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Word 2013 cannot find "documents" folder to save or save as

Q: Word 2013 cannot find "documents" folder to save or save as

I'm running Word 2013. Up till a week or so it worked fine, but now it freezes completely whenever I try to save or save as a document, new or modified, in my C:\Users\Tom\Documents folder, even though it does seem to save or save as correctly if I choose subfolders in ...documents or other separate folders.

I have tried running Word in safe mode. No help.

I have done a complete repair using control panel/programs...no help. It seemed to have uninstalled MS Office 2013 completely and reinstalled it completely, and nothing improved. One minor problem I have with this is that I've lost my product key from the original version, and I can't retrieve it from Dell, where I bought the machine, so I can't activate the reinstalled MS Office 2013! It'll run till next Tuesday, then it'll be dead. My bad, but that's not what's causing me this grief.

I have checked the hard drive with AVG PCTuneup disk doctor and found no errors. I've defragged with that routine also; no help.

I've tried running Word with and without first launching any browser. The problem occurs whether or not I've launched a browser.

To my untrained eye, it seems as if whenever I try to point Word to my normal ...documents folder, to retrieve a doc stored there so I can work on it, or save a new doc there that I've just created, or "save as" a doc I've retrieved from a different folder, Word can't find that spot on my hard drive. But it does seem to have no problems finding and using any other paths I select.

Also, when I first open Word, it displays a list of recent files and their paths. As I said, Word has no trouble using any of the paths it displays other than ....documents. When I click on that, it tries to display the usual list of documents stored there, for me to choose and use, and it freezes completely.

By "freeze completely", I mean that nothing will close Word correctly. Nothing. No X in the corner of the screen; no file/close; nothing. All I get is the error screen from Word saying it is having trouble and I have to wait for it to try to close before it finally shuts itself down, or I have to use Ctrl-Alt-Del and start the whole machine all over again.

I updated Windows a few weeks ago to the April 2017 Creator version, and I created a system restore point just before I did that. I have not tried restoring to that point yet. I'd like advice, please, on whether I should try that.

The only thing I can think of that has changed since I did that that might be causing problems is whatever routine Windows updates that have been installed in the past two or three weeks. I have not tried uninstalling any of them.

I have not had any virus problems with Windows defender or Malwarebytes. The problems with Word all have occurred since I've done anything with either of those programs and neither of them has been an issue for me.

I did pay for and download MS Office 2016, but I haven't installed it yet, because I'm not certain Word is the problem. I still don't know for sure if the problem is Word or Windows.

I would like advice please on what to try next. Claymore mines come to mind! Or slitting my wrists! My wife needs Word and I'm having a lot of trouble living peacefully until I can fix it! Just kidding...mostly.

Here is my sysinfo output:

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-4160 CPU @ 3.60GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 60 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 8108 Mb
Graphics Card: Glance Speed Boost
Hard Drives: C: 921 GB (807 GB Free); D: 931 GB (674 GB Free);
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 088DT1
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Enabled and Updated

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Preferred Solution: Word 2013 cannot find "documents" folder to save or save as

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)



When our website users click on an html attachment embedded on a web-page in IE9, the download manager will not display the "Open" option. It will only display "Save" and "Cancel" which our users don't like, having to save the
html document in a folder to open it. Whereas, when downloading attachments like pdf, word etc. all three options are displayed. 

Is there any setting to tweak , which will display all the 3 options for HTML attachments as well?

A:IE9 download manager will not display "Open" option (only "Save" and "Cancel" is displayed) for downloading HTML documents.

As you know, the Open-Save-Cancel dialog box helps you prevent your computer from affecting by virus while downloading. 
So I suggest you test to reset all zones to a lower level temporarily and then please attempt to download this html attachment again.

