help, just do it.
Good luck

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I don't have enough free space to run Disk Defrag (only 6% and it requires %15)

I have 6 Gigs but only 384 megs Free...what can I do??

A:Hard Drive Full, How Can Clear Up More Space

I personally love to test applications. Although I have never ran near my capcity I still "House Clean" What I do is clear my temp files, all of that kind of stuff.

I then go through my Program Files, find a program you dont use Add/Remove it then keep going. I find this is the best way to clear up gigs instead of mbs. Also any games you dont use.

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Hi Guys and ladies:

I have a DVD drive that see's or reads my cd or dvd, (which ever I use to record on), as full of space, when in actuality the cd or dvd I'm using is actually free of space. The CD-DVD rom has no other problems, but that. When I put a FRESH out Of THE Box CD-RW to record on, it reads it fine as empty. How can I solve this problem with other CD's or DVD's that are free of space, but it's read as full? Appreciate the HELP

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Hi --- you guys were able to help me a couple of years ago and I am in a bind again.

My computer suddenly showed 100% of hard drive being full and 0% free space. Obviously performace has ceased.

I deleted tons of music, several gig.
I ran CCleaner
I ran Malwarebytes - nothing found
I ran Super Anti Spyware - found nothing
Tried defrag but needs approx. 15% free space to run so it didn't run
Tried disk clean up to compress files but this did work

I downloaded a couple of file size type programs but they would not load becasue of an error message that said they were not win32 applications

Hard drive is 225 Gig and I shouldn't have anywhere near that amount of space used up.

Note: I can currently get online (it takes about 10 minutes to open Firefox browser) but I am not sure I can install any programs becasue of the win32 error and/or space restrictions for the temp files used on installation.

I have a 4 gig flash drive and a laptop I can use if that helps.

I have tried everything and any help you can give would be much appreciated.

Thank you,


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MY HARD DRIVE IS 99% SO ITS TIME TO delete programs,ect.

Is there software that shows a nice graphical display of individual
programs and the amount of space they take up on the hard drive. Text software is fine,

A:Hard Drive Is 99% Full,is There Software To Determine How Much Space Programs Take Up

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hey guys so recently i cant use my other drives E: with out it crashing as I log on
(2 bootable drives)
C: Windows 7 Home premium, 64bit
E: Windows 7 Home premium, 32bit
so ive decided to format the HDD since Its useless to use, but unfortunetly it says "Windows cannot format the system partition on this disk", please be aware I'm very new to computer hardware and software and features, I just want to use the drive as spare space for movies, music, games. nothing more than a fresh space for such and such. I require full detailed discription on how to fix this problem with out having to pull apart the computer. at this point I am unaware if i can use system restore from the boot but may be able to. this has nothing to do with C: drive for i want my main drive untouched and/or unharmed

I can provide screenshots of where I am if needed and what to do next. thanks

also another thing to know ive only just recently started Tafe on IT so of course i know only limited amount of my computer so far.

A:E: drive formating problems, system prevents full space wanted

You would need to boot with drive C: Then you should be able to re-partition and format drive E: You can't format the drive that you're booting from.

That is, if I read your post right. I may have misunderstood.

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So I went to download my new game (Elder Scrolls Online off of Steam) and noticed that my drive was nearly full and didn't have nearly enough space, something like 30GB was left open and ESO says it requires 90282MB to download. I went on a deleting spree until I had 132GB free. Tried to download the game, and a little while later I check on it and it says that there isn't enough space and my computer says that I only have 50GB free.

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Hello, hope somebody clever can help.
I've connected to a 2TB external drive to backup my laptop and I'm getting a message saying that the file history drive is full, but I've used up less than 1TB and the initial backup hasn't finished.
What can I do?


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I am trying to extract a .rar file. The problem is that my hard drive is partitioned, and the C drive where all system files etc and where the OS is installed only has around 800mb free space and the file when extracted is over 1.5gb. I want to extract it to a different partition which has more than enough free space, but I can't since winrar extracts to C drive (some temporary folder somewhere) and then moves it over to the place I actually want it to be. Is there any way to get around this problem other than asking someone else to extract it for me (or freeing up space on C which is kind of not an option since its all just system files)!??

Thanks in advance!

A:Extracting .rar file - not enough space on C drive

yes ! download winRAR application(use google) this application gives you option to chose location where you want to extract your files. (don't use windows built-in extract utility)

good luck !

