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Removing a computer from a domain

Q: Removing a computer from a domain

I recently purchased an Office 365 for home use and have been having issues installing it.
I have asked assistance from the microsft support team who have encountered the same problems until they found out that my laptop was connected to a domain.
This was my work laptop when I was in the Philippines and bought it from the Company when I left and brought it in USA when I migrated.
The last technical support guy who helped me referred me to the commercial support unit and the agent I spoke to asked me to join this forum to get help.

Please help as I have purchased this application more than a week ago and I am still unable to activate it

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Preferred Solution: Removing a computer from a domain

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Okay, so I have this computer at school, and my teacher wants me to figure out a way to make it a stand-alone computer, so its not connected to the network. How do I erase the domain so it operates as if it were a home computer?

A:Removing a domain from a computer.

Put it in a workgroup. Or you can just log in with a local account and not change anything. You'll need to know a local account's login info (username and password) before using either of these options. Domain login accounts don't work locally or after a computer has been removed from a domain.

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does anyone know how to remove a windows xp machine from a windows 2000 domain, using commmand prompt. the reason i asked because i cannot log into the domain or logon locally on the machine ! ! ! !

thanks ! !

A:removing computer from domain ! ! !

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I had a domain on my computer that was restricting me from changing passwords etc on my computer. I removed my computer from the domain but now i have seemed to have lost all the data that was on my computer, inc music and important documents.

Can anyone help me recover these? Thanks


A:Data gone when removing computer from a domain

Is there anything in the account folder in C:\Users\<account>\? If not, then it's probably gone. When you take a computer out of a domain, the domain account ceases to exist.

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I have removed a computer from a domain, then the computer restarted automatically.
Now I cannot log back in, I don't know any user x password combinations that work. Original user of the computer was someone who left the company earlier. How should I get back access to the computer? It's a Lenovo Thinkpad E550 with Windows 7 professional.
Thank you

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We have removed a computer from the domain because of some network issues.
When we logged in to the computer as a local administrator we've noticed that the user folder of the domain user who was previously logged to that computer was almost empty(except for the appdata folder).
When we joined the pc back in the domain the computer made a new profile.
Unfortunaly the user did save some documents on his dekstop in the old profile.
Is there a possibilty to recover the documents.

The computer runs Windows 7 64 bit.

The old profile is not listed in the profile list in the system properties and also not visible as a profile in the register.

A:Corrupt user profile when removing and adding computer to domain

It's not a roaming profile and the hidden files are shown (also the protected operating files ares shown)
I only see the appdata folder

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Hi everyone!
Noticed, that if I try to access a shared folder located on domain computer from non-domain computer, typing \ \ computername\sharename, pop-up authentication window appears after some time (30-80 sec). But, if I type \\computername  without pointing
sharename, pop-up authentication window appears instantly.
If I run created shortcut for this share - pop-up authentication window appears instantly.
I can easily reproduce this problem, it appeared on all machines I was testing.

Can it be fixed somehow? In my scenario, I can not use net use cmd.

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I've got a machine running Windows 7 logged on the network domain but when I try to map a share to a machine on the network, but not registered on the domain I cannot connect (even though I have a local account on the networked machine).When attempting to connect Windows 7 prompts me for my connection credentials and it automatically fills in the domain name.  How can I connect to this network share using credentials that are local to that network share?

A:Logging in to Non-Domain Network Share from computer on Domain

When you say local credentials I assume you mean local on the "TestServer", not local on the Windows 7 box. Then you should be able to just type in TestServer\LocalAccount and the password (the domain you see should automatically switch to "TestServer")Also; have you tried mapping the drive using the IP address (i.e. \\xx.xx.xx.xx\TestShare)?

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Can I access a network share on the domain with a non-domain computer? I would connect the computer directly to the corporate network. 
For what reasons could this be blocked (firewall? policy? settings on server-side?) and what configuration is needed to make sure it is possible to access a network share with a non-domain computer?
Thanks already for your help!

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this is my first time here, i've searched everywhere and cannot seem to find any kind of answers!

my laptop was set up for school access with their domain. i no longer attend that school so i don't need to log on to the domain any more and want to delete it and enable the welcome screen and fast user switching.

i removed the computer from the domain but cannot figure out how to delete the actual domain. when i tried to enable the welcome screen i got this error:

a recently installed program has disabled the welcome screen and fast user switching. to restore these features, you must uninstall the program. the following file name might help you identify the program that made the change: C:\WINDOWS\system32\BCMLogon.dll

i don't understand what program it implies or how to handle it.

