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Folder Properties question.

Q: Folder Properties question.

Hi. I'm on Windows XP Home.

I would like to prevent an installer from deleting files that it puts in a particular folder. Is this possible? The installer encounters an error at the end of the process and deletes everything. It was suggested to me that if I could find a way to "keep" the files, I would be able to get things working.

Any ideas?


Preferred Solution: Folder Properties question.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Folder Properties question.

If the installer choses to delete all the files after the error then there is no way to keep them. Unless you know how to re-write the installer exe file but i wouldnt suggest that.

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I have a folder of home videos that I back up to a USB key with Syncback. The key is nearly full and I'm trying to reduce the size of that folder. But here's the thing; If I right-click on my 'Home videos' folder and select 'Properties', it tells me I have 564 files in 85 folders, taking 2.67Gb.

However, if I open the folder and search for *.* to show all the files, then select all, right-click, 'Properties', it tells me I have 2224 files in 249 folders taking 6.41Gb. Still, at the bottom of the Windows Explorer window it says 649 items selected.

This is the case on both the folder in My Documents on the PC and also the matching folder on the USB key.

Treesize also shows 2.67Gb for both folders.

In fact as far as I can figure, what with everything else on the same USB key, there wouldn't even be room for a 6Gb folder.

I've tried showing both hidden and system files and folders but there's nothing extra to see.

Can anyone please explain this anomaly? I must be doing something wrong but I can't figure it out!

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Hello Friends,

Over the past few days I have noticed that my Folder Properties (Right Click > Properties) doesn't show the 'folder size' or the 'number of files/folders' the folder contains.

In the General Tab of the Folder Properties the following is displayed:

Size : 0 bytes
Size on disk : 0 bytes
Contains: 0 Files, 0 Folders

Everything else works fine. This problem is specific to the folders. In case of files all details are shown as usual.
In fact when I bring my mouse over the folders the tool tips DO show the folder size and also names of files they contain.

Also this is not because of the folder being empty or anything as this problem is for ALL folders invariably including the Windows folder.
I have tried using Command Prompt. The 'dir' command can list the folder size with no problems.
I also have all requisite permissions as I am the admin. Also UAC etc. is in place.

Additional Details: I have no problems moving folders, copy pasting etc. whatsoever and the computer is working totally fine. Only this problem stumps me.

Please help.

A:Folder Properties General Tab doesn't show Folder 'Size', 'Contains'

nomal and annoying behavior of Win 7.

If you really need to know the size of a folder, you can use a powershell script or, easier, for normal-user is:
Use TreeSize Free which is one my favorite little program jewels.
JAM Software - Windows Freeware

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Hello, I'm having problems changed the properties of my folders, I want to issue one specific folder/subfolders with a password, but the 'Make this folder private' tickbox is greyed out and I cannot select it.

How can I make my folder private?

A:Folder Properties - Make folder private

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Hi there! This is my first post, so I hope this is in the right section, etc...

I'm using Windows XP and I've been having problems with some MP3 files in regards to album artwork and tagging. I've discovered that it's my album folders that have been tagged (most likely by me) to have a custom Folder Picture.

I want to remove all the Folder Pictures from my music album folders. I fear I will have to do one by one (which is a LOT!) unless I can find a reverse procedure in the program I suspect caused this to happen. That program is Tag&Rename, and I suspect I accidentally added custom pictures to these folders when I was adding album art to the individual music files.

ANYWAYS... When in Windows Explorer, and looking at the album folders in question, I can right-click on them and go to Properties. Then in the last tab, Customise, I can see a section called Folder Pictures. And there I see the album artwork on the folder. So I want that removed. However, clicking on the Restore Default button does NOTHING.

Could the folder be locked by Tag&Rename or something? I just tried playing with the Read Only Attributes of the folder, but it seems to make no difference.

A:Folder Properties > Folder Pictures

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Hi all,

Every time I try to view folder properties it takes about 2 minutes to get the properties up, I have no idea why. The file properties and everything else work fine. I run XP pro SP2.
Thank you

A:Folder properties

Been seeing this a bit lately on some customer's computers. So far the solution has been to run several programs to remove all the spyware.

