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windows keep boosting up from portable drive

Q: windows keep boosting up from portable drive

Hi, I have a pc running windows 7 pro 64 bit. I am wondering why everytime I turn it on with my portable drive plugged in, it would attempt to boost from that drive and give me an error. I have checked the boost order and did not see anything strange in the setting. This is a picture that I took (ADATA CH11 is the portable drive in question- there are other thumb drives plugged in too but they do not cause any problems).


can someone take a look at this for me? Many thanks!

PS: inside that portable drive I copied the C drive of my old vista computer and put it in a folder- I do not think it causes the issue but just in case...

Preferred Solution: windows keep boosting up from portable drive

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: windows keep boosting up from portable drive

Double check you boot order.

Please complete this tutorial by Golden.

Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image

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I have a portable hard drive 270gb. I want to install Windows 7 on it. Anybody knows? I need help. Thanks

A:How to install Windows 7 on a portable hard drive

As far as I know.

All the Windows iterations I've tried will not boot from an external drive.

If anyone can get Seven to do it- I want to know how

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Looking for this for a while now. The only thing i ever came across that was close was the microsoft virtual cd-rom drive program. Which i never really cared for in the first place.

Just looking for a quick, easy and painless way to mount a iso image and the like, without having to install a app to mount it, and autoplay it, explore it, etc....

Any and all suggestions is greatly appreciated.

Happy Holidays all!!!

A:Portable Image mounter / Virtual drive / drive emulator software

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I remounted my exterior drive and now my computer will not recognize my portable drive.

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I got a Seagate FreeAgent Go, 640GB, and every time I plug it in, my CD-ROM drive goes missing. The first time it happened, my CD-ROM drive completely died and I had to replace it. This most recent time, I just had to pull it out and put it back in to fix it.

Any ideas what's going on?

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I'm in the process of backing up my computer to a portable drive. After plugging it in , the computer recognizes it
as new hwd, but it does not show as an icon in my computer ? XP Home SP3


A:Portable Drive

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Is there a way with Vista to password protect a portable drive. Just to keep honest people out..

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I have a Compaq ARMADA 4131T laptop that I want to add a IBM Travel star I.D.E. drve to. The motherboard has an 'AMP' 50 pin male plug on it to connect to the hard drive but an I.D.E. H.D. has only 44 pins. I have checked the open voltages on each pin and also the voltages under load to check which are signal and which are power but they do not correspond to the electrical interface specification for I.D.E. connections. Compaq confirm that the motherboard pin outs are not S.C.S.I. although they cannot give me any more information. If no one can give me any fixes can they suggest where I might look on the web for help.

A:Portable I.D.E. drive

Just plug it in and go. A 2.5 " drive is designed for a laptop and all the interfaces are the same and standard. The pinputs are indeed IDE except the cable from the motherboard also supplies the power to the hard drive.

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Hi, I have a Seagate USB3 500GB Portable Expansion Drive to accommodate my Back-ups and also any files I wish to 'transport' to another PC. I would prefer to leave the device connected to my PC except when I need to transport files. Will leaving it connected do any harm; should it be removed when not in use?
The PC it is connected to is NOT permanently switched on; being 'live' only for a few hours each day when in use.
Thank you.

A:Portable Expansion Drive.

I leave an external hard drive connected all the time. To me it's no different than leaving a mouse or keyboard or printer always connected. In fact, I have an older computer running Windows XP. The external hard drive on that machine has been connected for about 6 years with no problems.

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I just purchased a portable USB hard drive, which normally obtains its power directly from the usb port. It doesn't work on a card bus, which is what I have, so I need to use an AC adaptor. The manual says the drive requires a class 2 adapter, DC5V--1A. I already have an adapter for my mp3 player that is DC5V--2A, but the drive's company said I can't use it. Someone in a shop told me I could. Who is right?

A:Portable USB Drive AC adapter

I say the 'shop' guy is right, you can use it, as long as the +/- are the same (it will tell you on the adapter, and hopefully on the drive thing, whether the 'outer' of the adapter plug end is + or -).

It's the right voltage, and the amps doesn't matter, as it's over what the unit needs to run...amsp are not 'pushed' into a device, the device 'pulls' as much as it needs. Voltage on the other hand IS pushed, so would cause damage.

I say use it if it is the right polarity (+/-).


