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XPS13 (9343) WiFi and Bluetooth problems after Windows 10 upgrade

Q: XPS13 (9343) WiFi and Bluetooth problems after Windows 10 upgrade

I recently upgraded from Windows 8.1 to 10 with my XPS 13 (9343) laptop. Before the upgrade, I had no problem with any of the following devices with Windows 8.1. After the upgrade, I started experiencing the following issues:
1) Wifi: After restart or waking from sleep, I had to reconnect to my home network.Automatic reconnection was enabled and network adaptor's power management was modified but reconnection did not work well.
2) I had serious problems with my Bluetooth, especially with BT headphones. Once paired, it seemed to be working. However, after disconnecting and reconnecting, the headphones got connected but I did not hear any sound. Later, the headphones did not get connected but kept going to pairing mode but the Bluetooth setting showed that they are already paired. I am using a Bluetooth mouse. Interestingly, if I turn off the Bluetooth (from setting) and turn it on again, my Bluetooth mouse never get connected again.
Temporary solution: I installed network driver (9343_Network_Driver_74HW9_WN32_6.30.223.262.A01.exe) for Windows 8.1. This solved my wifi problem. I had reconnection all the time.
Regarding the Bluetooth mouse, it works as well.
Regarding the Bluetooth headphones, they worked for a while but I suddenly lost sound. Settings window showed that my headphone is still connected and audio playback device still showed that my Bluetooth headphone is active. I simply lost sound. The only way to temporarily fix this problem was to restart the system.
I tried several network adapter drivers (version A00, A01) but they did not make any differences. When I installed A02 version, I had the same problems that I had after Windows 10 upgrade.
I am wondering if there are anyone who experiences similar issues. Any comments on potential solutions will be greatly appreciated.

Preferred Solution: XPS13 (9343) WiFi and Bluetooth problems after Windows 10 upgrade

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: XPS13 (9343) WiFi and Bluetooth problems after Windows 10 upgrade


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After upgrading my XPS13 to last Creator Update (Build 1709) I face a lot of wireless issues.

Many wireless networks availables do not show on the list of available networks even if are active and I can connect with other devices
takes a very long time to connect to wireless networks and shows the yellow triangle and need to try several times until it connects.
After sleeping or hibernating the laptop it does not connect to any wireless network. I need to restart and wait for quite a long time (over 5 minutes sometimes) until XPS13 connects again.
XPS13 easily disconnects from active wireless networks

Before updating to Windows Creator Update (Build 1709), XPS13 worked like a charm.

Already run Dell diagnosys and did not detect anythinh wrong.
Uninstalled and reinstalled Dell Wireless 1560 802.11 ac

But still facing the wireless issues. It makes working with my XPS13 difficult.
So I would like to know:

How could I check what is wrong?
Could I uninstall the 1709?
if that was not possible: How could I do a fresh install (and do not loose the Windows Pro upgrade I bought some months ago)?

Many thanks!

A:XPS13 (9343, Early 2015) Wireless issues after Windows Creator Update (Build 1709)

Pak Ricard

Could I uninstall the 1709?

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I have a user with an XPS13 9343, about 1.5 years old.  Windows 10 x64. This morning her battery state when plugged in is "94% not charging". A different charger produces the same result.  Restarting or shutdown-start has no effect. Diagnostics show no problems, but do show that it knows it's plugged in but the charger is idle (see ).

I've replaced batteries in XPS13's before, but is there some way I can test to see if the battery is the problem or the charging circuit is the problem?

A:XPS13 9343 not charging

You run "Thorough Test Mode" on the battery in Preboot Diagnostics? If no, then I suggest you click on battery and then click Thorough Test Mode. By the way, thanks for the images in the file.
Please keep in mind:
Laptop Battery FAQs

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Hi All,
My XPS13 Laptop (9343) recently stopped displaying on the in-built screen. I tried:
-Updating the bios
-Reinstalling Drivers
-Doing the PWR+D test (it displayed fine)
-Re-installing windows 10

It seems like this is a common problem?

A:XPS13 9343 Black Screen

I closed the screen on my laptop last night, opened it back up this morning and it wouldn't work. The only way I can use the laptop now is with an external monitor plugged in. When I try to clone or display directly to the in-built display, it doesn't work.
I've tried:
-Installing the latest drivers from the website
-Using the Pwr+D test, in which the built-in display displays all colors perfectly.
I have the A07 Bios installed. I tried booting to the bios, but it won't display on the external monitor, so I can't see what is going on...
Any help would be appreciated.

