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Power manager turbo mood

Q: Power manager turbo mood

Hy I have lenovo t420 yesterday i install power manager when i open power manager after completion i can not find lenovo turbo boost. so can you please help for getting lenovo turbo mood option?

asd.PNG ?51 KB

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Preferred Solution: Power manager turbo mood

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I would like to know the best power supply for this card?
HIS X1950 PRO IceQ 3 Turbo 512MB/256MB AGP (Rev.2)
I don't know if a single 12 volt rail with 30+ amps or a dual rail with 17amp and 18amps?

This is the one I'm looking at, Ultra ULT31852 X2 X-Connect 550W Power Supply,


A:Power supply for HIS X1950 PRO IceQ 3 Turbo 512MB/256MB AGP (Rev.2)

Yup, that'll work. But its really fancy and has lots of bling and costs more then it needs too.

Here's a quality 500 watt unit for $59.99 after rebate: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817103940

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No matter what setting I use, it seems the 5th generation X1 Carbon cannot boost above its 2.8GHz base frequency while on battery power. I've set all Windows 10 and BIOS power profiles to max performance. I'm using the latest BIOS as of the time of this post. Temperature while using Cinebench R15 multi-CPU benchmark doesn't exceed 55C so it's not being temperature throttled. Is this something Lenovo can resolve in a future update? I'd like to be utilise this processors max performance while away from AC power.

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For over a month i've been having trouble with my Moto G5Battery is being drained a lot by the android system and all of the extra's. i've added a screenshot so you could see.Now it's only 23%. cause i've been using it a lot today. But i've seen it at 38% at it's peak.And i've read that anything over the 10% is out of the ordinary...As the other android system is mostly over 10% as well. On top of that my turbo power is not working. even if i get it to work. it only does so for about 1min to switch back to regular charging. So it sometimes takes up to 9 hours (as u can see in the screenshot) to charge my phone and a lot less to drain it. making me have to charge it more than twice a day.. I've read other topics about letting your phone drain out and charge it while turned off. Clearing cache and all the others. nothing seems to work. The worst thing is that the device is not even a year old.anyone has any suggestions?

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Hello. I'm having issues with my t450S not being able to go in to sleep mode. Everything I've read says that these two programs have major issues with Windows 10 and could be the source of my problem. I go to uninstall and it says that the program can't run on this version of Windows. Ok, so I have tried many of the solutions offered in this forum and nothing has worked thus far: * c:\swtools\readyapps\pwrmgrv\setup.exe -l0x9 -AddRemove* change compatibility mode of programs and try then* straight up add/remove button Please let me know what I can do to get these off my system (without reverting back to Windows 7).  Thank you! 

A:Windows 10 can't uninstall power manager or fingerprint manager

Welcome to the hole to nowhere. I assume you read that 45 mile long post to nowhere,with a zillion fix recommends.Use your time more wisely.(1) Buy SSD and SSD bracket for your machine.(2)Install windows 10 creators edition on SSD.(3) Use external item to connect old HDD via USB.(4)Install all Lenovo software from your support page. (5)Install all other software, aol, quicken, windows office.(6) While win 10 HDD is running, use ALL known backups from your software vendors, ie aol, quicken, office etc.(7)Copy your pics, email, etc from old HDD to new clean SSD.=Going back to win 7, forget it.When you are done, you have a New Slick surfboard. Not a muddy swap with snakes, etc. =Your T450s is Officially supported win 10 Lenovo.You took the shortcut. Granny Lenovo did give directions. https://support.lenovo.com/us/en/solutions/ht103616 The above recommends will bypass the shortcut, back to win7, etc.Clean and mean is better than mud.Expense: Your time and a external USB HDD connector item. +$70 SSD(buy on sale).You will get better educated on DISASTER recovery solutions for your machine.=You should also purchase a Seagate external USB-HDD slimeline 1 TB HDD to cover your buns in the rain.http://www.bestbuy.com/site/seagate-backup-plus-slim-1tb-external-usb-3-0-2-0-portable-hard-drive-bl...Buy it on sale. $44. Get the one with Seagate dashboard (actually www.nero.com backup incremental). You can store windows backup System Image here. Create your own folder, dr... Read more

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After the recent upgrade to windows 10 , I can no longer access HP PowerManager, or HP setup mamager.  The message is 'This app has been blocked for your protection' An administrator has blocked you from using this app...Publisher not trusted.   I am the only user, I am the administrator  I am six secnds away from unistalling Windows 10. Any insight would be appreciated.

