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How do I set my dual boot(W2K/Win98)system to default boot to Win98?

Q: How do I set my dual boot(W2K/Win98)system to default boot to Win98?

Before I wiped out my dual boot system last week, I had previously found a way in W2K's Control Panel to set my system to boot to Win98(which all my family uses) in a certain number of seconds unless I tell it to use W2K.

But I can't remember where it was now. And would like to set it that way again.

Can someone tell me, please?

(I've heard there is a way to alter the boot.ini file, but I Don't want to do it that way)

Preferred Solution: How do I set my dual boot(W2K/Win98)system to default boot to Win98?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: How do I set my dual boot(W2K/Win98)system to default boot to Win98?

easiest way, right click on my computer, properties, advanced tab, startup and recovery

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I am wondering if anyone has an opinion about the best way to remove windows 98 from my C drive and convert to windows 2000.

Here's the details.
I originally had win98 installed in my C drive and then installed win 2000 on my D drive. I now run in win2k solely and am running out of space on my C drive. I have also run into a few problems that look like they might be related to the dual boot configuration.

Anyway since I don't want, need, or use 98 I want to remove it and run solely with win 2k.

The options I am considering are:
- Remove win 2k from D drive, and then reinstall win 2k over 98 and reformat the C drive to be NTFS for better security etc. This looks messy and prone to error.
- Install win 2k over win 98 and reformat C drive without removing the D win 2k installation. Then reformat the D Drive to get rid of win2k. I would do this using the win2k 4 3.5 floppy installation disks and the win2k CD.

I realize I will need to reinstall all my current applications and drivers but I believe that is a fact of life when doing this type of thing.

Any suggestions as to which is better or what the best procedure is?

A:Removing win98 from dual boot win98/2k

Howdy Todman and welcome

Don't know to much about it but...here's what MS has to say



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Hey Gang,

I upgraded to XP from Win98. I arranged my system to dual-boot win98 and XP. I did this by re-installing win98 to my other/windows/system.000 folder with my Win98 boot disk inserted.

Everything went fine and I can now dual boot win98 & xp. However when I boot to Win98 all my programs are gone?????? My docs, control panel programs, everything.....

Can anyone tell me the correct way boot to 98 with my information intact?


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Trying to get my ducks in a row before I attempt installing XP pro OEM version:

It's my understanding that XP pro (OEM) needs to install "clean", on wiped or new hard drive.

Win98 is on the machine and ideally I'd like to save it and dual-boot with XP pro.

Is there a procedure that I, (noob) could follow to accomplish this?

Will use FAT32, but looking for the easiest way to save 98
and set up the dual-boot.

A:Dual-Boot XP/Win98


you can dual boot win 98 & xp no prob.

two ways / you will have to have win 98 installed first on your hard drive / then you will need a partition that does not have an OS in it.

pop in the win xp set-up cd and it will auot ask you if you want to "upgrade" or dual boot the win xp / as soon as the win xp sees the win 98 in there you are ready for a dual boot configuration

then at each restart of the computer it gives you an option to boot to win xp or win 98 / if you dont choose within 30 seconds it will auto choose win xp (i guess it loves that child better LOL)

the second option is to download bootit-NG from bootdisk.com (click on utilities -then scroll to partitioning - its free for 30 days if i remeber right/ it has some prowerful partioning tools and has a capability to make a dual boot system on the SAME drive / same partition !!! dont ask me how but it does

the first option is easier / got to be because that option is a no brainer / just follow the on screen prompts

you may need to use a partition manager prog like booit-NG if you dont have a ready to use partition with an OS in it / booit-ng can also move progs and data while partitioning

goodluck & enjoy the dual boot


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I know it's possible to have 2 partitions on a hard drive, but is it possible to have Windows XP one one of them and Windows 98 on the other one? I want to play some of my old games again (sonic r is one) and Windows XP won't run them.

Also would I be able to get win 98 drivers for my hardware? I have an Nvidia Geoforce 8300GS graphics card and an ASUS M2V-MX motherboard with on-board sound.

