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Display settings stuck at 800*600 and 4 bit colors!! Help!

Q: Display settings stuck at 800*600 and 4 bit colors!! Help!

Please help!
My system runs on a windows xp pro edition/ no sp ' s installed. my display resolution which was working fine until 2 days suddenly reverted to 800*600 and 4 bit colors.. in the little drag down menu in the display properties/settings menu 4 bit mode seems to be the only option.
Other hardware specs--
256 mb ram
nvidia riva tnt 64 agp card running on latest unfied drivers.
All other functions sound etc. are running fine
Last appl. installed was chessmaster 10th edition.(sneaking suspicion that this game pushed card over the edge)
And a new text file called "Oggmux - OMX de ejemplo" appeared in the most used programs list in the start menu... its a .txt file which says "bender saves the world by drinking all available alcohol" among other things
Scanned all drives with nav2003 and the latest virus def. files. and got zilch
Can anyone please tell me what i can pssibly do?

Preferred Solution: Display settings stuck at 800*600 and 4 bit colors!! Help!

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Display settings stuck at 800*600 and 4 bit colors!! Help!

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(Standard PCI Graphics Adapter (VGA)).

256 Colors Not In Display Settings, showing 2 & 16 Colors instead. How do I change it back to 256 Colors. Help ..anyone please

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A:256 Colors Not In Display Settings

Sounds like you need to reinstall drivers for Video card. Did you try booting with command prompt only and typing
"scanreg /restore" without quotation marks?
Go back to a date when you did not have problem.

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i cant change my display settings to 256 colors or 16 bit. i only have the option to chosse 16 color. i use to have 256 colors and so on untill i tryed to run software for my digital camera. the some how it got deleted or somethimg. i need to find out how to or what i need to do to get back my 256 colors and my 16 bit color and so on. can you help me? i have a IBM computor aptiva E series 545 modle # 2171545-- serial # AM76ZRP--processor Intel 450 MHz---- WINDOWS 98 OPERATING SYSTEM---CAN ANY ONE HELP ME?

A:display settings for 256 colors lost or deleted

Hi..and welcome..you could try updating your display drivers..
Start>settings>control panel>system>device manger>R/click on display adapters>properties>update drivers...

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I have a 433mz Celeron with 128mb RAM running Win98SE. I cannot get the display settings to give me anything better than 16 colors (the other option is 2 colors!!) and a 640x480 screen size. I ran a Belarc and have a Standard PCI Graphics Adapter (VGA) and a Sylvania F96 monitor. I've downloaded the latest drivers for each -- the graphics adapter is from Microsoft from 4-23-99 and the monitor driver is from Sylvania from 1-14-02.

I've also tried removing the display adapter and monitor and reinstalling them completely.


A:[SOLVED] Display Settings Stuck at 16

the standard pci graphics adapter only allows 16 colors.

we need to get your video drivers reinstalled.

what make and model video card do you have?

if you have onboard video, we will need either the make/model of your computer or the model number from your motherboard to find the correct video drivers for you.

if you have an actual video card, pull it out and look at it and tell us the make./model and we will find the drivers for you.

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A downloaded screen saver was installed on this computer and then uninstalled and now the display is horrendous. It is stuck on 16 colors and 640x480. Kinda like it is in safe mode but it is not. I don't know how to get the driver back or where it even is. Can this be fixed without the 2000 CD because I can't find that either!?! Any help would be appreciated.

A:Display settings are stuck! Win2000Pro

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Hello! I found this forum and really hope someone might be able to help me!

I have an old Packard Bell iMedia PC running Windows XP Media Centre edition. About a year ago I started having display problems, the monitor would go black suddenly and then switch back on. This started happening more and more frequently until I was forced to login in safemode, grab all my vital files, and then reinstall windows. This didn't help. After reinstalling the computer developed a new problem, it would start up with the display set to 4bit at 640 resolution and nothing I could do would change that. At this point a friend kindly gave me his old (legal) copy of WIndows XP Professional SP3 as he was migrating to Windows 7 and I used that to repartition my hard drive and reinstall windows. After the install I found my computer worked perfectly again (registration completed successfully), until I restarted it - it got stuck at absolute minimum resolution again.