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My question has to do with folder attributes.
Every folder on my computer is marked as "Read only". Is this normal? How do I change the attribute to read/write?

A:folder properties

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When I give a right-click on my folder nothing happens. Drives and files property are working correct.

A:Folder properties

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I have a problem where-by when I 'right-click' on a folder, the pop-up menu appears without a problem.....but when I select 'Properties' or 'Sharing and Security' nothing happens and the dialogue boxes do not appear.

I am running XP SP2 and also have Norton Internet Security. I have found that if I uninstall Norton, the dialogues appear, but as soon as I re-install Norton, it stops working again. It was working fine with norton installed before I installed SP2

Can anyone help me?

A:No Folder Properties - Need Help Please

Are u sure u are logged in as administrator rigths same for update problem

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My home pc is running slow and i wanted to do some poking around and I checked the folder properties for My Documents folder and it listed something like 3000 folders. However when I open it up there is roughly 20, at the most. Where are these other folders coming from? I do have show hidden folders. I also have a decent amount of mp3's, maybe a couple hundred folders there, but nothing in the 1000s range.
- How can i found out what all these folders are?
- Also can anyone recommend a do-it-yourself site/guide to tackle slow pc issues? I want to go thru my pc and delete all the unnecessary garbage that comes with it and what i don't need.


A:Folder Properties in XP

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I am moving a great deal of folders from an older hard drive
to another.... How can I get the folders to keep the original
date instead the date I move the folders?
I know that I can change the date of each one, but was
wondering if there were a trick to having it not change the
date in the first place.
Thanks so much for being here.....


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You know how you can set the properties of a folder by rightclicking and selecting properties and then under the 'Customize' tab you can choose whether the folder is for Music, Photos or Videos, etc...?
Well that ability is not available in the same way for the actual D:\ (second harddrive). Somehow Windows decided to make my entire D drive a Music folder so when I'm in the root folder for D:\ it doesn't have the option to "Make New Folder". Instead it shows "Play All" and actions for Music type folders.
See photos:

It needs to be "File and Folder Tasks" not "Music or Pictures Tasks" but how do you change this setting on a folder (or in this case, harddrive) if the Folder Properties do not have a Customize tab??

Anyone know how to fix this??

***Post Script. That is a backup for my purchased copy of said movie.

A:Folder Properties Help!

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Guys and Gals,

I have no idea how, but I cannot access my folder properties if I either left click and hit properties or use the File / Properties option. This is a new one.

Does anyone know if there is an enable / disable for viewing the folder properties?

If you need more info, let me know.
Thanks !!

A:Cannot get folder properties at ALL

Which OS you're using would help. My first guess would be to reapply the latest service pack. Also, I would check the logs to see if something happened (software installed, security patch installed, etc.) that coincides with when this started happening. As far as I know, there is not a setting in the registry that hides properties from users. I believe that if your account is denied rights to read a file or folder, then you should get a pop-up window that states "Access Denied" when you try to display the properties.

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I want to be able to set properties for each folder uniquely like I could in Vista/XP, etc.

I have several folders that I keep open at all times that have links to often used programs.

For example, I have one folder that has all my development programs. I have another that has all my Poker programs, another that has all my security programs, etc.I find this a better way to organize my many programs than to leave icons on the desktop.

I want to be able to configure these folders differently than other folders. In these folders all I want to see is a list of the programs. No file sizes, no dates, etc and I want to be able to define the size and location of the folder. I can do this for one folder. When I open up another folder it now has the same properties as the last - and I don't want that to happen. I want to set my normal file folders one way and my program folders another. I have the following folder options set:

Open each folder in its own window
Launch folder windows in a separate process
Restore previous folder windows at login

The attached image is how I want my program folders to look. My file folders I to leave as normal.

W7 Ultimate

A:How to set unique folder properties?

You could try ShellFolderFix


It remembers the size/position of your folders for you (as it was in XP)

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I need to know how to turn off "read-only" folder permissions. I have a scanner I need to use via network. It won't function unless I can remove this "read-only" attribute. I can click on it and it goes away, but as soon as I click
properties on the folder again, it automatically sets it back to "read-only"

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Alright here's the deal. Running windows xp I want to get the security tab in folder properties working. I have already done a quick and easy reg edit on the guest key but that didn't help. . .Any ideas?