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After not having used the laptop for a few months, I powered it on and was applying updates (some pre-1709 cumulative Windows updates).
Suddenly, the laptop shut down.  I came to notice that the LED on the power supply was dead.  Pressing the battery status light on the latptop gave no battery level (no lights).  I figured the power supply had died and ordered up a new one. 
The new power adapter arrived, and the LED works.  However, when I plut it in the LED turns off.  It's not until I cycle the power to the adapter (while disconnected from the computer) that the LED returns.  Plugging it into the computer again causes it to turn off. 
I'm not sure if I got a dud for the new power adapter, or if something is wrong with the computer.  I don't want to sink another $40 into a second new adapter.
How do these latptops behave when the battery is dead?  Are they still usable when plugged in?
Any suggestions?

A:XPS13 (2015) P54G/9343: Will not power up

There's a short circuit somewhere in the system.
Unplug the system, disconnect the battery and hold the power button for 30 sec.  Re-connect the AC adapter (but not the battery) and see if the system will power up.  If it will, reconnect the battery and try again.  If it then fails, the battery is bad.  Replace with a new one.
If you can't get the system to power up on AC only, next suspect is the DC jack - replace this part:
If that fails to get the system going, the mainboard is bad.

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Looks like fairly common problem with XPS13? Screen starts flickering and eventually goes totally black and never starts working again.
I already had motherboard replaced once in January, now waiting 2+ weeks for motherboard+screen replacement.
Any chances Dell resolves this issue or will I keep getting parts replaced until I run out of warranty?

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Hope someone can help, please.
So just received a new dell u2715 monitor. When I connect it to my xps13 laptop using the supplied Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable no image is displayed on the monitor. Opening the dell monitor managements utility on laptop l get error msg, no dell monitors are attached. I assume the supplied Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable can be used to attach Mini DisplayPort end to laptop and the DisplayPort end to the monitor??
Anyhow l can't get it to work.
However if l use my own Mini DisplayPort to hdmi adaptor, and plug Mini DisplayPort end into laptop and hdmi end of cable to on back of monitor, it displays ok.
Any help must appreciated.

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For about three months now I have been tolerating a slow but steady creep of blurred screen display from the lower horizontal edge of the touch screen up towards the top. It started about 1.5mm now it is 3mm all the way across the bottom of the screen. I've been secretly (naively) hoping this would go away with a bios update. Today's update has not fixed it. 
A laptop display repair guy told me it is a hardware failure. Expensive to replace.
Is it fixable? I have no warranty. I bought this machine Dec 2015. Such a short life span for such an expensive laptop.
I hope no one else gets this after all the other troubles seen with this model. I placed a diagnostic query thingy already.
Intel HD Graphics 5500 Display Adaptor

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My laptop has been shutting off randomly. This has happened before but more frequebtly lately (2 weeks ago for about 2 days or about 8 tries, then problem went away). Now its happening again, sometimes on playing a video, sometimes just surfing the web. When it shuts down, it gives a fearful beep code and light code. Please see video in link.
I haven't been able to turn on the laptop recently as it just shuts down before the windows load. Also I cannot complete the diagnosis without shut down. I tried contacting dell but response is slow.
Does anyone experience this or know what is wrong?

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XPS13-9343  i7 CPU performance became low after AC remove and insert
same problem like http://en.community.dell.com/support-forums/laptop/f/3518/t/19660225
normal: 2.4-2.9 ghz
remove AC: 0.8-1.3 ghz
insert again: 1.3 ghz
after reboot or sleep resume normal.

uninstall intel cppc drivers: 0.8-1.3 ghz always

system: windows 10 64bit (power setting: "high performance")
cpu: i7 5500
bios: a07
tools: cpu-z AIDA64

@DELL-Colin H

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Hi, My XPS13 (9343) running Windows 10 randomly crashes with a page fault in nonpaged area - as per attached screen shot. If I'm working all day it can occur 3-4 times a day mainly when I'm on webpages. 
I upgraded to Windows 10 as soon as i got the laptop so I'm not sure if it would have happened in Windows 8.1
I've run the diagnostic and it's all good/passed, I've updated the bios to the latest A5 and updated all the drivers via the automatically detect drivers update but still crashes.
I initially thought it might be the Dell 4-in-1 adapter which I run a 22" screen off (so I run the laptop screen and external screen for dual screens) but it still crashes even if I don't use the adapter.
Where is the error info it collects? What can I do to pin point the reason for these crashes?

A:XPS13 (9343) Win10 Page Fault in NonPaged Area

I am experiencing exactly the same error in Windows 10 on my XPS 13 (infinity screen with touch).
I normally get the crash within half hour of login.
I have also updated BIOS and suggested drivers to no avail.
Basic hardware tests all pass. However, when I ran the thorough memory test I got the above error whilst it was part way through the test.
I thought that this was probably a memory hardware issue.
Any help on this would be much appreciated.