A:Is is possible to do a Win98 & XP dual boot?

I know that you can set those up as a dual boot. I have never done it myself because my copy of 98 is bad. However, you need to install 98 first and then xp. It is a general rule to always install the oldest OS first. As for the drivers you might be able to find some generic ones. I doubt 98 will support all the functions of the video card. Question: Have your tried running your old games in compatibility mode? This can fix alot of issues. Or if you have DOS games then you could use DOSBOX, which works nicely

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Hi everybody,
Im trying to dual boot windows 98 se, and red hat linux 9, I looked at that long guide to installing linux for the first time, but it was for an older version of red hat, and there were so many corrections to it, that it got impossible to follow.

This is my computer:
Pentium 2 350mhz
128mb ram
soundblaster 16
Intel 740 8mb graphics card
13GB hard drive

On my 13 GB hard drive, I have installed windows 98 se, its FAT32.

This is what I think I have to do (correct me if im wrong):
Use partition magic to make ext2 primary partition for linux
Use partition magic to make swap partition for linux
use boot disk, and then install linux on the partition i made

Is it that simple, or am i missing some crucial steps?
Please correct me if im wrong,

thanks in advance

A:Dual boot: redhat 9 and win98 se

It is that simple.

You have to be very careful when installing the boot loader.

Linux partitions don't really have to be primary, you can use any kind of partitions for Linux.

And there is no need to format the partition with PM, formatting it as ext3 in Linux setup makes more sense.

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Running Win XP Home, Version 2002 SP2, on an IBM X-20 Laptop. When XP was installed, drive was partitioned with XP in one partition and XP in the other. I'd like to get rid of Win 98 and have only 1 XP partition in order to recover the C: disk space.

Any suggested procedure? (Please keep it rudimentary enough for a non-IT.) Thanks.

A:How Remove Win98 From Dual Boot 98/xp?

Check to see the location of your boot.ini file.I believe just two things are required: a. Adjust the boot.ini file to remove the Win 98 as an option. b. Delete the Win 98 folder while in XP.Here's a link, with more details: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2704,1645209,00.aspLouis

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My system in running on WinXP. I want to install Win98 in another Fat32 partition without uninstalling WinXP. In doing so, the system is freezing in a few steps. Is there a way of installing Win98 on a system which already has WinXP. Pl help.
( I know it works the other way, ie installing Win98 and then WinXP, but I do not want to do the entire exercise again).

A:Dual boot WinXP+Win98

Check out this thread: http://forums.techguy.org/t99591/s2240327e12ed0e611fa35e972f544fdf.html it may help you. It sounds as if you have the same plan as me

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3 questions:

1. I read some online doc, it says we should install both win98 and win2k in fat32 system. It isn't clear but it implies that we should not install win2k in NTFS system. Is it true?

2. The same doc also implies that we still can use NTFS for win2k in partitions not having system files. Is that true also?

3. The last question is : Is it good to use both fat32 and NTFS in the dual boot?

NOTE: I tried and failed to dual boot win98/win2k with win98 in fat32 and win2k in NTFS. The win2k didn't even start.

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yes i would like to know the process to create a dual boot with win98se and winxp home if someone would could tell me the process i would be very gratefull Thanks Lon

A:win98/winxp dual boot

Here's a link that was provided by JToast in a previous thread.

here is a step by step... Click to expand...


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I currently have two partitions on my computer with 98se on one and xp pro on the other. They're both formatted in FAT32. I want to get rid of win98se but keep XP pro and all my data. Also I'd like to change the file system from FAT32 to NTFS. Is all this possible?