However, since you can normally download the other documents, I suspect there is some restriction in the website which you are trying to view. I recommend you to contact the administrator of that website if possible.
could you please send me the link of the website from where you are trying to download the html attachment?

are trying to better understand customer views on social support experience, so your participation in this
interview project would be greatly appreciated if you have time.
Thanks for helping make community forums a great place.

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Just this really. And then I have to go to task manager and close it down and open it again but I can't get any work done as I can't save anything. I just installed the windows 8.1 patch two days ago. Any ideas anyone?

A:Word stops working when I press "save" or "save as"

Hey tra,

Go into control panel's uninstall programs section, find office, and select 'change'. Click repair, restart, and let me know if that helps.

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Hi there, I have a problem and any kind of suggestions or help would be very much appreciated...

I can't not save to Documents folder :( It doesn't matter if I'm on a internet browser and want to download a file, or i'm in Paint trying to save a drawing xD when It asks me to browse a location of where to save... I can go anywhere... "Downloads" folder, "Favorite" folder or any obscure folders I may create BUT whenever I browse the location to save as to the "Documents" folder
(my user name/Documents) It freezes up into the loading orb, and no matter how long I wait nothing happens...

So now I can no longer save to that document... However, when I'm using my window explorer I can access that folder without any problems and access files I have in it...

Thank you so much for any suggestions or solutions, I am very frustrated and it means a lot.

A:Can't not save to "Documents" Folder

The target might be wrong. Go to Start your account name (Username) locate the Documents folder right click on it and see where the target for the folder is. Post it here.

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cannot "save as" on XP Pro OS to network share drive on server running WIN98 on peer to peer. Gets error message that "cannot save to directory, does not exist,
>or do not have password, etc."
>Problems is with pc running XP OS only.
but able to "save as" to another folder...

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I have been working on this issue for quite some time, please help.

This computer has multiple profiles on it. This problem only seems to happen on 1 profile, not sure if that profile may be corrupt..

Troubleshooting I've done..
Quick repair
Online repair
Completely uninstalled, rebooted, and installed Office 2013 32 bit
Ran sfc/ scannow and rebooted

Non of those have worked. Any input is greatly appreciated!!


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Whenever I try to save any document in any Office 2013 program, nothing happens. When I press File>Save as F12, or ctrl+s, (on a new document) nothing happens. Any normal way to save a file, even saving customizations, does nothing. I just get the "working" mouse for a half a second. Nothing opens, but I can still work in the document (so I know it didn't just come up in the background). Has anyone else had this problem? Is there any way to fix it?

Relevant: I have Office 2003 installed. I've heard that causes problems. I'd be willing to uninstall them both and reinstall in the recommended order, but I'd lose my customizations. I can't save my customizations, because that requires the save as dialog.

A:Office 2013 won't open "save as" dialog.

Does this problem occur with both version of Office or only with Office 2013. Also are you having any problems with any other programs on your computer.

You could try repairing Office 2013. To do that open Control Panel, select Programs & Features, scroll down to Microsoft Office 2013, right click on it & select Change & this will show a couple of Repair options for you to try.

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When I select "save as" for any document, I am taken to an incorrect folder. I have the save folder set correctly in Excel and Word for instance, but the "save as" command suggests a completely different folder.

Any Ideas?


A:Incorrect "Save As" location proposed for documents

I find that whenever I use the "save as" function in any program, it defaults to the last "saved as" folder used in ANY program.

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Until today my computer, running Windows XP Home Edition, had two user accounts; one for my mother (titled "Nancy Loury") and one for me (titled "Kev"). However I found myself simply using my mothers more often and saw having two accounts when both of us really only use one as redundant. So I decided to delete the Kev user account. The account had all of my very important files in it under My Documents. When I went to delete the account, it of course asked me if I wanted to save the contents of the My Documents folder for the Kev account under a folder labeled "Kev" on the Nancy Loury user's desktop. I of course did want to save them, so I clicked "Save Files", the account was deleted, and on the desktop is the file labeled "Kev" which, according to the system, should hold all the contents of the My Documents from the Kev account. I clicked on the folder and to my horror I found that it was completely empty; the system had not saved a single one of the files in My Documents like I had asked it too and like it said it would do. Nothing is there.

