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Windows 7 shows red X on network icon, Why?

Q: Windows 7 shows red X on network icon, Why?

Hi,all, my Windows 7 shows red ?X? on network icon, but I'm connected, I just want to know the why, could someone tell me? thank you!

Sorry, I just uploaded a wrong pic

Preferred Solution: Windows 7 shows red X on network icon, Why?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Windows 7 shows red X on network icon, Why?

You have 2 network connections, and one of them is not connected. ( Network 3 )

If you disable that network adapter in Device Manager that connection will be gone and so will the red x

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Dear folk

My desktop windows 7 64 bit was working fine til I walked up yesterday and there was a red cross on the network icon!!!

Ethernet cable working fine as when i hooked it to my laptop everything is working fine , means problem lies within the desktop and nothing wrong with cable or router port.

Troubleshoot that I had done so far :

Restarted desktop 3 times, uninstalled LAN driver, connected new Ethernet cable

What else I need to check to find out what is going on ?


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I've noticed recently that the Network Icon in the System Tray takes about 5 minutes before it indicates that the network is operational. When my modem indicators show that I am good to go, even though the Network Icon shows a Red X, I can get Online without any problems. I am wondering as to what controls the Network Icon from showing the normal operating status after the modem has all indicators running? Before this, the icon was showing a normal Network status after the modem had all LEDs illuminated. Now, it takes about 5 minutes or so. Any ideas? OS is Vista Home Premium.

A:Network Icon shows Red X for 5 min.

It sounds like corruption, but nothing to worry about.
Try from another user account, see if that makes a difference
Try an sfc scan
Run 3 times if errors are found
System Files - SFC Command
Right click on the icon and then repair
System Files - SFC Command
Totally disconnect from the internet, reboot and then connect again.
Reset your modem

Be sure to reboot after each step that you try.
Finally if this is a new problem, you can try a system restore
System Restore - How to

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I've been researching this for ever and everything I try does not work. My computer tells me to reset my router or/and modem, I do it and still nothing. I have tried everything, even restored my computer and reinstalled all my motherboards drivers. Sometimes it'll show a yellow icon on my network bar and it shows my network name, so I connect to it, then it says unable to connect... I click the troubleshooting and it keeps telling me to reset my router or modem. I tried that several times and even waited 10+ seconds. Still it doesn't work. Someone please help. The only thing that works is my iPhones personal hotspot, which I can't use for long because it is expensive. I tried to disable the networks and enable again, that doesn't work. I restarted my pc that still doesn't work. I don't know what to do please help.
Under network adapters in device manager. It shows Atheros AR9485 wireless network adapter and Intel(R)82579V Gigabit Network Connection. If that helps. Thanks in advance.

A:No connections are available (Shows a X on the network icon)

Hi, Welcome to Sevenforums.

Try this.

Go to Control Panel, Network and Internet, Network and Sharing Center, then select Connect to a network (Connect or reconnect to a wireless, wired network connection).

You mentioned that you have installed the drivers, try to update the drivers for you network card.

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So, this is not a major issue but kind of annoying. Recently I have noticed that the system tray icon for the wireless network always has that little red X and if I open the Network and Sharing Center it says "You are not currently connected to any networks." When I click "See Full Map" it shows a line from my PC to the Router but the line from my router to the internet has a red X.

The thing is, I am connected to the internet. I can go online just fine. Any ideas?

A:network system tray icon shows not connected but I am connected

Hello Serg, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Sometimes a simple restart of the PC will sort the network icon for you.

If not, then a quick disable and enable of the wireless network usually will toggle it back with the correct icon.

Hope this helps,

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whenever I'm connected to a network, the attached icon is displayed. The other icons (e.g. the spinning wheel thing when establishing a connection) do work, but the "connected" icon seems to have disappeared for no reason. I did not install any new software and I don't know what else might have triggered this, it was just that way when I booted my pc a few days ago.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.

A:Network connection icon always shows "not connected" even though I am

You might have a two adapters enabled. Right click on the bars and open the network and sharing center. Then in the left pane click on change adapter settings and see if there are 2 adapters present. If so disable the one that isn't wireless..I don't know if the two are related but mine used to look like this the left pic now it looks like the right pic. And it happened right after some windows updates.

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I know for a fact that Windows Defender did not have an icon in the notification tray/taskbar in Windows 8/8.1. I'm talking about the bottom right and if you have/had Win 7 using MSE you would have the icon (green house with checkmark and flag) if enabled.

When Windows Defender did not have the same functionality for its icon people were really up in arms and many threads talked about hacks to get it to appear. Well all of a sudden I noticed that it was available and if I select "Show icon and notifications" under customize it appears. If I hover over it it shows "PC Status: Protected" just like MSE.