A:getting rid on win98 on dual boot setup

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Hi All,

I have a Dell PIII 500 with 512 Ram.
I'm dual booting...Win98 off one primary partitioned 14 gig hard drive and XP off another slave partitioned 40 gig HD.
I was working with a music making app in Win98 when I got a blue screen...after rebooting into
Win98 I got the "Invalid System Disk" error. Checked to see that there was no floppy in and there wasn't. Same error just kept happening. Tried booting to XP and there was no problem. I checked to see if my A drive was there and it wasn't. Tried swapping the floppy with a good one from an old PC and had the same problem. Reseated the cables, same problem.
When I boot into XP I can open and close files off the other hard drive with Win98 on it. I can see all my Win98 files.
I guess my question is Öeven if my A drive canít be accessed why do I get that invalid disk
Error when trying to boot into the Win98 HD and yet have no problem getting into the XP HD?
And what the heck can I do about it? Iím stumped.
I thought about going into CMOS and setting my boot sequence to start with my CD drive
and reinstalling Win98, but I donít know if that will screw things up altogether. If after that
I may not be able to even get into XP and Iíll be screwed!
Any ideas???

Much thanks!!!! koldkane

A:Dual Boot 98/XP..FFD Quit..No Win98

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I'm experiencing problem trying to dualboot 98 and 2k on a fat32 system.

could someone explain how to proceed with the partitions and all?

thank you

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I have a 20GB hard disk and would like to install windows98 and windowsNT 4.0 server into separate partitions.

could you tell me the step-by-step approach to be taken.

A:dual boot win98 & winNT

Boot the system with windows98 bootable disk
create FAT16 partition format and install windows98
After complection start installation of winnt
create a partition in remaning free space.
install winnt on that free space

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I have a gateway pc running win2000pro and win 98. I want to uninstall the win98 as I no longer use it at all.

What would be the best method of removing win98 without killing the win2000?

"Thanks so much" in advance for any help.


A:Win2KPro/Win98 Dual Boot

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I was lucky enough to get a new 40 gig HD last weekend to add to my wife's PC, but the bios was too old to read it as a full 40 gig HD.....so I got to add it to my system.

My question is can I add Win XP pro (using the customized options) to my current Dual Boot sytem on a clean drive letter.

Will I then get a Tri-boot option at start up?
What files should I back up b/4 installing (boot.ini) ?

Should I keep it FAT32 or should I do NTFS on that drive letter.

How much of the 40 gigs should I make just for WIN XP? (I was thinking about 12 gigs)

Thank you for your help as always!!



A:Adding XP to WIN98/2000 dual boot

here is a microsoft article on it

I certainly would make a copy of the boot.ini for backup just in case.

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I've had an XP installation on a desktop for years and I am trying to dual boot a new Win 7 install on a separate drive.

Years ago, my XP install started out as a win98 installation which I dual booted with XP. I no longer use the win98 partition but I need it as a place-holder for drive C:, since XP is on drive D:. It's only 4 gigs long.

I installed win 7 on a separate disk but I did not unplug the XP disk when I installed. The W7 boot-loader has set itself up as drive C: but lists the XP install as an older system. Obviously, with the XP MBR on the old drive C:, and with drive C: now in conflict with the new W7 drive C:, I can't boot into XP.

Put another way, on the computer management screen, my old drive C: has no drive letter now and I can't rename it to C: because W7 is using that letter. I tried renaming W7 to another drive letter but it wont take.

I could delete the W7 partition and start over but that would mean either repairing the old XP MBR on the old drive C:, or as someone else suggested, doing a full repair install of XP from the XP install disks. I already have the XP install disk integrated with the SP3 update.

Or, I could remove the old C: partition where the old W98 OS existed. Apparently that's a bit of a hassle and it might mean the existing partitions on the XP setup change their drive letter. I have no idea what would become of drive D: which holds the XP install.

Any suggestions besides upgrading to W10? Obviously I am running apps on XP that... Read more

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I already have a W7 installation, and I'm trying to set up a Windows 98 next to it. Yes, I know, I did it backwards. However, I didn't know a bunch of my old games wouldn't work in W7, so I've had my OS set up for about a month now. I'm really quite averse to wiping and starting all over again.

So I installed Win98 on a VHD and got it set up the way I wanted. Then I attached the VHD using Disk Management and copied the files onto a new partition that I'd set up for it. I run the proper bcdedit commands to create a second entry.
Only problem is, I try to boot and it tells me there's no bootsect.dos in the partition. I check, and it's right, there isn't. There isn't even one in the VHD that failed to copy. I've done some googling, but haven't found a good way to create a bootsect.com

I have no CDs to burn. I DO, however, have a USB key that can boot into DOS. Or boot into anything, I guess, but DOS is what's set up right now.