I've no idea why this happened, all I know is I'm extremely upset about this. What do I do to recover the files from the now deleted My Documents?

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We are suddenly experiencing weird delays when we use the "receive" function in Outlook to download mail from our e-mail service provider. The mail leaves the service provider server immediately, but does not show up in the Outlook inbox for hours or even a day or two. It is just some of the mail; meanwhile, other mail comes through like normal. And the mail that is not coming through is from people who are on our approved senders list and with whom we've been exchanging mail regularly in the past.

Similarly, there is a shorter delay when using the "save-as" feature in Word. Before, the file showed up immediately in the directory it was being saved in. Now, there is a lag of a few minutes.

We are using Office 2007, and do not have an Exchange server. The mail comes directly into the desktop computer from the e-mail service provider. We tried running Office Diagnostics, but all it did was suggest we download any Office updates and apply them, which we did. It had no effect on the problems.

We have a hardware firewall (Linksys) and have the Windows software firewall disabled. Everything was working fine until a couple of weeks ago. And the percentage of messages that are being delayed is escalating.

Any idea what is causing this, and how to fix it?


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I run a volunteer group and have been donated a number of XP-based PCs with Office 2007 suite. The machines have had little use and are all in good condition. I would like to configure the "save as" function in WORD and PowerPoint so that users can only save any file they have created to an external USB drive (thus preventing files being saved to the hard drives).
If this is not possible can Windows XP be configured so that any file saved to hard drive is deleted as soon as machine is switched off? This would certainly focus user's minds in the future!
Thank you for any help on this.

A:Solved: modify word 2007 to force "save to USB only"

To do the clean up at reboot one needs to get a third party program such as "DeepFreeze".
See http://www.faronics.com/products/deep-freeze/enterprise/

Most any program can NOT be set as default that a USB device to be set as the place for saving files.
What would you expect to happen if such a device was not found by the program.

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Microsoft Word 2003 on my Sony Vaio laptop doesn't have a Save As function, either in the File menu or as shortcut Alt+F A. It's not even there as a disabled/greyed out option - the options under File go straight from Save to Save as a webpage. Any ideas what could have happened "Save As" or how to restore it?

A:Microsoft Word 2003 doesn't have "Save As" function

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I'm trying to save a new version in a file with Excel 2007. In 2003 this was an option but I can't find it in the help contents. Was this feature omitted in 2007?


A:Excel 2007 - can't find "save version"

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Hi Tech Support Guys,

I did a really dumb thing. After 10 hours of transcribing a huge document in Word 2003, I also had this other document open at the same time for reference, and then I accidently saved that other file over top of my transcription file name.

I know, stupid, stupid, stupid.

Now I have lost my original transcript. I do have autosave working every 10 minutes, but I never activated Word's backup feature.

Am I really as scr*wed as I think I am?

Thanks a bunch!


A:Solved: Undo "save as" in Word 2003

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I first noticed that these weird tmp. files were showing up like ~wrl3071.tmp the numbers in the file name varied. Next, when I "save as" a word doc, the file saves another copy with the first to characters of the filename being ~$ and another copy of the original will show up the the ~$ in place of the 2 first characters in the filename. If you try to open the ~$ file, a word file conversion text box opens and ask if you to select the code you want to convert from.. Japenese. I am a PC retard and luckily don't have many problems. I have ran Mcafee and Ad-aware and nothing seems to be a problem. Any ideas? Thanks

A:word docs "save as" filename ~$xxxx

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Trying to reinstall Office 97 on a laptop where it is presently installed. Error message says "dos and windows programs cannot be installed on this computer". Separate problem; on this same computer, when saving Word documents, only the first letter of any file name is shown in the my document file

A:Office/Word 97 installation and "save" problems

What make and model laptop? What operating system is running on it? It sounds suspiciouly like a message you might get trying to install a Windows or DOS program on an Apple notebook (laptop).