Does anyone else see this? When did it happen? I would have thought I would see some mention of it somewhere since it was a feature (lacking) that really bothered people.

edit: There is even a tutorial here on how to add it. And it says "Windows Defender does not have a icon in the notification area, but it does run in the background by default and will give you a notification if it detects anything."

Windows Defender - Create Shortcut in Windows 8

I'm pretty sure it is not showing because it detected something. Like I said its showing just like the MSE icon.

A:Windows Defender icon now shows in notification tray

I noticed that change a while back actually, so have some other folks,

There's a Windows Defender Icon in my Taskbar - Microsoft Community

I kind of like it myself.

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I am not sure when and what update this occurred during, but the Windows Defender icon now appears in the system tray, under 2 systems:

Windows 8 Core
Windows 8.1 Pro
To make the icon appear, simply launch Windows Defender from the Start Start.

During a system scan.

During an update.

Mouse-over, during update.

There is currently no context menu added by Microsoft, for Windows Defender on Windows 8, 8.1 and 10.

Thanks for reading.

A:Defender icon now shows in System Tray - Windows 8 and 8.1

I hope they will add a context menu entry and will improve Defender further, many people rely on it as AV
its right behind Avast according to OPSWAT

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I need help getting to the bottom of this, not sure why it's happening, or when it started happening, maybe a week ago...

I get a seemingly random icon flash on the taskbar for no more than a few miliseconds, so i checked
event viewer to track down what was happening and the only thing i can find is 2 events in the subcategory
Application that states the source as RestartManager
and the event ID as 10000 and 10001, these both appear every time the icon flashes on the taskbar

I think this issue is also causing fullscreen flash vids to show the taskbar and a loading circle on the cursor... also Battlefield 4 likes to get a black screen then when i alt-tab i'm back to the game without any crashing or any error besides this ominous
black screen

I'm running 8.1 legit

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Hi Paul,
I am on a private wireless network, name showing in notification area.
Problem 1:
A week or two ago, an unidentified wireless network suddenly appeared in the notification area. Name of the network is Vortex.  No response when I click or right click on it, to 'forget this network'. Drop down menu connect automatically is ticked-
when I remove tick-- it returns.  When I click connect, window opens prompting for a password.  Often when I want to check if its still there it is there momentarily and then disappears altogether. I have no path for this 'rogue' network, so cannot
search for its location on my PC, so there's no way I know how to remove it.  I have a very stringent antivirus, malware application and also use Malwarebytes to remove infections and spyware. However, I searched online for this Vortex network and it
seems that it is malware-- however, after full scans of my PC, with both my internet security app and Malwarebytes, this Vortex network still appears in the network notification window below my private network server.  How do I remove it?  And what
settings should I temporarily activate in the Network and Sharing Center in order to view all networks on my PC in Command prompt?   This network can surely not be a neighbour's network-- as my connection settings are very private.  I cannot block
it with Firewall, because no path is available to do so. I have a feeling this Vortex may have been bundled wi... Read more

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Hi to all
The Network icon shows Not Connected, but I'm connected and can brows the internet.
my prblem solved but after restart my computer this problem come back.
I'm confused because I tried many ways to sole it!

I disconnected my pc from modem, waited about 30 seconds and reconnected it
Reset the network adapter
use the Diagnose and repair the connection
Uninstall driver from device manager and restart my computer

When the computer will restart my problem is solved!!!!!!! but When the computer will restart again,
my problem come back!!!!! Even when I disconnect from the Internet and connected, this problem come back

Could someone help me? (windows 7, 64)

A:The Network icon shows Not Connected, but I'm connected

Welcome to the Seven Forums.

Can you surf to here:
More info here:

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Computer runs on Windows XP Home SP2. Since the last two or three monthly Window updates, that yellow shield icon - the Windows Update icon - no longer shows up in the system tray. I tried to locate it under "previous elements" (I'm translating from German since my computer language is in German), but it's not there. I only know when Window updates have been downloaded when I want to shut down the computer and I have the option to either first install the updates, after which the computer will shut down automatically, or shut down the computer without installing the updates. Before, when I had the shield icon, I could click on the icon and then choose express installation or customised installation. I can no longer do so simply because that icon is missing. This means that I can only install the updates when I'm shutting the computer. It's a nuisance. I can't even see WHAT the computer has downloaded - the name and number of the fix (unless I go to the software option in the control panel...after the installation). Anyway...how do I fix this display problem?

A:Solved: Windows Update icon no longer shows up in system tray

Try: command > services.msc look if the automatic update service is started and running. Try to stop and set to Automatic then start button

Best luck

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So, pretty self explanatory, I have this super bizarre problem, whenever I have my taskbar set to small icons in the properties, the taskbar icons are all wrong, for example, the Windows Task Manager will show up as Google Chrome (application seem to take a fancy for that icon) or Adobe Lightroom will show up as the Windows Picture Viewer. I have searched everywhere, and all I can find are cases of missing icons, which is not my problem. Perhaps this is linked to the other problem I am having. (Half of monitor is out of sync.)