A:HP Power Manager & Set Up Manager Blocked Windows 10

I am experiencing the same problem and I cannot get operate the web cam on my HP Touchsmart 310-1110UK PC.  Can HP user support provide a solution?

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Hi Folks a friend has passed on to me a pc he was having trouble with.
the problem was that it would boot into windows and then would not come up with the start menu my computer etc , just the tellytubby background and nothing else.
ctrl alt delete would fetch up task manager ok and when we typed in explorer.exe the pc would ***** that dll files were missing brouseui.dll or something like that , anyway it was agreed on to wipe the drive and reinstall windows.
I had a few small niggles wiping the drive , it would do stuff like format 97% then come up with a blue stop screnn (which didnt look good) but after about two gos it worked and formatted ok.
I installed Windows and it seemed to go on fine but what happens now is the Pc gets turned on checks the RAM does the POST and then reboots, on reboot it gets to the safe mode , last known good startup , etc.. screen of XP.
when I choose any of them it will reboot again and so it continues.
What do you guys reckon RAM or HDD.

A:rebooting pc in a bad mood

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dear sir,             i have dell optiplex 990, 790 and Hp elite 8200,8300 desktop model when i install new copy of windows 10 after file loading when windows 10 icon show suddenly display is gone and a message is appear THIS VIDEO MOOD CANNOT BE DISPLAYEDi change many monitors model but same message arrivedthere is one thing is very shocking on my systems al ready installed windows version is 10but when i install a new copy of windows 10 this message appear help me guide me

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a friend gave to listend some compact data storage music cds that can only be listen from a mp 3200-7000 from a company in europe called Mood Media . how can i listen to this cds. do i need a emulator, a software...?the cd has this logo sacem,sacd,sdrm,sgdl. need help thank u .

A:How can I listen cd (Mood Media)???

Hi and welcome to TSF have you tried winamp Download Winamp Media Player - Free MP3, Video, and Music Player - Winamp

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I like to use presentations, but couple hours ago one of my .pptx files has disappointed me. It has denied opening, I am in trouble.

A:presentation spoilt my mood

Welcome to BleepingComputer.
Since your issue is with a Microsoft Powerpoint file let me escort you over to the Business Applications forum, where more eyes that are likely to have a solution for your can be found.
Also, if you are getting specific error messages when trying to open the file please post these as that information will help your potential assistants.

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I'm working on my sister's computer where IE has been running extremely slow. While I was backing up her drive, the computer shut down. Now, it will not reboot. I get the page to go into Safe Mode with the various options. I have tried everyone of them with the same result.....the computer starts to reboot where I get the XP page and then the computer restarts and goes back to the Safe Mode request. Is there anything I can do besides wiping the disk clean?

A:Won't boot in Safe Mood

Hi and welcome,
Please would you post the make and model of the PC/laptop - that info will help those who can assist you.


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I encountered this message that tells me my computer is in safe mode, please switch to windows mood and continue with installation while trying to install the File Compatibility Pack for MS Office 2003. I need advice on how counter this message.

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This is the error that shows up every time after the computer restarts.

I didn't noticed a specific period when it restarts. Just...bang.

pentium 4, intel, sp3,xp, 2x512 ram, radeon x550, 120 gb, 3.00 ghz cpu

please help me, it's really annoying.

[sorry for the spelling and grammar errors, i'm not from england or sua ]

A:Solved: PC is restarting when it is in the mood to do that.