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Thanks to several forum posts on these boards, I've been able to create a "Before Save" macro in word that enables me to run a macro when the user presses the save button.

In Module1 of the file

Dim X As New Class1
Public Sub Register_Event_Handler()
Set X.App = Word.Application
End Sub
In Class1 class modules of the file


Public WithEvents App As Word.Application

Private Sub App_DocumentBeforeSave(ByVal Doc As Document, SaveAsUI As Boolean, Cancel As Boolean)


End Sub

The macro I call basically saves the file in its location, but also in other locations (as an html file on a webserver, and as a docx file on a separate drive).

This works perfectly.

However, when an autosave occurs every 10 minutes, the user gets this error message "saving the autorecovery file is postponed for ~WRA0000."

Is there a way to modify the VBA code so that it doesn't run on Autorecovery saves, or any solution that would prevent this error message from appearing?

I'm using Windows Vista pro with Word 2007.


A:"Before Save" Macro in word causes Autorecovery errors


I'm not sure if this will work, but it's worth a shot.
Public WithEvents App As Word.Application

Private Sub App_DocumentBeforeSave(ByVal Doc As Document, SaveAsUI As Boolean, Cancel As Boolean)
End Sub


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I've got Windows XP Pro, running Office 2003. When I right click on a Word file, and go to "Save As", it will only give me the options to save the new file as a Word 2007, or a Word 2007 Macro-enabled Document (.docm)

How do I change this, as no one in my company uses Office 2007 yet? I know I can open the document and save it as a .doc file from there, but just thought I'd try to find a way to simplify the process. Thanks in advance!!

A:Office 2003 Word "Save As..." Options

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I have Googled till I'm blue in the face. Looked at a thread here and changed registry settings but still cannot seem to change the default save as folder in Outlook 2007 on an XP system.

I want to change the default "My Documents" folder to an external hard drive. How can this be done?

Thank you.

A:Solved: Changing default "save as" folder in Outlook 2007

This article from Microsoft might help:

Good luck!

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For all my Microsoft Office products (Office 2010), when I go to initially save or open a file, the default location is the Documents folder. I rarely use this opting instead for a specific folder on my dedicated Data drive (in this case my E drive). Is there any way to change the default location? Note: I am NOT asking to move the documents folder to a different location. I am interested in using a different location altogether. Is this possible? I am using W7

Thanks for you help again,

A:Solved: Changing folder in which "Open/Save File" lands

Go to File, then Options, then click the "Save" button, and change the "Default File Location" option. You may have to do this for Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc... separately though.

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urgent!!! when i "save as" images from internet to me desktop or any folder they are saves in png format, i have no use for that format, so please ti hink it is something adobe photoshop set up as automatic, but i dont know how to change that config or if it is something else.. please help.

A:my images turn into png format when "save as" to desktop or any folder

I haven't heard of them changing to ".png" -- but I have heard of them being changed to .bmp when the Internet Explorer cache is full.

Try clearing the cache in Internet Options.


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I'm getting the same error message in Word 2007 that I've seen a lot of your users write about. I either write a new document in Word 2007 or edit one from either 2003 or 2007. I can save the document with no problems for 5 or 6 times, sometimes getting all the way out of Word. On the 7th save, I get the following error message: "WORD CANNOT COMPLETE THE SAVE DUE TO A FILE PERMISSON ERROR." Then it lists the drive, folder, and exact file name in parentheses. When I click on OK in that message box, I sometimes get a subsequent error message that reads: "Check the drive to make sure the door is closed and it contains the correct disk or CD." Then I click on OK, and Word not only DOES NOT SAVE my document, but it also DELETES the earlier version from the drive where I've saved it. I don't know if it's important, but the drive on which I save everything I want to keep is a flash drive. My husband just told me, "Save the document to your hard drive. If it works, this indicates that you may have a bad flash drive." I tried that, and the document did save to my hard drive. I really don't believe, however, that the flash drives are the problem: yesterday (March 1, 2009) was the first day I have ever had this kind of problem, and I've been using Office/Word 2007 for a couple of months now. Also, the program did the same thing to my "copy" flash drive. (I have two back-up flash drives - - one an original, one a ... Read more