Another problem. . .I see no "Use Simple File Sharing" option in my "My Computer" folder options > view. . .
Thanks in advance

A:No security tab in folder properties. . .

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Hello fellow tech-heads,

When I right click on any folder to try to get the properties, nothing will happen. The explorer title bar will grey out as if it becomes a part of the background, but there is no foreground properties window. I can get the properties on any individual file without any problem. Consiquently, I can't get the properties when I right-click on my hard drive to get to the tools so I can run chkdsk. I'm running an anti-virus program (Norton) and I have the most recent updates. I cleaned out the registtry using "Registry Medic", and yes, I know that it probably caused the problem, but the system runs perfectly with the exception of this one problem.

Any suggestions???

A:Folder properties won't display


Does it work here:

Windows explorer > File > Properties

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can anyone tell me why vista does this when you try to move files or copy then off my computer[are you sure you want to copy this folder without its properties],coz its driving me mad and you download a file and it downloads it but without any,exe file so you cant run the programme.

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Recently my Win2K stopped displaying the properties of a disk or folder. Previously, I could right click the object (disk/folder) and the properties (such as size in MB, etc) would come up. Now, nothing seems to happen when I right click and then click "Properties". How do I get that functionality back.

My Win 2K is current with all of the patches, etc. since 10/10/03

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Why is there a dot in the read only sheet of new folders that I create. What does the dot mean?
Can I create a folder without either the dot or a tick?

A:Folder properties sheet

Hello 1018509,

Read-only box = (Windows 8) Default neutral setting for a folder that is always displayed.

Read-only File and Folder Attribute - Windows 7 Help Forums

Hope this helps,

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Hello boys and girls.

I am new user with win 7, all time was with XP

I tried to move document & picture folders to other location(like I did it in XP) but I don't see tag "location" like on this picture.

How can I turn it on?

A:Why I don't see all folder properties tags?

Hello asker, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You may not have the "My Videos" folder opened directly from the "C:\Users\Owner" folder location.

If you like, you might consider doing what I suggested in the yellow Tip box at the top of the tutorial below instead of moving user folders.

User Folders - Change Default Location

Hope this helps,

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I have noticed that when I go to properties on a Folerer, I have all these accounts listed.

Account Unknown (S-1-5-21-2825559171-452586877-33292355121-1400
Account Unknown (S-1-5-21-2825559171-452586877-33292355121-1600

Occasionally I also show: WMPNetworkSvc (I have WMP disabled on startup)

What are all these account and are there any I can delete???

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Does anyone know why when i open the properties of my folders or other things have really tiny tabs at the top? None of the options buttons have no words. The boxes where you type into are either a tiny cube or a thin line. I have searched all over and cannot find anything on this. I am running Windows 7 and the problem just started. It also does the thin type in boxes on some websites. Can anyone help or has this happened with anyone else???

A:Properties folder Problems???

Quote: Originally Posted by Greenfox74

Does anyone know why when i open the properties of my folders or other things have really tiny tabs at the top? None of the options buttons have no words. The boxes where you type into are either a tiny cube or a thin line. I have searched all over and cannot find anything on this. I am running Windows 7 and the problem just started. It also does the thin type in boxes on some websites. Can anyone help or has this happened with anyone else???

Welcome to the forum,

Can you take a Screenshot and post that so we can see what you're talking about better.

Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums

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hi. ive been using WIN98SE since day one .. and i still am. last week i bit the bullet and bought a nice little laptop that runs WIN-XP system. (i tried Vista & it wasnt for me). anyhow so far so good. ive used XP with my old BASE computer before to run only xp programs .. so its not completely new to me .. but i keep finding descrepenies that slow down my progress.
today ive copied some pics from my camera phone to a folder on My Docs ... pretty boring stuff ... but when i open the folder i scratched my head .. i had just done a batch conversion & became very confussed trying to see what had happened !! ?????
hadnt noticed till now .. but at the bottom of the folder there,s NO INFO about .. how many files ?? how big is the folder ??
in WIN98 i took it for granted. damm .. ive been searching for over an hour on the net for a clue .. no joy .. ( more TIME WASTING !!!) thanks Microsoft .. your a great help.