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I have a pc that every time i load into word, it ask to boot into safe mode. when you say no it will send you to a error report box and when you dont send there report it sends you back to ask if you want to boot into safe mood. i have ran the detect and repair and i have unistalled and reinstalled it. I am running microsoft Office xp.

A:safe mood in word

Welcome to the forum.

My mood is always safe, but my personality is sometimes off. Did you try searching for and renaming your normal.dot to normal.old and see if it fixes your issue? Do you create autotext, autocorrect entries and macros within Word?

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Hi there,

I am running Windows XP Home Edition SP2 (as shown on the disk) on my PC. It is a while that when I turn the PC on, it does not start and monitor stays black.

When I restart it in SAFE mode after manually switching it off and on again, I get the following on top of the screen:

MS Windows XP (Build 2006-xpsp- sp3-gdr.100216-1514: service pack 3)

Plus a message asking me to make sure setting is correct in Control Panel.

Sometimes, it starts in normal mode after I turn it off in SAFE mode through start menus and turn it on again. Yet, sometimes, it does not and black screen prevails.

What I have done so far:
I thought it might be due to registry problems. Using the Registry Booster in this forum, I scanned the machine. It found 1503 errors and repaired 1502 of them ignoring the last one. (Don't tell me the problem is that last one!). I also defragged the registry.

Yet, the issue is still persistent.

Your advice is most welcome as this matter is driving me mad. In some occasions it may take couple of hours until I am able to run in NORMAL mode.


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its not really but it feels like it is. i am running a q660 system with a gigabyte mtherboard. i just went over to windows 7 with no problems at all. my poor baby ati hd3650 was struggling with games so i bit the bullet and went out and brought an ati hd4890. i stripped my pc down and cleaned it for its 3 monthly clean usually no problems, however since installing the graphics card and turning it on my sata dvd drive is longer registering in my computer or in the disc managment. as a last resort after changing all the cables and plugging into differnet port on motherboard i have removed the battery from the pc for 20 mins in case of bios configuration error but still no joy. can anyone help my and save this dvd drive from finding out if it can fly.

thankyou thankyou thankyou

A:[SOLVED] my sata dvd is alive and in bad mood

ok decided overkill was the best cours of action, stripped pc down to mobo rebuilt using brand new cables on both power pack and pc, also replaced dvd drive with identical model to be on safe side. not sure which one of these fixed the problem but i got my drive back so im happy thanks for the ones that looked at this topic talk soon.

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I have Vista 32 bit and my problem started last night when I downloaded a torrent of a secure website. Half way through the torrent, I had the blue screen of death which started dumping memory and restarted. After that, my computer froze about 8-9 time and everytime I had to do a manual restart. I tried restarting in safe mode and it worked then and I was able to run spyware/malware scans and nothing came up. This morning, I ran a startup repair and it worked great for 30 mins and froze again. So I restarted and tried to restore it to a checkpoint from a couple of days ago which failed and i was back to the startup repair screen. Now, the startup repair screen keeps popping up with an error msg indicating that it cannot repair it automatically and if I would like to send info to microsoft. I tried restarting it in safe mode, safe mode w/ networking, safe mode with cmd prompt and also tried Last good configuration but to no avail. the only option that I am trying to avoid is restoring it back to the factory settings. I would extremely appreciate any help that I can get regarding this matter.

Thank You

A:Vista won't reboot in safe mood or normally


It sounds as if this may be a hardware problem. Could you try testing your RAM and hard drive?


To test the hard drive, use the DOS version of SeaTools.

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Need some help, please. My neighbour got cut off from her provider (Rogers) because she has a virus. The only problem with that is it makes it difficult to clean up without Internet access.

XP Pro (have not installed SP2 yet, what to clear up virus problem first)
Intel Celeron 1.20 Ghz system
256 mb Ram
40 GB hard drive that is half empty
Norton’s virsus scan.

I have run a virus scan, Ad-ware, Spybot with updated definitions. Virus found some virus and cleaned it up (a lot of Trojan.VB-100). Also ran a McAfee stinger which ran clean. Adaware keeps reporting Win32.P2P-Alcan.a problem and doesn't want to clean it. Spybot ran clean.