A:removing domain from windows xp

Did you disjoin from the domain? Right click on my computer>properties>computer name> click on change and see if it's a member of a domain or workgroup. To disjoin from the domain you need the administrator password from the domain administrator.

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i have made the worst mistake
i supported my friend to create a domain and then i used my machine for testing to join the domain
i have left but its very far i dont want to get back to that network just to remove tha machine from the domain
so how can i remove the machine from the domain i nolonger have access to?

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I work for a small non-profit and I am going to be removing 2 old PC's (Windows XP) from our domain and adding 2 newer PC's (Windows XP) to replace the older ones. I want to give the newer PC's the same computer names (i.e. ws07 and ws10) that were assigned to the older PC's. Is it best to first delete the old computers from the domain through Active Directory (Windows Server 2003 SBS) and then add the newer computers with the same ws # as the older ones? Is this best practice?

Thank you.

A:Removing/Adding WS to Domain

I think you would be better of just removing the old computers from the domain first before rejoining them. For just two computers it really isn't that much work.


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I have replaced a Windows NT 4.0 Domain server with a Windows 2000 Professional box to at as a server ( No need to use a domain server in this application ) I want to find the easiest way to remove workstation from the domain without looseing installed Application, Files, Emails/Addresses ETC...
Coping profiles can take forever in some cases....

Any Thoughts or Ideas

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i was given a computer xp pro (sp3) that was part of a domain. i do not have access to the domain but i have the administrator password so i'm able to login to the computer. i made the mistake of removing a previous computer without the password.

i think i need to add an user with administrator privileges before changing to my workgroup at home? if so, that would be
1. My computer/manage
2. Local users and groups
3. add a user
4. make that user a member of Administrators

then when i change from the domain to a workgroup i'll be able to login? anything else i need to do?

A:removing from domain; have admin password

If any computer policies were applied, you'll be stuck with those regardless of what account you use. It's always best to do a clean install in this kind of situation. Otherwise you'll likely be fighting with one problem after another.

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hello, this is my first post.
We have just been sent a free computer for our office. A win7 HP 32bit.
We can login locally i think to a local user KB_SUF/User (where KB_SUF is the name of the computer)
however whenever the UAC comes up when installing anything, we cannot proceed because it keeps saying
"There are currently no logon servers available to service the logon request"
The thing is they sent us the computer without removing it from the domain
Now I cant install the programs i need to work and it doesnt seem like theres a local admin on this computer.
I tried removing this computer from the domain but it requires going through UAC.
Is there any way to make this computer a Local only PC?

The company that sent us the computer is in another country and they say they can send someone over in 6 months which is longer than i can wait.

A:Removing Win7 from non-existant Domain

Welcome to the forum.

Did they send any DVDs with it or any way that you could take it back to factory settings then start again ?

I don't know enough about Domains to be able to help but was just throwing out an idea, I don't know whether it would work or not.

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How do you remove a workgroup from within a domain? I logged onto our network using my laptop but forgot to change the laptop's workgroup to the same name as the domain so now when I go Network Neighborhood, Entire Network, Microsoft Windows Network I see my domain and then the workgroup that my laptop created. Any help would be great.

A:{Solved} - Removing a Workgroup from a Domain

Change the workgroup on your laptop to the domain you want by right clicking on net neighborhood and going to properties.

If you have NT on your laptop you have to have a computer account in the domain though before you can log on.

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Greetings all,

I was working on a co-worker's computer at her house yesterday when I noticed she was still logging into a domain. This confused me because this computer was originally at a workstation at her previous company.. But now she was connected via Comcast. Somehow it still worked (beyond my knowledge). She wanted to share her printer across the network so I simply removed the domain and changed it to a WORKGROUP.

Upon restarting, her login no longer worked. I logged in as Administrator and took a look through all the Documents and Settings Folders and couldn't find any of the files she had saved to her desktop. I also did a search of the C: Drive to no avail.

Are her files forever lost? Or am I missing something here?
Seems to me the domain wouldn't work once she was off the "metropolitan" network. I know it's impossible that all this data was being stored on a network drive, since that network no longer existed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,

Best Regards,
- revile

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Vista ultimate 64 bit - Windows 2003 mixed mode domain. No Windows 2000 DC's but a few Windows 2000 servers. Nothing older than Win2K servers and Windows XP in the domain.