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Hi all, I just got a usb 80gb portable harddrive not long ago for my work stuff.

I move around alot to show my works to people but I am a careless person too... always leaving things behind.

I am wondering is that any software that can lockup my entire 80gb drive and prompt for password when ever I plug in to a new computer?

I tried a few software in the market but they are either virtual drive (small size) or only lock folder and files only.

Please recommend me a good software.


A:Need Help On Locking My Usb Portable Drive.

My Western Digital USB drive came with a utility for this. Have you checked with the manufacturer of the drive?

There are other freeware solutions out there - bt they're generally (IMO) not as well implemented as the manufacturer's solution.

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I would like to install XP onto a portable hard drive

A:portable hard drive

There's a tutorial here: How Install Windows on an External Hard Drive | eHow.com

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Hi all hope someone can help me with this. I have a Lenovo G710 laptop, new. I have a Seagate 500gb hd in a portable caddy. When I turn it on it makes all the sounds then shows up in my computer. When I try to open it it it starts to open then hangs, then screen flash it disappears the laptop makes a noise & a message appears that a usb device has not been recognised. I have gone into disk manager run a check on the drive it says it all ok I have all my files & photos on here so hope I can get some help Thanks in advance Reg

A:portable hard drive

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Not sure if this correct forum to post in but here goes. Whenever I plug in an external drive I get the error: H:/ is not accessible. Access is denied. Any ideas on how to overcome this..

A:No Portable drive access..

Figured it out.. thx

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I have a portable hard drive (I/O Magic)
80 gigs

I love it, it's small.
And I can take it around with me.
I use it very often.

However, I was using it on my laptop today and I accidentally let it drop onto the carpet. The fall was only about 1 1/2 feet tops but it obviously did something negative. So, my problem is that it doesn't load up anymore when I hook the USB into my laptop or desktop. I think a wire got loose inside and that's why the drive isn't spinning. i don't know, I need help! The light still works on the portable harddrive but that's about it. I have a lot of data on this drive that I can't afford to lose!

Any suggestions on how to fix this problem?

A:NEED HELP! My portable hard drive

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I need a external hard drive to take with me from office to office to home. My needs are around 30-40 gig to carry the programs I need and to back up my personal documents. What would some of you recomend, I am assuming it would be USB, I saw some cases that you put a hard drive in but wondered if thats the way to go. Any advice would be appreciated.


A:Need portable hard drive

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I'd like to buy a second backup drive, since our Seagate is nearly 3 years old, but I need it to be somewhere around the $30 range. All of the ones I find though seem to have 1TB of storage (I haven't managed to fill our 500GB SeaGate with 3 different computers, and now we only have 2!), and I am not convinced I really need that much room, plus they are out of the budget. I do like the dashboard that came with our old drive, so would prefer one that has some sort of backup software.

Any brand or spec recommendations that would come in at my budget?


A:Portable external drive for less than $50?

The Lowest Cost portable external I see at my favorite Toy Store is $60

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Hi Folks - hate for my first post to be a troubleshoot, but I'm in a real fix.
My laptop is out for two weeks with a cracked screen [Toshiba Satellite/Vista]. Fortunately, I had a portable [200gb] usb drive that I used on a Lenovo laptop that I had [XP] platform.
I've not had issues before with this portable. . . just plug & play. It never came with install software.

Well, I have the darned thing plugged into an XP [Service Pak II] desktop and it worked. Then I turned the computer off and started up again and can't find the drive -
There isn't another computer here to test the drive on but when it powers up the light works and you can hear the drive spinning. I changed USB cables with no results.
All my vital data is on it [of course] so I need to do something that will work and will work quickly.

The device driver shows nothing on the usb ports although they work with other plug ins.
The device driver also shows an unknown device on IRQ 11 described as ROOT\ACAP2000\0000. Whatever this is, it uses a System32\drivers\acap2000.sys driver, whatever the heck this is.

ANYONE out there have a possible solution? I'm in deep doo-doo!

Thanks in advance for whatever you can offer. . .


A:Portable Drive issue

Welcome to TSG....

Could we have some system specs on this computer?

Make and model number would be good also?

Make sure you include trhe amount of RAM in it also?