Norton's Icon is also not showing on the Task bar, it looks like its running but I can do anything withit. Here is my HJT log – does it look safe to go back online??? THANKS.

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1

Scan saved at 11:45:29 PM, on 5/27/2006

Platform: Windows XP (WinNT 5.01.2600)

MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 (6.00.2600.0000)

Running processes:










C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccSetMgr.exe

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccEvtMgr.exe



C:\WINDOWS\S... Read more

A:Solved: HJT Might be a P2P-alcan issues???......MOOD

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like i said in title got 4 main issues i think.  1. i noticed local settings, documents and settings and a few more were saying 'Access Denied'  2. yestday turned on pc and network connection probs that took a few mins to resolve which came bck the next time i got to pc today, only was different prob same issue, no connection. and sorry i cant remember wht exactly it was, Ethernet adapter i think  3. and for some time iv noticed the mouse drags and is very jumpy and harder to control where exactly ur goin. 4. now im unable to enter safemood . It is a dell inspiron using windows 8.  and i will run a dds or fabar or some type of non-invasive system info search. would appreciate some input if some can. thx

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Hi, I have a Lenovo Z560 laptop
Quad core i5-480m 2.67 Ghz
4gb DDR3
500gb HDD
Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit.
Intel HD graphics ( )

A few days ago I got the "iertutil.dll could not be found" error (dont remember exactly what it said). Some programs wouldn't open or some features of them wouldn't work. I googled it and fount that it was a runtime for Internet Explorer. I redownloaded the file and replaced it but that didn't work. Then I got a program that was supposed to fix the error. Nothing. Still bad.

The next day I went to run CCleaner to look for .dll errors, but that wouldn't open. I got the error 0xc000007B. It also said the application failed to initialize. I tried some other programs and 3 piriform programs I had gave the same error. I googled the error code and people said It was linked to the Worm_Klez.e virus. I scanned using 2 different Klez removal tools and they both found no virus.

That night I tried to start the computer in safe mode the boot manager came up and it said "Windows failed to start...
Status: 0xc000025
Info: The boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible."

What to do!!!

A:Windows won't even boot in safe mood

Never mind. I fixed it. Moderators can close/delete this topic.

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a friend gave to listend some compact data storage music cds that can only be listen from a mp 3200-7000 from a company in europe called Mood Media . how can i listen to this cds. do i need a emulator, a software...?the cd has this logo sacem,sacd,sdrm,sgdl. need help thank u

A:cd that plays only on a dmx mood media player

DMX is a special player and the file in question is in a DMX-only format. From the description on the DMX Home page (use DMX link) it looks like a HiDef player.

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Okay-I'm confused.And,I've been wondering about this since I bought this pc about 2 years ago ! I have a Compaq Presario (HP) CQ57-229WM Notebook PC that I bought from Wal-Mart a couple of years ago and this machine seems to have TWO "power plans" on it ! Why ???

It has the HP Power Manager & the regular Win 7 Power Options settings Can anyone give me some advice about which one of these I should go with ? Can I remove the HP Pwr. Mgr. ? SHOULD I remove the HP Power Mgr. ? WHY are there TWO power plans on ONE pc ??? I don't get it. Someone PLEASE enlighten me ! Did HP put this on my pc just to confuse me ????? Helllllllllllllllppppppppppp !!!!!!!!!

Ruh,roh...I just found a post regarding the exact same issue on this site by Googling.Sorry guys.But,still feel free to comment if you'd like.

Well,helllllllll !How'd that get on Google so fast ?? That's mine ! So,please disregard the "ruh,roh".And,again PLEASE helllllllllllpppppp.He,he,he.And,again...Thank you !

Ha,ha...that's funny.....I just loked at the Google page again and it said it was posted 20 hours ago ! Hmmmmmm.That's funny,Because I JUST finished posting this not 5 mins ago ! Hmmmmmmm.Must be this vpn and the proxies.He,he.