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Just wanted to check that the dell u2415 monitor will work on xps13 (9343) laptop. The only video output connector on laptop is mini display port, the monitor has that input, but wanted to make sure it would work.
Many thank.

A:Will dell u2415 monitor work on xps13 9343 laptop

Hi Scaryface,
Thank you for reaching out to Dell Community Forum.
Both xps13 (9343 and monitor Dell u2415 have mini-display ports. You can connect the system and monitor using a mini-DP-to-DP cable.
If you have any other query, please click my DELL-username and send me a Private Message with the Dell Service Tag number and your email address.
Note: please don't mention the service tag or email id on the public forum as it contains your personal information

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Hello to the people who will probably help me on this from here onwards !!! So, I recently upgraded from windows 7 to 10 like a lot others. All excited to start, in no time I realised the wifi won't start. Boom! Now, I am stuck hanging onto a lan wire and can't move away. I am on hp pavillion dv6-7011tx with broadcom 4313gn 802.11b/g/n 1x1 wifi adapter. Driver Version : computer says my driver is up to date (or in my version the computer says : "you are screwed my friend!!!").  I am not able to find out anything on broadcom / hp / microsoft websites. Recently read this on hp website : This laptop was not tested for windows 10 upgrade. I would really appreciate, if someone can help me on this.  Thanks in anticipation  

A:Wifi & Bluetooth not working after Windows 10 upgrade

Hi: See if these W10 drivers work... Wireless:  I see the 4313gn 802.11b/g/n 1x1 wifi adapter listed in the driver setup information file. http://h20566.www2.hp.com/hpsc/swd/public/detail?sp4ts.oid=6943827&swItemId=ob_151991_1&swEnvOid=419... Bluetooth...this is for the BCM Bluetooth 4.0 radio, which I think the wireless card in your notebook has as well. http://h20566.www2.hp.com/hpsc/swd/public/detail?sp4ts.oid=6943827&swItemId=ob_151553_1&swEnvOid=419...

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I've recently noticed after upgrading to WIn10 version 1703, that when the laptop comes out of sleep mode, the cursor on the secondary u2715 screen keeps blinking with a blank screen, and the display on the laptop remains black. The only way to restore the screen desktop is to either
1. disconnect the displayport cable from the laptop and then reconnect it, 2. Turn the external monitor off/on3. Enter the menu of the monitor and switch between DP 1.2 Disable/Enable.
I should mention the laptop is up to date with all updates.
Any help would be much appreciated.
Many thanks,

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I have an XPS13 9343 and would like to connect it to an external monitor with ultrawide display (e.g., 2560 X 1080). I have read all the forum posts I can find, but I have not found anyone with this question, exactly. Is there any software or hardware solution to this question?

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I have 3 Probook 4530s Laptops. They have i5 CPUs USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports along with bluetooth 3.0 and HD display. The WiFi adapter speed  is 150mb on 2.4 gz band. At this time they all have 4g RAM and 1Tb hhd installed. I like the units as all of them were built in May and June, 2012. What I need to do is increase the internet connection speed plus add the 5.8 band to the 2.4 band. I would not like to have anything sticking out of the side of the computer that needed to be removed that might get lost. Can I replace the internal WiFi + Bluetooth 3.0 adapter to pickup the speed and both bands? If so, can anyone tell me what adapter I need to me looking for and what driver. I do not want to loose the bluetooth in all of this as I know the kids will want to use it.This whole building project I guess is my way of telling them that I'm with them if they need any help. Our time means more to them then money these days. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Respectfully.

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I have encountered a very specific issue:  wifi does not work when I have my brand new Dell XPS 13 in my motor vessel / boat. 
I called Microsoft Store four times --- each time, the rep goes through a routine to reset the wireless adapter, checks the driver version, and/or flushes the DNS server.   The fourth rep I talked to reset several services that were not enabled.  
I am unable to connect to the wifi at the marina, the personal hotspot on my phone, or my Verizon wireless MIFI --- because the wireless adapter shows a status of "not available" (after I run the troubleshooter and reset the adapter, I can connect momentarily).       I have several other devices connected to these same devices (the marina wifi, the Verizon MIFI, etc.) ---- so, I know that there is service available.
I brought the XPS into my home --- and, can successfully and reliable connect to my home router (through Comcast cable), to the same Verizon cellular MIFI.   
What issue is blocking the wireless adapter when in the environment of the boat?   Is there some kind of interference that this particular unit is susceptible to?     (Again, I have three other laptops --- a Windows 10 Thinkpad laptop, a SurfacePro Windows 8, an iPad, and, two iphones connected to the available wireless services)
Any ideas would be appreciated. 