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I have just bought a new portable hard drive made by Zynet, but it a Fujitsu hard drive, anyway, I came to install it, windows said it has installed the driver, but it is not showing up on my pc's, checking the disk management page I find the new hard drive is not initialized, so I click on initialize now, and get a box popping up say 'The device is not ready'?
I have updated the usb drivers to no effect, tried uninstalling, restarting, reinstalling all to no avail!
This getting REALLY annoying as I want to back 100's of GB of music on to it?

A:New Portable Hard Drive


Have you tried plugging it into different USB ports on the computer?
Have you tried doing a Windows Update to see if you can obtain the latest drivers?

Can you also post additional info on the model of the HD?

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I have a WD portable hard drive used for back up. Its a usb connection. The problem im having is the mobile device on the new system i built isnt being recognised.[winXP SP3] I tried using WD data live guard tools. This device was used on the other pc i had. ITS not a new device. any help guys?

A:Solved: portable drive

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Pendrive keeps on running ..

Files created:

When try to eject:
The device 'Generic volume' cannot be stopped right now. Try stopping the device again later.

A:Portable drive keeps on running

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My portable Hard Drive stopped working. It's a WD Elements 2TB do not you know how this is possible but when I plug it into my computer my computer recognize it. But all my pictures videos in other things I have on it are gone. Does anyone know a program that you can buy online or free ? That I can recover them back ? Thank you for any help on this
Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

A:Portable Hard Drive help

Is this machine using a newer Windows version than was being when this drive worked?

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Hi I have A portable hard drive in the past I have downloaded movies I have paid for from the internet onto the hd and plugged it into my dvd palyer and watched them on my tv, but yesterday I brought some more movies and whilst my hd is plugged into my computor the movies play and the file shows but when I plug into my dvd it doesnt show any of the new movie file I ve tried pc fixex but not sure what else could have gone wrong???

A:portable hard drive

Hi Bessy1, and welcome to TSG.

There is no guarantee that I will have a solution for you, but it might help someone else here to help you if you let us know the following:

1) Brand and model number of the DVD player

2) URL of the web site where you are purchasing the downloads. Have you been using the same site for the movies that do play and the new ones that do not play?

3) The file format (file name extension) of the old files that do play and new files that will not play

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I have a Segate 40 GB Momentus ATA hard drive. The drive is connected to the USB port, but the computer does not recognise the drive. Please send your suggestions if anyone experienced the same problem.

A:portable hard drive

you mean you dont see it in explorer window?
have you tried computer management
right click my computer manage go to disk management see if it is there unformatted
have you loaded the usb drivers
check your device under hadrware see if you have yellow ?

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I can't get my pc (os:xp2003) to read my portable hard drive (Moving Star). my usb ports onmy laptop work and function properly with all my other compatible software, and my external hard drive specifications state that it should be fully compatible with my software but when i plug it in, and follow the instructions for installation and come to an abrupt stand still because my pc doesn't even acknowledge anything being there. Also, the driver cd-rom only read as a windows music cd on my pc. Can you help me?

A:portable hard drive

not sounding funny, but have you plugged it into the mains if its a big portable drive?

if not..is your laptop USB 2.0..?

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A long while ago I purchased a Western Digital MyBook USB hard drive that required a power source from a wall outlet. After working for two years it failed. The computer I ran it on was Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit. I plugged it into my Father's Windows Vista 32-bit machine and it showed up right away. I thought maybe there was a problem with that drive on Windows 7, plus I was tired of the AC adapter, so I bought a 500GB portable Toshiba hard drive..

I plugged it into the same machine my old one died on, and it would appear for a short while, and then disappear. Then re-appear, and disappear again. All while making that USB "Bee-boop" noise. Like it was going crazy. I've tried different cables, and I've tried all available ports. I've tested it on my Father's Vista machine, and it worked there. Now I was wondering if it was just my motherboard gone bad. I decided to build a new computer. I installed all the drivers for everything and then plugged the USB hard drive in. (Into ports that OTHER devices are working on). The drive powers up and the activity light flashes for about one second, and then turns off. The drive still spins, but the light goes off. And Windows acts like nothing ever happened. After unplugging it and re-plugging it back in to different ports, my computer actually just instantly restarts.

It can't be a bad drive, because it works on other machines. My copy of Windows hasn't even been installed for 24 hours yet, and it's already not working. Af... Read more

A:Portable USB drive not working. Please help!