A:Win 7 Power Options or HP Power Manager ??

HP Factory Install is the worst possible install of Win7 one can have, larded with bloatware and duplicate utilities which interfere with better versions built into Win7. That's why most tech enthusiasts won't even run such an install but instead Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7.

Everything needed is in the blue link to get and keep a perfect install just like a million others have done without a single complaint.

If you'd rather first try to clean it up you can try these steps to Clean Up Factory Bloatware
but HP is the worst of all brands for its bloatware so if you ever want to experience native perfect Win7 performance on that machine I'd do the reinstall.

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I have an issue when i rotate its lid then its keyboard and mouse remains on due to this problem i can?t use my laptop in tablet mood. I also change the mood by changing the setting in setting-system-tablet mood but it does not work, I also install and reset the BIOS drive. The other problem is when I go to setting-system-tablet then "Make windows more touch-friendly when using your device tablet -on" does not appear as you told me that this should remain on but this option does not appear. I want when I rotate its lid then its keyboard and mouse should not work.you can see  "Make windows more touch-friendly when using your device tablet -on" this option is not avaiable. Kindly help me to fix this problem.

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Hi all, i have a major problem trying to connect to the internet in safe mode with networking. it shows apparently i'm connected but with limited access with the dreadful yellow triangle. using windows7 home 64bit by the way.

i'm able to surf the web normally in normal mode but not in safe mode with networking. i've checked all my ip, subnet, gateway addresses in both normal and safe mode and they are the same.

also tried off-ing firewall, using wired LAN cable and all failed. i pinged my gateway and it failed to response, pinged google.com and couldnt find the host.

checked my wireless adapters and they are working fine in both modes.

so probably the problem lies in some settings on the modem/router side? any suggestions?

thanks a million!!

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My laptop will no longer boot into Windows. it goes into a black screen after the Windows logo appears. The laptop has no problems opening Windows in Safe Mode, however. From another posting on this site, it appears that the problem is with the video driver. I currently have a NVideo GeForce 560m. While being in Safe Mode Network, I downloaded the latest driver for the NVideo, however I get this error message when trying to install it: 'Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable packages for Visual Studio cannot be installed in safe mode.'
Any thoughts how I might get the video screen working again? I've tried a system restore. Afterwards Windows did load normally for three seconds then I got a blue screen crash, and then it hasn't opened normally again.


A:Can't update video driver in safe mood

I found a site which detailed how to delete a bogus driver: How to Delete a Bogus Driver With a Blue Screen of Death | eHow I then deleted the video driver file as described and rebooted. However although Windows initially opened fine, within ten minutes the screen flashed off and on again, and Windows reported the video driver kernel had just recovered from a serious error. I tried to open Notepad and an email program but all that showed was a square with blackness inside. And then the screen flashed off, on and various other strange things. So I rebooted and then installed the latest NVideo driver I'd downloaded from the NVideo site. As I was now in Windows proper and not just safe mode, the vid driver installed okay.

I wasn't asked to reboot, and everything seemed to be working ok. But when tried to play a YT vid the sound continued on while the screen faded to black after 3 minutes.

Still feeling optimistic, I did a reboot. After 20 minutes all was still OK.

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I have HP spectre model No is 13-w020TU. I have an issue when i rotate its lid then its keyboard and mouse remains on due to this problem i cant use my laptop in tablet mood. i also change the mood by changing the setting in system-tablet mood but it does not work, do i require any driver or there is any issue of settings. Please help me that how to turn of the keyboard and mouse and screen should also be inverted when i rotate the lid. I hope you will py consideration on my problem. 

A:Keyboard and mouse remain on in tablet mood.