I have since replaced the harddrive with a Seagate 500gb, once again it worked perfectly until I restarted it where it got stuck at minimum again. I went into the display settings menu and used the troubleshooter, it told me to open the advanced menu and click on monitor tab, but I couldn't access Preferences.

Can anyone help? My computer looks like it's stuck in safemode, though it isn't!

A:Display settings stuck on 4bit at absolute minimum resolution

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I have installed Windows ME and the display is in 16 colors. I have an ATI Technologies Rage Orion Video card. I suspect that I need an update driver or a ME update. Under System Summary>Problem Devices> I have the following lines:
IRQ Holder for PCI Steering PCI\IRQHOLDER\60 error code 22
IRQ Holder for PCI Steering PCI\IRQHOLDER\62 error code 22

Under Components>Display> I have the following:
Name: STD PCI Graphics Adapter (VGA)
Adapter Type: Not available
Adapter Description: (STD display type)
Bits/Pixels: 0
Driver: c;\windows\system\VMM32.vxd (,1,019.88KB (1,044,352 bytes) not available)

I found updated drivers for Rage 128 that should work with the Rage Orion and within ME. I can not install them because I get an error during installation that states I need DirectX 8 installed. I downloaded DirectX 9 (dxwebsetup) via my other computer to a floppy and tried to open it on the computer in question. It starts to install but quits because of an error that states "try later or check network". Is that the only way I can install DirectX which is needed to install new drivers? Is there another way to fix the 16 colors to 32 colors?????

A:Solved: Display in 16 colors-Want 32 colors. Do I need a new driver?

does your motherboard have an on-board video? if it does, enable your video via bios and uninstall (add/remove hardware) your video card. if you can access the internet then try downloading DirectX. install your video card afterwards. or if you dont ahve on-board video and can access the internet, download directx directly and see what happens try installing your driver again. good luck with windows me.

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Hi folks. I hope I'm just overlooking something I did a few day's ago..... The PC is a "P3(intel)/800mgzCPU on a
American Mega Trends inc. MotherBoard w/686AmiBios w/"VT82c686B" Chipsetw/256k of Ram and a Fujitsu/4.3g HDD. I'm out of ideas,I've been downloadin-&-troubleshootin for 4days...I give up!!!!!! It won't come out of 16/640x840. I have the "Leadtek WinFast GeForce3"/64mb Video card. It was working fine then bam!!! Restarted for what ever reason......and it Went to "SafeMode" I have made progress since that Fatal day (no pun intended) just not enough!!!! Help Please.....

Thanks for any help

A:Stuck in 16 colors ??????

Hi and welcome. Reinstall your video drivers from the driver cd. There should be a setup.exe file on it.

And I don't think you are in safe mode, it doesn't say safe mode in all 4 corners, correct?

Another thing you can try, is shutdown to a command prompt, then type scanreg/restore and press enter.

Is there a restore date prior to the problem, but not the very oldest date?

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My desktop icons are stuck at 256 colors, and nothing I do seems to help.

I know there was a similar previous thread, but that was never resolved, and was over two years ago, so I thought that a new thread was appropriate:

I'm running Windows 2000 on a Dell D600 with a Mobility Radeon 9000 display adapter.

A couple of weeks ago, I ran into some problems with Excel where something didn't display correctly in the Normal view, but it worked fine on everyone else's machine that I tried.

So an IT guy came in remotely and completely reinstalled Office. That helped (but did not completely fix) the problem. But for some reason, that put the display driver back at an earlier version. I could no longer do extended desktop (with two monitors). I didn't notice this until after I hung up with the IT guy.

So I had another IT guy get the latest driver compatible with my laptop and OS. Then I was able to do extended desktop.

However, after I changed some display settings (notably NOT colors, which was always set to 32 BPP), I noticed that all my icons had reverted to 256 colors. Some of them don't even have an 8 BPP version, so naturally they look awful.

So, I tried setting the colors setting to 8 BPP and back again, but that didn't help.

I tried switching to several different appearance schemes; that didn't help either.

Then I deleted WINNT\ShellIconCache and r... Read more

A:Icons stuck at 256 colors

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I recently took the video card out of my Windows box and put it in another computer. I figured Windows would auto detect my onboard graphics card after that but its stuck in VGA mode and there isnt any option to change color depth or resolution.