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I use microsoft word on a mac. Whenever i click "save as" the box that opens up seems to be too big and the "save" and "cancel" buttons are out of sight, below the screen. I can remedy this by clicking the "^" button and then dropping it down again but it's annoying. Any remedies?

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I am using Office XP and am having issues with Word and Excel freezing and quiting whenever I try to save a Doc. Using the "save as" feature the box appears , I then go to the Save in: drop down box ad click the downward arrow. Word ( and excel) freeze up , then quit and offer to send an error message to Microsoft ( big help). Any help would be great ! thanks

A:"save as " issues in MS Word/Excel

Does it perform an illegal exception? Any error details when the program freezes up/crashes?

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Hi All:
For over a year now I have had problems trying to save files in a different place to that suggested by Vista e.g. Vista might suggest saving a file to C:\User\Documents\ (say) but I want to save it to D:\Subject\File name. As soon as I enter the new location Word promptly crashes. (It will save to the original suggested location with no problem).
I thought that this was an MS Office 2003 problem and uninstalled MS Office and installed "Open Office" instead. However, exactly the same problem occurs, so it would seem to be down to Vista (Basic).

Anyone seen this one before?

I am using an Acer 5051 laptop, 2GHz uP, 2GB RAM, 60GB HDD, VISTA Basic OS.

All and any help appreciated.

A:Vista/MS Word crashes when trying to "Save as.."


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I'm running Office 2003 in Windows 10 (upgraded from Windows 7) with no visible issues.

Except that when I want to save a Word document using "Save As" it prompts me for all sorts of unsuitable locations...My Music, My Pictures, My Videos, and some random programs which somehow landed up in the "Documents" folder. None of the shortcuts I'd like to see there (and which are in the folder, because I put them there!) show up. What to do?

A:Office Word 2003 "Save As"

What do you have defined for where documents should be saved under Tools->Options->File Locations?

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I have Windows XP Home with Service Pack 2 installed. The processor is a Pentium 4 3ghz. I have 13gb free on the drive and have 1024mb memory installed. The problem is when I try to save a document in Microsoft Office nothing happens. The hourglass comes up and freezes. I have uninstalled my Office Pro 2000 and reinstalled but still have the same problem. The save and save as features still work with the PowerPoint.

A:MS Word "Save"Doesn't Work

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I'm running 7 home premium.
When I open Windows Explorer or the Save As window, the Documents library or the C: drive or the external drive I JUST had open, is now closed.

It would save me a lot of time and clicking if there were a way to keep it open to the last state it was in.


A:any way to keep "Save as" folder tree open?

need more info
check your drivers
try reinstalling the external drive

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i want to add custom folder and location to the "Save As..." windows, is there any way to do it?
i've added a screeen shot to show what i mean.
i want to add folder to red marked area.


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Why is it that when there are a number of same size, same type, same extension files on the same page I want to save to a single folder each "save as" I perform prompts me with a different location instead of remembering the last folder saved to? This is my experience when using Firefox.

On the other hand, while using IE (limited experience) it seems to remember the last saved-to location as long as it's within the same browser session AND same tab. If an image is opened in a new tab (or session) it automatically switches the save-to to the default "Pictures" folder.

I'm assuming since both browsers now act differently than they did with previous OS's (XP and lesser) it must be something inherent in Win7's architecture. Is there any way of changing this annoying behavior without resorting to 3rd party download managers?

Searching this question I was only able to locate a couple Microsoft threads with frustrated and, as yet, unsatisfied users.