A:Dell XPS 13 9343 Wireless with Windows 10: Wifi not available

It sounds as if there is something causing a specific range of interference that is affecting your system when you're at the marina.  It is weird though.   
Have you tried deleting any wireless profiles you have on that laptop that pertain to the marina, then reboot the system and see if you can connect to your MIFI at that point?   It could be that the system is attempting to connect to the marina wifi automatically at start up, getting corrupted or some sort of configuration issue, and thus causing the networking on the entire system to fail out.
My idea is to see if we can make the system not connect to anything automatically but the Verizon MIFI when at the marina, to see if that will enable it to work.   Maybe not a long term solution but at least that would give us an idea on where to start.
What wireless card (make & model) do you have in the system  and what version of driver for it is currently installed on the system?
Oh, and maybe try turning off bluetooth when at the marina as well.  (Assuming you have a card that is both wifi and bluetooth, to try to limit causes).
Let me know how that goes and I'll try and think of other suggestions you can try.

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Recent versions of the DW1560 driver have made my system completely unstable due to recurring BSODs which note one of three errors: bcmwl63a.sys, fault in page file, memory management.
I've run checkdisk and Dell's PC doctor app and neither shows an error, I've also done a clean reinstall of Windows 10. Only going back to the 2014 W8.1 driver has worked. Unfortunately, both Dell update and Windows update will continue to attempt to install the new unstable drivers.
This appears to be a widespread issue (see google results for "dell bcmwl63a.sys windows 10". Posting here in the hope of getting an update on this issue, or any info on a better workaround.

A:Dell XPS 13 9343 recurring Windows 10 (64 bit) BSOD due to DW1560 broadcom wifi driver (bcmwl63a.sys)

You aren't, by chance, using Hyper-V?  I had this problem as soon as I enabled Hyper-V.  It took a clean install of Windows to fix that particular issue.

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Hi Everyone,
I desperately need some help here. I recently sent in my laptop for a screen repair at the Dell depot. I got it back last week and the screen works fine, however, for some reason they reinstalled Windows 8.1 on my system. When I sent it in, my laptop had Windows 10 and was working perfectly normally.
Last week a Dell technician helped me to reinstall Windows 10. The process started, and as it was installing it performed a restart (as it said it would perform multiple restarts). Well during the restart the computer just hung up on the Dell logo. i let the computer sit like that as I didn't want to interrupt the installation, however eventually my laptop just turned off.
I then had to order a USB stick from Dell in order to reinstall Windows 8.1. This time, another Dell technician helped me out but made sure all my drivers were up to date. Same thing happened during this upgrade. The installation got hung up on the Dell logo. There were no signs of any computer activity (no spinning circle under the logo).
I can't believe this issue has been going on so long now. I feel like since I sent the laptop in with Windows 10, Dell could have the decency to send it back installed. Their techs seem to want to help but are getting me nowhere.
If someone could please help I would be so grateful. Thanks!

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I have a brand new XPS 13, 9343 model with i7 processor and 512GB SSD. I am still within the 14 day cooling off period, and I'm now seriously considering returning it. I have never experienced such a load of nonsense trying to install any other piece of software.
So far, and after many attempts, I've been totally unable to upgrade to Windows 10. The very first thing I did was install all available Windows updates for 8.1 (there were 79 of them), and immediately after that I began the Win10 install saga. Nothing else has been done to the laptop - no dodgy software or USB devices (other than the boot USB where necessary). It is in a clean state.
- After downloading through Windows Update, the installation procedure is INCREDIBLY slow (eg it takes 36 HOURS to reach 42% completion - and at this point it hits the error message). What on earth can it be doing??
- I also tried creating a bootable USB through the media creation tool. If I boot from this USB drive and perform a "clean" install, this works perfectly - it takes about 8 minutes in total (which emphasises how ridiculous the 36 hours is). However, because it is a clean install and not an "upgrade", I end up with a non-activated version of Windows 10 and I get prompted to pay £99.99, which I have no intention of doing. I paid for the laptop on the understanding it would get a FREE upgrade to Win10!
- I have also tried using the USB (but not booting from it) to perform the in-place upgrade -... Read more

A:XPS 13 (9343) - Unable to upgrade to Windows 10 - Error 0xC1900101 0x30018

Hi Everyone,
If you are experiencing the issue whereby your XPS 13 is not upgrading to Windows 10 and is getting stuck or taking several hours, PM me with your Service Tag.