No driver for any monitor or graphics card is listed in device manager and I the "properties" button is greyed out in Settings >> Advanced >> Monitor and the monitor listed just says "Default Monitor".

Thanks in advance...

A:monitor stuck at 640x480 16 colors

you need to download and install the proper drivers for your onboard. What motherboard do you have? If the onboard graphic was default when you originally purchased the computer, you should be able to go to the computer manufacturers website and download the drivers you need.

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hi there

about a year and a half ago I got a Nobleview 1770A (Nobilis) 17" monitor
today I reformatted the hard drive on one of my computers and now cannot get out of 16 colors
I believe it has something to do with the display adapter and/or monitor drivers
is there a site I can go to get the right drivers?

I have been all over the internet hunting Nobleview and Nobilis with no luck on what to do.
the best I can come up with is the the machine I have running XP says Plug and Play monitor driver and the display on the 98 machine says B1770NSL on Standard PCI Graphics Adapter (VGA) and the colors are just not right...somewhere I read I will never get out of 16 colors if I can't get the display adapter right.

Any pointers you can give would be sooooo appreciated![email protected]

A:stuck in 16 colors after re loading windows

The Monitor is not your problem. You need drivers for your Video card.. For that We need more information about your computer name and model...

Confused about the XP and 98 Thing too..

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my computer stopped working so i reformted it but when i started it back up all i had was 2/16 colors and 640/480. what do i need to do to get it back. i dont know what video card it is all it says is "Standard PCI Graphic Adapter" and i dont have a internet connection for that computer

A:Help I just Reformated my computer and i am stuck with 2/16 colors

Do do you have a video card installed on the computer in question??? If so reinstall your driver for the card.

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I am officially afraid to touch my computer. The story of woe starts like this:
-Windows media player nine was playing a radio station. I clicked it off, but the music kept playing. I rebooted the computer, and it seemed to work fine.
-The next time I tried to scandisk the computer, it said a program was writing in the background so it kept restarting.
-I went control-alt-delete to see what was running, and the computer shut itself down.
-when I turned the computer on, the screen only had 16 colors.
-I went into the active desktop, customize and re-set the colors to 256, got the message to re-start my computer.
-every time I re-start my computer, its back to 16 colors.

-I got a message about QuickTime running, so I went to uninstall it, in add/remove programs. I got the message do you want to uninstall QuickTime or completely remove everything in QuickTime (not recommended)
-so I uninstalled it, and got the message successful un-installment. But when I scrolled down the list, QuickTime was still there.

Please, please help. Since I canít scandisk, the computer is REALLY slowing down, and Iím afraid it will permanently crash. (Iíve had to delete the hard-drive before)

(sorry about the length, I wanted all the details in)

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I got a w 10 update and it change the color of my background in my settings and on the internet and cant find a way to change it back. I want the background white instead of this weird green color. I have a pic of it, if I can upload to show you

is there a way to fix this?

A:How to change colors in settings

Did you find a solution to how you see the colours on your background?
I'm wondering if its the monitor colour profile or something with your graphics card because as I view your post I am not seeing green. in any range. It is a grey with a pink tone.
But I calibrate my monitor and have my Firefox browser use colour management via the monitor colour profile
I'm looking for a way to have the edges or headers of pages to be darker and inactive pages to be different.

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I got a w 10 update and it change the color of my background in my settings and on the internet and cant find a way to change it back. I want the background white instead of this weird green color. I have a pic of it, if I can upload to show you

is there a way to fix this?

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Hi i have a fairly new laptop with windows 7 (i can't remember which version), and i was wondering how to change the colors, if that makes sense. The laptop came installed with some default color scheme which i liked, but when i tried to watch a movie with Windows Media center it changed it to "windows 7 basic". it does this every time i use the program, but until now it has all ways automatically changed back. any advice would be appreciated.

A:Computer stuck on Windows 7 Basic Colors

Quote: Originally Posted by veemon1002

Hi i have a fairly new laptop with windows 7 (i can't remember which version), and i was wondering how to change the colors, if that makes sense. The laptop came installed with some default color scheme which i liked, but when i tried to watch a movie with Windows Media center it changed it to "windows 7 basic". it does this every time i use the program, but until now it has all ways automatically changed back. any advice would be appreciated.

Can we get your system specs so we know what hardware you have?