I am having a problem keeping my machine in the domain. I join the domain from the workstation, I get a successful Welcome to the domain - you must reboot prompt. I reboot and verify the computer account is now in the domain. The machine reboots and comes up to the ctrl-alt-del. I log in and there are no errors anywhere, within 30 seconds the computer automatically reboots and the next time it comes up it is no longer in the domain; the computer account however is still in the domain. I have tried this multiple times and it doesn't matter if i log in or not, within 30 seconds of the reboot the computer reboots and removes itself from the domain.

I have tried this multiple times and same symptoms. It doesn't matter if the computer account is in the domain previously or not.

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After removing one DC SERVER02 from my Windows 2003 SBS network the clients are now all bringing up the following message in the event log and the drive mappings are no longer working, even though there is a second DC SERVER01 still on the network.

Event ID: 1054
Source: Userenv
Type: Error
Windows cannot obtain the domain controller name for your computer network. (The specified domain either does not exist or could not be contacted). Group Policy processing aborted.

Both servers are meant to have the same role as a DC so that if one server goes down then the other server will take over. Any ideas?

A:Event id 1054 after removing one Domain Controller.

SBS can be the only domain controller on a domain, you can only add member servers. I have the feeling the server you removed was acting as the domain controller. All of the scripts for mapping drives were on the DC Server02 since it will not replicate scripts to an SBS server.

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I have a problem with a laptop running vista ultimate. At home it is a member of a workgroup. I foolishly asked the techs at work (a school in the UK) to set it up so that I would be ale to log onto the work domain. This was done so that now I have a second account on the computer which is my school account. My problem is that since this was done, I can no longer get windows updates which now seem to be under the control of a group policy. This is true even when I'm logged on to my workgroup account at home.

I wish I had not done this. As soon as you give someone else power over your computer your whole life falls apart!

I'd like to completely remove the domain account. But of course, I did not take a backup before installing it so there's no easy route back.

How do I remove all traces of this domain from my computer?


A:removing all traces of a domain login account

The presence of the account is preventing you from downloading updates as this doesn't work when logged in locally. What happened was that they applied what's called a policy to the computer when it was joined to the domain and the account logged in. It's impossible to remove all traces of this policy manually because you really have no idea what settings they changed.

If you don't need the computer to be on the domain, it should be reinstalled. If not, you'll be dealing with quirky problems the entire life of the computer. And any time you log into the domain, if you do again, all the policy settings will be reapplied.

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I need some peeps opinions on this...

Our company belongs to parent company and our domain is part of an AD forest. We now need to remove our domain from the forest so we have a separate forest of our own.

Does anyone know if this is easy to do? Any experience doing this? Would appreciate your views.

Many thanks,


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So i had a test environment where i was playing around with Active Directory and Child Domains. I have a domain and i created a child domain under that domain on an old server. Well it just so happened that the server had a serious hardware error and no longer runs.

How do i go about removing the child domain from the main domain controller? It is continuously filling up the Directory Service log because AD can't find and communicate with the failed child domain.

How do i remove it without having the failed server up. If it were up i could easy demote it but that server is toast.

Does anyone have any information on it? I have searched the web a bit and i haven't had much luck finding what i was looking for.

thanks everyone

A:Removing Failed Child Domain Controller

Here are MS instructions to manually remove a server from the AD:


It can be a little nerve racking if your not comfortable with console based commands; but I've done it on a couple of networks with great results. Best advice: ghost/image the server before you start... just in case.

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Greetings all,

I was working on a co-worker's computer at her house yesterday when I noticed she was still logging into a domain. This confused me because this computer was originally at a workstation at her previous company.. But now she was connected via Comcast. Somehow it still worked (beyond my knowledge). She wanted to share her printer across the network so I simply removed the domain and changed it to a WORKGROUP.

Upon restarting, her login no longer worked. I logged in as Administrator and took a look through all the Documents and Settings Folders and couldn't find any of the files she had saved to her desktop. I also did a search of the C: Drive to no avail.

Are her files forever lost? Or am I missing something here?
Seems to me the domain wouldn't work once she was off the "metropolitan" network. I know it's impossible that all this data was being stored on a network drive, since that network no longer existed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,

Best Regards,
- Cougar10

A:Solved: Data lost when removing Domain??