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I just upgraded my laptop from Win 8.1 to Win 10 Home Edition and after it was done just for curiosity sake I took a peek inside the Device Manager. Everything looked ok with the exception of " Sound, Video and Game Controllers - Bluetooth Audio Device " . I right clicked on the " Bluetooth Audio Device because of the exclamation mark and selected " Properties ". The box popped up showing the device couldn't start and it gave the reason. This is where I'm stumped and would like to know what to do to fix it.

I didn't know my machine was Bluetooth enabled but according to the device manager it must be. ( see snap ) How do I confirm it? I'd like to be able to transfer some om my photo's to my phone if possible.

Thanks for your help.........

A:Bluetooth WiFi Issue After Win 10 Upgrade

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Hi, wonder if anyone can help someone with only rudimentary computer skills. After updating my HP laptop to windows 10 I found that my WIFI would randomly just drop. The connection is sometimes more stable with certain networks but ultimately the connection drops sooner or later. I try to reconnect after a drop out but usually it says cant connect to network and I have to plug in ethernet if thats an option depending where I am. My home network doesnt even connect anymore. I have tried driver updates (which there dont appear to be any since 2009), power management and such recommendations you find on google but none have any impact. My laptop runs a Broadcom 43225 802.11b/g/n. Is there something a bit smarter I should be doing? Any guidance (in the most simple language..) is very much appreciated. 

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Hi there,
i heard that Dell L502x supports the dual band 7260 AC card. i want to upgrade to this from my current Intel Centrino N 1000 and also add the bluetooth funtionality.
Please help me

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I have a Sony Vaio Pro 13 SVP1321M2EB and upgraded from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 when I bought the laptop about 8 months ago. I had no problems with it until a month ago ? after an automatic upgrade of 8.1 my Bluetooth adaptor disabled itself automatically and then uninstalled itself. I reinstalled a Bluetooth adaptor and had no problem for a week or so. Then the wifi connection would come and go and I would have to troubleshoot every 5 mins to get it working again ? I thought it was due to our internet because it?s satellite and very slow. Then both the Bluetooth and the wifi adaptors disappeared. I have reinstalled Intel Proset Wireless but my computer won?t recognise it even though it appears in Control Panel and now they don?t even appear as Hidden Items on the Device Manager. I have uninstalled and reinstalled both adaptors both through the Sony support site and directly through Intel numerous times and still nothing! I tried to go back to Windows 8 using the reset/refresh through the Assist button but I am told ?the drive where Windows is installed is locked?. I don?t know if it?s a hardware problem or a software problem?I have searched and searched everywhere online and done what has been suggested but still nothing! Advice please - thank you!

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I have an issue with my computer in which when I connect two different pair of beats, one being powerbeat wireless and my other beats which are beats solos. When I pair the devices through Bluetooth, 1 minute into a song or just after pairing the sound cuts off. When I go into playback devices, the sound bar moves up and down signalizing that there is sound playing but nothing is heard through the headphones. I believe there is a connectivity issue between any Bluetooth devices and my computer. I have tried updating the drivers and repairing the devices but with no luck.

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I have upgraded my Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E545 to Windows 10 recently and since then I have been having increasing problems to connect to WiFi. It is not a problem with the WiFi itself, since I can connect with my phone and tablet without any problems and my husband has not had any problems with his laptop either. It started with just having to try to connect a couple of times (clicking disconnect and then connect again) in the beginning. Then it took restarting the computer. And now I can't connect anymore no matter how often I try or whatever I try. Initially I got an error message regarding the IP address when using the troubleshoot, but now it just can't find the problem. I have read that it could be a problem with the WiFi driver, which may need an update for Windows 10. The driver listed is Realtek RTL8188E LAN 802.11n PCI-E NIC. I have not been able to find this driver or any update for it on the Realtek website. I have not been able to find anything on the Lenovo or Windows website, or anywhere else for that matter, either. I have read posts by other users who are having similar issues, but I haven't been able to find a solution.Please let me know how I can solve this problem. Thank you.

A:WiFi connection problems after upgrade to Windows ...

Dear KVW,
Welcome in lenovo community,
Lenovo did not release all windows 10 drivers for the E545 laptop yet,
So you may go back to the previous windows and wait till lenovo release all the drivers.
Also you can use the below link to follow the drivers update,

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I just upgraded to Window 10 64-bit from Windows 7 64-bit. I can not turn on my WiFi since then. Device Manager shows no problems with the Network Adapters but, there is a problem with an Unknown Device ACPI\HPQ6001\4&2190249&0and the Biometrics fingerprint scanner. Is this unknown device the source of my Wifi problems? Or is it something else?Help greatly appreciated.