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Okay, so my recovery drive is almost full, like only 1.25 GB of space left out of 9.76 GB. I only have 1 backup file that is 1.85 GB. So what are other files that I can get rid of? The dell file in the Recovery Drive is 5.29 GB, that's a lot of space. Are there any files from any of them, the dell, Tools, Users, sources, Windows, or Program Files that I can delete safely without ruining my PC? If you have had experience with Dell laptops, I would appreciate any advice you can provide.

Method suggested by richc46:
I think the easiest way is to go to the MY Computer Icon on your desktop, Right click, go to properties, go to system protection, then remove the check mark indicating that you want to shut down automatic checkpoints. Then restart your computer. Your D drive should be cleared. I would then make a manual restore point, since now you have none. Go back and replace the check for automatic restore points.
Will this methid affect my bookmarks in my Google Chrome, my Microsoft documents, my pictures, my downloads, my music, my Windows Mail, ANYTHING but the Recovery Drive? Cause when I look through the folders in it, they seem mostly like extra junk, and I just wanna clear it and start fresh, but I'm afraid it will delete my saved files and settings for other things. Your method SOLELY clears the Recovery Drive, and I can just click the automatic checkpoints and make a shadow copy for backups, and it will be fine? I don't want to mess with my other stuff.

Plus, how d... Read more

A:Recovery Drive nearly full, but only have 1 backup file...

You need to delete the restore points. When done make a new one.



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I am running Vista Home Premium on a HP Pavilion Entertainment PC. I have a 160Gb hard drive with 86Gb of free space. I have been trying to build a mapset for my Garmin GPS in Garmins Mapsource program. The program compiles the mapset ok but cannot save the file because the system says the hard drive is full. I have saved this file on this computer before and it worked ok. How do I get rid of the hard drive full error?

A:Cannot save file due to hard drive full error

It may be a simple case of temporary folder space. A cleaning of temp folders is where I would start.

Here is a link for CCleaner:


One time I could not get a well known Firewall & Antivirus package to install. It turns out it crashed because it requires >2GB of space in the temporary folders which was not available. A cleaning fixed that.

I hope this is all it is, if not, have you looked at the compiler's log file? What about Event Viewer?

Regards. . .

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I'd like to run a batch file to check hard drice space on an XP computer, and if there is enough space available, run some commands to copy files. I have already completed the copy component of the batch file, but need some help with the hard drive checking. Anyone have any suggestions/willing to help?

Here's what I'm looking for in 'english'.

If the amount of hard drive space on C is greater than 15 GB, then run this command


Else - end batch file

A:Batch File to Check Hard Drive Space

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When I click on it, it goes straight to drive D. also it will not be deleted .. How can I remove it without losing the files saved in my drive D?

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I'm trying to defrag an external hard drive, 120gb. However I keep getting an error that I need 5% space to defrag.
I have moved various files onto a partitioned drive, but the drive has not changed in respect of used disk space. The files left constitute only 80GB. I have checked for temp files, none there.
there are only two files left one of 60GB & one 19GB, both of which I don't want to delete & cant move to my partitioned drive.
What am I doing wrong, how can I fix this.
Also posted in Windows 2000.

A:hard drive shows full. Checking file size indicates it is not

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I'm trying to defrag an external hard drive, 120gb. However I keep getting an error that I need 5% space to defrag.
I have moved various files onto a partitioned drive, but the drive has not changed in respect of used disk space. The files left constitute only 80GB. I have checked for temp files, none there.
there are only two files left one of 60GB & one 19GB, both of which I don't want to delete & cant move to my partitioned drive.
What am I doing wrong, how can I fix this.

A:hard drive shows full. Checking file size indicates it is not

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Does anyone know how to change the red warning indicator on free space in Explorer?
I have over 300 GB of free space on a 4TB backup drive and I see that. I'd like to be able to change it to warn when I have, say, 500MB left.

EDIT: I believe it is hard-coded to warn at 10% free, but maybe that number is in the registry somewhere.

A:Changing the File Explorer red warning on drive free space

How to change the disk space left warning in Windows 7? - Super User

I doubt it was changed in 8.x but I have no way to know for sure.

Edit: Just to avoid false hope.. there is no way.

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Hello again

unfortunately the issue i going to ask help with is the total same issue that i had last year

Icons sizes change back to details sizes on specific folder

may also be relate to the issue that this user had

Shortcut icons re-sizing randomly

My OS had gone crazy and change icon's sizes back to details sizes in random folders, last time i had that issue i thought it was solved by this method

Icons sizes change back to details sizes on specific folder

But unfortunately it only was temporary, i had to format anyway so the problem was solved after the format and never appeared again till 3 days ago.

it not seem to be a virus but it really annoy, the only thing i done 3 days ago that was extraordinary for me was to edit some video on windows live movie maker + cccp codecs, i rarely use WLMM but happened to use it 3 days ago, and after that the issue reappear, i can't use system restore since i done alot of stuff on my pc and don't want to lose them, and also i don't happened to made restore point before the day the issue occurred and the rest are deleted..so SR is not a option.

anyone know what i can do now?

thanks in advance

A:Icon's sizes randomly change back to details sizes in random folders

No guarantees these suggestions will work but you could give it a try. See if rebuilding the icon cache helps.