Okay I'll give Toshiba a call. The drive is spinning just fine, it doesn't sound violent or broken in any way. It shouldn't be since it's brand new, along with my OS. When I first got it I did a "Quick format" making it NTFS. I didn't do a long format. Would that be a problem? (I did the format on my Father's Vista machine).

Also, where is the diagnostic tool? If I manage to get the drive to appear again.

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Just got myself a new portable hard drive made by Zynet.
Every time I try to Initialize it, a box pops up saying The device is not ready?
I have tried changing the USb sockets it is plugged into, to no avail?
The HD is on, the pc recognises it, as it is showing up in the disk management screen.

But the strange thing is my laptop also running Windows 7 recognised straight away?

A:New Portable Hard Drive

Quote: Originally Posted by FatTrace

Just got myself a new portable hard drive made by Zynet.
Every time I try to Initialize it, a box pops up saying The device is not ready?
I have tried changing the USb sockets it is plugged into, to no avail?
The HD is on, the pc recognises it, as it is showing up in the disk management screen.

But the strange thing is my laptop also running Windows 7 recognised straight away?

Does DM assign it a drive letter?

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Can somebody tell me wich one is better? give me some info?
I dont know if i should buy a portable drive or a cd writer?

A:Portable Drive or CD writer?

Maybe this article will give you some info you need:


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I am unable to connect to any antivirus sites, I cannot update windows nor get IE8 to download. Any virus software I have refuses to update and also browser re-directs in Google. The Internet Explorer browser I am using is IE7. I am running XP Home and (had) Spybot S&D and Avast Free installed as well as Adware free. I no longer have access to any restore points that precede my infection.....I think that occurred on the 22nd of April. I am awaiting any help.....

thanks in advance......kovax

DDS (Ver_09-03-16.01) - NTFSx86
Run by I. T. Maintainance at 13:22:43.10 on Thu 04/30/2009
Internet Explorer: 7.0.5730.11

============== Pseudo HJT Report ===============

uSearch Bar = hxxp://www.google.com/hws/sb/dell-usuk/en/side.html?channel=us
uInternet Settings,ProxyOverride = *.local
TB: {2318C2B1-4965-11d4-9B18-009027A5CD4F} - No File
TB: {EF99BD32-C1FB-11D2-892F-0090271D4F88} - No File
TB: {A057A204-BACC-4D26-C39E-35F1D2A32EC8} - No File
uRun: [ctfmon.exe] c:\windows\system32\ctfmon.exe
mRun: [dellsupportcenter] "c:\program files\dell support center\bin\sprtcmd.exe" /P dellsupportcenter
dRun: [AVG7_Run] c:\progra~1\grisoft\avgfre~1\avgw.exe /RUNONCE
dRun: [swg] c:\program files\google\googletoolbarnotifier\GoogleToolbarNotifier.exe
uPolicies-explorer: NoSecurityTab = 1 (0x1)
IE: {e2e2dd38-d088-4134-82b7-f2ba38496583} - %windir%\Network Diagnostic\xpnetdiag.exe
IE: {FB5F1910-F110-11d2-BB9E-00C04F795683} - c:\program files\messenger\msmsgs.e... Read more

A:Infection from portable drive?

Hello kovax. Our apologies for the oversight of your thread. If you still require assistance, please run a new scan with dds.scr and post the dds.txt

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Hi Everyone,

I need your opinions on a purchase I'm planning to make soon. I'm in a bit of a fork as to what I'm going to get actually.

A thumb drive would be more portable, so to speak rather than the portable HDD.

An HDD would have way more space, however.

I will mostly use this as a portable drive, bootable with Hiren's Boot CD.

The price difference between the two items, and the two items are as follows:

1. SanDisk? Cruzer? Blade? USB flash drive 16GB - Php 1,150 - Brand New

2. Seagate FreeAgent Go? 250GB - Php 2,000 - Used - Warranty until September 2013.

A:USB Thumb Drive vs Portable HDD

I guess the question I would have is what exactly do you intend to use it for? And just how much storage space do you require?
Thumb drives are very compact and easy to setup and use.

I use both. I really like my 2.5in external drives and I think I only paid like 29.99 on the bay (made in china of course) for the last one with 80g's of space, I use it to keep all my paid for programs on and the keys as well as virus removal programs and such.

I use my thumb drive to share programs and music and such with my Nephew since if he loses it it's cheaper for me to replace and he has tested that theory.