A:Trying to create bootsect.com for dual-boot of Win98

Quote: Originally Posted by DeathWalking

I already have a W7 installation, and I'm trying to set up a Windows 98 next to it. Yes, I know, I did it backwards. However, I didn't know a bunch of my old games wouldn't work in W7, so I've had my OS set up for about a month now. I'm really quite averse to wiping and starting all over again.

So I installed Win98 on a VHD and got it set up the way I wanted. Then I attached the VHD using Disk Management and copied the files onto a new partition that I'd set up for it. I run the proper bcdedit commands to create a second entry.
Only problem is, I try to boot and it tells me there's no bootsect.dos in the partition. I check, and it's right, there isn't. There isn't even one in the VHD that failed to copy. I've done some googling, but haven't found a good way to create a bootsect.com

I have no CDs to burn. I DO, however, have a USB key that can boot into DOS. Or boot into anything, I guess, but DOS is what's set up right now.

Hello DeathWalking, and welcome to Windows Seven Forums!

Have you considered installing 98 using Sun's VirtualBox? Quite simple.


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I installed a hard drive with Win98 installed on it from an older PC in my eMachines w2686, running WinXp. I would like to know how to choose which OS I want to boot. I am new to this kind of thing, so please be detailed and most of all, patient. Thanks for any help you can give me.

A:Dual Boot WinXP and Win98 on two harddrives

it won't work
try install win98 again with the hdd conected to the new sistem
Is better to install first win98 on the active partition (cand next install winxp on other partition
After that when boot you'll see a dialog for choosing between operating systems
You can edit the file boot.ini (located in c:\) to set up you default system to boot

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Can somebody please show me or point in the right direction on how to set up a dual boot system using Win98 and WinNT Workstation 4.0?
Reuel, I know you know this one!

A:Dual Boot Win98/WinNT WorkStation 4.0

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I am installing Windows XP as a Dual Boot with Windows 98. I understand that most applications that are already installed on the 98 drive can be installed again under XP by re-installing them to their present location on the 98 drive, thereby making them accessible from both Win98 and XP. Can Norton Internet Security 2002 also be handled this way, or does it need to be installed separately on both drives?

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I have an old computer that my kids use to play computer games. It has two hard drives, and it is setup to boot up on the one that has winME installed on it. The other hard drive has Win98 installed on it, but I don't know how to boot up with that system. As a result, they can't use any of the games that they have installed on that drive (I moved that drive from an even older computer that we don't use anymore).

Can I setup the computer to give me the option to use either operating system? If so, how? Thanks!

A:Can I configure my computer to dual boot Win98 and ME with 2HDDs?

You would need W98 as your first harddisk (master) and ME as your second harddisk (slave).
In your case this will not work, because both harddisks are C:
You will either need to reinstall everuthing, starting with W98 on the master/first and ME on the slave/second harddisk.
However, there might be an easier way out, by buying a removable harddisk tray.
You install that in a free 5 1/2" bay. Take both harddisks out and insert the one you want to use as needed.
See this for a guideline:

Your harddisks will be IDE or ATA/PATA (not SATA), so look for the correct casing

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I recently put a new HDD in my computer and did a complete new install of my system. I have partition C which has Win98SE on it. Then I have partition D for data, and then I have partition E which has WinXP on it. (I have two additional data partitions, which I won't go into details about.) I had this identical system previously. The only difference is that now the partitions are larger with the new HDD.

The problem is that most of the time when I start the computer the screen which is to appear after it boots that allows you to choose which OS you want to load doesn't appear. It actually works even though you can't see it. I have XP set so that after 10 seconds it will automatically start XP as that is what we mostly use. So with a blank screen, if I press enter, it will immediately load XP. At the blank screen I can also press the down arrow once and then enter to start Win98. So even though I can't see anything, the screen still is working normally. Everything seemed to be working normally when I first installed both OS?s. This problem of the disappearing screen seemed to start after XP did its automatic updates thing, including downloading and installing ServicePak 3. Is this related?