A:"Save as" default (most recent) folder always changes

Firefox remembers per site where files were stored, and should save files to that same location by default. If you download a file from http://xyz.com then the next time you download from that site, it should remember where the last file downloaded from that site was saved.

Make sure you don't have FF set to not remember history

Tools> Options> Privacy> History

It should be set to Remember History if you want FF to remember last d/l location.

If you don't want FF to remember history, you might try to add an about:config setting to restore that behavior

Firefox Save Image As Save Per Site Annoyance

In your case, you would want FF to remember per site (true (default) - The last used directory for the website (host) serving the file for download will be preselected in the file picker. If no download directory for the current website has been stored, browser.download.lastDir will be used.)

You could also create a new profile and see if the behavior exists there (assuming you do have Remember History already selected)


A Guy

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I'm using IE 10.
I'd like to disable the prompt "Open, Save or Save as". Each time I tried to any document (ex. DOC or PDF file), IE will popup the follow prompt: "What do you want to do with ..." 
I saw there are some similar threads, but they are particular for SharePoint. 
Thank you!

A:How to disable "Open, Save and Save As" prompt

Each time I tried to any document (ex. DOC or PDF file), IE will popup the follow prompt: "What do you want to do with ..." 

You might be able to add Open with... to a right-click menu.   But that will probably only help for files which are local, e.g. don't need to be downloaded.  I think the reason for the prompt is essentially to help route the download and notify
users of the fact that if they just try to open it they will be opening a temporary file.  E.g. it typically always goes into the TIF first.  You could probably confirm and refine these ideas using ProcMon, e.g. looking for tests of registry
values and writes of files.
For example, I just did a BING search for  filetype:doc, did a right-click Open (as one of the other thread's responders had suggested) and still see the above prompt, because the file has not been downloaded yet.  That's IE's job so that's how
it does it, with a prompt.  But then since there is a filetype association for the .doc extension when I choose Open no more intervention is required (although as the prompt notes "The file won't be saved automatically." so if a user tries to update it,
e.g. a Word document or a spreadsheet, anything they do would only be preserved if they did a File Save As... or whatever those applications provide for that use case.)
In fact, that warning is probably the main reason for the prompt when such an explicit Open command... Read more

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Are there features on IE8 that allow faster downloading of pictures from web site?

On Opera I can right-click a picture, click "save to download folder" and it downloads the picture immediately, without displaying the "save as" dialog. It also always gives it a unique name without asking me if I want to overwrite.

The Opera method is MUCH faster when saving lots of pictures.

Is there such a feature on IE8?

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I don't know if I accidently changed a setting or what, but I no longer have the "save as" option in the pull down menu of Word.

this is a real nuisance and is driving me nuts.

I've looked at all my options and settings and I don't see what the problem is - anyone have any insights, or suggestions?

thank you

A:no "save as" option in Word - XP

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I use MS Word 2002. When I save a word document, by default it saves it in My Documents. I want to change this default to Desktop. How can I do this? Thanks

A:MS Word "Save-In" Default

I have a different version of Word, but it should be similar.

Go to Tools>Options. There a window with a number of tabs should be displayed. One of the tabs should be labeled "File Locations". Click that tab, and you will see where your documents are stored by default. You should be able to change it there.

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Frequently when using Word2003 and try to save files w/ "save" or "save as" causes XP to reboot immediately. Does not happen every time but can happen several times a day and sometimes only after several days of operation. When reboots get message that system has recovered from a serious fault. Report to MS. MS Online Crash Analysis reports that a device driver has caused the problem but cannot determine the precise cause. So far have reloaded the video drivers with the latest update.

System info:
Dell Dimension 933r. 512 MB RAM. 20 GB HD. >5 GB avail. Initially had WinME but HD has since been reformated and reloaded w/ WinXP home from scratch. Office 2003 recently installed. Device Manager reports no problems w/ hardware. No blue screens, no error messages, etc. Running Norton Systemworks 2004. No new hardware except ram but when running ME additional ram did not cause any problems.