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i have a protable hard drive on my server and the files are shared and randomly i try to access a folder and it says its corrupted plz run checkdisk i have done that and it fixes it then a few hours later it does it somewhere else, any idea how it is causing all this?

A:portable hard drive

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I have a portable Hard Drive, and i have a problem
I partitioned my hard drive a while ago, into different sections, for example, Music, TV Eppisodes and a Hard drive named 'Portable HDD'
I am able to acess TV Eppisodes and Portable HDD but not Music

When i try to access it i get this error

I then opened ESAEUS partition manager to have a look what the problem is and this is all i see

Ive noticed that all my other hard dives are Primary and this is logical.
What do i do to get this working please? I've tried to scan disk for errors and get this message

Thanks for reading this.

A:Portable Hard Drive

You might try partition recovery. But it looks like the partition is gone. It may be easier just to create a new partition and restore your backups.


Testdisk Documentation
Testdisk Download
Diskinternals Partition Recovery
Testdisk Boot Disk
Partition Find & Mount
Free DTIData NTFS Partition Repair Tool


Diskinternals Partition Recovery (Demo)
[email protected] Partition Recovery
Bootmaster Partition Recovery
ZAR Partition Recovery
DIY DataRecovery DiskPatch
Partition Table Doctor

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which hard drive you you all think is the best:


or this LACIE:
LaCie - Rugged USB 3.0

I don't know which one to choose since my seagate agent go is broken...

A:Portable Hard Drive

Sorry I can't help as I haven't used either, my external drive is a Seagate Expansion so not what you would call a portable one as it's used on a desktop computer, don't have a laptop.

I suppose it comes down to what you can afford and which one would give you all the features you need, have you read any reviews about them and if so which comes out the better buy ?

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I have a Toshiba portable drive 320G, 593400E that I am trying to get some files from.

When I try to access it windows 7 says "directory or file is corrupted". What should I do next to
try to recover data form it?

Thank you,

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I have a new laptop. Aside from protecting it with antivirus/ antispyware I like to keep personal files on an outside hard drive.

My question is whether to go with a portable drive, which will derive its power from a USB connection, or go with a full external drive with a wall wart.

Portable Drive Pros:
1) No wall wart. This also means if you're using it on your laptop when there's a power failure you've got in essence a UPS protection feature.
2) More portability, as per its name. Can travel in laptop case with you.
3) Quieter.

External Drive Pros:
1) Faster 7200 rpm vs 5400.
2) Better price per Gigabyte.
3) Available with firewire and eSATA interfaces in addition to USB.

What I know least about is reliability MTBF values. My experience with external drives is that they are extremely reliable. Portable drives do not look as robust. How can I find out if one kind of drive is more reliable than the other?



A:To Buy: Portable Drive? Or External Drive?

If you don't need portability then go with an 3.5inch external drive which will have its own power source.
Portable 2.5inch drives normally require two usb ports to power it, which can be a problem if ports are limited.
Not to sure why you would want to only put person files on the external drive and not the main drive though

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If anyone needs flash for portable browsers, go here ---
Portable Adobe Flash Player

Easiest way to use flash for portable browsers. I use on Firefox portable.

The website is of a well known member RejZoR on Wilders & Avast, etc...

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I have been using portable Toshiba ext hard drive model 593400 A for more than 4 years in my desk top operating in win xp prof sp3. When I connect the drive to my Sony vaio laptop operating on windows 7 home edition, the drive is not recognized.

How to open my toshiba drive in my laptop with win 7 home edition? It works without any difficulty in windows XP prof sp3. But not with windows 7

Kindly guide me. Thanks.


A:portable hard drive is not recognized

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My daughter need a new dvd drive for her computer. It's main purpose will be playing her Sims disks & music. Walmart has an internal memorex with 24x read/write speed. - OR -the portable ones are 8x read/write speed. Her Computer is a Dell Dimension 4600, not super fast but able to play Sims 2. Will the memorex work better for this purpose? The fact that the memorex is a faster drive than the original won't be a problem will it? Thanks for your response.

A:Choosing a DVD drive-portable or installed

Do you have an online link to these drives?