Does anyone know how I can make sure this screen appears all the time? It?s not such a big deal for me as I know how to do it, and almost always I boot to XP and just let things start normally. For my wife it?s a pain. She often works in DOS, and we have Win98 set to... Read more

A:WinXP/Win98 dual boot start screen ???

Bump; Can anyone help? Can anyone at least tell me the correct name for this screen that doesn't appear so that I can at least search MS's KB?



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So, I've done a dual boot with XP and Win98 before, a few years ago, but that was using two partitions on one physical drive. That worked.

Now, I'm trying to set a dual boot with XP and Win98, using two different PHYSICAL drives. They are roughly the same size, i.e. ~ 35GB.

I had assumed that the setup procedure wouldn't be any different from the typical procedure for setting the dual boot up on one drive, so here is what I did, step-by-step:

1.Booted up from a Win98 startup floppy.
2.Used FDisk to delete the partitions on both physical drives, so they were both empty.
3.Still in FDisk, I created a partition on the slave drive(which I want to be the Win98 drive) using all of the space on that drive. Since this is the first partitioned created, FDisk requires that it be a 'Primary DOS' partition.
4.I left the the other physical drive, the presumptive XP drive, unpartitioned, as I figured XP's installer would take care of that later on.
5.I rebooted the machine, again from the Win98 startup floppy, and formatted the Win98 drive using format.com.
6.I rebooted the machine again, this time from the Win98 Setup CD, and launched Win98 setup. I proceeded until Win98 was installed.
7.I installed a few small odds and ends, nothing major, mostly hardware drivers, on Win98.
8.I rebooted the machine again, using the XP Setup CD, and launched and proceeded with XP's setup, installing it on the other hard drive.
9.I had assumed that XP would auto... Read more

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I have a friend, who has windows 98 installed, he for some unknown reason installed windows2000, and now he boots in dual mode. He wants to take windows 2000 off his system and leave win98. Any idea how he takes 2000 off his system to leave win98 running alone.
(And yes the friend is really and friend and not me),

A:{Advice Offered} - Win2000 installed with dual boot to win98


OK... go to:

There, you will see a disc icon with the title "Reuel Boot". Download this file, run it, and it will create a boot floppy.

Boot off the disc, and choose option 4 on the main menu. Then, one the second menu, choose option 3, to rewrite the Master Boot record as a Win98 master boot record.

Now, reboot your machine and see that it goes into Win98 straight away. If it does, then you can delete Win2K completely.

You do this by deleteing the WINNT directory, and the following files on the c: drive:


Though, personally, I would dump Win98 and keep Win2k. But then again, I prefer better Operating Systems.


Reuel Miller
Windows NT Moderator (yes, that does make me biased )

[email protected]

Every morning is the dawn of a new error...

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Hey Gang,

Can anybody point me to the instructions about how to install XP Pro to a single Win98 hard drive - to make it dual boot, like Win 2k?

I've been looking all around the internet and the only thing I've found is an XP dual boot on a 2nd hard drive.

Does XP have that capability?


A:How Do I install a Dual Boot XP to a Single Win98 Hard Drive

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I have created a multiple boot system on an older computer that I have.
I fdisked the drive into six partitions as follows:

C: MS Dos
D: Windows ME
E: Windows NT
F: Windows 2000
G: Windows XP
I: DATA Storage

All the systems show up in my Windows Boot Manager (except DOS - I use a boot disk to get to that partition) Since I loaded Windows 2000 I am having a problem with Windows NT. I get the following message when trying to boot into the Win NT partition:

Windows NT could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:
Please re-install a copy of the above file.

I can boot into ALL other partitions with no problems.
Miscrosoft addresses the problem here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/124550/EN-US/
Here is a copy of my boot.ini - can anyone please help me get the problem fixed, so I can boot to windows NT.