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So i got this problem: When I go to the pc settings screen, I can't see most of it because colors are all messed up; the only things that do show up is the menu on the left and some other things but only when I drag the mouse over it, and the rest is all black. This is really frustrating me, can anyone help me out on how to make it normal how it should be?

A:PC Settings Screen colors messed up

Come on, people, I really need this fixed!

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how to reset display colors to default

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Harr. I just got the latest catalyst for this computer and i'm baffled because in all my past computing experiences this has never happened.

A:Cannot display red colors.

I don't get it, what are you talking about? Cannot display red where?

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Can someone help me with advice please. My IE and Firefox browser all of sudden stopped displaying colors. It opens up websites no problem and display text and outline borders etc but not colors. What could be causing this and what can I do do to put it right. Many thanks


A:IE does not display colors

Make sure you haven't disabled stylesheets.

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Pixels and resolution info prompts the following question: how many colors does Vista have to display onscreen and color printing?

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Hi All! I have been having an odd problem with this confounded machine..which runs windows xp...in which I cannot do ANY emails with any type of color fonts, msn, yahoo. outlook, none of them...then while I am surfing along a window pops up that says "Please Wait", and then suddenly my desktop has large fonts, black high contrast screen...so I go to control panel, reset what I want, and it will work fine until the next time.....if anyone has any ideas on this let me know! I have reset display and then restarted the computer, I have reset display, restarted the computer after completely disconnecting the high speed cable modem...nothing seems to do any good.

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 I have installed the below drivers and the colors are very faint on my screen whether on photos or videos. How can I adjust the colors? 

A:Colors on my display are faint?

@wadboram? Calibrate the Display colors: Settings > System > Display > Advanced display settings > color calibration  Change / Adjust background colors or select "High contrast": Control Panel > icon view > Ease of Access > Make the computer easier to see >Personalization > Change the visuals and sounds on your computer  When you see a Post that helps you,Inspires you, provides fresh insight,Or teaches you something new,Click the "Thumbs Up" on that Post. Fixed / Answered? Click that post Accept as Solution to help others find Answers.

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I just got another computer and when I hooked up my AWESOME flat screen to my new tower the display white looks almost green. I tried to fix the monitor but its not that. Is it the tower?? while I was trying to fix it in properties, it fixed itself. now it has done it again.

I dont like it. it looks sick.

Please help.

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When I had disabled the mouse by mistake, I turned off the computer. When it came back on and was rebooting, it gave me the choice to change screen to make it easier to read. I did and then everything had a black background with neon letters. Whew! I tried to change it and now I have a white background with no color filler. My yahoo email screen is almost all white when it used to have some colors in it. Now it just has outline colors. Any ideas of what that could be? And how to fix it? By the way, I was able to enable the mouse again without a pointer using the tab key.

A:display lack of colors

have you tryied going into windows color under personalizations? right click in desktop and click personalise will bring up a window to choose backround, color, screensaver and sounds

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hello guys, i have problem with display, i've changed the display and display cable for new and the colors are still blury, see screen thanks for helphttps://s18.postimg.org/8hf254ty1/20161105_133146.jpg

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well last night my 17 inch monitor bit the dust, sparks and all, so now I am having to use my 14 inch monitor, and I can't figure out how to get my display, to change over to true color etc. does any
one have any help with this one? I sure would appreciate any help I can get asap. Thanks

Oh '' and the error message I get when I start should have been put with the display error.

A:My display colors are all wrong.

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my desktop color depth is 16 bit but for some reason windows displays all icons with 256 colors and it looks ugly
is someone knows how to make winxp to use 16 bit for colors?

A:icons won't display with all colors

Use Regedit, go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\WindowMetrics
Change the value of 'Shell Icon BPP' to 16
Close Regedit, restart your computer

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Hi Everyone

I am convinced that unless I am lucky enough to reach someone who has had this same problem .. I will never be able to fix it.
I have a Gateway GM5045E MCE PC.

It is based upon the xp pro.

It has the Nvidia GeForce 6200 Turbo Cache card. (Integrated with the onboard chip)?

Well, a little over a year ago .. The display colors went south on me.
(Washed out with the reds showing as almost black).

The pc sat in a repair shop for 2 months with everything being tried.
New video card, new and more powerful power unit, new drivers .. etc. etc.
Nothing ever worked and no solutions were ever given.