Icon Cache - Rebuild

You could also try running a system file checker scan from an elevated command prompt (option two) just in case your system fils got damaged or corrupted somehow. If problems are found, run the scan 3 times rebooting in between each scan.

SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

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hi there

as the title said i have really weird issue here...

the story goes like that...

i have a folder named "Desktop's icons that not in used" since old XP, i used to add all the icons of the progrems that i don't used (and use) often to it so i will find them right away when i need them, even when i format my pc and i backup stuff i also take this folder with me , put it again on the new OS and add each icon to it again when i reinstall it progrem. anyway long story short (and i think it will be right to add Weird xD) when i enter to this folder which i used to put on medium icons all this years it randomly change back to details sizes... mostly when i close other folder that have details sizes before i enter to this one.. but not allways, the windows keep remeber the icons's sizes and even the windows position and size in other folders ...so why only this folder just suddenly stop to remeber it own icon's size? is it corruption registry or something of sort?

i also tried to make a new folder with the same name, cut paste all of the icons into it and the issue still occur, and tried to disable some option that let the system choose what to change in my system's view (from look to performance) if it have hard time to display anything (which is hard for me to believe because i have I7 and Geforce 295 gtx..) and the issue still persist...

i know it just one weird and idiotic issue to make fuss about.. but i want to know if something is wrong with my sy... Read more

A:Icons sizes change back to details sizes on specific folder


it seem like it happening in more then one folder and it keep to happened randomly... even the window's size keep getting back to the default size....

it like after some time most of the recent chances that i've done going back to the window's default ... why it happening? = (

there is any way to fix it?

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i have a simple question that there must be somebody who can answer for me...i probably could have found it searching the net but its not urgent and this is much easier!

you know when you have a music file, for example, and you click on the "Properties" tab, then go to "Advanced"...you have the option to "Compress contents to save disk space"...if you check this option does it reduce the quality of the mp3 or is it literally just the size of the file you're reducing?

another question id like answered is with the file in an "uncompressed" state, why does the size on disc always show higher then the actual file size despite the size in Mb being the same, eg

"Size: 4.98Mb (5,227,374 bytes)

Size on disc: 4.98Mb (5,230,592 bytes)???

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium , Service Pack 2, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual CPU T2370 @ 1.73GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 13
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2037 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset Family, 448 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 56999 MB, Free - 12017 MB; D: Total - 55970 MB, Free - 51051 MB;
Motherboard: Intel Corp., Base Board Product Name, Base Board Version, Base Board Serial Number
Antivirus: Norton Internet Security, Updated and Enabled

A:File sizes

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Does anyone know what drive sizes are supported by Drive Image 2002 Powerquest? What's the maximum drivesize recommended?
Is it possible to use this program in combination with SATA drives?

Symantec bought the company and now it's impossible to find the documentation on www.Symantec.com.

Anyone has experience with this application?

Any help is greatly appreciated

A:Drive Image 2002 Powerquest supports which drive sizes?

The manual doesn't say but I found the DI 2002 FAQ which does say:

Is there a limitation on the size of hard disks I can image with Drive Image 2002?
Drive Image 2002 does not have a limitation on the size of hard disks it can image.Click to expand...


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OS: Win 7 Ultimate x64 SP1
AMD Athlon 64 x2

In another thread I wrote about how I managed to wipe out my hard drive while using a disk utility that told me my partition sizes were reported incorrectly. (Screen shot below)

I told the program to go ahead and "correct the error" which immediately killed everything. I did manage to recover my data partition and then did a fresh reinstall of Windows. However, I still get that "error message." It's not just Partition Doctor that reports it, Partition Master 8 also gives the same error.

So the question of the day is, why am I getting this error?

Next question is about changing partition sizes. I've used Partition Master for years to resize partitions but now not only am I getting these strange error messages but the software reports that it isn't compatible with Win 7. So what can I use to resize partitions. Symantec has no new versions of Partition Master.

I have C: and E: on one drive. C: is too big and E: is too small. In the past, I would have used Partiton Master to take the extra space from C: and give it to E: but can't do that now. Windows Disk Management tool will shrink C: but not give the space to E:

So the second question is, "What can I use to fiddle with my partition sizes without having to back up E:, delete it, resize C: and then recreate E: at the new size?