A:Bizarre: Windows taskbar shows improper icons in small icon mode

Don't know if I can help but will also try take a look at your problem.

First, just to be clear, note the 3 groups of icons along the bottom of screen image below. On left are Quick Launch icons, middle are open programs, on right are notification icons. Which group(s) are wrong when small? Also, can you right click a wrong icon and select Pin to Start Menu. Does it get pinned with the right or wrong icon?


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Recently my battery icon disappeared on my taskbar and in its place is a blank spot. When I turned the power icon display off and back on, the space went away and reappeared. I turned my Wifi icon display off and back on and where the wifi icon once appeared, the battery icon displayed and a blank space appeared next to it where the wifi icon would be displayed. I've included two screenshots to show my issue: Is there anything else I can do other than a system restore to a previous version? I feel as though ever since my warranty ran out (literally two days after) I've had nothing but annoyances with this computer and have had to do too many system restores. Thanks.

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Okay, so I AM connected to the wireless router, as is the other PC on the network (that PC is running XP). I used to be able to print to the printer that is connected directly to the XP computer, but now it keeps telling me it is offline. So, upon further investigation, I tried to figure out why and try to access the XP computer, I get the error that this computer (Windows 7) is not connected to a network, so I open network and sharing center and try to connect to a network. Then the popup in the system tray pops up that shows me connected to the Internet, but "NOT CONNECTED - Connections are available" - what the hell does that mean? So then I open network and sharing center and select choose homegroup and sharing options. THEN I get the error "This computer belongs to a homegroup" with the error "homegroup is not available because i'm not connected to a network" - and the viscious cycle begins again.

I go over to the XP and look at workgroup and both PCs are listed. When I click on mine (Windows 7), it wants a username and password. I don't remember what those are!

Whenever I try to access the printer that is connected to Win 7 PC FROM XP PC, I get a denied access error!

Please help! I have two computers and two printers that I just want to be able to use both printers with both computers!

Windows 7 is connected to a Lexmark laser printer and XP is connected to an HP inkjet.

These DID work for a long time, but for some strange re... Read more

A:Windows 7 shows not connected to network

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Recently upgraded to windows 8, and the Ethernet connection on my laptop repeatedly shows Unidentified network. I re-installed windows 7, and it works fine. The Consumer preview and release preview of 8 worked fine too. Now, since i am back to windows 8, the problem is back again. Tried everything on various posts on net that i can, but of no help.
The Internet connects for few seconds initially, wen the network is in the process of "Identifying Network". But it stops, as soon as it identifies it as Unidentified network.
Any help on it ???

A:Windows 8, shows Unidentified Network

Originally Posted by viking01

Recently upgraded to windows 8, and the Ethernet connection on my laptop repeatedly shows Unidentified network. I re-installed windows 7, and it works fine. The Consumer preview and release preview of 8 worked fine too. Now, since i am back to windows 8, the problem is back again. Tried everything on various posts on net that i can, but of no help.
The Internet connects for few seconds initially, wen the network is in the process of "Identifying Network". But it stops, as soon as it identifies it as Unidentified network.
Any help on it ???

It sounds like the network driver isn't right.

Can you post the ipconfig/all from this machine?

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My system seems to be hogging bandwidth on my home network even when I'm doing nothing on the internet.
I have ensured things like Dropbox etc have been deactivated but still task manager shows quite a bit of activity:-

A:Windows 8.1 Pro X64 shows unexplained network activity

Are you only one using network ? Few Kb/s are always going to be needed for communication with router.

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I'm not much of a VM expert. I have a couple of win7 systems running a WinXP VM that I installed manually, in all those cases, the virtual network has always just booted up and worked. Under Win8 Pro-RTM, I did a XP VM that I loaded myself (versus an XP mode) and it loads the virtual network adapter but it reports that the cable is unplugged

I'm not clear on what this means. Obviously, it's a VM so there is no cable to plug in. I'm guessing I'm suppose to match that Virtual Nic to the regular (aka Host's) NIC but I'm not see any options to do so.

On the same system I run windows 7 Ult and a XP install and the network loads up on boot.

Any guesses here?



A:XP VM under Windows 8 shows network cable unplugged

Hi there

There are too many possibilities here because we don't know what VM program you're using:
Virtual PC, Hyper-V, VirtualBox, VMPlayer/Wokstation, Parallels, others?...



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After deleting some files from my NAS (WD My Cloud), it quit showing in explorer. Shows on other pc, but not this one (7 x86 Pro). It shows as storage device, and media server, but no longer as a system device (access to the files on it). Tried a variety of fixes .... system restore, reboot router and nas, checked workgroup name, file sharing options, win network diagnostic tool ...