Hi @zulfiqar11,
Thanks for taking an interest in the HP Support Forums!  Good day to you. I understand that you have issues with the computer not going to tablet mode as the keyboard starts to remain on in tablet mode.
It will be a delight to assist you here.
Brilliant effort and superb diagnosis of the issue before posting. Kudos to you on that score. I am amazed at your technical expertise.
We greatly value your relationship with HP. You are a valued HP customer and we appreciate you greatly for doing business with HP. I take it as a privilege to share this platform with you.
Please try these steps.
Please ensure that tablet mode is enabled by following the steps in this link: http://support.hp.com/us-en/product/HP-Spectre-13-w000-x360-Convertible-PC/12499178/model/13674230/d...
If this does not work, then Please update the bios and chipset drivers from this link http://hp.com/drivers  Please select the country and type the product# of the PC. Then follow the on-screen instructions.
Please perform bios defaults by following these steps:
Turn on or restart the computer.
While the display is blank, press the f10 key to enter the BIOS settings menu.
Press the f9 key to reset the BIOS to the default settings.
Press the f10 key to save the changes and exit the BIOS settings menu
Then try again if the unit works in tablet mode. Make sure that tablet mode is enabled from the first lin... Read more

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Its my brothers computer and theres so much junk on it I just want to uninstall things, but when I try to the computer freezes. I can also only start it in safe mode. I can start it with a command prompt too.... all I want to do is uninstall a ton of stuff... and even if possible I'd like to just re install windows 2000 but since its a lower version it wont let me... Help?


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So i just got back from a 3 day vacation, and when i came back i rebooted my computer only to come back to the "Start Windows Normally/ launch startup repair" naturalt i chose startup repair, it froze. Tried starting normally, took me back to the same page. So i tried booting in safe mode, took me to the BSOD that read Bad_pool_header. So then i tried to putting in my windows 7 installation disc to see if i could do a system recover from there, but as soon as i try boot up with the disc it
takes me back to the same BSOD. I feel completely stuck as ive tried eveything i can think of. Any help?

A:bad_pool_header BSOD, Cant boot safe mood, or normal.

This error is generated when a driver or part of Windows does not allocate the memory properly, and can be caused by any of the below possibilities.
1.Bad hardware drivers.
2.Issues with NTFS file system or disk write issues.
3.Issue with software program, e.g. antivirus scanner.

the main fixes for this sort of issue require you to be able to log in in safe mode. but since ou are getting this message at every turn, all i can suggest is that you re install windows completely. rather than selecting recover, boot into the disc by changing the boot order in the bios.

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I am using Logmein Rescue to access some of our computers with unattended access. They are all Windows XP with 2 user profiles (1 admin & 1 Valued Customer) both with Adminstrator rights.

The problem is when I do logmein rescue unattended everything works except if I tell the remote user to login using safe mode, the computer on their end will reboot in safe mode but since there is 2 user accounts it sit
at the prompt showing Administrator and Valued Customer so they would have to be there in order to pick Valued Customer for the remote session to continue which obviously they are not if I am doing unattended mode.

How can I tell XP that anytime it boots in safe mode to login as the Valued Customer. It is not a situation where I can remove 1 user we need them both on there. The valued customer has no password. When I boot in normal mode it automattically logs into the windows without the prompt. But in safe mode it always forces u to pick the user.

Let me know if u have an idea how to force XP to pick a specific users and auto login to that user.

A:Need Safe Mood to automatically boot in specific User

Hmmm...to my untrained eyes, that looks like a LogMeIn problem, not a Windows problem.Have you tried LogMeIn Rescue Help or LogMeIn Community ?Louis

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Hi I have a Dell desktop and wasn't able to adjust the monitors resolution so stupidly deactivated the monitor and am now only able to see windows boot up screen and then it goes blank (Obviously as I have disabled it!!) I have tried starting it in safe mode and it just hangs on the safe mode boot up.....Any ideas?!?!?!


A:Disabled monitor on XP and wont boot in safe mood!

How long did you let it boot up for? Mine sits pretty long when safe mode boot.

You can try removing the card, and putting it back in. This sometimes works.


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My new 510p laptop 4700mq cpu can easily go overheat then the turbo boost stoped.Is there a solution to this ?Also the website notebook check found this problem too.Just see the website,the cpu performs much worse than the same cpu of other computers.http://www.notebookcheck.net/Review-Lenovo-IdeaPad-Y510p-Notebook.97470.0.htmlCan anybody help?