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Hi everyone, hoping for some help,

We have SBS 2003 with 6 users logging onto 6 computers attached to the domain.

I originally had my laptop attached to the domain and setup offline files to sync. ....however it corrupted my access database on the server (the core of my business - can't be changed) as I had to change Oplocks to get this vista laptop to use offline files, so I have disabled offline files on the laptop.

Desktops (XP and vista) logged on as this same user operate fine during the day, but are obviously never taken offsite and documents never changed "offline"

The consequence is that I can't use itunes or the "my documents" folders at home as offline files are deactivated (itunes is VERY unhappy about this). I don't want to activate and deactivate offline documents every day as it requires 2 restarts!

I want to use the laptop on the domain without having my user using the "my documents" just on the laptop (I hope this makes sense)

1. How can I use "my documents" when still being logged onto the domain either at home or at work?
2. I would be prepared to use a separate syncing program that doesn't need oplocks but would like to use the my document pathway on the laptop.
3. I want the laptop to remain on the domain as it can then access a shared drive on the server without problem (and perhaps use this drive to sync documents to say with goodsync or like).
4. Alternatively I could accept turning of... Read more

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I have a domain network with about 25 XP workstations. Currently they are all local admin users. We want to try to stop them loading unapproved software and other junk. Can I remove the local admin rights and just make them a standard user? If they are set as a standard user will the Windows Updates still install without entering an admin password?? Also, what about Java and Adobe updates? What is the best way to handle this?


A:Removing local admin rights on domain network

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The situation that I'm facing is purely economical, to the tune of an extra $2,500 a year in support fees. Were an NPO that supports a particular city agency, so we do have a few perks.

HISTORY: We have a desktop computer that is tied into the municipal net. Tho we own the computer, city decided that they had to bring it up to their standards (or lower it as the case appears) since they would be providing support. The system was bought about 1-1/2 yrs ago, nothing fancy, Dell, Win XP (city's still on XP), Office 2007 Standard. The city took the machine to update it and what we got back was a system with Win XP and Office XP (2002). That's right, the one that's obsolete. For this we pay $2,500/yr which gets a backup server and access to a color laser printer. OK...that's not the complaint.

Last September, we purchased a laptop so we could expand our volunteer help. We figured if we could get the volunteers doing input on the laptop (wireless) then that would free up the desktop for other functions. Not to mention the fact that our closet of an office can't fit more than 2 people comfortably.

My initial thoughts were to setup a VPN and use the city's WIFI, at the location, to allow the desktop and laptop to communicate from anywhere in the building. Well they poo-pood that. Mostly I think they didn't understand it. Anyways, they suggested that we put in an A/B box and a wireless router (see image below). Their were concerned that when... Read more

A:Communicating between a domain and non-domain computer

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I have a non-domain computer (win 10 basic).
Can it connect to a Aerohive wireless domain network?
Any links to a tutorial on the net?


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Windows Server can create a domain and create User Accounts.
when a computer join this domain and login with one user, i check local  users , Groups:Administrators.  only Domain Admins
there is no user account, only a domain user. Is there any way to check how many user login on this computer? not on server client.
a way is to check C:\user
yongliang_s could be an AD account or local account or msa account. how to distinguish them? and the admin in them?

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What does it mean (in layman's terms) when you see this message in ATA?
<computer A> was queried by one or more users from <computer B> using SAMR against <domain controller> 
I am seeing this every four hours in our network/domain. 

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I am having trouble establishing how to make a remote desktop connection using RDP from my home computer which is on a workgroup to my work laptop which is on a domain. I work from home occasionally and would like to be able to use RDP in order to use my keyboard mouse and monitor without buying a KVM switch. I am able to establish a remote desktop connection FROM my domain (work) laptop TO my workgroup (home) PC, but not vice versa, i.e. FROM workgroup TO domain computer.

I have searched online and found information about going from domain to workgroup, but not the other way around. Most online information was focused on IT professional server management that I am not completely familiar with such as active directory etc...

I have checked My Computer > Properties > Advanced system settings > System Properties > Remote tab on both computers. Both computers are set to allow connections from any version of Remote Desktop. I ran network connection statistics cmd "netstat -a" and both computers show listening state for port 3389. I ran remote desktop query session cmd "qwinsta" which lists rdp-tcp.