Seems obvious that it has something to do with deleting the files, yet I can't think of any reason it should. Windows still recognizes it as a system device, just won't display it as such in explorer on this one pc.

A:NAS shows in network map, but no longer in windows explorer

After more checking, the NAS shows as a system device in Device Manager, in properties on Devices and Printers page, as well as in the Network Map. So Windows can obviously see it, knows it's there, but won't show it as a system device in Windows Explorer.

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I have a D-Link Airplus G+ DWL-G520+ Wireless PCI Adapter. Previously i used it in my desktop windows 7. after that i removed it n kept for a year. now again tried to use it. The device driver is installed properly, but it shows no networks. My other devices easily show network but desktop shows no network. i have attached images of problems with this post.
Can some one please help with a solution?

A:WINDOWS 7; dlink wireless driver shows no network.

I would try completely removing the adapter from the system(not physically but from the control panel) then reboot; try reinstalling it; then reboot again; and try checking for a updated driver for that adapter and see if that helps to resolve the issue.. Try this and see what happens. Post back if no result.

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I have just re-installed my OS. After I installed Adobe Photoshop CS6 64 bit, I pinned it in my taskbar. The icon of the desktop shortcut looks good, but in the taskbar, this is how it looks:

How could I solve this problem?

A:The icon shows in taskbar as "unknown icon"

Hello barbu110 and welcome to Seven Forums.

It's possible that your icon cache became damaged or corrupt for some unknown reason. You could try rebuilding it and see what happens.

Icon Cache - Rebuild

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I hope somebody has run into this - I am pulling my hair out. About two months ago I started deploying Windows 7 pro 64 bit PC's in small workgroup setting with less than 12 computers.  The existing network was/is XP. It is a simple router/NAT device
at the internet side, and internally there is a switch. The router hands out addresses via DHCP.
What I am seeing is Win7 computers show up twice - or sometimes not at all when browsing the network. The computers that don't show up can be forced to show up properly by typing in their name in the address bar - voila they show up in the list. Hitting
f5 repeatedly will eventually clear it up. They are accessible via UNC. Its the list that looks wonky.

Details on the config - Dell optiplex GX620's. Network discovery is on, password protected file sharing is set to yes. Other things I have done to resolve:
Put all machines on static addresses, install and configure a WINS server, removed IPv6 via MS "Fit it". All machines are confirmed to be in hybrid Netbios mode. I shut off home groups in the services cpl. I forced the computers on 24/7. I disabled the power
settings on the network adapters. Finally, I disabled LLDP & LLDPR on the adapters. 
Has anybody seen this? Can anybody help?

A:Windows 7 Network Browsing shows multiple copies of other PC's, some PC's are missing from list


Please check whether the following thread can help:

Any way to replicate "Entire Network" view in Windows 7 (with workgroup/domain hierarchy shown)

Hope this helps.

Vincent Wang
TechNet Community Support

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We have windows 2008 storage server in that server folder created quota and share to team but when user is mapped the disk space is showing incorrect 

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Hi Guys,
I have recently been encountering an unusual problem. When I exit a program, start a new program from the desktop, or even boot up my pc, I am sometimes left with the loading icon replacing my mouse. When this happens, I cannot right or left click, or click anything on the desktop at all. I have to go to the start menu to access a program and when I scroll over this new program the loading icon goes back to the regular mouse, but the desktop is still unusable. I have checked my processes and nothing is using any CPU, I have scanned my computer with malwarebytes and it is clean. Here is my HiJackthis log. Any help for this problem would be much appreciated guys. Thanks in advance. Cheers!
Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.4
Scan saved at 6:44:56 PM, on 1/10/2011
Platform: Windows 7 (WinNT 6.00.3504)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.7600.16700)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Alienware\Command Center\AlienwareAlienFXController.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\STMicroelectronics\Accelerometer\FF_Protection.exe
C:\Program Files\Alienware\Command Center\AlienSense\FATrayMon.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\PC Tools\sMonitor\SSDMonitor.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\iTunes\iTunesHelper.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Epson Software\Event Manager\EEventManager.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Epson Software\FAX U... Read more

A:Windows Shows Loading Icon When Nothing is Loading.