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I have a portable Hard Drive designed for a 2.0 port. I used it on a computer with a 1.0 port. I was moving a pretty sizable amount of data and it took awhile, especially since a 2.0 device works slowly in a 1.0 port. The problem is that now, the computer no longer reads the drive, though it recognizes something's been plugged in. The drive itself makes a strange clicking sound whenever I try to use it. Is there any way to fix it? What's wrong with it? And does anyone know roughly how much it would cost to either fix this one or get a new drive if need be?

A:Portable Hard Drive troubles

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Hello, I have a CIRAGO USB 2.0 High Speed 320GB Portable hard drive. It has been really unstable, slow, and erroneous lately. At first I thought it was my PC itself, so I went inside and cleaned out all the dust and made sure everything was in the right spot and functioning. Then I turned the PC back on, and plugged my Portable HD in, but it recognizes as Local Disk(G: ) -as opposed to what it always recognized it as, which was CIRAGO(G: ). And If i select it it tells me

The Disk in Drive G is not formatted. Would you like to format now?

And when i press yes, it says

The disk in drive G cannot be formatted.

So I have no clue whats going on at this point, so I try Chkdsk /f, it's worked in the past for hard drive acting up. When I run Chkdsk /f G:, I get this error

Cannot open volume for direct assess.

So now im completely confused. It went from working fine to being slow and erroneous, now it just doesnt work at all.


Additional Info-Running XP SP3, PHD is USB and I've tried it on the other USB ports, same thing. Also, I have data on this hard drive, and since these weird things have been happening to it, I haven't added or deleted anything off it

I hope you guys know whats going on because I sure don't.

A:Portable Hard Drive problems

I hope you guys know whats going on because I sure don't.Click to expand...

Apparently the external drive died, after giving some warning signals: "It went from working fine to being slow and erroneous, now it just doesnt work at all."

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I have a portable WD hard drive. I know there are files on it (I put them there) since it shows I have about half the memory used. All of a sudden I can't access the files on the drive. (I'm not real computer literate.) How can I access these files?

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I have a WD 120 GB Portable HD, when I plug it in, it shows up in the Device Manager, but I cant see it in Windows Explorer.

A:Portable Hard Drive Issue

Is it possibly sharing a drive letter with something else? Right click on my computer and choose manage. Once there go to the bottom and chose disk management. From there you can see if the disk drive is actually there.

If it is you can check the drive letter. You might right click on it and Choose drive letter and paths....

I hope this helps.

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I asked on another topic about a pocket hard drive and someone suggested making my own. Ok, but what will I need to do to make it? What advice can you give on where to go and what to do?

A:Question about making my own portable drive.

If you want it small, take a look at this.

If you want one that you can use a regular IDE rather than a notebook drive, here is a good start.

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Just bought a Seagate FreeAgent Go 250GB hard drive to back up the computer, which is fairly old now. The problem is - my laptop only has 1 USB port and the hard drive requires two USB ports.

Am I able to connect the Power and Data cable to my computer and back up while connecting the Power only cable to another computer at the same time?

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Hi guys...I am having a big problem..you guys have to sort it out and tell me the what can i do to solve the problem...

The problem is..

I have seagate expansion portable drive of 1tb..which worked fine for somedays....but now i am got stuck with that...bcoz when i connect my seagate drive to usb and green light goes on and a safely remove icon also coming but there is no drive in the my computer and disk management also...When i searched some forums i got the same problem is having by others and got there a statement regarding to check whether drive is spinning or not...after that i found my drive is not spinning and i thinking a way to make it spin and to get all data back to my lap....

And also i had checked with uvcview usb viewer [by microsoft] when i connected my drive it shows the drive and also some other descriptions which i dont know...

So you guys help me to make the drive works and to get my data back....thanks in advance for your help guys....

A:Seagate Expansion Portable Drive

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I have a 40 gb portable drive (Wolerine Brand) I use to transport files between work and home. I've been using it for 5 years now between my Mac computer at work and my Windows computer at home with no problems until recently. I figured the issues might have been from a corrupt file on the device so I decided to wipe it clean and reformat it. I did so on my PC with my Windows 7 operating system. I saved a folder of files to take to work which I could access with no problem, however, I could not copy anything to the drive. It said I had read access only. I brought the drive home and set the security permissions to full control. I tried the device again at work and again it says I don't have access to the drive. How can I format the portable drive so that I can use it with both computers?

A:Problems formatting portable drive

First concern - five years for a drive is like a hundred dog years.

It is possible that the work machine has been set to disallow writing to external devices.

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