[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(5)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /fastdetect
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(4)\WINNT="Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional" /fastdetect
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(3)\WINNT="Windows NT Server Version 4.00"
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(3)\WINNT="Windows NT Server Version 4.00 [VGA mode]" /basevideo /sos
C:\="Microsoft Windows ME"

Thanks so much,

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I'm running a multiple boot system with an internal 40GB hard drive (secondary) with 2 partitions having win2k pro and winxp pro (recently)installed on each partition. I also have 3 other hard drives (primary) that are interchangeable via a swappable hard drive bay configuration all of which are running my old reliable win98se which have all been dual/ multi booting fine and working well with win2k which is/was already residing on my internal hard drive prior to the recent xp pro installation. I recently installed winxp pro on my main internal hard drives second partition and I installed xppro with my main swappable hard drive inserted already running win98se (I'll call it swappable hard drive #1 of 3 for illustration purposes), which all co-exist and are running great together very well (aside from the file format incompatibility issue between 98/2kpro/xppro of course), however when I switch to my other swappable drives #2 & #3 needless to say I don't "see" xp pro on the startup menu. I've seen some potential fixes for this and wanted to put my problem out to the community for an overall consensus on what I can and should do to correct the boot issue on my "other" drives #2 & #3. I believe I've got to boot to (with swappable drive #2 installed) to my win xp installation disc and go to recovery, from there I believe I have to "fixboot" to rewrite the MBR to now see xp on my drive #2, then repeat the process instal... Read more

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Can someone please tell me how to make a Win98 Boot CD without having a floppy drive?

I have downloaded the files from www.bootdisk.com and attempted to extract, create an image then burn with Nero but don't think i'm doing it right so some help would be cool....step by step instructions, large print, screenshots and someone to hold my hand from start to finish if possible :)

A:Win98 Boot CD

retail 98 disks were bootable
oem white box supplied disks were not

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Hi, i'm trying to use win98 boot disk to install my winXP ...i got as far as loading the floppy and dunno what to type

i enter x: to go to cd rom drive
den i enter setup and told me " cannot load with dos"

can anyone tell m what do i enter?

A:Using win98 boot disk

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Hello. I brought my p.c to a tech recently and he ran certain diagnostics. Turns out there was only dust in the cpu..duhh. Anyways now I cannot get my google homepage to show up I just keep getting about blank. I ran spyware, and entered from toolbar to keep current page and have done everything I can think of.

Also when I boot up I get something that says "Boot from Adapi cdrom failure"
That was never there before and I cannot even find that under msconfig.

Please help.

Thank you.

A:Win98 boot up problem

Hi and welcome to TSF!

HijackThis logs are the weapon we use to dectect malware around here, so post a log please (instructions are at bottom) in the following forum!
before we can help you, please attempt the following, these will help us eliminate the easy spyware problems first, making
the serious fix, as short as possible...

1: Please download Ad-aware and install it if you don't have it already. Make sure it's the newest version and check for any updates before running it. Also go Here to download the plug-in for fixing VX2 variants. To run this tool, go into Ad-aware->Add-ons and select VX2 Cleaner. Then click Run Tool and OK to start it. If it's clean, it will say Status System Clean. Otherwise, you will have to click on the Clean button to remove the VX2 infection. Also make sure to customize the settings in Ad-aware at for better scan results. Run the scan and fix everything that it finds.

Download and install Spybot S&D. Run Spybot and click on the 'Search for Updates' button.Install any updates that are available.

Now click Mode menu and choose 'Advanced Mode'. Next click on Immunize to your left. Click the Immunize button (green cross) on top to Immunize your computer - you should do this each time there is an update. Now go to Tools->Resident and make sure that TeaTimer is checked. What this will do is monitor any system/registry changes and will ask you for permission to change any of these settings.