I put the pc in the closet for 6 months and then one day, on a whim, I pulled it out and did a complete destructive re-install.

It had Beautiful color again after the install .. for about a week.

I kept using it for a few weeks and .. once in a while the colors would flash back to the correct colors.

They would only stay 'correct' for a short time then revert to the washed out look.

New cables, different monitors .. all the hardware checks out.

Heres my Dilemma: From right out of the box, I could never get a display when hooking up to the 6200 card.
It's always had to run through the onboard port.

Checking in Device Manager, Belarc Advisor and Everest .. according to their stats, I have only a GeForce 6100 in the display Adapter category.
(I'm guessing that is the Northbridge Chip)?

I've tried and I can't load the GeForce 6200 driv... Read more

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i have windows me and now i cant change my resolution and any picture thats not a solid color is pixalated like you are in safe mode.. but im not..i would be so greatful to any ony genius enough to tell me how to fix this...tech support at microsoft is expensive and no help .
thank you so much

A:please help me ....i can only get 16 colors in my display options

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Gd Morning to all! Here is my query relating to technical. The spillover effect of rain caused my PC change its display colours on booting. How to rectify it?
Looking forward to hearing from you,

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i messed with my display settings and now cant see colors or words or anything hardly on desktop or browser uninstalled reinstalled fixed the desktop not browser

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I have to put together a PC that can be used by the handicap. I need to make a PC's display color change to black and white only. Two colors. The person has a hard time focusing on colors and even inverting the colors doesn't work for the patron. Any ideals besides putting an old crappy video card in the machine.
Thanks for your help,

A:Changing Display Colors


Try - Start>Settings>Control Panel>Display>Appearance - Then under 'Scheme' select 'High Contrast White'. There's 3 selections, ord, large and extra large. Hope it helps.

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hello . I bought a lenovo laptop few months back Lenovo B50-50 windows 10  version 1703 .Processor Intel(R)Core(TM)i5-55200U CPU @2.20GHz. It has screen problems especially when it's hot it turns dark/navy blue sometimes it flickers different colours .
Please Help 
Mod's Edit: Additional information added to Subject line for clarity of issue and moved post to its own thread.

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Was wondering if someone would be able to help out.
I'm currenlty trying to install a Cisco VoIP solution on someone's laptop. They have a Dell Lattude E6400 running Windows 7 64bit.
On installation of the program (Cisco IP Communicator) the screen drastically distorts itself (image attached). The computer needs to then be re-booted in order for the colors to return to a normal state. However the cycle continues if the program is then opened again.
Has anyone encountered a similar problem with any other program?
All the drivers are up to date on the machine, and I haven't seen this issue occur with the Cisco program before (installed on 50+ Win7 machines), neither does it occur with any other program.
Slightly baffled!

A:Display colors distort on install

Hi Becky,

Can you try running the program in Windows XP SP3 Compatibility mode to see if this has any affect?

Have you tried running the program in safe mode ot see if the screen distorts then?


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It is interesting, but since I got this laptop, I have noticed that the colors of the photos I use look darker on other screens. So, I don't know which is the right one. I feel like all the hard work I get to perfect a picture through Photoshop may be worthless.

I was wondering how you make sure what you are working with in Photoshop is the same as the monitor outputs?

I have a Sony VAIO 1080p... (i think there)... Intel Centrino 2 processor. Windows Vista.

A:display colors? monitor vs. photoshop

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All of a sudden, my monitor is displaying incorrect colors. For example, what used to be orange is now a puky green. Do you think the monitor is failing, or the video card???? The system is a few years old.

A:Suddenly incorrect display colors

Reinstall your video drivers could be corrupt

Try the monitor on another machine, if it looks okay, try a differnet video card in the machine.

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I have a Satellite C70-C-1DV, and I have a problem with the way colors are displayed: Different (similar) colors are displayed on screen as identical colors - for example, RGB 0/0/0, 1/1/1, 2/2/2, 3/3/3 all are displayed as just black. See this picture with 10 light and 10 dark colors - on my display, I only see three light and three dark colors.

The problem becomes particularly annoying when watching movies with dark scenes, because on my screen, there you do not see fluid color transitions, you always see lines where one color ends and the next color starts.

Any hints on how to fix this problem?