Go to Solution.

A:Y510 cpu turbo boost problem=no turbo boost

One way is to use a cooling pad. Another is to reduce the maximum processor state setting by 5% or more.

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I upgraded from Vista Home Premium and I've been having issues when I close the lid of my laptop, it'll automatically go to sleep.
When I open the lid, a blue screen comes up, notifying me that there is an issue and then it restarts.

Any thoughts?

A:Sleep Mood results in Blue Screen of Death (pic inside)

I didn't read this entire post but you might want to give it a read Sleep Mode Still Freeze up, Win 7 RTM

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I got very strange situation with my Imac

So i installed new windows, and then i installed the boot camp drivers
Right after that my Imac crush and send me to windows restore/repair page
So first i try to restore, the results was un successful, and the its sent me to windows repair, so when i try to repair its say done and after restart i getting back to the same repair screen
I try to start with safe mood, and again same repair page, nothing is working, the only option that i have in my head is to change the boot order,
so i am now on edit boot options

edit windows boot options for: windows 7
path: \windows\system32\winload.exe
partition: 2
hard disk: 69a8

I try to change the "NOEXECUTE=OPTIN" to "DEBUGPORT=USB" and still nothing happened

Any one know what other option i can try ? i am getting crazy already

A:Window crush and stuck on repair mood after installing boot camp drive

Are you boot camping with osx or just windows on that whole hdd? Also what model imac?

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My battery had recently died and I haven't had the time or money to buy a new one. My Dell laptop, which I only bought not even a full year ago, still works as long as it's plugged into a power source. The problem is, and it's the biggest nuisance ever, is that the Dell Power Manager Lite notifies me all the time that my battery isn't working or something along the lines of it. It's extremely annoying because it pops up every few minutes or seconds even and interrupts important things. I've done everything I can to try to turn off the notifications, as there is no real option to turn them off. I can't uninstall this program as it's nowhere in my files. Control panel has no way to uninstall it either. I am stuck with the most annoying popup notification. My question is, how can I turn off power manager lite notifications or uninstall the program completely when there are no straight options?

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Hi everyone, I have upgraded my x250 from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and now can?t uninstall the Power Manager.  It gives me a DLL error message when I boot up.  I have tried changing the compatibility view settings to Windows 7 but had no luck.  Does anyone know how I can disable it from boot?   Ideally I would like it completed uninstalled but can live without seeing the error message every time.  Thank you for your help

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I installed Dell Power Manager  v 2.1.0 in my DELL laptop Inspiron 13 5368 2-in-1, but I do not how to enabled it to control the battery activity. Would any body advise how I can enable it??

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 Hi all Does the Lenovo Power Manager that able to choose how many percent battery being charge could be useon Lenovo G41-35 35ID  ? Thank

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Hi all
Does the Lenovo Power Manager that able to choose how many percent battery being charge could be use
on Lenovo G41-35 35ID  ?
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A:G41-35 - Lenovo Power Manager

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The Conservation Mode option for battery charging is preset and can not be changed.

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Hi, I'm running a T61P, Win7 Ent/SP1. System Update repeatedly showed Power Manager 6.67.5 as available after repeated successful updates. I DLd the update and tried to run it manually, but it kept telling me there was an earlier version of PM installed, and did I want to remove it. I said yes, and it seemed to uninstall (and reboot), but trying to run the PM update kept showing the "previous version installed" prompt. I used Add/Remove to uninstall both PM and the PM driver, then searched the registry and removed all references to PM from there, then sarched the hard drive and removed all PM files I could find. I still can't install PM. It's still telling me that there's an earlier version installed. I tried downloading and installing previous versions of PM back to v3, but I still get that frustrating "previous version" prompt and can't get beyond that. Please does anybody have a way to get past this prompt? GaryK

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A:can't install Power Manager