Now click on the 'Spybot-S&D' ... Read more

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I need to copy files off my old computer to install in my new computer. So I bought a CD-RW 48X26X48. I installed as directed, in my 400mh Celon computer, and when I boot the computer I get this: Primary Master ( hard drive) primary slave ( CD-ROM) Secondary Master (CD-RW) secondary slave (none). Then windows (98) starts to boot,( I have a bad spot on the hard drive so it will scandisk every time) it continues to boot untill a window appears that says it can't find drive C (after it already scandisked it), and it has three buttons cancel, abort, retry.(which don't do anything) Windows 98 won't boot. I put every thing back the way it was and it boots up fine. I emailed support and tried endless combinations of the (master )(slave)pins in the backof the CD-ROM & CD-RW. With no sucess. What can I do next?
I tried a different CD-RW from another brand and it does the same thing.

A:Installing CD-RW won't let win98 boot!

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What I mean is that the win98 disk is autorun in dos but the xp cd is not. Is that normal? I really hate those xp boot disks!! I would like to get rid of them.

A:When installing XP I have to use boot disks but not win98...

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Build this system a couple of weeks ago from an used Pentium-S; Socket 7 MB; 120 MHz with 82MB RAM;

Moved HD, Sound Card, modem, ove from old computerr; kept NIC, PCI video card, CD and floppy previously in this machine. Removed SCSI Card.

Had same problem trying to boot my origianal drive after piecing things together, but a format of the C: partition and reinstallation of Windows and programs eliminated the problem and have used the computer without difficulty for 2 weeks.

Monday, installed new Symantec SystemWorks 2001 - no problem then or yesterday. This a.m. again will not fully load Windows.

Will boot from floppy with no problems and no beeps.

Booting to HD and Win 98 causes:

a) repetitive system beeps - too many and too fast to count;

Award BIOS so assume this is memory or video??? BIOS check does not indicate problem with memory. Video card is PCI generic - only PCI card in system.

b) Windows begins to load and then dumps with error loading device = VKD
Windows protection fault. Reboot computer

Same thing occurs trying to boot in Safe Mode

Attempted to reinstall Windows (and I had previously installed the Win 98SE upgrade - but 'cause it is an upgrade, I have to install 98 first) but same thing happened when it got to the part where it rebooted itself into Windows to complete installation.

Bootlog.txt indicates no problem until it gets to Device=VKD right after mouse loads.

Unplugged, shook out crumbs and replugged in keyboard.

Booted a ... Read more

A:Win98 Boot problems - vkd device???

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I formatted C: and now I can't boot from Windows 98 bootdisk. Screen stops at SEARCHING FOR BOOT RECORD FROM FLOPPY..OK

Tried the bootdisk on another PC - all OK


Pent 2 350mhz, 64mb ram

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A:Won't boot from win98 startup disk

first thing to check is the video card to make sure it is setted. if it is a continuous beeping when you boot, it could be the video card or the memory may have went bad.

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For some reason, I can't seem to create a boot disk that recognizes either of my CD drives.

The drives work fine and show up in Windows Explorer. But when I create a Windows Startup or Norton boot disk, they both report that no CD devices are found during the boot and the CD drives are not accessible when the system is booted from a floppy.

Thanks for any suggestions on how to create a boot disk that will allow me to use a CD.

A:Can't Create Win98 Boot Disk

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I have a comp. with no os and I have a win98 SE cd and boot disk. I put the boot disk in the drive and also the cd but it won't boot. I set the bios to boot A: first, then C:. Why won't it boot from the disk. I made one from bootdisk.com and i used one that was labeld with a microsoft label, both won't work. Please help.

A:Installing Win98 with Boot Disk

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Can anyone help me out here? I have a problem with a Win 98 machine which keeps throwing up a DOS Edit page during bot up into windows. If I close it down it just carries on into windows but its a bit of a pain having to do it all the time.
I have checked everything I can think of and nowhere can I find a command to open Edit during boot up.
If I hit F8 and choose "Step by step confirmation" sure enough there is a line for edit, so if I select NO it doesn't appear, but which of the files is asking for Edit to run?

If anyone can tell me which file the command line is in I can delete and hopefully resolve the problem.

A:Edit page during Win98 boot up

OK I got it sussed, there was a line in the Autoexec.bat file which I just rem'd out. Strange cos I swear I looked at this file before. I finally got it sussed anyway.