Hello and welcome to Bleeping ComputerWe apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here.If you have since resolved the original problem you were having, we would appreciate you letting us know. If not please perform the following steps below so we can have a look at the current condition of your machine. If you have not done so, include a clear description of the problems you're having, along with any steps you may have performed so far.Upon completing the steps below another staff member will review your topic an do their best to resolve your issues.If you have already posted a DDS log, please do so again, as your situation may have changed.Use the 'Add Reply' and add the new log to this thread.Thanks and again sorry for the delay.We need to see some information about what is happening in your machine. Please perform the following scan:Download DDS by sUBs from one of the following links. Save it to your desktop.DDS.scrDDS.pifDouble click on the DDS icon, allow it to run.A small box will open, with an explaination about the tool. No input is needed, the scan is running.Notepad will open with the results.Follow the instructions that pop up for posting... Read more

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Hi Guys,
I have recently been encountering an unusual problem. When I exit a program, start a new program from the desktop, or even boot up my pc, I am sometimes left with the loading icon replacing my mouse. When this happens, I cannot right or left click, or click anything on the desktop at all. I have to go to the start menu to access a program and when I scroll over this new program the loading icon goes back to the regular mouse, but the desktop is still unusable. I have checked my processes and nothing is using any CPU, I have scanned my computer with malwarebytes and it is clean. Here is my HiJackthis log. Any help for this problem would be much appreciated guys. Thanks in advance. Cheers!

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.4
Scan saved at 6:44:56 PM, on 1/10/2011
Platform: Windows 7 (WinNT 6.00.3504)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.7600.16700)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Alienware\Command Center\AlienwareAlienFXController.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\STMicroelectronics\Accelerometer\FF_Protection.exe
C:\Program Files\Alienware\Command Center\AlienSense\FATrayMon.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\PC Tools\sMonitor\SSDMonitor.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\iTunes\iTunesHelper.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Epson Software\Event Manager\EEventManager.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Epson Software\FAX Utility\FUFAXSTM.exe
C:\Program Files\Alienware\Command Center\AlienSense\FATrayAlert.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Norton Intern... Read more

A:Windows Shows Loading Icon When Nothing is Loading.


Try a system files check first, as that is the easiest. Open a command prompt as administrator, and enter sfc /scannow.

Can you put a date on when the problem first started happening? If the SFC doesn't help, try a system restore to before that date.

Finally, if the first two suggestions don't work, do a repair install.

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a mapped drive shows as disconnected but still work in terms of getting into the shared network folder on our NAS.  but i want to remove it.  the commapnt prompt command wont do it.  you cant disconnected it because it doesnt see a networked
drive.  and i looked in the registry and there isnt a registry entry for the mapped drive. in the mountpoint2 or whatever. 

A:Windows 7 mapped network drive. shows as disconnected, cannot remove, not showing in registry

To troubleshoot, disconnect the connection first. Please refer to:
How To Disconnect Non-Mapped UNC Path “Drives” in Windows
http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/16196/how-to-disconnect-non-mapped-unc-path-drives-in-windows/Please remember to click ?Mark as Answer? on the post that helps you, and to click ?Unmark as Answer? if a marked post does not actually answer your question. This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread. ?

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I have a home premium 32 bit HP.I use dial up.Sometimes when I use the computer the icon on taskbar says I'm not connected but I am. On some days when I start the computer, the icon is OK,but if I turn the computer off and restart 3 hours later then the icon has a red x on it but I'm still able to connect to the internet.

A:icon shows I'm not connected but I am

If you have access without problem there is no reason to concern yourself. Go to search by the start button. Type notification, in the notification area got to network notification and set it up to hide. The problem is gone and you are enjoying the computer and the internet.
You could try to right click on the icon and then troubleshoot, but I am not really hopeful using that approach.
I do not know of any other way to correct this small malfunction.

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I got a new laptop and partitioned it into 2 NTFS partitions. All worked well but when I came fresh from the XP SP2 install, I noticed the second partition hadn't been formatted (b/c windows only formatted where it installed.) The second partion was E: and the DVD drive was D:

I then proceeded to format the partition with windows as NTFS and the long way, not short. Everything was working great. I then decided I wanted to change the letters around so that the 2 partions would be C and D and the DVD drive would be E. I did that through the disk manager in the administrative services in control panel. Now comes the problem.

The letters changed perfectly, and everything still works perfectly, but the icon for the second partition (now D) shows up as a CD/DVD icon just like my dvd drive (now E)

What can I do to make it look like a regular drive again?

A:Partition shows up w/ CD/DVD icon!

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So my problem is a little different than the others. I can't seem to get rid of my Windows Defender icon, despite the fact that I am not using it as my AV protection. I have the latest ESET Anti-Virus installed, which is listed on their websites as being compatible with the Anniversary Update. I don't have any entries for the icon in my Start Up list. However, the icon is still there. I can shut off Defender, but the icon remains. I don't want two active scanners running at the same time.

Is there a way to shut down Defender for good, or somehow tell Windows 10 I have other AV installed...so stop assuming I don't?

A:Defender Icon Shows - Using Other AV

Hey mate,

Using OPTION TWO in the tutorial below to turn off Windows Defender should do the trick for you.