A:Satellite C70-C-1DV - Display shows too few different colors

The cheaper notebooks have a 6bit LCD. To get better contrast you should look at more expensive notebooks with an 8bit LCD, or use an external monitor.

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Hello! When I open a picture with the preview option in windows the picture is displayed with a yellow layer over it. I haven't seen this problem anywhere else. The right image is of course the proper one.
What should I do?

A:Preview display wrong colors

Figured it out seems to be common problem on Samsung monitors. Anyway, for anyone else having this problem here's a link that will help:

Windows Vista Photo Gallery Yellow Tint Background Problem ? My Digital Life

And if you need it here's a link to the ICC Profiles:

ICC profile downloads - Windows

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Font colors, line colors, shape colors, etc. in Word, PowerPoint and Visio do not display. What can the problem be?

A:Font and line colors do not display

Are you using any High contrast accessibility settings? It would be in Ease of Access Center (In Control Panel) - Make sure you have that shut off.

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Hello all, My problem is that when I hit certain keys such as "cap lock" or "num lock" my display changes colors for a split second. This only recently happened & is quite annoying when typing. No new hardware or software has been installed recently. Any ideas? Thanks. Mikhron

A:certain keys change my display colors

Hey everyone, I have solved my own problem regarding the above. I went into Accessibility Options in the Contol Panel& disabled Toggle keys& Sound sentry, possibly some conflict there. Display seems to be fine for now,, knock wood! Thanks for your time. Regards, Mikhron

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I received a replacement laptop from Dell to replace a defective XPS 13 9343.  They sent me a 9350 model (the warranty states Dell will send me an equal or better system replace my defective laptop).
However the monitor on the replacement seems like it's substantially lower quality.  The listed specs are:9343:13.3 inch UltraSharp(TM) QHD+ (3200 x 1800) InfinityEdge touch display9350 replacement:13.3" QHD+ (3200 x 1800) InfinityEdge touch display
As you can see from this photo of the laptops side-by-side, the 9350 (LEFT) whites look very washed out.  The white is almost a yellow compared to the 9343 (RIGHT).  The difference is very noticeable:

My questions are:
1) is there a settings in the Intel HD Graphics control panel to adjust the "whiteness" of the display?  Or in Windows?  (the new replacement is an upgraded Windows 10 vs Windows 8.1 on the old laptop).
2) could this be a problem with the monitor itself?  A sub-standard or defective monitor?  Is there a way for me to check what the monitor is to determine if it's a lower quality monitor?
3) or does the 9350 just ship with a lower quality monitor?  What feature of the monitor determines "whiteness"?  Contrast ratio?
4) what are my options?  I don't know too much about laptop displays, but paying a few hundred more for an upgraded display and then seeing the "whites" look almost yellow has me disappointed

A:XPS 9350 Display colors look washed out

Did you ever get an answer to this? I received a replacement screen for my M3800 and it's clearly an inferior screen/panel. Has the same yellow-ish washed out look compared to my old one which was a lot more vibrant.
Did you find the settings?

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I'm sorry if this is the wrong place for it, but it seemed appropriate as I'm trying to calibrate with the nvidia control center or the windows color calibration.

So I recently got a second monitor which is working beautifully, but the old monitor's color is off now. If I could adjust the colors via Nvidia or the windows calibrator it would solve the problem. When I adjust, for example, gamma, the changes occur as expected but then switch back to how they were after about a second.

The same thing happens with nvidia controls or windows controls.

Thanks for your time.

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Hi i was messing around with my display settings now my colors and texts are all messed up im using a pen 4 with onboard video

A:Display colors and texts on desktop and web browser

hi and welcome to the forums!

we need your complete system specs will you do this for us first?

System Info - See Your System Specs

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My Flex 3 - 1570 has color display problem.  Please provide solution for this.  I visited the Customer Care but no body helped.  ?

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Hi, I am getting random lines or colors when I go to desktop or hit refresh. It appears randomly. While playing games, running other applications, it doesn't seem to appear, but still, it appears randomly. Here is an image of a same web page, opened in two different tabs. You can see that in the rightmost part of the screen(where we have the option to scroll the web page) there are two tiny lines of red color. Its there in one tab, but not in any of the other tabs in the browser. Here are those two tabs.

There is also a small white-squared box near the right side, but that one is my mouse cursor.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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