After going to Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center > see full map > Network Map, I am able to see both computers on the network from either machine. Under Control Panel > Windows Firewall > Allowed Programs, for the workgroup computer Remote Desktop is allowed for home networks, and for the domain computer Remote... Read more

A:Remote Desktop from workgroup computer to domain computer

Welcome to Seven Forums!

Do you have either VPN or Remote Desktop Services (Terminal Services) setup? Your Network Admin should be able to assist you. We use RDS at work and works well for me and everybody.

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If I just have a computer name and IP address, is it possible to query the domain which it is a member of.


A:How can I get the Computer domain

Go to http://www.download.com and get PingPlus. It's a nice little utility that allows you to ping, trace or lookup by IP address. Hope this helps.

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Computer was working fine...turned it on this morning and on log on page received the following message. "THE SYSTEM CANNOT LOG YOU ON NOW BECAUSE THE DOMAIN DCJS4J91 IS NOT AVAILABLE."
I am not computer savy and would appreciate any and all help with this issue.
Thank you!!!

A:Cannot log onto computer because the domain is not available

Is this a college or library computer? Does someone in your house have it set up on a domain for some reason?

In the login screen, there should be a list where the domain name DCJS4J91 is listed. Try to choose "this computer" in the list and enter your password.

If that does not work, you may need to contact your local system administrator.

Please provide us with more information about your situation.

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Hi Windows SevenForums,
does someone NOT from Microsoft (useless, if not negligent support) know how to change the Computer Name?

My PC is connected to my Windows SBS 2008 R2 server with the wrong Computer Name.

1 year ago I tried to setup Windows SBS 2008 R2 server (pathetic lack of instructions make a simple job impossible) and setup my PC with the Computer Name NAME1.

I am now trying to get the Windows SBS 2008 R2 server to work after 1 year of trauma with Microsoft products, so I went to Windows SBS 2008 R2 server, Windows SBS Console, Network, Computers, and see my old connection to my PC named NAME1.

I can't connect my PC NAME1 to Windows SBS 2008 R2.

So...I simply selected from Windows SBS 2008 R2 server, Windows SBS Console, Network, Computers, Connect computers to your network. This wizard connected my PC NAME1, but only when I name my PC NAME1, as NAME2?

When I try to change my PC which is now NAME2 back to the correct and original NAME1 by going to Start, right click My Computer, Properties, Change settings, Change..., type in NAME1, OK, Windows Security asks for the name and password of an account with permission to rename this computer in the domain. I type in superadmin account name and correct password.
Click OK, and error comes up:
Computer Name/Domain Changes
The following error occurred attempting to rename the computer to "NAME1":
The specified computer account could not be found. Contact a... Read more

A:Change Computer Name/Domain Changes

Remove the computer from the domain (change to workgroup) first. Then delete any machine accounts that are incorrect from the domain. Rename the machine and rejoin.

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Greetings all! Hope everyone had a great holiday!

I have a question...

Some time ago after installing Win7 on my computer, I added a domain name (don't ask me why - I was just fiddling around ). Now, I cannot delete it. From my dos commands, when I do a pathping, I get Rick-PC.mydomain.net and I want to get rid of the domain part of it since no one else has that domain.

We all log in here on our computers not from any domain controller. We share an Internet pipe and a simple file server.

I have tried going in through Computer|Properties|, under computer name - 'Change Settings' under "To rename this computer click Change" [Change], and under [More] where it states a DNS suffix, it is blank.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance, and 'Happy New Year!'

A:how to delete domain from computer name

I'm not sure if I missed something in you explanation or not but try this
(see attachment)

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How do I remove a computer from its domain from the computer itself (in other words the computer is not currently attached to the domain/network it's apart of so I can not remove it from the domain controller end)?

It's running WinXP Tablet Edition SP2


A:Remove computer from domain

If you select the radio tab for "workgroup" and then give the workgroup a name and restart, the pc will not be part of the domain, however, the domain controller will still have the attributes for the pc, since it was not removed while connected to the domain (in other words, you could still add the domain to the current pc again and it will still work on that domain.)

The only way to truly remove the pc from the domain, is to have it connected to that domain's network and then change the domain/workgroup name; the change will then be registered with the domain controller. Otherwise, the domain controller will remain unchanged.

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Hi everyone..

Im trying to join a workstation to a domain,& am failing..

The message i get,it goes:
A domain controller for the domain could not be contacted.

Even though i did mention the Primary DNS suffix for it,but still,i get the error..

Help from anybody will be highly appreciated..