so any clues on how i can set up my folders? ive done the usual stuff like "show all files" .. & looked round the property box .. but cant nail it.

my set up may be the problem .. but i dont see why. perhaps ive missed something. im using STD windows set up rather than XP .. as im so used to the old way ... i can get the properties from the menu .. but id rather have a folder size view on opening.
lasooing & right clicking is FAR too much work in every folder !!

if any of this makes sense any clues guys?
thanks russ

A:folder properties not shown in xp

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I want to add comments to my folders and I read how to do this, only problem is I have no 'Summary' tab in any of my folder properties. What's going on? Can I restore it somehow?

A:I have no 'Summary' tab in my folder properties

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can somebody enlighten me how to make a folder view permanent.
Somehow my vista pc doesnt remember the folder view settings i set for a directory folder. Its nagging me. rookies out there - please explain.
many thanks in advance !


A:Folder view properties - how to fix

Check out post #2 by Kieth.
Stop Vista changing folder view due to folder content

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Running XP, when I right click and select properties to view folder properties (like size, etc.) nothing displays. No new window opens, nothing at all. Will only open actual file properties. Also, every time I restart, I have to release and renew my ipconfig to be able to access my LAN and internet. Thank you.

A:Folder properties and networking

It is possible that somehow the Right Click context menu got disabled. Kelly has a fix for this.


Scroll down to 56, it is in the second column (on the right).
Enable or Disable Right Click Context Menu

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when i right click a folder on my network drive and choose properties the files and folders and the sizes just go up and up forever! see attached pic for example. there is no hope in hell theres almost the same amount of folders as there is files in there and the same goes for the size its nowhere near that.

A:whats wrong with my folder properties?

Quote: Originally Posted by totalguy

when i right click a folder on my network drive and choose properties the files and folders and the sizes just go up and up forever! see attached pic for example. there is no hope in hell theres almost the same amount of folders as there is files in there and the same goes for the size its nowhere near that.

Are you running a good Antivirus app? Strange things like this are often caused by virii!

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I am new to this forum and would like some help on a folder properties issue. All my document folders like Pictures, Music, Documents, etc. have been redirected to a different partition than C:/ All except for the Videos folder as there is no Location tab in the Properties window. I searched other threads but have not found a solution. Could someone please help me out here?

A:Missing Location tab in folder Properties

Hello Kheyno, and welcome to Vista Forums.

There may have been a mistake made when moving the Videos folder. This should be able to help though.
Backup anything that you do not want to lose in the Videos folder to another location.Restore the default Videos folder location (Option Three).Delete all Videos folders including any at C:\Users\(user-name) and in the Start Menu.Type shell:My Video in the Start Menu search box and press enter.Restart the computer to apply. It may take a couple of times before you see the default Videos folder back.Now try to move the Videos folder to the other location again if you would still like to.Hope this helps,

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I have a folder with a saved webpage on it on a DVD that I am trying to copy to my computer, when I try it first tells me that I need to provide administrator permission to copy the file (I thought I was admin). Then when I click continue it says:

"You need permission to perform this action

You require permission from Everyone to make changes to this file"

And all I can to is keep hitting Retry...
If I try to take ownership of the folder I run into another problem, when I right click the folder and go to properties, there is no security tab, just General, Sharing, and Customize.

And if I uncheck the Read Only box, I get Access Denied!


A:Can't take ownership of folder - no security tab in properties

Some antivirus softwares (particularly Norton) can cause the message "You require permission from Everyone to make changes to this file".

Disable the antivirus.
Try the copy function again.
Re-enable antivirus.

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HP Media Center m7060n
xp mediacenter 2005 sp3
AV windows live one care
Current problem is a wrong tv card driver installed by a helpful friend. Driver will not uninstall without freezing the machine.

Now it is my turn.

I have a path mapped out to fix the issue but I ran into something I cannot craft a google query that can find. I have never seen it before in windows.

Planning to do a simple file backup as well as an image backup I wanted to check the size of the users documents and settings space.