Windows Defender - Turn On or Off in Windows 10

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I have a retail version enterprise windows 8.1.

I am have problem with pci card wifi drivers TP-LINK 

driver Microsoft Hyper V Network Switch Default Miniport is installed

will not let me install drivers for TP-Link 64bit

Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The
driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)

{Unable to Load Device Driver}
%hs device driver could not be loaded.
Error Status was 0x%x

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Hi all ...

Recently I've been getting a little blank Word icon showing up as processing. Has a blue title top and the window is blank.

It doesn't show up in the Task Bar or Windows Task Manager.

The only way I know it is there is using old school of Alt+Tab to toggle amongst programs, i.e., Outlook, Windows Media (music), Word and Internet. Yes, I obviously highlight it to bring it up but it doesn't come up.

To use the Alt+Tab toggle method there has to be at least two programs open. I've tried all the combinations above. It shows up but I still can't get it to come to the forefront.

I can't afford to buy my Norton virus update so I downloaded Avast and did a "thourough" scan (6 hours). Nothing. Nada. Zip. It still comes back.

I can get rid of it by re-booting. It seems my computer slows down when it shows up. Thus if I can't find it I can't get rid of it.

Class, any thoughts or suggestions????

A:Little blank Word icon shows up

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The picture that shows in my folder icons show twice in some and only once in others. I know how to change it to only one but the other picture pops up again in some and not in others. I'm Using windows 10.

How do I set it to only the picture I want.

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Problem: i installed a graphic shareware and those images i have on the desktop that used to look like an icon of the full image now show the logo of the program instead.

I uninstalled the program and i still have the same problem.

Question: what should i do to see those images (that I put on the desktop) as icons of the full image instead of a mini-logo?

Is there a way to choose as a property of an image that has been dropped into the desktop to see it as a mini image of the original?

thank you!

I run windows xp

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There's an HTML page at www.stevea.biz that has a simple button. When I look at it with Firefox or Chrome it's beautiful. When I look at it with IE7 it looks terrible (see figure below), like it was implemented as a 16x16 icon that's been blown up too large. It looks this way on three computers I have here but I've had other people tell me that it looks ok on their computer.

What's causing this? Is there some setting in IE7 I can make that will tell the software to render HTML buttons in full resolution instead this?

Thanks for any ideas.

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i install Uxtheme multi patcher and install Windows XP Theme with icons but i dont like that theme i switch back to normal theme but i think theres a Bug in the charms bar This PC seems xp my computer icon in charms bar but i search for solution but its for Desktop but my desktop This PC is not messed i tried everything like rebuilding iconcache by deleting the theme by Changing the icon in the personalization but it dosent return to normal
any other solution guys?

A:This PC icon in charms bar shows incorrectly

Hi Alvindale, welcome to Windows EightForums!
Try restoring default desktop icons in Personalization/Change desktop icons.
(Maybe uncheck "Allow themes to change desktop icons")
Click Apply and OK and maybe restart Windows.

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Hey everyone. For quite awhile now, whenever I'm connected to the internet on my Vista machine, my connection just says: "Local Only" instead of "Local And Internet" as it should say when connected to the internet. See here:

Any ideas on how to fix this annoying bug?

Also, all Windows Updates are installed.

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Hello I am currently running windows 7 on a Samsung laptop. About a couple months ago I attempted to run multiple virtual box systems on my laptop, after some time I found no use for them anymore and uninstalled virtual box. just recently i noticed that my wireless status icon was displaying the wrong information, it displays that I am not connected to any network and that network connections are available, but I am properly connected and I have full internet access.
This is what appears when I am experiencing the issue: 
 Network Icon.png   14.82KB
Now I have tried uninstalling my wireless card software and I have also checked to ensure there is no virtual box host networking drivers remaining after my uninstall. I am out of ideas now as i have tried everything to the best of my knowledge, the only idea I have as a last resort is to do a full repair install of windows 7, but that seems slight overkill just over a simple thing as a network icon displaying the wrong information.
All the devices under device manager when I am experiencing my problems: 
 Device Manager.png   60.92KB
Anyway one thing I have noticed is that when I uninstall my wireless card and do a reboot, it detects my wireless card and then proceeds to install the drivers automatically, and once the drivers are installed the wireless icon seems to function properly again, until i reboot a second t... Read more

A:Windows 7 Wrong Network Icon

Update: 1/12/2015
So I believe I figured out what was causing my problems, there was a program called Open Vpn, and for some reason it was interfering with my network connection, once I removed the application and restarted all seems to be working well 

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Ok, this just happened recently and I don't know what is causing it. I'll try to give u a brief overview of the situtation I'm in. XP used to be on my D driver (74gigs), it got screwed up (BSOD) at the time, I didn't know as much computers, so I installed XP to my C driver (4 gigs). This has worked pretty fine up until when SP2 was released. I can't install SP2 because XP takes up about 4 gigs by itself. Without SP2 I just have been running some extra firewalls so compensate.