A:Computer cannot join a domain

Welcome to TSF!

The DNS address of the client must be the Domain Controller, not your ISPs DNS settings.
And of course DNS must be installed and properly configured on the Server.

Can you ping the Server by it's IP address?
Can you ping the Server by it's Name? )Server1)
Can you ping the Server by it's Full DNS Name? (Server1.domain.com)
Can you ping the Domain name? (domain.com)

To check the current DNS settings, Click Start | Run (or press WinKey+R), type cmd, press Enter.
Type ipconfig /all and press Enter.
Check the DNS addresses listed, the first one MUST be the IP address of the DC for the domain.

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Hi, I registered a new domain and pointed it at a folder on an existing hosting account. My ISP verified that it is resolving correctly. However, on my computer I see the default page for the domain registrar (godaddy). On another computer in my house the domain resolves correctly. I only have problems on my computer, in both Chrome and Firefox. I have tried ipconfig /flushdns, eliminating godaddy cookies, rebooting, etc, but to no avail. I have checked hosts file and there is no entry for the new domain (unlikely but I checked just the same!)

OS: XP Pro, SP3
Firefox 3.6.13
Chrome 8.0.552.237

Any ideas how to make it resolve on this box? Thanks!

A:domain not resolving on one computer

Never mind. It just started resolving! Remains a mystery...

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hey guys i have windows xp laptop which is setup on a domain . I want to remove it from the domain without connected it on the network or using adminstrator logon. Is re-installing a new windows xp good option and will it remove it from the domain . please advise

thanks in advance !!!!

A:Remove computer from domain

Have you tried removing it from the domain and adding it to a work-group?

Re-installing Windows will definitely resolve the issue if by re-installing you're going to format the drive and re-installed.

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"The security database on the server does not have a computer account for this workstation trust relationship"

I recently installed Windows 7 in all the machines in my office. I did not have problems in few machines. Later when i joined the domain it was successful.
After joining the domain restarted the computer, the first login was successful. I restarted again then tried logging in and i get a msg
"The security database on the server does not have a computer account for this workstation trust relationship"

The only temporary way is logging into local machine and changing the domain to workgroup and from there again to domain. It'll work for few days and again the same problem occurs again. Does anyone have a permanent fix for this? Pls help

A:Not able to access my Domain computer

No reply

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I am currently adding a client to my network and whenever i do it puts the station out with the domain controllers.

I have changed the group to domain computers and it still puts it out there! am i doing something wrong?

A:Adding a computer to the domain

We need to know what specific OS you are using in order to assist you

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Hi all ,

I've set up Windows Server 2008 R2 on my homeserver machine and would like to add my laptop to the domain that I created (there are many reasons for doing this, one of which is so that I can access my account on all Windows-based computers), but it doesn't seem to want to join.
I've set up the domain correctly, and have also looked at online guides for doing this, but with no result. I am new to Windows Server (but not new to anything else computer-wise) but I have a good idea of what to do and this has puzzled me.

Both computers are assigned with a static IP by the router (by matching the MAC address when they connect) so this requirement is met. Please also see the attached images to see what the problem is.

A:Adding computer to domain

Do you have a DNS server setup on your network? You need this to have Active Directory to work properly. You can install/run the DNS server on your server acting as the AD/Domain Controller for your network. I have this setup on my home network. The next step is to change the DNS server your PCs/laptops are using. You MUST use the IP address of your server running DNS locally. The last item you need to configure is to setup the DNS server to forward lookups to your ISP's DNS server when name resolution goes beyond locally registered devices.

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I had to update the OS (NT) to XP-Pro on client machines. In the process I thought it would be nice to name them with a location ID tag so it would be easy to find when needed. Well one of the Programs running on the DC that it used would not come up, so I tried to change it back to the original and got a message that that name was in use.
client is XP-Pro, Server is 2000 pro. Is there a way to get this back.

A:computer name problem in domain

Look into your active directory " users and computers" and find out if there is a duplicate name within the computer folder

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Hello again, all . A client of mine recently bought a laptop that he would like to add to his offices domain. They have a Win 2000 Server with Active Directory. I've added the laptop computer to the "computers" area, as well as verified the gentleman's user account on the server (he was already logging in on his old system, but I double checked it).