When I went to check the size of the "C:\Documents and Settings\users name" folder, I did a right click and chose properties. The usual box pops up and it starts counting up the files and folders.

It keeps counting until it starts showing absurd results. It keeps going. At aprox 115,000,000 files and 45,000 folders I close the window.

I try another directory. I close this one when it exceeds the number of megabytes in the partition.

The user has lots of files but no where near the numbers indicated. Drilling down in the directories shows only the usual suspects and the expected amount of files and folders. Mounting the drive on a live linux cd shows nothing unusual and counts the files and folders as expected.

I will do a full drive image first and make sure it can be mounted on a linux box and restored to a spare drive, but I am curious if anyone has seen this behavior before and whether it is associated with any malware or rootkits. I plan to scan it ... Read more

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Hello Everyone,

I have just rebuilt my computer, and seem be having a few problems. What's new huh? I'll post my issues separately.

This particular issue has to do with getting the properties of a folder to come up. when in Windows Exploder (My Computer) and I highlight a folder, then do a RMB and select properties, nothing happens. There are no errors, no nothing. My first thought was permissions, but I am an admin. In fact the same thing happens logged in on the administrator account.

Is anyone familiar with this? Do you know how to fix this. If so, can you explain to me, in detail, how to fix the problem. As my login suggests, I know very little when it comes to figuring out OS related problems.

As for what I have installed on my computer.

XP Pro w/ SP1 & Critical updates up to SP2. SP2 is not installed, because of another problem.

Anti-virus/Firewall - Norton Internet Security 2003

ATI Radeon 9200 Graphics Display Driver (XP version from ATI web page)

Logitech iTouch & MouseWare for Wireless Keyboard and mouse.

The computer itself is, forgive me if I get some of the terminology wrong.
Self Built
1 Gig Ram
Radeon 9200 Video Card
Couple of hard drives 120GB & 40GB
Sony DVD +/- RW

I think that's everything anyone would need to know to see what I'm working with.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



A:File Folder Properties not working (XP)

First off, congrats on the rebuild. Some people would not even attempt that.

For the sake of argument, if you have the computer up and running, then all of the hardware is finished. This is one of the biggest obstacles to overcome, so once again-great job!

Now to your specific problems on seeing the properties of a folder. If it can not be done as admin, then have you tried it in Safe Mode? It is likely a setting that needs to be changed, but this is usually associated with additional software that has been installed.

Lets narrow the possibilites of this. Have you installed anything (outside of your XP updates), since your rebuild? Also, has there been a time that it did work, but suddenly it stopped working?

When you right-click any folder, what are some of the other selections that you have available?

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I was making some adjustments on some computers. All are running NT4. What I did was go to folder options in My Computer. I went to reassociate the 2nd jpeg option to open with IE5. I got it to work on 3 machines, but one machine gave me problems. Even though I associated it with IE, it still opens with Photo Editor. Is there something I can do to bring it back to the original configuration and try again? Any help would be appreciated.

A:jpeg properties in folder options

Look in the registry under HKEY_Classes and then .jpeg. This will contain the associated files for this file type.

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I recently upgraded my SpywareBlaster software from 2.0 to 3.0 and now I can’t access menu options on any file folder on my Windows XP Pro. I know that it added, or changed or added a registry key, but I don’t know where to go in the registry to look for the problem. I know that the file folder is a “class”, but I don’t know the extension. If I highlight any file along with a file folder, I will get a drop-down menu, and can use my choices in the “File” menu in Windows explorer. This problem happened after I installed the software…I did not do a spyware check and I realize that some spyware software will think that the registry key is spyware, but this is not the case, since the problem only occurred after I installed the software. I have Norton Systemworks and several registry cleanup/repair utilities and I’ve tried them all, with no success. I’ve run a system file check and system restore (before the software install), but with no success. I am spyware free and virus free. I have tried to do an “upgrade” on a Windows XP install, but no success. I know that the next possible solution would be to do a clean install, but I would like to try and avoid that, if at all possible. It’s more a matter of incontinence, since my OS and other programs work perfectly and the startup/shutdown doesn’t yield any stop errors.