After spending $99 on a paid Lenovo tech-support instance that required days of fighting to get through to an ultimately clueless level-2 tech (he tried to use RevoUnistallPro to uninstall a directory containing a downloaded-but-uninstalled version of Power Manager), I solved this on my own and am here posting the solution in case anyone else runs into a similar problem--inability to install Power Manager upgrades with the error message that a previous install exists: Search in the registry for and delete all found occurrences of PWRMGR and PWRMGRV. Once there were gone I was able to install the current Power Manager instance for Win7 (6688 as of this posting). GaryK

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My system is Windows 7I did install driver manually and it seem to be good.After i knew that it has a software "Power Manager" which can use to adjusting the charging parameter.After I install Power Manager, it can not to use that fucntion. It 's show another but not battery. Batter is not install. How to fix this problem, please help

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Hello, Anyone has experienced that the power manager guage is call out easily from the task bar while click the "Up Triangle" at the right hand corner for finding Win7 WiFi connection icon. I have been annoying many times and close it again and again. Could you have solution to aviod this happen except to disable "Show the power manager guage at task bar" my michane is x201; OS: Win7 PM 32-bit; Lenovo  Power Manager 3.40 Thankstlee

A:problem with power manager gauge

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Hello, I have an e560 that was upgraded from windows 7 to windows 10.  When opening Control Panel we receive the following DLL error associated with Lenovo power manager. "Power Manager An error occurred while loading resource DLL." Power Manager is listed in Programs and Features but unistalling does not work We attempted installing Lenovo updates, Vantage, System Update, etc. I used a few "fixes" from Microsoft that are supposed to help remove programs that cannot be unistalled but it didnt work. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you in advance  

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XP Media Center sp3 Gateway
(with replaced Geforce 6100-M9 mb 410 chipset)
2 gig ram AMD 64x2 2000+ processor
4 USB ports on back, 2 USB ports on front

Ok, ever try so much to fix something that you are thinking about taking it to the back yard, pouring gas on it and lighting it on fire.. well I'm there. Help please. (I feel like I've tried everything to fix this glich)

USB ports have power but not recognized by the computer.
No error (it doesn't even regonize them enough to give me that)
No problems listed under Device Manager states they are functioning properly
Device manager lists pci to Usb something, one more thing like that and two root hubs
(shouldn't there be more there? there use to be like 10 items under that catigory I thought)

Ok here's what I've tried not necessarly in this order (and rebooted each time with no success)
1) unplugged the power left for 30 min replugged back in and booted up
2) reinstalled MB drivers. nforce 15.24 WHQL (that was most recent I could find)
3) reinstalled sp3.. tried sp1a but had error newer was there.. tried sp2 and same thing.
4) checked BIOS enabled USB 1.0+2.0 (it was already enabled, disabled it, restarted enabled it again)
5) Enabled everything with USB in the name in BIOS..
6) reset BIOS to factory defaults
7) Tried to uninstall sp3 but its on my windos disk.. and spuninstal.exe (or what ever the right name to unstall it was is not there)
8) reinstalled windows (recovery) and all drivers... Read more

A:USB ports have power but not in device manager

anyone... anyone?

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I've installed w10 Creators Update on my Thinkpad X250 CL20 and I downloaded the Power Manager from this site http://support.lenovo.com/it/it/downloads/migr-4gxpeg. I installed it, but it not works. I tried to download Power Manager for W7/Vista from this site http://support.lenovo.com/it/it/downloads/ds014924 but it does not install (see attachment). I tried with compatibility W7 and Vista without success.Any suggeriments?Thanks

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A:Power Manager X250 Windows 10

Power manager is not supported on win 10.  Power manager driver is supported.Download Lenovo settings from the windows store. Also download Lenovo Companion.

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Hi,, I downloaded the power manager driver and the settings dependency pack. I see the files for power manager in Drivers/Win. But when I go to Programs and Features, Power Manager is not listed. When I right click on battery icon I don't have an "advanced" option.So how do I run/ access the power manager so I can change my charging thresholds?thanks in advance

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