I've removed Norton Internet Security, as I thought the fiewall might be blocking it (although I could map to the shared drives on the server, I just couldn't join the domain). Whenever I go to joing, it says tells me this:

The following error occurred when DNS was queried for the service
location (SRV) resource record used to locate a domain controller for

The error was: "DNS name does not exist."
(error code 0x0000232B RCODE_NAME_ERROR)

The query was for the SRV record for

Common causes of this error include the following:

- The DNS SRV record is not registered in DNS.

- One or more of the following zones do not include delegation to its
child zone:

. (the root zone)

For information about correcting this problem, click Help.

I've googled (quickly) for a solution, but was coming up empty. If anyone ha any ideas on the issue, I'd be mighty grateful . Thanks in advance for reading... Read more

A:Can't Add New Computer to Win 2000 Domain

This looks like a DNS problem. The DNS sever seems unable to resolve the domain name because it wasn't setup correctly. Are there any other computers that have joined the domain successfully?

I ran into this problem before when I was installing a domain controller a year ago. The way I resolved it was I simply reinstalled everything from scratch. Active directory, DNS, DHCP (it's all on one server).

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Window XP Operating System.. problem with my internet browser home page being taken over. Here is my hijack this text file. Thanks for your help!

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Java\j2re1.4.2_03\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\j2re1.4.2_03\bin\jucheck.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\MAPI\1033\nt\MAPISP32.EXE
C:\Documents and Settings\Dmurphy\Local Settings\Temp\Temporary Directory 4 for hijackthis.zip\HijackThis.exe

R0 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Start Page = http://letgohome.com/hp.htm?id=31130123321003
O2 - BHO: (no name) - {467FAEB2-5F5B-4c81-BAE0-2A4752CA7F4E} - C:\WINDOWS\System32\W8C6S4~1.DLL
O2 - BHO: (no name) - {9EBDE218-2CA6-6CC0-4236-442A2D1CE582} - (no file)
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [SunJavaUpdateSched] C:\Program Files\Java\j2re1.4.2_03\bin\jusched.exe
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [Control handler] C:\WINDOWS\System32\riwt316dddpgthd.exe
O4 - Global Startup: Microsoft Office.lnk = C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\OSA9.EXE
O16 - DPF: {10003000-1000-0000-1000-000000000000} - ms-its:mhtml:file://C:\foo.mh... Read more

A:cant get this domain hijacker off my computer

Download Spybot http://www.safer-networking.org/en/download/index.html

Click on "Search For updates" when prompted.
Click on "Immunize" when prompted.
Scan, click on fix problems.

Download AdAware SE Personal: http://www.lavasoftusa.com/support/download/

Install the program and launch it.

On the bottom right-hand corner of the main window click on Check for updates now then click Connect and download the latest reference files.

In the main window: Click Start and under Select a scan Mode tick Perform full system scan.

Deselect Search for negligible risk entries.

To start the scan, click the Next button.

When the scan is finished mark everything for removal and get rid of it. (Right-click the window and choose select all from the drop down menu and then click Next)

Reboot and post another log. You need to post the entire log and hijackthis needs to be in a permanent folder. If you have items disabled with msconfig reinable them before you run the log.

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I use Windows XP Professional, and I had my computer connected to the network at my university until I graduated a few months ago. This required my computer to be a member of a domain, and thus I would have to log on to the domain with my network ID and password every time I turned the computer on.

I am no longer at the university and I now have the same computer in my home. I would like to be able to turn on the computer without having to go through the login process every time.

I am aware that computers on domains are required to log in, while computers on workgroups are able to turn the login screen off. I have been successful in changing my computer's settings and removing it from the domain. However, every time I do it, I lose my entire user profile, desktop settings, favorites, cookies, etc. After I remove my computer from the domain, I can no longer log in to my computer with my old university network ID ("dpellegr"), and therefore I am forced to log in as "Administrator." This is an account that I have never used, and thus has all the system default settings and none of my own. Every time I lose access to my normal account, I use System Restore and everything goes back to normal.

This is what I have tried to remove my computer from the domain: In Control Panel, I have gone to System and switched to the "Computer Name" tab. There is a button labeled "Network ID," which accesses the Network Identification Wizard. I was ab... Read more

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My company are currently migrating machines between two domains.

My problem is, when a call gets logged for a machine on the network, and we techie's try to remote control a machine we have a 50% chance of getting it right.

Is there an easy way to identify which domain a machine is on. maybe through a command line run string?

Any help would be received greatfully.


A:How can I identify which domain a computer is on?

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