Well about 4 days ago, I noticed whenever I open up my computer it takes like 7 or 8 seconds before the hard drivers appear. Then I went into network connections to look at my internet icon (to check the settings). I opened it up and nothing was there. The only thing there was on the far left it was asking me if I wanted to setup a network ( my internet is working on all the computers). I have ran 2 different spyware scans and found nothing, ran mcaffee scans and nothing. I can't restore my computer because all the restores got deleted when I was trying to free space on my drives.

Where do I go, usually I can solve tech problems but I mean this is beyond weird? What do I do first, if you need more information just ask because I really need some advice.

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This is a problem that started with the last windows update (which included an update for my wireless network adapter which I have since rolled back).

My setup is as follows: I have a dual band router. The 5Ghz band's SSID is (for example) Testg and the2.4 Ghz band's SSID is Testg2.

When I click on the network status icon and hover over the Testg connection, it shows the SSID as Testg2. When I go into the Manage Wireless Networks and open the properties for this connection, it shows the SSID as Testg.

I have fooled around with renaming the connections as all of a sudden one showed up as Test 2 3 with the SSID of Testg

Currently I have three connections listed in manage networks: Testg, Testn, and Test2. Testg and Testn (Testg was previously Test 2 3 renamed Testg) and Testn (previously named Testg renamed to Testn so I could rename Test 2 3) both show the SSID being Testg. The Test2 connection shows the SSID of Testg2.

Looking at this information by left clicking and hovering over the connections on the network status icon, they show as follows: Testg shows an SSID of Test2, Testn shows an SSID of Testg, and Test2 shows an SSID of Testg2.

Why is the SSID different for the same connection depending on where I look at it and is there a fix for this?



A:Network status icon and manage networks icon show different SSID

Well, due to other issues (thank you Cnet download for installing all kinds of malware on my computer with the program I was trying to get), I had to use a system restore to get rid of something that took over my computer and it also fixed this issue. I used a restore point from before the Windows update that I installed.

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A small question. When I installed W7, the icons on the task bar displayed a small image of the program when I did a mouse-over. Now the have a text line giving info. Can't find how to change back. Didn't try to change in the first place. Thanks, Don

A:mouse-over icon on taskbar shows text

Hello Djangelico, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Are you using an Aero theme?

If you are, then double check these items: You must be have True Color (32 bit) set instead of High Color (16 bit).
The desktop composition and Animate controls and elements inside windows options need to be enabled in Visual Effects.
The Desktop Window Manager Session Manager and Themes Services need to be set as Started and Automatic.
Refresh or update your WEI score. You will need an WEI score minimum of 2.0 in both Graphics & Gaming graphics in order for Aero to be activated.
Hope this helps,

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I've tried starting up my "tower" (cpu) and pressing F8 to getting in the administrators account. Of course everything was fine till the point I can't view icon's on my desktop, and when I click the start menu its all blanked out in black or white. Everytime I view a folder, the same with the icon's.. not sure what happened, but this is making it more difficult not for the images but that the start menu is all blanked out in another color or "transparent" as you might say, but im not sure. Any advice? Thanks.


A:Safe mode shows no icon's? *Problem*

Here is the final solution for your problem:
by Valerian E Partenie

Virus name: virtumonde.ggx - no info on the internet about this version!
Also it may be involved Troian.Fotomoto virus

As this is my FIRST "one on one" fight with a new generation of viruses, I'll describe you with my own words
what the virus did to my computer, what are the attack aspects and how I got rid of it!

Finally I MADE IT!!! After 3 days of work, trying to find the right cure, I found it!

Description of the virus:

It is a virus, that has 3 main things installed on your computer:
1.a link to it's site - in Internet temporary files - that can not be deleted (it comes back) if you are connected to the internet
2.an exe file - that is not identified by the scan program, because it is harmless itself but it's doing its job.
3.a dll file - that is identified by bitdefender, can be deleted but it comes back if you are on the internet
As he can be destroyed only from the safemode with no internet, that is the reason why he protects (hide) the safemode desktop!
(Try starting the computer in safemode with network support and you'll see that the desktop is fine!!!)
Well, I don't really know what is he doing when he gets out, like what information he sends and to whom,
but I can surely say that he is responsible for the following symptoms:


1. I can not access Safe mode!!! Black screen with no ICO... Read more

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hp pavilion 15 notebook pc 15- e038tx   ,when i am connected to the internet, icon on task bar not changed continuously shows red sign or cross,i am using data card (usb dongle) i browse download and upload good but but icon not shows you are connected please help me hp pavilion 15 eo38tx  windows 7 64bit

A:internet icon shows red cross when i am connected

Hi shah-aijaz, Sorry to hear that you are having issues with the wifi on your notebook. I have done some research and I have found that the computer that you have listed does NOT have Windows 7. Are you certain that you are giving the proper model number of your computer?  Please check the bottom of your computer and the product number should be listed on a white sticker by a bar code.