A:File folder properties won't display

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A rather odd problem...I updated SpyWare Blaster 3.0 and now my folder properties won't pop up when I right-click on any directory. When I right click on the desktop or anywhere else, the popup menu dosen't lock up my system. I tried to do a system restore that was taken before the upgrade, but it didn't fix the problem. Uninstalling the program won't work either. I know that there is a system command that will check the integrety of your OS files, but I can't remember the command line. Other than that small problem, the OS (WinXP Pro) works fine and all of my programs work as they did before.

A:folder properties locks my system

Click start/run

Type: SFC /scannow

Note the space between SFC and /

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I am using Win XP Pro Version 5.1.2600, HotFix Q811114. My problem is that when I right click a folder and select properties, nothing happens. The properties dialog works just fine for files, shortcuts, drive letter icons, everything else etc... it just does not appear when I am trying to get folder properties.

If it will be of help in diagnosing the problem, I can submit a HackThis log or any other log anyone may think would be helpful.

Thank you in advance and best regards,

-- Vicarious

A:Folder Properties Not Displayed WinXP

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Sharing + security properties of a particular folder,

I couldn?t figure out the difference between sharing a particular folder and granting security control on it. Are these two options doing the same kind of work (attached)?

What might be the critical difference between sharing a folder and granting security control on it?

Thank you very much



A:Sharing + security properties of a particular folder,

When you share a folder or drive you give people on computers other than which the share is located access to objects within that folder or drive.

Share permissions determine what a user can do with the SHARE itself. Granting full control to a share is generally not recommended. A general rule of thumb is that you grant only the permissions required for the access needed and no more.

The security permissions determine what a user can do with oibjects WITHIN the share. Again, you would generally not grant full control, as this allows the user to take ownership, delete everything, and change permissions and could even lock everyone else out of access to the objects within that share.

I have a server with 15TB of storage. On it we have our personal folders. They are centralised for backup and purposes. The shares are called Tanya, Peyton, Trent and Public. Each share has a permission of CHANGE.

The security for these shares are set to allow access only to the person whose folder it is. Eg Peyton has Modify rights to his folder, but no one else can access it, except the administrator, and only from the server. The public folder has USERS(modify), so that we can all acess stuff in that folder.

So, SHARE permissions determine what can be done with a SHARE, and security permissions determine what can be done with files, folders, and other objects that are stored ON THAT SHARE.


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Hello boys and girls.

I am new user with win 7, all time was with XP

I tried to move document & picture folders to other location(like I did it in XP) but I don't see tag "location" like on this picture.

How can I turn it on?

A:Why I don't see full folder properties tags?

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I'd like to be able to change the location of the Desktop folder quickly. I like to set the Desktop to the folder of the project I'm currently working on.

How can I make a shortcut to the Desktop folder's Properties (Specifically the Location tab)?


A:shortcut to Desktop folder properties?

Do you mean folder options in control panel? If so, right click on it. There should be an option to create a shortcut. Doing so will create a shortcut on the desktop.

If I'm not understanding you, could you please clarify what you mean?

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So here's what I'm going through now.I have about 125 Gb of music on my computer. This is what I am attempting to do:Music Folder > Artist > Album(s) > song files.extensionFor the Album(s) folders, I want the template to be "music" and with details view.For the main Music Folder and all Artist folders, I want them to the "general" template with Icon view (half way between large and extra large).What I have done so far:Select my main Music Folder,set it to "music" template and checked 'apply to sub-folders'. Apply and OK. Refresh.Set the view to "details", go to Organize > Folder and Search Options, view tab, apply to all folders of this type. Select the main Music Folder again, set it to "general" template without 'apply to sub-folders' checked and hit apply.Changed the view of main Music Folder to "icon" view.So far it is Music Folder (general template) > Artist (music template) > Album(s) (music template) > song files.extensionNow here's the problem, if I change the Music Folder to have general items template and apply to sub-folders, it's going to also apply it to the album folders I don't want it applied to.I tried selecting all of the Artist folders at once and right-click, edit and change to "general" template (without checking the apply to sub-folders), but it will not batch change all of them and will only change the one that I click on. Witho... Read more

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If I change the folder properties accessing a shared folder (say pictures) over my home network, will it alter the folder's properties on the drive on which it resides or just the folder on the machine I am using to access the folder?