A:Post Windows 10 upgrade WiFi problems

Hello @ac1992, Welcome to the HP Support Forum Community, a great place to find helpful information! I understand you have been having issues with your WiFi since upgrading to Windows 10 on your Pavilion dv6. Here is a list of steps that commonly resolve issues with wireless connectivity. First, we have a step by step guide to walk you through the troubleshooting process here: Troubleshooting Your Wireless Network and Internet Connection A second option, is to try these steps:Powercycle the network:1. Shut down your notebook.2. Unplug the power to your router.3. Unplug the power to your modem.4. Wait at least 45 seconds.5. Plug in the modem, and wait for it to come back online.6. Plug in the router, and wait for it to come back online.7. Turn on your notebook, and test your connection.Disable the Power Off option for the adapter:1. Open Device Manager. (Win Key+R > type devmgmt.msc > OK)2. Expand the Network adapters.3. Right click on the Ethernet/Wireless Adapter and click Properties.4. Click the Power Management tab.5. Remove the check mark beside Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.6. Click OK.7. Test.Reset the TCP/IP settings on your PC:1. Go to your start screen/menu and type CMD.2. Right click on the command prompt icon and chose Run as administrator.3. In the window that opens type "netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt" without quotes, and press enter.4. Restart your PC and test.It may also help to reset the winsock c... Read more

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My PC doesn't get detect 5GHz and the increase bandwidth from my router, so I want to replace it. But before I take it apart, I want to make sure that I can do so and buy the right parts. Is this possible, and if so what should I get? I also want to add bluetooth as I remember the website had an option to do so, but bc the Costco Set Config was cheaper, I went that route instead.  Is it possible to do this internally w/o an external part [like a usb dongle] PS. Here is the  Product Number: C8P47AV       Is there like an installation/repair guide for my laptop model too too?

A:Replace/Upgrade WiFi Network Card + Add Bluetooth

The Maintenance and Service Guide found HERE, says there are several choices for the WLAN module.675794-001 710418-001 includes BlueTooth690020-001 includes BlueTooth709848-001670290-001  If your unit has an Intel CPU - supports BlueTooth - this card has the best specs of the ones listed but looks as if none of these list 5GHZ as supported.

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Mine's a 2015 Dell XPS 2015 edition (9343) .
Everything seemed to be working just fine until the last month . The moment I try to pair a Bluetooth device ,  it gets disconnected the moment its successful ( the pairing) .
Also , any USB storage that I connect , the laptop somehow recognizes it as 'Local Drive G:' and I get the following message :
" G: is not accessible.
The Request is not supported "
Any suggestions as to what I should do ?

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Just got a new XPS 13 9343. Windows 8.1 64 bit.
I have a Bluetooth headset (shows BT508 under device manager). I paired it, but it does not show up under Sound-->Playback setting. It shows up under Device Manger. I connected the Bluetooth headset to Lenovo X1 Carbon, the headset works fine. The difference is the XPS 13 uses DW1560 Bluetooth 4.0 LE, but X1 Carbon uses Intel wireless Bluetooth 4.0 + HS adapter. 
Do I need any special drive or software?

Thank you.

A:Dell XPS 13 9343 Bluetooth headset problem

Hi ,
I would ask you to provide a little more information about the issue you are facing ,
*May I know which is the operating system installed on the system .
*Have you set your headphone to discoverable mode and then set your Bluetooth manager to search for the device.
*Have you checked if any other bluetooth device works with this system ( Kindly check the same in safemode )
Awaiting your response .
Kindest Regards ,

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The XPS 13 9350 has all newest drivers and firmware. However, the bluetooth driver crashes every now and then after waking up from sleep. It gives two notifications and then restarts/recovers. The first one is: "This operation is not allowed by the group policy set by your IT administrator.", the second says something like the bluetooth is active but not discoverable. I didn't get the exact wording of the second message, but it happens after the driver recovers. Bluetooth device is not usable during the crash and the recovery.

A:XPS13 9350 Bluetooth crash after wakinng up

Hi Tian100
Thanks for writing to us. 
Post the issue started, have you tried updating the video and bluetooth driver? (as you mentioned initially all drivers are uptodate) 
Please remove all the paired devices/profiles from the bluetooth list . 
Was there any recent hardware or software changes done on the system ?
Also ensure if its a company system, there are no restrictions set by the IT department. If there are restrictions set, you will need to check with your IT dept for the same. and remove the restrictions. 
Do PM us the system tag# and email address as well by clicking on my name in blue and then select send a private message.