Please write back at your convenience.


Thank you.

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When i open IE7 it loads for a min or 2 and everything is blank including the blue window bar (XP SP2) but it does have a IE icon. Firefox closed itself while i was typing this b4 and it popped back up 5 min later with everything that Ive written before 0_o. ugh -_-

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 10:01:49 PM, on 7/29/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16674)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Windows OneCare Live\Antivirus\MsMpEng.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\bin\AppleMobileDeviceService.exe
C:\Program Files\Viewpoint\Common\ViewpointService.exe
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Windows OneCare Live\Firewall\msfwsvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Windows OneCare Live\winss.exe
C:\Program Files\Zone Labs\ZoneAlarm\zlclient.exe
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Windows OneCare Live\winssnotify.exe
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\Gro... Read more

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I'm having an issue with my WIFI....its more of an annoyance than anything.

When I'm on a fresh boot on my laptop (full shutdown then starting back up) my wifi connects just fine....perfect.

However, when I close the screen (its a laptop) and it goes into standby...when I wake it up again my wifi icon by the clock shows that its still obtaining an IP address or whatever (little yellow dot bouncing back and forth over the icon)....The icon will stay like this until the next time I reset the computer....but the entire time my wifi works as it should....its just the icon thats being weird.

Fresh install of Windows (as of two weeks ago)
Windows XP SP3 - all updates are current
Dell Latitude D610
Dell Wireless 1470 Dual Band WLAN Mini-PCI Card
Broadcom NetXtreme 57xx Gigabit Controller (wired cat5 disabled)
1GB ram
all drivers up to date

Like I said...everything is working as it should...but this is really annoying and I would like to get it resolved. Its done this since I've done the fresh install of Windows, so it has nothing to do with any software I've installed or any of the updates.

Thanks in advance for any help!

A:WIFI works, but icon by shows still connecting

Go to Start/Run and type CMD and press enter. In the Command Prompt type ipconfig /release and press enter. You IP address turns to Now type ipconfig/flushdns and press enter. Now type
ipconfig /renew. You should have a new IP address.

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Hi, I have an issue with charging my HP G62-b25SA notebook PC (on Windows 7 Home Premium).  I've noticed that when I plug in the adapter, the icon says 'plugged in, not charging'.  However, I notice that sometimes it will charge for between a few seconds to about a minute (when I first connect the charger) with the orange light showing before I get the 'not charging' message and the light turns blue. The charge does not seem to be going down unusually fast. I have run a battery check with HP Support Assistant and it says 'The battery is functioning correctly but it needs to be calibrated...'(Unfortunately, I can't calibrate it as I can't charge it to 100%...!) I've tried blowing dust out of vents in case it was a heat problem - bit of dust came out - doesn't seem to have made much difference though! I also tried removing the battery and start/ shut down and then replacing it and booting up- read somewhere it might help, but didn't appear to.  Also quite bizarrely, I left the computer switched off overnight (without the charger attached) and this morning when I booted it up, it had more charge than last night (about 50% instead of 40%). When I shut it down, 10 updates automatically installed - don't know if this had anything to do with it?? So really I just wondered if anyone can suggest what might be wrong? Should I buy a new charger or perhaps a new battery? Or is there anything else I can try? (I've read somewhere about inst... Read more

A:HP G62 battery icon shows: plugged in, not charging

Hi Mel, Try the following. First of all, shut down the notebook, unplug the AC Adapter, remove the battery, and then hold down the Power button for 30 seconds. Now, plug in the AC Adapter without the battery inserted, start the notebook, open windows Control Panel, open Device Manager, expand the entry for Batteries, right click on and the Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery and select Uninstall - do not uninstall anything else here.  When the uninstall is complete, shut the notebook down, unplug the AC Adapter, re-insert the battery and then start the notebook on just the battery.  Windows will automatically reinstall the driver - leave Windows running for a few minutes. Shut down the notebook again.  Now plug in the AC Adapter ( with the battery still inserted ) and start the notebook to see if this has helped the issue at all. Regards, DP-K

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Hi All,
I have an HP 8600 printer/fax/scanner that I've set up to save my faxes to my computer. I've created a shortcut to the fax folder and pinned it to my task bar. As it is now I have to click on the folder when I want to see if a fax has come in. Is there a way to have the folder change in appearance to show when it has something in it?
The fax software is supposed to let me know when a fax comes in but it doesn't.

Thanks in Advance

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