I am accessing my pictures folder on my desktop from my laptop from the other side of my house. The pictures and videos folders are set to "general items", the customize tab of the properties on the folder is set to "general items" when I access it from the laptop. If I switch the pictures to "pictures" and videos to "videos" on the laptop, will it alter the folder in the desktop on which the folder resides?

Hope this is clear enough, Thanks for any help, I have a hard time with sharing and permissions.

A:Folder properties when sharing over network

If you are able to connect to the folder, either locally or over the network, and managed to change it, then it will or should be changed. I'm sure you are not referring to doing ith with different user profiles, right? Best way is to try it and find out

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When I complete a re-install of windows 8 I always redirect my personal folder locations to my second hard drive. That way I don't need to move files back and forth but now something happened in the process of setting my pictures folder location. There was no sign that anything was wrong but only a blank icon with no text and I'm unable to click on it. The redirect did not work and now there is a "dead" icon where my picture folder should have been.

Now I'm not talking about the library but personal folders under the user folders in C:\. I need someone to show me how to fix this in the registry because it is completely f'ed up for no reason.

A:Personal Folder Location Properties

How to move User folders to 2nd drive in Windows 8? - Microsoft Community

LOL funny how that happens...
I think I may have fixed the problem. I typed the new location as E:Pictures and it should have been E:\Pictures. Why doesn't windows allow us to fix this vary little mistake without having to edit the registry? I will restart and let you guys know if that did fix it.

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XP Pro
Suddenly I am unable to view folder properties if I right click on a folder and choose properties the item just closes - any ideas?

Now have found that if I stop the inetinfo process I can view properties - some kind of prob opening the security tab??

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I've got two machines (laptop and pc) on my home network, both with XP Pro SP2 on them, fully patched. Network runs fine. When I first installed XP (ages ago) I shared folders on both machines. Over time I now only have 1 folder shared on one machine. Today I need to share some others. When I right click on the folder and select sharing, nothing happens except that the Explorer window loses focus (as if the sharing window has popped up but nothing has appeared).
NOTE: I can share C, D or any other drive but not the folders in the drive (C is unshared when I try to share the folders).
For the machine that has the shared folder, I now cannot unshare it!

Also if I select a folder, right click and then select properties, the same thing happens (except on C, D etc where I get the properties window to appear).

I can copy files from one machine to the other. I have rerun the network wizard on both machines and told it to share. I have created a new admin account, rebooted and tried from there, no luck. I booted up under safe mode and when I selected properties from a folder, the properties window appeared, yeh. But... it will not do so under normal mode (shame I can't share under safe mode, that would do for a work around). I have run scannow, no change. I have checked the sharing service is started (which it must be if I can share C).

I have uninstalled / disabled all of my XP tweaks and other background apps. eg on the laptop the aps running are Nortons firwall, antiv... Read more

A:Folder sharing / Properties problems in XP

Have you tried sharing through the computer management msc?

Go to run and type compmgmt.msc and click ok.
Expand the shared folders
Right click on Shares and click New File Share

A file/folder shareing wizard should popup just file in the fields for what you want to share.

Hope this helps.


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This is rather strange.

I'm running Windows 2000 Home. If you're running the same OS and you have music on your computer, you'll know that Windows has an option to set a folder so you can sort your files by artist, year, music type, etc. Well for some reason, all my folders, including My Documents are being sorted like that. I can't seem to change it, even if I right click and change the properties, it just keeps coming back. Also, Windows seems to be forgetting my settings altogether, if I ask for it to display a folder using thumbnails it does it, but once I leave the folder, it forgets what I said, and goes back to the old setting .

Please help.

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i just got a new laptop with windows 7 on it. i wanted to copy a folder of files for one of my games that i played on my windows xp computer to my new windows 7 laptop. i needed to uncheck the read-only in the properties so it could work on my game. i uncheck it, hit apply, hit apply again, then ok. it closes. i open the properties again and the read-only appears to still be unchecked. can you please help me,

thank you.

A:cant uncheck read-only check on properties of a folder

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