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Hi all
I am trying to use the internet connection on my Xperia Z3compact from my XPS13 9350 using Bluetooth.
I can setup the connection and I do get internet connectivity on the XPS13. However shortly after I set up the connection between the two devices, I get a blue screen on the XPS13 with the message "INVALID_MDL_RANGE". This happens every time. I have found the following reference to this stop code:
I am using Windows 10 1607 with atest updates on the XPS13 and 
Android 6.0.1 build 23.5.A.0.575 on the Xperia Z3c
Has anyone else encountered this issue?
Thanks a lot for any help.

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Hi I upgraded my home routers to AC 5ghz so i decided to upgrade my laptop's built in 300mbs wifi to modern standards.the wifi works great at full speeds consistently the bluetooth only works after a full power cycle.if you goto sleep mode or hibernate and power back on bluetooth no longer exists.I have spoken to online chat here and i have spent hours and days trying clean instal of windows 10 pro and upgrade/downgrade of the drivers etcI have even purchased another adapter and it gives me the exact same problem.I have read 100's of forums and one thing that strikes me is a whitelist for biosis this item on the whitelist or not - is there something i can do before i get really cross with this laptop.ThanksPaul 

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Having an issue where the Bluetooth driver is not letting the laptop sleep or even shutdown - It powers off briefly then an notification sound is played and the laptop is powered back on. I get the following pop up message upon restart 'This operation is not allowed by the group policy set by your administrator'. I run an admin account and have not set any group policy. 
Many thanksAnton

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Hello again. If it seems like I have a lot of active threads right now, it is because I have ran into sevral unexpected computer problems.

As you know from my other threads, I have a Lenovo Thinkpad W500. And the Lenovo Thinkpad W500 is the computer with the problems mentioned in this thread. My Lenovo Thinkpad W500 is upgraded to it's max 4 GB RAM. It may not seem like a lot, but it is an older model.

Anyways, the computer says it needs an Ethernet cable or antenna or an adapter of some kind (not sure if computer said adapter, just posted it in case).
But... the computer has connected to WiFi without one perfectly fine before! Aren't they called wireless networks?

Also, that same issue I have with the bluetooth on the computer now. This came after the WiFi one. The computer said it needs a bluetooth antenna or bluetooth adapter of some kind (again, not sure about the adapter, just posted it in case). However, bluetooth has worked perfectly fine on the computer without one before!

Now to the CPU/RAM usage issue. I do not use the conputer for any heavy duty tasks, but the CPU/RAM usage shows it.
The CPU/RAM issue started last night. I went into Recuva, did a scan for deleted photos of mine ( I had accidently deleted 700-1000 in a folder a few weeks back) and when the scan finished, I wanted them recovered in a folder on my desktop! On accident I forgot to make a new folder, and they just went straight to my desktop. Then Windows Explorer stopped working while the... Read more

A:WiFi, bluetooth, CPU/RAM usage, and speed problems

Sorry if I used too much bold color in my last post, just wanted bold color for a few words and could not figure out how to get off of the bold color.

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Ubuntu 15.x was working great on my Dell XPS 13. After upgrading to 16.04 it appears the drivers for the Broadcom BCM4352 Wireless Network Adapter are not loaded.
lshw -C network says the network is UNCLAIMED
There are now entries in the modprobe.d blacklisted file for Broadcom.
Any help is appreciated.
p.s. I dual boot to Win10. The network is fine there.

A:Ubuntu 16.04 breaks Wifi on Dell XPS 13 (9343)

Go to software & Updates, enable"Proprietary drivers for devices"
Reload sources, and apt-get upgrade 
It'll grab the latest broadcom drivers and intel microcode, you'll need to disable secure boot if its enabled, reboot, and it should work. 
Did it on my 9343 to 16.04 with kernel 4.4.0-21-generic

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My XPS 13 (L321 model, about three and a half years old) has recently developed an irritating problem whereby when booted up it won't connect to my wifi router (if I try t manually connect it I get a 'cannot connect to this network error). This now happens every time it's powered on, but if I then reboot it, it connects fine without any problems. My work laptop (a Latitude) also has no problems connecting to the router.
Has anyone else come across this issue? I've tried the obvious - downloading the latest driver from both the Dell and the Intel site and trying that, but it's made no difference to the issue.
OS is Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

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My wifi adaptor (Dell Wireless 1560 802.11ac) constantly crashes.
I am diagnosing this with the system log, which is filled with Event BCMWL63A with ID 5002: "Dell Wireless 1560 802.11ac : Has determined that the network adapter is not functioning properly."
Driver information:
provider: Broadcom
date: 2015-07-30

I am running windows 10.