A:Partition sizes: Misreported and changing sizes (two separate issues)

Personally, I'd recommend Partition Wizard as it is far more flexible and functional than Windows 7's disk management utility.

Partition Wizard : Use the Bootable CD

You need to download the PW ISO and burn it to a blank disc then boot into it to partition your hard drive.

When you're done just boot back into Windows.

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We have a WD800JB-00CRAI1 hard disk, partitoned into 4 primaries and 4 further logical partions, running under WinXP pro. The first 3 primaries contain separate installations of WinXP - we pretend we have 3 separate computers for 3 people.

Question: My son has a 30 GB data partition on the drive. He deleted several large files (burning images and such) and expected to see about 7.5 GB free space. Instead, he got 500MB free space and about 7. GB disappeared.

Win XP reserves a max of 3.6 GB for restoral acc to the control panel. He couldn't find the missing space in Norton Utilities, either, ie the space was occupied, but no files were listed.

Western Digitals "Data Lifeguard" returns that the hard disk has no errors. We wiped the partition with Norton Wipe Info. Now the 30 GB partion shows a 29.3 GB capacity and 3.43 GB used, but no files are to be seen. Norton shows 24.7 KB worth of Recycler and System Volume informatin, but no info on the rest of the 3.43 GB. We reduced the Norton Unerase Protection to 600 Mb on that partiton, but there was no change in the 3.43 used. With the NTFS file system we shouldn't have cluster waste. So what gives? Any ideas?


A:Missing HD space on 30GB part. a) 3.43 dGB when drive empty, b) 7 GB after file delet

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I am confused as to why when i PDF an 80 pg word document that it can be reduced down to 300KB, but when i attempt to PDF a file that is only 60 pages, and has very similar formatting with only a small 3KB image added, does it end up being 1.52MB.

Are there certain fonts or amount of paragraph have that much of an effect on the file size?

A:Differing PDF file sizes

Try looking here:



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Hi there,

I distribute a fortnightly Mailout for Live Entertainment, however my file size is about 120kb - a bit rude for a mail out.

It is mostly text (about 4 Word pages) but contains three images which I think are the problem.

Any advice at reducing the file size would be appreciated.
I have Microsoft Image Composer and PhotoStudio2000, though I'm not entirely savvy with either of these.

Thank you once again,


[email protected]

A:Reducing File Sizes

Welcome to TSG!
These images you speak of what format are they in, jpeg, gif ect. Do they change periodically and if you right click them select properties what size are each of them.


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I'm confused about my file size. When I highlight my downloads and click on properties it says 3.1 terabytes. Yet my hard drive is only 1 terabyte. When I check properties of the C drive it says 389 gigabytes used of the available 1 terabyte.

These downloads are all my music and movies that I'd like to keep, but I need the computer for work. I was going to move all these files to an external hard drive and wipe the computer. Is that the best option? Or could I partition the hard drive to have a clean part for work? Sorry I'm not very knowledgeable about these things. This is Windows 10

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I have recently switched to Office 2010 and am converting my old .xls files to .xlsm files. Since I use macros in some of my spreadsheets this seems like a reasonable choice. Any reason to use the .xlsx files? Even for those that don't use macros?

Also, why is the size of the of the .xlsm file about half of the old. xls file?


A:Excel file sizes

Possibly some interesting comments here:
XLSB vs XLSX and XLSM | Windows Secrets Lounge

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I used a Vista PC to go to www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/Windows10. It didn't give me the Media Creation Tool, instead it gave me a 32bit and a 64bit ISO to choose from. I downloaded the 64bit ISO.

I then went to the same address and and downloaded the media creation tool on my Windows10 Pro PC to create the ISO.

The ISO file downloaded on the Vista PC is 3922852KB, and the ISO file created by media creation tool is 3198720KB.

So I guess the Media Creation Tool customizes the download to the PC doing the download, and if you are not using a Win7 or Win8.1 or Win10 PC, then MS offers a more complete ISO. What do you think?

Also I noticed that the both the ISO download and the media creation tool do not mention whether you are downloading the Pro or the Home edition.

A:Win 10 1511 ISO different file sizes

Another way that you can obtain and download the Windows 10 ISO file without going through the Media Creation Tool process is to go here and then navigate through the site as you see in my images.
Depending on which bit version you want, 32-bit is 2.82 GB and 64-bit is 3.74 GB.
Neither the "Pro" or "Home" version is mentioned here either.


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