Any suggestions?


A:Word2003 "save" or "save as" causes reboot in XP

Hi, and welcome to tsg

does it do it when its saving to the disk just on the file command - you may have a disk or memory error

in the event viewer do you see anything which mayhelp
control panel> admin tools>event viewer

otherwise it may be worth unclicking the reboot on error

control panel > system>advanced >startuo and recover > box for reboot - and then repost the full error message
but first post the event logs info

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I've seen numerous stuff on this online and most tell you to empty your temp internet files (done...folder's empty) and make sure the "Do not save encrypted pages to disk" option is unchecked in the "Advanced" section.

Both are done. My Temp Internet Files cache is set to 250MB, so I know it's neither full nor too small.

All was working fine until recently and I can't really think of much that could have caused the problem. Would any of the protections in SpyBot S&D cause this? Suggestions?

I found that trying to reinstall IE is like pulling teeth.

No problems with any other graphics programs or Netscape, so the issue is limited to IE.

A:"Save As" in IE only allows me to save as a BMP, "untitled" file.

First of all :wave:Welcome to TechSpot:wave:

Secondly the search feature is your friend...


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Somehow my "Shared Documents" Folder got renamed to "Documents" when setting up my wireless network. Now when I am unable to install some software because that file name is missing.
I am not able to rename the "Documents" folder because I get the error that it is a system folder and cannot be renamed. Please help.

A:Unable To Rename "Documents" Folder To Original Name "Shared Documents"

You can change the share name over the network. My machine does the same thing.

When you click 'Share this Folder over the network' you are given the option to name the share. It will warn you that if it is over 12 chars, then older machines on the network may not be able to see it etc etc. Ok this and then check that the shared documents folder appears as such on the machine you wish to access with.

Bear in mind you folder will be showing in your 'Network Folders' as 'Documents on {computername} ({computername}). Can you not just point to this folder on the second machine instead?


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XP Home (installed SP2 recently, which MIGHT have something to do with this?).

Just saved two word docs and a bmp file, all separately. All three times I saw that a new location has been added to the Save As drop-down menu. It didn't open to My Documents folder but was in the general folder list of the whole computer. The location was called "FTP File Locations." It's never appeared on the Save As menu before. This made me think of the file/print sharing control, which is now located in the Windows Firewall, but I don't use that Firewall, I turned it off to use Norton. What was FTP Locations? And is there any way to disable file/print sharing without using the Windows Firewall? (These may be the same thing, I don't know.) Also, in Network Connections, I thought I'd find file/print sharing control there, but now XP wants me to run a whole Network Wizard thing..I'm afraid I'll somehow set up a network instead! or enable all kinds of things..I don't want to create a disaster here.

(My son installed an FTP program months ago for work he was doing, but the program was removed. I just searched for it, it's definitely gone.)

This is a stand-alone, non-networked home computer.

P.S. I saved another Word doc and now it's back to opening to My Documents folder as usual..now I can't find the FTP Locations anywhere.

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Hi every one,
I have Intel "DG31" and "core 2 do"
Program hangs, when i try to open or save as a file In "excel-2003" and "corel draw9" and "WILCOM Es9"
and in task manager it shows ?not responding?
But when i try to open it by clicking on the file using windows explorer it works quite well.
Earlier i used same programes on the "865glc" and "2.4" there was no problem,
I have also tried many Intel computers to trace the problem
i found the problem on every computer that was build on the motherboard later then Intel 865
Now what to do?
Mohammad Imran

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Hello everyone
Recently, I'm playing Anno 1404 (also called Dawn of Discovery) in my Vista Home Basic 32bit finely until I saw the problem with the "save/load" problem. First, it saves "systematically" but, the save is corrupted to a 5kb file. Second, the game can't load the 'properlly saved' save file, and also the corrupted one also.