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I Have a WinFast 3D S900 video card, and I can't get it to work properly since I upgraded my OS from Win98 to Win98 SE.
I already tried to update the BIOS and the drivers from the internet and nothing worked.
Now the resolution of my screen is only 600X800 and it shows only 16 colors.
Whenever I try to change the resolution or the colors, it tells me that the addapter is incorrect or my hardware does not support my settings.
What can I do?

A:My video card is not working properly since I upgraded my OS from win98 to win98 SE

Have you tried removing the adapter from the control panel, restarting and allowing windows to find it again?

Also, take a look at what is showing up under monitor.

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have tried various progs with no success
pease help

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Hello, I need some help with the config.sys and autoexec.bat to get the pcmcia cd rom to be supported on the win98 boot disk. I am reloading windows onto a fujitsu B series 2545 laptop, pentium III, 256mb ram. I have a usb floppy and a external cdrom connected with a pcmcia card and a cable. The cdrom and the pcmcia card are from Fujitsu also. I got a little bit of help from Fujitsu, they helped me download a zipped driver file for the pcmcia card and I unzipped that file.

I got the following three files:

I created the win98 boot disk with cdrom support from bootdisk.com and I added these files to it but I am at a loss as to how to put them into the config.sys and autoexec.bat so they will see the cdrom and assign the drive letter.

I have read threads on here that discuss the setup in config.sys and autoexec.bat but they all list *.sys files for the cd rom and I only have a .inf file. I understand I need to supply the card support before trying to connect the cdrom but I cant figure out how to do it. Can someone help me with this?

A:PCMCIA CD ROM support on WIN98 Boot Disk

It may be easily for you to take out the HD and connect to another system and copy all win 98 and DOS boot to there and install from the HD directly..

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For 3 days I tried installing Enternet 300, on a WIN98 machine, while
Kerio was installed. I gave up and formatted and installed WIN
98SE. After I installed the Enternet 300 software, I tried to
install Kerio PFW. Unfortunetly, after the successfull install, my
computer went to restart, with success, except that the computer
can't make it to the log on screen without restarting again, and
again, and again, etc..

I logged into safe mode, uninstalled Kerio PFW, restarted into WIN 98
SE perfectly. I restarted into Safe Mode, and installed Kerio from
there. I did a reboot, but got the same problem. I gave up and
uninstalled Kerio, and installed Zone Alarm (argh).

Does anyone know how to fix this?

A:Computer Won't Boot to WIN98 After Installing Kerio

Keep ZoneAlarm and trash the Kerio. Subpar firewall anyway.

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but I keep seeing MS warning me that I need to have XP installed last. Problem is I already have it installed and dont wanna lose all my files just to have a dual boot system.

Now I have 2 seperate hard drives, If I install Win98 on the other HD, will I bypass whatever issue ms is warning about?

Oh yea, The hd with WinXP on it is NTFS.

A:I want to multiple boot Win98 with WinXP already installed....

I think that only applies if the 2 Operating Systems are on seperate partitions of the same hard drive.

If you want them to be on different drives I think you will need a third party boot manager.

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I have my hard drive partitioned to boot Windows 7 and Kubuntu 10.04. The default operating system is set to Kubuntu but I would like to change this to Windows 7. Any help would be appreciated.


A:Dual boot Default Operating System

Either "startupmanager" or "startup-manager" in synaptic will enable you to set that. A quick google is telling me it's "startupmanager".

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I have my puter set up as a dual boot system with 98se and xp home. When I start it up i get a screen asking me which system to boot. If i do nothing it boots to xp.
Is it possible to change this to 98se as the default and also can I change the time given to choose lower than 30 seconds?
Many thanks for any help

A:dual boot-change default operating system

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How do I set Thunderbird as default mailer in win98? Have a customer tying to use "send" in Firefox, and it's bringing up Outlook instead. Thunderbird says it is already the default. Typing in mailto:[email protected] at the run prompt also brings up outlook.

A:setting Thunderbird as default in win98

Try this:

In Internet Explorer go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Programs -> and Select Thunderbird as the Email Program.

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