A:Dell XPS 13 (9343) Wifi Adaptor Constantly Crashing

Same problem with XPS Laptop purchased 9/11/2015. Have had intermittent issues right from the start with the 7/30/2015 driver.  Finally ran across these postings.  Just ran the rollback and now have driver dated 5/14/2015 version  For the moment, the laptop is connected. It is a bit ridiculous that these are being shipped with this issue and Dell is silent.  Makes me think twice about purchasing another one...  If I continue to have issues I will post again here.  For now, keeping my fingers crossed.

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I plan to swap out my pre installed 512GB  SSD with a 1TB SSD
 The instaled drive is a LITEON LGH-512V2G-11 M.2 2280 512GB 
Could someone advise if the 9343 supports MVME SSD and recommend a 1TB replacement.
Any advise woud be greatly appreciated.

A:XPS 9343 SSD upgrade

The system supports M.2 SATA only - NO NVMe -- but there are indeed 1T 2280 M.2 drives you can use.

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My XPS 13 9350 suffers from slow wifi.  I have tested other computers right next to mine and they are getting 50/5, while I am getting .8/5.  I have rebooted, disabled the adapter and re-enabled it, checked for up to date drivers.  What can I do to fix this?

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Hi Planning on dual booting Windows 10 Yoga 520 14Ikb (80X800S4UK) and Android X86. Came across a forum discussion that it was'nt working and so many bits do not work (wifi,bluetooth,auto-rotation,keyboard,etc) Any personal experience and could you let me know if it was successful? Any pitfalls at all? ThanksMegan

A:Dual booting android and win10 Yoga 520 - Problems with wifi,bluetooth,etc

Hi! Thank you for writing in. You need to consider the hardware compatibility of a Windows computer to an Android OS. Basic functionality of the wifi, keyboard, bluetooth etc. might not work because of driver incompatibility. Apparently, Lenovo cannot provide drivers that will work both with Windows & Android. -Bobby_Lenovo

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Our company purchased several XPS13 laptops last year, running Windows 7 Pro, along with the WD15 docks.
The laptops are usually connected to the company LAN network through the docks, but then are switched to a WIFI connection when taking the laptop to meetings, then re-docked afterwards.
The problem we're seeing is that, for all except one laptop, we have to use the laptop switch to disable WIFI/Bluetooth (Fn-PrtScr) for the laptops to switch from WIFI to LAN when they're re-docked. For the one laptop, it automatically switches from WIFI to LAN once it's re-docked without any issues.
The process we use for un-docking/re-docking the laptops is below:
Un-docking the laptop:

Unplug LAN cable from dock (lower-right LAN icon changes to WIFI icon) - if the laptop is removed from the dock without unplugging the LAN cable first, the wireless adapter remains disabled in Device Manager. Selecting Enable doesn't work, and sometimes, even a computer restart won't fix this.
Unplug laptop from dock.
For the one laptop, at this point, the WIFI network is detected and connects automatically with no problems.
For the other laptops, since the WIFI/Bluetooth switch is in a disabled state (reason explained below), the lower-right WIFI icon has a red cross on it. This is then enabled using the Fn-PrtScr switch and, all going well, the WIFI network is detected and connects automatically. (There have been times when the wireless adapter needs to be manually enabled i... Read more

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I've been connecting to my home network with no problem until 2 days ago. My home network suddenly disappeared from available networks, and my laptop won't detect it no matter what I try. My laptop sees other wifis at home and can connect, but not that specific network. I'm using my neighbor's wifi right now!!
My phone and other laptops see the home network and connect with no problem,so it's not the modem. I have updated wifi driver, disabled/enabled it, turn it on/off in bios.. didn't work.. No problem with office network during the day, but won't detect the home network..
Please, any suggestions? Need internet at home.

A:XPS13 wont detect a specific wifi network, no problem with others

Open a command prompt with administrative privileges, and type
netsh winsock reset catalog
Reboot the system and try connecting again.

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Hi, I have a  XPS 13 (9343), and few days ago I have upgraded the OS to WIN10 (from WIN8 Pro). Since the update the laptop crush daily (more than once a day) with a blue screen and the following error message: 
system_thread_exception_not_handled (bcmwl63a.sys)
Does anyone experienced the same and have a solution? 
Please, I am desperate... 

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Just wondering if my 8GB laptop supports another module or a replacement for a 16GB one. Thanks for the help!

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Hi I have installed windows 7 64 bit in HP 15 r014txI can't able to get wifi and bluetooth driverskindly help me

A:Wifi and bluetooth drivers for windows 7 64 bit

Hi PVK1989 Ralink 802.11 b/g/n Wireless LAN Adapter Driverhttp://h30639.www3.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp64501-65000/sp64950.exe Bluetooth Raink 4.0http://h30639.www3.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp58501-59000/sp58515.exe

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