Few of the players had the similar problem, and someone said that making another user account works, and I tried and really worked for me. Yes, I can play this way, but all of my files and infos are saved in the Administrator account, and I don't want to switch users just to play that game

Recently I found a useful MS program, which is runas, and found how to run as another account. It asks for the account pw, and everythis was fine, but it doesn't run my game
It just closes the cmd and nothing happens. What could be this problem?
I hope Ubi gives out this fixing patch fast

A:Anno 1404 "save/load" problem and using "runas.exe"

Figured it out with Runasspc program (which also saves the password! )

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In any application under Win XP, when I use a Save As or Open dialog box, and click the down arrow next to the location box to search for the folder I want, the application never responds. Usually, I have to click the arrow a couple of times and then it sort of wakes up and responds, or the application crashes (the title bar of the dialog box will say "Not Responding".

Often, in the case of the Save As dialog, it won't say Save As in the upper left corner, only an "S" will appear there.

Seems like a memory issue or else something corrupt in the system. Before I shell out $35 to MS to have them fix something that shouldn't be broken, can anyone help???

A:Sluggish/nonresponsive "Save-As" and "Open" dialog boxes

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I just got a new Hewlett Packard computer with Windows XP. The CD drive is a combo CD reader, writer and DVD. The main reason I need it is to backup my many documents, database programs (RootsMagic family history, Quicken, etc.), photographs and drawings. The pre-installed burning program on the computer is Adaptec's (I think) Sonic RecordNow!, which is useless for my needs because of the way it works. The HP tech suggested I download DLA to enable me to use "drag & drop" through Windows Explorer, but I haven't had much luck with that, either. What I need is to be able to use a CD-RW as a giant floppy - to add, delete, copy, edit and move files, just as I do on my regular floppies, using "drag & drop" through Windows Explorer, or "save as...". What software do I need for this? Please use "baby-talk" with me, because I don't understand any of the initials, terms and technical language I see all over these forums. Thanks, Dellasha

A:Data backup and storage to CD-RW's using "Drag & Drop" or "Save as..."

The most versatile program for that is "Nero"
The latest version Nero6 Reloaded is a bit bloated, maybe the NeroMIX will do better for you. Read the specs here: www.nero.com

The part that interests you specifically is InCD.

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Hi all
Previously the  "Save Picture"  box would put a web generated title in the box and automatically selected JPEG.  Now the title box reads "untitled" and the only file options offered are "png" & "bmp" 

Please note that a similar post has appeared, but the solution did not match the fault.  I'm seeking to restore the automatic response to save picture, that might have been upset by antivirus clean-up programme.

Thank youin advance for considering my problem

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I think something i installed had virus. Chrome, Explorer, Firefox, Microsoft word 2007, Memo and everything except pictures is not opening. Instead a file opens saying,"Do you want to open and save file?" Clicking everything does not work. everything
except pictures is shown by a internet explorer sign. I have another account on this computer but it works fine. I searched this on bing on Hp dock. Please help.

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I think something i installed had virus. Chrome, Explorer, Firefox, Microsoft word 2007, Memo and everything except pictures is not opening. Instead a file opens saying,"Do you want to open and save file?" Clicking everything does not work. everything
except pictures is shown by a internet explorer sign. I have another account on this computer but it works fine. I searched this on bing on Hp dock. Please help.

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I would like to know how to include a folder in the "Find/Save in" column that appears on the left side of the screen when I open or save a file.


A:"Save in"/"Find in"

The left hand pane in the dialogue boxes that appear when "saving" a file cannot (to my knowledge) be customised. However, in office "open or save as" this pane when choosing to "open" a file, bringing up the "Look In" dialogue box can.
The pane is known as the Places Bar.
this article gives a good explanation about adding your own folder or "place".


Scroll down to "Customizing Common Dialog Boxes"
Hope this is what you mean ;)

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